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PDEng Process and Product Design Office

Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Eindhoven University of Technology
The Netherlands
April 01, 2018

Dear Sir or Madam,

My university education made me realize that my greatest strength lies
in the keen sense of inquiry into the topics I studied as opposed to the
perfunctory pursuit of high test scores. My experiences with the final
year project further made me aware of the fact that I enjoyed dwelling
upon the technical aspects of the work at hand and appreciated the
nuances that it brought about.
better results
than the others would deem optimal. The enthusiasm was rewarded
with a honorary university rank.
As I scouted for Master’s program with emphasis on industrial-application
, thus, given me a
snippet of what to expect in the development of process design related
algorithm. The algorithm developed to improve the catalytic activity
and longevity finds what is most relevant to an individual cell health
care phenomena/model based on history and demographic data and
then provides a recommendation on whether a pretreatment or a
would be more effective. It employs a complex analysis of
the possible regimes or states that can be exhibited and stability of the
possible states. It looks upon the nonlinear version of the problem as
a quadratic–cubic monomial interaction with feedback effects which
help in predicting the anomalous short attractive and long repulsive
interaction (SALR). A clustering based on the nearest neighbor approach
with a ‘Rosen brock Algorithm’ to solve the multi-body interaction similar
to Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) with recognition of
the spatial pattern was the basis of my work.
Among the very first tasks I was given, was gaining a fundamental
understanding of the various “problems” commonly encountered in
process design phraseology. It was interesting to note how simple
mathematical concepts were used effectively to solve real-life
The complex mathematical analysis involved the concepts of singularity
and bifurcation theory using Eigenvalue analysis to solve for the
characterization where the complexity of the problem was dealt
analytically with aid of scripting tools (MATHEMATICA and MATLAB)
backed up by the numerical investigation.
The mathematical and design courses beyond the requirement of
credentials have motivated me to keep up to the rigorousness of the
problem. The interaction with my lab mates motivated me to keep me
in the line of the research. The course work on graph theory with a
focus on supply chain design and control, the design of services lends
credence to my inclination to further the learning curve in an academic
framework of process design.
problems and to polish
my coding skills on MATLAB, R. I attended several courses on statistics,
operations management etc, at Indian Institute of Management,
Bangalore to develop my skill set on the same.
The challenge a professional doctoral program would offer, will make me
push boundaries in my pursuit of an original contribution to the subject,
motivated me to apply in for the program with focus on process design
and knowledge-intensive product development. The structure of the
program is quite what I am looking for, my interests lay primarily on
the application of concepts to solve real-life problems.
A professional doctoral program would give me a solid foundation for a
career in industry because of the degree of self-development involved.
I will learn new sets of skills and fine-tune older one and be able to
apply them. Secondly, a professional doctoral program would give me a
substantial amount of interactions with industrial counterparts which
would allow me to understand the design requirements from an actual
industrial point of view, beyond what is learned through courses. I
am confident that the individualized nature of the professional doctoral
program will bring out the best in me, and that I will be able to push
myself to the fullest and make a significant contribution to the pool of
engineering design requirements of the industries. I hope you will take a
favorable decision regarding my admission into the program, as I look
forward to being a part of the fraternity.