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1 The first Prime minister of Bangladesh was Mujibur Rehman

2 The longest river in the world is the Nile

3 The longest highway in the world is the Trans-Canada
4 The longest highway in the world has a length of About 8000 km
5 The highest mountain in the world is the Mount Everest
6 The country that accounts for nearly one third of the total teak production of the world is Myanmar
7 The biggest desert in the world is the Sahara desert
8 The largest coffee growing country in the world is Brazil
9 The country also known as "country of copper" is Zambia
10 The name given to the border which separates Pakistan and Afghanistan is Durand line
11 The river Volga flows out into the Caspian sea
12 The coldest place on the earth is Verkoyansk in Siberia
13 The country which ranks second in terms of land area is Canada
14 The largest Island in the Mediterranean sea is Sicily
15 The river Jordan flows out into the Dead sea
16 The biggest delta in the world is the Ganges Delta
17 The capital city that stands on the river Danube is Belgrade
18 The Japanese call their country as Nippon
19 The length of the English channel is 564 kilometres
20 The world's oldest known city is Damascus
21 The city which is also known as the City of Canals is Venice
22 The country in which river Wangchu flows is Myanmar
23 The biggest island of the world is Greenland
24 The city which is the biggest centre for manufacture of automobiles in the world is Detroit, USA
25 The country which is the largest producer of manganese in the world is China & South Africa
26 The country which is the largest producer of rubber in the world is Malaysia
27 The country which is the largest producer of tin in the world is China
28 The river which carries maximum quantity of water into the sea is the Amazon River
29 The city which was once called the `Forbidden City' was Peking
30 The country called the Land of Rising Sun is Japan
31 Mount Everest was named after Sir George Everest
32 The volcano Vesuvius is located in Italy
33 The country known as the Sugar Bowl of the world is Cuba
34 The length of the Suez Canal is 162.5 kilometers
35 The lowest point on earth is The coastal area of Dead sea
36 The Gurkhas are the original inhabitants of Nepal
37 The largest ocean of the world is the Pacific ocean
38 The largest bell in the world is the Tsar Kolkol at Kremlin, Moscow
39 The biggest stadium in the world is the Strahov Stadium, Prague
40 The world's largest diamond producing country is South Africa
41 Australia was discovered by James Cook
42 The first Governor General of Pakistan is Mohammed Ali Jinnah
43 Dublin is situated at the mouth of river Liffey
44 The earlier name of New York city was New Amsterdam
45 The Eiffel tower was built by Alexander Eiffel
46 The Red Cross was founded by Jean Henri Durant
47 The country which has highest population density is Monaco
48 The national flower of Britain is Rose
49 Niagara Falls was discovered by Louis Hennepin
50 The national flower of Italy is Lily
51 The national flower of China is Narcissus
52 The permanent secretariat of the SAARC is located at Kathmandu
53 The gateway to the Gulf of Iran is Strait of Hormuz
54 The first Industrial Revolution took place in England
55 World Environment Day is observed on 5th June
56 The first Republican President of America was Abraham Lincoln
57 The country famous for Samba dance is Brazil
58 The name of Alexander's horse was Beucephalus
59 Singapore was founded by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles
60 The famous British one-eyed Admiral was Nelson
61 The earlier name of Sri Lanka was Ceylon
62 The UNO was formed in the year 1945
63 UNO stands for United Nations Organization
64 The independence day of South Korea is celebrated on 15th August
65 'Last Judgement' was the first painting of an Italian painter named Michelangelo
66 Paradise Regained was written by John Milton
67 The first President of Egypt was Mohammed Nequib
68 The first man to reach North Pole was Rear Admiral Robert E. Peary
69 The most famous painting of Pablo Picasso was Guermica
70 The primary producer of newsprint in the world is Canada
71 The first explorer to reach the South Pole was Cap. Ronald Amundson
72 The person who is called the father of modern Italy is G.Garibaldi
73 World literacy day is celebrated on 8th September
74 The founder of modern Germany is Bismarck
75 The country known as the land of the midnight sun is Norway
76 The place known as the Roof of the world is Tibet
