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Hand Grenade Coloured Smoke m0234

General Once activated the grenade emits a copious volume of co-

loured smoke. Red, green, yellow and blue smoke colours are
The coloured smoke hand grenade M0234 is used as a ground- available.
to-ground or ground-to-air signaling device.

The grenade consists of a cylindrical metal body containing

the coloured smoke composition, a pyrotechnic delay and a
spring loaded striker mechanism with a fly-off lever. The fly-off
lever is retained by a conventional safety pin and pull ring.
Technical Data Packaging

Body height 112mm Item Packaging

Total grenade height 140mm Type of packaging Polyethylene bag
Body diameter 60mm Grenades per bag 1
Total mass 480g
Pyrotechnic mass 280g Bulk Packaging
Delay time 1.2 to 3.0sec Type of packaging Plastic box 6717 M3
Smoke pick-up time <5sec Dimensions
Smoke emission time (minimum) 40sec Length 512mm
Temperature limits –36 to +70°C Width 402mm
Shelf-life 10 years Height 236mm
Grenades per box 42
Subject to improvement and change without prior notice, this document shall
not be deemed to form part of any contract. NEQ per box 9.2kg
Gross mass 22kg
IMDG explosive class 1.4G
UN Code 0303

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