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Ziwu Jue is a daoist hand mudra widely used during meditation.

This hand mudra joins the 子

and 午 portions of the hand. In Daoist alchemy, wu and zi symbolises the trigrams Qian and Kun or
“pure” yin and “pure” yang of anterior heaven. Therefore this hand mudra symbolises the joining of
pure yin and yang of anterior heaven and the return to original unity, the goal of Daoist practice
Daoist Hand Mudra


Translated Portion from Chinese

This is a 225-Year-old.
We have a lot of practice and meditate, and they are pinch, and they are all "factor why are they
called" factor
Because the finger of the ring finger is called "son the middle finger is called" good afternoon so the
practice grabbed the left hand of the right hand and thumb in the right hand, and then the left thumb
finger pointed at the point, and then flipped over. On the leg, it's called a " factor and it's the pinch.
What is the role of " factor Its role is to "Ward off evil spirits".
Once the practice are in shock, the hands will automatically pinch, and this will be able to protect our
people's " Central nervous system so this is a protective device.
Another role is " illusion and it's not easy to choke this machine.
Many people nowadays learn to sit in taoism, but they often suffer from hard thinking and lack of
gas, and this is in fact very much related to the fingerprints of a sit-in.
If it is good, it will be easier to achieve a multiplier effect.
As a result of the taoism of taoism, it has been taught by the master and apprentice since ancient
In order to keep people out of doubt, we are now breaking the box, and we are going to do so in
When training is practiced, it is known as " qiā jué " and " hold " or " hold ".
Training, which is known as " tai chi yin and yang " in taoism, also known as " Tai Chi " or " tai chi ".
The specific approach is: when two hands are qiā jué, men are. on their left hand, with the right hand
of the right hand, and the right hand of the woman to
Because of the man's left hand, a woman's right-hand man is in his hands, and he is in the hands of
his own hands, and he is in the hands of his left hand, and he has a left-Hand-foot club
At the same time, two hands-on-foot, each contact with the other hand of the palace of the palace of
the palace, in the
Such a pair of hands will form a "Tai Chi Map" shape / foot in the hands of the other hand, the two
eyes of the tai chi figure, which is used to connect to the yin and yang.
The other four means " gossip " and " gossip " and " Taiji " and " taiji ".
In the hands of the yang, the hands of the wayward hand, that is, the " Moral Sutra " and " negative]"
Two hands together, like a positive negative on the power source, and yin and yang are naturally
And with the combination of yin and yang, there will soon be a closed gas field, and the mood will
calm down, and both hands quickly feel feverish.
Naturally, it is natural to stop, to be natural, natural and natural, and to have an incredible effect on a
This is the case, that is, in normal work and life, if there is a moment of leisure, or at the time of the
mass transit railway and bus, there is often a miraculous effect.
But when you're in the car, you have to pay attention, not because of rù jìng.
In A Cross-legged approach, it is generally considered the best position of " five heart-to-day in fact,
the maximum effect of such a method is to ensure that it will not fall for three days, five days or even
a month.
However, in general, if it is not a specialized training or meditation, there is no need to force itself,
and it is not only difficult to take a hard-on, but it is not easy to do so.
Cross-leg is aimed at training, and training is not for pán tuǐ.
So we promote natural methods, two legs can be on a single plate / that is one leg on the other leg,
and it is possible to cross between the legs / legs, and the hunkered will be able to make a pillow
first. The pain can also sit on the bench, the calf is perpendicular to the ground, or cross-cutting.
But, in any case, the hand and foot are on the contrary. That is, the man is left on his left hand while
he is on his left leg, while the woman on the other hand is left with his right hand, and his left leg is
There is also a special "Cross-Crane" approach, and this principle is also respected.
This is the ". " of the home.
Generally using hunkered: Pán Xī steady, left leg outward, right leg to inner / left duong, right to yin.
The left leg stretches slightly outside, the right leg rolls into the inside, and this is the yin. It is also
possible to adopt natural raised.
Foot-Foot Club, pinch the middle finger. Right-Hand-Foot-foot, into the left hand. The left thumb of
the left hand is a good afternoon.
The Right-hand thumb was inserted from the left hand of the left hand, and the other four were out of
the ring.
Right hand outside, left hand, for the yin. This son is a-hour machine.
After the seal, place your belly. About inches from the belly button, and the left of the body is the
nature of nature.
Everything is as good as natural. If you're studying the law, it requires a certain location. Individual
Advice: if we do not observe, we will not be able to guard it.
If this is not a good one, it will be in the hands of the two hands, and the remaining four fingers will
be stamped with two fists.
When you are practicing, you will be placed on the side of the body or in the belly of the stomach.
The Palm will be natural.
Taoist Sudan, in ancient times, called "Xuan Force". Wu-Yang is a man of his life. He has been
practicing his life with his own life.
Within, fire, fitness, fitness and longevity, for the purpose of zhōng tiān year. This is what the ancient
people call "attained".
