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INSIDE Zero Waste - Gasification Pilot
this week
Project Ready To Roll At Evergreen

Regional Win
For Rugby


Mission Trip
To Puerto Photo by Darryl Holyk

A $350,000 grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund will result
Rico in a zero-waste pilot project to the local regional waste management facility.

SUBMITTED Sigma Professional Engineering, located in to grow local produce throughout the entire
Florida. year in our northern climates.”

F or the first time in Manitoba, a zero-waste
system is being tested at the regional land-
fill site owned and operated by Evergreen En-
“The “zero waste system” that is provided
by the process of gasification results in a highly
efficient means of disposal of nearly 100 per-
In partnership with Eco-West Canada, the
Southwest Regional Development Corpora-
tion and with the support of the Association of
If your label reads vironmental Technologies (EET), located be- cent of municipal waste,” said Monty Peckover, Manitoba Municipalities, the pilot project was

18/06/30 tween the Towns of Minnedosa and Neepawa
in the Rural Municipality of Minto-Odanah.
chair of Evergreen Environmental Technolo-
gies and councillor for the R.M. of Minto-
awarded a $350,000 grant from the Federation
of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal
It’s time to renew This project is a joint initiative between Odanah. “We are looking forward to seeing the Fund. The system consists of an individual
your subscription! EET’s municipal partners who began to explore results and being able to save money for our ‘zero waste’ unit, based in a standard shipping
the possibility of developing a regional waste communities while, at the same time, protect- container. Each unit will be able to process up
204-867-3816 to value-added project back in 2015 after being ing the environment. I also look forward to the to 12 to 20 tonnes of municipal solid waste per
made aware of technology designed by Celtic future use someday of the syngas energy to be day.
Power and Machining based in Rapid City and converted to other uses such as a greenhouse Continued on Page 2

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2 Friday, June 1, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Three Young Recipients To Benefit From Jamboree
By HiLLary MiLLer nipeg, MB. He is the son boree hopes to donate at
of Brennan McNabb and least $10,000 to each recip-

T he 2018 Little Valley
Jamboree will return to
Erickson on Father’s Day
Marly McNabb-Abel.
Brigham, like Laina, has
been diagnosed with
ient family. The money is
typically presented in the
fall once all of the dona-
weekend. Three recipi- Global Developmental tions are in, and expenses
ents have been chosen to Delay, and has been giv- have been paid. “We are so
benefit from funds raised en a definite diagnosis of fortunate to be able to raise
at this year’s two-day jam- 17q12 micro duplication, these funds every year, the
boree. They include Laina which is a rare genetic dis- generosity of our commu-
Boyd, Brigham McNabb order. Brigham’s cerebel- nities is so heartwarming,”
and Brody Hall. lum has developed fully, said Woychyshyn, “We
Laina is six years old, but abnormally, and he receive many donations
and is from Onanole, MB. has cysts on his brain. He Brigham McNabb Brody Hall Laina Boyd from businesses and peo-
Her parents are Derek has intellectual and learn- ple, in my mind this is what
and Kristel Boyd. Laina ing delays, which causes makes our event possible.”
has been diagnosed with poor speech and gross and Brody Hall, the third portunities as is financially of a child needing financial This year, the Little
Global Developmental De- fine motor skills, and he recipient, is two-years-old possible, to help him be help to cover medical ex- Valley Jamboree will once
lay, which affects many as- is also affected by muscle and is also from Winnipeg, his best self through pri- penses. Woychyshyn said again be held indoors at
pects of her life, especially tone weakness. He is fas- MB. He is the son of Dan vate therapy, specialized that when families are no- the Erickson Rec Centre
her cognitive ability. With cinated with the big trac- and Michelle Hall, and he equipment and technol- tified that they have been (the curling rink). “This
this, she also has delayed tors and machines that he was born with no com- ogy, communication de- chosen as recipients, their was a tough decision for
gross and fine motor skills sees and hears when he plications. However, at vices, and even the best immediate reaction is of- our group to make,” ex-
due to hypermobile joints visits but nothing com- just nine days old, he was medications for seizure ten one of shock, but they plained Colleen. “We all
and weak muscle tone. pares to the excitement admitted to hospital for control. are very appreciative and love the outdoor event, but
Laina’s communication is Brigham has when some- breathing distress, change Colleen Woychyshyn, grateful for the kind ges- because of the uncertainty
also limited. Her family one takes him for a ride on in skin tone, and disinter- who has stepped up to ture. of weather, we have decid-
is interested in providing one. Brigham’s mom said est in eating. Brody fought work with Rod and Evelyn As for what to expect ed to be indoors again this
therapies that help her bet- that Brigham would ben- for his life, having 55 sei- Lewandoski to organize at this year’s jamboree, year.”
ter manage the challenges efit from weekly visits to zures in a six-day period. this year’s jamboree ex- Colleen noted that while Great attendance
of her day-to-day life, like his speech therapist to ad- He has been diagnosed plained how the recipients there will be no major numbers last year assured
interacting with her peers, dress his language needs with Cortical Visual Im- are chosen. “With things changes from year’s past, that rain and nasty weather
attending to school work, so he is able to communi- pairment (Cortical Blind- being fairly confidential there will be a couple of does not keep people from
and being able to express cate his wants and needs ness), Cystic Leukomala- these days, it is some- surprises in store to help attending this important
her frustrations and needs more affectively. As well cia, microcephaly, seizures times hard to hear of kids entertain the children in fundraising event which
in gentle ways. With the as more visits to his physio and Global Developmen- in need, and other years attendance. “We couldn’t is now in its 21st year. It is
support of Little Val- and occupational therapist tal Delay. Brody thrives on we can be overwhelmed have this event without our hoped that that generous
ley Jamboree, her family for motor skill develop- movement and is happi- to hear of many families bands,” mentioned Col- support will continue for
would like to explore some ment. Unfortunately, these est when he is “on the go”, needing financial help to leen. “All the bands are vol- this year, no matter what
alternative programs, such therapies are only offered whether that be on his ride pay for medical expenses,” unteers and that’s a huge Mother Nature may offer
as Equine Assisted Learn- once a month through on toy, his walker or hold- said Colleen. A commit- part of why we can give the up!
ing and Music Therapy. Children’s Rehab, and pri- ing our hands. Brody’s tee member for Little Val- amount of financial sup-
Brigham McNabb is vate therapy is extremely parents hope to continue ley Jamboree is often con- port we do to the recipi-
a four-year-old from Win- costly. to give Brody as many op- tacted by friends or family ents.” The Little Valley Jam-

Gasification Project To Start At Evergereen
Continued from Page 1 while creating a syngas have had several positive cleaner air, a less polluted Carberry. Together, these
through the gasification environmental impacts, environment in the prox- partners have a combined
myCommunity This process can con- process. such as reducing green- imity of landfills, a bet- population of just under
Neighbours Indeed
vert almost 100% of un- Throughout North house gas emissions and ter quality of life for area 13,000.
Be a Neighbour... sorted municipal waste America, it has been dem- eliminating the need for residents, and can in some The zero-waste pilot
And announce into recyclable materials onstrated that gasification expanding local or region- cases also create skilled project is expected to be
these special events
to your community such as metal and glass waste treatment systems al landfills. The result is jobs for the operation of operational shortly, where
the gasification system. all the required testing will
●Birth of Child Opened in 2003, EET be conducted to deter-
landfill currently serves the mine long-term viability
●Wedding Anniversaries R.M.’s of Minto-Odanah, of the technology and to
25th, 40th, 50th, 60th
Elton and North Cypress- ensure all the provincial
●New home residency Langford and the Towns of regulations and standards
You may qualify for a Minnedosa, Neepawa and are met.

personalized keepsake
gift offer compliments
of local business and
professional sponsors
When you support the businesses in your
Minnedosa Pharmacy
Glenndosa Glass 1990 Ltd. home community, those businesses can NOTICE
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return the favour by providing donations Services to Seniors &
Integra Tire and sponsorships to events, attractions, Minnedosa Handivan
Heritage Co-op
Minnedosa Tribune programs and athletics in your Office is Closed June 11th - 22nd.
Gateway Motel community. Without your support, For assistance leave a message
Be part of your Community! those businesses cannot give
Contact Tillie Johnson back to the things which make
Lifeline 1-888-387-1215
204-867-3414 a community a great place to live! (12-2)
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 1, 2018 3

Girls Claim Westman Rugby Title
By HILLARY MILLER provincial championships members joining the team. at the end of August, going
on Friday, June 1st and The Chancellors team into September and early

T he Minnedosa Chan-
cellors Girls’ Rugby
team has done it again.
Saturday, June 2nd. These
games will be hosted by
Crocus High School in
members are not only
from Minnedosa and come
from the four high schools
October. She noted that
this “gives new players a
look into the game and a
They earned the 2018 Brandon. in the Rolling River School chance to learn some skills
Manitoba High School According to Kath- Division. before the fifteen-a-side
Rugby Westman Varsity leen Muirhead, the team’s Muirhead feels that season begins.” The Chan-
Girls Championship title coach, competing at the the team excelled specifi- cellors school team will
this past weekend, win- provincial level will ben- cally in their defense, and start up again in January
ning their final game with efit the team because it will moving the ball out wide, for its 2019 regular rugby
a score of 41-19 against provide the players with with an ability to remain season.
the Dauphin Clippers. The more experience in playing calm, even when they are
team also earned this title those “big” games. “I have down in score or not play-
in 2014 and 2017. The Var- many key players who will ing to their potential. “This At right,
sity Boys championship be graduating this year,” takes a lot of focus and the Minnedosa
title went to the Crocus stated Muirhead. “But I am ability to keep up a high Chancellors Girls
Plainsmen. confident the players in work ethic on the pitch,” celebrate their victory
The recent girl’s league grades 10 and 11 will step she said. following a home
championship game was up and those in grade 9 Over the summer,
game win Saturday.
held at the MCI field on continue to learn and gain Muirhead said there will
Saturday, May 26th at 1:30 experience.” There will be be seven-a-side rugby
p.m. With this win, the six team members gradu- games with players from
girls now move on to the ating this year, with new Rivers and Elton, starting Photo submitted

The Dreaded Tick Returns
By HILLARY MILLER as they enjoy the shade. sis include fever, anemia be followed up on with a
This does not mean, how- (pale gums) and jaundice. health care professional.

