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What do I want to be as a person of character?

Maria Alejandra Salamanca 8THA

Rochester School , Virtues Project

This essay is going to be about how can I convert in a person of character giving

example to others, here I will talk about some steps you need to take account on your life to

be one person of character, real life examples also will be include and I will teach you

many things about my self that are a example of a person of character.

For being an integral health person you need to be healthy in 3 main aspects:

physically, spiritually and socially. I will explain you how am I healthy in each one.

Physically, I have a good fitness; I practice squash every day mainly 2 hours (sometimes 3)

I go to tournaments every week, and I also had been in some running competitions like “La

Media Maratón De Bogotá” people admire me for my effort when I tell them this things.

Socially, I am like to pass time talking with my friends, I prefer to have a little group of

best friends, the other people are also my friends but not so close like the others, with my

family I am also good, we don’t have any issues. Spiritually I am healthy to, I don’t have

any problems or diseases that I need to worry about. The virtues are an important part for

being a person of character; here I will explain them in detail. Integral health is the first

virtue taught to you at Rochester School. It serves to learn that your health goes first and

that you cannot do any virtue before assuring your mental, spiritual, physical and integral

health. To know that your overall health is well, you have to see if your spiritual, physical,

mental health is good, if you are not, you have to make sure that you can solve your

problem. Systemic as a citizen; being systemic as a citizen is important in life because it

teaches you to respect your environment, city and country. Mainly engaging with the

environment. Kindness and service, Kindness and service is very important because this

virtue is associated with the school slogan "Treat others as you would like to be treated",

for example if you push someone or you beat him, like is how you want to be treated?

Cooperation and collaboration, is a fundamental virtue in Rochester School because almost
everything is about teamwork. It can happen that someone who does not like you touches

teamwork but you must learn to always get your job and not let that problem they had

hindered their work and suddenly become friends again.

Integrity, is very important in everything, in Rochester School is very important, for

example you are new to school and you do not have friends, you want to make friends but

every time you try you can not and when they invite you to play you do not accept it

because You are afraid or nervous, on that occasion try to integrate with the other children

and give your best to them to be your friend and to have more friends. Self-evaluation, Self-

evaluation serves to make you aware of those who do wrong you can apply it following

these steps: Analyze the situation, Plan to compensate and act. Leadership, To be leader in

something is fundamental because all in the life we are going to be leaders of some

equipment, organization, company etc. With my friends and my family I am always very

funny and respectful, with teachers 8school staff or not) I always present my opinion in a

respectful way, because they need to know what I think about their proposals. But also It is

important to know their opinion about you, last week we did a survey to 3 people that were

very close to us, to know in what things do we needed to improve, I did the survey to my

friends Juanita Onofre, Sofia Sanchez and to my sister Gabriela. The answers were very

similar, in the first question that was: “In what virtue do you think I have more

experience?” they all answered Self- Evaluation. In the second question that was: “In what

virtue do you think I need to improve?” they answered: Kindness and service and systemic

citizen. The third question was: “ From 0 to 5 how good do you think I am at the

Leadership virtue?” they answered 3 and 4. The fourth question was: From 0 to 5 how

good do you think I am at the integral health virtue? They answered 3 and 5. Last question

was: “Do I need to improve in more than one virtue?” they all said yes.
In my future I want to be an integral person, with some goals I want to reach like:

Be a recognize squash player all over the world, study In a grate university with a

scholarship in the future 5 years, also I want to travel to many parts of the world to every

continent and visit many cultures. I don’t know what I am going to study, but I want

something of my interest, I will also want to live in other country like Germany or United

States. I think that my community has a need of security and systemic citizen. Because

Colombia is converting in a very insecure country, with many people that are stealing for

necessity. Every day people are robbed in the streets, in the public transport and on their

own houses. Also people are very disorganized in what they do, in the streets they are

irresponsible, in their work they are also very disorganized and they throw many garbage to

the floor on the streets, this affects the environment and our selves.

In conclusion, to be a person of character you don’t need to be a “perfect” person,

you only need to be healthy and a good example for others, for example, have good attitude

and good body language in reunions and on class. Also help people that need it, poor

people or people with disabilities that you can help donating. This can help you to be a

person of character in your life.