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2018: Issue 5

EPAB Welcomes over 100 new members

State-wide Membership Drive grows Texas Association by 72 percent
The gauntlet had dropped. The country. It’d been a few years since it hard. By the end of Thursday May
challenge was made and accepted. they gave a training to the EPAB and it 24, we reported 108 new members to
The only thing that needed to be done was evident that we needed it. Nothing the Monarch group and to TAB.
was to do it. Five team captains is more important to an association Overall of the 27 associations in Texas
stepped up to the challenge and rallied than membership for with it you live, 20 participated and brought in over
their troops to hit the goal and exceed without it you die. Construction is way 1100 members statewide. Amarillo
it. It was going to be a blood fest if up across Texas but the Texas and Lubbock again were top dogs in
nothing else as the captains squared Association of Builders (as well as El the hunt, but El Paso was in the
off. The two days of action were just Paso) had lost members during these century club and had really scooted
around the corner. Each leader got good times. It was clear to the past bigger associations in the state.
their teams fired up. In the end what leadership that we needed to We grew by a whopping 72%.
seemed impossible was accomplished, invigorate the rolls and so we called Our gratitude goes out to all the
to surprise of a few who had thought on Rob and Kate to perform the magic. captains and the members who
the challenge was too hard. The EPAB had four teams: volunteered to do this drive. One
What was this? The Texas Edmundo Dena (Mundo’s Membership hundred and eight is a tremendous
Association of Builders (TAB) Maniacs), Sergio Cuartas (Los challenge as now we work on
Membership Drive. The El Paso team Fregones); Kelly Sorenson/Randy retention. To those members who
trained for this back in April as our Bowling; and the Edgar Garcia team. offered incentives we appreciate what
association hosted Rob and Kate As of this writing the team co-captains you did. We’ll provide a list of the new
Oliver with Monarch Direct Drive. This of Kelly and Randy took an early lead members and those contributors in the
is the same two who over the years and never looked back. However, next issue. Congratulations and
has brought success after success to both Edgar and Sergio battled for the welcome.
See more photos page 8 associations and chambers across the second spot while Team Dena worked -Ray Adauto

2 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 5

Planning for retirement?

If not now, when?

Introducing a retirement program
exclusively for members of the
El Paso Association of Builders.

Companies with less than ten participating

employees can benefit from:

• Substantial Cost Savings

• Employer and Employee Benefits
• Professional Retirement Planning Services
• $500 Tax Credits for First Three Years

Companies with larger numbers of participating

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Offer Expires May 1, 2018 employees can benefit the most from this exclusive program.
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Ruth Rivera
CFPA, C(k)P®
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2018 Issue 5 Builders Outlook 3



Social Media & WeBSiTe
conTenT ManageMenT

e-Mail neWSleTTeRS
Edmundo Dena
el Paso association of Builders


Enthusiasm fuels membership drive

ediToRial SeRViceS
There was nothing to lose and by now you know that we got assassins waiting until day one to
so much to gain. as the idea of a close, very close. We reported pounce on us. overall it was fun,
membership drive came around it 108 new members to TaB by the it was invigorating, and it was
was clear that el Paso would join. end of the drive. i’m sure others great.
We hadn’t done a drive in several will come in as we continue to Thanks also to Ray and
years and like Ray says this is shine in that great big number. Margaret as they try to put all the
the lifeblood of an association. Ray tells me that we came in work into something we can work
So off we went, four teams ready third in the state, beating every with. as one of the members
to do battle. everyone was other association except amarillo who helped get a couple of
enthusiastic and anxious to see and lubbock. They had 140 members said, “i never thought it
what would happen. it started each tying for first place. i’m could be this easy, all you have
with Kelly Sorenson and Randy sure someone will want a to do is ask.” He was right. Just
Bowling bringing over 25 new recount. remember if you didn’t bring a
members in the first two hours of i’d like to thank Sergio for his new member in then all you need
the drive. That got all of us enthusiasm. He was our spokes to do is ask them to join. You
excited and worried at the same person the last few weeks and he have better than a fifty-fifty
time. Would edgar garcia, Sergio was on email and texts like you chance. go ask today. Get Creative. Make it Snappy.
cuartas and myself be able to wouldn’t believe. Kelly, Randy 915•820•2800
match those numbers? i guess and edgar were more the silent
Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 5

