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Collage Project:

Optical mixing
Unity, Variety, Rhythm
Warm/cool colors

Materials:​ ​Scissors, Paper

Punches, Tweezers, Glue,

In this project you will choose a

section of your image (enlarged
roughly to the image size) or the
complete image itself to work with.
Breakdown your image into 7 or 9
tones and represent them through
collaged shapes. You will choose
to work with warm or cool colors
(cut from magazines) collaged
–pasted-- onto a framed surface.

Identify the major compositional shapes formed by the subject and dividing lines. Take into
account positive and negative space. If they are complex, break them down into simple shapes
(triangles, squares, circles, ovals etc.).

Choose a fairly simple shape from the image (one that can be cut out easily). This will be the
shape that you paste repeatedly to the surface. You may change color, size and texture in
order to vary the image.


● Adjust your image and it’s tones on your tracing (you may retrace if you are making
extensive changes).
● Center and transfer your image to a 13” x 13” sheet of paper.
● Consider masking the outer edge of your image frame

Value Scale:
● Choose the shape for your collage
● Cut out colors for value scale (choose warm or cool palette)
● Center 7" x 2", 7-step value scale (this can be a 7” x 1” scale if your mark is particularly
● Consider masking the outer edge of your scale.
● Layout your colors before pasting them down and show them to me. The value scale
should go from lightest to darkest.
● The make sure to leave no gaps.

● Begin working on your image using mod podge and a brush.
● Play with the size of your mark and mixing textures in order to create unity and variety in
your image.
● Be sure to pull up as much charcoal as possible to avoid graying as it mixes with the
● Treat all areas the same.