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0000049 Search Warrant # STATE OF CALIFORNIA ~ COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO SEARCH WARRANT AND AFFIDAVIT (AFFIDAVIT) |, Detective Robert Peters #701, swears under oath that the facts expressed by hhimiher in the attached and incorporated STATEMENT OF PROBABLE CAUSE, consisting of__67__ pages, are true and that based thereon he/she has probable cause d fev that the property described below is lawfully. seizable jon 1524, as indicated below, and is now located at the erefore, affiant requests that this Search Warrant be Reviewed by __DDA Rod Norgaard (via email) (Deputy District Attorney) (SEARCH WARRANT) THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO ANY SHERIFF, POLICEMAN OR PEACE OFFICER IN THE COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO: Proof by affidavit having been made before me by Detective Robert Peters #701 that there is probable cause to believe that ttie property described herein may be found at the location set forth herein and that it is lawfully selzable pursuant to Penal Code Section 1824 as indicated below by "X" in that: Itwas stolen or embezzled, twas used as the means of committing a felony, Its possessed by a person with the intent to use it as means of committing @ ublic offense or is possessed by another to whom he or she may have delivered itfor the purpose of concealing it or preventing its discovery, X___Ittends to show that a felony hes been committed or that a particular person has committed a felony. {t tends to prove that sexual exploitation of a child, or possession of matter depicting sexual conduct of a person under the age of 18 years has occurred or is occurring ‘An arrest warrant exists for the target of the search warrant. i 0000050 YOU ARE THEREFORE COMMANDED TO SEARCH; 8316 Canyon Oak Drive is located in Citrus Heights, which is within the County of ieacramento, State of California. The residence is a single family, single story dwelling ‘Roated on the south side of Canyon Oak Drive, ereath acres yon Cripple Oak Court The residence faces north. The structure is a tan color with a dark brown trim along the + Pine, (esldence, The base ofthe structure and the garage dorset the same Color of the structure, There are three vertical Columns of brick separating the garage way leads from the driveway to the for the residence "8316" is enclosed in a ical brick column closest to the front door, ms, garages, grounds, outbuildings, icles, boats, garbage cans and Containers located within the property boundaries, And Any vehicle under the care and control of the Occupants of the premise to be iearched at the time this warrant is served, ae ovidence by DMV registration Information, possession of keys to the vehicle, actual vec of the vehicle, witness ‘statements or admission, FOR THE FOLLOWING PROPERTY; 1. Trace evidence including blood, skin, body tissue, body fluids, hair, sal clothing fibers, lit, or carpet/upholstery samples. 2 dated to firearms including firearms, specifica iS Well as Sxreined slugs, spent casings, Bullet holes, ammunition, magecinee gun ipts/registration papers, holsters, gun cases, Cleaning kits, gun purchase rece} 3: Bindings including but not imited to rope, string, shoce laces, line, cord, etc. 4 Any and all financial documents tending fo establish if the Motive for the homicide was for financial gain. 5. Items of personal property tending to establish the identity of the persons in Gontrol of the premises including utlity company receipts, rent receipts, addressed envelopes, vehicle registration, identification cards, photographs, video/audio tapes and keys. 8. Telephone directories, address books, calendars and documents with names and {elephone numbers tending to establish the identity of friends, associates and family members of the persons in control ofthe premises, 10, 11. 12, 13, 14, Digital storage devices including, but not limited to, computers, computer hard drives, computer storage media including compact discs, DVD's and removable storage devices, digital cameras, personal digital assistance (.e.: Palm Plots, Blackbery’s, etc), and digital audio recorders. Any writings, paper medium, Notebooks and loose paper sheets, any computing or data processing softwere, Stored on any type of medium such as hard disks, floppy disks, cassette tapes, compact disks, RAM or ROM units, or other permanent or transient storage medium, any computing or data processing device(s) and associated peripheral Equipment, including but not imited to computer unit, keyboards, video display tubes, printers, hard disk drives, floppy disk drives, floppy diskettes, optical disk Grives, optical diskettes, tape drives, magnetic tape, compact disk drives, compact ciskettes, interconnection cables, and modems, whether acoustic or electric. Any computing or data processing literature including instruction books, manuals, or