May 26, 2010 Conflict between older and younger Americans.

Older Americans have fear of another war or another great depression. Two different value systems between adults and children. Older generation believes in sacrifice and delayed gratification. Older parents believe you just endure and get through it. Children raised in 50s and 60s are raised in period of sustained economic growth. Value system is completely different, believe in self-fulfillment, freedom and ethical work. Younger generation becomes consumed with happiness. Parents give children of the 50s the childhood they never had. Rules of happiness: 1. Obey authority. (Don t ask questions) 2. Control your emotions. a. If you misbehaved, you weren t normal, and everyone aspired to normalcy. 3. Fit in with the group. 4. Don t even think about sex Between 1967-1977, all of these roles are broken. What happened for this to happen? From the parent s point of view, these rules got them through the Great Depression and WWII, so they make sense. Atomic bomb becomes part of popular culture, i.e. Japanese monster movies. Military begins to argue that there will be another world war, and we would need to use an atomic bomb with soldiers. How to move soldiers in to areas that had been atomic bombed? Cuban Missile Crisis causes generation to think that if they re going to die, they might as well have a good time. The Lonely Crowd, 1950 makes an argument that the American character has changed. There was an internalized moral code, but something happened when America shifted from rural to urban society, cutoff date is 1920. Urban society means that people begin fitting in, doing whatever everyone else does. This book comes out after Nuremberg Trials. This is a generation produced from a culture of abundance. They don t worry about money or a job. Their parents come from a culture of scarcity. LBJ becomes president, change in definition of liberalism. Lassiez Faire to Reform Liberalism to Rights-Based Liberalism, focusing on the rights and freedoms of individuals and groups. LBJ begins Great Society. Notion of the Great Society is the notion of quality, not quantity.

first televised debates. which goes back to this speech. Circumstantial evidence convinces the American people that Hiss is guilty. Has anti-Communist crusader image. June 2. Nixon runs for governorship of California. Nixon is accused of taking money from a political fund. This case makes Nixon s name as an anti-Communist crusader. 1966-68. Gallup poll labels him most respected and most hated. so Nixon was always trying to make up for the fact that his younger and older brother were gone. so Republican party turns their back on him because he can t win. 1960. 1946. which gains Nixon s support back. which created resentment. Loses to Kennedy and then loses governorship of California. Attacks Jerry Voorhis. Went to Whittier College and rejected by the Franklins. Feels that he has not earned the respect of the wealthy and elite. as a Communist sympathizer. 1955. Nixon goes on Latin American tour and is attacked by communist groups. Eisenhower has a heart attack and Nixon is in the position of running the country. closest aids of FDR. 1959. will do whatever he wants to do. Creates Nixon v. but is found guilty of perjury. Nixon wins. Everyone thought his political . becomes member of HUAC. Went to Duke Law School in 1937. calls himself New Nixon. 1964. threw his family under the bus because he revealed too much of his personal life. ends up doing a good job. Accused by Chambers. Nixon begins to be seen as a man who will do what it takes to win. Quality is a difficult thing to define based on generational gap. Eisenhower does not say anything positive about him. presents himself as a man of moderations who will listen to all sides. asked to run for House of Representatives. 1960. Nixon does not look appealing. becomes known as Tricky Dick. Creates the first imperial presidency after WWII. In his death. Kitchen Debate. House of Unamerican Activities Committee. 1958. Leads attack against Alger Hiss. Younger and older brothers die. Nixon realizes that painting lies would make him popular. students take over the administration building at UC Berkley and have a spontaneous sit-in. the machine references. and Hiss admits that he knows Chambers. Hiss is not found guilty of being a spy. it is not illegal. Comes home. everybody else persona. 1972 campaign. gets Republican nomination for presidency. loses. Rights liberalism focuses on quality.Mario Savio speech. 2010 Nixonland book Nixon seen as a rags to riches figure. Not recruited by any major law firms in NY. Checkers speech. he is resurrected as a foreign policy expert. although he exaggerated how poor his family was. if the president does it. Nixon goes on TV and gives an account of how poor his family was. Nixon realizes that image is more important than substance. opponent. Nixon becomes VP nominee of Eisenhower. Loses a close race. Joins the Navy.

Congress hearings on conduct of the war held because no one had actually declared war. murdered and police riot in Chicago disillusioned population. Soldiers begin to get frustrated. so Nixon bombs Cambodia and Laos. Vietnam propped up by US. but the population doesn t really think this will help. 1964-68. When Nixon found out Life magazine made an anti-war statement. 1968 presidential campaign. Hamburger Hill. Turns out that if there is a cease fire in October. Breakdown of authority. Nixon goes to NY. Operation Rolling Thunder. Country is divided in half at 17th parallel. begins bombing Vietnam. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. blow themselves up. War in Vietnam: French return in 1954 to get Vietnam back. Nixon and Humphrey become very close. but decides he will make a comeback. LBJ did not want to run for nomination. etc. 1969-70. Nixon talks with congress about who runs foreign policy. Soldiers sent up the hill to take area. Nixon believes the war in Vietnam should be fought by people in Vietnam. Lottery system was over. Nixon has pressure to end the war. but people around Nixon did. but really he wants to win election in US. Vietnamization of the war. but it s a secret plan. S. Announces ground war in 1965. works back into Republican party. Non-violent civil rights movement changes in 1968. 1969: The Center Does Not Hold SDS students for democratic society. Nixon realized he was losing the middle class. although it s a little late for that. but soldiers refuse the fourth time they are sent up because they were being turned into hamburger meat. MLK Jr. Rescind Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. to stop the war. put a bomb in the Pentagon. intimidating them that if the soldiers were sent out. Life magazine soldier photo editorial shows how old the soldiers actually were. Eisenhower insists that we have to maintain presence there because of domino theory. uses bring us together campaign slogan. Nixon explains that entering Cambodia will end the war. Kent State and Jackson . Don t really know if Nixon actually gave the direct order. Humphrey becomes nominee. Soldiers would begin to frag commanders. Nixon says that he has a plan to end the war. Nixon wants to send people to Paris to stop Vietnam from signing a cease fire. the commanders would be blown up. Kennedy stays in Vietnam. North Vietnam was smuggling supplies into Cambodia. Nixon learns how to be a new politician. Nixon might lose the election because Humphrey would credit this to the democrats. Nixon wants to convince people that he d gone mad and that he would do anything to win the war. Johnson says we are staying to maintain containment and credibility. everyone thought RFK would get nomination but he was shot. Weather Underground formed. Wants to let Vietnam think that he would drop the atomic bomb. and silent majority strategy.

