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The Original Leviathan [LP] Leviathan (NM IVa) 1691 []

After beta testing for more than 14 months, Leviathan opened on November 1, 1995. Since then, we've been picking up new players every day, who insist that the environment that we've created is the most dynamic, literate, and compelling one of its kind. Rather than create a vast, sprawling megapolis for bloodthirsty hyper-mudders to dash through maniacally, we've opted for dynamism, comprehensive descriptions, and imaginative areas and quests. With regards to theme, we've taken a rather unique approach. The central City of the White Mage is decidedly medieval in tone, but as the daring adventurer wanders further into the wilderness, s/he may find a diversity of creatures from a multitude of milieux. Indeed, investigative exploration may often result in quite bizarre discoveries! Finally, the dedicated and sympathetic staff of Immortals make playing Leviathan an especially rewarding experience. We frequently listen to and act on player suggestions regarding new spells, items, and other features of the mud. For excellence in an LPmud, experience Leviathan. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Midnite MUD [Rom] Up & running since 1996 5000 [] http://None

Well, Midnite is back from its ashes ! I hope you'll be numerous to come and enjoy this mud, explore our specific areas, chat with players and imms, make your clan wealthy, fight dangers teaming with foes, quest through the world and so on... English is official language, but as our player base is mainly french, French is very often used :) Have Fun, Be Happy, Play Midnite MUD ! Super, IMP back from ashes too... ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : 3-Kingdoms [LP] LP 3000 []

3Kingdoms is one of the oldest and largest muds around, and features areas for the complete novice or the more sophisticated high-end player. The atmosphere of the mud

is friendly, and the emphasis of play is one of partying and questing. It is at times a noisy and raucous place to be, and has a very loyal following with over 3000 active players, and an average of 130 players online at any given time. The game has three broad thematic areas fantasy, science, and chaos (hence the name 3Kingdoms), approximately 20 guilds, and hundreds of larger areas (and thousands of smaller ones) that are designed to satisfy even the most jaded of players. It has an active wizard community that continually endevours to keep the game both fresh and challenging. 3Kingdoms is also the first MUD enhanced for use with the Portal MUD client. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lost Lands Rom MUD [Rom] 2.4b6 Heavily modified and enhanced! 4000 [] None

Lost Lands is a heavily modified Rom 2.4 code base. Many alterations and upgrades have been made to the code to provide for a much more involved and enjoyable experience. Lost Lands is still under modifcation, but is open for testing and playing. Lost Lands incorporates a rare clan system involving donation points in order to help clans buy weapons, rooms, equipment etc... Lost Lands also incorporates an Abysmal Realms style clan ranking system which allows players to not only be guilded into clans, but to also advance the ranks! Although the world is small, we are constantly working towards making your gameplay enjoyable. We strive for 100% satisfaction among our players. This means we try to accomodate your needs, but also your wants. We try to implement things you want to use! We are always interested in hiring staff. If you have a good idea, run it passed us, we're more than willing to listen! Our mostly stock world is slowly becoming larger. With the help of martal input and trust-level mortal builders we are advancing the Lands to a desirable place to be. Come check us out, tell us what you think! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aaezure Odyssey [Circlemud] Circle/Custom 6999 []

Aaezure Odyssey is a great MUD for all ages. Formerly known as DeathWish MUD, this is a great, stable MUD that has been in operation since 1994. There are over 11,000 rooms with a good balance of zones for all levels, with more added all the time. Playerkilling is limited to a Battlefield only, and players are allowed to play two characters at a time if they wish. This mud has 50 mortal levels, 6 regular classes and 4 remort classes, and too many great features to list.

----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Eternal Darkness II [GodWars] [EDv2.0][10% Modified] 7200 []

Eternal Darkness II is now in being constructed. We are please to welcome you to our mud. The mud is based off of Sage's LoW3 codebase. We are currently reconstructed the code so that we can carry on to be one of the top godwars muds out there. There are some new classes are in the making. * * * * * Here is a list of things soon to come to the code: Custom Kingdom Code Custom Questing System Custom Arena Olc Code redone Board code redone

There is many more things to come. This is mud currenlty stable, and 90% bugfree. Although it is still mostly stock we hope to change that. We are looking for 1 or 2 coders to help take up slack. Aswell we are looking for 2 builders to start customizing the areas. -Sebeq ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Buffy Mud [Custom] 5000 []

The year is 2009, just over a year has passed since a powerful demonic entity came to the large crater that was once known as Sunnydale, attracted by the remnants of dark power emanating from the site. Using formidable magicks of time-folding the demonic being reached back eight years into the past and ripped forth the town of Sunnydale, intact, and with it the Mouth into Hell. With the Hell-mouth re-opened it did not take long for the forces of evil to begin to gather in the town above it and as they mustered so too did Champions flock from the world over to combat them and so the town repopulated with these new arrivals... New arrivals such as yourself, with the power to save the world...or end it. Buffymud is devoted to letting players experience the buffyverse that was so richly created in the TV Show, we're currently in Beta testing and would love to have you drop by.

----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aardwolf [Rom] +Original Hybrid 4010 []

Established in 1996, Aardwolf has grown to be one of the most popular MUDs online with over 400 players online at any time. After over 6 years of development, the MUD bears little resemblance to the original. Seven classes to remort into and a 'tiers' system tiers' allows for a combination of 14,070 total levels, meaning you're going to be busy for quite a few weekends. Completely revised statistics that actually MEAN something, you'll be able to create the character of your dreams. Players can acquire quest and trivia points through automated quests, competitive global quests or lengthy and difficult 'campaigns'. These points can be used to purchasing a manor, to buy 'wishes' to make gaming lives easier, or spent on a wide range of special equipment and weapons. Want more? Nearly 30 specialised player run clans with a variety of themes for everyone. Optional PlayerKilling available to these clans, or if that's not to your taste, some of these clans are none PK. How about wars, where players can compete in teams based on race, class, rank, or just have a free for all? Or visit one of the many combat mazes on the MUD, where anything goes. Or challenge someone to a duel using our interference-free duel system. Or, if you're not feeling particularly violent, choose from one of the dozens of fully customisable channelsavailable and simply chat to your heart's content. And this is only the basics. We have lasertag arenas, blackjack tables, florists, t-shirt shops. We even, for some reason, have weasels. Give Aardwolf a try today.......... ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ancient Mists [Rom] [Rom] Heavily Modified 1538 []

Ancient Mists is a place for those who want to log in and enjoy themselves in a place where extensive RolePlay is the norm. We are VERY newbie friendly and have an extensive Newbie Helper system. The main goal of Ancient Mists is to be a place where people come to for one main reason... to have FUN! Our admins continually work to improve the game and player ideas are happily accepted. All admins can relate to the game from a player point of view, as all admins were players first! We have a great number of features: Tier'd Remort System Auction System Extensive Arena Fights and War Code Race Languages

Clan System Auctions Quests and much MUCH more. Come join the fun!! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : NiM5 [Custom] Shared Adventure Gaming Server (SAGS) 2000 []

