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Connection Guide


Step 1,
Plug Red wire into “+” , plug Black Wire into “-” .
Then Get the Wires through black heatsink middel Hole as Followed:

Step 2,
Use Three holes connectors to connect RED RED Wire , and Black Black Wire.

Step 3 ,
Connect Driver Blue wire with Black connector , Driver Brown wire with Red Connector.

Driver DIM black wire “ . DIM SWITCH “N” hole (The third hole) Connect with PLUG brown wire. DIM SWITCH “ L” hole( The second hole) connect with PLUG blue wire.Step 4 .”Connect DIM SWITCH ‘” 0V ” Driver DIM gray wire “ + ”Connect DIM SWITCH “ 10V ”(The third hole) Step 5 . .

Finish Step . Step 7 .Step 6. The plug green/yellow wire connect Driver green/yellow wire. The Plug blue wire connect Driver blue wire. The plug brown wire connect Driver brown wire.