T ick season is upon us
once again. Those
creepy-crawly critters that
ever, that they cannot be
found within town limits,
where mowed lawns are
According to Dr. Skel-
ton, Lyme Disease in pets
most commonly presents
Dr. Skelton said that
this year they have only
had a couple of diagno-
both annoy and disgust prevalent. Ticks can strike itself in the form of a sore ses of Lyme Disease, but
most people are back, and anywhere. or lame leg, but most dogs the season is early yet and
they are showing no mer- At the Vet Clinic, Dr. that are diagnosed with more cases will likely arise.
cy. Skelton notes that despite Lyme Disease show no She recommends
According to Dr. popular belief, this year symptoms. Rare cases in tick prevention methods
Regan Skelton of the does not have any more or dogs can affect the kidneys, for pets such as a topi-
Minnedosa Veterinary any less ticks than she has so if unsure, take your pet cal or oral medication or
Clinic, the Minnedosa area seen in other years. The A Deer tick before feeding (left) to the vet for a check up. vaccinations. The topi-
will specifically see wood tick population in 2018 is and after feeding (right). In humans and horses, cal medications are often
ticks and deer ticks. These similar to past years. however, Lyme Disease over-the-counter, but the
pests often prefer longer With ticks come a few mals and humans alike. with Anaplasmosis in the can have more drastic con- other medications do re-
grasses and wooded areas, possible illnesses for ani- Dr. Skelton has seen Lyme past had more of a travel sequences so this should quire prescriptions.
Disease, which she cites history, but she is now see-
as the most common, and ing an increase in cases of
business of also Anaplasmosis. Typi-
cally, animals diagnosed
animals who do not travel.
Symptoms of Anaplasmo-
the month
Minnedosa Chamber of
thanks this business for its’ contribution to
the business community

May 2018
Dari Isle


The Minnedosa Chamber of Commerce is excited to name the
Dari Isle as its Business of the Month for the month of May.
The Dari Isle has been a summer staple in Minnedosa since 1965,
and boasts strong community involvement. The business tries to
become involved in many summer activities, including the Canada
Day Beer Gardens, and it sponsors many more events. The business BLOWN IN ATTIC INSULATION
is a family friendly location and is very affordable. Opening every POLYUREA FAST SET
year in late April, and remaining so until the fall, the
Dari Isle is a must-stop spot in Minnedosa.
For more information call:
Next Chamber meeting: Thursday, June 14th at the Golf Course 204-867-7264 or 204-212-0232
(lower level) Email: (4-ALT-TFN)
4 Friday, June 1, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Darryl a.Holyk - PublisHer anD eDitor

Around Will Municipalities Be “Whipped”?
Letters to
Dear Editor, In effect, municipalities that

succumb to the Province’s wishes

M anitoba Community News-
paper Association (MCNA)
will be “whipped.” Such current
and future councils will be forced

the Editor
member Ken Waddell recently to accept Provincial decisions on
pointed out how the party alle- where the livestock industry can
By Darryl Holyk giance and whip system creates expand. Both municipalities and
barriers and constraints to individ- the public will have no say, never
ual MLAs representing the varied mind a “fair say.”
Thank a paramedic... needs of their constituents. Earlier, he also pointed out Surely, councillors are more intelligent than that.
A huge “hats off” salute to our local paramedics as that a lack of consultation also impedes the development Surely, they will understand the trap that has been set for
we recognize Paramedic Services Week in Manitoba, May of good legislation. For example, in creating Bill 19, the them and their constituents. Surely, they will be able to
27th to June 2nd. These dedicated men and women are MCNA was left out. Municipal Affairs Minister Jeff Whar- see through the ruse of Bill 19 and conclude that to fol-
no longer just ambulance drivers as in the past. Today, ton admitted that ONLY the livestock and aggregate in- low the provincial Cabinet’s agenda they will be putting
they are the first responders who often perform critical dustries and the Association of Manitoba Municipalities themselves and rural people at risk. Will councilors who
life saving procedures on scene before transporting pa- leadership were consulted prior to Bill 19 being drafted. live in the rural agriculture zone want to risk waking up
tients to a health centre. Despite considerable valid opposition from the one morning to find a hog factory or large feedlot being
newspaper sector, the planner’s association, a reeve, and built next door and have no say?
the public at the legislative committee hearings as well as Waddell’s alarm about how the public’s voice can,
Mavs in lead... over 17,300 petitioners to date, emails, phone calls and and is now being, ignored by the Provincial government
The Minnedosa Mavericks are off to a great start in other protestations, Cabinet continues to force Bill 19 should be heeded. As journalism student Will Reimer
the Santa Clara Baseball League 2018 regular season. through the legislature to ensure it passes. Backbencher told the legislative committee, “changes like this, once
After four games, they are in the lead even though they MLAs will have to tow the line or face repercussions. passed, are very difficult to repeal. As someone who has
suffered their first loss Tuesday night when the Portage Minister Wharton sells Bill 19 as a way to give mu- studied history, I understand that the privileges of living
Padres defeated them 9-2. So far, the Mavericks have won nicipalities a “fair say.” Does he really think that munici- in a free and democratic society are rarely taken away all
games against Ebb and Flow 9- 5, Neepawa 10-5 and Aus- pal councillors are that stupid? That they can be so easily at once. Rather, they are chipped away by pieces of legis-
tin 10-3. The Mavericks are scheduled to host the Dau- seduced into giving up their autonomy and control over lation such as section 25,” of Bill 19 that gives municipali-
phin Brewers on the home field tonight (Friday, June 1st). where hog factories and large livestock operations can or ties the ability to choose not to publish notices of public
cannot be built by eliminating the now mandatory con- hearings in newspapers.
Ag social... ditional use process for livestock operations from devel-
opment plans and zoning by-laws? Does he think that
If councillors allow themselves to be seduced into
giving away control over industrial livestock expansion
The fourth annual Party in the Dirt fundraising social forcing municipalities to review their plans and zoning and erode democracy, what’s next?
was hosted by the Minnedosa Ag Society last Saturday by-laws will foster positive relations between councilors
evening. The evening featured music by D and D Music and the people they represent? Ruth Pryzner
Factory, a bar, BBQ, popcorn and a varierty of prizes up Alexander, MB
for grabs as a door prize and silent auction. The evening is
hosted as a fundraiser for the Ag Society which is gearing
up to host its annual fair Fun Fest weekend. The Ag Barn
will also be utilized for Safe Grad and at least one wed-
MCNA Welcomes Changes To Bill 19
ding this summer. SUBMITTED forded public notice is a democratic right of the people of
RFM Tournament...
The 8th annual Par 3 Rockin’ the Fields Tournament
T he Manitoba Community Newspapers Association
(MCNA) has applauded the provincial government
for its move to amend Bill 19, The Planning Amendment
On Tuesday. May 29th, the provincial government
and Hon. Jeff Wharton, Municipal Relations Minister, ta-
bled amendments in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly
was held at Minnedosa Golf and Country Club on Satur-
Act, so that Manitoba municipalities will still be required withdrawing sections 19.2 and 25 of Bill 19, which dealt
day, May 26th. 170 golfers took to the course during the
to place public notices in local newspapers. with public notice. Unanimous consent was required and
tournament. Low overall winners were Geoff Gregoire
Bill 19, as originally written, would have eliminat- was given. Final reading and voting on the newly amend-
and Gerri Cook, who won a chip-off to take top spot
ed the requirement for governments to place notices ed bill was to take place yesterday, Thursday, May 31st.
over Carole Dalrymple. Golf Pro, Patrick Law, reports
in newspapers, which would have limited the ability of However, the MCNA notes that Bill 8, The Govern-
that there were many quality shots earning many golfers
many Manitobans to learn of the activities and plans of ment Notices Modernization Act, which will be consid-
some fantastic prizes. One shot he pointed out was Mitch
local government. MCNA lobbied all political parties, the ered this fall by the Manitoba Legislature, also eliminates
Burgess’ tee shot on the 17th hole which found the bot-
Association of Manitoba Municipalities, and appeared requirements that notices be posted in local newspapers.
tom of the cup for a hole in one!
before the standing committee to argue that being af-

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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 1, 2018 5

Locals Join CP Strike l d
L ocal employees joined
the over 3,000 Canadi- Ye O
an Pacific conductors and
locomotive engineers in
picketing earlier this week.
Members of the Team-
sters Canada Rail Confer-
ence voted 94.2% to autho-
rize strike action in April
and voted 98.1% to reject
CP’s final offer Friday. The
workers went on strike 1888 – Some “remedies” advertised in The Tribune:
late Tuesday night after Paine’s Celery Compound, Burdock Blood Bitters, Camp-
months of failed negotia- bell’s Tonic Elixir and Hacyard’s Pectoral Balsam.
Local picketers were 1898 – A man, said to be of unsound mind, was wan-
seen along Main Street and dering about Clanwilliam, frightening farmer’s wives
2nd Avenue N.W. in and and daughters. He was brought before Police Magistrate
around the Minnedosa rail Cuttle and sent to Brandon for six months for vagrancy.
yard Wednesday morning.
The strike ended
Wednesday afternoon af- 1918 – There was an auto collision at the corner of Main
ter a four-year tentative and Catherine Streets on Saturday between machines
agreement was reached owned by Miss Rutherford and a man from Neepawa.
between CP and the union. The damage was not heavy and the Neepawa man of-
fered to cover the cost. No one was hurt.
Photo by Darryl Holyk

Our Confusing 1958 – Minnedosa Fire Department ran into a snag
when it answered a call to a chimney fire Monday morn-
ing. A train crossing Main Street blocked the fire engine

English Language Recreation
for 22 minutes. The fire crew eventually drove a mile
around the town and arrived at the scene of the fire a
half-hour after the alarm had been sounded.
This poem, titled Queen’s English, is reprinted from
the May 15, 1958 edition of The Minnedosa Tribune. It ERIN HOUCK 1968 – Minnedosa Dental Clinic, Dr. W.G. Graham is
originally appeared on an enamelled blotter published by pleased to announce that Dr. G.P. Greeves is now associ-
Battley Brothers Ltd, well known printers of London, Eng- ated with the local practice of dentistry.

