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from detuning light gauge strange announcement: Tool frontman strings. To dial in this deriv- Maynard James Keenan and former Tool ative of Drop D tuning, lower guitar tech Billy Howerdel had officially the pitch of all six strings. 1% paired up to form a new band, A Perfect steps, then drop the pitch of your 6th Circle, Though the new band had actually string down an additional whole step by performed live during the summer of 1999, matching the pitch of your 6th string 12th there had been much speculation over the fret harmonic tothe open dth string. band’s “official” status. Afterall, Keenan was still obliged to Tool, and Howerdel had been committed to programming and dialing in sounds for Ax! Rose’ forthcoming Guns N’ Roses record. To make a long story short: Howerdel left GN'R to finish up an albums ‘worth of his own material that had been brewing for years, and Keenan opted to take a hiatus from Tool, who are still writing for their heavily anticipated follow-up to 1996 Aenima. ‘On May 23,2000, Virgin Records released AA Perfect Circles debut disc, Mer de Noms ‘Sea of Names’). The album’ hard-hitting advance single, “Judith,” lit up the airwaves lupon its April release, In addition to Howerdel and Keenan, A Perfect Circle’ all star lineup also includes Troy Van Leeuwen I: March 2000, Virgin Records made a ‘THE INTRO AND FIRST VERSE “The vast majority of riffs that pop up Uuoughout “Judith* revolve around an Phrygian (E-F-G-A-B-C-D) motif. This fig- ure first pops up in the intro, performed using sliding octave shapes along strings 3 and 5 [Fig 1]. After the opening riffs repeti- tion, Howerdel cleverly varies his “octaves” theme by breaking out a single-note pas- sage, outlining a similar melodic are along the 3rd string At the first verse, Howerdel grinds out this same Phrygian rif, only positioning itin ‘lower octave on the 6th string (Rhy. Fig. 1) and utlizing power chords in support of Keenatis tortured vocal, This lower-octave version ofthe songS signature riff appearsin (guitar), Josh Freese (drums), and Paz many forms throughout the song. Lenchantin (bas). ‘THE CHORUS THE TUNING. In the chorus, Howerdel augments Billy played all the guitars on “Judith” (when the track was recorded, Troy Van Leeuwen had yer to join the band), tuning his 1960 Gibson Les Paul to Drop D tuning, tuned down 1% steps (low to high: B-FEB-E-GECH), This super-slack tuning vill require a heavy string gauge (eg. begin ‘ning with .012 or heavier) in the interest of avoiding the “rubber band! factor that results Keenan's powerful vocal with more octaves (Riff A), this time riffing in E Locrian EFG-A-BHCD). After Keenan's vocal phrase, “He did it all for you" (which prompts Howerdel and company to briefly sit on a GE/Ab—a Picardy third, where the Sard from a minor scale is replaced with a major 3rd), Howerdel (Gtr. 2) whips out a slide, Surprisingly, Howerdel told GuitarOne ‘much exper ence using this device. “Judith? was Kind of the first ime 1 picked up a slide,” Howerdel confesses, "I love slide guitar playing, but when youppick it up and you dont know how touselt, is intimidating and it sounds terr- ble—its lke playing a fretless bass: it takes a second to get used t.” In most of the slide- guitar passages, Howerdel focuses-on his guitars top two strings, picking primarily across the 17th and 15th frets, while occa- sionally interjecting a:slide version of the signature rift [As this section progresses, a new ff accompanies Howerdel’ wicked slide work. This riff occurs in the open position and revolves around pitches pulled from E ‘minor pentatonic (Fig. 2]. (A similar version of his riffalso acts as the foundation for the forthcoming second verse) At this point, Howerdel stomps on his DigTech Whammy pedal (Gtr. 3) to make his theme squeal, ‘THE SECOND VERSE Im the latter half of the second Howerdels inventive riffing yields yet an er variation on the songs signature, Which he performs at this point usi 155, and F5 power chords (Fig. 31 Howerdels creative “theme-and- approach with the song’ signat ‘motif has led to the employms thing from octaves, single n Fi. Fig.2 Fis.3 Octave Shape E Minor Pentatonic Ds Text 4108 GuitarOne OCTOBER 2000 « ES xxx JUDITH As Recorded by A Perfect Circle (From the Virgin Recording MER DE NOMS) Transcribed by Troy Nelson Words and Music by Maynard James Keenan and Billy Howerdel rep D tang, tne down 1 eps (low thigh) BFL B-E-GECY Intro Moderately fast Rock. 58 NE. oie 1st) ee 2448) So F wide & reverb ‘terad, bend — "Perfo bead by pushing down on arng Behind he mat. "Due to copyright retictons, we are ‘abe resent thi song» ‘OCTOBER 2000+ @4 The Magazine You Can Pay 108 Judith Verse Ds ES Ds ES FS BS DS ES DS ES Ds Gs lot Rhy. Fig nd Rhy. Fig. 1 PM. delay & reverb of (ue. 1: why. Fi. 1 @ times) (Gr 2: Wrapdom db, nex 9 mes. Ds ES bs ES FS Ds ES DS ES Ds Gs ps Es Ds ES FS BS DS ES DS ES Ds Gs Ds FS Ds ES FS ES ps ES DS ES ps as As na Rhy. Fe. —== 110 Guitarone OCTOBER 2000 + wars gusroremnag.cor Judith ie wy. 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