A brief message
Message D
I only have one thing to say to the Membership Team and the Captains:

Ray Adauto,
Vice President c

W !
e r
rt th
s sta

new h o m e s
for el paso...
s il y f o u n d h e re SECURITY
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2018 Issue 5 Builders Outlook 5

Builder News

Home Prices Appreciate

at Slower Pace
n National home price
appreciation rose at a slower pace
in March as most metro areas
experienced a deceleration in price
S&P Dow Jones Indices
released the Home Price Index for
March. The Case-Shiller U.S.
National Home Price Index rose at
a seasonally adjusted annual
growth rate of 5.4% in March,
slower than the 6.8% increase in
The purchase-only House Price
Index from the Federal Housing
Finance Agency (FHFA) rose at a
seasonally adjusted annual rate of
0.6% in March, down from the
10.3% increase in February,
confirming the deceleration in
home prices.
In addition to tracking home
price changes nationwide, S&P
also estimated home price indexes
across 20 metro areas. In March,
the annual growth rates of the 20
metro areas ranged from -0.4%%
to 20.0%. Among the 20 metro
areas, Minneapolis led the way
with a 20.0% increase, followed by
Seattle with an 18.9% increase
and Las Vegas with 16.2%. Fifteen
of the 20 metro areas exceeded
the national average of 5.4% in
March. Cleveland had negative
home price appreciation (-0.4%) in
Moreover, the scatter plot below
compares the 20 major U.S.
metropolitan areas’ annual growth
rates in March 2018 and in
February 2018. The X-axis
presents the annual growth rates
in February 2018; the Y-axis
presents the annual growth rates
in March 2018. As shown in the
Figure 2, four of the 20 metro
areas, identified where the dots
are above the line, had an
acceleration in home price growth
while the national level and the
rest 16 metro areas, located below
the line, experienced the
The Federal Housing Finance
Agency (FHFA) released the
seasonally adjusted data for each
state and the District of Columbia
quarterly. Over the first quarter of
2018, the U.S. purchased-only
House Price Index rose at a
seasonally adjusted annual rate of
7.0% while the annualized growth
rates of each state and the District
of Columbia varied.
. There were 23 states where
house price growth exceeded the
U.S. average and 22 states where
house price growth was less than
the U.S. average but still positive,
while the rest 5 states and the
District of Columbia recorded a
decline in house prices over the
past year. Oregon lead the way
with an annualized growth of
16.7%, while Oklahoma had the
largest decline of 6.7%.
6 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 5
2018 Issue 5 Builders Outlook 7

Elliot Eisenberg
Economic & Policy

Jobs: They’re Not What They Used to Be u


During every business cycle, a whopping 22% for those with less than
economies experience job losses a high school diploma, 11% for those
followed by subsequent job gains such with a high school diploma, and by just
that, in time, all job losses are made up, 4% for those with some college (and this
and then some. Between January 2008 includes those with two-year degrees).
and February 2010, almost nine million More education clearly mitigates these
jobs were lost, but by January 2013 the negative employment trends.
number of employed Americans had What is so troubling is that Americans
almost fully recovered. The typical good without college degrees, who currently
news story, right? Not so fast; the comprise 60% of the labor force, lose
educational attainment of the persons employment opportunities regardless of
employed in the “recovered” jobs were where we are in the business cycle.
dramatically different than those in the Worse, many of the less educated men
“lost” jobs. This has profound social and who lose their jobs drop out of the labor
economic implications. force, depriving the economy of millions
While total employment was virtually of workers. At the same time, the
unchanged on January 2008 and national unemployment rate is at a
January 2013, millions of workers generational low, and employers are
without college degrees lost jobs and desperate for skilled labor. We will soon
never regained them. For example, the reach a point where GDP slows simply
number of employed Americans with less because of a lack of available workers.
than a high school diploma fell by Even though a college education is
roughly 1.6 million; the number of high immensely helpful, pushing all high
school graduates with jobs fell by about schoolers to go is a disservice. Worse,
2.8 million; and the number employed telling those that do not go to college
with some college, but no B.A. fell by that they are failures just compounds the
225,000. Over that same five years, the problem. As a result, more students go
number of college-educated Americans to college than ever before, but only 57%
with jobs increased by more than 4.3 of college freshmen complete their
million! degree within six years; many never
In the next five years of the expansion, finish. College should be seen as one
years 2013 through 2017, job growth option among many.
improved; 10.7 million jobs were created. Another approach is to increase the
While every educational group saw number of apprenticeship programs. At
gains, the distribution was again severely present, just 0.3% of the total US
skewed towards those with more workforce is in a registered apprentice
education. Those with less than a high program, while in Germany it’s almost
school diploma picked up 744,000 jobs, 4%, 12 times higher! These jobs pay
those with a high school diploma added well, and their graduates are far more
720,000 jobs, and employees with some likely to be fully employed.
college saw employment gains of 1.6 The nature of work is changing, and
million. However, college graduates new jobs increasingly demand better
scooped up 7.6 million jobs, or 71% of all skilled workers. Earning nothing more
new employment, despite being just than a high school diploma all but
36.5% of the labor force in January guarantees low wages and long spells of
2013. unemployment. While college is an
In short, college graduates gained excellent solution, stigmatizing those that

