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April 20, 2018

The Honorable Donald Trump
The President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500

Subject: Presidential Pardon for Mark Whitacre

Dear Mr. Trump:

It is with great pleasure and resolve that I write you on behalf of a request for a full Presidential pardon
for Mark Whitacre.

I first met Mark, Dr. Whitacre, in the spring of 2001, early in his incarceration. I was introduced to him
because of clinical cancer prevention work our company was conducting with the Division of Cancer
Prevention at the National Cancer Institute, in conjunction with a prestigious research team at Cornell
University. Mark received his Ph.D. from Cornell University as a Nutritional Biochemist which is closely
aligned with our research focus. I quickly understood the significant value that he would bring to our
research efforts, along with the injustice and wasted years of his incarceration. I eagerly joined a
collective effort to secure a full Presidential pardon on his behalf. Unfortunately, despite tremendous
positive support during his incarceration, release from federal prison in 2006 and his current ongoing
social impact, the pardon has yet to be granted.

At the time of his release in December 2006, I was pleased to have Dr. Whitacre join Cypress Systems as
our Chief Science Officer. In this role, he continues to lead our research efforts in cancer prevention,
global HIV/AIDS, childhood malnutrition and new emerging research in prenatal nutrition and autism. If
that is not enough, Mark is leading the charge with Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC) to
expand a business and marketplace ministry to serve the needs of a struggling business community.

In this whole process, there is one injustice that remains! Mark Whitacre deserves and warrants a full
Presidential pardon to acknowledge his personal and family’s contribution to the historic wrong doing in
the ADM federal price fixing case, and their current efforts to motivate others to live lives of

Recently President Trump mandated that April is Second Chance month. Mark Whitacre is the “poster
child” for making the most of a second chance and living out an impactful life during and after his
incarceration. The original pardon effort was to correct the injustice of his prison sentence, this pardon
effort is to recognize the man for his impact in living out a second chance life.
As part of our corporate commitment to social impact, we have a non-profit ministry: JPW3 Outreach
( Since 1999 the foundation work of JPW3 is rooted in prison ministry and assisting in
the parolee reentry process back into society. I have seen first-hand the struggles of this reentry process
and have taken an active role in the lives of numerous individuals to return them to a positive social
citizenship. In this effort, Mark Whitacre is “The Voice of Reentry” for JPW3 and our second chance
message. Since his release in 2006, Mark has spoken before tens of thousands, giving his witness and
testimony of the precious value of a second chance. He and his wife Ginger have walked (and continue
to) numerous families through the incarceration process with a positive message that they can not only
survive, but with a strong family commitment, they can thrive and come out better (not bitter) on the
other side.

Once again, I ask you, let us recognize Mark’s life of impact and living out the second chance message,
by awarding him a full Presidential pardon. His pardon application was first submitted by the FBI to the
Pardon Attorney and The White House 17 years ago in 2001. During this 17-year period, dozens of
pardon support letters from 4 FBI agents whom Mark wore a wire for, his former prosecutor, two
Judges, several US Senators and US Congressmen, and dozens of others have written many pardon
support letters. The overall support has been remarkable. In 2008 the head of FBI over the ADM case
(now retired), Dean Paisley, traveled to Washington DC to meet personally with the Pardon Attorney
and White House Counsel under President’s Bush administration. In addition, Mark Whitacre was
mentored and discipled by Chuck Colson for over a decade, during which time Chuck Colson had written
several support letters to the Pardon Attorney and White House Counsel during the Bush

I thank you for your consideration in this matter and we remain hopeful that positive action will be
taken soon.


Paul A. Willis