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March 2015 Higher Secondary Education
Sample Question Paper -I
Maximum : 80 Score
Time: 2½ hrs
Cool off time : 15 mts

General Instructions to candidates:

• There is 'Cool off time' of 15 minutes in addition to the writing time of 2.30 hrs.
• You are neither allowed to write your answers nor to discuss anything with others during the 'cool off time'.
• Use the 'cool off time' to get familiar with questions and to plan your answers.
• Read the questions carefully before answering
• All questions are compulsory and only internal choice is allowed.
• When you select a question, all the sub-questions must be answered from the same question itself.
• Calculations, figures and graphs should be shown in the answer sheet itself.
• Malayalam version of the questions is also provided.
• Give equations wherever necessary
• Only nonprogrammable calculators are allowed in the Examination Hall.
• \n¿±njvS ka-b-Øn\v ]pdsa 15 an\n´v "Iqƒ Hm^v ssSw' D≠m-bn-cn-°pw. Cu ka-bØv tNmZy-߃°v
DØcw Fgp-Xmt\m, a‰p-≈-cp-ambn Bibw hn\n-abw \S-tØmt\m ]mSn-√.
• DØ-c-߃ Fgp-Xp-∂-Xn\v apºv tNmZy-߃ {i≤m-]q¿∆w hmbn-°-Ww.
• F√m tNmZy-߃°pw DØcw Fgp-X-Ww.
• Hcp tNmZy-\-º¿ DØ-c-sa-gp-Xm≥ sXsc-s™-SpØv Ign-™m¬ D]-tNm-Zy-ßfpw AtX tNmZy-\-º-
cn¬ \n∂v Xs∂ sXsc-s™-Sp-t°-≠-Xm-Wv.
• IW°v Iq´-ep-Iƒ, Nn{X-߃, {Km^p-Iƒ, F∂nh DØ-c-t]-∏-dn¬Øs∂ D≠m-bn-cn-°-Ww.
• Bh-iy-ap≈ ÿeØv ka-hm-Iy-߃ sImSp-°Ww
• tNmZy-߃ ae-bm-f-Ønepw \¬In-bn-´p-≠v.
• t{]m{Km-ap-Iƒ sNøm-\m-ImØ Im¬°p-te-‰-dp-Iƒ am{Xta ]co-£m-lm-fn¬ D]-tbm-Kn-°m≥

1. State Bank of India (SBI) has donated 1. C¥-y-bnse [mcmfw kvIqfp-I-fn¬, tÉv
water purifiers to several schools all _m¶v Hm^v C¥y, hm´¿ ]yq-cn-^-b¿ kw`m-
over India. This social responsibility is h\ sNbvXn-´p-≠v. CXv Xmsg sImSp-Øn-
a part of ----------- ´p≈Xn¬ GXv kaqly DØ-ch - m-Zn-Xz-Øns‚
(a) Economic Responsibility `mK-am-Wv
(b) Legal responsibility (a) kmº-ØnI DØ-c-hm-ZnXzw
(c) Ethical responsibility (b) \nba DØ-c-hm-ZnXzw
(d) Discritionery responsibility (1) (c) [m¿ΩnI DØ-c-hm-ZnXzw
2. Find the odd one from the following (d) kzbw \n¿Wb DØ-c-hm-ZnXzw (1)
2. Xmsg sImSp-Øn-´p≈Xn¬ \n∂pw H‰-s∏´p
(a) Street stalls
\n¬°p-∂Xv Is≠-Øp-I.
(b) Specialty shops
(a) kv{So‰v Ãmƒ
(c) General stores
(b) kvs]jym-en‰n Ãmƒ
(d) Street Vendors (1)
(c) P\-d¬ tÃmgvkv
(d) kv{So‰v sht≠gvkv (1)
3. Japanese automobile company 'Honda' 3. P∏m- \ nse "tlm≠' F∂ Hmt´m
partnering with 'Hero motor corp.' in samss_¬ Iº\n C¥- y - b n¬ "lotdm
India to produce motor cycle is an tat´m¿ tIm¿∏v ' F∂ Iº- \ n- b p- a mbn
example of............ tamt´m¿ ssk°nƒ D≠m-°p-∂-Xn-\pth≠n
]¶m-fn-Ø-Øn-te¿s∏-´Xv Xmsg sImSp-Øn-
(a) Franchising ´p-≈-Xn¬ GXns‚ DZm-l-c-W-am-Wv.

(b) Contract manufacturing (a) {^mss©-knßv

(c) Joint venture (b) tIm¨{SmIvSv am\p-^m-IvN-dnwKv

(d) Licensing (c) tPmbn‚ v sh©¿

(1) (d) ssek≥knwKv


4. Which among the following is not a 4. Xmsg sImSp-Øn-´p-≈-Xn¬ GXmWv _nkn-

feature of business? \-kns‚ khn-ti-jX A√m-ØXv?

(a) Dealing in goods and Servicet# (a) km[- \ - ˛ - t k- h - \ - ß ƒ ssIImcyw

(b) Certainity of return
(b) kp\n-›n-X-amb hcp-am\w
(c) Profit motive
(c) em`-e£yw
(d) Regularity in dealings
(d) ]Xn-hm-bp≈ CS]mSp-Iƒ
5. Xmsg sImSp-Øn-´p-≈-h-bn¬ \n∂pw \nb-a-
5. Find the one, which does not enjoy
- mb \ne-\n¬]p-ambn _‘-s∏´v H‰-s∏´p
separate legal entity.
\n¬°p-∂-Xns\ Is≠-Øp-I.
(a) Private Ltd Company
(a) ss{]h‰v enan-‰Uv Iº\n
(b) Public Ltd Company
(b) ]ªnIv enan-‰Uv Iº\n
(c) Registered partnership firm
(c) cPn-ÿ sNbvX ]¶m-fnØ ÿm]\w
(d) Co -operative Society
(d) tIm˛-Hm-∏-td-‰ohv skmssk‰n (1)
6. Xmsg sImSp-Øn-´p-≈-Xn¬ \n∂pw icn-bm-
6. Find the correct pairs from the following bn-´p≈ tPmUn-Isf Is≠-Øp-I. (1)

(i) Direct Marketing Supermarkets

(ii) Small scale retailors General stores
(iii) Speciality shops Dealing in single of products.
(iv) Itinerant traders Hawkers and peddlers
(a) i, ii, iv, (b) i, ii, iii (c) i, iii, iv (d) ii, iii, iv

