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ompany it.

Dee and Kelley believed their visions gave them access to secrets
contained within the Book of Enoch.

1 History
1.1 Origins and manuscript sources
1.1.1 Liber Logaeth � The Sixth and Sacred Book of the Mysteries
1.1.2 The Five Books of Mystery
1.1.3 Other Enochian manuscripts
2 Rediscovery by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
2.1 Aleister Crowley and Enochian
2.2 Criticism of Enochian Magic
3 The system
3.1 The Calls or 'Keys' and the "World" of the 30 Aethyrs
3.2 The Great Table of Earth: The Elemental Watchtowers and their subdivisions
3.3 Enochian temple furniture
4 Today
5 Caveats
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7 References
8 Further reading
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Origins and manuscript sources
The Enochian system of magic is primarily the work of two men: John Dee, Edward
Kelley. The researches of Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, Aleister Crowley, Dr.
Thomas Rudd, Elias Ashmole, Dr. William Wynn Westcott and Israel Regardie made
additional contributions.[1]

The raw material for the Enochian magical system was "dictated" through a series of
Angelic communications which lasted from 1582-1589. Dee and Kelley claimed they
received these instructions from angels. While Kelley conducted the psychic
operation known as scrying, Dee kept meticulous written records. Kelley looked into
a crystal "shewstone" and described aloud what he saw.[citation needed]

This account of the Angelic communications is taken at face value by most Enochian
occultists. However, some of them have pointed out remarkable similarities to
earlier grimoiric texts such as the Heptameron known to Dee.[2] Such magical texts
as The Book of Soyga (of which Dee owned a copy) and others including the magical
works of Agrippa and Reuchlin probably also had an influence on Dee and Kelley. The
system claims to relate to secrets contained within the apocryphal Book of Enoch.
[citation needed]

Liber Logaeth � The Sixth and Sacred Book of the Mysteries
The Liber Logaeth (Book of the Speech of God)(aka The Book of Enoch aka Liber
Mysteriorum, Sextus et Sanctus -The Sixth (and Sacred/Holy) Book of the Mysteries)
(1583); is preserved in the British Museum as Sloane ms 3189. The correct spelling
is Loagaeth but it has been so frequently printed as Logaeth that this spelling is
in common use. Written up by Edward Kelley, it is composed of 65 folios containing
101 exceedingly complex magical grids of letters, 96 of which are 49?49 grids
(preceded by one "table" composed of 49 rows of text � the first row of which is
actually the 49th row of the first table, not in this MS.), plus 5 grids of 36 x 72
cells. It is from Liber Logaeth that Dee and Kelley derived the 48 Calls or Keys
(see below), and in which are concealed the keys to the Mystical Heptarchy, a
related magical work by Dee. Liber Logaeth has never been published in book form
but is available online at: [1]. Dee himself left little information on his Sixth
Holy Book apart from saying that it contained 'The Mysterie of our Creation, The
Age of many years, and the conclusion of the World' and that the first page in the
book signified Chaos. Note that the title The Book of Enoch attributed to the text

