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Teaching Belief Matrix

Stephanie Smith-Weatherton

Instructional Strategies Assessment Classroom Management

 Instruction with  Formal and informal  Use PBIS schoolwide
supplemental small groups, assessments to monitor expectations
partner work, and individual student mastery of standards  Individualized behavior
groups  Holistic assessment plans for struggling students.
 Heterogeneous learning occurring entire year with  Both teacher intervention
groups wide variety of and student responsibility to
 Use of Gradual Release formal/informal, provide ownership
Model (GRR) summative/formative
 Cooperative Learning to  Provide opportunities for
promote democracy in the students to choose
classroom assessment formats to
 Scaffold for all subject express ownership

Diverse Learners Technology Curriculum/Planning

 Provide a differentiated  Used in every lesson  Strong knowledge of
instruction for all learning  Interactive technology previous and future grades
styles allows for more engaged curriculum
 Materials, supplies, and learners  Interdisciplinary units
manipulatives should be  Technology provide real-  Bloom’s Taxonomy
available for student learning world application Outcomes
goals and objectives  Stimulant for creativity and  Strong knowledge of
 Creative strategies and diversified learning TEKSscore.
methods to implement opportunities  Invested teachers will lead
instruction to academic student

Classroom Environment Parent Involvement School Community

 Classroom goals, rules and  PTA (Parent/Teacher)  A wide variety of
expectations are understood Collaborative groups extracurricular activities and
by student behaviors  Open communication enrichment opportunities to
 Students demonstrate  Approved Volunteers meet each student interests
problem solving and  Family Academic Nights  School wide community
intrapersonal skills  Newsletters that development programs such
 Aware of cultural diversity communicate curriculum, Positive Behavior incentivesas
 Safe, encouraging and community and academic celebration of diversity, anti-
comfortable learning reports bullying
environment  Gives back to local