We’ll begin with box, the plural is boxes,
But the plural of ox is oxen, not oxes.
H i everyone! Busy things happening at the Rec Office.
Taren Hildebrand is back as our Summer Coordina-
tor and registration for Day Camps is in full swing. Also,
1978 – The R.M. of Odanah will provide grants in the
amount if $100 to Fun Fest Inc. and $50 to the Minnedosa
Rodeo Society.
One fowl is a goose, but two are called geese, some great art classes coming up instructed by Marlies
Yet the plural of moose is never meese. Soltys that we are super pumped about. Still a few spots,
You may find a lone mouse, or a whole nest of mice, and I mean few, for swimming lessons so if you are still 1988 – Last Friday, over 175 MCI students helped
But the plural of house is houses, not hice. wanting to sign up - don’t wait!  transport their secretary, Irene Mansbridge, home for
If the plural of man is always men, With the NHL Playoffs being in the finals (go caps!) lunch by placing her on a stretcher and funnelling her
Why shouldn’t the plural of pan be called pen? we will be sending out the payouts from the Sports Din- down two rows of students to her doorstep four blocks
If I speak of a foot and you show me two feet, ner Hat Auction soon. For Dan and Brock Johnson the away from the school. The Ordeal was part of Canada’s
And I give you a boot, would a pair be called beet? outcome of the finals won’t make a difference to their Fitweek, Most Outrageous Group Activity (MOGA).
If one is a tooth, and a whole set are teeth. payout as they have both Vegas and Washington hats.
Why wouldn’t the plural of booth be called beeth? Good prediction, fellas! 1998 – Minnedosa will be stepping into the forefront
If the singular’s this and the plural is these, Keep an eye out for the Canada Day schedule that of community economic development with the hiring of
Should the plural of kiss ever be keese? will be out shortly. And remember that this day wouldn’t the town’s economic development officer, Wade King.
We speak of a brother and also of brethren, be possible without help from our lovely volunteers so
But though we say mother, we never say methren. please reach out to me if you would like to be a part of
Then the masculine pronouns are he, his and him, this glorious day!
2008 – Construction is underway on a community
stage in the northeast corner of Tanner’s Crossing Park.
But imagine the feminine, she, shis and shim.
In addition to the stage, volunteers have also planted 25
So what?
trees of various species in the park to add to its overall

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6 Friday, June 1, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Horticultural Society Newdale News
Hosts Plant Sale By Raven’s Glen WI ter Smith), Dennis, Leslie
(May), Darcy (Denise) and
years in the Strathclair dra-
ma and dinner chorus.

N ewdale Horticultural
Society had their an-
nual Plant Sale on May
Emil, who farms the home
A good crowd attend-
Wendy Rose partici-
pated in the MS Run on
May 26th as part of Linda
23rd at the hall. Those at- ed the final season ticket Moffatt’s team. This group
tending were able to select performance at the Bend has joined the run for
from annual plants and Theatre in Strathclair on many years now. Congrat-
many perennials to get Saturday, May 26th. The ulations as they raise funds
their gardens going. The Prairie Blend Men’s Choir for MS research.
door prize winners were from Brandon and area A group of ladies from
Eva Merry and Enid Clark, was conducted by Deanna town joined the bus tour
as well as Zelda Firby from Ginn and accompanist on from Minnedosa to at-
Minnedosa. The 50/50 piano was Leanna Mitch- tend “Cavalia Odysseo”
draw was won by Kathy ell. They presented a large in Winnipeg on Sunday,
Baker. The members range of selections from May 27th. A fantastic show
Photo by Hillary Miller
served dessert and coffee Classical to Mexican to Ca- featuring over 30 horses
Shoppers look over some of the plants available for sale at the during the afternoon. nadian folk songs to sev- out of a stable of 70 horses
We send our sincere eral familiar tunes. It was that they travel with. There
Horticultural Society’s annual plant sale at the United Church Hall.
sympathy to the Zariwney nice to see Poul Jensen, were acrobats, high wire
family on the sudden pass- who grew up in Newdale, performers and amaz-
By Hillary Miller to enjoy dessert, coffee, who donated plants to the ing of their mother and as a member. Poul went to ing dancers, with all these
and a visit with friends and sale in support of the Hor- grandmother Helen Zari- school in Strathclair and is acts joined by the beautiful

O n Thursday, May 17th,
the Minnedosa Hor-
ticultural Society held its
Available at the sale
were all types of plants in-
ticultural Society.
The plants that were
left over following the sale
wney last week. Helen,
and her late husband Fred,
the brother of Lisa Vascon-
selos. Poul was in several
white horses.
Raven’s Glen WI mem-
came to the Newdale dis- Drama Productions while bers met on Thursday, May
annual plant sale at the cluding a great variety of were sold a few days later trict when they bought the in school. Stan Runions 24th and planned their
United Church Hall. Right annuals, perennials, veg- during the Town-wide Ga- Andy Hendry farm south was also one of the choir June outing as we take a
from the moment the sale etable transplants, bulbs, rage Sale, where the group of town in 1961. They had members who we are very summer recess to meet
started, the room started planters, house plants and managed to get rid of just five children, Angie (Pe- familiar with from his again in September.
to fill with gardeners, all succulents. about everything!
eager to make their homes Members of the Hor- Proceeds from the sale
and gardens a little green-
Albert Parsons es-
ticultural Society work
hard to pot the plants for
the sale, set up the venue,
will help the Horticultural
Society fund its two up-
coming shows and other
Every Plate Full Campaign
timated that about 100 and work during the event. projects. The next event sUBMITTeD the country are unable to From May 28th to June
people attended the hour- Parsons noted that the hosted by the Horticultural keep up with the demand. 8th, food banks across
and-a-half event, and
about half of them stayed
group greatly appreciates
that many non-members
Society will be the annual
Peony Show in late June. T housands of Canadi-
ans face hunger every
year and food banks across
Especially in the summer
months. This year, we’re
facing hunger head on. 
Canada will come togeth-
er to participate in  Every
Plate Full with an inspiring
goal: to fill the plates of ev-

When planning your wedding,
ery hungry Canadian this
18061MM4 Food donations are
visit The Minnedosa Tribune for:
at their lowest from June
S. WILSON CONSTRUCTION to August, and food assis-
COMPLETE DISPERSAL 2 DAY SALE tance organizations find
their shelves often close
Visit Our Website For Photos & Details.
Invitations to empty at a time when the need doesn’t diminish.
Envelopes RILEY (306)541-9238 1-800-263-4193 The #EveryPlateFull cam-
Mailing Labels Choose the Alternative – McDougall Auctioneers! paign aims to raise aware-
Social Tickets McDougall Auctioneers Ltd. Provincial License Number 319916.
ness of the continued need
for support while asking
Thank You Notes
Canadians to help raise the
Keepsake Bookmarks food and funds that food
Place Cards Municipality of Harrison Park banks and provincial food
and more! DUST CONTROL PROGRAM bank organizations need
to get them through this
challenging period.
Dust Control is available on municipal roads To show support for
in front of residential property sites in the Canada’s hungry and raise
awareness of this cam-
Municipality. paign, Food Banks Cana-
da is asking Canadians to
Applications & details are available at the support their local food
Municipal Offices in both Onanole and bank in a number of ways:
Newdale. Therefore, the Minnedosa
and Area Food Bank are
organizing a monetary
Classic or contemporary designs available to fit Please call 204-848-7614 or 204-849-2107, food drive for June 1st and
email, 2nd. Board members will
the liking of every Bride and Groom! or contact us in person. be sitting in the entry of
the Heritage Co-op dur-
ing these days “catching”
The Minnedosa Tribune DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS shoppers to make a dona-
14 3rd Avenue S.W. P: (204) 867-3816 June 8, 2018 tion to the Food Bank.
Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 E: (11-2)
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 1, 2018 7

Fun And Games At MCI Carnival

Photo by Hillary Miller
The bouncy castle was a popular attraction for
some of the youngest visitors at the carnival.

