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ICT Who Will use it? Where in the unit?

Fakebook Students Phase 2 & 3 Create a Fakebook
profile for someone
who lived in the
Industrial Revolution.
Include how they felt
and what impact the
revolution had upon
Interactive Teacher and Students Phase 1 & 3 TO display the
Whiteboard brainstorm that the
students have
To display their
Fakebook profiles.
Internet Students and Teacher Phase 1, 2, 3 &4 The teacher will use
the internet to show
the students the
application and a
quick tutorial on how
to navigate.
Students will use the
Internet to collect
research, photos and
watch videos on
YouTube to grasp a
deeper understanding
of the task at hand.
Email Students and Teacher Phase 4 Students will write up
their reflection and
what they enjoyed
about the task and
then email it to the
Teacher will receive
the emails and use
them as a self/lesson
reflection, and get a
better understanding
of their learners.