7. The transactions through the web site 7. flipkart, Amazon F∂n-ß-s\-bp≈ sh∫v
of flipkart or Amazon is an example of... ssk‰p hgn-bp-≈ CS-]m-Sp-Iƒ Xmsg sImSp-
(a) B2G Øn-´p≈Xn¬ GXns‚ DZm-l-c-W-am-Wv.
(b) C2C (a) B2G
(c) B2B (b) C2C
(d) B2C (c) B2B
(1 ) (d) B2C (1 )
8. Cochin refineries Ltd. import crude oil 8. sIm®n≥ dnss^- \ - d okv enan- ‰ Uv Akw-
and separates different products like kvIrX FÆ Cd-°p-aXn sNbvXv AXn¬
petrol, Deisal etc. Name the type of \n∂pw s]t{Smƒ, Uok¬ apX- e m- b h
manufacturing industry hyXykvX D¬]-∂-߃ Xcw Xncn-°p∂p.
(a) Synthetical Cu \n¿ΩmW hy-h-km-b-Øns‚ t]sc¥v?
(a) kn¥-‰n-°¬
(b) Analytical
(b) A\-en-‰n-°¬
(c) Processing
(c) t{]mk-knwKv
(d) Assembling
(d) Akw-ªnwKv
9. Identify the type of company from the
following 9. Xmsg sImSp-Øn-´p-≈-h-bn¬ \n∂v GXp
XcØnep≈ Iº-\n-bm-sW∂v Is≠-Øp-I.
(a) The company that can start business
immediately on getting the certificate (a) k¿´n-^n-t°‰v Hm^v C≥ tIm¿∏-td-j≥
of incorporation In´n-bm¬ DSs\ Xs∂ _nkn-\kv XpS-
ßm≥ Ign-bp∂ Iº-\n.
(b) The company that cannot allot shares
without receiving minimum (b) an\naw k∫vkv{In]vj≥ e`n-°msX
subscription sjb¿ Atem´v sNøm≥ Ign-bn-√mØ
10. Both Public Ltd Company and Private
Ltd Company require various legal 10. ]∫nIv enan-‰Uv Iº-\nbpw ss{]h‰v Iº-
documents for its formation. In relation \nbpw cq]o-I-cn-°p-∂-Xn\v hnhn[ {]am-
to it, a few documents are given below. W߃ B- h - i - y - a m- W v. Xmsg- s Im- S p-
Identify which of the following Øn´p≈Xn¬ ]ªnIv enan‰vUv Iº-\n°v
documents are applicable to public Ltd am{Xw _m[-I-amb {]amW-߃ Is≠-Øp-
company alone. I.

(a) Articles of Association

(b) Prospectus
(c) Memorandum of association
(d) Table A
(e) Certificate of commencement of business
(f) Certificate of incorporation
(g) Statement in lieu - of prospectus (2)

11. Certain retailers do not have any fixed 11. Nne Nn√d hym]m-cn-Iƒ°v AhcpsS _nkn-
place of business to conduct the trade. \kv \S-Øm≥ ÿnc-ambn Hcp ÿe-an-√.
State any two characteristics of them. Ah-cpsS GsX-¶nepw c≠p {]tXy-I-X-Iƒ
(2) Fgp-Xp-I.
12. Write a brief note on any two service (2)
offered by Indian postal department. 12. C¥-y≥ X]m¬ hIp∏v sNbvXp Xcp-∂ GsX-
(2) ¶nepw c≠v tkh-\ßsf°p-dn®v Npcp°n Hcp
Ipdn∏v Xøm-dm-°p-I.

13. Arathy and Anju are partners in a (2)

business. Create a situation how Rani, 13. Bc-Xnbpw A©phpw ]¶m-fnØ _nkn-\-
an outsider can become a partner by kp-Im-cm-Wv. dmWn ]pd-Øp≈ Hcm-fm-Wv.
estoppel. dmWn Hcp ]m¿´v W ¿ ss_ FtÃm∏¬
(2) BIp∂ hn[-Øn¬ Hcp kml-N-cyw krjvSn-
°p-I. (2)
14. M'c Donald, an American food and
breweries company allows the retailors 14. Ata-cn-°≥ Iº-\n-bmb aIv UWmƒUv
all over the world to use their brand temIw samØw Ah-cpsS {_m‚ v s\bnw
name. D]-tbm-Kn-°m≥ Nn√d I®-h-S-°msc A\p-
(a) Name the type of international
business in which M'c Donald is (a) saIvUWƒUv G¿s∏- ´ n- c n- ° p∂
engaged A¥¿tZ-iob _nkn-\-€ns‚ t]sc¥v?

(b) Explain any two risks involved in

such business (a) Cß- s \- b p≈ _nk- \ - k ns‚ GsX-
¶nepw c≠p \jvS-km-[y-X-Iƒ hnh-cn-
15. A) Earth Ltd an Indian company
15, A) F¿Øv enan-‰Uv F∂ C¥y≥ Iº\n
produces and distributes plastic
πmÃnIv D¬∏-∂-߃ \n¿an®v C¥-y-
products in India and abroad. It has
bnepw hntZ-i-ß-fnepw hnX-cWw sNøp-
four production units - one at
∂p. Cu Iº- \ n°v \mev \n¿amW
Mumbai and others in foreign
bqWn‰pIƒ D≠v. H∂v apws_-bnepw
a‰p-≈Xv hntZ-i-ß-fnepamWv.
Explain any three features of such
Cu Xc-Øn-ep≈ _nkn-\-kns‚ G-sX-
¶nepw aq∂v khn-ti-j-X-Iƒ hnh-cn-
OR °pI.
15. B) These organizations are Public OR
Sector enterprises brought in to
15. B) ]m¿e-sa‚ns‚ {]-tX-yI \nbaw aqe-
existence by special Act of
amWv Cu Xc-Øn-ep≈ s]mXp-ta-Jem
ÿm]-\-߃ \nehn¬ hcp-∂-Xv.
Explain any three merits of such
Cu Xc-Øn-ep≈ _nkn-\kv ÿm]-\-
ß-fpsS GsX-¶nepw ap∂p KpW-߃

