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From: "Ferruolo,JoAnn" <JFerruolo@manchesternh.

To: "Normand, Matthew" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 19:24:33 +0000
Subject: Interstate Crosscheck
The State of New Hampshire has joined the “Interstate Crosscheck” program. Ref: 2016 HB1482

Last week Manchester’s voter database ElectioNet was updated to included 859 matches found
through the cross check process. It is my understanding this is an annual process in which a file
will be placed on the reminder screen for local officials to take action on the records identified.
Communication from the state has included the attached ElectioNet Instructions and 2 slides
from the NHCTCA annual conference. The HAVA Help Desk has been asked about the timing
of the annual report and the date range of this initial file (still waiting for an answer).

Here is a printout of the header on the screen above each page of the list of voters:

Note that the 1st paragraph above emphasizes “shall strike the name…”. Upon review of the 859
names I randomly searched 34 records to determine the accuracy of the list. I found 15 voters
(44%) that have voted in Manchester after the date of registration in the other state. It became
clear that using a registration date comparison is not going to accurately identify interstate
duplicate voters. It is more than likely the 44 % reflects a voter that moved to another state and
returned back to their previous address in Manchester in such a time that the record was not
removed from the active checklist. To confirm that the voter should not be removed their
election history was researched and it was found the voter had voting history in Manchester after
they registered in the other state. It should be a condition of this program to not only compare
registration dates but also review the voting history of the voter.

The Secretary of State has provided this data to the local jurisdictions to act on. I do not feel
comfortable removing 859 voter records where 44% of the sample was found to be an active
voter in Manchester. The process created for this activity in ElectioNet does not allow ease of
researching voter history while reviewing the identified voters on the reminder screen. If we
were to have to research all voting history for all 859 records it would take approximately 21
hours. Had the system been developed to present a voter’s “Election History” button while on
the cross check list, the time to research would have been cut in half.
Please advise how you would like to proceed with this process.

JoAnn Ferruolo
Assistant City Clerk

City of Manchester
Office of the City Clerk
One City Hall Plaza
Manchester, NH 03101

Tel: 603-792-6633 Fax: 603-624-6481


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