The claims of Vimana sastra was investigated by a team of scientists for Indian Institute of science and they have

published their findings in a paper. ACriticalStudyOfTheWorkVaimanikaShastra.pdf Here are some findings about the claims... Thus the work “Vymanika Shastra” was brought into existence sometime between 1900 and 1922 by Pandit Subbaraya Shastry by techniques unclear to us at the moment. The only evidence in favour of Maharshi Bhardwaja being the author is the textual statement and nothing more. planes described above are the best poor concoctions, rather than expressions of something real.None of the planes has properties or capabilities of being flown; the geometries are unimaginably horrendous from the point of view of flying; and the principles of propulsion make then resist rather than assist flying. IISc proved Raven aircraft a forgery.

1934, French entomologist Antoine Magnan included the following passage in the introduction to his book Le Vol des Insectes: Tout d'abord poussé par ce qui fait en aviation, j'ai appliqué aux insectes les lois de la résistance de l'air, et je suis arrivé avec M. Sainte-Lague a cette conclusion que leur vol est impossible. This translates to: First prompted by the fact of aviation, I have applied the laws of the resistance of air to insects, and I arrived, with Mr. Sainte-Lague, at the conclusion that their flight is impossible. Magnan refers to his assistant André Sainte-Laguë who was, apparently, an engineer.

1)Who made this study and in which year? 2)Going by the traditional concepts of aeronautics do you consider F117(which is just one example) a flyable aircraft?

3)Do the experts who made the study have the caliber to make aplane like F117 on their own or even its super cheap version or copy? If yes i believe you, If not i think vimana shashtra stands good for me and by many other people on this forum. According to Ramayana ,the verses goes like this sa ca maayaamayo divyaH khara yuktaH khara svanaH | pratyadR^ishyata raavaNasya mahaarathaH Then the miracle-air-chariot of Ravana which is miraculously designed to appear and disappear at the wish of its master, yoked with miraculous mules, and built with its golden wheels and parts, appeared afore Ravana braying noisily. [Valmiki Ramayana-Aranyakanda-3-49-19] Clearly,it was mule who were pulling the plane. Such flying horses and flying donkeys are all usual imaginations

of all folklore of yester years all around the world,in all civilization. I am not in hurry take your time to answer .

Raven was using Chariot and it was spifflicated by Jatayu....why the hell people spread lies. No pushpak vimana in sitamata mention of pushpak vimana in aranya is mentioned in sunder kanda

t he

area of the earth is 50 crore'yojanas' or 4000 million miles If I’m correct it has written Bhu Lok and it is more than just Earth It’s the whole space where Sri Devi with 8 characters pervades. Bhu Lok is different from Mritruyuloka. I’m no expert of Puran so over to other member

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