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AirWave 8.2.

Installing the Appliance

Installing the AirWave Software

If you purchased an AirWave appliance, power-up the appliance.

Please only use included or Aruba-specified cables, power cords, AC power supplies and batteries. The power cord
should not be used with other electrical equipment than what is specified by Aruba.

Follow these steps to install the software:

1. Log in to the server using the following credentials:
l login = root
l password = admin
The installation begins automatically when you log in.
2. Configure the date and time for the AirWave server when the following message appears:
------------------------ Date and Time Configuration ------------------
Current Time: Mon Feb 12 09:18:12 PST 2018
1) Change Date and Time
2) Change Time Zone
0) Finish
a. Select 1 to set the date and select 2 to set the time zone. Press Enter after each configuration to return to
the message menu above.
b. Press 0 to complete the configuration of date and time information, then press Enter.
3. The installer automatically checks for an earlier version of AirWave. If your server has an earlier sofware
version installed, you'll see a message that asks you to reinstall AirWave.
4. At the prompt, enter the user name and password for the ampadmin account. If you don't enter a user name,
AirWave uses the default "ampadmin".

Save your user name and password somewhere safe because you will need them to log in to the CLI.

5. Enter the IPv4 static IP address, subnet mask, and gateway addresses (the IPv6 and secondary DNS settings
are optional) when the following message appears:
STEP 5: Assigning AMP's address
AirWave must be configured with a static IP.
--------------- Primary Network Interface Configuration -------------
1) IPv4 Address :
2) IPv4 Netmask :
3) IPv4 Gateway :
4) IPv6 Address (optional) :
5) IPv6 Gateway (optional) :
6) Primary DNS :
7) Secondary DNS (optional) :
8) Commit Changes
0) Exit (discard changes)

If you want to configure a second network interface, please

use AirWave's web interface, AMP Setup --> Network Tab
a. Select 1 to enter the network information, then press Enter.
b. Select 2 to enter the subnet mask, then press Enter.

AirWave 8.2.6 | Installing the Appliance 0512048-01 | March 2018

c. Select 3 to enter the gateway, then press Enter.
d. Select 6 to enter the primary DNS address, then press Enter.
e. To commit the changes, type 9 and then press Enter. To discard the changes, type 0 and then press
6. Generate the initial SSL certificate:
n If AirWave does not have a valid host name on the network, type n.
n If AirWave has a valid host name on the network, type y, then enter fully qualified domain name for the
AirWave server (for example,
The installer automatically logs out of the CLI session when the process completes.

Completing the Installation

Upon completion of all previous steps, the following message appears.
CONGRATULATIONS! AMP is configured properly.
To access the AMP web console, browse to https://<IP Address>
Login with the following credentials:
Username: admin
Password: [User-provided password from above for 'ampadmin' user]

Once you log out, the root user will be disabled. Subsequently, you must use the ampadmin user generated
during the software installation to log in to the CLI.

Contacting Support

Main Site

Support Site

Airheads Social Forums and Knowledge Base

North American Telephone 1-800-943-4526 (Toll Free)


International Telephone

Software Licensing Site

End-of-life Information

Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) Site:


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