listed computer programs in whole or in part for the abave computer or data brocessing equipment; and records which show dominion, ownership or contol Of any ofthe items to be seized, including bills of sale for computers or modems, repair bills for computers or modems, and sales receipts for floppy disks, Deputies are permitted to conduct a detailed search of the electronic contents of these digital storage devices through means of forensic examination, Wireless electronic devices/cellular telephones and cellular telephone accessories including, but not limited to, SIM cards, and electrical cords for charging phones. Wireless/celular telephones to include SIM cards, lash memory, and memory chips for each telephone, ‘Your affiant is requesting to seize the above listed electronic devices, Any further Search of those devices will occur only after your affiant or other law enforcement officer(s) obtain a search warrant in compliance with the Califomia Electronic. Communications Privacy Act. Stolen property taken by the East Area Rapist (EAR); See APPENDIX “A” for a dotalled list of the items. ‘Any and all locked safes, locked boxes, chests, ete., which could contain evidence related to the criminal activity Any and all Photo Albums and loose photographs, which showed the suspect ‘appearance throughout the years. Suspect’s clothing worn at the time of the Maggiore murders, to include a black or blue Knit ski mask, brown leather jacket, dark shoes. Any and all receipts and/or keys showing ownership of a storage unit. oumals, dairies, maps, or diagrams that depict the areas of Sacramento County, the East Bay, Orange County, Visalia, or which chronicle the events which ccurred in those areas during the 1970's and 1980's, Outside experts acting under the direct control of the investigating officers are authorized to enter the above listed locations in order to photograph, video tape, diagram, and process the scene for latent fingerprints and trace evidence. 0000051 0000052 ALSO TO LOCATE AND SEARCH THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S): JOSEPH JAMES DEANGELO Male, Race: White, ‘Addres inyon Oak, Cross-Reference #: i FOR THE FOLLOWING PROPERTY: -Major Case Fingerprints Biological material (DNA) from DeAngelo's person to include any of the following: saliva, blood, skin, and bodily fluids. The biological material is to be collseten ina non- intrusive manner. Pfficers are permitted to transport DeAngelo’s person to a law enforcement facility so the collection of DNA and Major Case Fingerprints can be pertormed ine safe and sterile environment. |n addition, your affiant is authorized to take photographs of the ‘suspect's entire body, Specifically his penis. TO LOCATE AND SEARCH THE VEHICLE(S): California License Plate: #7EIW866, a white 2014 Toyota Camry, VIN: SYFBURHE1EP021311; Registered to Joseph DeAngelo, 8316 ‘Canyon Oaks Drive Citrus Heights, CA. 0000053 California License Plate: 209508, a 2016 Suzuki motorcycle, VIN: ¢S1SP46A7G2101119; Registered to Joseph DeAngelo, 8316 Canyon Oaks Drive Citrus Heights, CA. California License Plate: 31561X1, a white Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, VIN: STFRXSGN6GX067348; Registered fo Joseph DeAngelo, 8316 Canyon Oaks Drive Citrus Heights, CA. California License Plate: 4RJ47685, a 2017 traller, VIN: 1ZEAAFKB1HA005181; Registered to Joseph DeAngelo, 8316 Canyon Oaks Drive Citrus Heights, CA. Additional Orders: 1. Night Service Authorization: This warrant may be served on the target Premise/vehicle/provider/individual at any hour of the day or night, -X__ Order granted —— Order not granted and/or not applicable 2. Sealing of Search Warrant, Affidavit, and Return: Affiant has established good cause for a sealing order and as such, this Search Warrant, the supporting Affidavit, and the Retum are ordered sealed and shall not become a public record. This Search Warrant, Affidavit, and Return shall be delivered into the Custody of the Clerk of the Superior Court and remain sealed in the custody of the Clerk unless further ordered by the court. —~%_ Order granted ‘Order not granted and/or not applicable AND TO SEIZE IT IF FOUND and bring it forthwith before me, or this court, at the courthouse of this court. This Search Wawant and incorporated Affidavit was swom to and subscribed bg emethis 2 * day of 4 , 2018, SS Therefore, | find probable cause for the issuance of this Search Warrant and do issue it. (Signature of Ma, ) Judge of the Superior Court, “STONE SetTES Executed by 222s. Date 24-24-18 Hp, (PYO For further information concerning this search warrant, contact Detective Robert Peters #701 at 0000054 REQUEST FOR AN ORDER SEALING THE STATEMENT OF PROBABLE CAUSE OR PORTION THEREOF Your affiant requests that the search warrant affidavit be ordered sealed by the magistrate pursuant to California Rule of Court Rule 2.850 in order te permit and protect the actively ongoing investigation into