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Rainshadow Natural Builders - clubhouse beginnings Our Services
09/30/2012 0 Comments
Jason Temple specializes in
Here I am standing on what will hand crafting highly
become the foundation for the efficient masonry heaters.
Rainshadow Natural Builder's An environmentally
clubhouse. These pieces of broken sustainable way to heat,
concrete are often referred to as and beautiful "heart of the
"Urbanite", as in stone from urban home".
areas. While not stickly natural,
they are an abundant waste product TempleFire is based in Port
from our society and eminently Townsend, WA and
suitable for building. Very strong and provides service to the
with flat top and bottoms, little Olympic Peninsula, Puget
masonry experience is required. Sound, and greater Pacific
Northwest region.
Mostly I was the mortar man for this
one day work party, mixing sand, lime
and cement as fast as I could. Also, -Member, Masonry Heater
and what turned out to be the more Association of North
important role, I found myself giving America
everyone else permission to build by -WA Registered Contractor
eye, out of square, and to go with their gut. #CCTEMPL**88260

I am a part of the this loosely organized group of like minded folks. Our
intention with this building is to demonstrate traditonal, local and natural September 2012
building materials and techniques - cob, stone masonry, light straw clay, August 2012
round pole timber framing, sheep's wool insulation ... and to have a place to June 2012
meet regularly. May 2012
April 2012

Building Conservation
Micah, the Building the We nearly
leader urbanite completed the Historic Restoration
spearheading foundation. I foundation in a Port Townsend
this project, mixed a Type N day. I prefer Traditional Lime Masonry
clearing the site Peeling Doug Fir mortar and the this sort of
for the new poles w ith a stones w ere set building - out of
building. Yes, it draw knife for directly on square and out RSS Feed
w ill be rafters and undisturbed of level, it w ill
squeezed beams. earth. be fun to see
betw een the this building
tw o existing arise.

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Breathing New Life into Cob Oven at PT EcoVillage
09/13/2012 0 Comments

I was invited by Laurence Cole, of
the Port Townsend EcoVillage, to

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adhesion. A wonderful experience hosting people from all over the globe (Spain. earthen plaster had of structural cob. sandy and w eak. help with lead a restoration workshop of their cob oven and bench. (and other surfaces and the new cob w as below ) had succumbed clay rich to maximize to w ater and w eather. Here Jonah and I are pointing the madrona post.all smiles at the end of the w ork shop. Canada. Laurence lovingly crafted a beautiful shelter and a new door for the oven. and me . Laurence. The oiled bench w ith a new layer bench. the driving force behind the cob oven. Add Comment Cob Workshop 09/12/2012 0 Comments I recently hosted a 9 day cob building workshop. but didn't have a proper covering and so languished under a tarp. and Brasil) to live and learn together about this wonderful earth building technique. In addition to mixing and building with lots of cob. the clays having been w ashed out by rain. and it's converted by Web2PDFConvert. we raised a madrona post and set a large doug fir beam. Lacey. USA. but the friable surface w as horizontal surfaces prepped w ith clay slip. my amazing apprentice. The state of the cob Reshaping and Lacey at w ork w hile I bench just before the strengthening the cob start to plaster the w ork. Mexico. Italy. OR. The done it's best. It had been built some years ago. The underlying cob w as extremely . The course was led by the very talented Bernhard Masterson from Portland.

forming a depression to speed the burning of coals at the end of the firing cycle. with natural hydraulic lime mortar. built channels and opening with firebrick. WA. A great weekend. A close up of the hearth. Everybody had a great time learning about masonry heaters and heating with wood. The from the firebox into white strips are the ashdrop. laying bricks and getting muddy. OR. The dry laid bricks that form these slots sit lower than the rest of the hearth. a direct converted by . Add Comment Masonry Heater Workshop with Scott Howard 08/30/2012 0 Comments This last weekend I co-taught an introductory workshop on masonry heaters with Scott Howard. a talented natural from Portland. stone plinth. expansion gaskets. The base of heater. Here we see the start showing the downdraft of the firebox. A couple of days after the Viewed from the kitchen. The 4 central slots will also provide air. we started building a Finnish Contraflow heater in a beautiful cob house Scott has built in Sequim. Combustion air will come primarily from from the large opening on the left (will receive a grate).

