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Getting the Most from Training and Development

Reasons and Benefits for Training and Development

When to Facilitate, Train or Coach
Basics to Know About Adult Learning
Basic Requirements of Learners in Training and Development
Basic Requirements of Supervisors With Employees in Training and Development
Suggestions to Enrich Any Training and Development Plan

Ways to View Training and Development

Basic Terms in Training and Development
Types of Learning (loops of learning)
Informal/Formal (including Formal Systematic) and Self-/Other-Directed Methods
Strong Value of Self-Directed Learning in the Workplace

Formal (Not Necessarily Systematic) Training and

Formal (Not Necessarily Systematic) Training and Development
- - - Overviews of a Variety of Formal (Not Necessarily Systematic) Training Processes
- - - Employee Training Programs
- - - - - - Informal Approaches to Employee Training and Development
- - - - - - Orientation Programs
- - - - - - Corporate Training Universities

Formal, Systematic Approaches to Training and

Systematic, Formal Approaches
- - - Analysis (Identifying Training Goals)
- - - Designing Methods and Materials
- - - - - - Basic Guidelines and Examples for Writing Learning Objectives
- - - - - - Some Typical Ways of Learning
- - - - - - Some New Ways of Learning in the Workplace
- - - - - - Distance Learning (methods and resources)
- - - - - - Online Learning (or eLearning)
- - - - - - Training Room Design
- - - Developing Methods and Materials
- - - Implementing Training
- - - - - - Selecting a Trainer
- - - - - - If You Do the Training
- - - Evaluating Training
- - - - - - Some Tangible Results That Can Be Basis for Evaluation of Learning

Human Performance Technology (HPT)

Many people believe that traditional views of training, for example, to enhance learning
(knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals) is not enough -- that training and learning
must be more closely aligned to achieving the goals of the organization. Simply put,
Human Performance Technology (HPT) uses instructional technologies to improve the
performance of individuals, especially regarding organizational performance (effective
and efficient achievement of organizational goals).

Human Performance Technology

Guidelines and Framework to Design Your Training

and Development Plan
Complete Guidelines to Design Your Training Plan

Education for Social Change (Popular and Folk

Popular and folk education supports social change for social justice by enhancing
people's consciousness about their roles, helping them cultivate vision for change and
helping them identify strategies to accomplish change. Two of the leading innovators are
Paulo Freire (who is responsible for the literacy training of probably more people than
anyone else in the world) and Myles Horton (who started the Highlander Folk School,
attended by Rosa Parks and supported by Martin Luther King, Andrew Young, etc.)
Paulo Freire
PopEd - An Interactive Toolkit
Highlander Folk School
Informal education homepage
Also see "Organizing Communities"

Free Online Lesson Plans, Lecture Notes, etc.

A recent trend is for educators to freely share their educational and training materials. In
addition to using the materials to design and implement your own learnings about
particular topics, you also can learn about systematically designing trainings in general,
including about the training's outcomes, goals, learning objectives, training methods,
result and methods of evaluation. See the "Free Trainings" referenced from the sidebar.
Online Resources (each having lists of resources) About
Training and Development
Frequently Asked Questions About Training (numerous links to articles, publications and
Don Clark's list of many resources
Fred Nickol's list of many resources
Additional Lists of Links (another extensive list)
list of downloadable resources for planning training
Theory Into Practice (TIP) database
Online resources about adult literacy
Learning styles
Workforce Education: Beyond Technical Skills
Various Training Checklists
online education texts
Training Oasis

Online Educational Directories, Learning Portals, etc.

About T&D
There are an increasing number of online directories, learning portals, etc., about training
and development. The following list is by no means complete. However, it's enough to
get you started.
Online Educational Directories, Learning Portals, etc., T & D)