NiM5 comes with a java-based telnet application to those who choose to enter ou r optional donations system. NiM5 presents opportunities for both creative-minded builders and the avid roleplayer. It is an epic game. NiM5's Graphical Java Client is only available to players who have exausted the ir regular text-based experience and wish to participate in an exclusive graphical portal. Our graphical portal offers maximum portability across multiple operating systems us ing Sun Microsystem's JAVA, combined with code from MIT's Media Lab open initiative Proc e55ing. Real-time weather effects, sound and music, as well as a keyboard-mouse interfac e and support for arrow keys, the java client boasts over 10 megabytes of graphics and 10 megabytes of sound and music to aid in your immersive, shared adventure. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Darksun Kings: Clash of the Sorceror Kings [Dikumud] Modified Codebase 5040 []

Darksun: Clash of the Sorceror-Kings started back in January of 2004, but was -put on hold- until the owner could find the time to get staff up and working. Darksun now has that, with three staff overseers and four staff members, Darksun is quickly advancing into the MUD world. We're still searching for staff, we're seeking dedicated, fluent builders and a dedicated coder to help with the task at hand. Darksun: Clash of Sorcerer-Kings is an ambitous project. It is headed up by Delerak,

Flux, and Xione. We are in the development stages, and require staff, you can inquire by e-mailing or check us out on the web at The staff application isn't working properly so just e-mail us. -DKL ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Abandoned Codex [Smaug] modified 4000 []

Abandoned Codex has achieved a reputation over the last six years for great roleplaying in a well-coded smaug/merc-style environment. The improvements are too numerous to be listed here, but include such things as an automatic Top 60 ratings system, an RP ranks system, new races and classes, over 50 new areas added to the old favorites, and countless improvements to the standard classes, eg. Cleric Temples (well... you'll just have to try us and see what they are!) We have roleplaying (optional), quizzes, quests, clans, and are open to suggestion about just about anything you want to do! The mud's comfortably small-but-stable playerbase allows the administrators to fit new races, skills, spells, and major storylines around the PCs - not the other way around. There is also a builders' port where we can accommodate all your creative desires, and would offer you training if required. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : XxMUDxX [GodWars] System Error 1.4 4221

We were formally called System Error. After a couple of host moves, we are now known as XxMUDxX Development System. We are a heavily modified EOD codebase (Officially called System Error vers. 1.4a). We are a technology based full pk/pvp mud. We have quests avail *mostly scavenger*. We are currently looking for builders with an active imgination. We have perhaps one of the most stable EOD

derivative codebases out. We are 95% bug free. We have available stock classes (demon, angel, bmage ect...) and we are putting in custom classes (coder, wavemaster, agent ect..). The immstaff is caring and listen to your problems, we won't blow them off like most places. we will have web forums up soon.... come check us out... ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Abandoned Reality [Envy] Envy 2.0 4444 []

A triangular war ravages the countryside, as the wood-faring Sylari risk all to keep the evil and sinister L shar from corrupting their youth. But the blood of both races spills over the land when the vicious Empire of Nok seeks to wipe out all magic in the world of Ellandor. Can the peaceful kingdom of Devenon restore order to a land troubled by arch-mages, demons, and even a few dragons? Some of our many features include: -a wonderful introduction to the game with randomly restrung armor for newbies -player bounties,an IC auction system,private player properties -no RP-intrusive OOC global channels, or silly/unoriginal names for characters -an ooc complex to hang out when you need a break (with paintball field and combat arena!) -a blackjack dealer, board games, mobs that play hangman, a combat arena, a courthouse, player-owned shops -automated armies that provide equipment, mob soldiers, and monthly pay -pets you can order around or ride, ships (both private and public) -a naming system where no one knows your true name unless you tell it to them -helpful immortals, friendly players, newbie help-channels, and so much more! <a href=''>Usage Graph</a> ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Abandoned Realms [Rom] Modified for PK perfection 9000 []

Abandoned Realms is a highly modified diku mud. The objective of the mud is to focus on gameplay. We want a MUD where people can enjoy themselves and other aspects of the mud, without compromising gameplay. Gameplay to us is having rich themes to our areas, various creatures that talk to players instead of just sitting around, and well balanced race/classes. We have an extended help file system, a newbie chat for those unfamiliar with this kind of MUD, and plenty of friendly imms willing to answer your questions. There are 16 races and 16 classes each

unique with their advantages and disadvantages. New races and classes are consistently being added and the old ones refined to preserve gameplay. There are also seven cabals, with plans to add more in the future. We enforce roleplaying here, we like to see players who have unique backgrounds, enjoy being memorable characters, and in turn, meeting other memorable characters. We also have mob runned quests that will improve certain aspects of your character. Although we do encourage player killing, we also discourage senseless slaughter. We have refined the gameplay so that brains will win over brawn because nobody likes boring hack and slash. We test our pk ranges thoroughly for fairness. If you enjoy roleplaying in a complex and vast world mixed with the thrills of playerkilling then Abandoned Realms is for you. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Poke MUD [Rom] Rom2.4 9000 []

Poke MUD is a simple, basic, pure hack 'n' slash fun-based mud with an Anime/Video Game theme. There are areas for Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Sailormoon, Final Fantasy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Nintendo (as well as many other non-stock areas). There is a clan system available for those who wish to participate in player killing. Non-clan players are exempt from PK. There are 750 possible mortal levels divided between mortal, remort, and superhero stages. There's plenty of room for growth. Stop by anytime. All are welcome. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Legends of the Jedi [SWR] Heavily modified SWR 1.0 5000 []

Come to LOTJ and enter a gaming experience where the players have all lent a hand in making a galaxy filled with worlds to enjoy. Think of three major eras of the Star Wars story played out throughout the course of a year, travel through Mandalore and see the armies born on Kamino. See the rise of the usurper and the fall of his rule, and the pheonix of peace born from the ashes of a dead sith lord. On LOTJ each planet can be governed by a major clan. The governing body can set up a leader for the planet, who sets up his government. Members of the greater clan can work as agents of the planetary government, with their own channel so that they and their fellows can collaborate.

We also offer our players the chance to take an idea, a concept, and make a clan of their own. Our webpage offers an online method for submitting applications, for things ranging from forcers to clans to anything your creative mind can imagine that wouldn't be out of place in SW. Although our mud is a PKILL environment, we also have a very userfriendly account system that lets our players garnish points from the death of characters and then use those points to purchase levels for new characters. This is done when someone is "permed", which is our way of saying ultimately dead. Players elect our main decision making body: the RolePlay Council (RPC). When someone is "permed" and they believe proper RP/RULES observations weren't made, or that some sort of foul play was at hand, they turn to this elected group of seven individuals. They discuss it amongst themselves and render judgement upon the situation, giving our Player Representatives team the decision to render punishment if required. With a max players of 113 scored as of April 24, 2005 we offer a wide variety of player interaction. Come see what you've been missing! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Abattoir [Smaug] Smaug 3232 []

Abattoir is based upon the popular and easy-to-learn SMAUG codebase, with numerous new additions and enhancements to the code to make this a truly interesting and fun place to play. And with over 8000 rooms and almost 100 areas, 75% unique and exclusive to Abattoir, you know you will find this realm to be like no other... Here are just some of the Abattoir's key features: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Saerdoun, City of Wonders... unique main city with many shops Explorer points rewarding those who choose to wander Bonus experience for your first hour of play each day Housing for sale allowing for item storage and a place to call 'home' Several new classes such as Nightblades, Delvers, and Sword-mages Several new skills and spells for all classes, most unique to Abattoir Levelling requires experience points and quest completion Banking system allowing safe storage of gold 100 mortal levels Specialised questing areas for levels 95+ Several new races such as Golem, Demon, and Spirit Six multi-class guilds, with storage and shop facilities Four player-killing clans, also with storage and shop facilities Three religious orders, with various facilities Regular 'Open Forums' for players and admins to discuss the game Ability to set bounties on deadly players Regular tournaments held on Sundays for the enjoyment of all players Abattoir's unique statistic generator thwarts Smaug 'statname' abuse and many more small bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements.