twice as many jobs as predicted by their do not go is harmful. To that end, giving
share of total jobs in January 2013. And high school graduates who are not
that percentage was already interested in college a wider variety of
meaningfully higher than the 33.6% that ways to gain vocational skills and

it was on December 2007, the eve of the demonstrate employability is critical.
Great Recession. As a result, the share
of jobs held by the other three
educational groupings declined. It fell by
2018 Issue 5

Membership Drive (continued from page 1)

Enter for a chance to win


towards the purchase of a new home!

SATURDAY 7•7•2018
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or Yo
our Real Esta
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10am - 4pm
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6101 Gateway Blvd We
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match a code that is controlled by the third party promotion company. There is no guarantee of a winner. Entrants must be 18 years or older. Entries will be
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A special one-day home buying extravaganza!
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home buyers at your exhibitor will begin 10 days prior to the

First Home Saturday - a home booth and receive contact data Bassett Place, with its central event and run until July 7. A social
Make plans now to participate in LOCATION

for visitors entering our location and ample parking, is a media campaign will also be
sweepstakes. perfect location for First Home launched two weeks before the
buying fair to be held at Bassett

Saturday. Recent demographic event.

Place on July 7.

• The highly promoted event is an • First Home Saturday is data indicates that this is an ideal
ideal opportunity to identify first specifically designed for venue to target first time buyers.
time home buyers and offer your affordable home builders and
services as they begin their those who wish to reach this Spaces are available for $477 -

search for a new home. valuable target market. The First Home Saturday Event includes a 6 foot table.

will open July 7 at 10:00 AM

• A special grand prize • The event is exclusively and conclude at 4:00 PM.
designed for Members of the $2500 Partnership Packages
sweepstakes promotion will be Exhibitors will be allowed to set
featured in all event advertising El Paso Association of up their booths starting at 9:00 include featured prominence in all
to help encourage a great turn- Builders only. Every participant PM Friday July 6 & Saturday July advertising and an exhibitor
out. must be a member of EPAB in 7 between 9:00AM - 9:30AM. booth.
good standing.
• By participating in First Home

Saturday, you will have the A media plan with extensive radio,

opportunity to meet first time television, and print advertising

SPACE TODAY! 915-778-5387
10 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 5

