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Volume 136 Issue 12 Friday, June 1, 2018 90 cents plus tax

INSIDE Zero Waste - Gasification Pilot
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Project Ready To Roll At Evergreen

Regional Win
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Mission Trip
To Puerto Photo by Darryl Holyk

A $350,000 grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund will result
Rico in a zero-waste pilot project to the local regional waste management facility.

SUBMITTED Sigma Professional Engineering, located in to grow local produce throughout the entire
Florida. year in our northern climates.”

F or the first time in Manitoba, a zero-waste
system is being tested at the regional land-
fill site owned and operated by Evergreen En-
“The “zero waste system” that is provided
by the process of gasification results in a highly
efficient means of disposal of nearly 100 per-
In partnership with Eco-West Canada, the
Southwest Regional Development Corpora-
tion and with the support of the Association of
If your label reads vironmental Technologies (EET), located be- cent of municipal waste,” said Monty Peckover, Manitoba Municipalities, the pilot project was

18/06/30 tween the Towns of Minnedosa and Neepawa
in the Rural Municipality of Minto-Odanah.
chair of Evergreen Environmental Technolo-
gies and councillor for the R.M. of Minto-
awarded a $350,000 grant from the Federation
of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal
It’s time to renew This project is a joint initiative between Odanah. “We are looking forward to seeing the Fund. The system consists of an individual
your subscription! EET’s municipal partners who began to explore results and being able to save money for our ‘zero waste’ unit, based in a standard shipping
the possibility of developing a regional waste communities while, at the same time, protect- container. Each unit will be able to process up
204-867-3816 to value-added project back in 2015 after being ing the environment. I also look forward to the to 12 to 20 tonnes of municipal solid waste per
made aware of technology designed by Celtic future use someday of the syngas energy to be day.
Power and Machining based in Rapid City and converted to other uses such as a greenhouse Continued on Page 2

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