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1 Personal Reflection

Maria Alejandra Salamanca 8THA

Rochester School , Virtues project

This reflection is about my 15 hours of community service at a public school in Chía

helping several groups of children with reading to make their imagination grow and be more

creative when they grow up. The first virtue that we are going to compare is to be a systemic

citizenI went to a public school of chia where I was a systemic carer when I helped the children to

read and understand the fantasy books that you read. Integral health was shown when kids no matter

each others religion, they supported each other with honesty and kindness, also all kids practice at

least one sport so they can have a balanced health. Integrity was shown when the children did their

jobs responsibly, listened empathically and were kind even though nobody was watching their

actions. I showed kindness and service when some children did not know how to read, I supported

them and made others support them, besides I was always very helpful and understanding when it

comes to caring and teaching children.The self-evaluation was demonstrated with the feedback of

the children in the different activities, and they themselves with the final question approve the

ability to retain and value the importance of reading in their life, in addition to thinking about their

future and goals to long term. I collaborated with several teachers to make clear and simple

activities so that the children could understand what they were doing. I lead more than 30 activities

with children of 6 years in addition to always supporting them in their difficulties. In this social

service I learnt about virtues that are not shown in Rochester School, for example children in the

public school were always happy, screaming and asking you what you were doing, always being

attentive to want you need in conclusion they were always kind and servicial. Kids also were not

shy and selfish, they always shared the few things they had, always thinking in others. Teachers

were always kind with me, always attentive to anything I need, always asking how did I felt in the

activity and always supporting me in all the aspects. I think that in the Rochester School we are
forced to learn the virtues, and we almost dont apply them in real life because we are forced to do it.

But virtues need to be something natural in us, this children have been learning from humility all

their lives, making them virtuous by nature. I also think that people mostly parents need to learn to

teach their children humility in all aspects, not being so selfish with people and always helping

others, because if they dont start with their children when they become adults they are going to

teach their children to act in other way. In this service I learnt that humility is very important in

peoples life, and how a really virtuous person acts in their daily life, also that you need to be kind

and helpful for all the people that deserved it and need it.