75" hearth. Starting the The hearth is Laying the A smoke hood oven. w rapping to support the the insulation in vaulted ceiling. oven is bricks are laid insulated w ith dry for easy 6" of ceramic replacement if refractory necessary. and a 2. to get hearth thrust the vault into a future flat and smooth. note the finishing w ith corbeled side an earthen supports to plaster. converted by Web2PDFConvert. metal lath and Also.workshop.II 08/30/2012 0 Comments Sorry for the delay since my last post... Designed primarily for bread. places on the chimney. is built around insulating bed of clay A compression the oven firebrick is laid mortar to allow harness opening to under the for adjustment counters the channel smoke hearth. and ready for a finish plaster by homeowner.5" thick walls and vaulted ceiling. OR. perhaps I'm not ready for the Web 2. The white bakeoven features soapstone hearth and ceiling.. Thanks to Jerry Frisch for the excellent design. Here we are after completing the vaulted plinth for the oven. The curing fires were completed in early August and the heater is performing exceptionally well. Add Comment Rob's Bread Oven 08/30/2012 0 Comments In July I built a bread oven for Rob Easton in Salem. This insulation.0. a layer of laid on a 1/2" vaulted ceiling. Add Comment Grundofen . this oven has 4. It's fully fully functional. this photo shows the heater nearly complete. Rob photo show s w ill complete the skew cuts the project on at the top of his ow n from the w alls ready here. I finished the grundofen in July. The The hearth side w . hold the channel iron during harness assembly. the heater is nearly fired bake oven. finished.

and return from the bench are on the right.5ft). outside air supply path (bottom left) to ash chamber. laying out the second course. an ash pan. This heater will feature a low overall height (~5.Add Comment Grundofen 06/21/2012 0 Comments Started new masonry heater project near Port Townsend. This photo show the first course of firebricks dry fitted. Add Comment Downtown PT Bricks 05/31/2012 0 Comments converted by Web2PDFConvert. The exit to. First course mortared. a white bakeoven and heated .

This brick wall is on a different building. I have a love of traditional lime masonry and am excited about the potential of being involved in these projects.beginning with the slow and careful removal of the modern mortar back to original lime. soft bricks. The most severe deterioration is found in the courses of brick near the door handle. Portland cement mortars are very hard. brittle and have a very low porosity. absorbs moisture more readily and a vicious feedback loop begins. The lime mortar has done it's job well. and rain splashing off the door handle. Lime mortar is more porous than the bricks and any moisture in the wall will exit through the mortar joints during drying conditions. This causes compression stress failures and buckling (spalling) on the exposed surface of the bricks. Add Comment converted by Web2PDFConvert. This is more involved to repair . Also. weaker. The soft and porous lime mortar allows the bricks to settle. and submit proposals for their restoration. Here is a classic example of the detrimental effects of re-pointing traditional masonry with modern mortar containing Portland cement. This puts a lot of both physical stress and moisture stress on the old. and is situated directly over the beach and . Just a few feet away from the above photo is this section of the same wall. Many of the old buildings in town are in need of appropriate restoration and hopefully I can contribute. Also. You can see that the original lime mortar has weathered significantly. Here is a brick veneer located two blocks from the sea on the windward side of a building. although the bricks are in sound condition. The only route for water to leave the wall is through the bricks as the modern mortar is practically impermeable. and dry out very quickly after a soaking. Repairing this wall is a straight forward affair . and window sill on the right. This portion of the brick wall has it's original lime mortar and remnants of an old render (aka external plaster). In the last two weeks I've been invited to review 2 historic masonry structures here in Port Townsend. weathering back with time but doing a great job of protecting the bricks. a few bricks have lost all their mortar. some bricks will need to be replaced. So this part of the wall shows an opposite weathering pattern from the middle photo. Once the surface starts spalling it is more vulnerable to weathering. then repointing with new lime mortar. This is likely a combination of vibration/mechanical wear due to the opening and closing of the door.tidy up the joints and re-point with a natural lime mortar. here it's the bricks that weather and recess back while the modern mortar begins to stand out. the bricks are now surrounded in a rigid lattice and cannot expand naturally when they become soaking wet. expand and contract.

meet for a week to share. My first time to this event it was an inspiring and remarkable learning experience. This style of heater is typical in villages and rural areas and has proven to be a practical. in an extremely cold build led by Alex Chernov. central european style Norrcore Finnish style contraflow heater w ith bakeoven. Over 100 heater masons. build led by Tom Hargrave. While not widely known in North America. Add Comment New Fire 04/26/2012 0 Comments Today I kindle a new fire . Workshop heater w ith bakeoven. Heater-wise. friendly and talented craftsmen and women. They offer efficient. one of the highlights for me was Alex Chernov's demonstration of a traditional russian heater. teach. elegant heating solutions with centuries of proven sustainability. I like this use of soapstone and brick. Russian single skin heater w ith economical and sustainable way to bakeoven and cooktop. NC. in Port Townsend and the greater Puget Sound region. It was truly a pleasure to meet so many warm. Other inspiring builds were Derek Frisch's central european style grundofen.templefire. Add Comment converted by Web2PDFConvert. environment. masonry heaters are an old tradition in central and northern Europe. Grundoven.Wildacres 2012 04/27/2012 0 Comments I've recently returned from the 2012 Masonry Heater Association's annual meeting at Wildacres. Workshop build led by Derek Frisch. I offer hand crafted masonry heaters. Workshop cook and heat. learn and and launch this website to encourage those thinking about heating and sustainability to consider the benefits of masonry . for millions of people. novices and masters. custom designed for each client's needs. and Doug Hargrave's Norccore finnish style contraflow heater with bakeoven.

com .C reate a free website with converted by Web2PDFConvert.