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using cheaper night
electric energy in
housing and public utilities

using excessive electric energy
of autonomous energy sources

Heat-accumulating fireplaces,
stoves, including for saunas
and bath houses

fireplaces and other talcum peach products sales is to amount 10-30 million EUR. STE stationary heat-accumulators heat premises of different allotment consuming cheaper night electric energy and energy of autonomous energy sources.6 billion kWh.9 billion RUR annually due to decrease of energy consumption in Public and Housing Utilities and release of electric power in energetics. according to prediction estimate. Usage of STE stationary heat-accumulators is planned within regional program of energy saving till 2013.5-2 billion . including heating of state-financed organizations. market of stoves. Center of technology transfer Petrozavodsk State University The Russian Academy of Science Energy Resource STE Ltd Roskosmos industry expertise center United Institute of High Temperatures www. fireplaces and other talcum peach products – up to 1billion RUR annually.steatit. In European countries annual market of stoves. The most promising trend of STE stationary heat-accumulators usage can be joint operation with atomic power stations. or 21. In the Russian Federation. Estimate efficiency of heat-accumulators usage is to account for 14. fireplaces. Estimate sales market of STE stationary heat-accumulators in the Republic of Karelia accounts for 300-400 million RUR.ENERGY SAVING HEAT-ACCUMULATING EQUIPMENT Heating heat-accumulating stoves. stationary heat-accumulators of STE type are mage of unique ecologically friendly natural material – talcum peach – mined in the Republic of Karelia. market of stationary heat-accumulators sales is to amount to 1.

or if there are sufficient electric powers of distribution and transformer substations in close proximity. 4. Electric load decrease at heat and nuclear power stations at night time results in lowering efficiency and sustainability of their operating. provision of residential. mined in .000 kWh in winter time).000 RUR depending on unit’s capacity and design. STE stationary heat-accumulators service life is unlimited. Electric heating with use of STE stationary heat-accumulators is to assist in solving problems of Russian energetics and public and housing utilities: to release part of electric energy at a daytime and decrease the difference between day and night consumption (in Moscow there are drops up to 3. 8. www. including atomic power stations. Payback of STE heat-accumulator accounts for 2-3 years depending on installation place and previously used fuel type. 24. Absence of hydro-accumulating electric power stations in Russia leads to excess of electric energy at night time. what is significantly lower than the cost of analogues operating on a cheaper night energy tariff for heating purposes.500-3. a natural ecologically friendly material. they use as an energy source cheaper night electric energy (lower night tariff) and (or) excessive electric energy of autonomous energy sources. The cost of STE heat-accumulators in equivalent to 1 kW of power is not more than 2. Change of electric heating elements is conducted preventively after 4-5 years of a heating device exploitation.steatit. public and municipal buildings with any number of floors with cheap sustainable quality heating. use ofadditional (reserve) fuel (solid or gas) in STE stationary heat-accumulators of Stove type. solid fuel or gas can be additional sources of energy. The most effective way of STE usage is to switch from boiler houses operating on solid or gas fuel in heat supply. decrease electric energy losses in power transmission lines. 32. use of talcum peach as a working medium. possibility to install stationary heat-accumulators into existing not-load-bearing structures of buildings (walls. increase efficiency of wind power stations. basements). 16. talcum carbonate. hydro power stations and small (regional and floating) nuclear power stations operating in autonomous mode. due to equal levering of load within a day. distribution substations and transformer substations till average world level. increase efficiency (performance index) and sustainability of electric generators operation. For more than a century talcum peach (soapstone. STE stationary heat-accumulators of various types are used as heating equipment in all cases. 40 and up to 1000 kW). and does not require its dismantling. Basis differences of STE stationary heat-accumulators from foreign heat-accumulators are: large energy capacity (2. etc) has been proved as a good heat-resisting material with high degree of heat output and thermal capacity for producing stoves and fireplaces. STE HEAT-ACCUMULATORS MANUAL STE stationary heat-accumulators are designed for heating premises of different allotment.