this high profilo case, and implement the privilege Under Evidence Gade Spction 1040 ~ 1042. Your affiant requests that tne sealing order ofYhis court. COURT ORDER Based upon a review of the above request and a review of the facts contained in the attached records, this Court finds pursuant to Rule of Court 2.550 that thew eniets os Peering interest that overcomes the right of public access to the record: the overriding interest supports the sealing of the record; a substantial probability exists that the overriding interest based upon the on-going investigation ‘will be prejudiced if the affidavit is not sealed; the proposed sealing is narrowly tellored; and te few restrictive ‘means exist to achieve the overriding interest. IIS ORDERED THAT: the search warrant, affidavit, and return be sealed and kept under seal and in the custody of the Court and not be made part of the Public reco’d until further order of this court. vareo,_ of Mew Jom DSSSs-Q, SNe snare 0000055 AFFIDAVIT OF ROBERT PETERS. IN SUPPORT OF SEARCH WARRANT prior to my assignment as a Detective, | was assigned to the Sheriffs Department North fhavgl Problem Oriented Policing (POP) Team as a POP Deputy. | wee aoe assigned to {hs Sheriffs Department North Patrol Dhision as a Patrol Depuy tan aes 102014, 34 Pefore ty patrol assignment | was assigned tothe Sherif's Deparimonts oar Security Division, as a Bail. As a Bali, | observed numerous horace felony assault robbery, sexual assault andl domestic violence trials and prelimirary hearings Ping the course of my employment as a Deputy Shentf, | conducted several hundred ee ienaty and follow-up investigations concerning numerous types of erinex, ahi included, but not limited to, homicide, robbery, kidnapping, burglary, conspiracy, theft, freua! frbaltery, Sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse, domestic violonos, forgery, G7ud: financial crimes, identity thet, vehicle trafic oleions, and eloohevt ae ond other controlled substance violations, ‘As a Homicide Detective, | have conducted no less than 75 investigations regarding homicides, suspicious deaths, officer involved Shootings and kidnapping incidents, During the course of these investigations, I have personally and/or assisted other Sxperienced Detectives in no less than 20 suspect interviews andor arrests, Additionally I've spoken extensively with experienced Detoctives concerning the Your affiant has also conducted no less than 60 vietim and/or Witness interviews related to homicides, suspicious deaths, officer involved shootings and kidnapping incidents. In 8089 Instances, | have shown no less than 10 photographic line ups and conducted no less than 3 lve lineups. Additionally, | have obtained no less than 50. search warrants, and no less than 3 Ramey warrants conceming homicide investigations. 38.8 Homicide Detective, | have attended numerous training conferences and seminars Pepaoored by the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department, Sacramento Police, Department and Peace Offcere Standard Training (P.0'S.T). | have also cnt ied Intoora Obert Presley Institute of Criminal investigation traning courses, whiok wolude {nterview and Interrogation (40), Core Investigations (80), Narocécs Investigations (80), {iomicide Investigations (80), Officer Involved Shooting Investigations (40) and Arson/Explosive Investigations (40), with a specialty in Homicing Investigations, Giidtionaly, | eamed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Socal Sciences fra aoe ia State University of Sacramento in 2002. STATEMENT OF PROBABLE CAUSE ‘Personally observed the promises and noted that itis located at: 8316 Canyon Oak Drive is located in Citrus Heights, which is within the County of Sacramento, State of California. The residence Single family, single story dweling located on the south side of Canyon Oak Drive, directly across from Cripple Oak Court. he residence faces north. The structure isa tan olor aan @ dark brown trim along the caves of the residence. The base of the structure and the Garage doors are the same residence’s front door. The number address for the residence "8316" is enclosed in a White plastic box, which is afficed to the vertical brick column closest to the front door. The front door faces north and isa light color, |/am aware of the following information either from Personal observations, interviews and/or information which was related to me by other law ‘enforcement officers based ‘upon prior investigations and law enforcement reports, JOSEPH JAMES DEANGELO, bom 11/08/1945, is the erpetrator who murdered Brian and Katie Maggiore on February 02, 1978. The Maggiore homicides have long been Epaltered to be part of series of crimes perpetrated by an individual known to Law Enforcement Agency as "The East Area Rapist" (EAR) thy EAR gous series of crimes in Tulare County, CA, ‘oth of those apes and murders in Southern CA DeAngelo's connection