16. Absence of personal contacts as well as hnh-cn-°p-I. (3)
lengthy procedures involved, the export 16. hy‡n-]-c-amb t\cn-´p≈ _‘w C√m-Ø-
trade necessitates preparation of various Xp-sIm≠pw hfsc Zo¿L-amb \S-]-Sn-{I-a-
documents. Explain any three such ߃ D≈-Xp-sIm≠pw Ib‰p-aXn I®-h-S-
documents. (3) Øn\v hnhn[ {]am-W-߃ Xøm-dm-t°-≠-
Xp-≠v. CXn-\p-th≠ GsX-¶nepw aq∂v {]am-
17. In on-line shopping customers can W-߃ hnh-cn-°p-I. (3)
choose different payment mechanism. 17. Hm¨sse≥ tjm∏n-wKnse D]-t`m-‡m-°-
Explain any four such payment fpsS Xmev]-c-y-a-\-k-cn®v hnhn[ coXn-bn¬
mechanism used in such transactions. ]Ww \¬Im-hp-∂-Xm-Wv. CXn\p≈ GsX-
(4) ¶nepw \mev coXn-Iƒ hni-Zo-I-cn-°p-I. (4)
18. Sonam ltd, a construction company and
Arck Ltd, an architect company decided 18. Hcp \n¿amW Iº-\n-bmb tkm\w enan-
to form a joint venture. Explain any four ‰Upw B¿°n-sSIv‰v Iº-\n-bmb B¿°v
causes for deciding so. (3) enan-‰Upw IpSn Hcp Iq´p kwcw`w D≠m-
°m≥ Xocp-am-\n-®p. Aßs\ Xocp-am-\n-°m\
Ahsc t{]cn-∏n® GsX-¶nepw \mep Imc-
W-߃ hni-Zo-I-cn-°p-I. (4)
19. State Governments and Central
Government are providing a number of 19. tI{µ-K-h¨sa‚pw kwÿm-\-K-h¨sa‚pw
incentives to small-scale industries in {KmaoW taJ-e-I-fn-ep≈ sNdp-InS hy-h-km-
rural areas. Explain any four such b-߃°v [mcmfw B\p-Iq-e-y-߃ \¬Ip-
incentives. ∂p-≠v.

(4) Cß-s\-bp≈ GsX-¶nepw \mep B\p-Iqey-

߃ hni-Zo-I-cn-°p-I. (4)
20. 'Business associations play a catalytic
role in strengthening internal trade in
the country by interacting with 20. _nkn-\kv Atkm-kn-tb-j-\p-Iƒ B`-y-¥-
government on trade related aspects. c-I-®-hSw ZrU-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂-Xn\v th≠n I®-
(a) Name any two such organizations h-S-kw-_-‘-amb Imcy-߃ Kh¨sa‚p-
ambn IqSn-bm-tem-Nn®v D¬t{]-c-I-ß-fmbn
(b) State any four areas of their
interventions. (5)
(a) Cß- s \- b p≈ GsX- ¶ nepw c≠p
kwLS-\-I-fpsS t]sc-gp-Xp-I.
(b) Cu kwL-S-\-Iƒ CS-s]-Sp∂ GsX-
21. Mr. Reghu decided to start a business. ¶nepw \mep taJ-e-Iƒ Fgp-Xp-I. (5)
As an business expert, explain him any
21. cLp Hcp dtÃm-d‚ v XpS-ßm≥ Xocp-am-\n-
five important factors to be considered
®p. \n߃, Hcp _nkn-\kv hnZ-Kv[-s\-∂
before starting that business.
\ne-bn¬ _nkn-\kv XpS-ßp∂Xn\p apºv
(5) ]cn-K-Wn-t°≠ GsX-¶nepw A©v {][m-
\-s∏´ LS-I-ßsf°p-dn®v hnh-cWw \¬Ip-

22. Mr. Anilkumar a B.Tech graduate took I. (5)
the initiative to start a large scale 22. Hcp F©n- \ o- b - d nwKv _ncp- Z - [ m- c n- b mb
automobile company with the help of A\n¬Ip-am¿ Xs‚ kl-]m-Tn-IfpsS klm-
his classmates. He took the main role in b-tØmsS Hcp h≥InS Hmt´m samss_¬
assembling the physical and financial Iº\n XpSßm≥ ap≥ssI- s ø- S p- Ø p.
resources and performed various At±lw kmº- Ø nI `uXn- I - h n- ` - h ߃
activities to get the company registered. kzcq-]n-°p-∂-Xn\pw Iº\n cPn-ÿ sNøp-
(a) Identify the suitable term to refer ∂-Xn\pw t\Xr-Xz ]c-amb ]¶p-h-ln-®p.
the activities performed by (a) A\n¬Ip-am¿ \n¿h-ln® Cu {]h¿Ø-
Anilkumar. \-ßsf kqNn-∏n-°p-∂-Xn-\p≈ DNn-X-
(b) Explain his legal position in the amb ]Zw Is≠-Øp-I.
company (b) Ct±-l-Øn\v Iº-\n-bn-ep≈ \nb-a-]-c-
(5) amb ÿm-\s
- Ø-°p-dn®v hni-Zo-Ic
- n-°pI.
23. A) It is the social responsibility of every (5)
business to take necessary steps for 23.A.aen-\o-I-cW \nb-{¥Ww F√m _nkn-\-kp-
preventing all sorts of pollution I-fp-tSbpw kmaq-ly DØ-c-hmZn-X-z-am-Wv. Cu
Explain different measures DØ-c-hm-ZnXzw \nd-th-‰p-∂-Xn-\mbn _nkn-
undertaken by business enterprises \kv ÿm]-\-߃ kzo-I-cn-°m-dp≈ \S-]-Sn-
to fulfil this social responsibility. Iƒ hni-Z-am-°p-I.

B) Ethical business behavior improves 23. B._nkn- \ - k n- \ p≈ [m¿an- I X, Ahbv ° v
public image, earns public k¬t]cpw s]mXp-P\ hni-zm-khpw \¬In
confidence and leads to greter hnP-b-Øn-te°v \bn-°p-∂p. Cu KpW-߃
volume of business. Discuss how a e`n-°p-∂-Xn-\mbn ssZw\w-Zn\ {]h¿Ø-\-
business enterprise can attain there ß- f n¬ _nkn- \ kv [m¿an- I X Fßs\
benefits by fostering ethics in their t{]m’m- l n- ∏ n- ° m≥ Ign- b p- s a∂v N¿®
day to day functioning. sNøp-I.
(5) (5)
24. Raju, his parents, grand parents and his
brothers and sisters are living together. 24. cmPp, Xs‚ apØ-—≥, A—≥, Ah-cpsS
They have a family business in West ktlm- Z - c n, ktlm- Z - c - ∑ m¿ F∂n- h - t cm-
Bengal. sSm∏w H∂n®v hkn-°p-∂p. Ah¿°v ]›na
(a) Identify the form of business _wKm-fn¬ Hcp IpSpw_ _nkn-\kv D≠v.
organization referred here. (a) GXp cq]-Øn-ep≈ _nkn-\kv BWv
(b) State it's any four features Ah¿ sNøp-∂-Xv.
(c) What will be the role & liability of (b) CXn\v \mev {]tXy-I-X-Iƒ Fgp-Xp-I.
female members in the business? (c) Cu IpSpw_Øn¬ kv{XoI-fpsS _nkn-
(5) \-kn-ep≈ ]¶pw _m[-y-Xbpw F¥v?

