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Haudenosaunee & Raseron:ni Neighbourhood Association of Brantford, Relay of

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To Mr. Xie Fuzhan, Governor of Henan, China

To Norman Zhang Principal and Executive Director for Victoria Academy (Henan Education
Canada Inc.)

Please forward to all interested individuals.

Dear Mr. Xie Fuzhan and Norman Zhang

Re: Victoria Academy, Brantford Ontario

First I would like to take the opportunity to say how wonderful this education initiative is, we rarely
see innovation like the Victoria Academy has planned for the Brantford and global community.

I represent the Haudenosaunee & Raseron:ni Neighbourhood Association of Brantford, the

Haudenosaunee are the Five Original Sovereign nations who maintain Alignments with the British
and Canadian Sovereign this relationship is guided by the peace and friendship entered into by
our forebears.

During Canada’s infancy, friendships developed between the peoples and land was leased by the
Haudenosaunee to Brantford, 90% of Brantford is still under this historical and precious

The former CEO and Mayor of Brantford; Bob Taylor commissioned a report in 1994 and
concluded that the debt owed for use of the lands was $250 Billion dollars, saying that payment of
the debt would bankrupt not only Brantford but possibly all of Canada. See attached article c.
1994, and c. 2000

The Association and its members are dismayed that these lands and assets have been allowed to
enter into a foreign market.

Where you informed by the CEO/Mayor of Brantford and/or Trustee of the Grand Erie Board of
these Sovereign interest, including the extent of the Original leased
land, Haudenosaunee Interests or the treaty relationship that can only be described as the law of
the land.
In local publications (link: we have read:

"Victoria Academy has a goal of 250 students within four or five years, he said. The target is
for 40 per cent of students to come from China, 30 per cent from other overseas countries
and 30 per cent local or from elsewhere in Canada.

Zhang said he looked at other communities including Richmond Hill, Markham,

Scarborough, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Aurora and Kingston but rejected them
because, frankly, they had too great an immigrant population. He said he wanted a “pure
Canadian” environment for the school and Brantford fit the bill."

I find the expression "Pure Canadian environment" a misnomer and very troublesome for the
Sovereign Nations who still exist in this same geographic location, in fact the Rate of growth for the
Haudenosaunee is almost 20% faster than their Canadian counterparts. Brantford Is neighbors
with the largest Haudenosaunee community with an estimated population of 26,000. Saying that
Brantford is a Pure Canadian environment undermines the Peace process between the Canadian
Sovereign and the Haudenosaunee. The goals of this association are to restore
proper representation within the demography in this area.

This peace and friendship agreement was formed in many ways but most understood is the
concept of the Two Row Wampum, wampum laws being actual records and confirmations of the
laws of the original people. Wampum laws are ancient and continuous and remain unbroken as the
original laws of the land, the people of North America and never been lawfully conquered.

The below text was copied from The City of Brantfords website (

The Powerful (Haudenosaunee) Five Nations Iroquois Confederacy presented the Two Row
Wampum Belt or Guswentah to the British, which in codified form, is a recorded formal
agreement between the two nations. The Two Row Treaty was first presented to the Dutch
in the middle of the 16th century and it was known that the British also gave a wampum belt
to the Six Nations.

This replica belt consists of two rows of purple beads on a white bead background or bed.
Three rows of white beads, which symbolize peace, friendship and respect, separate the
two purple rows. The two purple rows depict two paths, or two vessels, traveling down the
same river. One row symbolizes the Iroquois Confederacy with their laws, customs, and
ways, and the other symbolizes the European nations. Both paths or vessels move side by
side in the same direction, neither interfering with the other, moving into the future, into

Let's take the message to heart and remember what the symbol, in a very simple way,


I have forwarded the letter I recently sent to the Office of Trustee for the Grand Erie Board.

I look forward to your reply, Nia:wen/Thank you

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin II
Authorized Representative
Haudenosaunee & Raseron:ni Neighbourhood Association of Brantford

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Subject: Representational Motivation, and Sale Of Lease Property
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To the Office of Trustee; Alex Felsky et al, for the Grand Erie School Board and Board Members

I have the pleasure of writing your office, I represent the Haudenosaunee & Raseron:ni Neighbourhood Association of
Brantford, the association is a fairly new organisation and we are getting caught up to-date with local developments. I
recently had the opportunity to review inquires from some of our members relating to the public possessions held in trust
by the different public organisations within Brantford.

