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John T. Luke

Mrs. Cramer

Comp 1

Nov. 1, 2017

Erasing cursive from writing

My teacher in seventh grade said that the reason why I need cursive is because it’s a

form of writing that the high school will only accept, Until print style was allowed the first years

entering high school it wasn’t even mention of the word cursive like it was none existence.I'm a

senior now, I went through high school for four years and never once needed to write in cursive.

It's clear that cursive is a dying art style replaced with typing and normal printing. Which is such

a shame, it’s a dying style of writing because it has a lot of benefits like improved grammar,

word spacing, critical-thinking and coordination; it also shows it help's creatively and also, helps

us relate closer to the old documents in history that were written in cursive.

Cursive has been declining since 2010, when everyone has been adopting the common

core curriculum standards that don’t include writing. Cursiveis a practical skill, which can make

you take a faster approach than print since cursive connects and flows differently due to the

forced learned stroke order.Cursive also has the potential to boost test scores when it comes to

writing and grammar like on the SATcollege scores or general test scores to subjects that relate

says Robert Klose in the Christian science monitor document. In studies like the one in 2012 the

"James& Englehardt" brain study shows that learning to print letters is setting up a neural system

that underline reading by connecting shared neural systems in the human brain. They even said

that "writing as an indispensable help for children and their developing brains that read with
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proficiency. That’s why school that have thrown out teaching hand writing should bring it back."

this is proof that cursiveneeds more recognition before the worldlose another art style.

People who thinks that cursive isn't useful or isn'tan art style they must not now what

some of the most important documents in history was written likes the declaration of

independence or the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address, Magna Carta, Mayflower

compact, emancipation proclamation, and the inauguraladdress or other famous documents,

speeches like from GeorgeWashington, AbrahamsLincoln, John Kennedy or Martin Luther King.

The fact that public school is not teaching the student to read and write cursive would make the

documents in their original picture and text would be like reading a foreign language which

would make are history ineligible for us to read and apricate. Public school is pretty much

keeping the younger generation the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of each stroke, punctuation,

capital letter is basically what Jonathan W. Emord from USAToday said in his document why

the left curses cursive. Most parents and grandparents had to learn to write cursive while they

were in school but these days some people want to say that typing is more important than writing,

but not everyone think that since some schools in Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee are switching back

to making cursive a requirement. Since the world is entering a more technicalage where

computers are the main way to communicate the schools are prioritizing typing over hand


In today's age people use computer for everything that needs to be writtendue that type

instead of writing is more common and easier to read. Typing does have an advantage like being

less to learn. Now peopledon’t have to worry about grammar and misspelling.whentheytype,

now auto-corrected, which fixes all grammatical errors and spelling errors. It's harder to misplace,

since it’s online or on the computer in the files what you type can be found on the computer hard
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drives. Writing is neater to the eye.Typing out words is much cleaner and uniform than regular

print or cursiveis, writing them out as it all comes outrun even and sometimes ineligible. But

that’s something like that is fixable, Bereiter and Scardamlia in 1987 provided an explanation of

how novices can gradually master these highly demanding text productions, including fluency of

the linguistic processes in order to lessen the demands on a person'smemory'ssystem when it tries

to hold andmanipulate a large amount of information simultaneously." The studies show that this

technique does work but people who cannot master this will produces meager and inadequate

product. A great number of children and youth have severe problem with mastering the task of

composing a meaningful text. If these difficulties persist over time and reach a certain point, a

critical stage that seems as anexpression of a specific learning disability in writing given the

statistics it is important that teacher support children and youth in improving their ability to first

author simple stories and later attend to more sophisticated linguistic text form. In the insight to

learning disabilities says writing is a very complex neurodevelopmental process, and its intricacy

and unique nature make it difficult to determine exactly what to teach.

As prementioned in the first paragraph,"it’s a shame that cursive is becoming a dying

style of writing since it does have some benefits"like improved grammar, the flow and the way

itconstructs a sentence, helps during a critical thinking time, or just being creative and relating to

the way that the fore fathers of this country used to write. The argument of writing over typing is

still something that is still being debated, but there are some strong facts that protect the side of

keeping plus the pros out way the cons in the pros of writing gives peoplemore skills and the

knowledge to write without assistance from a computer or auto correct. Plus, when it comes to

signing a signature they want to you to know how write cursive. To sign for checks and other

important document and or proof of identity. When it comes to cursive there is a lot of reasons
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that everyoneshould know how to writecursive, but when it comes down to it is an important

writing style that can benefiteveryonein many ways.