use of STE stationary heat-accumulators is to increase performance index of the wind power station on 40%. 2004 under the chairmanship of V. Investments 14th International Exhibition-Congress. conducted in December. mechanics and management processes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Flowing hydro power station does not require dam construction. Innovations. 22-25 2008 in Saint-Petersburg. Construction and use of floating nuclear power stations with electric energy generators of set capacity of up to 70 MW in far north and any remote areas becomes a feature of the present day. Except from solving private tasks. at the same time expenses on construction of STE stationary heat-accumulators of larger capacity account for up to 100 EUR. Secretary of the Department of energetics. Rights on STE stationary heat-accumulator are patented. or small capacity (up to 40 kW).E. Flowing hydro power stations can produce from 1 to 100 kWh of electric energy. In 2007 “the STE stationary heat-accumulators using cheaper night electric energy tariff and alternative energy sources for heating purposes” project was granted a diploma of a laureate of the “Best innovations of the capital of Volga Region – to city residents” second city contest of innovative projects for modernization and development of municipal services of Nizhny Novgorod.steatit. Usage of STE heat-accumulators for heating of specific objects is inclined into the Regional Program of Energy Saving till 2012. Nizhny Novgorod. which annually requires significant finances from all level budgets. The company was awarded a silver medal in Best Innovative Project in Fuel and Energy Sphere nomination within the High Technologies. member of the Academy of Sciences. Usage of autonomous energy facilities consisting of wind power stations and STE assists increasing competitiveness of wind power station in comparison to other energy sources. If wind power station gains no load. New for Russia but widely used in Europe source of electric energy is hydro power station of damless type and flowing type. In Russia already several dozens of enterprises are engaged in production of wind power stations. In the near decade increase in demand for wind power stations is predicted due to development of individual housing construction and deficit of electric energy. High necessity in use of energy accumulators jointly with wind and hydro power stations in systems of heat supply was emphasized in the Energy of the Future First International Forum. conducted in September. Fortov. use of powerful heat-accumulators of up to 200 MW of capacity will make it possible to abandon construction of nuclear energy stations and heat station in close proximity to major cities (Voronezh. in equivalent to 1 kW cost from 450 up to 1. middle (up to 250 kW). By estimate of wind power station projected for construction in Valaam island. 2006 during the Days of Small and Middle-Sized Businesses of Russia-2006 exhibition STE stationary heat-accumulator of Stove type was awarded a diploma by the Russian Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs in the Best Innovative Project nomination. In Moscow in May. projected for rising sustainability of nuclear power stations operation. autonomous energy installations can address a major problem of Russia today – energy supply of northern territories within so called Northern Shipment. According to data available. the major part of electric energy is dissipated in atmosphere. Use of STE jointly with hydro power station is to increase economic performance of autonomous energy installation HPS-STE. etc). agreed by the order of the Government of the Republic of Karelia dated February. Construction expenditures are . Stationary heat-accumulator of Wall type (Warm Wall sanative heater) and ShEt electric heater also were awarded. engineering. partly derivation of water from a river to a pipeline or submerging of a turbine directly into river bend is enough. including ecologically safe ones.Gas-turbine or hydro-accumulating electric stations.000 kW). www. 5 2008 № 51 р-П. nuclear power stations are bound to operate by lowed parameters due to instability of electric load in order to escape accidents because of possible rapid load fluctuations. Moreover.500 EUR. Electric energy consumers significantly remote from a floating station can install STE heat-accumulator of large (up to 1.

steatit.5-2 times increase of sustainability of heat supply (STE of Stove type) environment improvement and cut in heat losses in heating premises In energetics and jointly with autonomous sources of electric energy (wind power stations. nuclear power stations. and mini thermal power plants) decrease in energy losses in power transmission lines and energy quality improvement increase of sustainability of energy system and autonomous sources of electric energy and autonomous power stations increase of the performance index of autonomous sources of electric energy release of significant amount of additional energy in a daytime. flowing hydropower stations. www. industrial . BASIC ADVANTAGES OF STE STATIONARY HEAT-ACCUMULATORS USAGE In public and housing utilities. social objects. and for other consumers of thermal energy decrease in cost of heating in 2-4 times reduction in capital expenditure for construction of heat supply system in 1.

m.steatit. STE of Wall type with electric capacity of 4kW used for heating of premises of up to 20 . FIRST RUSSIAN HEAT-ACCUMULATORS STE stationary heat-accumulators of Wall type operating on cheaper night energy (lower night tariff on electric energy) STE of Wall type with electric capacity of 16kW used for heating of premises of up to 70 sq. Capacity: Capacity: Capacity: Electric capacity – up to 6 kW Electric capacity – from 12 up to 24 kW Electric capacity – up to 24 kW Timber fuel – 5 kW Timber fuel – 25 kW Timber fuel – 10 kW www.500 RUR respectively.500 and 4.m. PATENTED STE of Wall type STE of Wall type STE of Wall type without dressing without shell with partly set working body with cooling unit in the forward position Cost of STE stationary heat accumulators of Wall and Stove types in equivalent to 1kW of electric power accounts for 3.m.m. of from 150 up to 300 sq. that is 2-3 times less than the cost of foreign analogues. STE stationary heat accumulators of Stove type operating on cheaper night energy and timber fuel PATENTED Open cooling unit Model №1 used for summer Model №2 for rural houses with square Model №3 for cottages with square houses with square of up to 50 sq. of up to 250 sq.

