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Name: __________________________ ( ) Marks: _________
Class: 5 ( ) Date: 08.05.2018
Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

(10 marks)
Study the tree map below and use the information to complete the text.

Based on the tree map, complete the text below with the correct information.

Vehicles can travel on land, __________________________________. (1) They provide us

with ____________________________ (2) to move from one place to another quickly and easily.

On land, we can ride a bicycle, take a bus or drive ____________________________________. (3)

For long distances, we can take a train or fly _______________________________. (4) We can cross

rivers, seas or oceans by ____________________________________________. (5)

(10 marks)

5 BI/2/1

1. _____________________________________________________________________________ (3 marks) 5 BI/2/2 . _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. B (i) List three pets that you can buy from Daxter’s Pet Shop. SECTION B (15 marks) Study the information below and answer the following question in the spaces provided.

5 BI/2/3 . Write a thank-you note to your aunt. Describe the activities that you can do with your pet in the thank-you note.B (ii) Your aunt gave you a pet dog as your birthday present. Write your thank-you note between 50 and 80 words in the space provided.

Thank you for ______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Your _____________________. _________________________ (12 marks) 5 BI/2/4 . Dear ______________________. Date: ___________________.

Write your story between 80 and 100 words. You may use the words given to help you. SECTION C (25 marks) (Time suggested: 25 minutes) This section consists of two questions. QUESTION 1 Write a story based on the picture below. he saw fire coming from… 5 BI/2/5 . Suddenly. Alex was walking home from school. Answer one question only. Write your answer in the space provided. Begin your story with: Last week.

OR QUESTION 2 Write a story based on the pictures below. Write your answer in the space provided. Write your story between 80 and 100 words. You may use the words given to help you. (25 marks) Parent’s signature Prepared by: Miss Nor Azlina Binti Hashim Checked by: Madam Tai Win Nie ___________________ Checked by Subject Leader: Miss Nor Azlina Binti Hashim Date: _______________ 5 BI/2/6 .

MARKING SCHEME/ANSWER SHEET ENGLISH ASSESSMENT (1) PAPER 2 YEAR 5 / 2018 SECTION A SECTION B (i) 1. Your nephew. I will take good care of it. he managed to save her. On Canteen Day. tortoise 3. puppy / dog 2. Thank you for the cute dog. I feed Blacky with dog biscuits twice a day. her school was crowded. books and souvenirs. Sometimes. I named it as “Blacky” since it has thick and black fur. One of the firemen ran towards the burning house to save the girl. Luckily. (99 words) OR SECTION C (Q2) Last Saturday. The little girl’s mother thanked the fireman for saving her daughter. he saw fire coming from his neighbour’s house. bird / parrot 5. Many parents came to show their support with their children. The firemen fought the fire bravely. ship. He shouted to alert other neighbours. Alex was walking home from school. Jason (84 words) SECTION C (Q1) Last week. Thank you again for your gift. I like it very much. squirrel 4. transport 2. Alex’s father heard his shouts. Blacky eats the left over rice and vegetables. The headmaster was proud of them because they had made the Canteen Day a great success. He asked Alex to call the fire brigade while he went there to help them. ferry or boat SECTION B (ii) Date: 16 May 2018 Dear Aunt Jenny. Mei Ling’s school held a Canteen Day to raise funds. a car 3. The funds will be used to build a new school hall. they heard a scream. She sold the coupons to her relatives and friends. They had collected RM 10. Suddenly. It has its very own towel too! I also bring Blacky for a walk in the nearby park every evening. A little girl was trapped in her bedroom. Suddenly. The fire brigade arrived ten minutes later. The teachers and pupils worked together to clean up the school compound after the event. in air and in water 1. (95 words) 5 BI/2/7 .000. Every weekend. in an aeroplane 4. There were stalls selling food and drinks. I bathe Blacky using pet shampoo and water.