----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aber-Phoenix [Aber] Dyrt 6716 []

Phoenix offers: * * * * Guilds & Races Original spells and skills Over 50 quests Remorts - perks dependent on number of times completing the game. Achieving adept status allows players to save equipment such as armor, weapons, food, containers, etc. Optional PK (Vampires, Seraphim, Werewolves) 2 Weekly tournaments Multiplaying Role-playing encouraged and rewarded Familiars Immortal levels open to all. Helpful newbie areas. Some saved inventory, clothing, jewelry Custom playerhouses (design your own) Player-driven, internally consistent economy ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Energy [Rom] modified 4000 []

* * * * * * * * * *

Russian Roleplaying MUD, with original class/promote system with access to several races and classes through remorting, and player deities. Strict immortal policy towards non-roleplaying, offensive behaviour and cheating. No 'side' builders and coders are invited, MUD is under full control of the Implementors. Currently in development status, though playable. Therefore character files may be lost of modified without warning. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Sindome [MOO] custom ANSI / XML / FILE-IO / Web IO 5555 []

Set in the dark gritty future of 2085, Sindome takes place in a city in a geodesic dome, Withmore City. Characters

might for survival, carving out a niche in the underworld for themselves. Cybernetics, a 3D layout system in both the 'real' and 'cyber' world, high technology, high style and low class all in one. Sell out to the man and be a gun toting Street Judge, protecting the citizens according to the 'law', be a drone for corps and do nightly news casts while dodging bullets in your aerodyne, or spend your time digging around the sewers and tunnels that are under every level of this social-class separated city. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Esforonin [LP] DGD with custom mudlib 1409 [] None

Esforonin is a MUD in early development with the ambition of becoming a scene for intensive online roleplaying. As of now, in the autumn of 2004, our goal lies far ahead. The coding of the MUD has so far concentrated on creating the out of character accesories needed. It is possible to log in, create user accounts and work on the creating of a character, but as for playing one much still needs to be done. Here is a list of some features that's been planned to help you get an idea of what we have in mind: o o o o o o o Clear boundaries between your ic character and your ooc user account. Detailed characters created in collaboration between player and staff. A unique fantasy world where original creations replace the standards. Many storylines and rich backgrounds to create a believable world. An always evolving world full with intrigues for players to plot on. Deadly combat and permanent death to promote talking before fighting. Combat is non-automatic and slow, but detailed and allows for control.

Everyone is welcome to send a mail or log on to ask questions! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Covenant [Smaug] with customization 1685 []

We are building a very detailed and atmospheric realm. Our main city, Tierceron, is so large it is really a city-state rather than just a city. (For implementors, this means we've got a city with over 1,200 rooms!) We emphasize quality over quantity and everything we do is 100% original starting with the races and classes to the zones themselves. We highly encourage role-playing, and we do not cater to newbies. This isn't to say we are not newbie friendly, but that we are geared towards advanced players. The realm of Covenant is taking shape and we are looking for builders who can write quality, high-impact zones! Travel between areas has been implemented using a navigation system complete with overland ansi maps. You set

your heading, and how fast you wish to travel (walk, jog, run, and canter, trot, gallop). You can track your progress using various navigation commands. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Manic Dreams [GodWars] Dystopia 1.4 8410 [] http://None

Manic Dreams is the aspirin for your mindless playerkilling headache. If you are tired of logging on to a MUD and after 30 minutes having nothing to do until the next player logs on, then Manic Dreams is the place for you! We offer a unique style to obtain spells and skills through quests offered by each class's guild master. Although we are not completely finished with the world or the codebase, we are looking for a staff that is willing to help contribute to the undertaking that will provide the MUDing community with a Dystopia that isn't solely based on playerkilling. We are trying to offer a more extensive player customization and progression. We offer detailed areas that will keep you guessing where the hidden doors are and where they may lead. Our builders are continually thinking of new ways to intrigue the player, with detailed room descriptions and nicely themed areas. If you feel you could contribute to our staff or you would just like to see how our progress is, come and stop by. Our staff is friendly and will help with whatever they can! -Owner, Todd Moulder ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragonball: Vortex [Custom] 9999 []

100 years have past since any form of life inhabited the Vortex universe. The Gods of Vortex and Oblivion had decimated all of the life in Vortex with their great war. It was so great it brought about the apocalypse. Even the Gods could not escape their own fate and were confined by it. Now a re-awakening has occurred. The Gods of Vortex have begun to wander the world again, discovering a new civilization has developed. Android Seventeen has rebuilt Satan City and rules over the Earth with an army of android warriors. What's left if any of the Z-fighters must now band together with the people of earth to battle against Seventeen and regain control of the earth. Vortex has a very newbie-friendly atmosphere, there are extensive help files and even experienced players who are always more than willing to help new people with any troubles they may have. The role-play element in Vortex is very strong; we encourage it and also have Immortal driven

storylines that can spawn off areas or even to add a new skill to the game. We are also constantly expanding the game by coding in new and exciting features, areas, races and skills. We're always expanding so that you'll never run out of things to do, and as always we pride ourselves in trying to achieve the most exciting and fun environment for our players. We hope to see you soon. -The Vortex Staff ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Abydos [Custom] 100% Custom Delphi code 23 []

Abydos is an original mud which is build from scratch. Here's a list of some of it's features: - Totally original code & files. The engine is made from scratch in Delphi and running on a NT machine. - Full ansi color. - Statusbars which are located on a fixed position of your screen. - Easy to learn for people who are totally new with MUDs. - Races and classes, each class starts in it's own dedicated training area where you will be recruted (e.g. in the wizard tower for wizards). - Promotions to sub-classes and later to 5 hero ranks. - Powerful script engine which makes all kind of quests possible. - Funny and big quests. - People can add their own build-in emotions. - Lot's of configuration menus, skinable, customizable message colors. - Detailed maps which always track your position. It is unlikely to ever get totally lost! - Player killing is only allowed for clans. Clans can ally with other clans. - Deathmatch zones where people can PK in a team without loosing anything after they die. - Builders will love our zone-editor! Zones are build offline with a GUI program named 'Builder'. 'Builder' also has a integrated baby-version of Abydos to test your area on your own machine by telnetting to your localhost. - There are usually 0 - 20 people online, depending on the time of the day. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Abysmal Realms [Rom] Heavily Customized, many enhanced features! 4000 []

