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Revision Date: 4-Jan-2011

the owner of the Chevy Cobalt may decide to change the wiper blades each fall. Historical service data can be entered into the application to establish when the next service routine needs to be performed. 4. 7. The manufacturer specified part or fluid is used. Replacement components and fluids are entered for each scheduled maintenance routine. 2. Any parts needed for the service routine is shown with the last part number and store used. The manufacturer's maintenance schedule for the product is added to the application by entering each service routine found on the schedule. Chevy recommends 5W30 oil and ACDelco PF457G oil filter for their Cobalt model. 2/7 Maintenance Log Revision: 4-Jan-2011 . The equipment mileage or hours is periodically entered. Owner determined service routines are added to the application. 3.Requirements 1. For example. 5. 6. A piece of equipment is entered into the application with the user selecting a group and manufacturer. 8. When a service routine is performed. This triggers a notice for a service routine that needs to be performed. Repair is entered as an owner service routine with an interval of zero. the date of the service and the equipment mileage or hours is entered along with the parts used. Service routines with an interval of zero are skipped by the application when looking for the next service routine. The group and/or manufacturer is also entered if it is missing. For example. These routines are in addition to the manufacturer scheduled maintenance.

8 hp hydrostatic May-03 equipment equip_id group_id oem_id model_year model comment purchase_date 1 1 1 2005 Es cort 2.1L 4-cyl 3-spd auto Feb-06 Vehicle Chevy 2007 Aveo 1.641 miles 5/28/2009 33.Test Data Equipment List group oem year model detail purchased Vehicle Ford 2005 Escort 2.121 miles equip_age equip_id date interval unit_id 2 4/28/2009 29641 3 2 5/28/2009 33879 3 2 6/28/2009 35121 3 interval_unit unit_id interval_unit date_flag 1 months Y 2 years Y 3 miles N 4 kilometers N Revision: 4-Jan-2011 Maintenance Log 3/7 .1L 4-cyl 3-s pd a uto Feb-06 2 1 2 2007 Aveo 1.8 hp hydros ta ti c Ma y-03 equip_group group_id group 1 Vehicle 2 Yard equip_oem oem_id oem 1 Ford 2 Chevy 3 John Deere Equipment Usage 2007 Aveo date interval 4/28/2009 29.879 miles 6/28/2009 35.8L 4-cyl 5-s pd ma nua l Aug-07 3 2 3 2003 LX41 2.8L 4-cyl 5-spd manual Aug-07 Yard John Deere 2003 LX41 2.

000 miles 1 years Owner wiper blade 6 months Owner repair n/a maint_schedule sched_id equip_id maint_id service interval next_service unit_id date_interval date_unit_id next_date 1 2 1 oi l cha nge 5000 41653 3 3 1 8/23/2009 2 2 1 a i r fi l ter 12000 45123 3 1 2 8/9/2010 3 2 2 wi per bl a de 6 6 1 4 2 2 repa i r 0 0 1 maint_type maint_id maint_type 1 OEM 2 Owner OEM Recommended Parts for Maintenance 2007 Aveo service description part quantity oil change oil 5W20 3.7 quarts air filter oil filter Delco PK1598 1 each part_oem part_oem_id sched_id oem_item oem_brand oem_pn oem_qty qty_id 1 1 oi l Mobi l 5W20 3.7 2 2 1 oi l fi l ter Del co PK1598 1 1 quantity_type qty_id qty_type 1 each 2 quarts 3 gallons 4/7 Maintenance Log Revision: 4-Jan-2011 .000 miles 3 months OEM air filter 12.Maintenance Schedule 2007 Aveo type service interval alternate OEM oil change 5.

Maintenance Log 2007 Aveo service date scheduled actual oil change 5/3/2009 30.103 miles 36.000 miles 31.103 miles oil change 7/9/2009 36.523 miles maint_event event_id sched_id event_date service sched_service sched_unit_id event_service event_unit_id 1 1 5/3/2009 oi l cha nge 30000 3 31103 3 2 1 7/9/2009 oi l cha nge 36103 3 36523 3 Maintenance Log Parts 2007 Aveo service part quantity store cost oil change Mobil 5W20 4 quarts WalMart $20 oil change Mobil M108 1 each AutoZone $12 part_used part_used_id event_id used_brand used_pn used_qty qty_id store_id cost 1 1 Mobil 5W20 4 2 1 $20 2 1 Mobil M108 1 1 4 $12 part_store store_id store 1 WalMart 2 Target 3 Meijer 4 AutoZone Revision: 4-Jan-2011 Maintenance Log 5/7 .

Data Model part_oem quantity_type equip_group PK part_oem_id PK qty_id PK group_id FK2 sched_id group qty_type u:C oem_item d:R u:C oem_brand d:R oem_pn equipment oem_qty FK1 qty_id u:C u:C PK equip_id equip_oem FK1 group_id d:R d:R u:C FK2 oem_id d:R PK oem_id maint_type part_used model_year oem model PK maint_id PK part_used_id model_detail maint_type u:C FK1 event_id u:C purchase_date d:R maint_schedule used_brand d:R used_pn PK sched_id used_qty equip_age FK1 equip_id u:C FK3 qty_id FK2 maint_id d:R FK2 store_id PK.FK1 equip_id service part_cost PK date interval interval next_service u:C FK2 unit_id u:C FK4 unit_id d:R d:R date_interval part_store FK3 date_unit_id u:C next_date PK store_id d:R store u:C u:C u:C d:R maint_event d:R d:R PK event_id u:C FK1 sched_id d:R event_date interval_unit sched_service u:C FK2 sched_unit_id PK unit_id event_service interval_unit d:R FK3 event_unit_id 6/7 Maintenance Log Revision: 4-Jan-2011 .

2) sched_service int FK1 qty_type_id int equip_group FK2 sched_unit_id int event_service int part_store PK group_id int FK3 event_unit_id int group varchar(15) PK store_id int store varchar(25) maint_schedule PK sched_id int part_used equip_oem FK1 equip_id int FK2 maint_id int PK part_used_id int PK oem_id int service varchar(30) FK1 event_id int oem varchar(30) interval int used_brand varchar(25) next_service int used_pn varchar(25) FK4 unit_id int used_qty int equipment date_interval int qty_id int FK3 date_unit_id int FK2 store_id int PK equip_id int next_date datetime part_cost smallmoney FK1 group_id int FK2 oem_id int model_year smallint maint_type quantity_type model varchar(25) model_detail varchar(50) PK maint_type_id int PK qty_id int purchase_date datetime maint_type varchar(10) qty_type varchar(15) Revision: 4-Jan-2011 Maintenance Log 7/7 .FK1 equip_id int PK part_oem_id int PK date datetime FK2 sched_id int maint_event oem_item varchar(25) interval int FK2 unit_id int PK event_id int oem_brand varchar(25) FK1 sched_id int oem_pn varchar(25) event_date datetime oem_qty decimal(10.Column Definitions interval_unit equip_age PK unit_id int part_oem maint_unit varchar(15) PK.