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1965 Bangkok Price: 19 Baht

United States Marines arrived

in South Vietnam
Written By: Daran Rungwatthanasophon in 1965

After the unification of Vietnam from being colonised by France, there were
two different parties which were communist party and nationalist party
attempt to take majority for ruling the country. With only subsequent one year
after the independence of country from french colonisation, the tremendous
controversies emerged in political parties. The Cold War had play the large
cause in Vietnam War which was considered as Proxy War, the battle
between superpower countries that did not itself become truly involved. The
more increasing numbers of US military in South Vietnam and more
settlement of bases in Thailand in 1965. 3,500 United States Marines arrive in
South Vietnam, becoming the first American combat troops in Vietnam. With
some realisations, the South Vietnamese government was losing the Vietnam
War as the communist-dominated Viet Cong gained influence over much of
the population in rural areas of the country. Some of thai troops began to
engage in the battle. I would be predicting that this definitely resulted in many
deaths, more on conscription, and economy. US still made an full attempt to
prevent the further domino effect.

"We should declare war on North Vietnam. . . .We

could pave
the whole country and put parking strips on it, and
still be
home by Christmas." Said Ronald Reagan, 1965

The president of United State still remained

predicting of their rapid victory in this Proxy War.
Believing that US would pave the whole country with
minimal wasting. However, in my point of view, US
prediction likely to be erroneous due to numerous in
American deaths and more money being invested
into this war.
China and Weapons of Mass
Written By: Daran Rungwatthanasophon in 1965

China tests its first atomic bomb. The test makes China the world's fifth nuclear
power.People's Republic of China has developed and possesses weapons of
mass destruction. The all nuclear production and experiments initiated from
Mao Zedong who began a Chinese nuclear-weapons program during the First
Taiwan Strait Crisis. Meanwhile, while he did not expect to be able to match
the large American nuclear arsenal, Mao believed that conducting bombs
would help to increase China's diplomatic credibility. There were escalations in
the both production of uranium plants and plutonium facilities. More
importantly, Soviet Union highly gave an assistance. They sent some advisers
and prototype for China to devote their owns. In exchange, China with the
favour of high technology from Soviet, sent exported enormous of uranium.
The first success of China's nuclear weapons tests took place in 1965. For my
educated prediction, there was an assumption that China would stand up in the
against of US as becoming being another superpowers country with nuclear

Furthermore, to develop
their nuclear weapon
overtime, China would be
testing their weapons on
humans and animals for
effectiveness. Some of
radioactive also has been
releasing out without proper
control in Lop Nor. Thai
people viewed the more
intensity of Cold War and
considered that the Soviet 's
side would likely be taking
the lead in the war as they
were partly success of
Chinese nuclear launch.
From rice fields to rebellion
Written By: Daran Rungwatthanasophon in 1965

In Thailand, the Northeast depended almost entirely on subsistence

agriculture and lagged far behind the development of the rest of the country,
scoring highest in national poverty rates and lowest in education and health
care accessibility. Thai government had shown lack of responsibility and
attention for thai citizens. The small military group regulated the whole
country after it seized power in the late 1950s. General Sarit Thanarat took
the supreme power and tore up all the political parties and charters in order
to bring out the new constitution but unfortunately passed away. As the time
passed, the constitution was still not yet delivered to the system. This bad
action of government did not satisfy many people causing the spread of
issues through whole country. In addition, relating to Cold War, numerous
low and uneducated people were highly influenced and protested for equality
of human. Thousands of farmers in the Northeast came to leave their rice
fields to join the armed struggle against a military state. The CPT(Communist
Suppression Operations Command) officially announced that it was leading
an armed rebellion from the Northeast against the Bangkok-based military
government. “Preparing and delivering food to the CPT fighters, spying on
the security forces, and keeping an eye on the anti-communist villagers,” is
how Phairat summarized his duties when he started working for the
communists in 1963. He was twelve years old. Based on my prediction, in
the following years, more thai rebels would came out and protest more and
some of them ought to be students who enthusiastically studied in law. Thai
people would be viewing this as a bad case. They would considered the
unsatisfactory to the poor management of government towards Northeastern
Thailand. Moreover, the more domestic issues, the more economic
Thai Troops in South Vietnam
in 1965
Written By: Daran Rungwatthanasophon in 1965

Thailand has been long developed a

close tie with the United States. In fact,
they signed the Treaty of Amity and
Commerce in March, 1833 which was
the first U.S. treaty with a country in Asia.
This relation was developed further since
World War II. The anxiety of Thai
government escalated when there was
more launched large scale of North
Vietnam into its Southern area which
was adjoining to Thailand. The guerrillas
and regular troops of North Vietnam
exposed to Thai frontiers. This led to the
emergence of influence of communism in
Northern Thailand and badly resulted in
insurgency. Thai troops who served
there and the attitudes and beliefs that
motivated them to volunteer. Thailand
sent nearly 40000 volunteer soldiers to
South Vietnam to serve alongside
America and South Korea.

Thai people would view this event as worst case since this Vietnam
War affected Thai economy and many lives. Soldiers that were sent
mostly resulted in deaths or wounded. Moreover it surely affected the
besides country affair. I predicted that more bombings would lessen
the Vietnamese but also more of US and its alliances will be taken
down by guerrilla
war.For the possible effects, there would be more thai soldiers being s
ent to offence and defend the country. Also this war ought to requirem
ent higher expenses for Thailand; therefore many businessmen or wo
rkers would be unsatisfied.
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