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Maria Eloisa Pilar R.

Tampon, RN
#26 Alco Homes Carmen, Cag. De Oro City

Career Objective

To obtain a challenging position that will enhance my skills and potentials and broaden
my knowledge in preparing myself to be professionally and globally competitive. Dedicated to provide
exceptional patient care, compassion, and professionalism to manage patients’ medical and emotional care.

Personal Data

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Civil Status: Single

Height: 5’ 3”

Weight: 50 kgs.

Birthdate: October 12, 1990

Place of Birth: Cagayan de Oro City

Citizenship: Filipino

2011 Bachelor of Science, in Nursing

Lourdes College, Cagayan de Oro City

2007 Highschool
Lourdes College Highschool, Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City

2003 Elementary
Lourdes College Gradeschool, Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City

Work Experience

Student Nurse

 Advocated client satisfaction through provision of qualityservice.

 Demonstrated skill in providing therapeutic communication to clients.
 Presented a cheerful and helpful manner with clients andcolleagues.
 Well verse in providing world class client service.

MADONNA AND CHILD HOSPITAL (Volunteer Nurse- December 2011- February 2012)
 Assessed signs, symptoms and changes in the patient’s condition
 Collected, analyzed, and interpreted data from health care members
Documented nursing diagnoses
 Identified and prioritized actions upon patient care requirements
 Maintained a secure, comfortable and therapeutic environment

MADONNA AND CHILD HOSPITAL (Radiology Nurse- April 2012- October 7, 2016)
 Assisting patients and their careers with any questions or concerns about their procedure.
 Assessing a patient’s prior and current health, including any allergies and other health issues.
 Monitoring a patient’s vital signs; that is, blood pressure, temperature, critically analysing any changes,
and then reporting and acting on those findings.
 Administering and overseeing intravenous injections of contrast medium (solutions that enable the area
of the body being imaged to show more clearly on the images or pictures).
 Administering any required medications and light sedation when used.
 Preparing patients for their procedure, including the use of antiseptic solutions and other methods of
minimising the risk of infection.
 Providing anaesthetic assistance when patients need to be drowsy (sedated) or asleep (using general
anaesthesia) during the procedure.
 Monitoring the recovery and discharge of patients after their procedure.
 Assisting the Doctor in doing invasive procedures such as ultrasound guided biopsy of the lungs, breast,
thyroid and liver.
 Also in a assisting the Doctor in performing CTT (Chest Tube Thoracostomy), Drainage of fluids and
pus under ultrasound guide and CT scan guided.
( JR BORJA GENERAL HOSPITAL) Delivery Room Nurse/ Obstetric and gynecology ER Nurse/ Labor
Room Nurse- Oct. 10-2016-Present

 Providing support for the mother during labor

 Assist the doctor in the delivery room
 Should be able to think and react quickly in the Labor room
 Monitoring the fetal heart rate, and mother’s vital signs
 Measuring the strength and timing of contractions
 Administering medications and performing diagnostic tests
 Consulting with physicians and other members of the care team
 Assisting with inducing labor
 Coaching the mother during delivery
 They have to clean the baby and hand it over to the mother so that they can breastfeed, as this first feed
is important in the baby’s overall development
 They have to take the baby in the incubator if it is underweight and keep it under constant monitoring
 Thy have to take the baby to the recuperating room and put an identification tag around the baby’s arm
while the mother recovers from labor
 Identifying and assisting with complications
 They have to know how to use all perinatal equipment
 Assisting with various procedures, including Cesarean sections
 Monitoring and performing tests on newborns
 Providing education and support to mothers and families after delivery.

 Basic Life Support ( First Aid Training)- June 2017
 Basic Life Support and Advance Cardiac Life Support – May 2016
 Regular I.V. Training Program – April 2016


 Good communication skills

 Able to assume responsibility and leadership role

 Able to work as part of a team

 Detail- Oriented and enjoys taking challenges

 Can handle high volume of work


Name: Judy Flor Daculiat, RN

Position: Nurse Manager (Delivery Room Dept.)

Address: JR Borja General Hospital Cagayan de Oro City

Name: Ma. Therese Kuizon,RN

Position: Senior Nurse OB ER/ Labor Room/ Delivery Room

Address: JR Borja General Hospital Cagayan de Oro City

Name: Dr. Percival Leonides P. Balberona

Position: Radiologist

Address: Madonna and Child Hospital Cagayan de Oro City

I therefore attest that the foregoing information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Maria Eloisa Pilar R. Tampon, RN