Mortgage Fed Holds Rates Steady, Stays on Track for June Increase
& Banking

“The Fed is telling markets that it won’t just having slightly slower growth” from a had moderated since the end of last year.
overreact to a run of higher numbers” in slightly faster pace of rate increases. It eliminated a line from the March
inflation readings, Ian Shepherdson, chief No sign of concerns over economic statement that declared “the economic
economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, growth outlook has strengthened in recent
wrote in a research note after the The chairman of the Fed, Jerome H. months,” but did not add any new
meeting, “just as it didn’t overreact to the Powell, and other officials are broadly language about risks to growth.
run of five straight downside surprises optimistic about the strength of the Officials said that “risks to the
last year.” economy but have noted some risks on economic outlook appear roughly
Several Fed officials have raised the horizon for growth — most notably a balanced,” a slight change from March,
concerns in recent weeks about the potential drag from a trade dispute with when they declared that “near-term risks”
By Jim Tankersley, New York Times economy’s “overheating” and publicly other nations, like China. Some appeared roughly balanced.
pondered whether the Fed may need to economists have also raised early Analysts read that as an endorsement
The Federal Reserve held interest pour on some cold water with higher concerns about slowing growth in of the economy’s staying power. “By not
rates steady at the conclusion of its two- interest rates. The concern is that if the Europe, which could affect the United referring to the slower G.D.P. growth in
day policy meeting on Wednesday and Fed does not raise interest rates quickly States, and about other market metrics the first quarter or potential risks from
acknowledged rising inflation, but it gave enough, wages and prices could begin to that could portend a slowdown, such as trade policy, the committee is
little indication that officials are worried spiral up, forcing a sharp rate increase the rise in Treasury bond yields. emphasizing that there are more signs of
about a sudden, rapid escalation in prices that could push the economy into There were few hints of those concerns strength than weakness in the economy,”
or an abrupt slowdown in economic recession. in this meeting’s statement. Ben Ayers, senior economist at the
growth that could alter its gradual pace of If such a situation arises, “it’s very hard The statement declared that “business insurance firm Nationwide, wrote after the
rate increases. to navigate that without having an fixed investment continued to grow meeting.
The Federal Open Market Committee’s economic downturn,” Eric Rosengren, the strongly” since the last Fed meeting,
unanimous decision not to raise rates so president of the Federal Reserve Bank of which was more bullish language than
quickly after a March increase had been Boston, said in an interview last month. the March statement. It noted, as it did in
widely expected. The official statement “My concern is that’s much worse than March, that household spending growth
from the committee gave no indication
that Fed officials plan to raise rates faster
than previously telegraphed.
Officials made only a few changes to
the language they had used after their
March meeting to describe inflation and
growth. Most notably, they acknowledged
that “on a 12-month basis, both overall
inflation and inflation for items other than
food and energy have moved close to 2
percent,” which is the central bank’s
stated target for inflation.
The Fed is midway through what is
meant to be a long and gradual push
toward historically normal rates. It raised
its benchmark interest rate in March to a
range of 1.5 to 1.75 percent. Economic
projections released at that meeting
indicated that officials were split on
whether they expected to raise rates a
total of three or four times this year, with
a narrow majority leaning toward three
Pioneer Bank understands

over all.
that time is preccious so we
Economists overwhelmingly predict that
offer products to help you
the Fed will next raise rates in June, but spend less tim me worrying
after that, the consensus begins to break
down. Some analysts say to expect four
about financess and more

total rate increases this year given the

th that matter
strength of the economy, including a
historically low unemployment rate.
Inflation has finally reached the Fed’s
Data released on Monday showed that
wages and prices are now growing at 2
percent a year, according to the Fed’s
preferred inflation measure, the personal An
An old
dd friend
old ffriend
i d with
with new
with new id
ddeas since
id i ee 1901.
since 1901
consumption expenditures price index.
Excluding volatile food and energy prices, Pioneeer Bank has been your
the rate is 1.9 percent. Those levels
FREE Checking
commmunityit bank
b k sincei 1901
1901. FREE Business Checking
indicate inflation is finally reaching the 2
When n you grow, we grow. Savings
percent target after six years of failing to
ness or personal, whatever Personal and
meet that goal.
your financial needs, we provide Commercial Loans
Officials acknowledged that increase on
solutions to help you succeed! Mortgage
g g Loans

Wednesday, but the statement suggested

Obtain your mortgage, car loan
Merchant Services
and credit card — then pay
that the Fed was not overwhelmingly thesee and additional bills from Internet & Mobile

concerned. The statement noted that

e Bill Pay. Pioneer Bank Banking

annual inflation “is expected to run near

rstands your needs and eStatements

the committee’s symmetric 2 percent

des the latest innovations Online Bill Pay

objective over the medium term.” The

in ban
nking! Remote Deposit

inclusion of “symmetric” is a sign that the

Fed could tolerate inflation running
slightly above 2 percent for a period of
N. M
esa S
N. M t.