25. A) As the name implies, preference share
holders enjoy preferential rights over 24.A km[m- c W Hmlcn DS- a - I - s f- ° mƒ Nne
equity shareholders. {]tX-yI Ah-Im-i-߃ ap≥K-W\m Hmlcn
(a) State the special rights enjoyed by DS-a-Iƒ°v Ds≠∂v, AXns‚ t]cp Xs∂
these shares. kqNn-∏n-°p-∂p
(b) Explain any four merits and any (a) Ch¿°p≈ {]tX- y - I Ah- I m- i - ß ƒ
three demerits of this source of GsX√mw?
finance. (b) Cu aqe-[\ Dd-hn-SØ- ns‚ GsX-¶nepw \mep
ta∑-Ifpw GsX-¶nepw aq∂p ]cn-an-Xn-Ifpw
OR hni-Zo-I-cn-°p-I.
25. B) It is an important instrument for
raising long term finance by a OR
company having the following 25.B Iº-\n-bpsS Zo¿L- Ime-aq-e-[\ kzcq-]-W-
features. Øn\p≈ {]am-W-Øns‚ {]tX-y-I-X-I-fmWv
- Debt source of fund Xmsg ]d-bp-∂-Xv.
- Fixed interest bearing security - hmbv]m aqe-[\ Dd-hn-S-am-Wv.
- Holders are creditors of the company - \n›nX ]eni sImSp-°-Ww.
a. Identify the source of finance ˛ ssIh- i - ° m¿ Iº- \ n- b psS s{IUn-
b. Explain four merits and three t‰gvkm-Wv.
demerits of these sources of finance a. Cu aqe-[-\ Dd-hnSw GXmWv.
(8) b. Cu aqe-[\ Dd-hnSØns‚ \mev ta∑-
Ifpw aq∂v ]cn-an-X-Ifpw hni-Zo-I-cn-
°pI. .

26. Mr. Arun has an insured house (8)

property. He also took an endowment
life insurance policy in his own name. 26. Acp- W n\v C≥jz¿ sNbv X Hcp hoSpw
(a) Name the type of insurance policy which A\p_‘ hkvXp- ° fpw D≠v. At±-
Arun might have taken for his building. lØns‚ t]cn¬ Hcp F≥tUm- h v s a‚ v
Explain the principles of insurance sse^v C≥jzd≥kv t]mfn-knbpw D≠v.
applicable to the house property. (a) hoSpw A\p-_‘ hkvXp-°ƒ°p-ap≈
(b) List out the principles of insurance C≥j- z - d ≥kns\ _m[n- ° p∂
applicable to life insurance policy. C≥jzd≥kv XX-z-߃ hnh-cn-°pI.
(8) (b) sse^v C≥j- z - d ≥kv t]mfn- k nsb
_m[n-°p∂ C≥j-z-d≥kv XX-z-߃

Answer Key
Qn. Value points Score Total

1 (d) Discretionery responsibility 1 1

2 (d) Street vendors 1 1
3. (c) Joint venture 1 1
4. (b) Certanity of nation 1 1
5. (c) Registered partnership firm 1 1
6. (d) ii, iii and iv 1 1
7. (d) B2C 1 1
8. (b) Analytical 1 1
9. (a) Private Limited Company 1x2 2
(b) Public Limited Company
10. Documents only for Public Limited Companies are :-
(b) Prospectus, (d) Table A,
(e) Certificate of Commencement of business ½x4 2
(g) Statement in lieu of prospectus
11. Any two characteristics of itinerant retailers - Deals in
daily use consumer products, supply 1x2 2
of products at doorsteps etc.
12. Brief explanation of any two postal services like speed post 1 x2 2
passport facilities, International money transfer etc.
13 Illustrating example of partner by estoppel. 1x2 2
14. (a) Franchising 1
(b) Any two limitations of franchising like brand duplication,
leakage of trade secrets etc. 1x2 3
15.A (A) Brief explanation of any three features of Global
enterprises like Huge capital resources, centralised control, 1x3 3
Advanced technology etc.
15.B (B) Brief explanation of any three merits of statutory 1x3 (3)
Corporations like operational flexibility, less government
interference, own policies and proceedures etc.
16. Brief explanation of any three export documents such as
certificate of orgin, Bill of lading, 1x3 3
Letter of credit etc.
17. Brief explanation of any four payment methods in on-line
shopping such as COD, Net-banking transfer, Debit or
credit cards, digital cash etc. 1x4 4
18. Brief explanation of any four benefits of Joint ventures such
as increased resources, innovation, Low cost of production
established brand name etc. 1x4 4
19. Explain any four incentives to small scale industries such as
concessional power supply, exemption in sales tax, abolishion
of octroi, industrial estates etc. 1x4 4

Qn. Value points Score Total

20. (a) Name of any two business associations like Associated

Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Confederation of 2x2 5
Indian Industry etc.
(b) Any two areas of their intervention such as marketing
of agro products and related issues, labour legislations etc. 1
21. Explanation of any five factors to be considered for starting a
business such as size of the firm, location of business firm of
ownership, physical facilities, workforce etc. 1x5 5
22. (a) promotion 1
(b) Brief explanation of position of promoters 4 5
23. (a) Explain any five measures undertaken by a business
for environmental protection. 1x5 5
(b) Explain any five elements of business ethics such as top
management commitment, publication of code, involvement
of employees etc. 1x5 (5)
24 (a) Joint Hindu Family business 1
(b) Any four features of such business 2
(c) Female members can be co-parceners under dayabhaga
system prevailing in West Bengal. Their liability is limited to
their share of co-parcenery property of business. 2 5
25A (a) Receiving fixed rate of divided repayment of capital 1
on liquidation.
(b) 4 mertis of preference share. 4
3 demerits of preference shares. 3 8
25B (a) Debentures 1
(b) 4 merits of debentures 4
3 demerits of debentures 3 (8)
26 (a) General Insurance
Principles applicable to General insurance - 1
Brief explanation of all principles 6
(b) List out the principles applicable to life insurance such as 1 8
utmost good faith, and insurable interest.