to these crimes has been established through his geographic ita locations where the attacks occurred, numerous circumstantial links, and a Modus Operandi (M.O) ‘The geographic connections will be explored in detail, but include his presence MT ulars County, CA as an Exeter Police Officer during the M.O. linked Visalia Ransacker seriee Visalia is less than 20 minutes 0000056 0000057 Away from DeAngelo residence at the time. Additionally, it appears the Kings County Public Safety Academy was held on the campus of the College of the Sequoias. This campus is the epicenter of Visalla Ransacker crimes and it was a professor at this Gollege that was murdered in September of 1975 folowing an attempted abduction of ‘the professor's daughter in the middle of the night. By 1976, DeAngelo had transferred to the Auburn Police Department, and was empl ere the vast majority of the EAR portioy /olves pver the course of the series, | that it points to the actions and crimes of one ntra Costa County, Tia A forensic unknown profile was established in the Contra Costa County assaults, and recently, two surreptitious DNA samples were collected from Joseph J. Deangelo, These samples match the previously unknown profile of Contra Costa County. A DNA sample collected in an investigation of the The case is presented below. Due to the extensive nature ofthis crime series that has at least 58 official sexual assault and homicide case files containing more than 10,000 series culminated in the cd abdugtion of a young woman from room and le murder of her " ‘A couple mor later, ofter cont Wie rowing By an Indercover Visalia Police Office The offender shot at Officer wounding him with glass debris scaping. Also included are detailed summaries of the DNA linked EAR cases that occured in Contra Costa County. Finally, | have provided a detailed summary of the Rancho Cordova double murder of Brian and Katie Maggiore {In addition, exhibit A Contains detailed summaries of each sexual assault offense, The last 7 caves sll occurred in Southem California. In the last 6 cases all ofthe victims were killed. Ten individuals were murdered in these final six cases. | have provided a succinct synopsis Of each of these homicide cases. [ype here) Pre-EAR phase: Visalia Ransacker Series From April 1974 through December 1975, Visalia, California experienced approximately 120 residential burglaries. Additionally, some of the burglaries involved attempted sexual assaults. The residences were extensively ransacked; hence, the suspect involved in the criminal activity later became known as the Visalia Ransacker Several witnesses, who saw the suspect! Jdescribed the ‘suspect as a light. complexed white male adul n 20 to 35 years old, approximately 5-10, with a stocky build, large hips and thick legs, and light brown or blond hair, Additionally, an analysis of the Visalia burglaries showed they were concentrated in the Neighborhoods surrounding the College of the Sequoias, which is a community college off Highway 198 and S. Mooney Boulevard. Many of the neighborhoods surrounding the College were linked with drainage canals/ditches. On September 11, 1975, QI as murdered in his Visalia residence. The incident began at approximately Suspect was in the process of abducting! daughter. 10 0000058 [type here} eee Based on this information, law enforcement revisited the Ransacker cases, at which time they learn Additionally, law enforcement located several footwear impressions under SIS window. These footwear impressions were consistent with impressions located at several of the other burglarized residences associated with “The Visalia Ransacker’ On Monday, September 22, 1976 between the hours of 1900 and 2030, a “Ransacker” burglary occurred in Visalia, CA at Based on the pervasive nature of the Ransacker, the Visalia Police Department increased patrols and positioned officers in several residences within the burglarized areas in hopes of apprehending the suspect, ‘On December 10, 1976, Visalia Police Officer was positioned in the garage Of a residence for the purpose of capturing the Visalia Ransacker. ‘The residence he was watching was a suspected target of the Visalia Ransacker, =n secreted in the neighboring garage. Officer potted a prowler in backyard peeping through a window. Officer ‘gave chase and confronted the suspect with his gun and flashlight drawn, The suspect removed his ski mask that was face, looked at Office and begged him atop his head, but not not to hurt him. Officer’ later described the suspect's voice as juvenile and effeminate. The suspect had one hand up over his head while the other hand was in his ja t. The suspect quickly Jun from his jacket and fired a round at ind struck Officer flashlight, embedding in the battery. As Officer] ll backwards, the suspect fled over a fence. This pattern of explosive violence followed by escape when comered would repeat itself in the series. This was the