The language is a change from the

esa S Trawood Dr.
Lee Trevino Dr.

Lee Trevino Dr.

March meeting statement, which said that



sler D

sler D

inflation and core inflation rates “have


continued to run below 2 percent” and

S. Re

S. Re


that annual inflation is “expected to move

N N N of $50 to open.. Each account
is insured by FDIC
DIC up to

up in coming months” and stabilize

7015 N. Mesa 6068 Gateway East 22990 Trawood $250,000. Services
vices vary
depending on account.
El Paso, TX 79912 El Paso, TX 79905 El Paso, TX 79905

around 2 percent.
See bank representative
Phone: (915) 782-2485 Phone: (915) 782-2400 Phoone: (915) 782-2470 for more details.

The statement on Wednesday also

eliminated a line from the March
statement that said “the committee is
monitoring inflation developments
www. i b
k .co
2018 Issue 5 Builders Outlook 11

Concerned about health


Premiums increasing
again this year?



Introducing a program
exclusively for members of
the El Paso Association of

As a member of the El Paso Association of

Builders you may qualify for the extremely
EPAB Health valuable benefits offered by the
Program EPAB Health Program.

Call today to get information about the new

HUMANA association medical coverage to
see how you can qualify for outstanding
Administered through coverage at a premium designed for you.