000 RUR. Saving accounts Warm air for up to 15-20. Expenses payback period is 2.ENERGY SAVING IN PUBLIC AND HOUSING UTILITIES WITH USE OF HEAT-ACCUMULATORS Heating in cottages and high-rise buildings Outdoor Heating temperature remote control sensor Autonomous sourses of electric energy: solar batteries and collectors.steatit. 2008 Difference in tariffs Temperature In average in Russia sensor night tariff is lower than Humidity State-financed organizations Average cost daytime tariff on electric and CO2 sensor STE stationary energy and central heating heat-accumulator Minimal cost in 3-4 times of wall type Industrial enterprises Maximum cost Urban population Rural population Output of warm air – daytime tariff Control systems desk: two-tariff counter devise power control – night tariff contactor timer Central heating Electric heating Location of STE of wall type in a flat plan Analysis of the cost of heating and by floors of a building in relation to night tariff on electric energy www. flowing hydro-power . power control model №2 contactor timer Cost of STE for heating of a flat of 64 sq. m is 45.5-4 years PATENTED The Republic of Karelia.000 RUR. wind power stations 5th floor STE stationary heat-accumulator of wall type 4th floor 3rd floor 2nd floor 1st floor Humidity and CO2 Indoor sensor temperature control STE stationary Control systems desk: heat-accumulator two-tariff counter devise of stove type.

Russia and Italy for making stoves and fireplaces.steatit. www. Sanative electric heater TEK electric stone heater Dressing for sauna stoves Dressing plate for sauna wall and chimneys Heat accumulating talcum peach brick for stoves and fireplaces Talcum peach dressing for fire units Aromatizer Heat Sanative support for herbal accumulating for loins and neck infusion stone Due to its sound thermal properties and health-improving effect on the human talcum peach was widely used for the recent 20 years in Finland.5 times more than kiln brick). Talcum peach heats up much faster than loam brick and better sustains temperature drop. In 2-3 hours talcum peach stove or fireplace can accumulate enough heat for maintaining normal temperature in premises all day .HEAT ACCUMULATING PRODUCTS MADE OF TALCUM PEACH Unique characteristics of talcum peach include its high thermal capacity (2.

1 million RUR 2 production of heating equipment made of talcum peach – 104.steatit.7 million RUR 3 production of energy saving heating equipment – “stationary heat-accumulator” – 75. www.8 million RUR. PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION CHART AND AMOUNT OF INVESTMENTS Crushing machine 1 Pressed and roast elements of heat-accumulators 3 Conveyance Stoves 900С Mixing machine Press Forms Mining of talcium peach blocks Binding substances and fillers Stoves 200С Cost elements of heat-accumulators Производство Production of heatтеплоаккумулирующих accumulating goods изделий из отходов made добычи of waste и переработки of talcium талькохлорита peach extraction and processing 2 Production of tile for heat accumulating stoves and dressing 3 2 Research and Development and setting up of a production Sanative electric stone heater and other heaters of STE stationary heat-accumulators Total amount of investment accounts for . including: 1 mining of talcum peach blocks – 119.0 million RUR Total estimated sales are nearly 600 million RUR Estimated payback period is up to 5 years.

Rich working experience in creating heat-accumulators made of talcum peach since 1992. STE stationary heat-accumulators acquired experts’ report by Legal-Expert Entity of Federal Fire Department and Test Fire Laboratory of the Republic of Karelia. Works over research and development under the Federal Target Program on expanding use of talcum peach for heating purposes are being conducted within the created consortium with participation of Center of technology transfer . www. specialist field is heating engineer in automation. and GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity. Pilot sample of an electric stove for saunas and bath-houses with electric heating element covered by talcum peach plates was made (patented). responsible mining rights have been acquired. Several patents in creating heat accumulating equipment made of talcum peach are held. heat accumulating stone for bath stoves and saunas. allowing their exploitation. crushed stone.Roskosmos industry expertise center. the United Institute of High Temperatures of The Russian Academy of Science. Since 2004 mobile heat-accumulator of ET type with use of talcum peach has been . Petrozavodsk State University.steatit. The enterprise was awarded various diplomas on different Russian contests and exhibitions. Plates. Leningrad mining institute. ENTERPRISE OVERVIEW Alexander Mihailovich Anisimov. Experimental-industrial samples of fireplaces and stove with the system of fast warming and heat accumulation (patented) were made. talcum peach powder for heat-insulated floors. CEO Education degree: Ivanovo Engineering Institute. Pilot samples of STE stationary heat-accumulators of Wall and Stove types (patented) were created and tested. walls and fillings of heat accumulating hollows are being produced.