F.Y. Reg. No:............................
March 2015 Name :..............................
Higher Secondary Education
Sample Question Paper - II
Maximum : 80 Score
Time: 2½ hrs
Cool off time : 15 mts

General Instructions to candidates:

• There is 'Cool off time' of 15 minutes in addition to the writing time of 2.30 hrs.
• You are neither allowed to write your answers nor to discuss anything with others during the 'cool off time'.
• Use the 'cool off time' to get familiar with questions and to plan your answers.
• Read the questions carefully before answering
• All questions are compulsory and only internal choice is allowed.
• When you select a question, all the sub-questions must be answered from the same question itself.
• Calculations, figures and graphs should be shown in the answer sheet itself.
• Malayalam version of the questions is also provided.
• Give equations wherever necessary
• Only nonprogrammable calculators are allowed in the Examination Hall.
• \n¿±njvS ka-b-Øn\v ]pdsa 15 an\n´v "Iqƒ Hm^v ssSw' D≠m-bn-cn-°pw. Cu ka-bØv tNmZy-߃°v
DØcw Fgp-Xmt\m, a‰p-≈-cp-ambn Bibw hn\n-abw \S-tØmt\m ]mSn-√.
• DØ-c-߃ Fgp-Xp-∂-Xn\v apºv tNmZy-߃ {i≤m-]q¿∆w hmbn-°-Ww.
• F√m tNmZy-߃°pw DØcw Fgp-X-Ww.
• Hcp tNmZy-\-º¿ DØ-c-sa-gp-Xm≥ sXsc-s™-SpØv Ign-™m¬ D]-tNm-Zy-ßfpw AtX tNmZy-\-º-
cn¬ \n∂v Xs∂ sXsc-s™-Sp-t°-≠-Xm-Wv.
• IW°v Iq´-ep-Iƒ, Nn{X-߃, {Km^p-Iƒ, F∂nh DØ-c-t]-∏-dn¬Øs∂ D≠m-bn-cn-°-Ww.
• Bh-iy-ap≈ ÿeØv ka-hm-Iy-߃ sImSp-°Ww
• tNmZy-߃ ae-bm-f-Ønepw \¬In-bn-´p-≠v.
• t{]m{Km-ap-Iƒ sNøm-\m-ImØ Im¬°p-te-‰-dp-Iƒ am{Xta ]co-£m-lm-fn¬ D]-tbm-Kn-°m≥

1. Mr. Arjun, a chartered Accountant 1. Nm¿t´Uv A°u≠‚mb A¿÷p≥ Hcp

works as a financial manager in a Iº\nbn¬ ^n\m≥jy¬ amt\Pcmbn
company. Name the economic activity {]h¿Øn°p∂p. Cbmƒ G¿s∏´ncn°p∂Xv
in which he is engaged. (1) GXv kmºØnI {]h¿Ø\ØnemWv. (1)

2. Identify the false statement relating to 2. Un∏m¿´psa‚¬ ÿm]\ßsf kw_‘n®v

departmental undertaking icnb√mØXv Is≠ØpI.
(a) Funding is directly from (a) Kh¨sa‚ n¬ \n∂pw t\cn- ´ p≈
Government. [\mKa-\w.
(b) Employees are Government (b) Poh-\-°m¿ Kh¨sa‚ v Dt±-ym-K-ÿ-cm-

Sys/Dileep/2014/Question Paper/HSS/Business Syudies/part 3

(c) They have complete autonomy in (c) Xocp-am-\-ß-fn¬ kzbw `c-Wm-h-Im-i-
decision making ap-≠v.
(d) They are accountable to ministry. (d) a{¥m-e-b-tØmSv t\cn´v IW°p ImWn-
(1) °p-∂p. (1)

3. Choose the correct group. 3. icn-bmb {Kq∏v Xnc-s™-Sp-°p-I.

(i) Hawkers (ii) Franchise (i) lmt°gvkv (ii) {^mss©kv
(iii) Peddlers (iv) Cheep Jacks (iii) s]U-tegvkv (iv) No∏v Pm°vkv
(a) (i), (ii), and (iii) (b) (ii), (iii) and (iv) (a) (i), (ii), and (iii) (b) (ii) (iii) and (iv)
(c) (i), (ii) and (iv) (d) (i), (iii) and (iv) (c) (i), (ii) and (iv) (d) (i) (ii) and (iv)
(1) (1)

4. Name the Warehouse which accepts 4. IÃwkv Xocph AS-bv°p-∂-Xn\p ap≥]v Cd-
imported goods prior to the payment °p-aXn sNbvX Nc-°p-Iƒ kq£n-°p∂
of customs duty. ]m≠n-I-ime GXv?
(1) (1)

5. A leading manufacturer of drugs and 5. acp-∂p-Ifpw, ku-µ-cy h¿≤I hkvXp-°-fp-

cosmetics, contract out the cafeteria sSbpw, {]apJ \n¿Ωm-Xm-°-ƒ Iº-\n-bnse
activity to a catering firm. Identify the eLp- ` - £ - W - i m- e - b psS \S- Ø n∏v Hcp
mode of bussiness referred here. Im‰dnwKv ÿm]-\-Øn\v \¬Im≥ Xocp-am-
(1) \n- ° p∂p. ChnsS {]Xn- ] m- Z n- ® n- c n- ° p∂
_nkn-\kv {]h-WX GXv? (1)

6. Hcp _nkn-\kv ÿm]\w P\m-[n-]-Xy Ah-

6. A business enterprise should respect the
Im- i - ß ƒ ]cn- K - W n®v ÿm]- \ - Ø n¬
democratic rights to form trade unions,
kwLS\m {]h¿Ø-\-߃ A\p-h-Zn-°p-
is an example of its responsibility
∂Xv, Btcm-Sp≈ DØ-c-hm-Zn-Xzw \nd-th-‰p-
towards -
∂-Xns‚ DZm-l-c-W-amWv ˛
(a) Owners (b) Consumers
(a) DS-a-ÿ¿ (b) D]-t`m-‡m-°ƒ
(c) Government (d)Workers.
(c) Kh¨sa‚ v (d) Poh-\-°m¿
7. A partnership firm decides to convert
7. Hcp ]¶m- f nØ ÿm]- \ - Ø ns\ Hcp
their business as a joint stock company.
tPmbn‚ v tÃm°v Iº-\n-bm°n cPn-ÿ
Give two possible reasons for taking
sNøm≥ ]¶m-fn-Iƒ B{K-ln-°p-∂p.
such a decision.
CØ-c-Øn¬ Xocp-am-\-sa-Sp-°m≥ Ahsc
t{]cn-∏n-°p∂ GsX-¶nepw c≠v Imc-Wß
- ƒ
Nq≠n-°m-Wn-°p-I. (2)