By Hillary Miller leapt over this hurdle with had worried that the hot
grace. weather may have hin-

T he students in the According to MCI dered people from coming Photo by Hillary Miller
Minnedosa Collegiate C.H.A.N.G.E.’s President, out, but in the end, they Carnival goers tried to hit the bull’s-eye during the Sponge Toss event.
Institute’s C.H.A.N.G.E Emily Pearson and mem- did not find that this was a
Group went above and be- ber Rayna Topham, the problem. However, in an-
yond the call of duty, when group ended the day with ticipation of the hot day, to many of the games and carnival included a can- are sent to people interna-
they held their fourth an- a profit of $1,855. The girls the C.H.A.N.G.E group attractions. The carnival teen, adding to the profit tionally who are affected
nual summer carnival. The expect that there were borrowed canopy shelters included a bouncy castle, for the group. by natural disasters, leav-
event was held in the Tan- more than 100 kids who from the Heritage Village ring toss, soccer shoot- The use for the funds ing them without their
ner’s Crossing School Field attended the carnival. This to provide some relief from out, ‘fastest kick’ contest raised will be decided homes. The boxes contain
on Saturday, May 26th may have been because the scorching sun. which included the use of upon at the end of the a family-sized tent, essen-
from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. it ran at the same time as After about a month the RCMP’s radar gun, face 2017-2018 school year, tial tools to help repair and
Initially planned to the youth soccer tourna- of planning and another painting, lawn bowling, however the girls noted rebuild their homes, and
be held at the MCI field, ment in town, so many of hour and a half to set up on bean bag toss and a mini- that it is likely it will go to- some basic essentials for
a last-minute change of the kids and their fami- the morning of the 26th, golf course. There was also wards shelter boxes which daily living in the tents.
plans due to a rugby cham- lies made their way to the the event was underway. a sponge toss, however
pionship at the high school carnival after their soccer Those attending the carni- this was an extra charge to
field, was handled well by games, making the day a val purchased a $5 bracelet those interested in partici- 18061BB1
the resilient group, who huge success. The girls which served as a ticket pating. Additionally, the 18061BB2

Minnedosa Golf Club
Public Notice

Public notice is hereby given that Minnedosa Golf Club The Municipality of Harrison Park
intends to conduct the following pesticide controls if Age Friendly Initiative Committee
necessary between April 15th and November 15th, 2018. together with Prairie Mountain Health Authority
“Healthy Together Now” Program invites you to attend a free
Turf fungus preventitive/control may include using:
• Instrata #28861 “Cooking for One or Two”
• Daconil Ultrex #28354 Afternoon Session.
• Trilogy #29870 Facilitators from Prairie Mountain Health
• Prophesy #29951 will show how to plan, prepare, and cook nutritious,
healthy and delicious meals. Our lives often move from a large
• Eagle WSP #26585 family to feed, to one or two left at home still wanting wholesome,
• Banner Maxx #27003 cost effective and tasty meals!
• Compass 50 WG #27527 This presentation can benefit people of all ages and stages.
Weed control in turf and property land surfaces: Join us for a special demonstration and
• Par III #27884 hands-on cooking learning experience!
Newdale Hall Basement, 517 Minnedosa St.
• Round-up #27487 Wednesday, June 13th at 1:30 p.m.
The public may send written submissions within 15 days of To register – Call Carol at 204-849-2193
publication of notice to the following department. Sandy Lake Drop In Centre, 100 Main St.
Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship Thursday, June 14th at 1:30 p.m.
Pesticide and Hazardous Waste Section To register – Call Cheryl at 204-848-2715
123 Main St. Suite 160 You may sign up and be one of the first 12 to assist
Winnipeg, MB with the cooking or come to observe.
Municipality of Harrison Park Age Friendly Initiative -
R3C 1A5 “Working to keep our residents happy, healthy and longer in our community!” (12-2)

TRIBUNE DEADLINE - Tuesday at 12 Noon
8 Friday, June 1, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Stevenson Takes On Hurricaine Mission Work
these hurricane clips, and build strong houses.” to what she did recently
also added steel straps The house Sarah was in Puerto Rico. “I will be
to provide additional involved in building in working hand in hand with
strength. San Lorenzo, belongs to a engineers to solve their
The mission was in- family that has been living problems on their own
valuable to Stevenson, who without a suitable home terms,” she explained. That
noted that while she has since their former home is really important to me.”
spent a great deal of time in was destroyed during Hur- Sarah noted that once
classes learning about how ricane Maria in September she has completed her
houses should be built, 2017. In addition to build- PhD, she would like to ei-
she had not received much ing this house, Sarah was ther become a professor at
hands-on experience in part of a team of about 25 a university or continue to
the past. She found the people who also replaced do international work. For
experience provided her two roofs on damaged her research, Sarah hopes
with the hands-on experi- homes. to return to Puerto Rico to
ence that she craved, “the Stevenson is no monitor the performance
main thing I learned was stranger to this type of mis- of the houses she worked
how much work actually sion trip. During her un- on and how they stand up
goes into connecting your dergraduate degree at the during hurricane season.
walls to your roof properly University of Manitoba, There are plans for the
to make sure that your roof she travelled to Hondu- Hope Agua Vita project
doesn’t blow off, and how ras, where she worked on to continue its rebuilding
much physical work is in- a drinking water project. projects with at least two
Photo by Frank Neufeld/Western University volved in the things that This instilled in her an in- builds a year. A Go Fund
engineers recommend terest in doing internation- Me account has been set
Sarah Stevenson hard at work in Puerto Rico. that builders do,” she said. al mission work to benefit up for Hope Agua Vita for
“I am hoping that from those in need. In Octo- anyone who wishes to sup-
By HILLARY MILLER building a hurricane-resis- work,” said Sarah. While that I can gear my research ber, she will be heading to port future missions.
tant home. The project was in Puerto Rico, Sarah and toward making it easier to Cuba to do similar work

S arah Stevenson re-
cently participated in a
mission trip to the village
called Hope Agua Vista
and was led by Doug Terry
of St. Thomas, ON.
Doug worked together to
figure out what was need-
ed to make a house strong
of San Lorenzo, Morovis, Raised in Minnedosa, enough to withstand Cate-
Puerto Rico to assist in Sarah is the daughter of Pe- gory Four hurricane winds.
ter and Lori Stevenson and She previously completed
is in the process of working her Masters Degree at
towards her PhD in Struc- Western University, where
tural Engineering at West- she worked towards creat-
ern University in Ontario. ing houses in Canada that
The mission to Puerto would be more tornado re-

Rico, which ran from May sistant. “My work in Wind
5th to 12th, was a great op- Engineering contributed
portunity, allowing her to to this by suggesting ways
continue her learning on of strapping the roof and
how to effectively create walls down to the con-
wooden housing to with- crete floors,” explained
stand the extremely strong Sarah. “In Canada, we are
winds and hurricanes that working to have the build-
disturb that part of the ing code require what we
OPEN HOUSE world, leaving many with- call “hurricane clips” to
Saturday from out homes. prevent roofs from blow-
2:30 - 4:00 p.m. “It was a quick week, ing off during tornadoes.”
but it was a lot of hard In Puerto Rico, they used
241 - 6th Avenue
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MINNEDOSA, MB R0J 1E0 PHONE 204-867-3816
Local Trading Area: $43.11 NAME: Photos by Frank Neufeld/Western University
183 - 7th Avenue S.W. (Minnedosa, Bethany, Clanwilliam,
$315,000 Erickson, Onanole, Sandy Lake, Lake The house that Sarah was involved in building
Audy, Olha, Vista, Elphinstone,
ML#1802427 Newdale, Rapid City, Franklin,
from the ground up. The top photo was taken on
first day and the bottom photo shows the finished
Mountain Road and Neepawa)
product, complete with a Canadian flag.
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Sandy Lake News Bridge Club
By Diane Bachewich the Legion Men’s monthly opened up a certified Mas- fingers. pool with the guys.
May 24th
50/50 draw for the month sage Therapy Clinic. It’s Marlene Shewchuk Robert and Linda Le-

G et well wishes to Ollie
Lewandoski who is in
the Brandon Hospital.
of May. Kyla is the daugh-
ter of Gloria Campbell.
Keith Leganchuk and
nice to have these extra’s in
our community.
Congratulations go
owner of Sandy Lake
Hardware will be retiring
after 20 years of operating
wandoski spent the week-
end in Winnipeg with Colin
and Lesia Drul and Land-
1st - Wilf Taylor/
Mel Harvey
2nd - Jim/Lynn Burgess
Brian and Kathy Bragg Veralynn Cameron mo- out to Wayne and Norma the store which supplied on and Colton. While there
3rd - Cliff Lentz/
of Sherwood Park, AB are tored to Edmonton where Desiantynk who became locals and cottagers. Last they attended the Annual
June Clark
here to help mom Sadie they attended the wedding grandparents for the first Saturday the public was in- Ukrainian dance concert
4th (tie) - Cheryl Orr/
Rystephanuk with garden of Keith’s daughter Karla time. A baby girl was born vited for coffee and donuts held at the Celo Ukrainian
Jean Garbolinski
and yard work. and Cody on May 25th. to son Jeff and his wife Am- to celebrate and mark the Dance Group out of Anola,
Sympathy is extend- Welcome to Kelsia ber Rae of Winnipeg. end of an era as Marlene MB where the boys dance.
Lois Campbell/
ed to the family of Helen McInnes who has joined The Sandy Lake Pier, plans to retire and is grate- Great Baba Mary Slashin-
Carol Lonsdale
Zarwiney who passed Debra Noonan at Hair boat launch and Marina ful too all the loyal support sky of Minnedosa also at-
away. Funeral was held at the Lake Salon. Kelsia will be fully completed over all the years. tended the event.
on Monday in Minnedosa hails from Hair Today of within the next month. Sympathy to the
with interment at Newdale Brandon and is originally This project which has al- Birkenshaw family on the
Catholic cemetery. from Erickson and now most taken four years to passing of Len of Rapid
Welcome to Katie lives with her husband in complete. The amount of City. Len and Laura have
Tribune Founder
Challborn of Erickson who Newdale. Also a welcome community support has been summer campers William Gibbens
is the new resident here at to Britany Judd and her been overwhelming for here for many years and Born - 1854 at London, England
the Personal Care Home. husband who have pur- this project. The marina will be missed at the Drop- Died - February 20, 1932
Kyle Bickerton of Cal- chased a home just on the will be 96 feet long, 8 feet In Centre coffee mornings at Cornwall, Ontario
gary is the lucky winner of outskirts of town and has wide with four 4 by 24 ft. and enjoyed a game of