Nixon is concerned that the Cold War will lead to an atomic war. Pakistan and Chile (Marxist. Nixon begins to play toward middle class. etc. Terrorism Black September breaks into 1972 Olympics. Political compromise over Civil Rights issues. thought a public trial would be the best interest of Nixon and the country. killed 11 athletes. Peace accords are signed in 1973. My Lai atrocities revealed in 1971. The coverup was really what screwed over Nixon. IT&T says they will finance overthrow to avoid losing Chilean economy) June 9. PLO funds Black September. with argument that people that moving to suburbs in sunbelt states. Nixon loses more of the middle class during this incident. 2010 . Ford pardons Nixon. The Silent Majority. and lies are what become the problem. Nixon says he will go after everyone who is an enemy. Freedom of Information Act passed.State shootings cause anti-war movement to increase. Nixon wanted to play China and Russia off one another. so public thinks this is some sort of deal. South Africa. so Republicans should go where the voters are to win the suburbs. War ends. Watergate: 1972. Watergate. Creates enemies list. Democratic party is self destructing by nominating McGovern. Did the US abandon South Vietnam? 1975. Middle East realizes they can control market price of oil. Houston Plan: early in presidency. Nixon begins making the argument that they will stay in Vietnam until POWs and MIAs are returned. Nixon denies knowing who buggers are. Problems in Middle East were more difficult. Nixon would have won election anyway. Nixon travels to USSR and begins détente to relax tension. Bugged phones in Democratic Nat l Committee headquarters. Ford replaces Agnew. Nixon has less success in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Terrorism decreases in 1973-74 because of oil and OPEC. Ford thought Nixon was suicidal. War Powers Act passed. Christmas Bombings meant to show Americans that Nixon will do anything to end the war. campaign finance legislation. Nixon negotiates with China.. Watergate legacies: Ford is unelected president. Philippines. Ping-pong diplomacy in China. Re-affirms importance of independent press and court. President can send out troops but Congress really runs foreign policy after 6 months. but insecurity leads him to take advantage of his power. Uses The Southern Strategy. who resigns because he is involved in Watergate.

Symbols of the counter-culture: hair. If you re already here. All of these symbols are taken over by capitalism. Woodstock. That way. Challenge middle class values. Materialistic life is not meaningful. Revolution of values where you change the way you think. Nixon can repeal. Wounded Knee. Charles Manson. Black power movement assumed equality rather than seeking equality. tune in. Philadelphia plan: wanted to get blue collar Democratic workers to vote Republican. the extended members of your family don t count against the quota system.1970. The real revolution should be a revolution of the self. Political activists begin blaming their parents. Bakke Case: Applied to UCalifornia and refused. Immigration Act of 1965: Changes quota system. Reject organized religion. culture of affluence. Federal programs are alienating people. Summer of Love in 1967. and begin abandoning the system for a real revolution. Political activists experience constant chaos. free Rolling Stones concert. 1969. Altamont. This arises from a culture of scarcity v. Turn on. The Bronx is Burning 70s counterculture movement Cultural Gap: Political activists and national counterculture movement. The movement itself doesn t have sustained leadership. Don t worry so much about social status. music. Court says the school can use quotas for the purpose of diversity. like the earlier civil rights movement.Book ideas: Stepford Mommies. Chicano Movement: Chicano movement elected Kennedy because of support for Jackie. Introduced a quota system at a construction business in Philadelphia. make the Republicans seem like knights in shining armor and win over blue collar workers. turn to eastern philosophies. where the union had to set aside positions for black people. Bakke goes to court arguing reverse discrimination and the court makes UC let Bakke in. The timing of this movement was a little off. Women s Movement: Successful in ending silence on domestic violence and rape. drugs and sex. although alienated married women. drop out. People from Republic of Mexico begin flooding in. ends in disaster. Altamont. Cesar Chavez leads movement. Ladies and Gentlemen. should simplify. economy is crumbling and Vietnam is sucking up resources. .

most should be analyzing and what do I think. would you recommend it. 2010 July 14. link background of author to the book. etc. much higher than their parents. 350-500 words June 23. people wondered what to do now. well written.BOOK REVIEW: Thesis of the book and thesis of review in first paragraph. When reality hit. Oral presentation: informally talk about the book. Synopsis of the book. Jonestown People s Temple The Third Great Awakening . going against parents. 2010 Why are people searching? Had rising expectations about their life. Begin searching for stability and structure. Talk about the author of the book a little.

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