The Puccian Action.of Liber Logaeth is not to be confused with the aprocryphal Biblical The Book of Enoch. as well as the Vision of the Four Watchtowers and also the Great Table. ending where Casaubon's A True and Faithful Relation begins. The Mysteriorum Libri Quinque is the diary for 22 December 1581 � 23 May 1583 inclusive: the first five Books of the Mysteries (and Appendix). also available in a fair copy by Elias Ashmole. i. (There are three versions of the latter. Meric Casaubon's 1659 edition of part of these diaries (Cotton Appendix MS. the journey to Krakow and the dictation of the 48 Calls or Keys (including descriptions of the 91 Parts of the Earth). and Invocations of the Good Angels. Casaubon's edition was intended to discredit Dee and Kelly by accusing them of dealing with the Christian Devil. Whitby. titled the Mysteriorum Libri Quinque (Five Books of Mystery (or Mystical Exercises). MS Sloane 3677..see above) and "The Seventh Book of the Mysteries" (Krakow). Sloane 3189). L. Two further Manuscripts from Dee and Kelley's workings are important to Enochian magic: 1) MS. entitled A True & Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Yeers between Dr. Unsourced material may be . Dee and Kelley's diaries from 28 May 1585-23 Sept 1607).e. 2) MS. and made fair copies of some. 3188. It describes the furniture of the temple. Rediscovery by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn This section needs additional citations for verification. the Angelic Alphabet (Dee's copies) and the beginning of Loagaeth (i. along with annotations. which is part of Liber Logaeth . (It may be seen that Casaubon's A True and Faithful Relation is equivalent to the MS Cotton Appendix in toto. the first few folios of MS. John Dee and Some Spirits contains notorious transcription errors which in some cases were transmitted through many subsequent republications of the Dee/Kelly material. [4] The Five Books of Mystery Another manuscript Sloan ms. The Royal Stephanic Mysteries. The Book of Resurrection. who preserved them. beginning where A True and Faithful Relation begins. On the Mystic Heptarchy. The Third Action of Trebon and the remaining Spirit Actions at Mortlake in 1607. the Tables of Light. the Great Circle and corresponding Collected Table of 49 Good Angels. Aid and Victory. Cotton Appendix XLVI Part I (available online at: [4] is the diary for 28 May 1583 � 15 August 1584 inclusive: The Sixth (and Sacred) Parallel Book of the Mysteries (not to be confused with "The Sixth and Sacred Book of the Mysteries". XLVI). a facsimile reprint of the Ethiopian version is Laurence. Available online at: [2]). The Book of Earthly Science. the Seal of God (Sigillum Dei). It is an account of the 'actions' or workings undertaken in the Liber Logaeth. There are two transcripts of this manuscript available today: Joseph Peterson[5] and C.e. An expanded facsimile edition of Casaubon was published by Magickal Childe in 1992[7] Dee and Kelley's surviving manuscripts later came into the possession of Elias Ashmole. (1995))[3] Nor should it be confused with Crowley's rescension Liber Chanokh (The Book of Enoch) although all these texts are related. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It includes the arrival of Prince Adalbert Laski.[6] Versions of the first three of the five Books of Mystical Exercises can be found online at : [http://john-dee Other Enochian manuscripts Yet another central manuscript is Sloane 3191 (available online at: [3] ) which comprises: 48 Angelic Keys. the Mystic Heptarchy and the Tables of Creation. ending where A True and Faithful Relation ends. Cotton Appendix XLVI Part II (available online at: [5]) is the diary for 15 August 1584 � 23 May 1587 (and 20 March � 7 September 1607) inclusive: The Book of Praha.