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Mushrooms whole white ........................................................200g ............. $1.39
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10 Friday, June 1, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Battle Weeds With A Homemade Solution
to mask these scratches or Dear Reena, baked, but it seems that ing. It may not look as nice,
do you think this tile can Can you please give many experts advise this as but is a better support, so
Solutions and be lifted out and replaced? me a few tips regarding the the best way to thaw buns. one could use the vinyl or
Substitutions I watched them install it,
and it seems the different
best way to clean the moss
between the pavers on our
Do you agree with the ex-
perts? Kimberley
anything else on top of the
foam backer rod. Rhonda
By “planks” were interlocked. driveway? Is there a solu-
REENA NERBAS I could use your help with
this! Sincerely, Bernie
tion I can use? Allan Dear Kimberley,
Actually, I am with
Dear Reena,
As a service tech for a
Dear Allan, you on this one, the risk natural gas utility, furnace
Dear Bernie, Make your own weed of overbaking the buns is filters should be changed
Hello Reena, sheet, garters to hold the If you have access to killer by combining: 4 cups too risky! When I remove once a month if there are
There’s a large, ongo- sheet in place. The down- a matching tile you may pickling vinegar, half cup frozen buns from the freez- smoker’s or pets in the
ing conversation about side to garters are that they choose to, hire a profes- salt and 2 tbsp. dish soap. er, I take them out of the house. There is a lot less
how to manage fitted bed are fiddley to attach. sional, to break the tile Spray unwanted plants in sealable bag. I then gently stress on the furnace heat
sheets that are too large for using a cold chisel, and re- driveway cracks. Be care- wrap them with a t-towel, exchanger, as a clean fil-
“regular” sized mattress- Hello Reena, place it with a new tile. Or ful not to spray adjacent and place them on the ter prevents overheating.
es. We’ve tried the elastic Four years ago, I had you may wish to tackle the plants. Leftover boiled counter at room tempera- Filters also need to be
tricks which are cumber- my kitchen renovated project, if you are confi- potato water also makes ture. The towel absorbs the changed in the summer if
some and don’t work. Is (I’m an old widower liv- dent in your DIY skills. Or, an excellent weed killer moisture, and the results you have central air. Tim
there an easy way to sew a ing alone and I needed to a much simpler remedy, is for patios, driveways and are fresh tasting, soft buns.
permanent and viable so- prepare the kitchen for to make a paste using the paths. Note: Every user as-
lution? George the day I sell). Lately, I’ve grout that was originally Dear Reena, sumes all risks of injury
noticed that sliding my used between the tiles, and Dear Reena, In your previous col- or damage resulting from
Dear George, kitchen chair in and out of some water. Sprinkle about I make my own fresh umn, Billy asked about the implementation of any
The easiest remedy is position at the table, has a tbsp. of grout onto the buns every Sunday, and preventing crumbs from suggestions in this column.
to turn the bedsheet inside resulted in scratches from scratches. Add a little water then I put them in the falling between the fridge Test all products on an in-
out and position it onto the abrasion. The flooring is a to make a paste. Dampen a freezer. To thaw them, I and counter, and you rec- conspicuous area first.
mattress. Pin the excess of nice chocolate brown and sponge, and wipe the grout take them out of the freez- ommended clear vinyl
each corner. Remove the looks a lot like ceramic tile, paste off the tile. The grout er and place them in the tubing. My genius, As- Ask Reena a question
sheet and sew a dart along but the scratches reveal the will fill the cracks, and no oven at 350 degrees for 8 perger husband suggests or share a tip at
each excess seam. Another next layer is white! Is there longer be noticeable. minutes. Sometimes they “foam backer rod” which
option is to purchase bed- anything that can be done become hard and over- is designed for space fill-

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Card Paper Book 135 Years
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Mouse 3 pack *Pocket Folders
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$2.09 $24.99 $8.49 *Staplers
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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 1, 2018 11

Around the Recommendations From The Red
Region… Tape Reduction Task Force
SUBMITTeD •  clarifying the role eliminate red tape,” said islate a one-for-one rule
Boissevain Recorder – The annual Preschool Well- of municipalities in the Carmele Peter, president of to cap the growth of regu-
ness Day was held at Boissevain School. Children four-
years-and-under were screened for vision, health De- T he provincial govern-
ment has now received
and is implementing rec-
aggregate development
approval process and in-
creasing the requirement
the Exchange Income Cor-
poration and task force co-
chair.  “We want to thank all
latory requirements and
avoid future red tape, and
•  introducing the an-
velopment, social emotional, speech language, hearing,
dental and fine/gross motor skills. ommendations from the for provincial science- of the committee members nual Red Tape Reduction
Manitoba Red Tape Re- based technical reviews, and stakeholders for their and Government Efficien-
duction Task Force report, •  updating the Mani- dedicated work through- cy Act bill process to allow
Killarney Guide – Turf has been ceremonially turned
Finance Minister Cameron toba building code to ad- out this process and look government departments
as the Killarney Chapter of Habitat For Humanity is be-
Friesen announced earlier dress the unique needs forward to seeing changes to modify legislation in a
ginning the process of building a second home in town.
this week. of farm buildings, and that will make Manitoba timely manner to remove
The first build was completed three years ago. Assisting in
“Reducing red tape is •  harmonizing the ap- more prosperous.” red tape.
the ground-breaking ceremony were the home’s recipi-
about improving access peals processes contained The minister not- In Manitoba, small-
ent, Katie Rolfe and her three young sons.
to government services, in The Planning Act with ed the recommenda- and medium-sized busi-
ensuring effective pub- The Municipal Act. tions build on previous nesses alone spend an
Melita New Era – An age-friendly Melita is underway lic policy, rebuilding the “Our committee fo- work to reduce red tape estimated $1.2 billion an-
after a consultation to raise awareness and start taking provincial economy and cused on identifying regu- in Manitoba including: nually to comply with fed-
action. A survey has been completed on how age-friendly getting better results,” said latory requirements that •  introducing The eral, provincial and mu-
people find Melita and a report will be compiled over the Friesen.  “Thanks to the create unnecessary bur- Regulatory Accountabil- nicipal regulations.  It is
next six weeks based on this feedback. dedicated work of the task dens for the citizens, non- ity Act to create North estimated that 30 per cent
force co-chairs, committee profits and businesses America’s most compre- of this, or $360 million, is
Deloraine Times and Star – A semi carrying anhy- members and Manitobans living and operating in hensive regulatory ac- spent on red tape, the min-
drous rolled and caught on fire just south of Deloraine. who shared their views, Manitoba and we believe countability framework, ister noted.
Fortunately, there were no leaks from the tank so the these priorities will help the report provides help- •  becoming the first
town did not have to be but on emergency alert. The fire make life easier for thou- ful recommendations to Canadian province to leg-
department was on scene from 3:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. sands of citizens, small
businesses, municipalities
Carberry News Express – The Carberry Ag Society’s and non-profit organiza-

provincially designated historic round house is in need of tions.”
repairs and its footings must be replaced. The cost of this The Red Tape Reduc- 18051AA5
repair is estimated at $40,000. Some grants have been tion Task Force consulted
made available and fundraising is underway. with Manitobans to iden-
tify the top five regulatory The results of the latest Totum Research Study on Media Usage in Hamlets and
requirements that create Rural Areas (population less than 1,000) shows that people living in communities
Reston Recorder – Seniors Helping Hands outdid like those served by this newspaper are more likely to be inspired to take action
themselves with this year’s Rock and Roll themed volun- red-tape barriers in sec-
by an ad in a printed community newspaper than any form of online ad.
teer supper. The RES Centre gym was transformed into a tors including agriculture
1950s sock hop including a photo booth, ice cream float and food-processing, non-
bar, make your own sundae station, yummy hotdogs, profit organizations, land
sliders and much more. Guests dressed up in fashions development and trans-
portation.  Regulatory re-
that were popular in the 1950s.
quirements are the steps Respondents Who Said Print Ads in Local Community Newspapers Inspire
Souris Plaindealer – The Souris Glenwood Founda- required of businesses, Action (In-Person Store Visit, Website Visit, Purchase Etc.) by Sector
non-profits, local govern-
tion was the recipient of a generous donation in memory
ments and private citizens 60.0%
of Greg Kirbyson who passed away last year. The dona-
tion is $107,000 in bank stocks and the Foundation will
to access government pro- 56.0%
grams or services, conduct
distribute that as an annual $2,000 scholarship.
business or participate in
regulated activities.  45.0%
Dauphin Herald – As part of the City’s downtown “Manitobans shared
redevelopment project, two local works of art are being hundreds of situations 40.0%
featured on banners attached to light standards along 1st 37.3%
where regulatory require- 34.0%
Ave. N.W., playfully known as “Arts Alley”. The selected art ments not only create
includes prints from an original watercolour and an oil 30.0%
burdens for their organi-
painting. zations, but actually make
the problems they were 22.0%
supposed to solve worse,” 18.0%
said Shannon Martin, MLA
for Morris, and task force

Cadurcis News
The report recom-
mends 20 priorities for 0.0%
provides additional areas
By Doreen TroTT of concern for govern-

ment review.  Of the top

C ongratulations to Clayton and Margaret Wareham on
the May arrival of two new grandchildren. A daugh-
ter of Cheryl and Stephen Olive of Eden, MB and a son of
20 areas, many items have
been addressed including:
•  consolidating the
Tiffany and Ian Wareham of Beaver Lake, AB. Congratu- heavy truck license classi-
lations to the new parents. fication system and elimi-
George and Koreen Rix of Whitehorse, YK have re- nating the Highway Traf-
turned home after visiting with Mom Jean McTavish. fic Board as part of Bill 14:  * Totum Research Inc. March 2018 Study on How Geography
A number enjoyed the pickerel supper sponsored by St. the traffic and transporta- Impacts Media Access, Usage and Engagement in Rural
Mark’s Anglican Church on Sunday. tion modernization act, Communities Across Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
12 Friday, June 1, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

