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1. Detail to be completed by Originator

To Department Purchasing NCPAR No
From Department External Auditor SGS Date 18-20 Apr 2018
Nonconformity raised as a result of:
□ Internal Audit _____________ □ External Audit ISO 9001 : 2015 □ External/ Internal Complaint
□ QHSE Performance □ Result of monitoring and measurement and its evaluation
 Others

Nonconformity Category  Major  Minor  Observation  Non Conformance

2. Description of Non Conformance or Opportunity for Improvement
Description of nonconformity, suggestion, complaint or incident.
Inadequate of evidence when the purchase product cannot conforms to specified purchase requirement, the
communication has been done to ensure the relevant persons aware of that change, e.g :
 For example as seen Purchase request PR2018/00033/BSS/BA, date: 14/12/17 Required Date: 21/12/17
however the PO POSBY2018-00033 issued date 9/01/18 for item number 01-000-47279 Tyre 205/70 R15
Bridgestone (684) – ordered 5. – Delivery target for vendor on 16/01/18 or 7 Day since PO paid.
Confirmation the actual delivery date to ensure user has aware was not conducted.

Observed by : Department/ Company :

3. Root Cause of Problems
Cause of nonconformity: (investigation shall be conducted by the department or section where the nonconformity was found)

Inconsistency on implementation of user confirmation date due to lack of socialization to user

Investigated by : Date : / /
4. Corrective, Preventive or Improvement Action Taken :
No Action PIC Target Date
1 Socialize the new process of user confirmation date when Osindro
any delay on delivery from the required date as mentioned
in PR

5. Closing the Non Conformance

Corrective/ Preventive Action Status : □ Closed □ Open, Issue New NCR Date : / /
Comment :

Verified by : Signature

Effective Date : 01 October 2017 Page 1 of 1

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