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Grate Cooler CFG-Retrofit

Grate Cooler CFG-Retrofit
The CFG system offers cement producers
large energy savings and other operational
advantages compared with traditional cooler
The system easily replaces the first grate
of an existing cooler, as a retrofit. The
installation takes less than three weeks. This
means that the CFG system may be installed
during a scheduled shutdown of the plant
The temperature of the clinker leaving the
kiln is around 1,400°C.This heat can be
reused if recovered at the first grate of the
cooler. By applying cooling air precisely
where it is needed, the CFG system ensures
maximum recuperation of the heat
Red river formation is reduced resulting in
lower maintenance and repair costs. Dust
circulation is considerably reduced and so is
the tendency to buildup and snowman

The CFG system
The CFG system consists of robust ducting,
a unique design of flexible connections and
the innovative controlled flow grate plates.
The highly reliable flexible connections lead
the air from the fixed ducts to the movable
grate rows (see cover photo).
The slotted design of the grate plates helps
to create a perfect air flow through the clinker
bed to ensure optimum heat transfer. One of
the key features of the design is an inverted T
section, a labyrinth, attached to the underside
of the plate, which traps fall-through dust
when shutting down the cooler. The dust is
automatically cleared by the air flow at next

The drive
The new first grate is driven by a centrally
positioned cylinder.
The hydraulic drive consist of axial piston
pumps with electro-hydraulic servo- This ensures very smooth operation of
adjustment of the oil flow to the cylinder the moveable grate rows and perfect grate
control. The system is very reliable and
Upgrading existing grate coolers with the
which have built-in linear transducers. The
system is controlled by a PLC.The pump
units have built-in “swash” plates to regulate
maintenance costs are low.
If preferred, a conventional mechanical
CFG system offers:
the oil flow and its direction. drive can be supplied instead. • Fuel savings of 25-40 kcal/kg clinker
Operational control
• Less cooling air consumption and reduction of air to be dedusted
Operator control of the air flow to the • Reduced overall power consumption
various grate areas can be optimised by
applying the CoolScanner designed by FLS
• Effective and even cooling of clinker
Automation. • More stable high capacity kiln and cooler performance due to
The CoolScanner is based on proven less dust circulation and no blowing through of cooling air
infrared scanning technology. It monitors
the temperature distribution on the surface • Low maintenance costs due to minimum wear on CFG grate
of the clinker bed in the cooler and presents plates and movable parts
the information on a VDU in graphical and
numerical form. This data is then used to • Less red river tendency due to the Controlled Flow Grate system
optimise operation. • Less snowman tendency
• Less falling through of clinker
5000 tpd cooler retrofitted with CFG grate plates. Thermal image of clinker temperature distribution • Short payback period.
Retrofit tailored to specific
requirements :

Example 1
l Replacement of the first two cooler grates with CFG plates, A complete retrofit of more than the first cooler grate to the
new support and air distribution system and new drive. CFG system was recommended for improved heat recovery,
l Fuel savings of 35 kcal/kg clinker or more. more effective cooling and substantially increased throughput.

Example 2
l Replacement of the first cooler grate with CFG plates, new Replacing the first grate with new air distribution system and
support and air distribution system and new drive. CFG grate plates was recommended for upgrading traditional
l Fuels savings of 25-30 kcal/kg clinker or more. grate cooler type to lower heat loss and higher throughput.

The CFG system can be adapted to all common types and makes of grate cooler, and the retrofit project can be planned to improve
operation and increase capacity at minimum cost and minimum loss of production time.

Data in this brochure is intended for preliminary project planning only. Manufacturer reserves the right to modify equipment details and/or specifications without notice.
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