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CAE Speaking Phrases part 3+4

Starting Opinion
What _____ we do first? As ________as I’m concerned,
_______ I start? ______ I see it,
Do you _________ if I start? From my ________ of view,
We could start _______ talking about... In my __________ opinion,
________ talk about ..first. I’d _________ that…
________ we start with…?
Giving yourself time Rephrasing
________a big question! What I ________ is...
I haven't given it much ________ until now. What I'm trying to ________ is...
Let me ________ In other __________
How _______ I put this? To put it another __________
Well, it's difficult to say really. ___________what you are saying is...
That's an ____________ question.
Agreeing Disagreeing
We _______ eye to eye. We _________ see eye to eye.
Yeah, I’d _______ along with that. I take your ________ but…
Absolutely! I _________ to disagree with you there.
You took the ________ right out of my _______. That’s not always the ___________.
I ____________ agree more. I __________ to differ
You have a ___________ there. Isn’t it more a __________ of…
I’m with you 100% _______ this one.
Starting to make a conclusion Asking for opinion
Let’s ________ down to the nitty gritty. What’s your take _____….?
The bottom ________ is we have to choose Where do you ______ on….?
one… In my opinion…., would you go along with that?
It’s a tough one, I’m torn ___________ … and …. What are your thoughts on this?
_________we go with ….?
Personalising Impressive structures
Speaking ________ personal experience,… Another point I’d like to add about … is…
_______me personally,.. It’s also worth bearing in _______ that…
This is a topic that is particularly close to my Coming _______ to what (Javi) was saying about
__________… …. I’d also like to point ______ that…
It’s funny I was just thinking _________ this the I think it’s important not to forget that…
other day. The ______ majority of people tend to think
My gut/initial __________ is… that…
At the _______ of the day…
When all’s said and ________…

Tips Asking for repetition
Eye-contact I beg your ________, I didn’t catch that.
Active listening Sorry would you ________ repeating that?
Open body language Could you __________ the question please?
Speak up
Don’t dominate