(915) 542-0900
(888) 269-0626
Hablamos Español
11240 Vista del Sol, El Paso Texas 79936
EPAB Membership
Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 5
Updated every month, here is a list of the 2018 EPAB Membership.
Remember to please do buinsess with fellow members.
The Heritage Group E.F. Building Materials, Inc MTI Ready Mix, Inc.
Builder members David Bingham Efren Fraire Tony Mullen
as of May 1, 2018 Trejo Construction Co. Eagle Roofing Products New American Funding
Juan Trejo Scott Aguilar Brenda Trillo
Bain Construction Tropicana Building Corp. El Paso Building Materials New Era Foam
Scott Bain Bobby Bowling IV Ken Wade George Tollen
Bella Vista Custom Homes, Inc. Tropicana Development El Paso Disposal Passage Supply
Edgar Garcia Greg Bowling Irma Parsons John Chaney
BIC Homes Tropicana Homes El Paso Mortgage Bankers Association Patriot Mortgage
Antonio Cervantes Randy Bowling Gilbert Pedregon Randy Bowling
Blue Star Construction Tropicana Properties El Paso Times Pella Windows
Carlos Villasana Demetrio Jimenez Sal Hernandez, Justin Riley Jason Bates
Bowling Construction Villagi Homes, LLC El Paso Truss Performance Glass & Aluminum
Randy Bowling Kristi Eddings Luis Mendiola Hector Hernandez
Carefree Homes Will Harvey Development
El Paso Winnelson Perl Mortgage
Richard Aguilar Will S. Harvey
Jesus Sanchez Steven Sepulveda
Casas De Leon, LLC Winton/Flair/Accent Homes
Ferguson Enterprises Inc. Pioneer Bank
Nick Bombach Herschel Stringfield
Albert Holguin Kathy Carrillo
Cisco Homes LLC Fire Smoke n Grill Post Tension Steel
Francisco Arroyos III Associate Members
Bill Owen Dennis Moore
Classic American Homes as of May 1, 2018
First American Bank Powerfoam Insulation
Priscilla Hernandez Louis Sauceda Arnie Pedersen
Crown Heritage Homes 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
First Light Federal Credit Union Prewire of El Paso, Inc.
Lydia Mlouhi James Hebert
Lorenzo Revelez Steven Drury
Cullers & Caldwell Builders 84 Lumber
First National 1870 Pride industries dba Pride Ascend
John Cullers Ernie Chavez
Haley Merritt Dr. Lonny Wright
Cullers Homes 915 Siteworks, LLC
Firth, Johnston, Bunn & Kerr Randall Smith, CPA
Jason R. Cullers Hugo Jasso
Dawco Home Builders Jay Kerr Randall Smith
ABC Supply Co., Inc.
Walter O. Lujan Foxworth Galbraith Lumber Rebath of El Paso/Las Cruces
Larry Eck
Deal 2 Deal Custom Homes Dan Villarreal Lisa Walling
Acme Brick Company
Delton Deal Franklin Building Materials Remcon Self Storage
Steve Bush
Del Rio Engineering, Inc. Cristina Sheldon Will Harvey
Adams Moulding & Lumber
Sal Masoud G2 Ram Electric Richman Group Affordable Housing
Tom Swahlen
Diamond Homes, LLC Luis Cano Corp.
Area Iron & Steel Works, Inc.
Valerie Baquera GCC Sun City Materials,LLC Kevin Hoffman
Fred L. Edmonston Jr.
Donald Ward Builder, Inc. Antonio "Tony" Chavez Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company
Atrium Homes
Donald Ward GECU- Greater El Paso Credit Union Dean Inniss
Ricardo Bocardo Jr.
E. Valencia Land Development LLC Danny Galindo Roe, Brad
Bank of Texas
Eddie Valencia GEPAR-Greater El Paso Assoc. of Bradley Roe
Ray Owen
Edward's Homes, Inc. Realtors Rudolph Chevrolet
Baron Supply
Eduardo Fernandez Jason Sanchez Mike Ruffin
David Trammell
EPT Bella Custom Dream Homes Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce Saldivar Electric, Inc.
Barragan & Associates
Leti & Javier Navarette David Michael Jerome Martin A. Saldivar
EPT Land Communities Benito Barragan
Harris Real Estate Group Sarabias Blue Sanitation
David Bogas Barrett Airworks
Lane Harris Monica Brown
Everest Homes Alexandro Castro
Haskins Electric Senercon
Edmundo Dena, Jr. Beasley, Mitchell & Co., LLP
Charles B. Haskins, Jr. Javier Ruiz
Fortune Custom Homes Brad Beasley
Home of Texas Sherwin Williams Paint
Javier Andrade BMC Select
Mark Smiley Cruz Lopez
Gaddy Construction Mike Catalino
Homes of El Paso Sierra Title Company
Charles Gaddy Boise Cascade
Riley Stephens Angelique Roman
GMF Custom Homes, LP Mike Flores
HUB International Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc.
Frank Torres Border Construction Specialties
Luis Rosas Ken Donham
Guel Construction Ricardo Yvellez
Inter National Bank Snappy Publishing
Rudy Guel Border Solar
Natalie Ojeda Ted Escobedo
Hakes Brothers LLC Javier Ruiz
Interceramic Tile & Stone Gallery Solar Smart Living
Chris Hakes Bukaty Financial Companies
David Holguin Larry Perea
Hanson Asset Management, LP Ruth Rivera
J & H Concrete & Post Tension Southwest Décor El Paso Corporation
Russell Hanson Builders Source Appliance Gallery
Jorge Herrera Chris Matthews
Homes by Design Sandra Lucero
Jack White Building Specialties Spectrum Technologies
Leslie Driggers Hoard C. D. Lee/Britton Insurance & Bonding
Claudia Lardizabal Miled Daou
Hunt Communities, LLC Anthony Landavazo/Lisa Daniels
Kathy Parry James L. Ellis, CPA, PC Stewart Title of El Paso
Casa Ford & Casa Nissan
ICON Custom Builder, LLC. Jim Ellis Cindy Bilbe
Luke Lowenfield
Carlos Garcia Jimmy Garza Emergency Water Removal StrucSure Home Warranty
CEA Engineering Group
Industrial Realty Group Incorporated Veronica Buchanan Scott Whisenant
Jorge L. Azcarate
Brent D. Harris Jobe Materials, LP Su Casa Magazine
Central Texas Metal Roofing Supply
JER Custom Homes, LLC Charlie Tellez Bob Skolnick
Jorge E. Rodriguez Joe Bernal Insurance & Financial Sun City Winnelson
Ben Garza, III
Kayton Lee Residential, Inc. Services, Inc. Dean Moore
Brianna Barnes Joe M. Bernal Texas Gas Services
Brent R. Morgan
Lloyd Hamilton Contruction Keenan Supply Mica Short
City Bank Texas
Lloyd Hamilton, III Nancy Rivas Texas Title Company
Bob Kotarski
LMJ Construction Co., LLC LCR Resources, Inc. Steve Raney
City Lights
Mike Lopez Ralph Sanchez TFCU
Thomas Brown
Loyalty Homes L & P Building Supply Yolie Melendez-Estrada
Cognent, Inc.
Gustavo Loy Denise McConnell The Dorian Group/Ocean Gallery USA
Martin Paredes
M A Builders & Design, LLC Legacy Real Estate Services/TTi Prop. Miguel Angel Mercado
Commercial Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Mustafa Ali Man. The Home Systems Heating & Cooling,
Metro Homes, Inc. Ken Foster
Patrick Tuttle Inc.
Conde, Inc.
Judith Arrunada, Fernando Torres Lone Star Title Co. of El Paso Jesus Chain
Millennium Homes Conrad Conde
Sam Trimble Trane Residential Solutions
Dan Ruth Copenhagen Imports
Love Engineering, Inc. Robert Meske/ Kathleen Chacon
Pacifica Homes, Inc. Flemming Carlsen
Montez Love TRE & Associates
Juan Jose Vasquez CQC Testing and Engineering,LLC
Majestic Realtors Linda Troncoso
Palo Verde Homes Jaime Rojas
Patti Mushorn Trim Team
Edgar Montiel Delek US dba 7 Eleven
MAK Roofing & Construction Juan & Kris Hernandez
Pointe Homes Sonja Scanlan
Felix Vizarreta USA General Contractors
Carlos Villalobos Demcon Disposal Management, LLC
Masco Contract Serv dba Gale Insul Javier Olmos
Porter Homes Maria Elena (Nena) Gomez
Tom Harmon Vision Consultants, Inc.
Albert Porter Desert Quest Plumbing
McCoy's Building Supplies Kelly Sorenson
R.C. Baeza & Associates Hector Gonzalez
Doug Danner WestStar Home Loans
Robert C. Baeza Dorney Security
Merrill Lynch Cinco Houghton
R.E. Welch Contractor John Dorney
Thomas Gabriel WestStar Bank
Gordon Welch Dunn-Edwards Paints
Mini Concrete Materials David Osborn
Rassette Homes, Inc. Nathan Gordon
Joe Soto WestStar Title
Donald Rassette
Santana Custom Homes Monster Link Marketing Rachel Valles
DWS Building Supply
Fernando Santana Raul Mendoza
Sabrina Voorhies
Southwest Land Development Serv. Morrison Supply
Doug Schwartz Sam Shallenberger
2018 Issue 5 Builders Outlook 13