The Abysmal Realms MUD is a Roleplaying/Playerkilling MUD derived from ROM2.4 code. The Realms opened to the public May 1st, 1997 and has grown steadily since then. Those accustomed to ROM playing will be pleased with the enhancements we've made while still retaining the best of the ROM 'look and feel'. Realism, attention to detail and enhanced user interface have been our top priorities. The

focal point of Abysmal Realms is our clan system. Those new to Role Play will find it natural to fall into RP mode because of the distinct personalities and purposes of each clan. We find best role players often prove to be the first time mudders! We have a clan that is dedicated to life and helping those that are inexperienced learn. Again, you can visit our web site for info on the clans. Though PK is supported, it is judged by strict standards of a ppropriateness within the RP context maintained here. We have user-selectable ANSI color, many spam reducing features, and questmasters available for questing anytime. The mud is served by a conscientious and talented staff of immortals. We also have an mprog driven economy, where many things are 'made' by mobs, and we are striving to include every item in the realms in a like manner. Watch as items are picked, gathered, or mined and then processed into foods, weapons, armors, and potions. WE HAVE NOT HAD A PWIPE SINCE OPENING, and do not plan on one in the future. Click on the link to our web site for a complete listing and to subscribe to the mailing list. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Age of Dragons [Circlemud] [Circlemud] 4000 []

Age of Dragons was originally created in 1996. Since that time the MUD has gone through many changes in order to improve the original world we have created. We now have over 150 zones throughout the MUD, along with three major cities that players of all different alignments call home. Some of the code we use on Age of Dragons includes a memorization system, where players actually memorize their spells instead of using mana, detailed descriptions for players so that they can customize their characters to the fullest extent, an introduction system which allows players to pick and choose which players they wish to be associated with, and an approval system for new characters that ensures only players with appropriate descriptions and names will be a part of our world. Numerous different skills and spells from the original and new age of Dungeons and Dragons have been included for players to have at their disposal, we offer eight different races, and eleven different classes to choose from. Age of Dragons is a MUD like no other. Our originality, ability to obtain unique objects through quests, and rewards for good roleplaying will make Age of Dragons your newest addiction. Happy MUDding, and good luck to you all. -----------------------------------------------

Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description

: : : : :

Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands [Custom] 23 []

Achaea is a completely original high fantasy mud coded from scratch with a full-time -paid- staff, hosted in the same facility as Sun and Google, and focused on player interaction rather than the monster bashing nearly all text muds focus on. Competing citystates, guilds, religious Orders, clans, unrivalled PvP combat, competitive economic systems, and more. We are the gold standard. But you don't have to take our word for it: 'I don't believe there's another game in existence with this much depth.' - John Romero, Co-designer of Doom and Quake 'Few virtual worlds with an immensely complicated combat system avoid being completely dominated by it -- Achaea is the best-known exception.' -- Dr. Richard Bartle, the inventor of MUDs. 'One of the biggest online text-based games.' - 'It's a very real world and very fascinating.' - G4/TechTV Most #1 rankings ever. - ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ghostwheel [MOO] LambdaCore/GhostCore 6969 []

The apocalypse is a collective nightmare. Fading. Few remember what happened, and no witness lives to tell. Sometime, somehow, two millenia of civilization collapsed into dust. The past is a bleached skull on glowing sand. The future is now, and humanity crawls forward, shaking off its holocaust ashes. The Wasteland awaits. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ad Hesperia [Envy] Heavily Modified 7000 []

'Caught in the whirlwind of the War of Ages, the battle of the Immortals, lies the Hesperian Realm. From the Black Fortress and foul armies of the Dark Lord, all the way to the Paradise of the Covenant, you will recognize a theme of the utmost tragedy: a love story which shaped the perpetual war raging on Hesperia. Brutally thrown into this realm because of your own stupidity, you decide to make the best out of it. Motivated by the interest the Immortals seem

to take in recruiting Earthlings, you vigorously start your career.' Hesperia is a medieval fantasy mud originating from an ENVY 2.0 base code. For eight years our Staff has worked on the large Hesperia project, shaping an all original world of over 20000 rooms. There are over 300 spells and skills, numerous quests and games to try out, as well as the opportunity to join cults and progress through the 550 levels we currently offer. We are a friendly place, so by all means step by and share in the fun! - Hesperian Staff ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Adventures for Ancient Wisdom [Dikumud] Diku/Envy/Merc with a twist 4100 []

AAW is an ever evolving MUD, many new and unique features have been coded into the game. Most MUDS have mprogs, but how many out there offer substantial oprogs and rprogs, so that objects and even rooms can interact with you and your characters actions? We also have an extensive pet system. Pets can be leveled, wear EQ and even have custom names and descriptions. We also RDL (Room Description Langue) which allows builders the ability to make it so that room descriptions (and other things) say one thing in daytime and another at night, or to have descriptions in the different languages of the realm. MSP (Mud Sound Protocol) is in and many of our areas now have their own .midi files attached to enhance the play experience. AAW offers many races and classes, with more to come. All characters are dual classed so that you get all spells/skills from your primary class and s/s up to level 30 in your second class, yielding an immense range of possible combinations. New original areas are constantly in development, and our aim is at having totally original world one day! At the time being we are half way there. So take some time, and get lost in your Adventures for Ancient Wisdom! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : LordMUD [Circlemud] Heavily modified 5000 [] None

The world of LordMUD is based off of the Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. The code is heavily modified CircleMUD. After a few years break, we are now back online and going into close to our 10th year. We have a small friendly playerbase and there is almost always an Immortal online to help anyone who needs it, or to run quests.

and has existed for over 10 years! The game now has twenty races. Please email heywoodd@telusplanet. amongst other things. time travel. slings and the like). alchemy (potions) and fletching (making arrows).betterbox.stormgate. Religious Powers. allowing for even more things to do with your 8898 [68. and we are currently looking for more active 2345 [69. Recent additions including Crafting skills.68.70 ginkosoft. much more. The staff of GinkoMUCK hopes to see you around.000 rooms and over 100 levels to advance through.4b6(pretty darn good) au. twenty Adventures in Stormgate has a colourful 5000 [68. GinkoMUCK's player creation system is restricted to manual creations by wizard staff over email only until our automated system is for a character.14. forging (metal weapons and armor). player owned structures and stores are on the agenda this year. and be prepared for the fight of your life ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : GinkoMud [MUCK] Protomuck 1. and we would also like to announce that we are currently looking for experienced MUCK developers for building and programming development. Come. the possibilities are virtually endless for what to do with your or fox85@ginkosoft. our player base has dropped.80. as we are proud of what we have done. join us. multiclassing and remort multiclassing.99] http://www. after many years. Religions.Very Original Code mud. .betterbox. inscription (scrolls). Finally the staff of GinkoMUCK would like to open its doors for a public beta test.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Adventures in Stormgate [Envy] OmegaMUD . automated questing. large game world with downloadable map. nearing completion. and much. a fully implemented religion system. over 500 skills and spells. Crusades (religious questing). Also new this year is projectile weapon combat (bows.6. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Adventures Unlimited [Rom] 2.stormgate. Due to a recent server move.75] http://au. such as tanning (making leather armour).193. With a gameworld of over 10. as the muck has been mainly development up until this point.143] None GinkoMUCK is a work in progress that is. The playerbase up until now has been relatively small.

