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EC 8252- Electronic Devices important questions from all 5 Units

1. Defined drift and diffusion currents (Apr/may2015, may/June 2016, Dec/Jan-2016)
2. State Mass- Action law. (Nov/Dec2016, May/June-2014)
3. What is meant by doping in a semi conductor?
4. Consider a silicon Pn junction at T = 300 KSo that ri =1.5X1010 cm-3. The r type doping is 1x1016 cm-3
and a forward bias of 0.60 V is applied to the Pn junction. Calculate the minority hole concentration
at the edge of the Space charge region.
5. What is barrier potential?
6. Find the voltage at which the reverse current in a germanium PN junction diode attains a value of
90% of its saturation value at room temperature.
7. What is meant by peak inverse voltage?
8. Sketch the forward bias characteristics of the Pn junction diode.
9. Consider a Si PN junction at T = 300 K with doping concentrations of Na =1016 cm-s and Nd =1045
Assume that ni = 1.5x1010 cm-3. Calculate width of the space charge region in a PN junction, when a
reverse bias voltage vR =5V is applied.
10. Define storage time.
11. What is the principle operation of PN Junction diode in reverse bias condition?
12. Calculate the collector and emitter current levels for a BJT with a α = 0.99 and IE =20 µ A.
13. A transistor has β = 150, find the collector and base current, if I E = 10mA.
14. Define early effect.
15. What is meant by thermal run away? (Nov/Dec 2015)
16. The common – base d.c current gain of a transistor is 0.967. If the emitter current is 10mA, what is
the value of base current?
17. What is the major difference between a bipolar and unipolar device?
18. What is meant by base width modulation?
19. Compare between schottky diode and conventional diode.
20. If a transistor has a α of 0.97, find the value of β
21. Draw the h parameter model for CE transistor.
22. Define Pinch- Off Voltage? (Nov/Dec2014, Nov/Dec2015)
23. Sketch Ebers Moll Model (Apr/ May2015)
24. Differentiate JFET and BJT (May/Jun2014, Nov/Dec 2015)
25. Assume that the P+n junction of a uniformly doped silicon r channel JFET at T = 300 K has doping
Concentrations of Na = 1018 cm-3 and Nd =1016 cm-3. Assume that the metallurgical channel thickness
a is 0.7 µ m. Calculate the pinch off voltage.
26. Compare MOSFET & FET.
N.Mathavan - Assistant Professor - Department of ECE - NSCET
Nadar Saraswathi College of Engineering & Tehnology || Department of ECE

27. What is channel length modulation?

28. Compare SCR with TRIAC.
29. Give the current voltage relationship of the D- MOSFET and E- MOSFET.
30. Define early effect in BJT (Nov/Dec2015)
31. What is channel length modulation? (Apr/May2015)
32. What is MESFET?
33. What are the differences a Tunnel diode and an ordinary PN junction diode?
34. Mention some advantages and disadvantages of Tunnel Diode.
35. What is recovery time? Give its types.
36. Draw the energy band diagram of metal and semiconductor before and after conduction is made
37. What is a metal semiconductor contact?
38. Mention the analog and digital applications of LDR.
39. Define Gunn effect.
40. Draw the energy band diagram of Metal Semi conductor junction after contact is made
41. What is tunneling?
42. In which region JFET acts as a resistor and why? (May/Jun2014)
43. Compare TRIAC over SCR (Nov/Dec2015, Nov/Dec2016)
44. Compare between schottky diode and conventional diode (Nov/Dec2016)
45. What is tunneling Phenomenon? (Nov/Dec2015, Nov/Dec2016)
46. Mention the application of tunnel diode (May/June2014, May/June2016)
47. What is a metal semi conductor contact? (Nov/Dec2016)
48. What is meant by regenerative action of SCR (May/June2016)
49. Draw equivalent circuit of tunnel diode (May/June2014)
50. Write down the significance of opto coupler (May /June2014, Nov/Dec2015)
51. What is a TRIAC? Give the symbol and structure of TRIAC.(M ay /June 2014)
52. What is transistor biasing and what is the need for biasing? (May/June 2014)
53. What is the basic principle of LDR (Nov/ Dec2015)
54. What is the principle of Operation of LCD (Nov/ Dec 2015)
55. Draw the two Transistor equivalent Circuit of an SCR (Nov/ Dec2014)
56. What is Zener breakdown? (Nov/Dec 2015)
57. Draw the symbol for DUAL GATE MOSFET (Nov / Dec 2014)
58. Sketch the graph symbol for n – channel and P- channel MOSFET.
59. “A solar cell is a pn junction device with no voltage directly applied across the junction”. If it is so,
how does a solar cell deliver power to a load?
60. Mention some advantages and disadvantages of LCD.
61. What is JFET and give its different modes of operation?
62. Define holding current.
N.Mathavan - Assistant Professor - Department of ECE - NSCET