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Ecuador is my country. Ecuador, officially known with Republic of Ecuador, is a one of
the country smallest around the world, located in South America. It limits to the east and
to the south with Peru, to the north whit Colombia and to the west with the Pacific Ocean.

Ecuador has more than 16 million inhabitants. The official idiom of Ecuador is the Latin
Spanish, nevertheless, in some provinces the habitants use the Kichwa.

Ecuador also has four natural regions and is known to be a multi-ethnic and pluricultural
country. Each natural region has characteristics that make them different and unique, such
as climate, culture, food, clothing, customs, and the beautiful landscapes and different
places we can visit with our families.

The first region natural is, the region Litoral o Coast. This region has a weather warm and
dry to the south and a weather tropical wet to the north of the coast. Being the coast region
of Ecuador the home of a rich culture and tradition, it has typical clothes that today are
still present in some inhabitants. Usually the clothes at coast region are varied and colorful
but very similar in the some provinces. Men usually dress white and women dress long
and colorful dress with beautiful necklaces and earrings. They also then dress with
comfortable and fresh clothes because the heat of the region, such as, short skirts, blouses,
shorts, t-shirt etc. The coast region is attractive and much known for its beaches and its
delicious typical foods such as are the encebollado, ceviche, fried fish, crabs, shrimp, ect.
This regions is very interactive and fun for you can visit.

The second natural region is, the region Interandina o Sierra. This region has a weather
varied such as: tropical Andean, subtropical Andean, temperate, cold and glacial.
Traditional clothing in the Ecuadorian highlands is made up of ancestral costumes that
are very popular and often worn by indigenous people. As for the dresses used by the
women of the sierra are very particular, the skirts are very large, embroidered, pleated
and made in wool of strong colors. The region of the sierra is very popular for its big
mountains, beautiful lakes and its wonderful landscapes. This region also has delicious
typical foods as roasted cuy, hornado, locro, fanesca, sopa de quinua etc. This region is
wonderful and quiet, you will fall in love of its diverse culture.

The third regions is, the region Oriental or Amazonan. This region has a weather tropical
and temperate. The traditional clothes in the amazon region is usually shorts, long blouses

Cristhian González Beltrán

of various colors, which they themselves make. This outfit is worn by men and women.
Why is the amazon region beautiful? Well, the amazon region is beautiful because has
big and impressive jungles, forest tropical, waterfalls and wonderful wild life. In terms of
typical foods, the most representative typical dishes of the Amazon region are:
Patarashca, Arepas de casabe, tortillas de casabe, sopa de casabe, chicharrón de pirarucú,
bolitas de pirarucú, sancocho de gallina con ají ti kuna, mojojoy, fariña, gamitana a la
parilla, etc.

The fourth and no less important region is, the region Insular or Galapagos. This region
has a weather cold and dry. The clothes of this region is similar to the other regions in
special with the clothes of the Coast region. the typical foods in galapagos region are:
Arroz marinero o con mariscos, bacalao con papas típico de Galápagos, receta de bolón
de verde galapagueño, bolón con maíz frito, ceviche de canchalagua, langosta espinosa
típica de Galápagos. This regions is beautiful and popular for its unique fauna and flora
around the world.

What place would you like to visit in Ecuador?

In my opinion, you should visit the coast region, this region is wonderful because has
many delicious typical foods and places incredible as the beaches. The Coast region is
the place most appropriate for you and your family.

Cristhian González Beltrán