consistent roleplay and many features. stamina and honesty to our players. We saved enough on server rent that we were able to afford an extra vowel. the acronym has more letters than it should. We pride ourselves in bringing a game with integrity. It has gone from a completely stock world with no original areas to 75% original with over 10. UEI is a quasi-private social MUCK that started as a sort of moving away from the overwhelming furry populations of most MUCKs.70. Over the years. Our numbers are not among the highest in the mud community. Yeah. to come (re)discover one of the most involved. Our immortal staff is talented. and fun muds of all time! (Special Note: Those of you who remember Morgoth shutting it down. Our players are friendly and helpful especially when aiding a new player. So it's pretty small and personal. Please come and join our community! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : BTVOS Classic [Rom] Heavily Modified wretched. experienced and dedicated. Adventures Unlimited is not a cookie cutter rom based mud.110] http://wretched. Our channels are free of cursing and the environment is strictly PG.250. RP is possible and encouraged but .000 rooms. but we have high player satisfaction and provide a quality product to our 5000 [69.) Stop on by! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Unknown Epicentres : [MUCK] : : http://byrs. the current archived pfiles are exactly the same as they were on that ill-fated day. We welcome BTVOS Players. BTVOS Classic is now For the sake of Archiving one of the longest running muds.Description : Adventures Unlimited began over 5 years ago as a modest stock rom mud with not much more to offer than any of the thousands of other stock muds. We wanted more style and intelligence in our conversations and chillspaces and less in the way of yiffing and scritching. Many of the staff have been part of AU for over 4 years. The development has been focused not on what other muds provide to their players but instead on the path that AU occupies alone. the mud has grown into a multifaceted community with a detailed world. new and : It's called Unknown Epicentres. or UEI for short. The land of Tharel has been developed continuously throughout the years of the existing of AU..

stuff. Indian. Cor. ----------------------------------------------- . Also illustrators are very welcome. Some of the main aspects offered at After Hours are: * A user interface which allows new users to start quickly. There are also a number of races. Right now it's just a laundromat for slackers to hang out in and talk about. Many years of coding from hundreds of builders provides the basis for one of the most original mud's ever. and innovative code. Now in it's 15th year.mux. consent-based MUSH with an emphasis on character interaction and roleplay. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : After Hours [LP] LDmud afterhoursmud. including Greek.96. If your looking for a mud you can get really involved in AfterHours will satisfy your every need. Persian. * A unique Multi-Class system. but is complex enough for advanced players.there hasn't been a whole lot taking place yet.4 2000 [206. It features extensive news files (many of them based on actual historical events).com One of the most established and advanced LPmud's in existence. Join our world and the lifelong experience that is AfterHours. Yeah. the imaginative world of AfterHours is one of medieval fantasy and adventure. what a crummy description for a muck.1. If you're still there. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aether MUSH TinyMUX 1. magical abilities. Notice: The address and port of UEI are intentionally unlisted. It is based on various world mythologies. AfterHours has formed into an extensive and detailed world with a very unique feel. and factions that your character may choose 8080 [207.232] http://afterhoursmud.124. and Native Aether is an original-themed..31] http://mux. Roman. drop a line via email and we'll talk. * Sixteen original and creative quests to challenge players who like to role-play. We offer a very friendly atmosphere with helpful players and immortals. If you think this sounds at all interesting. have a see of the abortive web page. Once you've contacted the admins and your account has been made you will be furnished with connection information. occupations.143.

Weather. There is no open building or programming. breaking or severing of limbs.245. Players are entitled for detailed character generation after they have already spent some time playing the game.c'>here</a>. We are loosely themed on New About 120 spells and 90+ different skills. 20 playable races with their own language.114. The tuneable global channel may be used only for newbie related questions. it is not just theatrical roleplay. although special cases are looked at if for public use. Mud features: 20+ open guilds.2 [DaemonMUCH 0.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : After the Plague [LP] MudOS (CoreDump mudlib) atp.4 based MUD now just over five years old. water breathing races etc. You really live in the world. 1/3 code is original Afterlife is a ROM 2. You gain experience by improving your skills. Players can own houses with saved equipment.96] 9999 [199. User stats are available <a href='http://160.mud. There are no levels in the mud.mud.96:2995/gateways/stats. solving quests or by exploring new places rather than by killing the same monster 5000 [ 3000 [160.mudservices.205] WWW : http://af.1 #21. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Afterlife [Rom] 2. carving and tailoring. Numerical values are shown as text or displayed by bars. 2. with a one year hiatus for development. 60+ unique quests (not autoquests). It is a unique blend of a hack & slash and a roleplaying mud.mudservices.vew. though we don't enforce it.158.html Description : AfterFive has been running since 1991. so you won't fall back to boring hack and slash routine. and a lot Our mud is a complex and 'real' fantasy world. There are many features that keep you busy exploring.afterlife. Detailed character generation includes a background story which could be standard or player supplied. Crafts include forging. Pueblo 1. Combat includes bleeding. We encourage roleplay. Some of our features include: . Team system supports back row for spellcasters and archers.190] http://www. Special races: flying races.4b6 modified.1.vew. Overland map.114.X enhanced] Telnet : af. and offers a full Citadel-type BBS online.2. Complex monetary system. Most of these guilds are led by players so admission in a guild is not always automatic.15 enhanced. unconsciousness.2. ----------------------------------------------Mud : AfterFive Code Base : [MUSH] TinyMUSH 2. Unknown characters will be seen by their appearance rather than names.100.100. Character requests can be sent to trish@vew.

3 reincarnation classes 30 races 701 help files Clan system primarily run by mortals Deity system including special godspells Quests. South America and the South Pole. gods. starting as a closed muck on a DECstation in central HoloMuck is an online multi-user game. and more.* * * * * * * 110 areas with 9290 rooms. 5555 http:// The Darkerhalf has been an on going project since 1998. I am seekings builders to help structure the kingdoms. and equipment. including: + automatic quests for quest points (redeemable for eq. and has now become the largest daemonmuck-based server on the 5757 [205. Unlike some other online games. Pern and Over the years it has slowly morphed into a role playing style. If you like it. evolving into a public MUCK with a following based on Callahan's. Welcome to Your Afterlife. and also players to test classes.holomuck. where players can build their own homes * Mortal Coil.250] http://www. Italy. Afterlife is always changing. It's sort of like a text adventure computer game (like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or Zork) except that there are other people who are walking around with you. HoloMuck has a history dating back to February. Both builders and testers can help define the history of each kingdom. that was completely pkill. You may also build parts of the game world yourself. HoloMuck has players from places as diverse as Russia.167. your new MUD home. As for mud information. etc.stay! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : HoloMuck [MUCK] mousemuck holomuck. come and try the game. over half unique to Afterlife 13 mortal classes. items.142. Australia. always improving. Slovenia. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The DarkerHalf [Smaug] drift.) + automatic quests to reincarnate and to become an avatar + individually tailored quests assigned by Questrunners Council * Mudville. It first started out as a Smaug based mud. races. Sweden. the wickedest card game around * ANSI color With an active and friendly immortal staff. Germany. which tend to be overly hack-and-slash oriented. Although people can and do ----------------------------------------------- . Canada. HoloMuck's focus is purely social.