last time the Visalia Ransacker was seen in Visalia, 0000059 (Type here) Phase 1: Sacramento and Stockton 0000060 0000061 [ype here} ‘What follows are brief summaries of each Sacramento case: On June 18, 1976| ]was sleeping in her bedroom at Po ID si in Rancho Cordova, lived with her father, who was ret =. described the suspect as a white male adult between the ages of 20 and ‘years old. He was slightly taller i estimated the suspect to be 5- 6 to 5-9, with broad shoulders and a On July 16, 1976, ]was at his home located in the| and was leaving for wor roximately 5:00 a.m., when he was physically atfact in his garage. He opened his automatic garage door and as it was partially opened, he heard footsteps, and observed a subject bending down and coming under the door. He was about to open his vehicle door when he was struck on the hard object. He observed the suspect to be wearing a dark colored ski sila struck ‘several times in the head and body, and t der his own vehicle to try and escape the blows. The suspect tried to a lal under the car, partially removing his trousers in the process. He was able to see the suspect was wea by hiking style half boots with unusually thick soles. The suspect remover i from his trousers and fled on foot out of the open overhead garage door © suspect was described as a male, six feet tall or more, slender build but strong, wearing a cloth jacket, course denim trousers, and dark colored gloves. The weapon the suspect used was described as no more than three feet long, about as round as a shovel hap, with padding on the head end ofthe club similar to wrapped sand. walle located in a nearby yard. Prior to the attack, at approximately m., fad heard footsteps near the paved area of his backyard pool. He looked out @ win jothing. He heard another noise a few minutes later, but didn't iver lc a teenage daughter who had moved out of the home a couple weeks before the incident. ht B The suspect was described as a white male adult, betweer old, no older than 30 years old, 5-8 to 5-10, with a muscular bulld n the ages of 17 and 20 years On August 29, 1976, around 3:15 AM! were home asleep, when| she looked toward window's screen off. ‘The suspect told them he just wanted money, tried to tie| lands behind her | ut she struggled. The suspect struck Mlleveral times in the head with the lub. ’as able to flee the residence to a nel the residence. om. her daughter described the suspect as alight complexed white male adult, tween 20 to 30 years, 5-10 tal, with a slim build. They indicated the suspect was armed with a revolver, wearing a black lineman’s style utility belt and was. wearing no clothing from the waist down. They thought he was wearing high shoesiboots 8 house, The suspect in turn fled 0000062 0000063 [type here} Se 4, 1977, around 4 nt to her parent's residence on to do laundry, as desoribed as a very dark street, with Ro overnéad streetlights. There was a drainage ditch, which ran north of the residence and @ nature area to the south of the residence, At around 11:16 PM GRIM ished her laundry and placed it in her vehiole, which was parked in front of the residence. As she tancin there. After freeing erect I ites the Sheriff's Department. Additionally, she Noticed the suspect had left In her vehicle. described the suspect as alight- skinned white male, Parents’ residence was approximately 2.5 miles from American River College. Additionally, there are several drainage ditches which transverse the area. ‘After the fourth burglary involving a sexual assault, the Sacramento County Sheriffs Deparment began to realize they had a serial burglary! rapist. The suspect was targeting residences and females in the Rancho Cordova, Arden/Fair Oaks, Orangevale and Citrus Heights communities of Sacramento County. He would later be called the East Area Rapist (EAR). On October , 1976, around 6:50 AM, is lying in bed with her 3-year-old son, when she. ight switch and footsteps in the hallway of her residence, which was located at] in Citrus Heights. After the suspect QIISIIRIIII ne could hear him walking around the house. When she could not hear the suspect ‘anymore Bas able to remove her blindfold and 0000064 (Type here) went fo @ neighbor's house for help QM stated the suspect (i and was 5-10 tall, ‘Additionally, there was a drainage ditch in close proximity to her residence. On October 9, 1976, around 4:30 AM, jin Rancho Cordova, |. @ 19-year-old female, who resided later notified law enforcement of the assault once her co-worker arrived at her house to pick her up for work. WERE 25 n0t abl to provide a physical description of the suspect, other than he was wearing black leather shoes, The suspect entered residence through an unsecure living room wi In addition, investigators leamed ‘September of 1973. On October 18, 1976, around 2:30 AM IMIR who resided at in Carmichael with her husband and two children, was awakened by her so ho told her someone was trying to get into the house through the kitchen window. 