77 The founder of the Chinese Republic was San Yat Sen
78 The first Pakistani to receive the Nobel Prize was Abdul Salam
79 The first woman Prime Minister of Britain was Margaret Thatcher
80 The first Secretary General of the UNO was Trygve Lie
81 The sculptor of the statue of Liberty was Frederick Auguste Bartholdi
82 The port of Baku is situated in Azerbaijan
83 John F Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald
84 The largest river in France is Loire
85 The Queen of England who married her brother-in-law was Catherine of Aragon
86 The first black person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was Ralph Johnson Bunche
87 The first British University to admit women for degree courses was London University
88 The principal export of Jamaica is Sugar
89 New York is popularly known as the city of Skyscrapers
90 Madagascar is popularly known as the Island of Cloves
91 The country known as the Land of White Elephant is Thailand
92 The country known as the Land of Morning Calm is Korea
93 The country known as the Land of Thunderbolts is Bhutan
94 The highest waterfalls in the world is the Salto Angel Falls, Venezuela
95 The largest library in the world is the United States Library of Congress, Washington DC
96 The author of Harry Potter Books is JK Rowling
97 Nickname of New York city is Big Apple
98 What do you call a group of sheep? A Flock of Sheep
99 In which sport do players take long and short corners? Hockey
100 Who was the youngest President of the USA? Theodore Roosevelt
101 How many legs do butterflies have? 6 Legs & 2 Pair of Wings
102 Who invented the Nintendo Wii? Kashi Kabushiki
103 What year does the Nintendo Wii come out? Late 2006
104 Who invented the Light Bulb? Humphry Davy
105 Who invented the washing machine? James King
106 Who invented the first electric washing machine? Alva Fisher
107 Who invented the safety pin? Walter Hunt
108 Who invented the Vacuum Cleaner? Hubert Booth
109 Who won the Football World Cup in 2006? Italy
110 Which country hosted the Football World Cup in 2006? Germany
110 Who is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? David Cameron
111 Who won Men's Singles title in French Open 2010? Rafael Nadal (Spain)
112 Who won Women's Singles title in French Open 2010? Francesca Schiavone (Italy)
113 Who won Men's Doubles title in French Open 2010? Daniel Nestor (Canada) & Nenad Zimonjic (Serbia)
114 Who won Women's Doubles title in French Open 2010? Serena & Venus Williams (USA)

No. General Knowledge Question Answer

1. Which strait separates the North and South islands of New Zealand? Cook Strait
2. In which city is the Doge’s Palace? Venice
3. Who plays Johnny Depp’s uncle in the 1993 flm Arizona Dream? Jim Carrey
4. Which New Zealand golfer won the 2000 Australian Masters in Melbourne? Michael Campbell
5. Which continent has the larger land mass: Africa or North America? Africa
6. Aston, Aston, Rizzo, Stevenson, Gilvear: which 1980s group? Gene Loves Jezebel
7. What name is given to the art of preparing, stuffng and mounting the skins of animals to make lifelike
models? Taxidermy
8. Which artist was appointed court painter to Charles IV of Spain in 1786? Goya
9. The name of which Roman god means ‘shining father' in Latin? Jupiter
10. What is the name of the dog in Punch and Judy shows? Toby
11. What was the name of the Addams Family butler? Lurch
12. Who directed the 1995 flm Heat, which starred Al Pacino? Michael Mann
13. Which theoretical temperature corresponds to minus 273.15 degrees on the Celsius scale? Absolute zero
14. Which seven-a-side ball game is played in a swimming pool? Water polo
15. Which Roman Catholic organization takes its name from the Latin for ‘God's work’? Opus Dei
16. Bamboozled is a flm by which controversial US director? Spike Lee
17. Which word meaning ‘rebirth’ describes the period in European history which began in the 14th century?
18. Who starred opposite Pierce Brosnan in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair? Rene Russo
19. Of which French overseas region in South America is Cayenne the capital? French Guiana
20. In which year did David Koresh and the Branch Davidians Christian cult hold a siege in Waco, Texas?
21. Who wrote Bleak House? Charles Dickens
22. Which actor’s real name was Marion Michael Morrison? John Wayne
23. What would a costermonger sell? Fruits & Vegetables
24. Which actress played the title role in the flm adaptation of Bridget Jones’s Diary? Renee Zellweger
25. ‘George’ is an informal name for which feature of an aircraft? Automatic Pilot