Want to see interesting and complex areas? Want to found your own clan. upgrading the extremely outdated and poor systems of exp.kyndig. Battle a broad range of classes and mobiles in an endless search for Underworld Dreams is a resurrected version of a six year old Envy MUD that has a great deal of accumulated changes. Our active and interested immortal staff is focused on creating a balanced and fun environment for exploration and adventure. and the ability to grow even stronger looms. an addictive Wheel of Fortune. and strategic of all men could survive.2. and ten new stats plus the basic five to customize your character? We've got it 3000 [66.just like everyone else dreams.103] http://www. our own distinctive combat messages. so challenging that only the strong. and hundreds of other features. and history. pk'ing based solely on pkills. Come to a land so fierce.28] http://dreams. With this unique mud. how can you resist? So come in and join us and try out the new features which are unique to Another Land.geocities. 17 different classes including Elf class and Dragon class created by Hutoshi. kingdoms.1 anotherland. pkills. spellcasting objects. so dangerous.5 Heavily Modified. object triggers. tweaks. it's no wonder why we're called Another Land. AnLa v2.127. adding in fixes. With plans for a pre-wilderness area where you can increase your chances of encountering even more dangerous mobs. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Underworld Dreams [Envy] Heavily modified -. 6969 [216. we hope that you will make Another Land your new home. exciting. and great staff. and mob fighting that it's hard to believe that Another Land isn't one of the most fun.daestroke. An advanced kingdom structure which involves both the members and the king working together to make their kingdom hail as the top.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Another Land [GodWars] Dystopia 1.2. object specs. Bank system. or the fact that this mud has over 10 different ways of gaining quest points. With 10 upgrade levels to test your wits. and spending it. and interactive.82. quest. We boast upwards of 150 new and unique skills and spells (in addition to a number of classic Envy skills) spread over twelve classes to accomodate every playing style. and destroy enemy clans? Want to see mean and intelligent mobs. Upgraded kingdom structure.daestroke. We update the mud regularly. Find your niche. We also have unique features such as a witch who will trade potions for herbs. Some of the additions in Another Land which are not present in other dystopias are: Auctions. many of which are based upon input from our playerbase. A world economy that boosts your ability to gain quest points unlike any other dystopia mud. .

.19.13 different classes to choose from. . including Ancient Races should you challeng e the insidious Labyrinth.Pursue a craft in one of our eight different trades.148] http://www.Not one to conform to society? Then become lowlife rogue.dhs. . the very fabric of the world has been torn asunder. The area is rich in scenery. carousing and gambli ng for a living! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rifts: Kingsdale (JITU) [MUSH] Tinymush 3. originally Circle 2.pandapub.183. The overall sheer size of the .Construct buildings within your clantown to fortify them against invaders..Battle it out with other players in multiple arenas ranging from the Holy Warz one to Capture the Flag 4000 [ 4242 [63. And out of Chaos. .2 aoc. No longer are their futures predetermined. which allows an endless array of dy namic and different playing styles.. new powers emerge.12 different races to choose from. . With the new breaking. magic and role-playing possibilities.0b19 #1 riftsmux. . The Wheel of Time no longer spins by the hand of the Creator.... .. while heroes of the past are now of the present.dhs. Civilizations sundered by the trial o f Ages now flourish once more. no longer i s one's destiny bound to another^Ò.com The Dragon is gone. It is centered in Kingsdale and the surrounding area. .----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Age of Chaos [Circlemud] Chaos Code.165.pandapub. The Dark One is no Rifts: Kingsdale Journey into the Unknown is a Mush based on Palladium's Rifts RPG.135] http://riftsmux.Create your own role-playing guilds..Experience our customized 'weaves' system.. unim aginable horrors now roam the realm where dreams and nightmares are no longer bound to th e world of Tel'aran'rhiod.105.

Kingsdale stands at the unknown crossroads of the future. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shattered Dreams III [Rom] Highly modified sdmud. 7000 [24. that has proven to be one of the most popular multi-user dimensions/dungeons on the internet. roleplaying MUD. and psychics protect the city from the threats of the outside world.betterbox. and beings of all types andoccupation call Kingsdale home. highly featured.106. mages. that constantly changes and evolves. Step by and see for yourself. We feature a rules-light roleplay system including character castes and powerlists. the sexual. but frankly. a short and painless background-approval step and a co-operative approach to roleplay. *Get approved in as little as a day.Rifts Mega verse has opened up endless possibilities for RP and character.156. that is just not possible :) There are simply too many things to explain and describe. *We offer help to first time mush role-players and general assistance to anyone who needs it. mercenaries.69. Soldiers. all the primodial themes and images of our own subconscious. A place of subtle maneuvering. 1588 [68.77] http://seradus. *Few Classes restricted or banned.212] http://www. PS: Player/immortal reviews can be posted/read here: . We currently restrict a few classes from use and work with our players during Character Creation. -Rhaelar Waeryn Founder and Head Implementor of Shattered Dreams. a venue for the exploration of fantasy and dream . I would describe all of SD's features here. where the PC could be the key to unraveling a month old mystery.the mystical. We expect our players to be grown-ups and polite to each other and work with each other to make everyone's experience at Seradus SeradusMUX is a playground for mature role-players. Visit our Web page for a list of available and restricted classes. Come on in and join us in an enjoyable roleplaying environment. Come join Rifts: Kingsdale Journey into the Unknown and RP with an excellent group of players. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Seradus [MUX] seradus. safe and Shattered Dreams III is a constantly changing. never more than three.

and another set of six guilds exclusively for Heroes.7. 7575 [ ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Anirhanda [MUSH] Pennmush 1.199. but neither are we without RP. Feel free to drop in and pay us a visit.65.244] http://legends. we are taking all bans off the ban list.18. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Age of Legends [Rom] Extremely Modified Rom 2. player combat.3/2. that is free from all player vs. broadranging story arcs. Each guild has two unique skills that are granted to the players upon the joining of the selected guild. and we'd like to take this time to thank all of the players.6p14 Welcome.34] http://www. they may only loot *one* item from your corpse.terminal. welcome! We are glad to see you stop by our little site. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Age of Legends: Tales of the Lance [Circlemud] Heavily Modified Circle ageoflegends.42] http://www. former players.sdmud. where wars can be provoked with nothing but a 6010 [67. and inviting everyone back who has . We offer a guild. imms. all based on the Wheel of Time series. Each guild must follow the path Robert Jordan has written in his books.4 with SWAC legends. and the excitement of adventuring RP where new areas of the MUSH will be discovered. It is an exotic land of misty mirrors and sinister shadows where great houses maneuver for power and the rule of cities. and former imms who have helped in our growth. The game is small with a friendly and dedicated player base looking for people interested in the freedom of pure RP. We offer player-run Anirhanda is a cooperative The Age of Legends is a game based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. We are not a heavy Role Playing MUD.ageoflegends.http://www. and where a person's very life can be corrupted and stolen by the unseen evils that roam the world. conspiracy-based MUSH with an original fantasy theme.187. We have twelve guilds for players to choose from. Player Killing is limited in such that if you are player killed by another person. As we are hitting 10 years. Our ten year anniversary is coming up in March of 3663 [64.