8. Identify the type of primary industry 8. \¬In-bn-cn-°p∂ {]mY-anI hy-h-km-b-߃
from the following GXv D] hn`m-K-ß-fn¬ Dƒs∏-Sp-∂p. ˛
(a) A fish hatchery. (a) Hcp a’-y-h-f¿Øp tI{µw- -\-S-Øp-∂p.
(b) Fishing from the Sea. (b) IS-en¬ \n∂pw akvXy- _
- ‘
- \w \SØp
(2) ∂p. (2)
9. An organisation manufacturing and 9. hmIzw ¢o\-dp-Iƒ DXv]m-Zn-∏n®v hn]-W\w
distributing vacuum cleaners has \S- Ø p- ∂ Hcp ÿm]\w tIc- f - Ø nepw,
production units both in Kerala and {ioe-¶-bn-ep-ambn DXv]m-Z\w \S-ØpIbpw
Srilanka. It has distribution outlets all F√m Gj-y≥ cmP-y-ß-fnte°pw hn]-W\w
over Asian. hym-]n-∏n-°pIbpw sNøp-∂p.
(a) Identify the form of business (a) CXv GXp-Xcw _nkn-\kv ÿm]-\-
b) Give any two features of such amWv?
business (b) CXns‚ c≠v {]tXy-I-X-Iƒ Fgp-Xp-I.
(2) (2)
10. Complete the table given below by 10. kqN- \ - b n¬ \¬In- b n- c n- ° p∂ coXn- b n¬
using either ' Low' or 'High' as given in "IqSpX¬' "Ipdhv' F∂o ]Z-߃ D]-tbm-
the hint. (3) Kn®v ]´nI ]q¿Øn-bm-°p-I. (3)
Hint : kqN\ : -˛
ASn-ÿm\w ]c-º-cm-KX C˛_nkn-\kv
Basis Traditional E-business _nkn-\kv
business Bcw-`n-°m-\p≈ IqSp-X¬ Ipdhv
Cost of High Low sNehv
setting up
ASn-ÿm\w ]c-º-cm-KX C˛_nkn-\kv
Basis Traditional E-business _nkn-\kv
business a. hy‡n ? ?
a. Interpersonal ? ?
touch b. CS-]m-Sn-ep≈ ? ?
b. Transaction ? ?
c. Kh¨sa‚ v ? ?
Risk t{]m’m-l\w
c. Patronage ? ?
of Govt. 11. Hcp ]ªnIv Iº-\n-bpsS cq]o-Ic
- W
- Ø
- n-\p≈
11. The different stages in the formation of hnhn[ L´-߃ \evIn-bn-cn-°p-∂p.
a public company are given - (i) Ia≥kv-sa‚ v Hm^v _nkn-\kv
(i) Commencement of business (ii) C≥tIm¿∏-td-j≥
(ii) Incorporation (iii) {]tam-j≥
(iii) Promotion (iv) Iym-]n-‰¬ k_vkv{In-]vj≥
(a) Ch icn-bmb {Ia-Øn¬ Fgp-Xp-I.
(iv) Capital subscription
(a) Arrange them in the correct order. (b) Cu L´ßfn¬ Xøm-dm-t°≠ GsX-
¶nepw \mev tcJ-I-fpsS t]cv Fgp-XpI.
(b) List out any four documents to be
prepared during these stages (3) (3)

12. Name the internal and long - term source 12. B`-y-¥-chpw Zo¿L-Im-e-tØ-°p≈Xpamb
of finance available to a Company. Is it Iº-\n-I-fpsS aqe-[\ Dd-hnSw GXv? CXn\v
cost free? If not, explain the costs ]Ww apS-°p-t≠m? Ds≠-¶n¬ AXp-ambn
associated with this source of finance. _‘-s∏´ s - Nehn-s\-°p-dn®v hni-Zo-Ic
- n-°pI.
(3) (3)
13. For promoting export trade, 13. F√m cmjv { S- ß fpw Ib- ‰ p- a Xn kwcw- ` -
government offers various promotional I¿°mbn hnhn[ Xcw t{]m’m-l-\-߃
schemes to exporters. Explain any three sNøm-dp-≠v. C¥-yb - n¬ \¬Ip∂ CØ-cØ - n-
such measures given in our country. ep≈ GsX-¶nepw aq∂p t{]m’m-l-\-߃
(3) hni-Zo-I-cn-°p-I. (3)
14. International giants of sports shoes 14. kvt]m¿Svkv jqkv, hkv{X-\n¿amW cwKsØ
manufactures 'Nike' and 'Reebok' get BtKmf `oa≥am-cmb "ss\°v', "dot_m°v'
their products produced in developing t]mep≈ ÿm]- \ - ß ƒ DXv ] - ∂ - ß ƒ
countries as per their specifications. Bhiym-\p-k-cWw a‰v hnIkzc cmjv{S-ß-
(a) Which mode of entry into fn¬ \n¿an-°p-∂p.
international business is adopted by
these companies? (a) GXp-Xcw A¥¿tZiob _nkn-\kv
{]th-i-\-amWv Cu Iº-\n-Iƒ kzo-I-
(b) What are the benefits these
companies get by adopting this method cn-®n-cn-°p-∂-Xv.
of production? (b) Cu coXn-bn¬ Dev]m-Z\w \S-Øp-∂-Xp-
(4) sIm≠v Iº- \ n- I ƒ°p≈ ta∑- I ƒ
Fs¥√mw? (4)
15. In developing Country like India, small 15. C¥-y-sb-t∏m-semcp hnI-k-zc cmjv{S-Øns‚
scale industries play an important role kmaq-ly ˛ kmº-ØnI hnI-k\ - Ø
- n¬ sNdp-
in socio - economic development. How InS hy-h-km-b-߃ KW-y-amb ]¶v hln-
do you respond to this statment? °p-∂p. Cu {]kvXm-h\tbmSp≈ \nß-fpsS
{]Xn-I-cWw Fgp-XpI (4)

16. Two documents required for the 16. Iº- \ n- I - f psS cPn- k v t {Sj≥ ka- b Øv
incorporation of Companies are given Bhi-y-ap≈ c≠v tcJ-Isf°pdn®v Xmsg
below. kqNn-∏n-®n-cn-°p-∂p.
(i) Document specifying (i) Ub-d-IvS¿amcpsS iºfw →
renuneration of → ? {]Xn-]m-Zn-°p∂ tcJ ?

(ii) Iº-\n-bpsS e£yw

(ii) Document describing →
the objectives of → ? {]Xn-]m-Zn-°p∂ tcJ ?

(a) Identify these documents (a) Cu tcJ-Iƒ GsX∂p I≠p-]n-Sn-°p-I.

