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Date American Politics and Work, Culture and Migration Geography America in

and National Power Exchange, Society and and the the World
Identity and Settlement Environment
1840 Free Soil Party James K. Polk Gold discovered Great Irish Congress
forms elected as in California famine prompts supports Polk’s
President mass recommendation
Foreign Miner’s immigration to and declares war
Tax enacted in Wilmot Proviso US on Mexico.
California approved by
House but not by Forty-niner seek Treaty of
Senate gold in California Guadalupe
Hidalgo transfers
Mexican land to
1850 American (Know- Compromise of Comstock silver Harriet Beecher Treaty of
Nothing) Party 1850 lode discovered Stowe publishes Kanagawa opens
forms in Nevada “Uncle Tom’s US coaling
Kansas-Nebraska Cabin” stations in Japan
Dred Scott v Act tests popular
Sandford allows sovereignty Ostend
slavery in all US Manifesto urges
territories Republican Party US seizure of
forms Cuba
John Brown raids
federal arsenal at Rep. Preston William Walker
Harpers Ferry Brooks canes deposes
Sen. Charles Nicaraguan
Sumner on government, sets
Senate floor up “filibuster”

Buchanan seeks
to buy and annex
Cuba as a slave
1860 General Butler Lincoln elected Legal Tender Act US Sanitary African Homestead Act Britain and
declares refugee president authorizes Commission Americans passed France refuse
slaves greenback formed escape slavery recognition to
“contraband of Deep-South currency and become the Confederacy;
war” states secede Morrill Act funds “contrabands” Yosemite Valley Britain impounds
Explosion kills public state behind Union reserved as Confederate
Dakota Sioux Confederate munitions universities lines public park ships being built
uprising in forces fire on workers in in British
Minnesota Fort Sumter Pittsburgh Louisa May Sherman’s army shipyards
Alcott publishes devastates GA
Lincoln issues Upper South Long Drive of “Hospital and SC
preliminary secedes Texas longhorns Sketches”
emancipation begins
proclamation Confederates win
First Battle of Transcontinental
Union initiates Bull Run railroad
draft, sparking completed
riots in NYC Union wins
battles of
Lincoln delivers Gettysburg and
Gettysburg Vicksburg
Lincoln re-
Ex-Confederate elected
states pass Black
Codes to limit Robert E. Lee
freedpeople’s surrenders to
rights Grant

Civil Rights Act Lincoln
passed over Assassinated
Johnson’s veto Reconstruction
territory grants Impeachment of
women suffrage Andrew Johnson

14th Amendment
Grant elected as

1870 Utah Territory Congress passes Panic of 1873 KKK at peak of Nez Perce General Mining
grants women Enforcement ushers in severe power forcibly removed Act
suffrage Laws to suppress economic from homelands
Klan depression Victoria in Northwest Yellowstone
Minor v Woodhull National Park
Happersett: 15th Amendment US begins to declares support Exoduster created
Supreme Court move to gold for “free love” migration to
rules that 14th Grant reelected; standard Kansas John Wesley
Amendment Credit Mobilier Beecher-Tilton Powell presents
does not extend Scandal scandal “Report on…Arid
national voting dominates Region of the US”
rights to women Slaughterhouse headlines
Sioux, Cheyenne,
and Arapahos Sweeping
win Battle of Democratic gains
Little Big Horn to congressional

Munn v Illinois
1880 Rise of the Ghost Sitting Bull tours Chiricahua Dry cycle begins
movement Buffalo Bill’s Wild Apache leader on the Great
West Geronimo Plains
Dawes Severalty surrenders
1890 Massacre of
Sioux Ghost
Dancers at
Wounded Knee,
South Dakota