Chanokh being an older Hebrew form of the name Enoch." (Initially published in Crowley's Journal The Equinox Nos VII and VIII. who called themselves the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The rediscovery of Enochian magic by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the 1880s led to Mathers developing the material into a comprehensive and workable system of ceremonial Magick. It is not quite clear how much of Enochian magic was put to use by Dee and Kelley. (January 2012) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Dee and Kelly never referred to their magic as 'Enochian' but rather called it 'Angelic'. elemental.[9] Aleister Crowley and Enochian Unbalanced scales. (1996). Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. this work was subsequently renamed Liber LXXXIV vel Chanokh. Each board is associated with one of the four elements of magick. or The Book of Enoch . The Golden Dawn was the first. Some writers assert that Thomas Rudd was the centre of a group of angel magicians who may have used Dee and Kelly's material. have been edited and published in Kuntz. (January 2012) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Aleister Crowley. The angels told them not to work Enochian. However. in modern occultism it is commonly known as Enochian. The four chessboards do not have any symbols on them. Enochian as an operative system is difficult to reconstruct based upon original manuscripts like the collection of Sir Hans Sloane in the British Museum. Crowley published the Golden Dawn Enochian material as "A Brief Abstract of the Symbolic Representation of the Universe Derived by Doctor John Dee Through the Skrying of Sir Edward Kelly. Dee and Kelley's journals are essentially notebooks which record the elements of the system.[neutrality is disputed] They invoked the Enochian deities whose names were written on the tablets. little else became of Dee's work until late in the nineteenth century. who worked with. Crowley numbered the book as 84 since that number is the Qabalistic numeration for Chanokh.svg The neutrality of this section is disputed. Indeed. They also traveled in what they called their Body of Light (commonly known as the "astral body" in western occultism) into these subtle regions and recorded their psychic experiences in a scientific manner. a sub-group of the Golden Dawn founded by Florence Farr which experimented with Enochian magic. The Angelical material of Dee and Kelley also had a considerable influence on the magic of Rosicrucianism. Enochian magic extensively.[8] The papers of the Sphere Group. and wrote about. (In some printings the number 89 is mistakenly assigned to the book). but their knowledge was based upon only one of Dee's diaries and their planetary. The Golden Dawn also invented the game of Enochian chess. .challenged and removed. rather than records of workings they performed using the system. and there are no diary records of works being done except for one healing talisman that they were instructed by the angels to make. Pat Zalewski's book (1994) on the subject is definitive. so that aspects of the Enochian Tablets can be used for divination. or zodiacal attributions have no foundation in the original sources.[neutrality is disputed] The two major branches of the system were then grafted on to the Adeptus Minor curriculum of the Golden Dawn. when it was incorporated and adopted by a mysterious and highly secret brother-hood of adepts in England. contributed to its comparatively widespread use today. just sets of squares colored in certain ways. but contemporary occult organizations have attempted to make it usable. whether Dee and Kelly ever practiced Enochian is still up for debate. However.

Being of the Angels of the Thirty Aethyrs the Vision and the Voice .C.. more complete Qabalistic system. Starting wi . These formulae were reportedly communicated to Case by Master R. due precisely to the lack of protective methods. whose personal shipwrecks have been just as complete even though their smaller tonnage. they were recorded as part of a series of wax cylinder recordings made by Crowley in 1922.�[12] When Case wrote the lessons for the magical order he founded. Criticism of Enochian Magic The value and safety of the Enochian system of magic has been disputed. as outlined in Liber Chanokh are the Elemental Watchtowers (including the Tablet of Union) and the "World" of the 30 Aethyrs.. a 20th-century occultist who began his magical career with the Alpha et Omega. The Aethyrs are the "heavens" or Aires of the system.[13] The system The two pillars of modern Enochian Magick. was critical of the Enochian system. but there are plenty of others I have personally witnessed. also known as Liber 418 (or to give it its full title. makes the loss seem less deplorable.[10] The existing Enochian system. so to say.[11] In a letter to occultist Dion Fortune.O.A. Case wrote: �I have personal knowledge of more than twenty-five instances where the performance of [Enochian] magical operations based upon the Order�s [i.. On Case�s account. [Aleister Crowley] himself. and can be found on various compilations of these recordings onto CD which are widely available today.e. he removed the Enochian system of the Alpha et Omega and substituted elemental tablets based on Qabalistic formulae..Crowley's most famous work with Enochian focused upon the Calls of the Aethyrs.T. Case believed he had witnessed the physical breakdown of a number of practitioners of Enochian magic. Recordings of Crowley reading the First and Second Calls of the Aethyrs (in both English and Enochian) exist. Liber CCCCXVIII: Liber XXX ?rum Vel Saeculi. formed a document called The Vision and the Voice. Paul Foster Case. which he experienced while working with Victor Neuberg in Algeria. according to Case. The book was written with highly symbolic imagery and is integral to Crowley's explication of his Law of Thelema. Alpha et Omega�s] formulae led to serious disintegrations of mind and body� Perhaps the most conspicuous example of the use of these formulas is A. is both partial and lacking in sufficient protective methods.see Holy Books of Thelema). His visions from these Calls. the system of Dee and Kelley was in fact a torso of an older. the Builders of the Adytum or B.