26. Who wrote The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner? Alan Sillitoe
27. How is Sarah Michelle Gellar better known to millions? Buffy
28. Ganymede is a satellite of which planet? Jupiter
29. What nationality was the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Austrian
30. For which element is Co the chemical symbol? Cobalt
31. The German port of Hamburg lies near the mouth of which major European river? Elbe
32. In Arctic regions, what kind of features are sastrugi? Wind-formed patterns in ice and snow
33. In the Americas, what is a mesa? Flat-topped mountain
34. Which city was the frst in the world to have a population of more than one million? London (circa 1811)
35. The Taj Mahal is located near to which Indian city? 5 Agra
36. St Michael’s Mount lies off the coast of which English county? Cornwall
37. To where would you have to travel in order to stand by the Marsh of Decay? Moon
38. What is the English name for the Bayern region of Germany? Bavaria
39. In Lord of the Rings, what was the name of Gandalf’s white horse? Shadowfax
40. Which famous Nazi-hunter died in Vienna in 2005, aged 96? Simon Wiesenthal
41. The 1956 film 'Reach for the Sky' is based on whose life story? Douglas Bader
42. Who voiced Stinky Pete in the flm 'Toy Story 2'? Kelsey Grammer
43. How many times did Bobby Jones win the US Amateur Championship in golf? Five
44. In which sport is the 'Conn Smythe Trophy' awarded? Ice hockey
45. Which female singer recorded the 2001 album Read My Lips? Sophie Ellis Bextor
46. Which singer recorded the 2000 album 'Holy Wood' (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)? Marilyn
47. Which was the frst element to be created artifcially? Technetium
48. In which European capital city is the Institut Pasteur based? Paris
49. Which condition does the acronym AIDS stand for? Acquired Immune Defciency Syndrome
50. In computing, what does ISDN stand for? Integrated Services Digital Network
1. The largest museum in the world is the American Museum of Natural History.
2. The lowest mountain range in the world is the Buena Bhaile.
3. The country known as the Land of Cakes is Scotland.
4. The place known as the Garden of England is Kent.
5. The tallest tower in the world is the C. N. Tower, Toronto, Canada.
6. The country famous for its fish catch is Japan.
7. The old name of Taiwan was Farmosa.
8. Montreal is situated on the bank of River Ottawa.
9. The city of Bonn is situated in Germany.
10. The literal meaning of Renaissance is Revival.
11. Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus.
12. The title of Desert Fox was given to Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.
13. The largest airport in the world is the King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia.
14. The city in Russia which faced an earthquake in the year 1988 was Armenia. Later on it became a separate
15. The largest bay in the world is Hudson Bay, Canada.
16. The largest church in the world is Basilica of St. Peter, Vatican City, Rome.
17. The largest peninsula in the world is Arabia.
18. The largest gulf in the world is Gulf of Mexico.
19. The tallest statue in the world is the Motherland, Volgograd Russia.
20. The largest railway tunnel in the world is the Oshimizu Tunnel, Japan.
21. The world's loneliest island is the Tristan da cunha.
22. The word 'Quiz' was coined by Jim Daly Irishman.
23. The original meaning of 'Quiz' was Trick.
24. The busiest shopping centre of London is Oxford Street.
25. The residence of the Queen in London is Buckingham Palace.
26. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria.
27. The country whose National Anthem has only music but no words is Bahrain.
28. The largest cinema in the world is the Fox theatre, Detroit, USA.
29. The country where there are no Cinema theatres is Saudi Arabia.
30. The world's tallest office building is the Sears Tower, Chicago.
31. In the year 1811, Paraguay became independent from Spain.
32. The cross word puzzle was invented by Arthur Wynne.
33. The city which was the capital of the ancient Persian Empire was Persepolis.
34. WHO stands for World Health Organization.
35. WHO (World Health Organization) is located at Geneva.
36. FAO stands for Food and Agriculture Organization.
37. FAO is located at Rome and London.
38. UNIDO stands for United Nations Industrial Development Organization.
39. UNIDO is located at Vienna.
40. WMO stands for World Meteorological Organization.
41. WMO is located at Geneva.
42. International Civil Aviation Organization is located at Montreal.
43. The Angel Falls is located in Venezuela.
44. The Victoria Falls is located in Rhodesia.

45. Ice Cream was discovered by Gerald Tisyum.