(b) Write three differences between (b) Cu tcJ-Iƒ XΩn-ep≈ aq∂p hy-X-ym-k-
these documents (4) ߃ Fgp-XpI (4)

17. Match the following column A with B 17. tImfw "F', tImfw "_n'bpw tImfw "kn'
and C. bpambn tbmPn-∏n-°p-I.

Commercial Industrial Reserve hmWn-Py hy-h-kmb dnk¿hv _m¶v
Bank Credit Bank of
_m¶p-Iƒ hmbv]-Iƒ Hm^v C¥y
kl-I-cW _m¶p-I-fpsS C≥U-kv{Sn-b¬
Co-operative Bankers Industrial
Bank Bank Finance _m¶p-Iƒ _m¶v ^n\m≥kv
corporation of tIm¿∏td-j≥
India Hm^v C¥y
Development Credit State Co - hnI-k\ hmbv]m- tÉv tIm∏-td-
Bank Creation operatieve Bank
_m¶p-Iƒ cq-]o-I-cWw ‰ohv _m¶v
tI{µ- {KmaoW tÉv _m¶v
Central Banks Rural State Bank of
Credit India _m-¶p-Iƒ hmbv] Hm^v C¥y

(4) (4)
18. In every business there is possibility of 18. F√m-Øcw _nkn-\-knepw A\n-›n-Xm-h-
profits or even losses due to uncertainty ÿ-tbm, A{]-Xo-£nX kw`-h-߃ aqetam
or unexpected events. Explain the em`w Ipd-bp-hmt\m \jvSw kw`-hn-°p-hmt\m
various causes for such uncertanities. CS-bp-≠v. CØcw A\n-›n-Xm-hÿ - b - °
v p≈
(4) hnhn[ Imc-Wß - ƒ hni-Zo-Ic
- n-°p-I. (4)
19. ABC Ltd. is a leading marketing 19. ioXf ]m\o-b߃ hn]-W\w sNøp∂
company of soft drinks. Its 32% of total Hcp Iº-\n-bmWv F _n kn enan-‰-Uv. Cu
paid up capital is held by Central Iº-\n-bpsS AS®p Xo¿∂ aqe[-\-Øn¬
Government and 21% is by Kerala 32% tI{µ- K - h ¨sa‚pw 21% tIc- f m- K -
Government. h¨sa‚pw ssIhiw h®n-cn-°p-∂-Xv.
(a) Identify the form of public sector (a) CXv GXv hn`mKw s]mXp- t a- J em
enterprise. ÿm]-\-amWv?
(b) State any four features of such (b) CXns‚ \mev {]tX- y - I - X - I ƒ
organisations. (5) FgpXpI.? (5)
20. As a result of globalization and 20. BtKm-f-h-Xv°-cW-Ønt‚bpw DZm-c-h-Xv°-
liberalization Indian companies have c-W-Ønt‚bpw `mK-ambn C¥-y≥ Iº-\n-
access to global capital market. Explain Iƒ°v BtKmf aqe-[\ hn]-Wn-bp-ambn
the various sources of funds available IqSp-X¬ kmao-]yw D≠v. CØcw aqe-[\
to Indian companies on account of this Dd-hn-S-ß-sf°pdn®v hni-Zo-I-cn-°p-I. (5)
new economic secenario. (5)
21. All business people do not feel equally 21. F√m _nkn-\k - p-Imcpw Hcp t]mse kmaqly
responsible towards the society. DØ-c-hm-Zn-X-z-߃ \nd-th-‰p-∂-h-cm-I-W-sa-
Explain their arguments for not ∂n√. CØ-c-Øn¬ kmaq-l-y-e-£y-ßsf
supporting the social goals. ]n≥Xp-Wb - v°m-Xn-cn-°m≥ Ah¿ ]d-bm-dp≈
(5) hmZ-K-Xn-Iƒ hni-Z-am-°p-I. (5)

22. Raman purchased a mobile phone 22. cma≥ Hm¨sse-\n-eqsS Hcp samss_¬
through on-line and payment was made t^m¨ hmßn. CXn\v C‚¿s\- ‰ n- e qsS
through internet by using his credit s{IUn‰v Im¿Uv D]-tbm-Kn®v ]Ww \¬In.
card. (a) cma≥ D]-tbm-K-s∏-Sp-Ønb B[p-\nI
(a) Identify the modern banking _m¶nwKv kwhn-[m\w GXv?
facility used by Raman. (b) Cu kwhn-[m-\-Øns‚ \mev {]tbm-P-
(b) State any four benefits of that \-߃ Fgp-XpI?
facility. (5) (5)
23. (A) In the distribution channel 23. (A) samØ-°-®-h-S-°m¿ DXv]-∂-ß-fpsS
wholesales act as a major participant. hne h¿≤n-∏n-°m≥ Imc-W-am-Ip∂p≈q. Cu
However, they cause increase in price {]kvXm-h\ hna¿i-\m-fl-I-ambn hni-I-e\w
of goods. Critically evaluate the sNbvXv \nß-fpsS A`n-{]mbw tcJ-s∏-Sp-Øp-
statement and give your comments. I.
(OR) (As√-¶n¬)
(B) Though the retailers are the last link (B) DXv]-∂-ß-fpsS hnX-c-W-irw-Jebnse
in the chain of distribution, they are the Ah-km\ IÆn-bmWv Nn√-d-I-®-h-S-°mc≥
most important ones in the internal F¶n¬IqSn, bYm¿∞ D]-t`m-‡m-°ƒ°v
trade. Explain the role of retailers in the km[-\-߃ FØn-°p-Ibpw, samØ-°-®-h-
above context. S- ° m¿°v klmb- a mbn h¿Øn- ° p- I bpw
(8) sNøp∂ C-h-cmWv A`-y-¥c hym-]m-c-Ønse
{][m-\n-Iƒ. Cu {]kvXm-h\ km[q-Ic
- n-°pI.
24. (A) 'This form of business organization 24. (A)_yq-´o-]m¿e¿, slb¿ keq¨ F∂nh
is particularly common in areas of t]mse hy-‡n-KX tkh-\-߃ sNøp-∂-
personalized services as beauty parlor, tXm, sNdp-InS Nn√d hym-]mc ÿm]-\-
hair saloon and small scale retail shops ßtfm BWv CØcw _nkn-\kv ÿm]-\-
in a locality'. ß-fmbn Bcw-`n-°m-dp-≈-Xv.
(a) Identify the form of business (a) Ch GXp-Xcw _nkn-\€v ÿm-]-\-am-
organization. sW∂v Is≠-Øp-I.
(b) Describe its features. (b) CXns‚ {]tX-y-I-X-Iƒ hnh-cn-°p-I.
(OR) (As√-¶n¬)
(B) Rohan, one of your friends decided to (B) tcml≥ F∂ \nß-fpsS kplrØv Hcp
start a textile shop. sSIvÃ-bn¬ tjm∏v XpS-ßm≥ Xocp-am-\n-
(a) Suggest him a suitable form of °p∂p.
business. (a) CXn\v A\p-tbm-Py- a
- mb Hcp _nkn-\kv
(b) Explain the factors to be considered cq]w \n¿tZin-°p-I.
while deciding the form of business. (b) Cu _nkn-\kv cq]w Xnc-s™-Sp-°p-∂-
(8) Xns\ kzm-[o-\n-°m-hp∂ LS-I-߃
hnh-cn-°p-I. (8)