BY PHONE Call 204-867-3816
Hours to place, correct or cancel ads:
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. TRUCK and EQUIP-
Jack and Jill come and go Hip or knee
wedding shower in honour replacement?
MENT      2003 Freightliner of Marla Hume and Warren
BY MAIL CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Argosy cabover, 550 Cat Problems walking or
The Minnedosa Tribune, P.O. Box 930, Edmunson. To be held from getting dressed? The
6NZ engine, new safety. 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. on June 10th,
Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J 1E0 244 in. wheelbase. En-
Canadian Government
2018 at the Beulah Hall. (12-2) may owe you a:
BY FAX 204-867-5171 closed Merritt headache x $2,500
rack can be included.
BY E-MAIL Transport grade 16 ft Yearly Credit
chains $50, tarp straps BABY SHOWER $20,000
$10, ratchet boom- Lump Sum Refund
The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. reserves the right to
ers $25, tarps, various Baby shower for Char- The Disability Credit
delete any words or phrases deemed by The Minnedosa
tools and truck supplies. lotte (Kerri and Brandon’s Service. Lowest rate in the
Tribune Ltd. to be objectionable, or to refuse to publish any industry.
Phone 204-867-3501.  daughter) at the Clanwilliam
advertisement. The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. shall not be
Community Hall on Sunday, For reliable expert
responsible for any loss or damage to any advertiser or third
BATTERIES FOR EVERY- Happy 40th Birthday June 10th from 1:00 – 3:00 service CALL
party resulting from the failure of an advertisement to appear
THING. Automotive, farm, ALLEY CAT!!! p.m. Hope to see you there! 204-453-5372
in The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. or from any error or omission in
construction, ATV, mar- x (11-3)
any advertisement which is published. ine, motorcycle, golf carts,
phones, tools, radios, com- EMPLOYMENT
RATES puters etc. Reconditioned,
$9.00 for first 40 words, additional words .10 each. obsolete and hard-to-find 35 lines
batteries. SOLAR equipment. Basswood Women’s Insti- Dream Job! Live in care-
Repeat ads - Half Price. tute is celebrating their 100th giver/housekeeper. Summers
The Battery Man. Winnipeg.
Classified Display - $9.00/col. inch each insert. (Incl. logo, box & 1.877.775.8271 www.battery- anniversary at the Basswood in Winnipeg and winters in
bolding, and centering). Hall on Sunday, June 3rd at the tropics. Call 204-997-4629
Happy Snaps: (Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Birth, & 1:30 p.m. Formal program is at
Graduation) - $16.00 for the first 20 words and the picture. Parts and full trailer re- 2:45 p.m. All are invited. (10-3) MEDICAL TRANSCRIP-
pair, trailer safeties and Au- x TION! In-demand career!
Obituaries: - $6.50 per col. inch. topac Trailer Repair. Sales, Employers have work-at-
Reach the entire province (50 weekly newspapers) $189.00 Leasing and Financing of flat- Have an upcoming home positions available.
Westman and Eastman: $119.00 deck, dumpbox, cargo, goose- event? Wanting good atten- Get online training you need
neck and utility trailers and dance? Let our readers know from an employer-trusted
All Ads plus 5% G.S.T.
truck beds. Kaldeck Truck by placing a simple Coming program. Visit: CareerStep.
Deadlines and Trailer, Hwy #1 Mac-
Gregor, MB. 1-888-685-3127.
Event ad in The Tribune. Word
ads starting at $9.00 plus tax
ca/MT or 1-855-768-3362 to
start training for your work-
Classified advertisements must be submitted no later for the first 40 words. Call 204- at-home career today!
than noon Tuesday for insertion in the following Friday’s Looking for a gift that Congratulations Haley on 867-3816 or email your ad to
edition. All classified advertisements must be prepaid BEFORE keeps giving all year round? your graduation from class@minnedosatribune.
insertion. Give someone a one-year gift Pharmacy. We’re so com.
subscription to Western Can- very proud of you.
The Minnedosa Tribune is not responsible for Love Mom, Dad. CLASS 1 COMPANY
ada’s Oldest Weekly Newspa- Expressive Dance with DRIVERS and
typographical errors published AFTER the first insertion, nor Tyler and Steph. OWNER OPERATORS
per, The Minnedosa Tribune. Crystal dance classes starting
does it assume responsibility for errors published as a result of x WANTED
Call 204-867-3816 or email in the fall. Registration nights.
an advertisement placed, changed, or cancelled, by telephone. Class 1 company drivers and
class@minnedosatribune. Monday, June 11th, 2018 and owner operators wanted to haul
To ensure your advertisement appears correctly please submit
it in person, by fax, mail, or email.
com for rates and more de-
REAL ESTATE Tuesday, June 12th, 2018. 4:00
p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Crystals
bulk liquid products throughout
MB, SK, AB and the US.
Dance Studio in Minnedosa. Loaded and empty miles paid!
RTM HOMES EDWC Dance Studio located Dedicated dispatch, well main-
AUCTIONS FOR SALE at 102- 3rd Ave. N.W. 2 blocks
tained equipment, comprehen-
sive benefits package.
west of Blazer’s in Minnedosa. Contact us or submit your
For more information please resume:
McSherry Auction Cabinet Factory Total
call Crystal; home 204-867- Phone: 204.571.0187
Sell Out Auction  Tuesday,
12 Patterson Dr. 3561 or studio 204-867-2446. Email: recruiting@
Stonewall, MB
June 5, 2018  10 am  #40
Hwy.12  Steinbach. See all 1272 sq. ft. 4 bedroom, (12-2) x Fax: 204.727.6651
Consignment & at  info. Or submit an online application
1&1/2 bath for sale at 32-1st Av-
Equipment Auction
Sat June 9 10:00 AM
204-371-1131 Herman.  enue South West in Minnedo- PERSONALS @

sa.  AC/CV, gas furnace, water
JD 9600 Combine * Case
2290 Tractor * Case IH FOR SALE softener, finished basement,
ELKE MANN – We are
8820 25’ Swather * Case plenty of oak cabinets and
trying to reach Elke Mann
IH 8370 14’ Haybine * storage, 3 storage sheds and
PROVINCE-WIDE CLAS- originally from Germany on a
Case IH RS 561 Rd Baler attached insulated garage. 
SIFIEDS WORK FOR YOU! family matter. Please contact
* Grain Equip * 3Ph Equip * Very close to schools and
Reach over 400,000 readers Rick Perkins at 807-633-8198
Call To Consign! Pick Up downtown. $276,900.00.
weekly. Call this newspaper or
Available! Check out the kijiji or ebran-
NOW or email classified@ don ad for more info. Call 204-
(204) 467-1858 or for details. 867-5708. (10-5) x
(204) 886-7027
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 1, 2018 13

The family of Donald We would like to thank
Hamilton would like to thank the Neepawa and Sandy Lake
Office Reception/ Chiropractic Assistant, everyone who attended the Fire Departments, Bruce and
Permanent/ Part Time memorial service, sent ex- Steven for helping get our
pressions of sympathy and fire out. Greatly appreciated.
Looking for friendly, professional individual, to join our team memorial donations, sent Ewan and Chris. x
and provide superior customer service, while assisting the food and visited at the time
Town of Minnedosa Doctor in all areas of office management. of Don’s death. Thank you Thank you to all my
to the church ladies for the kind family, friends and
The Town of Minnedosa is accepting tenders for: • Must thrive in a vibrant, busy environment. lovely lunch, Ingrid Loewen neighbours who visited me,
RfQ 2018-03 • Is passionate about being part of a team that improves for her music, Murray Carter phoned and brought plants
2018 Paving health and quality of lives for our patients. for the service and Minne- and delicious food during
General information: • Must be proficient in computer skills and applications, dosa Funeral Home for their my recent illness. I am also
Supply and place asphalt along sections of 5th Ave SW (200m x 7m), help, care and compassion. most grateful for the excellent
social media and communications. Last but not lest thank you care provided in St. Boniface
2nd Ave NW (100m x 9m) & 4th Ave SW (80m in length). All distance
• Must have strong verbal and communication skills, with to the staff at the Personnal Hospital, the Health Science
measurements are approximate and will require verification by the
fluency in English. Care Home for their care for Centre and back home in
contractor. Work to be done once water service line replacement has Don over the past two years Minnedosa. We should all be
been completed. • Ability to prioritize, manage time efficiently, and be and especially for their care grateful for our healthcare
flexible in the work environment. during Don’s last few days. system. Doreen Trott. x
Tender package available for pick up at the Town Office on Friday,
• Previous experience in health care or Chiropractic an Rosemary, Garry, Greg,
May 18th, 2018. Heather, Donna and fam-
Any inquiry concerning the content of this Request for Quotation ilies. X
• Only applicants looking for long term, part time
should be directed to Kevin Marcino at 204-867-0037 or minpwork@ position will be reviewed.
Please submit a cover letter with your resume. Please email IN MEMORIAM
Sealed Tenders marked “WATER SERVICE LINE REPLACEMENT” will be resumes to, or send to
accepted at the Town of Minnedosa’s Civic Centre, 103 Main Street Minnedosa Chiropractic Centre, Box 807 Minnedosa, MB In Loving Memory of In Loving Memory of
South, Box 426 Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, June R0J 1E0. MILDRED ELLEN EVERETT RONALD FRANCIS BIRCH
15, 2018. Fax: (204) 867-2686 Email: November 17th, 1924 - December 24th, 1922 -
Accepting resumes until Friday June 8, 2018. May 25th, 2015 May 26th, 2014
Any or all of the quotations may not be necessarily accepted.
Thanking you in advance for your interest in this position.
(11-2) Time slips by and Time takes away
life goes on. the edge of grief,

