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University of South Australia • School of Education

Name: Karly Neoh School: Magill Primary

Class : Year 3 (14x students)

Activity: Throwing Skill Stations Lesson No. 3 of 4

Duration: 50 Date: 29/05/18

Teacher: Karly Neoh

Helper: Lauren Young
Observer: Elyshia Lay

This lesson focuses on developing students throwing and aiming skills. Students
already have prior knowledge of different throwing techniques (e.g. underarm,
overarm, backhand, chest pass, overhead, one-handed, two-handed) from previous
PE lessons and participation in out of school sports.

Material/equipment required:
• Station task cards (Appendix 1)
• Tennis Balls
• Bean bags
• Hula hoops
• Cones
• Cricket Stumps
• Frisbees
• Mediball


The students will:

• Improve basic throwing skills and demonstrate these skills by throwing over a short
distance using underarm, overarm, backhand and rolling techniques
• Improve focus and accuracy skills and demonstrate these skills by aiming for
stationary and moving targets

The teacher will:

• Ensure there is enough space for students to run freely and establish boundaries
• Explain rules and expectations at the beginning of the lesson and manage the safety of
students during lesson to avoid injuries
• Observe students’ progress and participation and offer constructive feedback
throughout lesson
Introduction: Inform students that we will be practising
Student prior knowledge and = = Students 8 minutes
our throwing skills this lesson at different
station demonstrations stations. = Teacher
Ask students if anyone knows how to:
• Underarm throw = = = = = = = = = =
• Overarm throw = =
• Backhand throw =
• Bowl/roll
Do you know of any other throwing
Equipment Key
Explain all the different station activities
with demonstrations. Place students in
groups of 2-3. = hula hoops = tennis balls
Safety Note: Do not throw
balls/beanbags/frisbees until the other = cones = frisbees
people in your group are behind the
throwing line. = skittles = bowling ball
Students spend 5 minutes at each station and = cricket stumps = throwing ling
then rotate clockwise to the next station
when their time is up. = bean bags = mediball
Stations: Place cones on the floor placed
1. Hula Hoop Ring Toss progressively further from the throwing line. 5 minutes
Students take turns tossing hula hoops
around the cones. Once they have tossed
their hoop they collect it and go to the back
of the line.
2. Cone Strike Set up a row of cones with soft balls 5 minutes
balanced on top. Students stand behind the
line, using tennis balls they try to knock the
balls off the cone. To increase difficulty
students can use their non-preferred hand. =
Place hula hoops on the floor placed 5 minutes
3. Bean Bag Toss
progressively further from the throwing line.
Students take turns throwing the bean bags
into the hula hoops. Once they have thrown
their bean bag they collect it and go to the =
back of the line. Once you get the cone
closest you then aim for the next one.
Students stand behind the throwing line and 5 minutes
4. Cricket Stumps try to knock the bar off the cricket stumps =
by throwing tennis ball. Once they have
thrown they collect their ball and move to
the end of the line.
Students stand behind the throwing line and 5 minutes
5. Bowling roll the ball towards the skittles to try and
knock them all down. Once they have rolled
their ball they collect their ball, pick up any
skittles they have knocked and move to the
end of the line.
Students stand behind throwing line and try 5 minutes
6. Frisbees to throw a frisbee into a hula hoop. To
increase difficulty the hoop can be moved
further back and students can try throwing
with their non-preferred hand.
8 minutes
Group Game Divide students into two teams and have
Monster Ball students stand on their side of a large square
facing each other. Students throw bean bags
= =
and roll tennis balls at a larger ball to try and
make it move. The aim is to get the ‘monster =
ball’ to cross the line of the opposing team’s
side of the square. = =
= =
= =
= =
Reflect on what we have learnt in Prompt questions include: 4 minutes
the lesson. • What skills were we practising
• What parts of your body are you = = = = = = = = = =
= =
using when you throw? =
• How can we use the skills we were =
practising with other games?
•What did you find challenging/easy?
•What did you do to help you aim for
the target?