Answer Key
Qn. Value points Score Total

1 Employment 1 1

2 (c) They have complete autonomy in decision making 1 1

3 (d) 1, iii & iv 1 1
4 Bonded Warehouses 1 1
5 Outsourcing (BPO) 1 1
6 (d) Workers 1 1
7 Any 2 merits of company
(1) Limited liability
(2) Countinuity of Business
(3) Perpectural succession
(4) Large financial resources
(OR) 2x1 2
Any 2 limitations of Partnership
(1) Limited liability
(2) Limited financial Resource
(3) Lack of Continuity of Business
(4) Chanced of Conflicts
8 a : Genetic Industry 1 2
b : Extractive Industry 1
9 a. Multi National Company 1
b. Business operations in more than one country 1 2
10. Basis Traditional Business e - Business
Interpersonal touch High Low 1
Transactional Risk Low High 1 3
Patronage of Government Low High 1
(No partial score to partially correct pairs)

Answer Key
Qn. Sub Value points Score Total
No. Qns

11 a. (1) Promotion (2) Incorporation (3) capital subscription

(4) Commence ment of Business 1
(b) 1. Memorandum of Association
2. Articles of Association
3. Prospectus 3
4. Statutory declarations 4x½
5. Consent of Proposed directors (2)
(any 4 documents)

12 (a) Retained profit or Retained earnings 1

(b) 1. No 2 3
2. For explaining opportunity cost
13 (1). Duty Draw Back Scheme
(2) Export Manufacturing Under Bond Scheme
(3) Exemption from payment of sales tax
(4) Advance license Scheme 3x1 3
(5) Export promotion capital Goods scheme
(6) Recognising as export houses, trading houses,
superstar trading houses
(Any 3 Such scheme)
14 (a) Contract manufacturing 1
1. International firms get goods produced with out
invesment in production facilities.
2. No investment risks in foriegn countries
3. Lower cost of production.
4. Local manufactnrers can utilise their excess
production capacity. 3X1 4
5. Local manufacturers get benefits of international business.
(Any 3 Points)
15 Benefits of small and Rural Industries.
1. Generation of employment opportunities.
2. Production of varieties of consumer goods.
3. Absorption of surplus labour.
4. Prevent migration of rural people to urban areas in search 4X1 4
of employment.
5. Accelerate industrial growth.
6. Multiple source of income for rural households.
7. Standard of living of rural people. (Any 4 points)

Answer Key
Qn. Sub Value points Score Total

No. Qns
16 a. (i) Articles of Association. 1/2
(ii) Memorandum of Association. 1/2
b. Differences
Memorandum of Articles of
Association. Association.
1. Define the objective of the - Internal rules and
company regulations, how to achieve the
2. Subordinate to companies - To companies Act and
Act Only memorandum of association.
3. Define relationship with - With members 3x1 4
4. Act beyond memorandum - Can be ratified by members.
is invalid, cannot be ratified
5. To be prepared by all - Public company may adopt
companies. Table.A
6. A interaction is difficult,
may require permission
from legal authorities - Not much difficult by
member themselves
(Any 3 points differences)

17 Commercial Bankers - Credit creation - State bank

of India
Co -operative Banks - Rural Credit - State Co -
Operative Bank
Development Bank - Industrial Credit - Industrial
Financial corporation of India 4x1 4
Central Bank - Banker's Bank - Reserve Bank
of India
(Any partial score for partially correct pairs)

18 (a). Natural Causes - Flood, Earth..... etc..

(b). Human Causes - Strike, dishonesty, mismanage 4x1 4
(c). Economics Causes - Taxes, Competition, ethics
(d). Other causes - Political

19 Government Companies 1
- Created by provisions in the companies Act.
- Can sue and can be sued
- Can enter in to control and acquire properties
- Regulated under provisions of Companies Act
- Exempted from accounting and audition rules and procedures 4x1 5
- Capital contribution from government and private householders
(Any 4 points)

Answer Key
Qn. Sub Value points Score Total

No. Qns
20 1. Commercial Banks
2. International development Banks 5x1 5
3. Foreign Currency convertable bonds
4. International capital market

21 (1). Violation of profit maximization

(2). Burden on consumers
(3). Lack of social skills
(4). Lack of Broad public support 5x1 5
(5). Not service organizations
(6). Responsibility of social organization
(Any 5 points)

22 (a) E - banking 1
(b) Benefits to consumer
-Convenience in Banking
-24 x 365 Banking
-Inculcate financial discipline
-Customers satisfaction by
unlimited Access to Bank
-Competitive edge 4 x1 5
-Unlimited network
-Reduced work load
(Any 4 points)

23.A Services to manufacturers

- Facilitate large scale production
- Baring risk.
- Financial assistance.
- Helps in marketing.
- Storage - etc.
Service to retailors 8 X1 8
- Availability of goods.
- Marketing supports.
- Grand of credit.
- Risk sharing - etc.
(Any 8 points)

23.B Services to manufacturers and wholesalers

- Helps in distribution of goods
- Personal Selling.
- Enabling large scale operation.

- Collect market information.

Answer Key
Qn. Sub Value points Score Total

No. Qns
- Helps in promotion.
Services to consumers
- Regular availability of products.
- New products information.
- Convienience in buying. 8x1 (8)
- Wide selection.
- After sales services.
- Credit facilities
(Any 8 points)

24.A (a) Sole Propritorship 1

(b) Features
- easy formation and closure.
- Unlimited liability.
- Sole Risk Bearer. 7X1 8
- Sole receipient of profit.
- Absolute control.
- No seperate entity.
- Lack of business continuity.

24.B a. Any suitable form, like sole propritorship or

partership or private limited company
b. Altering factors 1
- Cost and ease in setting up this organaisation
- Liability
- Continuity 7X1 (8)
- Management ability
- Capital considerations
- Degree of control
- Nature of business