5 Quiz Competition: This Competition is open for Post Graduates as well as working executives. Each Team will have a source of 2 members. Number of entries are not limited. (Around 50 Team Expected) Elimination Round with the help of 10 minutes Pre-Screen Test to Qualify for Final Round. Only 5 Teams will be selected for Final Round. Pre-Test Consists of 20 Questions related to International Business Awareness. Elimination Test Time: - 9:30 to 9:45 am (on the Event Day) Final Round: 10:00 to 1:00 pm Co-ordinators: - Ashwin, Harish, Raviraj, Rohan

Kena. Naveen. Screen Round: . First of all. Each Team Comprise atmost 4 members. Arul Break at 9:45 am (Refreshments for all) & 1:00 pm (Lunch only for Participants). Entries permitted are 12 Teams but is not restricted upto 20 Teams.Arpit.10:00 to 11:30 am. Only 20 entries will be Qualify for Final Round of Extempore competition. Amit.5 Extempore This Competition comprises of on the spot topic and speech round.G Level before the Event Day. Dharshita. Dhwani.Aanal. By this way we only call participants for final Round on the Event date. .3:00 pm to 4: 00 pm. Co-ordinators: . 5 Ad-Mad Show This Competition comprises of Efficiency skill and Analytical Skills. Co-ordinators: . Abhishek. 50 Entries are expected from coordinators and they will decide the date of screen students of U. Proceeding towards Ad-Mad from 2 pm onwards. Timings: . Final Round: . Rohan.2:00 pm (With Mute Ads + Buzzer Round) Atmost 8 Teams will be selected for performing into Final Round.

Timings: 4:00 to 6:00 pm Co-ordinators: . Hitesh.6:30 to 7:30 pm And from 7:30 onwards we will distribute Prizes those who will win the Respective Competition. Prizes: Quiz: Extempore: Ad-Mad: B-Plan: Total 1st 1500 Rs/750 Rs/2000 Rs/1500 Rs/ 5750 Rs/- 2nd 1000 Rs/500 Rs/1500 Rs/1000 Rs/ 4000 Rs/- . for Refreshments. Abstract should be given well in advance and around 15 Top B Schools are targeted for this. Vaibhav.5 Business Plan This Competition will be played only for final round. This will end up our session of Events. Each Team will comprise of 2 members.Avinash. (Break for 30 Min.) Seminar: . Each Team will be given only 15 minutes to perform. Only 6 Teams are allowed for perform into final round. Abstract will be screened just within 2 days and selected college will be informed before a day of event.

5 H.White followed by Blue Jean.T Parekh Convention Hall and 1 Class.Requirement:5 Morning and evening : .Refreshment require (tea/coffee/Biscuits) 5 Lunch for participants ±100 member 5 T-shirt for coordinators (Preferred color:.) 5 Certificates for winners. . 5 Advertisement in newspaper via media.

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