Wu when is also a very important co-operation in martial art.
Wu Kung-Fu has a four-Step Force, that is, to practise the spirit, to practise gasification, to practise
the gods and to practise. These layers of work are more ingenious than one.
Day is the first step, that is, the practice of the zhou gong.
It includes an interest rate, establish, row, and a four-day action. The following are the following.
Section Rù Jìng interest: facing nam, full body relaxation, removal of distractions, height rù jìng.
Natural Hunkered, left leg outside, right leg. Woman on the right leg, left leg.
Upper Torso, head straight. Put your hands on your knees. Lisp, tongue, double, double,.
The umbilical cord is inches and three inches inside. The female is not in the middle of the abdomen,
that is, double breast is a three-Inch Medium.
Breathe Gently. Meditate for minutes.
The entrance to the door: the entrance to the entryway. It is called " the platform " between the two
eyebrows, and it is also called " Inch ".
After a-minute hike, the two-Hand-to-hand, the left-hand thumb of the hand, and the left-hand thumb
of the hand, the right-hand thumb, was inserted from the left hand of the left hand, and the other four
fingers were on the Out of the way, a pair of hands.
Breathe, intended, breathe. Other things are not changed, men and women, for minutes.
Section III Back: this action is also called " to ". and when the " intended " is done, two legs are
stretched, separated by their hands, and they are placed on the left side of the two knee, with their
palms up.
On the tip of the tongue, open your mouth and open your eyes. The intended of the two feet of the
fountain, the air, the air, the air, the gas and the gas flowing from the fountain. It is so constant that it
has been voiced for minutes.
The fourth verse of the fairy wash: this is a gesture of action. After a break, two legs will be
recovered or not recovered.
Palms Rub each other, and hands on your face from top to bottom.
Head down to the top of the head with ten fingers. The thumb starts from the " wind pit " and has
been on top of the ".
Before and after, times. At least nine times, and then collect. Time for about five minutes.
These four actions are about to minutes. Starting from minutes, the training time will be extended for
a period of not more than two hours.
People who have time can do it for a few hours, and they will be able to get to the top.
These are only basic requirements, depending on the circumstances of the individual.
The Secret of the fifth verse:
Master of law: the, the towering not, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the. - [sniffs] - [sniffs]
2 Women's overall machine: head back to yam,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
Characteristics and requirements of the law
The characteristics of the law
1 Ancient Authentic, easy to learn. This is the authentic Wu-when act, the ancient original, the way to
the Jane, the philosophy. After training, the mystery is limitless.
2 the transfer, the row. In Practice, the yin, the air, the disease, the, the, the meridian, the meridian,
the meridian of the body.
(3) cure the disease at root. Long rù jìng is well trained and can cure all diseases.
It is useful and useful to be able to make a difference in the treatment of heart disease, liver disease,
high blood pressure, hypertension, tuberculosis, cerebral vascular disease, stomach intestines, guts,
mysid, leukemia, and so on. It is the disease.
4 Naturally, no deviation. This is the original nature, naturally. If we practice, we will be able to do so
without any deviation. In Practice, we have been able to gain a great deal of wisdom.
Training requirements
Good Faith, persistence. Good practice and perseverance. It is more effective than ever.
2 Movement, and yin and yang. Jing is the yin and the move. Boxing Martial Arts is for yang, days of
A Yin-Yang said, " it is true Moving on the boulevard.
In the face of North-South, time is appropriate. In Practice, we need to face the south and the north,
to the east and west. One or two times a day, to minutes.
4 quietly practicing in case of shock. They are chosen to practise without interference, so as to
prevent the disease from being disturbed. A beginner should also choose to practise in a quiet place.
5 a sick stop, the more you practise. When there are minor illnesses such as influenza, they have to
stop practicing and practise medicine. It is very rare to train to a certain extent.
6 in the mood, not practicing. When you are angry, you can't practice when you're angry.
7 starving, in case of injury. It's easy to breathe. It's hard to get hurt. One hour after the meal.
8 thunderstorms, foggy days, stop practicing. It's raining, and it's easy to be scared. The fog is
poisonous, and it is not necessary to train, and to drink one or two of the white wine.
The law is very important," the smog is drinking, and people do not know. Keep your eyes open and
don't hurt your body ".
Responding to a reaction, naturally. Practicing for some time, body produces a series of change
reactions, cold, hot, ma, inflation, acid, jump, pain, magic, big, small, empty, no, light, heavy... etc.
Feeling, All are normal and not afraid. No surprises, no blame.
In Practice, sweating, diarrhoea, tears, laughter, Peel, vomiting, dither, think, think, and so on, all are
normal and all are row.
After a while, everything will disappear. It is because of the fact that there is a disease or a latent
The Above-mentioned nine areas of concern will go smoothly.
Finally, it is necessary to remind practitioners that they need to abide by the long-standing guidance
of taoism, that is to say, quiet, no, subordination, wellness, wellness, all,, fire and longevity.