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Upgrading biogas to produces CO2 a by-product. . This harmful ‘methane slip’ is not only bad for the environment. • No chemical use Pentair Haffmans’ and completely eliminates the methane slip. CARBONATION FERTILIZER ABOUT PENTAIR PLC Pentair plc (pentair. With 2015 revenues of $6. the CO2 by-product can be and for the future. offers Pentair Haffmans’ biogas upgrading • No CH4 slip additional potential. an alternative now When biogas is upgraded to biomethane Optionally. which can expelled into the air. distillery. and biogas industries to recover foodgrade CO2 from the fermentation processes.RENEWABLE GREEN ENERGY SOURCE Biogas is a key Biogas is produced through an anaerobic fermentation process in which biological The biomethane produced with Pentair Haffmans’ biogas upgrading technology has BIOMETHANE FOR: renewable energy material is broken down in an oxygen-free the same specifications as natural gas. Whether you need a standard-size system or custom-designed solution. but be fed into the public also a wasted energy resource. Pentair employs approximately 28. • Various system configurations upgrading technology • Compact solutions CO2 FOR: has substantial • Advanced Service Level Agreements advantages compared to conventional systems. and solutions for its customers’ diverse needs in water and other fluids. thermal management. technology recovers 100 percent of the CH4. The CO2. This results in a higher CH4 yield and no • Green CO2 as a profitable product CNG advanced biogas emission of the harmful CH4 greenhouse gas. soft drink. which contains a considerable amount of CH4 is providing an additional income source.000 people worldwide.4 billion. • High CH4 yield natural gas grid. which source that provides environment. GAS GRID Benefits biomethane. makes it fully compatible to the existing natural gas infrastructure and applications. services. using conventional techniques the process recovered for use in a variety of applications. Biogas consists primarily of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). and equipment delivers industry-leading products. bioethanol. Pentair Haffmans’ proven products and technologies are used in the brewing. Pentair Haffmans manufactures and commissions components and standardized solutions. wine.


much quicker than CH4 . amine washing and pressure swing systems are retentate) contains mainly CH4 as the CO2 • Separation at ambient temperatures and CO2. flexible and easily expanded the best solution for To make an efficient CO2/ CH4 separation possible. with us you can be Membranes for gas separation membrane on the low pressure side of the • No heat requirement assured of receiving membrane (permeate). • Energy efficient separation of CH4 from technology.OUR MEMBRANE SOLUTION Pentair Haffmans has The heart of the system is the membrane separation unit. • Compact modular design. which provides a cost efficient biomethane substances. The CO2 rich gas will leave the • Continuous separation process. The separation operates with no methane slip. The benefits of membranes higher the pressure the more CO2 will pass through the membrane surface. and 100 percent liquid CO2.the low pressure side . so the • No additional chemical or operating media membrane separation technology. techniques for doing this is the use of activated carbon that absorbs undesirable of the CO2 can be removed from the biogas. This system is accomplished through the pressure provides two valuable products: biomethane difference over the membrane surface. By partnering recognized by the gas upgrading market. The high pressure biogas is fed into the membrane and the CO2 passes through the Permeate . has been pushed through the membrane surface. but already has an extensive proven record. Haffmans can also provide a two-stage membrane system The membranes separate the two major gas together with a cryogenic system that components: CH4 and CO2. the impurities must first be Multistage solutions • Cost efficient for smaller capacities your specific biogas removed. specifically against other types of separation The discharge from the membrane (the CO2 for the separation of CH4 systems such as water scrubbing. Membrane technology membrane surface to the permeate . One of the most important Using a multi-membrane system 99 percent • Cost efficient removal of CO2 upgrading project. production system.Low Pressure CO2Rich Gas Compressed Retentate .High Raw Biogas Pressure Biomethane . Benefits extensive knowledge in for upgrading biogas is a relative new The membranes are pressure driven.