Looking for a full time PROPERTY But from our hearts But memory turns
cook to be working at RD’s On
Main in Minnedosa. The right
FOR SALE you are not gone. back every leaf.
Every day in some small way
applicant will be paid $17.50 memories of you Lovingly remembered by
1992 - 16 x 80 MOBILE
per hour. The applicant must come our way. Elvin and Linda, Lori, Kim,
NOW HIRING HOUSEKEEPERS have two year’s experience
HOME AND LOT. Open con-
cept, 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 You are cherished Mark and Jodi and families.
in cooking and should be an in our hearts. x
• Must be able to stay on feet for long periods of time expert in continental cook-
baths. Drywall throughout.
• Pays great attention to details New furnace, hot water tank,
ing. Please drop off resume Love from
siding and shingles. Lot 80 x
in person at 9 Main St. N. or Sally, Lorrie, Julie, Ted,
130, Treherne. $85,000. Ph:
Staff housing available, if needed via email rdsonmain@gmail.
204-903-0745 or 204-903- Carol and families.
com. (48-25) x x
For more information or to apply,please contact
Barb Kelly: Aspen Ridge Resort in
Clear Lake, MB is looking for or 204.848.8509 Part-time Housekeeping staff
to start immediately until
Thanksgiving. Call 204-848-
Buy and Sell
1.866.355.4676 | 204.848.2802 Minnedosa Golf Club
Treasure in the
PO Box 40, 3 Mooswa Dr E,
Onanole, MB R0J1N0 (8-9)
maintenance staff is currently
looking for a self-motivated, Classifieds!
meticulous employee that


enjoys early mornings and is The Minnedosa
open to hands on work with
greens and miscellaneous
Since 1883
course projects. Equipment
maintenance is not a major
function of this position. 30-
40 flexible hrs/week. Term:
ERICKSON DENTAL CLINIC 3 months approx. 18 years+.
Resumes submitted to Dan
Maintenance Position. Clos- Ph: 204-867-4657
Prairie Mountain
WE ARE LOOKING FOR 1 OR 2 FULL OR PART-TIME ing Date June 12th, 2018
Independently Owned Gwen Usick Fax: 204-867-2150
Email resume to acebailey@ Broker Realtor
and Operated

WHO CAN JOIN US. person at the pro shop.
(10-4) MINNEDOsA
Space galore in this immaculate well Located on a large corner lot, this 1 3/4 All dressed up, all it needs is a family! This immaculate
Immaculate 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath
IS EXPENSIVE? maintained 3 bedroom 2 bath home. This
beautiful home has seen numerous recent
storey home is one of the original homes
built in Minnedosa. This 3 bedroom 2 bath
2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath home has been extensively
renovated from head to toe in 2017 & features updated
kitchen with all new soft close cabinets, countertops,
home located on 15 1/2 town lots on
the edge of town features solid oak
upgrades that include HE gas furnace with home features 9 foot ceilings, refurbished backsplash, island has new Bosch dishwasher,

A simple Classified central air, HWT ‘15, shingles ‘12, most original hardwood & laminate floors, R50 1/2” laminate flooring, mirror closet doors & closet kitchen cabinets built in dishwasher,
windows ‘16, doors, 4 piece bath, flooring, insulation in attic providing low utility organizers, sky light in main bath, mostly LED lighting vinyl & wood floors, air exchanger, wall
throughout house. Downstairs you will find a 3rd A/C/heat unit, updated 4 piece bath, 48
ceilings, walls, basement, living room costs, all newer windows throughout in bedroom, den, full bath, storage room. New HE gas
addition, electrical, plumbing and more. 2012, water line from curb in 2016 & most sqft deck, sunroom addition off master,
ad starts at Outside you will find the perfect workshop plumbing replaced. There is a large stone
furnace, hydro costs average $90/mo, new plumbing
throughout, water lines, HWT ‘17, HRV ‘17 & mudroom
leading to new attached single car garage constructed
shingles, gas fireplace, 214 sqft deck
with wood stove, furnace & sitting area porch on the back and a verandah on the of 2x6 walls, R20 insulation, GDO & remote. Outside leading to the back yard. Basement
making the perfect man cave get away! front. Comes with fridge, stove, dishwasher has wet bar & new laminate vinyl
ONLY $9.00 & antique cupboard in upstairs hallway.
is all decked up too with deck, railing, vinyl siding &
1 1/2” insulation, shingles, windows, landscaped
retaining wall, eaves, flower bed & shed. Drainage
flooring in family room. Most windows
Dryer and water softener are located in 2009. Outside is 2 sheds, garden,
has also been upgraded with french ditch, weeping
the dry basement. Outside you will find a tile & buried lines. There are many more upgrades, single garage, carport, double garage
TRY ONE TODAY! 12’x20’ single car garage and a single car
shelter. The move is yours!
additional list available. with infloor heat.
Mls#1803853 $292,700
MLS #1812397 $219,900 MLS #1806243 $106,900 MLS #1804051 $224,900 $282,700 Take a tour on or our website www.remax-prairie
14 Friday, June 1, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune


“Living in your
Proud Supporter Rick Taylor 867-7551

BIRCH Parish Backhoe
GENERAL ●Septic Systems ●Weeping tiles
CONTRACTORS ●Water Systems ●Basements
• Specializing in water & sewer
Commercial ●All types of excavation●
NEW PRICE installation & repair Residential Certified in waste
• All types of excavation
171 - 6TH AVE. N.E. 43 BEACH RD. 339 - 4TH AVE. S.W. • Basements, Demolition
• Snow removal
867-0400 water management
SELLER IS MOTIVATED! • Sales of septic tanks
- Lakefront lot ready
- 1,380 sq. ft. 3 bedroom
for new build - 1,040 sq. ft. bungalow Kirk 867-0180 867-7506 874-2134 or 867-0383
- Immaculate condition and
lots of updates - 50’ frontage - 3 bedrooms, 2 baths
Bryon Gaiser
- Sunroom and double - Plenty of room for parking - Numerous updates and newly
finished garage
Truck & Skid
detached garage $124,900 MLS #1711745
$288,900 MLS # 1729041 $258,900 MLS #1800559
Steer Service
Competitive Rates
R.M. OF OAKVIEW 242 - 5TH AVE. S.W. SE 1/4 8-16-25 WPM
- ¼ section on Little MINNEDOSA R.M. OF PRAIRIE VIEW
Saskatchewan River - 1,076 sq. ft. 3 bedroom - 1/4 section of hay/pasture
- Excellent horse barn bungalow - Fully fenced

- Custom built 2 storey home - wood burning fireplace, deck - DU Conservation Agreement
to be registered on title
Bill Hopkins 2.indd 1
EAVESTROUGH 4/30/2018 1:04:53 PM
with hot tub
$650,000 MLS # 1803320
- Many updates and newly $139,900 MLS # 1807352
fenced yard
$279,900 MLS #1808983
Considering listing your Property?
BILL HOPKINS5” AND 6” continuous
204-867-0260 eavestrough
Call me today for great service at great rates!
Siding Roofing
Soffit Fascia

Closed cell Polyurethane Spray foam
Blow in Attic & Wall Fibre Insulation
Fire Retardent Coating

PRAIRIE REDI-MIX ELECTRICAL Electrician 204-867-3738
Minnedosa - 867-3853
R eady Mix Conc rete 204-868-5211 Email:
Concrete forms, Rebar, Wire Mesh,
George Allard, FCGA* Weeping Tile, Concrete Sealer, Snap Ties
Gateway Street All at Competitive
Onanole, MB
Open prices Enterprises Ltd.
8:30 -6:00 Refridgeration
Howard Wirch, C.G.A*
9-515 4th Ave. 116 Main Street
Air Conditioning,
Heating & Electrical Custom
Shoal Lake, MB
Minnedosa 30 Years Fertilizer Minnedosa
Ex perience!! Floating Credit Union
Dauphin Office -
15 1st Ave. S.W.
204 867-5550 ● Roofing ● Decks
Bus : 867-3950
Call today to book your
Phone: 204-638-3005
● Fencing ● Exterior ● Finishing spring floating needs!
Fax: 204-638-5817
● Renovations ● Repairs Fa x: 867-2340
Darvin - 204-868-5869 Main line
*Denotes Professional Corporation AUTO
Robert - 204-867-7113 204-867-6350
204-868-5980 or 204-867-5544 Brad Ross
CatharineÊ Terry McLenehan
Van Veen 204-867-6363
MÊ GijsbersÊ
Chartered Professional
CL Carpentry Ltd. Susan Glasgow
Jon Kowal
Accountant Inc. AC Full-service construction

MinnedosaÊ Debbie Strelczik
Ê 213Ê Ê 2ndÊ StÊ NEÊ Ê -Ê Ê BoxÊ 385Ê Ê
company specializing in 204-867-6360

T:Ê 867-3884Ê Ê Ê C:Ê 867-0190Ê Residential, Commercial Dan Quesnel
Email:Ê Ê Catharine@mts.netÊ
M&M and Farm building. GRAIN 204-867-6359
Donna Dowsett
AUTO BODY HAULING 204-867-6361
BDO Canada, LLP All Auto Body Repairs
Leo or Cherry van Veen Candice Brown
Office: 204 – 826 2292 204-867-6362
Chartered Accountants Ph: 867-2083
and Advisors 5 Main St. North Brian Horner Alayna McTavish
Farm, Business & Individual Grain & Fertilizer Kim Robinson

Call Gregg Hauling
Professional Services: 204-867-6352
Joanne Clarke
~ Tax
Book this spot
~ Accounting Gaylene Johnson
~ Farm Programs $5.52/week 204-867-6357
Sarah Campbell, CGA Fax
39 Main Street South Call 204-867 3816 204-867-6391
Minnedosa 867-2957
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 1, 2018 15