AoA has a nice mix of social RPG and hack and slash aspects. as our style of mud is slightly more high-powered than your everyday mud.18.2] http://www.243] http://coldc.181. and everyone in who has not been here before to meet old friends.58. as well as many immortals with such experience. 6 months of development has produced a rock stable. written in ColdC from 5190 [24. and a new home! We hope to see you soon. then how about stoping in and making new friends. realistic challengeing code. We seek a good staff of builders as well.66] Age of the Ancients is a mud attepting to be based on a Dungeons and Dragons theme. and say hello to an old home! If you've never been to our mud. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Age of the Ancients [Smaug] Wolfpaw mud.ancients. proper grammar and object manipulation. Our mud offers much realism. core written from scratch coldc. thus increasing the overall experience of them mud. We keep our players guessing. We have 2 staff with 10+ years of D & D playing experience. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Epoch [Custom] Written in ColdC. Epoch is not based on any other MUD design.90.been here before but is not for whatever reason. The server. 23 [ 5000 [ We are now looking to build a fantasy / medieval world on top of this server. We need theme writers. It is RECOMMENDED FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS! Aota keeps players coming back with its mix of crazy areas. is unusually dynamic in the areas of client support. command interpreting.51. so builders and coders would need to learn new building and programming procedures. Almost all of the mud has been rewritten. Epoch has a graphical web interface that is very similar to it's Pueblo interface: http://coldc. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Age of the Throne [Custom] Original aott. as well as a wide variety of classes and races to choose from. and especially hope you will be around for our 10 year celebration which will take place for the entire 10th year with special events and . and possibly coders.116. Our mud has been developed Epoch is a core development server that has been (mostly) completed.ancients. to suit the realism factor. as that is one of my highest priority's.

org/~aow/ Now in its fourth successful year. we have written the game from scratch using our very own programming language and we have also aimed for a theme found nowhere else in the Gaming ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Marvel Universe [MUX] 2. Clan halls w/ restricted access and saved 4000 2008 [170. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Age of War [Circlemud] CircleMUD 3. and the use of a capitol town programmed to defend them from enemy players.Age of the Throne is unique MUD in more ways than one. The Combat.230. As our programming language does not restrict us we are free to implement many original and interesting features into the Gameworld.143.96. Cardinal Richelieu as Head of the Church and the constant rivalries that ensued between the Kings Musketeers and The Cardinals Guard. Classes are still somewhat limited.319 #3 ageofwar. Novel features to AOW include: * * * * * Full clan support.215. Age of War has underwent several major code changes.28. If you have any questions email Age of War at: drdetroit@buffaloriver.0 (heavily modified) ageofwar.0. bringing his clan into a war on the side of Justice. A fully automated newbie guide giving complete Heralded by Reed Richards' ill-fated shuttle flight the world as we know it has entered a state of rapid . or Chaos.5] http://www. The Age of the Throne website has recently had a professional makeover and now boasts many useful pages and resources to help the newcomer to quickly acclimatise into this unique gaming environment.ageofwar. A clan war system Original to AOW. Set in fashionable 17th Century Paris the game evokes and emulates the period of History that saw King Louis XIII on the throne of 4000 [206.197] http://erisian. And last but certainly not least. Movement and Skills systems featured are like none other. Age of the Throne employs a full time programmer allowing us to add new features to the game on a weekly basis as well as promptly responding to queries and bug reports. The locations within the game are replicated from original maps of the time. It allows a clan leader to swear fealty to one of 8 NPC Gods. A stagecoach offering travel to 3 different hometowns. the 'Jihad'. This grants special spells available only through the jihad. Progression in the game is attainable by many routes other than tireless questing for points.ageofwar.

clans. * The staff codes and builds on a regular basis. groups of players that work together for a cause. The staff and players are also friendly and willing to tend to new players' questions and concerns.9. and then are free to duke it out with other players as they see fit. with a variety of different classes to choose from. Racism stands at an all time high. * Gone are the days of spending hours 8989 [216.25. More is always on the way! Stop by and check us out! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : posMUD [Unknown] Tartarus pos.. posMUD is based solely on PK and competition. It is an age for hope. for protection. Cabals are headed by an leader chosen by A mostly-stock world that's ready to be expanded and replaced. improving the MUD and making it more enjoyable for the players. are given 3 newbie hours to practice their chosen class's skills and acquire basic equipment. drows.dreamstealer.178] http://shadows.genesismuds. horror. Costumed vigilantes stand as protectorate over the urban jungles battling crime law enforcement can no longer contain.genesismuds. Make it 4000 [24. gnomes. creating a unique experience each time you start a new character. as well as large. and more! We offer a paladin class. and are given special cabalrestricted abilities.136.8] http://pos.17 shadows. and awe. world and class system. and more! We have half-elves. MAKE IT MARVEL! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Broken Shadows [Embermud] heavily modified Ember 0.93. World governments have legally sanctioned teams of heroes to head off powered threats both foreign and domestic. remorting. each with distinct skills and spells. * Players can also join cabals. CHAOS. the color of one's skin no longer as important as the quality of one's genes. quests.. Higher beings have made contact with the Earth: their presences known and their awe-inspiring powers an unsettling influence upon the mortals posMUD offers a variety of unique experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. An energetic builder could have a lot of fun! Players: We're always open to new ideas to enhance the gameplay! We have weapon engraving. All characters begin on the highest mortal level. The MUD is highly balanced.evolution. make it yours . this is on top of an already mostly original.

you need only to step through. symbols of immortals that grant players a powerful special ability. it is your entryway to adventure. Creatures long since disregarded as myth and lore were commonplace.38. Once again this gate has appeared in reality.servegame. such as useful quest skills and tattoos..249. and are given many political privileges such as allegiances and war with other cabals. and powerful nonplayer opponents to vanquish. Alatia was much more than a single land however. we hope to encourage TP ideas from it (Although we are still based post first movie..229.alatia. * There are also rare rewards for superior players. All of these things blend together to give the posMUD a very unique. It was a place of stunning beauty and terrifying evil. to glory. and the world is growing quickly. over 90 areas. Existing within Alatia's vast world was a doorway. Certain items are limited to a preselected number to give players something to strive to 3763 [12. equipments. to magic. a doorway like none other. to the new and old player alike. Our playerbase is friendly. More information can be found on the webpage (although it may occasionally be a few weeks out of date.proving their worth and responsibility. and addictive feel. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : X-Men MUCK [MUCK] MUCK charis. There is lots of opportunity to RP without having to hassle with combat programs.geocities. Lands of shadow and lands of mythology were accessible through this gate. with over 8000 Long before written history there was a world known as Alatia. This timeline makes it easy for new players to join without having to wade through over 30 years worth of comics. and for us to create fun plots of our own design. It was a land where legendary heroes did battle against impossible odds.we do our best!) UPDATE: With X-Men 2 having just come out in X-Men MUCK is set a few months after the first movie produced by by Fox. and a plethora of items. it was a nexus of realities. entertaining. along with some adopted from the Marvel Comics. This doorway was a gate to an infinite number of worlds and 2000 [68. whether it is from the item's original holder or another player. ----------------------------------------------- . * The world as it stands is quite large.91] http://www.152] http://www.48.) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Alatia [LP] LPmud alatia.