This results in a cost efficient • No heat required separation unit. which allows 100 percent recovery of CH4 and production 100 percent.CO2 RECOVERY & 0% METHANE SLIP Pentair Haffmans goes The portion of environmentally-harmful greenhouse gases released to the of green CO2. and liquefies the CO2. This global warming emissions. but gains a second • Green CO2 as profitable product pure CO2 and sending all Haffmans partners with a major industrial gas company and can assist plant operators. de- humidifies. Liquid CO2 for impurities – including Pentair Haffmans recovers the CH4 slip The CO2 produced in the recovery installation can reach high specifications for use in the • Dry ice the CH4 – back to the from the membrane unit and provides the beverage industry. possibility to produce a second product - green CO2 . an additional option is to sell addition of this system increases electric • Standardized containerized solutions producing 100 percent the liquefied CO2 to a third party. The • Easy to operate percent of the CH4 by specifications. greenhouses and food • Welding gas membrane system. purifies. When the CO2 is • Compact.out of the natural biogas. Biogas . modular design system recovers 100 As the produced CO2 complies with EIGA (European Industrial Gases Association) sold as liquid CO2 an extra cooling unit and a liquid CO2 storage tank is required. The CO2 recovery installation is an important advantage in • Greenhouses instead of reducing CH4 recovery system cost efficiently separates a sustainable operation and a CH4 yield of • Fire extinguisher emissions by burning the the CO2 from the gas stream. The CO2 freezing applications. Pentair energy requirements. separation of CH4 and CO2. Benefits one step further by atmosphere is reduced to zero. When the • No methane slip recovering the CO2 gas this technology a future-proof investment. This is especially significant with regards CO2 gas is ejected to the atmosphere the • No additional chemicals after the membrane to EU Regulations for further reduction of liquid CO2 is re-used within the system to save energy. • Food & Beverage production CO2 rich stream coming from the membrane system. product to cover these costs. which makes The system compresses.


The main difference between the Advanced System and biomethane recovery possibility to recover CO2. technology to enable customers to produce Biomethane without any methane slip. Instead revenue and minimize This system uses membrane and cryogenic the CO2 will be liquefied and stored in CO2 Storage tanks and can be used as an additional environmental impact. The methane yield of this system is 100% Pentair Haffmans offers four solutions for which prevents methane from entering the FOR EXISTING BIOGAS UPGRADING PLANTS: biogas upgrading and CO2 recovery using atmosphere. Furthermore. The use the CO2 to reduce energy consumption overview shows the biggest differences in For existing Biogas Upgrading Plants during the cooling process and expels 100% revenue streams and methane slip recovery. value stream. HAFFMANS REVENUE STREAMS METHANE PRODUCT RANGE GRID INJECTION BIO CNG FOOD GRADE CO2 SLIP STANDARD < 0.5% NEW BIOGAS UPGRADING PLANT ADVANCED 0% ADVANCEDplus 0% BOLT ON CO2 RECOVERY SOLUTION EXISTING BIOGAS PLANT 0% . upgrade CO2 from their current biogas upgrading installation to generate CO2 as an additional revenue stream. this system will Bold on CO2 Recovery Solution membrane and cryogenic technology. Pentair Haffmans offers this system to of the gaseous CO2 into the atmosphere. the Advanced Plus System is that the latter will management to maximize Advanced System not purge any CO2 into the atmosphere. This system can be easily connected to your existing biogas plant.THE RIGHT SOLUTION – OUR SYSTEMS An increasing number OUR BIOGAS UPGRADING SYSTEMS: Advanced plus System of biogas producers Standard System Our Advanced Plus System uses membrane and cryogenic technology similar to the want to have an effective The Standard System uses membranes to Advanced System and upgrades the biogas carbon dioxide (CO2) and upgrade Biogas into Biomethane and reduces the methane slip to almost zero without the into CH4 with 0% methane slip. It has the same results as the Advanced Plus System: 100% methane yield and gaseous or liquid CO2.


LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT Through comprehensive Original spare parts Remote service Plant audits/maintenance life cycle management. This service is an efficient way to maximize your plant’s system continues to years of experience. plant. our global network customer service and technical support. phone. Spare part At our remote service facility a data connec- tion line instantly puts Pentair Haffmans’ On-site inspection and preventive main- tenance of your biogas upgrading system we ensure that your packages and stock consulting. performance. Pentair Haffmans provides competitively priced original spare parts. product specialists are available 24/7 by Level Agreements. All visits include a detailed report on the status and performance of your meet your expectations. help you reduce costs and keep your plant in operation maximizes your plant’s uptime. experienced service team works with you to create the service program that is right for you. No matter where Pentair Haffmans offers unparalleled from maintenance your plant is located. To contracts to full Service of professional service engineers with extensive know-how and experience ensures help you achieve maximum plant efficiency. based on our experts online with your system. Certified global service teams We offer custom-made 24/7 technical support service plans that range Pentair Haffmans has a presence in more than 150 countries. email or remote service. . An maximum performance of your system.

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