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Acting CEO’s Note

Individual Performance Multiplier. The I hope that you enjoyed this reward
advance payment you received in and that it motivated all of us to
December 2017 was deducted from achieve even better results in 2018.
the payment due to you. Remember the main bases of the STI
is the overall company achievement
In accordance with the TNM STI the of the main Business Targets, if
policy employees who joined TNM these are not attained there will be
after 30 Sept 2017 do not qualify for no STI payment. It is therefore very
the STI payment and employees who important for each of us to
joined during 2017 received a contribute towards growing revenue
proportional STI payment based on and subscribers by being customer
the period you served during the obsessed, and to ensure we avoid all
year. unnecessary wastage of expenditure
in all areas.

I t is my pleasure to inform you

about the final STI payment for
2017 as approved by the Board of
It is also the policy of TNM and a
condition of the STI payment, that
TNM will utilise a part of this
Further to this the Board of Directors
had also approved a 15% TCE
Directors. The Business achievement payment to reduce the staff loans adjustment. The TCE adjustment is
for the STI 2017 against the Business owed to TNM by certain employees based on individual performance and
Targets for 2017 was as score of and the appropriate deductions were is also a means for management to
140.45% for Level 3 to 6. This resulted made. ensure parity in salary scales across
in the payment of 21.07% of your all levels, the TCE was implemented
annual TCE for Level 5 and 6 TNM achieved good results for 2017 from 1st April 2018.
payment. and the Board of Directors and
Management want to again extend It is Time, let’s do it the TNM way.
The STI 2017 payment was made our sincere appreciation towards
through the March 2018 payroll and every employee for your contribution Eric Valentine
was finally determined by your to the success that TNM achieved. Acting Chief Executive Officer

Editor’s Note As the SIM registration exercise progresses,

Yanga applauds all staff members that have
of us to rise up to the challenge and make our
noble contribution.
been volunteering to register subscribers. There Let us be guided by our values of commitment
is strength in numbers so while the target to employees first, being values driven and
sounds scary but through our combined having a customer obsession, innovation,
initiatives to reach out to the customer base, we differentiation and efficiency at scale.
are slowly making meaningful progress. Again, as we implement the strategy, let us
This edition reflects on the 2018 strategy and remain alert to our core values of humility,
key milestones for the year. This complements stewardship, optimism, working together and
the recent town hall meetings by the leadership humility.
team. It is Yanga’s hope that we are now all As we push for implementation, we have no time
Welcome to the April edition of the Yanga aligned with the 2018 strategy and geared to sit on our laurels. The year is already slipping
Bulletin. May celebrates labour day and it towards attainment of set goals for the away. We are in May which leaves us with 7
is my hope you had a great holiday year. months of 2018 within which we must meet our
reflecting on the achievements of Buoyed by the theme “It’s time” the 2018 targets. It’s time.
workers. strategy reminds us that it is time for each one Editor - Limbani Nsapato

2018 Strategy

The TNM Leadership Team The 2018 strategy targets to

Game is On differentiation and efficiency at
recently undertook the TNM grow market share by 52 scale,” said Valentine during
2018 Roadshow exercise with a percent with the subscriber the retreat in Mangochi.
key objective of sharing across base growing by 14 percent.
the organization key decisions Revenue growth target for While TNM’s long-term vision
and strategies formulated 2018 stands at 29 percent with for 2020 is to “become be the
during the Management projected 38 percent Net leading ICT and multimedia
Retreat in Mangochi in february. Profit growth. service provider in Malawi” the
vision for 2018 is to “create
Following conclusion of the The 2018 strategy projects key customers who create
exercise in Mzuzu, Acting CEO revenue growth opportunities customers”. This shall entail
says this now marks the end of in Enterprise (44 percent) and staff going the extra mile to
the beginning as TNM moves Mobile Money-Mpamba create a memorable customer
forward to implement and (78 percent). experience.
achieve its strategy.
Formulated under the theme During the year, strategic
“This is the execution phase “It’s about time” the 2018 investments will focus on New
where each one of us should be strategy implores staff that it is Coverage, Hybrid PostPaid &
doing what we committed to do time each one of us rose up to PrePaid, Microwave
to make sure we win. Game’s the challenge and make our Modernisation, Fibre GPON
On,” said the ACEO. noble contributions. and MPLS, Ubiquitous U900
and Lilongwe Data
Staff members hailed the “Let us be guided by our values Centre.
exercise and it gave them of commitment to employees
opportunity to personally first, values driven and
engage with the leadership customer obsession,
team. innovation,

offerings at

TNM Plc, which is 100 percent Malawian-owned joined

100 exhibitors at this year’s Buy Malawi Day on 6th
April. During the exhibition, which took place at Bingu
International Conference Centre (BICC), TNM Plc
exhibited various products, that including the new
addition, TNM@Home Internet. In the picture
Acting CEO, Eric Valentine briefs Minister of
Trade, Industry and Tourism, Henry Mussa, on
the Truly Malawian Network’s how
TNM@Home operates.

So passionate about the green
brand. Sheena Mlandu
(Investigation Officer) shows off
her TNM branded outfit

Motor Bike to 1 Person
*Terms & conditions apply

Zampira Promotion runs

up to December

New Recruits
Margaret Ngwira-Manager, Core & VAS Planning

She re-joined TNM on 2nd March 2018 as Manager, Core & VAS Planning
having worked in a similar role. She joins TNM from Mahindra Comviva where
she was Country Lead for VAS and Airtel Money. She looks forward to be one
of the driving forces in growing the TNM brand.

William Lapukeni-Manager, Human Resource Development

William joined TNM on 1st April 2018 from FDH Bank as Manager-Human
Resource Development . His immediate drive is to make TNM’s Employee
Value Proposition relevant by building our internal talent for future roles
within TNM and giving value in form of recognition to our staff who have
been key for making TNM what it is today and taking it higher.

Weddings & Engagements

The TNM Family would like to render

its warmest congratulations today and
always to its fellow colleague Mumbele
Bwanausi after engaging his
sweetheart, Sigele Masangwi. We wait
for the big day.


The TNM Netball recently had a day out against

hosts College of Medicine who beat our ladies by
26 goals to 24. Watching the Green ladies swagg
on the court, one only wonder why they can't
make it into the Queens.

Mpamba Socials Football

team went on a trip to
Salima base of the Malawi
Defense Forces where the
team was humbled 2-1. It was
an exciting encounter that
saw the hosts score a goal in
each half and Mpamba
Socials responded in the
dying minutes of the game.
After the match, the teams
interacted over a drink and
Mpamba Socials took a
chance to register the sol-
diers’ SIM Cards. Mpamba
Socials may have been
beaten on the pitch but not
on the braai stand where
crocodile meat was served!!

Mpamba Socials

Tassle with Salima


Purity Chitalo thanking the soldiers for hosting

Mpamba socials

Soldier in
a Golfers gig

Golfers at the recent TNM Sponsored Malawi Open Golf Tournament in Lilongwe had a rare treat
when Lucius Banda & his Zembani Band performed on the second day of the 4 day event
TNM (Telkom Networks Malawi)
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