16 pl TT) eee Cd 'She was able to unfle herself and goto, her neighbor's house for help. lescribed the suspect as a white male adult with dark hair on fi nd logs, build. She indicated the suspect was wearing iinin a dark t-shirt, gloves and white jockey shorts, The suspect was net wearing ary pants, letober 18, 1976, around 11:00 PM, - ca in Rancho Cordgva, arrived home and parked her vehicle on the street in her house, }was getting out of her vehicle, ect forced open her driver's door and place his hand around her mouth. time the suspect placed a knife to her throat. The suspet hurt her, he only wanted her vehicle, The suspect then tied: rands behind her ack and escorted her around the comer. Once around the comer, te suspect bound eet, gagged and blindfolded her. ‘The suspect then told }ot to move that he would be back in 15 minutes. Jasked the suspect not her dog and the suspect replied he would not. Ones ‘the suspect ran off, id her vehicle drive way, ras able to free herself from her bindings and go into her house for help. described the suspect as a white male adult, 6 feet tall, @ heavy gray jacket, white cotton mechanic's gloves, a Bi brown desert boots. ‘The suspect also continuously hut up. ” 0000065 [Type here} jehicle was recovered the following day (October 19, 1976) parked in front of which was .3 miles from! louse and .27 miles from jouse (October 9, 1976 incident) hicle was locked and her dog could be heard barking from the trunk. Later on January 4, 1978, QI received a lewd telephone call from a male, who asked if she would like him to lick her pussy. He also tol he knew where she lived On 11/10/1976 MED a 16-year-old high school student, who resided i, in Citrus Heights, was home alone watching television when sheReard a0 Nose coming from the living tor. Her dog began to shake and bark, but Wives not concerned and continued watching television. ee a to untie her wrists and ankles and walked back towards her house. When she reached her neighbor's house, they called for help. UHEIIIB. cescribed the suspect as a white male adult, 18 fo 23 years old, 5-10 and 165 pounds. She j Ispect had brown hair with a very pale complexion. The suspect wore! a heavy coat, tan leather gloves and possible fatigue type pants. Eee 0000066 [Type here} On 12/18/1976, around 7.15 PM, I 2 15-yoor-o\d I vio lived 2 Fair Oaks with her parents, was home alone with a cold. Her parents had gone to a Christmas party and her sister was at a friend's house was practicing the piano, she heard some strange noises but didn't think WERE cescrived the suspect as a white male adult wth a regular build. She could not tel his age or height. She indicated the suspect was ear anes WER" nyion type jacket During the investigation, investigators leamed Cecelia M.’s had previously been Jassault burglary had been reported a quarter of a mile 19 0000067 0000068 [type here) On 4/48/1977, around 11:30 PMS 25201 WR who lived at in Sacramento, went to bed. Her husban« was out of town on business. is able to free herself and call for help. UWI shite was recovered the following day (1/191977) in an apartment complex parking lot, 1.5 miles away from (EN residence. The vehicle was locked and the keys were missing. described the suspect as a white male adult, 5-11 and 180 to 185 pounds. He wore! ossibly polyester pants and a lightweight jacket, 20 (Type here] ‘Two months prior to: On 1/24/1977 around 1:00 AM, aR. was separated from her husband and lived at! In ae: was entertaining friends at her residence. her home alone. After falling After the suspect lo A untied herself and <= I enacts cof the suspect wa d since the bedroom was very dark GD On 27977, around 6:50 is ar-old ay was at home with her daughter. She resided er husband hed Just left for work and asked her to make sure the house was locked since he saw a suspicious van nearby, pated 15 minutes before moving, at which time she WB ates through the house, checking the doors. However, when she tuned around the suspect was standing there with a gun pointed at her. _ 2 0000069 0000070 [type here) Anneighbor responded and assisted in untying them a called the police. described the suspect as a white male adult, She indicated the suspect was wearing white j shorts, nis Shoes and @ red/white/blue jacket. She said the suspect also had hairy legs. SE ict 0 AED vino resided at stated he saw a Subject climbing over a fence located along a cement cramage dete adn rare anything of it since it was close to Del Campo High School, He described the subject as white male adult, wth short ight brown hair, between 16 to 20 years old, wearing a light blue coat and biue pants, similar to a biue leisure suit. Shorty after sbeina the subject go over the ‘ore a > ag Jiexit her house and yell A student at De| Campo High Schoo! also saw the subject described vy down! ind disappear into the