To become better acquainted with your intentions and interests in the lands within Brantford, we first must understand the
nature and limits of your official representations.

These two questions are designed to clarify the nature of your interests and liabilities.

1. Do you represent the Kanienkehaka (mohawk)?

2. Does the Kanienkehaka (mohawk) qualify to vote in a Canadian election?

Among your board members is Karen Sandy ( Represents interests of Native students), this question is double-fold.
1. Do you represent the Kanienkehaka (mohawk)?

The Grand Erie School board, a Public Organization and Public Trust has come into possession of lands within geographic
location Brantford.

Recently land was sold to the HENAN PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT et al., by your board with intention of developing a
private school, under the joint-jurisdiction of a foreign interest and the Ontario Province.

During the Term of CEO and Mayor of Brantfird; Bob Taylor, his office commissioned an advisory comity to address the
250 billion dollar debt that Brantford and The Public Of Brantford owed to the Leasors/Creditors (Haudenosaunee/Six

This debt is monumental and if paid one percent would possibly bankrupt the Brantford public trusts.

Alex Felsky was generous enough to inform me:

"The sale of Victoria was conducted within the boards's rights as public organization and following the rules of the Ontario
government. The site was declared surplus to the Board’s future accommodation needs in accordance with Section 194 of
the Education Act. The Victoria site was then offered to preferred agencies at fair market value in compliance with Ontario
Regulation 444/98. The 90-day requirement to receive offers passed and Board staff members went to market resulting in
the sale to the now known (with consent) Henan Education Canada Inc. who operates what’s now called the Victoria
Academy. Hope this provides some clarification." ~ Alex Felsky
This was very valuable to understanding the motivations and timeline of original conveyance, Additionally we would ultimately need
to know Who's Consent your board relied upon to Sell this Asset.

Dealings with property, Disposal of realty

194. (1) A board that is in possession of real property that was originally granted by the Crown for school purposes and
that has reverted or may have reverted to the Crown may continue in possession of the real property for school purposes
and when the board determines that the real property is no longer required for school purposes, the board may, with the
approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council and subject to such conditions as are prescribed by the Lieutenant Governor
in Council, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the real property. R.S.O. 1990, c. E.2, s. 194 (1).

Attached to this email I have included, News clippings of the CEO of Brantford in April 19, 1994 where a $250 billion dollar debt to
the leasors/Creditors was acknowledged in public. The issues that the CEO/Mayor of Brantford and commission faced was how to
pay the debt without bankrupting the Corporation and Public Trusts and Canada in the process.

We believe that your Office may have acted prematurely in disposing of the properties having been in your possession as
trustees to these assets, in section 194 the real property must have been granted by the crown however with available
information the actual conveyance may have been clouded from conception, not to mention the massive debt owed by
the Publics of Brantford and leaser/Creditor interests on the lands within its geographic area.

Also Attached is a public record dated August 28, 2000 CEO/Mayor of Brantford Chris Friel Acknowledged the massive burden
saying "The federal government has not acted honorably in attempting to settle the land claim Six Nations holds over Brantford"

Until a resolution of these claims it would seem premature to liquidate any assets held in trust by the public organizations of
Brantford, without attempting to minimize the debt by providing opportunity to cure the debt by reverting the surplus land back to
the Leasors/Creditors.

It would be good of you to assist us with reviewing the sale of the Victoria School property and possibly all sales, and
the alleged original conveyance of the property to the Board by the Crown.

Was the HENAN PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT informed of the public debt owed to the Original Leasors/Creditors, as they
said in public releases that they had many choices but Brantford seems to be the right fit.

Please provide any available contact information you may have for the Receivers of the Victoria School property, along
with the HENAN PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT contacts, and communication that where sent between the Board and
the Lieutenant Governor in Council detailing the prescribed conditions upon which the sale was made.

We look forward to your timely response. Please acknowledge receipt f this email

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin II
Authorized Representative
Haudenosaunee & Raseron:ni Neighbourhood Association of Brantford

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