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Cardona 1

Tania Cardona

Ms. Alcaraz

English per.6

23 May 2018

Surveillance in the world

The costs of government security cameras are a threat to society. Security cameras take

away people's privacy all the time. Previously, the security cameras served to keep watch over

the violence but now they only use it to monitor people. Surveillance is a monitoring of behavior

by system, it is the process of monitoring people, objects or processes within the system for the

fulfillment of the expected or desired standards in a real system for safety or social control. The

surveillance from before was a little less now because in those years not many people used

phones or social networks in which they contain all information from their user, so now the

surveillance through the government is more pervasive, which shows nothing of privacy .

Monetary value of consumers of the factors that cause the exercise of an economic activity. The

cost has changed a lot from what it was before to an unimaginable level. Government

surveillance is a overused system by the governments this can create problems like the costs, the

effects towards the people, their security, and it takes away the privacy of people.

Government surveillance, special pervasive surveillance, is costly. Maya wang, Inform “

and this isn’t the only project in China that aims to expand surveillance while denying people

privacy rights” (Wang). In other words, China is implementing surveillance cameras to project

people but is leaving them without privacity . In additional “ the United States needs to review an

enhance a long-standing ban on exporting policing and “crimes control” equipment to China, if

the Chinese government’s Orwellian drive at home does not alarm the international community

its willingness to export that approach should” (Wang). In other words, China has sold its

products from the surveillance cameras and now they put at risk the lives of people in China and

they not even tell them that they are in danger because of what they have done. Evidently

surveillance, besides being costly, is costing in China the lives of the people who live there

through what the government is doing.

The surveillance cameras are not used to protect people but to be watched. Most people

argue that security cameras are only used by the government to monitor them. For example the

main argument present in the article, Big Brother, is demonstrated how good the surveillance

cameras can be, by John R. Quain says “property rights, prevent cyber espionage, fight child

pornography, and protect national interests such as nuclear power plant from hackers”(Quain).

On the other hand, the foundation free education refutes that we are living now that had already

been predicted in 1984 by Orwell's and that the stubbornness only uses them to monitor

everything that people do every day he states “and there is little evidence that all the surveillance

and security programs added since 9/11 have caught or prevent terrorist and any significant

number”(FFE). As we see in the evidence the security cameras have not caught any type of

terrorist the government only uses that excuse to monitor the lives of other people. In conclusion

the surveillance cameras that the government put are only monitor the lives of people making

them believe that it is for their own safety when it is not.

Having very little to no surveillance affect the safety of the country for example Mexico.

In this article MEPI states that,” edgar recalls that extortions began to be frequent in Michoacán.

First, a fire in a poultry shop; two days later, a refaccionaria; This incident was followed by a

shoe store. The message was clear: if you do not cooperate, you accept the

consequences”(MEPI). In other words as we see in the country of Mexico that does not have

many surveillance cameras, we see how the crime by the posters is very large that even threaten

its inhabitants. If there were surveillance cameras in Michoacan, the state would be more reliable

and safe. The safety of people in Mexico is very bad since they do not have security cameras.

Secondly, the author explains “Samuel, friend of Edgar who stayed in his native Michoacán.

When he tried to move and take his business, a representative of the cartel approached him and

described him insinuating the place where his children, parents, brothers and nieces live”

(MEPI). In other words as we can see, the posters continued to increase due to lack of security.

The surveillance cameras help a lot to protect people and, as there are no surveillance cameras,

the violence grows, day by day. We see how this man Samuel has had to live a life full of having

for the violence that exists in his country. In additional “every day the executives cross the

border, towards San Diego, escorted by several trucks, "says Humberto Jaramillo Rodríguez, a

businessman originally from Tijuana” (MEPI). In other words there are many very important

companies in Mexico but due to the lack of security that the country has, several entrepreneurs

come and go from the country so that they do not suffer extortion. Entrepreneurs spend their time

crossing from Mexico to the United States out of fear. If in that country there was more security,

people would not suffer to be able to work. Finally, the author describes, “every 24 hours, on

average, the entity receives 49 new families,” (MEPI). In other words, families move to other

places because of the fear they have, since they are threatened by the bad people who live or who

come to live in the same city as them. People have nothing more to do than flee their homes

because They do not have any type of security in their homes. The violence and insecurity of

Mexico is very great since they do not have almost any type of technology that helps people feel

more secure and forced to flee. In conclusion, Mexico is a country that has almost no security

cameras, so people in the countries suffer daily the abuse and physical violence as economic of

the posters that have been created in almost all the country.

The surveillance cameras do not leave any privacy for people, countries tend to have

cameras to ensure the safety of people but leave them without privacy. According, to the article

Gabriela Azevedo mentions, “would the cameras deprive citizens of their freedom? Many

accredit that life on the street would not be the same; people would be more repressed, they

would feel watched and persecuted and would not do certain things out of shame or fear that

their image could be used for other purpose” (Azevedo). In other words, people are afraid to

know that they will have a camera full of them everyday since they feel almost harassed because

they will not have any privacy and maybe their identify could be used for many purpose. In

additional, “those who share this opinion believe that life in the surveyed parts would be much

more monotonous, people would no longer do nonsense on the street, couples would no longer

kiss so much and daughter would be control” (Azevedo). In other words, people believe that

being watched would no longer be themselves since they will be afraid to been seen by the

cameras. Acevedo included “besides that, reluctance has to do guarantee that this person is

trusted and will not use the images for other purposes?” (Acevedo). In other words, people are a

bit because they are not sure that in a place where a surveillance camera is a reliable person, they

are afraid that their physical image is used to do bad things. In conclusion, the surveillance

cameras do not give people as much security as they believe but it takes away their freedom of

the expression and privacy, since people do not live feeling safe, but live in fear of being

watched all the time.

In conclusion, all the articles that we have been seeing and reading in the classroom teach

us how or in what way surveillance cameras help people to stay safer in their communities. In an

article I read, I could see that countries with fewer surveillance cameras tend to be more

dangerous in their communities where they live, which gives us to understand that security

cameras help to prevent violence and security in large part. people, since the countries with many

surveillance cameras have less corruption and more security for people although in spite of that,

those countries keep more vigilant the people who live there, people have more security but less

privacy since they are seen by the government at all hours and through that people can not have

so much privacy. the security cameras serve a lot of help to the countries but it is like the same

countries make a change to the people, then it would be security for privacy.