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Young Designers awarded scholarships at special ceremony
14 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 5

Each year the EPAB through an investment

with the El Paso Community Foundation
awards scholarships to three students. Each
of them winners of the Young Designer
Competition, a hands-on design project that
starts at the start of the school year. We have
been fortunate to have two super energetic
instructors in Cecilia Orozco from the El Paso
Independent School District (EPISD) and Luisa
Valenzuela from El Dorado High School in the
Socorro ISD. Both Cecilia and Luisa are the
heart and soul of this competition because
they incorporate it into their curriculum. This
year the projects problem was outlined as a
single-family home, not more than 2200
square feet of livable space, two car garage
and fitting into a standard lot 50’ x 100’ and
following City of El Paso Codes. A complete
set of plans including elevations, HVAC,
electrical, foundation all on the plans and a
separate 3D model of the plan.
The results were outstanding as the judges
had difficulty narrowing down second and third
place. First place was pretty much a
unanimous as Franklin High Schools Collin
Whitener created what one of members
described as “better than his draftsman does.”
Second place went to senior Maximiliano
Morales of Coronado High while third went to
Anaide Lazcano of Irvin High School. All three
were winners last year as Junior’s. “I was
amazed and surprised” said Ms. Orozco. “The
problem was challenging, so much so I didn’t
have a junior participate because of how
specific the project was,” she continued.
The EPAB was also able to award $1250.00
to Collin, $1000.00 to Maximiliano and
$750.00 to Anaide. They must attend a
college, university or trade school in order to
cash the awards which are sent to the school’s
financial aid office for distribution. In addition,
we awarded an Honorarium to both Ms.
Orozco and Ms. Valenzuela, a special thank
you for all the work these teachers put into the
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