WAHOSKI G ORD K E L LY Lakeside St. Alphonsus
Septic Service
Drivers Licenses, Autopac MECHANICAL LTD. Plumbing & Heating Catholic Church
General Insurance Gas Fitting 142
142 4th
4th St, NW.
St, NW. • Lawn Mowing & Trimming
PLUMBING Potable water Minnedosa,MB
MB 867-3831
Cheri McTavish – Broker ph: 867-2084 Minnedosa, 867-3831 • Dandelion Spraying -
867-3946 HEATING cell: 867-0346 delivery. Licensed Pesticide Applicator
Mass Sunday 9:00 a.m.
Book your portable • Fertilizer Application
GAS FITTING toilets. • Licensed Arborist Service
LEGAL AIR CONDITIONING SELF-HELP Erle Jury & Family • Hedge Trimming
• Yard Clean Up
204-867-3121 867-2416
Alexander or A.D.A.M. Cory Johnston ▪ Minnedosa
204-476-5185 Cell: 867-7558
Jackson Anxiety Disorders People Helping People (204)Ê 476-4705Ê
Law Office - Committed to Caring -
B-116 MainSt.St
of Manitoba RAINKE'S
RAINKIES Phone (204) 857-6100
Minnedosa, MB Support Group Sewage Service Fax (204) 857-8389 Prairie Mountain HVAC/R
867-3981 Plumbing & Heating JIM BEAUMONT
Meetings are held at Ventilation/Air quality Neepawa Library 3rd Tuesday of 476-2483
Ty Burton the month 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Owner/Operator
Air Conditioning

Burgess Law
204-868-5358 For more info call:
Debbie Fisch
Cell: 476-6591 Kitchen Equipment
Commercial Gas Fitter
Office (204) 725-8550 Dennis: 476-2766 Commercial & Residential
service specialist
51 Main Street S
ALCOHOLICS 23 Hour Service Walk-ins
Kent Brown
Minnedosa 75 Main Street South
867-2935 Plumbing & Heating
ANONYMOUS 1-204-724-7465 1-204-867-7346
If you like to drink and can
Summit Septic Haircuts, Hot Shaves, • Construction •
That's your business
If you want to stop and can't ServiceS Beard Trims & Hair Tattoos LEONA’S
204-867-5458 That's our business. Minnedosa and surrounding areas Studio Of Image
Frank r. Ford and Darwin
P.O. Box 36 Matthews’ Family Hair Care
L a w O ffi c e PLUMBING & HEATING
Russ Huyghe
or 867-3966 penny Ford TV AND APPLIANCE •Eminence Facials
Alanon - 210-0433 & Product
Norman H. Sims, Q.C. 204-868-6376 Alateen - 867-5121 Owner/Operator SALES AND SERVICE • Pedicures & LCN Nails
7 6 Ma i n S t r e e t S o u t h CONSTRUCTION 867-3401 Minnedosa 204-210-0158 Your Shaw Direct,
MINNEDOSA • 867-2717 Cody Huyghe LG, Samsung, Bell • Spray Tanning
Mtg. Times: 8:00 pm Tuesdays Cells
204-210-0502 Danby Dealer • Piercing
OFFICE MANAGER Drug Problem? 204-868-0851 or 204-868-0863 Computer Sales and Service
• Eyelash Extensions
204-868-6886 Narcotics
email: Systems, Monitors &
67 Main St.
Anonymous can help Minnedosa, MB
Waterpals Phone 867-3164
BURTON PAINTING REAL ESTATE Meetings every Potable Water Delivery E-mail: TAC
Tuesday & Minnedosa and area Ventures Inc.
Myrna Alexander
Cell: 868-5503
Cell: 868-5503
Saturday at 7 p.m. No Job is too small!!! Lake Audy Meats Waste
at Calvary Temple, Also now Paying Cash on Farm Raised Animals Management &
221 Hamilton Street, Scrap Metal Pick up!! Lorne or Ian Arnold Contracting
Neepawa, MB 204-868-5674 (204)476-0002
Book this spot Cells: 204-867-7380
Garbage Removal
Bin Rentals
Construction Demolition
$5.52/week TRADING SERVICES or 204-848-0660 Renovating
Household clean up
Josh McKay - Sales Rep Estate clean ups
Call 204-867 3816 PETER HARRISON 204-210-0740
Phone/Text We now offer Transformative
Call us today for your carpet 142 Main Street North
867-5551 & upholstery cleaning needs. House/Business
Minnedosa, MB

MLA Gently Used Furniture Cleaning Services 204-596-5111
Clothing & Misc. Items THE
- Residential
Donations LEAN
MACHINE - Commercial Book
Estate Sales
Pick-up & Deliveries
AND DETAILING Home: 867-3272 This
Cell: 210-0818 Spot for
Toll Free 844.877.7767 Book this spot ● 204-848-0097
204-848-0400 only $5.52/week ● 204-848-0400 $11.07 per
#7 � 515 4th Avenue Call 204-867 3816
Burlington Place, Shoal Lake, MB week!
16 Friday, June 1, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT EXECUTORS: Randy Marcino 204-761-8849 Tim Pattern 204-782-7970
DIRECTIONS: NW 5-17-18W From (Jct #10 & #16 Hwys) North of Minnedosa, MB. 16.7kms North on hwy #10 to Rd 96N. Sale site on west side.
From (Jct #10 & #357 Hwys) South of Erickson, MB. 6.7kms South on #10 hwy to Rd 96N. Sale site on west side
Watch for signs Sale Day.
ORDER OF SALE: 12:00 – 1:00 (tanks-pumps-shop items-Misc) 1:00 Internet bidding will start (major items begin to sell)
NOTE: Cheques of $50,000 or more must be accompanied by bank letter of credit.
For more information on this please call Fraser Auction 204-727-2001

TRACTORS: •35’ CaseIH 5600 Chisel Plow w/12” spacing, TANKS & PUMPS:
•2003 Versatile 2375 4wd tractor 375hp 3 bar harrows, NH# kit, knock-on spikes •1000-gal Westeel fuel tank w/115-volt
w/1580hrs showing, 4 remote hyd, return line, •16’ Ezee-On tandem disc Fil-Rite FR701V pump
front & back weight pkg, 12 spd std trans,
•60’ Summers hyd harrows w/500-gal poly •1000-gal Westeel fuel tank w/115-volt
20.8R42 duals, s/n300753
hitch mounted tank Fil-Rite 1231 pump
•1989 Ford Versatile 846 4wd tractor 230hp
w/5036hrs showing, 4 remote hyd, return line, •Leon 3000 rotary stone picker w/hyd drive, •500-gal fuel tank on metal stand
std trans, 18.4R38 duals, s/nD430485 rock apron, s/n371-904 •(2) skid tanks w/12-volt pumps
HARVEST EQUIPMENT: •Brandt 4500 grain vac w/1000pto, metal flex SHOP ITEMS:
•2008 NH CX8090 combine w/Swathmaster •Campbell Hausfeld upright shop compressor
hose kit, nozzle. s/n60238
76C pick-up, 607 threshing & 877 engine
hours showing, 900/60R32 & 600/65R28 •10”x71’ Westfield pto swing hopper auger •Graco Hurricane electric oil pump
rubber, Calmar spout, s/n321576004 w/full bin sensor, s/n44615 •Lincoln electric grease gun w/case
•2009 MF 9430 swather w/26’ 5200 head, •poly auger hoppers •Craftsman 200 shop vac
pick-up reel, 620hrs showing, belly mount
3PT & OTHER: •transmission jack
Vern’s swath roller, s/nHU92185
•10’ Kirchner loader mount blade w/hyd angle •Beach bottom chest tool box
TRUCKS: (was on NH 9030 Bi-Directional)
•1992 Peterbilt t/a grain truck w/19’ B+H, •small assortment of farm related hand tools
•7’ buhler/farmking 720 3pt rotary mower
roll tarp, rear hoist controls, power tailgate s/n27301913 •floor jack
with remote, 22.5 rubber, engine brake, air
•Moto-Master portable air compressor
ride, 18spd trans, 425hp Detroit 60 engine, RECREATION & LAWN CARE:
661,134kms showing, Safetied, •2015 Kubota ZD331 Zero Turn mower •portable air compressor
VIN#1XPCDR9XXND318096 w/Dsl engine, 72” HD Pro series deck, 144hrs •Solar 560 battery charger/booster
•1979 Ford 8000 t/a grain truck w/17’ B+H, showing, s/n43273
•small shop press
roll tarp, 22.5 rubber, 13 spd trans, 3208 Cat •2014 Arctic Cat XF 8000 Cross Tour
engine, 39,332kms showing, •jacks
snowmobile w/1 1/4” track, 262 miles show-
VIN#W80DVEC6068 ing, VIN#4UF14SNW7ET101987 •vise on stand
TRAILERS: •Edson Advanti SS boat w/Newer 2-stroke •vise on small welding table
•2015 14’ Big-Tex 14LX t/a dump trailer Johnson 225 outboard, power trim, Univision •Oxy/Acet torches w/farm bottles
w/roll back tarp, toolbox, spare tire, 2 5/16” s/a boat trailer
ball, remote control for lift, GVW 14,000lbs, •loaded metal bolt bin
•New Holland 9000-watt generator w/12hrs
hide away ramps, VIN#16VDX142355028745 •vehicle ramps
•10’ Triton Lite 101 Aluminum s/a 2-place
snowmobile trailer w/tilt deck, drive-on drive
•Honda ES2500 generator OTHER ITEMS:
off style, VIN#4TCSS1107UH045163 •Ariens YT1138 lawn tractor •truck box converted to pull wagon
•Herd Seed-Feed broadcaster •aluminum ladders
•2012 38’ Versatile AD730 (Ezee-On7550) air •electric snowblower •logging chains
drill w/Versatile AC315 air cart, 12” spacing •(2) push mowers •assorted hose (NH3-air seeder-ect)
with carbide tip splitter boots, 5” steel
packers, Raven Accu-Flo Super Cooler NH3 kit, •fertilizer spreaders •checker plate truck toolbox
air cart has NH3 tank winch and hitch, drill •ATV yard sprayer •leg hold traps & fur stretchers
•Case yard wagon •(2) Oak Whiskey barrels
•2011 38’ Versatile (Ezee-On) C700 deep
tillage w/12” spacing, 3 bar harrows, •poly ATV/yard wagon •grain shovels
knock-on shovels, s/n53750 •wheel barrel •plus, other assorted farm related smalls

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