46. The number regarded as lucky number in Italy is thirteen.
47. Napoleon suffered from alurophobia which means Fear of cats.
48. The aero planes were used in war for the first time by Italians. (14 Oct.1911)
49. Slavery in America was abolished by Abraham Lincoln.
50. The Headquarters of textile manufacturing in England is Manchester.
51. The famous Island located at the mouth of the Hudson River is Manhattan.
52. The founder of plastic industry was Leo Hendrik Baekeland.
53. The country where military service is compulsory for women is Israel.
54. The country which has more than 10,000 golf courses is USA.
55. The famous painting 'Mona Lisa' is displayed at Louvre museum, Paris.
56. The earlier name for tomato was Love apple.
57. The first President of USA was George Washington.
58. The famous words 'Veni Vidi Vici' were said by Julius Caesar.
59. The practice of sterilization of surgical instruments was introduced by Joseph Lister.
60. The number of countries which participated in the first Olympic Games held at Athens was nine.
61. Mercury is also known as Quick Silver.
62. Disneyland is located in California, USA.
63. The country which built the first powerful long range rockets is Germany.
64. Sewing Machine was invented by Isaac M. Singer.
65. Adding Machine was invented by Aldrin.
66. The national emblem of Spain is Eagle.
67. Archimedes was born in Sicily.
68. The total area of Vatican City is 0.272 square kilometers.
69. The largest temple in the world is Angkor Wat in Kampuchea.
70. The largest dome in the world is Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, USA.
71. The largest strait in the world is Tartar Strait.
72. The Mohenjo-Daro ruins are found in Larkand District of Sind, Pakistan.
73. The largest city of Africa is Cairo.
74. The founder of KODAK Company was Eastman.
75. The 'Cape of Good Hope' is located in South Africa.
76. The Heathrow Airport is located in London.
77. The neon lamp was invented by Georges Claude.
78. The last letter of the Greek alphabet is Omega.
79. The place known as the land of Lincoln is Illinois.
80. The US state Utah is also known as Beehive state.
81. The Kalahari Desert is located in Africa.
82. The Patagonian desert is located in Argentina.
83. The person known as the father of aeronautics is Sir George Cayley.
84. The most densely populated Island in the world is Honshu.
85. The two nations Haiti and the Dominion Republic together form the Island of Hispaniola.
86. The largest auto producer in the USA is General Motors.
87. The largest auto producing nation is Japan.
88. The famous 'General Motors' company was founded by William Durant.
89. The country that brings out the FIAT is Italy.
90. The first actor to win an Oscar was Emil Jannings.
91. The first animated colour cartoon of full feature length was Snow White and Seven Dwarfs.
92. The first demonstration of a motion picture was held at Paris.
93. The first country to issue stamps was Britain.
94. The actor who is considered as the biggest cowboy star of the silent movies is Tom Mix.
95. The Pentagon is located at Washington DC.
96. The world's largest car manufacturing company is Toyota Motors, JAPAN.
97. The world's biggest manufacturer of bicycles is Hero Cycles, India.
98. The world's oldest underground railway is at London.
99. The White House was painted white to hide fire damage.
100. The largest oil producing nation in Africa is Nigeria.
101. The longest river in Russia and Europe is Volga River.
102. The first Emperor of Germany was Wilhelm.
103. The last French Monarch was Louis Napoleon III.
104. "History is Bunk" was said by Henry Ford.
105. The term 'astrology' literally means Star Speech.
106. Togo is situated in Africa.
107. Coal is also known as Black Diamond.
108. The first Boxer to win 3 gold medals in Olympics was Laszlo Papp.
109. The first ruler who started war games for his soldiers was Genghis Khan.
110. The first cross word puzzle in the world was published in 1924 by London Sunday Express.
111. The lightest known metal is Lithium.
112. The Atacama Desert is located in North Chile.
113. The oil used to preserve timber is Creosote oil.
114. The founder of USA was George Washington.
115. The first talkie feature film in USA was 'The Jazz Singer'.
116. The chemical name of laughing gas is Nitrous oxide.
117. The US state North Carolina is also known as Tar Heel state.
118. The US state Tennesse is also known as Volunteer state.
119. The US state Indiana is also known as Hoosier state.
120. The US state Kentucky is also known as Blue Grass state.
121. The US state known as 'Pine Free State' is Vermont.
122. The US state known as 'Mountain State' is West Virginia.
123. The US state known as 'Land of 1000 Lakes' is Minnesota.
124. The popular detective character created by Agatha Christie is Hercule Poirot.
125. The Pakistani President who died in an air crash was Zia-ul-Huq.
126. Yoghurt means Fermented milk.
127. Yankee is the nickname of American.
128. The International court of Justice is located in Hague, Holland.
129. The headquarters of World Bank is located at Washington DC.
130. Victoria Falls was discovered by David Livingstone.
131. The technique to produce the first test tube baby was evolved by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards.
132. The oldest residential university of Britain is the Oxford University.
133. The name of the large clock on the tower of the House of Parliament in London is called Big Ben.
134. Prado Museum is located in Madrid.
135. The number of keys in an ordinary piano is Eighty eight.
136. 'Man is a Tool Making Animal' was said by Benjamin Franklin.
137. The term 'anesthesia' was coined by Oliver Wendell Holmes.
138. The first man to reach Antarctica was Fabian Gottlieb.
139. The Kilimanjaro volcano is situated in Tanzania.
140. The invention that is considered to have built America is Dynamite.
141. Words that contains all the vowels: Authentication, Remuneration, Education, Automobile, Miscellaneous
and many more.
142. Words that contain all the vowels in order: Facetious and Abstemious.
143. Words that contain all the vowels in reverse order: Uncomplimentary, Unproprietary, Unoriental and
144. Words with no vowel in them: Myth, Fly, Sky, Dry, Cry, Rhythm, Crypt.
145. Which country declares independence on 18th Feb 2008? - Kosovo.
146. Who was the founder of the kindergarten education system? - German educator Friedrich Froebel
147. What is the scientific name of Vitamin C? - Ascorbic Acid
148. What is the full form of GPRS? - General Packet Radio Service
149. Which was the first university established in the world? - Nalanda University
150. What is full form of CEO, CFO & CIO titles? Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer & Chief
Information Officer.
