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Julia Meredith Lavachek

Early Childhood Educator

Education Objective
Master of Arts in Teaching To secure a full-time primary or elementary teaching position in the
James Madison University Santa Rosa County Public School system to inspire students to become
December 2017 lifelong learners.
GPA: 3.97
Professional Experience
Bachelor of Arts International
Relations Hostess at Bella Luna Wood-fired Pizza
James Madison University Harrisonburg, VA May- August 2016
May 2016
Intern for Strategic Communications at Naval Support and Striking Forces
Minor in Spanish Lisbon, Portugal May- August 2015
Minor in Latin American and
Caribbean Studies Intern for International Waters Desk United States Coast Guard (DCO-I)
Department of Homeland Security Headquarters
Anacostia, MD June-August 2014

Teaching Experience

Student Teacher, John Wayland Elementary School (Grade 1)

Rockingham County, VA
Certifications September-November 2017
 Guided student behavior with positive reinforcement behavior
Post Graduate
Professional License system and intentional seating charts
Early/ Primary  Taught math lessons using math games, and Smartboard instruction
Education PreK-3  Incorporated movement and technology into lessons when
February 2018 appropriate
 Ran Daily 5 reading and language arts groups
CPR and First Aid  Assembled student work portfolios and participated in
parent/teacher conferences
 Attended all team and staff meetings
Practicum Student, Westwood Hills Elementary School (Kindergarten)
Waynesboro City, VA January- April 2017
 Planned and instructed social studies lessons during patriotism block
 Lead one station of reading groups repeatedly for Benchmark
 Assisted testing students on Standards of Learning
 Mentored students with repetitive disruptive behavior
Practicum Student, Stone Spring Elementary School (Pre-K) Harrisonburg City, VA
September-December 2016
 Completed PALS testing for half of the class
 Worked with Congolese, Algerian, and Ecuadorian students to build
English language skills and nonverbal communication cues
 Differentiated lesson plans by providing direct instructions in English and
student’s first languages
 Wrote a case study to observe one student’s physical, emotional, social,
fine motor skills, and gross motor skills development.