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Use this form in conjunction with the 5 standards and indicators.

Merry Grace Bataclan
School & Assignment:
Simon Sanchez High School / Applied Math Teacher
August 16, 2017
Standard/Criteria: Please check the Standard(s) being addressed.
_XXX_ I. Planning __II. Instruction __III. Management (must impact student growth)
__ IV. Reflection __ V. Learning Communities

Step 1 Professional Growth Goal

Standard Indicator #____1.2_____:

(identify)____ Assesses individual and group performance in order to design instruction that
meets learners' current needs in each domain.

Step 2 Your rationale for choosing this goal. (e.g. SMART goal, department or PLC goal, school goal,
accreditation, personal reflection, perceived area for growth, etc.)

As part of a professional learning community, it is important for teachers to participate in activities

that enhance their instructional practices and contribute to their school's improvement efforts. For
SY 2017-2018, this professional goal will help teachers address the school district's assessment goals
of utilizing proficiency scales. Teachers will collaborate with their colleagues, discuss indicators,
develop proficiency scales, and implement its practice in their classrooms. By using proficiency
scales, teachers may impact student achievement by identifying clear student performance levels and
target specific areas of improvement. Teachers will demonstrate their commitment to professional
growth through their development and implementation of proficiency scales as part of Simon A.
Sanchez's continued curricular focus on Marzano 's Classroom Instruction That Works (CITW) and
Standards-Referenced Grading initiatives.

Step 3 Evidence of Professional Growth/Evidence of Student Growth (e.g., tools, samples, reports,
rubrics, forms, grade reports, agenda, minutes, portfolios, etc.)

Teachers will provide evidence of Professional Growth through the following:

 Identify Priority Standards per quarter
 Create content specific proficiency scales.
 Utilize proficiency scales to assess student work
 Collect 7 samples of student work assessed by using the proficiency scales.
** Student samples must be from different students and be reflective of different
measurements on the scale. Teacher must provide a brief analysis and justification of
how/where the student has scored on the proficiency scale.
 PTEP Portfolio submission will include
1.) The identification of the specific priority standard,
2.) The proficiency scale used to measure the identified standard,
3.) A sample of student work that was assessed using the proficiency scale to
measure the standard,
4.) Proficient template to summarize alignment.

Step 4 Detailed Timeline for Proposed Activities


1st Quarter
September Collection of Student Samples attached Proficiency Scales
October with proficiency scales. Student Work Samples (1)

2nd Quarter Collection of Student Samples attached

November with proficiency scales. Proficiency Scales
December Student Work Samples (2)

3rd Quarter Collection of Student Samples attached

January with proficiency scales. Proficiency Scales
February Student Work Samples (2)

4th Quarter Collection of Student Samples attached with Proficiency Scales

March proficiency scales. Student Work Samples (2)
Step 5 Additional resources needed from Administration or Team

 PTEP Handbook
 Form B document
 Proficiency Scale Alignment Template
 PLC Collaboration Time
 DC or CLT Group Training on PLC Development
 Photocopy Access
Step 6 Collaboration with Your Professional Growth Team (Optional)
Arrange to consult with your Professional Growth Team and share your plan.

Acknowledgement of Plan: (Team members)

________________________________________________ Date: _________________________

________________________________________________ Date: _________________________

________________________________________________ Date: _________________________

Concurred by:
______________________________ _____________________________
Educator’s Name & Signature/Date Evaluator’s Name & Signature/ Date