1. Which metal is heavier, silver or gold? 23. After which famous person was the teddy bear
2. How many legs do butterflies have? named?
3. Which is the country with the most people? 24. Which is the smallest ocean in the world?
4. Which state is the biggest in the US? 25. What is the rhino?s horn made of?
5. Which country has the largest area of land?
6. Which is the country hosting the 2008 Olympic Answers
7. Which indoor sport is the most popular in the 1. Gold
US? 2. Six
8. Which golf player's mother is from Thailand? 3. China
9. What is Aurora Borealis commonly known as? 4. Alaska
10. Which is the non-contagious disease that is the 5. Russia
most common in the world? 6. China
11. Which was the album the Beatles recorded the 7. Basketball
last time together? 8. Tiger Woods
12. Which instrument did Miles Davis, the jazz 9. Northern Lights
musician, play? 10. Tooth Decay
13. What is the sport in which you could get into a 11. Abbey Road
headlock? 12. Trumpet
14. In which country was golf first played? 13. Wrestling
15. Which is the sport where you could be out 'leg 14. Scotland
before wicket' or 'hit a six'? 15. Cricket
16. When did baseball originate in the US? 16. 19th Century
17. Which is the sport wherein you would use a 17. Golf
'sand iron'? 18. Blue Whale
18. What is the largest mammal in the world? 19. Jamaica
19. Which is the country where reggae music 20. P.G. Wodehouse
originated? 21. Michelangelo
20. Who was the creator of Jeeves and Wooster? 22. Lewis Carroll
21. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? 23. Theodore Roosevelt
22. Who was the writer of Alice's Adventures in 24. Arctic Ocean
Wonderland? 25. Hair
Question: What is called as the "Roof of the World"? is
1. Indira Point 1. More that aggregate demand
2. Kanchenjunga 2. Less than aggregate demand
3. Pamir Knot 3. Equal to aggregate demand
4. Indira Col 4. None of the above
Answer: 3 Answer: 2
Question: The illustrious names of Aryabhatta and Question: Which State has the lowest per capita
Varahamihir are associated with the age of the income in India?
1. Guptas 1. Bihar
2. Kushanas 2. Orissa
3. Mauryas 3. Rajasthan
4. Palas 4. Gujrat
Answer: 1 Answer: 2
Question: Who generally acknowledged as the Question: In the budget figures of the Government
pioneer of local self government in modern India? of India, fiscal deficit is
1. Ripon 1. Total expenditure - total receipts
2. Mayo 2. Revenue expenditure - revenue receipts
3. Lytton 3. Capital expenditure - capital receipts + market
4. Curzon borrowings
Answer: 1 4. Sum of budget deficit and Government's
Question: Which Article of the Constitution of market borrowings and liabilities
India abolishes untouchability and forbids its practice Answer: 1
in any form? Question: The eighth Joint Economic Group
1. Article 16 dialogue between China and India was held in
2. Article 17 January 2010 in Beijing, China after a gap of
3. Article 18 1. two years
4. Article 15 2. three years
Answer: 2 3. four years
Question: The idea of Pakistan was first conceived 4. five years
by Answer: 3
1. Muhammad Iqbal Question: According to the recently released World
2. M. A. Jinnah Bank Report, the Chinese economy grew by the close
3. Shaukat Ali of fourth quarter of 2009 at the rate of
4. Aga Khan 1. 9.7 percent
Answer: 1 2. 10.7 percent
Question: Which of the following countries has 3. 10.8 percent
introduced "Direct Democracy"? 4. 11 percent
1. Russia Answer: 2
2. India Question: As per the quality of life Index 2010,
3. France which was released worldwide in January 2010, the
4. Switzerland united States occupies the
Answer: 4 1. Second Place
Question: Inflation occurs when aggregate supply 2. Third Place
3. Fifth Place Question: Detroit in the U. S. A. is known as the
4. Seventh Place city of
Answer: 4 1. Motor Car
Question: The India-France deal for civil nuclear 2. Lights
corporation, which came into force in January 2010, 3. Aeroplanes
had been signed between the two countries in 4. Rockets
1. September 2008 Answer: 1
2. October 2008 Question: The term "Fourth Estate" refers to
3. November 2008 1. Backward States
4. December 2008 2. Judiciary
Answer: 1 3. Press
Question: Wodeyars were the ruler of 4. Tea Estate
1. Princely State of Mysore Answer: 3
2. Princely State of Travancore Question: SAIL's plant in Karnataka is situated at
3. Vijayanagaram 1. Bangalore
4. None of these 2. Bhadravati
Answer: 1 3. Belgaum
Question: "Black Pagoda" is in 4. Hubli
1. Egypt Answer: 2
2. Srilanka Question: At which of the following place Rajiv
3. Madurai Gandhi died of human bomb explosion?
4. Konark 1. New Delhi
Answer: 4 2. Chennai
Question: The meeting of the Rajya Sabha are 3. Sriperumbudur
presided over by the 4. Colombo
1. President Answer: 3
2. Vice President Question: Who is not the Speaker of the Lok
3. Prime Minister Sabha ever?
4. Speaker 1. Somnath Chatterjee
Answer: 2 2. P. A. Sangma
Question: Lunar eclipse occurs on 3. Meira Kumar
1. A new moon day 4. Sushma Swaraj
2. A full moon day Answer: 4
3. A half moon day Question: The Governor General associated with
4. both 1 and 2 the abolition of slavery was
Answer: 2 1. Cornwallis
Question: Which of the following crops helps in 2. Bentinck
nitrogen fixation? 3. Dalhousie
1. Rice 4. Rippon
2. Wheat Answer: 2
3. Beans Question: The name of India's first carrier is
4. Maize 1. INS Vikrant
Answer: 3 2. INS Nilgiri
3. INS Kukri Question: Thalassaemia is a hereditary disease
4. INS Himgiri affecting -
Answer: 1 1. Blood
Question: The general direct flow of summer 2. Lungs
monsoon in India is - 3. Heart
1. From South to North 4. Kidney
2. From South West to South East Answer: 1
3. From South East to South West Question: Polythene is industrially prepared by the
4. From South West to North East polymerization of -
Answer: 2 1. Methane
Question: World No-Tobacco Day is observed on - 2. Styrene
1. May 25 3. Acetylene
2. May 31 4. Ethylene
3. May28 Answer: 4
4. May 24 Question: In cricket the length of pitch between the
Answer: 2 two wickets is -
Question: Which one of the following ecosystems 1. 24 yards
covers the largest area of the earth's surface? 2. 23 yards
1. Desert Ecosystem 3. 22 yards
2. Grassland Ecosystem 4. 21 yards
3. Mountain Ecosystem Answer: 3
4. Marine Ecosystem Question: Which one of the following is not the
Answer: 4 official language of the United Nations Organisation?
