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United States Citizen | ### E Washington St. City, IL ##### | | (###) ###-####


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign May 2018

Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering GPA: 3.35


Involved in creating reduced order models for computationally heavy calculations, such as flow with shock
waves. One of my main projects was to use CFD to simulate transonic flow over an airfoil at various angles
of attack and analyze the properties of the shocks developed.


UAV Design Project Jan. 2018 - Present

• Mission is to design a controllable mini-UAV with the ability to transmit video to a ground station
in a group of 5 students
• Utilized analytical and computational tools to determine flight performance and ensure stable
• Examined different manufacturing methods and materials to maximize durability while minimizing
the cost of weight

AIAA Competition/Senior Design Project: Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Aug. 2017 - Present

• Currently developing a hybrid-electric aircraft capable of performing AIAA design competition
requirements with a team of 7 students
• Led the aerodynamics subteam of 3 students to determine the best wing configuration that provides
the highest lift to drag ratio
• Researched energy efficient methods of hybrid-electric propulsion systems that can rival
traditional gas turbine engines

Personal Project: Arbitrage Bot Nov. 2017 - Present

• Developed a code in Python that identifies price variations among different crytocurrency
exchanges and simultaneously buys and sells assets to make a profit

Illinois Space Society: Hybrid Rocket Engine Aug. 2016 - May 2017
• Modeled an injector and performed tests through CFD to ensure stable and efficient operation with
a team of 5 students
• Configured engine specifications by calculating factors such as chamber pressure and temperature
using the thermophysical properties of our propellant, nitrous oxide

AIAA: JetCat Engine Aug. 2015 - Dec. 2015

• Researched and designed ways to optimize thrust of a JetCat engine such as adding a bell mouth
inlet to maximize air flow
• Analyzed and 3D modeled various nozzle and inlet designs in a team of 6


• ANSYS Fluent • PTC Creo • Microsoft Office
• Python • LaTeX • OpenVSP