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========== APPOINTMENT MODULE ==========

- a username will be created for a patient profile (the username will be

used on for validation on appointments to ensure that the user is an old
- display the number of people on queue for a timeslot in order for
patients to determine
- SMS message/email should inform patient of the available timeslots
- catcher for closed timeslots, dapat d na kalahos ang patient kung wa
nay update appointment

- appointment issuing if pwede ipa login ang old patient para diretso
nalang? (d na sila mag balik2 ug input sa data)
- verify old patients who make appointments (para dili ma redundant
ang pag pangayu sa data)
- new patients can still schedule an appointment but have to fill in user
details upon confirmation/finalization of appointment

- once a day ra imung allowed nga appointment, if mu appoint ka sa lain

date, mu ask ang system if idelete ba nimu imung previous appointment
- apply validation for making appointment if client already has prior
appointment on the same date

- produce an appointment receipt, message/note kung unsa oras dapat

- appointment confirmation should produce an appointment receipt
which includes details about the appointment to the patient
- notes/alerts should be clear
- replace the note 2 days prior for reservation date

- system automatically provides best schedule with minimal queue or

no appointments
- waiting list displayed for each schedule, if a patient has already
confirmed a schedule, all other patients on the queue will be presented
with other available schedules

- create notifications for approved or cancelled appointments (email

and SMS)

- appointment table should contain reference to a (current
appointment table contains duplicate data.) patient record.
- new patients automatically get a patient record upon
========== HOMEPAGE (admin side) ==========

- create dashboard, should consist:

current patients being served,
upcoming patients

REPORTS include:
- number of patients who have confirmed and number of patients
who actually
showed up on appointment
========== SCHEDULING ==========

- no scheduling in calendar view for guests

- calendar past dates should be
- calendar functionality for available dates should be completed
- calendar past dates should be marked properly (d na ka access ang
guests ug dates nga nilabay na)
========== PATIENT PROFILE ==========

DONE - move the patient addition option to the page itself, remove
from the dropdown option
- pictures of teeth should be added (per appointment record)
- merge on one table
- appointment table == the id of the user table

DONE - profile creation: gender should be radio buttons

formats (mobile number, telephone number) should be
========== APPOINTMENT RECORDS ==========

DONE - total amount must be below the treatments table

- must display a page which shows the price of each operation on each
- optional flag
- fix design and standard place per service and let it be dynamic
========== SERVICES PAGE ==========

- collapsed sa ang headers

========== ADMIN MODULE ==========

- when a new staff is created, a default password is supplied and the

user can then change the password upong login
- the admin has the power to reset a staff password (in case the staff
forgets his/her password)