Question: With which game is the Double Fault 1. Arabic
associated? 2. Chinese
1. Lawn Tennis 3. Portuguese
2. Football 4. Spanish
3. Cricket Answer: 3
4. Hockey Question: Which countries are separated by Mac
Answer: 2 Mohan Line?
Question: Where is the oldest oil refinery in India 1. India and Pakistan
located? 2. China and Tibet
1. Digboi 3. India and China
2. Cochin 4. India and Bangladesh
3. Mathura Answer: 3
4. Guwahati Question: Which one of the following is a water
Answer: 1 soluble vitamin?
Question: The Siwaliks stretch between - 1. Vitamin A
1. Indus and Sutlaj 2. Vitamin C
2. Potwar basin and Teesta 3. Vitamin D
3. Sutlaj and Kali 4. Vitamin K
4. None of these Answer: 2
Answer: 2 Question: Among the following who was the
Speaker in two Lok Sabhas? 2. Karunda
1. Rabi Ray 3. Mango
2. Shivraj Patil 4. Banana
3. P. A. Sangma Answer: 3
4. G. M. C Balyogi Question: Who was the first chief Justice of
Answer: 4 Supreme court of Calcutta?
Question: 'Lakshya' which is part of Indian 1. Hyde
Defence System is 2. Elijah Impey
1. Surface of air missile 3. Lemaistre
2. Missile Firing Submarine 4. Monson
3. multi Barrel rocket System Answer: 2
4. Pilotless target aircraft Question: By which of the following Acts were the
Answer: 4 Commercial Rights of East India Company
Question: Which one of the following states has Abolished?
only one representatives each in Lok Sabha? 1. Regulating Act of 1773
1. Manipur, Meghalaya 2. Charter Act of 1813
2. Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir 3. Charter Act of 1833
3. Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura 4. Charter Act of 1853
4. Mizoram and Nagaland Answer: 3
Answer: 4 Question: Who Was the founder of All India
Question: Who among the following is known as Muslim League?
the guardian of the Public Purse in India? 1. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
1. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India 2. Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan
2. The President 3. Liyaqat Ali Khan
3. The Minister of Finance 4. Mohammad Ali Jinnah
4. The parliament Answer: 2
Answer: 1 Question: Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant obtains its
Question: Biological Oxygen demand (BOD) is iron ore from the mines of
used as a standard measure of 1. Bababudan
1. Oxygen level in forest System 2. Bailadila
2. Oxygen level in animals 3. Dalli-Rajhra
3. Oxygen level in water system 4. Gurumahisaini
4. Oxygen level in atmosphere Answer: 1
Answer: 3 Question: The First Finance Commission was
Question: Which of the following Crops is of constituted in the year
Kharif Season? 1. 1956
1. Soyabean 2. 1953
2. Linseed 3. 1952
3. lentil 4. 1951
4. Mustard Answer: 4
Answer: 1 Question: Which one of the following Settlements
Question: Fruit most suitable for making jelly is comprised Zamindar as middleman to collect the land
1. Papaya revenue?
1. Mahalwari Settlement come into being in 1987?
2. Ryotwari Settlement 1. Mizoram
3. Permanent Settlement 2. Arunachal Pradesh
4. None of the above 3. Goa
Answer: 3 4. Manipur
Question: Which of the following was the court Answer: 4
language during the reign of Akbar? Question: The number of Zonal Councils in India
1. Hindi is
2. Urdu 1. Five
3. Persian 2. Four
4. Arabic 3. Seven
Answer: 3 4. Eight
Question: What were the districts called in the Answer: 1
Vijaynagar empire? Question: National Commission for Back ward
1. Nadu Classes was established in
2. Khurram 1. 1994
3. Kottam 2. 1993
4. Janpad 3. 1995
Answer: 3 4. 1999
Question: Which was the first National News Answer: 2
Agency of India? Question: Indravati Hydroelectric Project is the
1. The Indian Review multipurpose projet of
2. The Free Press of India 1. Maharashtra state
3. The Associated Press of India 2. Gujarat state
4. None of the above 3. Orissa State
Answer: 3 4. Tamil Nadu state
Question: The depiction of the stones of the Answer: 3
previous lives of Gautama Buddha was first done in Question: Which sector contributes the maximum
the art of share in National income of India?
