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Read the texts and match the numbers with the letters:

1 2 3
The sportsmen must be Each team has eleven players. Each team has six players. The
weighed before the contest. The players have different player can hit the ball with the
They wear gloves and mustn’t colours. Only the goalkeeper hand. She/he has to release
hit the opponent behind the can play the ball with the the ball before hitting it. The
neck. Their assistants must hands. players are not allowed to
leave the ring before the fight touch the net.

a b c

Volley-ball Basketball Football

4 5 6
Each team has up to eleven The game is played by 2 or 4 Each team has up to ten
players, but only seven of players. They mustn’t wear players, but only five of them
which can play at the same white clothes. They change play at the same time. The
time. The players have caps their positions. The ball must players must try for a goal
on. They mustn’t splash water touch the table on both sides within 30 seconds of
into the face of opponent. of the net each time it is hit. possessing the ball.

d e f

Judo Water polo Table tennis

7 8 9
Each team can have up to Sportsmen must wear crash Two sportsmen fight with each
seventeen players, but only six hats. They mustn’t help each other. They must wear white
can play at the same time. other. They may eat and drink clothes. They can attack only
Players wear skates and during the event. the arms and legs of the
numbered shirts. opponent.

g h i

Cycle racing Boxing Ice hockey


1. –h
2. –c
3. –a
4. –e
5. –f
6. –b
7. –i
8. –g
9. –d