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FInal Portfolio

Materials: 11” x 14” Sketchpad, 4 small binder clips (provided by instructor), index card, marker, tape,
creative projects, evaluations, quizzes.

The final portfolio should include all work from the semester, including: creative projects, evaluations,
quizzes, and your museum paper.

1. Place all projects and class documents inside the sketchpad and secure them with the binder clips
2. Name tag includes student’s name, class, semester, instructor name and phone number?
3. Name tag is approximately 3” x 5” and a color that contrasts with cover?
4. Portfolio includes grade sheets?
5. Portfolio includes all projects?
6. Projects are in the same or better condition than when they were turned in the first time?
7. Student has extensively re-worked projects that had major flaws based on instructor’s
8. Student has included finished extra credit projects?