1. Sarnath Pillar of Asoka 1. Primary
2. Bharhut Stupa 2. Secondary
3. Ajanta Caves 3. Tertiary
4. Eilora Caves 4. All the above have equal share
Answer: 2 Answer: 3
Question: The British Parliament can do Question: Shankarlal Guru committee was
everything except make a woman a man and a associated With
woman a man?To whom is this statement ascribed? 1. Agricultural Marketing
1. Dicey 2. Agricultural production
2. Hegal 3. Public Distribution System
3. De Lolme 4. None of above
4. none of above Answer: 1
Answer: 3 Question: IMF is the result of
Question: Which of the following states did not 1. Hawana Conference
2. Rome Conference 3. Chokher Bali
3. Brettonwood Conference 4. Kapal Kundala
4. Geneva Conference Answer: 1
Answer: 3 Question: Which of the following department of
Question: The Difference between Gross Domestic Indian Government takes care of education of
product and Net Domestic product is children with physical disabilities?
1. Government Revenue 1. Ministry of Welfare
2. Net Indirect Tax (Indirect Tax Subsidy) 2. Ministry of Sports
3. Consumption of fixed Capital 3. Ministry of HRD
4. Net Capital Formation 4. Ministry of Rural Development
Answer: 4 Answer: 1
Question: First share market in India was Question: Amrita Pritam's work "A Revenue
established in Stamp" is
1. Delhi 1. A book of stories
2. Mumbai 2. A novel
3. Kolkata 3. A biography
4. chennai 4. An autobiography
Answer: 2 Answer: 4
Question: The acronym STD written on Telephone Question: "Nadi Ke Dweep" is the creation of
booth stands for 1. Nirmala Verma
1. Straight Telephone Dial 2. Krishna Sobit
2. Switch Telephone Dial 3. Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh
3. Subscriber Telephone Dialing 4. Sachidananda Heeranand Vatsyayan Agyeya
4. Save Telephone Dialing Answer: 4
Answer: 3 Question: The poetic work "Rashmirathi" was
Question: India has signed a landamrk deal for sale written by
of Dhruv Advance Light Helicopters (ALHs) with 1. Maithilisharan Gupt
1. Venezuela 2. Mahadevi Verma
2. Peru 3. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
3. Ecuador 4. Surya Kant Tripathi Nirala
4. Chile Answer: 3
Answer: 3 Question: "Operation Black Board" refers to
Question: Humidity is measured by which of the providing schools with
following instrument? 1. Enough number of black boards
1. Barometer 2. New type of black boards
2. Thermometer 3. Training for using new type of black boards
3. Hygrometer 4. All essential learning materials.
4. Hydrometer Answer: 4
Answer: 3 Question: Transistors used in electronic
Question: Rabindranath Tagore was awarded equipments are mostly made of
Noble Prize for his literary work named 1. Silver
1. Geetanjali 2. Copper
2. Rajtarangini 3. Silicon
4. Carbon 1. of its low density
Answer: 3 2. It is not very reactive under normal conditions
Question: The disease diphtheria affects 3. It is almost insoluble in water
1. Lungs 4. It can be prepared easily
2. Intestine Answer: 1
3. Throat Question: The most abundant element in the earth's
4. Body joints crust is
Answer: 3 1. Silicon
Question: Which of the following is the brightest 2. Aluminium
planet as seen from the earth? 3. Nitrogen
1. Mercury 4. Oxygen
2. Uranus Answer: 4
3. Venus Question: Stainless steel is an example of
4. Mars 1. A metallic compound
Answer: 3 2. A homogeneous mixture
Question: The Harry Potter series is written by 3. A heterogeneous mixture
1. K K Rowling 4. An inorganic compound
2. K J Rowling Answer: 1
3. J K Rowling Question: The Non-Cooperation Movement was
4. A K Rowling ultimately withdrawn by Mahatma Gandhi
Answer: 3 1. On the directions of the Party
Question: The most common communicable 2. On account of amicable settlement with the
disease is British
1. Influenza 3. On account of violent incidents at Chauri-
2. Typhoid Chaura
3. Cholera 4. On account of excessive repression by the
4. Polio Government
Answer: 1 Answer: 3
Question: Among the following, the richest source Question: The Preamble of the Constitution after
of protein is 42nd amendment declares India
1. Ground Nut 1. Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic
2. Rice Republic
3. Potato 2. Sovereign Democratic Republic
4. Apple 3. Federal Democratic Republic
Answer: 1 4. Federal Socialist Democratic Republic
Question: Taoism is a school of Answer: 1
1. Chinese philosophy Question: The International Date Line is the
2. Japanese philosophy 1. Equator
3. Buddhist philosophy 2. 0° Longitude
4. Sri Lankan philosophy 3. 88° East Longitude
Answer: 1 4. 180° Longitude
Question: Hydrogen is used instead of Helium to Answer: 4
fill balloons for meteorology because Question: The real executive power under a
Parliamentary Government rests with 2. BSD Unix
1. The Parliament 3. Microsoft Office XP
2. The King 4. Red Hat Linux
3. The Council of Ministers Answer: 3
4. The Civil Servants Question: Which of the following vitamins helps
Answer: 3 in the absorption of calcium?