park. During the investigation, investigators learns fand her family had een victins of @ burglary on two separate occasions. Additionally, prior to her incident, ‘ahd her family received two phone calls where the calling party hal up. 2 18 year old who resided at! 8 found lying on the grou ad sustained a gunshot wound tothe sported to the hospital WB ether tid iw enforcoment the fait was in their house when they heard a noise coming from their backyard. Wher Qin his father went ino the backyard to investigate the noise, they saw the shadow ‘a man. The suspect took off running toward the street and they gave chase. The suspect hopped a fence and hot l= he attempted to follow: I t0 the ground. ASE ether approached, he heard a second gunshot. His father grabbed QD and pulled him around the other side of the house. neighbor heard the gunshots and tried to follow the susp; me upon three Girls, who told him they saw a male run into the bushes by rhe girls could only describe him as a male between 25 to 30 year eas” 1877, around 9:35 PM 9 38-year-old female who lived at (> Ca heed, home after spending some time at =—_ house. Shorty after arriving home| ]went to bed. Prior to going to pie recalled checking all the doors and windows to make sure they were locked, 0000071 [Type here) telephone, but there was only a dial tone! yelled for help. Law enforcement responded shortly thereafter. It was determined the suspect gained entry into the residence by prying open a rear window. In doing so, he broke the bottom piece of the window. On 03/18/1977, around 10:40 PM] ee: resided with her parents at rome from work. She worked at a local’ Prior to leaving work, asked her sister to leave thé kitchenglivingsgom and Porch light on. However, when! Jarrived home, only the kitchen and'living room lights were on. a: | Once inside her house| called a friend to arrange to go over to visit. 0000072 0000073 [Type here} home telephone continuously rang. It was determined s trying fo reach he suspect became very tense and began walking Back and forth from te@tanen arid the Bike EMP stcr heard knocking on the front door. it was 1d her father checking on her. When they were not able to enter through the front door, the round to the backyard and entered the residence. Once inside, they ‘oun a untied her. Investigators located pry marks on the back sliding glass et a2 had been broken in half. All thtee bedrooms had been ransacked, which| lhought Occurred before she got home. HEB cosciived the sus ect as a white male, 25 to 36 years old, 5-10, medium build and wearing a a 29-year-old ho , arrived home from the drive-in movies. ‘She was with her boyfrien« ind her two children. ‘After everyone went to bt 2s 0000074 [Type here} HERI cescrived the suspect as alight complexed white male adil build, with large thighs and very course leg hair. She indicated the sus nO ich she. described as a dark nylon windbreaker. sThe only thing missing from the residence was the money aS During the investigation, investigators leamed there had been recent reports of burglary and prowler activity in the neighborhood. In one instance, a homeowner chased a white male adult, 25 to 30 years old, 5-9 to 5-10, stocky bulld, wth collar length hat. 3/1977, around 2:00 AM, 0-year-old ENED who resided at ‘wo children, was home asleep. Her at Jand their house backed up against As everyone was sleeping | ‘awoke for an unknown reason. ‘MTypehere) BBP :cscivea the suspect as a white male adult, 10, 165 to 170 pounds, with a =. build. The suspect wore a Ca a dark puffy ski Jacket. The wie ‘ ined et into the residence through a sliding glass door. The only items 0000075 [ype here] fafter 5 minutes, yrabbed a knife from the kitchen and cut her bindings. She then went to her fiancé and freed him. 1@ Never saw the suspect's face and; She described the suspect as 5-8 to 5-10, 145 to 150 pounds with : Sinall bull. She Sad the suspect wore @ green khaki nylon jacket and military style ‘The suspect took approximately $100 in cas! During the investigation, investigators learned there was ain incident nearby where a neighbor saw a prowler standing by a window, who resided = home in bed 1d 2:00 AM, 22-year.old femal her husbar heard the sound of m _—_ after 0000076 (Type here} After weiting several minutes, QUIMIB treed herset from her bounds and ran to@ neighbor's residence for help scribed the suspect as a male adult, 5-9 to 5-10, stocky outs The suspect had brown collar length hair and hairy legs Like many of the other victims, a month prior to the incident neighborhood kids saw a stocky male prowler in the backyard of a residence in the neighborhood, lived with her husban« armichael. At or around 1:30 AM ‘awoke to the suspect in their 2» 0000077 [Type here) (WEEE cis not hear anything for 30 minutes untl she heard her husband moving around and calling for his father to come untie him. gre the suspect as an adult male 6-8 to 6-9. He wore