Question: Who among the following was the first 1. Vitamin A
Maratha Ruler to get legal recognition from the 2. Vitamin B
Mughals? 3. Vitamin C
1. Sahuji 4. Vitamin D
2. Shivaji Answer: 4
3. Balaji Baji Rao Question: Dengue fever is spread by
4. Sambhaji 1. Aedes aegypti mosquito
Answer: 1 2. Common House flies
Question: The average solar day is approximately 3. Anophilies mosquito
1. 24 hrs 4. Rodent like rats and squirrels
2. 24 hrs 15 minutes Answer: 1
3. 24 hrs 52 minutes Question: Which of the following is not a
4. 24 hrs 15 Second fundamental right of the Indian citizens?
Answer: 1 1. Right to property
Question: The constellation Sapta-Rishi is known 2. Right to freedom of expression
to westerns as the 3. Right to vote
1. Seven Monks 4. Right to remain silence
2. Alpha Centauri Answer: 1
3. Big Dipper Question: Which supercomputer is developed by
4. Small Bear the Indian Scientists?
Answer: 3 1. Param
Question: One kilobyte is equal to 2. Super 301
1. 1000 bytes 3. Compaq Presario
2. 1024 bytes 4. CRAY YMP
3. 100 bytes Answer: 1
4. 1023 bytes Question: Genome is the key to tomorrow's
Answer: 2 medical practices because
Question: Which of the following is a cellulose 1. It unleashes an information revolution
fiber? 2. It provides a new outlook into medicine
1. Cotton 3. It is a new way of making drugs
2. Wool 4. It can enable customized medicines.
3. Rayon Answer: 2
4. Polyester Question: Which of the following is not a missile
Answer: 1 tested in Indian Missile Programme?
Question: Which of the following is not an 1. Agni
example of Operating System? 2. Trishul
1. Windows 98 3. Prithvi
4. Arjun 2. Transvaal
Answer: 4 3. Johannesberg
Question: Mahatma Gandhi started his struggle 4. Champaran
against apartheid in Answer: 1
1. Natal

S. No. Question Title

1 What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?
2 You throw away the outside and cook the inside. Then you eat the outside and throw away the inside. What
did you eat?
3 What goes up and down the stairs without moving?
4 What can you catch but not throw?
5 I can run but not walk. Wherever I go, thought follows close behind. What am I?
6 What's black and white and red all over?
7 What goes around the world but stays in a corner?
8 I have holes in my top and bottom, my left and right, and in the middle. But I still hold water. What am I?
9 Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?
10 The man who invented it doesn't want it. The man who bought it doesn't need it. The man who needs it
doesn't know it. What is it?
11 I run over fields and woods all day. Under the bed at night I sit not alone. My tongue hangs out, up and to
the rear, awaiting to be filled in the morning. What am I?
12 Throw it off the highest building, and I'll not break. But put me in the ocean, and I will. What am I?
13 What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but
never sleeps?
14 No sooner spoken than broken. What is it?
15 A certain crime is punishable if attempted but not punishable if committed. What is it?
16 You use a knife to slice my head and weep beside me when I am dead. What am I?
17 I'm the part of the bird that's not in the sky. I can swim in the ocean and yet remain dry. What am I?
18 I am mother and father, but never birth or nurse. I'm rarely still, but I never wander. What am I?
19 I went into the woods and got it. I sat down to seek it. I brought it home with me because I couldn't find it.
What is it?
20 I am weightless, but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. What am I?
21 I never was, am always to be, No one ever saw me, nor ever will, And yet I am the confidence of all To
live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.What am I?
22 I'm light as a feather, yet the strongest man can't hold me for much more than a minute. What am I?
23 I am the black child of a white father, a wingless bird, flying even to the clouds of heaven. I give birth to
tears of mourning in pupils that meet me, even though there is no cause for grief, and at once on my birth I am
dissolved into air. What am I?
24 Pronounced as one letter, And written with three, Two letters there are, And two only in me. I'm double,
I'm single, I'm black, blue, and gray, I'm read from both ends, And the same either way. What am I?
25 At night they come without being fetched, and by day they are lost without being stolen. What are they?
26 If we say MUMMY, they come together & go apart when we say DADDY. what are they?
27 What goes up & never comes down?
28 Patches over patches but no stitches; What is it?
29 What is that we cannot see, but is always before you?
30 What goes up & down a hill, but never moves?
31 You can never wet it. What is it?
32 What belongs to You, but used by your friends more often you do?
33 I am the beginning of the end. You can see mee twice in a week but not in a day, once in a year but twice
in a decade. What am I?

1. Towel
2. Corn on the Cob
3. Railing
4. Cold
6. Newspaper (Red means Read)
7. A Postage Stamp
9. Fire
10. Coffin
11. Shoes/Boots
12. Paper Napkin or Tissue Paper
13. River
14. Silence
15. Suicide
16. Onion
17. Bird's Shadow
18. A Tree
20. Hole
21. Oxygen
22. Breath
23. Smoke
24. Eye
25. Stars in the Sky.