233] http://aldebaran. 1998.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aldebaran [LP] own lib aldebaran.' ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Alfandria TinyMUCK / FuzzBall 5.126.234. it is meant as a meeting place for any sort of creature looking for somewhere to hang out a bit. and everyone is welcome to stop by and have a look. a revamped skill and spell system very different to what might be found elsewhere. in fact. not all of the 'common' developments of muds have been followed. it may not appear to possess all of the 'features' of the newer MUDs. 1997. but own new concepts have been implemented.stacken. and inherits quite a bit from . Aldebaran focusses on atmospheric detailed areas and quests.mud. AlexMUD has no levels.56 alfandria. it is strongly encouraged. 'Many years have Aldebaran was set up in 1994 after Nemesis went down by some of the surviving wizards. It greatly encourages player interaction and 2000 [195. but many folk living outside the capital have begun to mutter that the Council favours too much the people of that city.219. The Council of Ardenfall continues to rule the] http://alfandria.stacken. While the Alfandria system has been online to a small group of builders since October.237. The player interface is kept simple but efficient and should be easy to learn for newbies. for mortal actions have everlasting consequences. having passed its ninth birthday in March 2000. the grand opening to the public was on January 1. derives its name from) the alt. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AlexMUD [Dikumud] Diku Gamma 0.. Tensions have begun to rise.kth. while spells can be increased by discovering more powerful versions of those that a character may already possess.152. and the outland nobility have become more vocal in their opposition.dragons newsgroup and IRC channels.chameleon. In that process. It has meanwhile been completely 8888 [204.mud. all add up to give us a a certain uniqueness that will only be discovered once a player has started his or her adventures. and the kingdom has recovered from the destruction of the 5th War and the high cost of the Dwarven Alliance. Alfandria is a social MUCK by While Alfandria is based on ( 4000 [130.kth. While roleplaying is not required. Because of its age. to the detriment of the rest of Ardenia. which has since dissolved since the stoppage of payments.0 (Heavily Modified) alexmud. All skills are improved through use.80] AlexMUD is the oldest surviving DikuMUD. However.

. Predator [Circlemud] LexiMUD avpmud. Predator: The MUD is set in the Aliens vs Predator universe of Dark Horse comics and 20th Century Fox fame.avpmud. including equipment-based classes! AvP is a PK MUD with RP mixed in. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aliens vs. * Summoning system brings powerful spirit beings to your side to fight alongside you. the stealthy Yaut (Predator). * A full crafting system allows players to create quality equipment for themselves or others. What you WILL find is plenty of excitement to get your heart pumping. We feature clans. with no skill 'forbidden' for reasons untold. * Quest script allows for complicated and enagaging stories to be told. Unique sc. explosives. with BRAND NEW and revised gameplay systems that offer new. Predator. as you play a heavily armed Colonial Marine. We're in our 7th year of operation. The action is fast and furious. is not highly restricted. This game offers a classless system that lets you make a character the way you want. guns and ranged combat.. allowing even two otherwise identical characters to be special and unique. the event-driven combat and unique skill engine add a new level to game play and introduce new strategies. or a lethal Alien. especially for areas of general use to everyone on the 6060 http:// A recreation of Heart of the Empire in MUD format. dynamic gameplay. objects.scworlds. and more! You won't find ANY stock 4000 [204.209. (Not affiliated with Dark Horse Comics or 20th Century Fox. vehicles. Predator / Alien vs Predator are copyrights owned by both parties. even gaining experience while they are there. Remember: This Time It's War. or rooms.44. Building. Aliens. while not unlimited. including the Fuzzball server code and most of the major publicly available MUF code. even rewarding with XP just like killing people.) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aliens vs. as well as the staple 'Fetch me a Nail' ventures. even at a distance.its larger predecessors. Southern Cross MUD [Unknown] MUD coded from MUCK.33] http://www. * Six countries of origin tweak your character in powerful ways. and Aliens vs. puzzles to be deciphered. racewars. and the MOBs can distinguish friends and enemies.

getting better prices in towns that know and respect you.180.kilnar. The world is over 85. come all! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Spear of Insanity [Circlemud] Circle 3. Join this tale and make your mark! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Highlands [Dikumud] mud.191] None . the plans for a great expansion have been formed. Each race has its own home city.0 celemir. with the changing of hands here and there.* Runic Spear of Insanity offers a fantasy world that is written with a high level of detail and care.251. Come one. The code that sits behind the world has been torn apart and rebuilt since 1997. new races to breed and new quests to complete. The game IS in testing.136.000 rooms in size.5] None Highlands (reborn). * Gain reputation by doing quests. and we even offer some "melded" cities where multiple races can start at the same time. soon the lands that once was shall crack and split assunder allowing for new formations of land to form. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Almaren Diku/HnS 1. with more areas being added every day and new features implemented under player 8888 [216. a mud that has stood the tests of time. Feel free to stop by and see what we have painstakingly built over the past 7 years. Extended races and classes are available to all new players. re-stablished and 4000 [204.kilnar.0bpl11 fully converted to C++ spear. and we offer thousands of mobs to interact with while trying to gather the best equipment the game has to offer. This provides our players with a rock-solid mud base and more great ideas than you can shake a stick at.highlands. The social and economic interactions of the various factions in the world have been well thought out. Now.42] http://spear.81. mini enchantments you can find on monsters or even make yourself allow for nigh infinite customization of gear by adding abilities and powers to already existing equipment. from the early 1980' 1066 [64.

5] http://www.47. and that phase of playing the game is to be taken merely to learn the MUD in preparation for participating in quests and acquiring better (limited!) equipment through PK. Each one has unique characteristics to make it special.136. Randomly created equipment is well distributed throughout the world such that one is not required to compete for the limiteds if desired. and standard limited form. simply put. and Miko's titanium ring. There are 7 distinct classes.47. and never will be blurred by multiclassing or by sharing too many skills. Yamato City. the present. trivial.2] http://cmmuck. Our admin respond quickly and decisively to problems.realmsofdiscordia. After seven years of development and 9000 [216. the . Mages are mages.Almaren is a derivation of the ancient (and alas. Equipment exists in both random. Science-fiction fans will be happy to find that we have an expansive space grid. This allows (and in fact.194.2 2860 [68. dead) DikuMUD of You are hereby formally invited to the greatest masquerade party of all: Realms of Discordia. With a quick and easy application process and the Halls of Learning to help beginners and transplants from other codebases alike. Almaren was designed to support human interaction in the form of quests and player killing. Class lines are not now. and Shiroyama Village. Cosmic Muffin is made to be a welcoming environment. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Cosmic Muffin [MUX] [MUX] 68. and fantasy lovers will enjoy the fantasy-oriented past zone. Please stop by and take a look around today. gives you a choice of three beautiful locations to base your RP: Hyper Metro City. We recognize that killing monsters is. We'd love to see you! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realms of Discordia [Embermud] Heavily Modified realmsofdiscordia.tripod. and Warriors are warriors. and we're always trying to improve the MUX for your enjoyment.194. and all three work well together to make roleplay available for nearly any kind of character. encourages) healthy PK to exist to circulate item's such as the Goblin King's crystal shard. which saw it's day in A dynamic theme incorporating three exciting time areas awaits you at Cosmic Muffin! The most popular one.

21. There are three separate kingdoms which are run by the actors that make the decisions over laws.150] http://i2services. channels are not moderated. So anythin goes. give us a try. as well as exploration within the world and socializing. Many roles are open. Not to mention that the world is ever-growing and expanding. There are also several religions available that you can join. as well. Some seek fortune and others seek destiny. love. It is possible to join guilds and clans. . with the exception of racial slurs. I'll update this when all the revamping is done. and decide how justice is dealt to the outlaws. As an actor in this elaborate play.136. Ever wonder what a Pokemon MUSH would be like if it it were given a more serious twist. and a theme to match? If the adventures of Ash. this is how it is. Misty and Brock weren't the typical formulaic plot over and over? If humans were more than bystanders..entertainers are ready to open the gates to a new world. by revamping I mean everything will be redone.. and an entirely original world of more than 6. 500 rooms. trying to enslave them and their hidden power? At Pokemon Champions. fifteen unique classes. And we are currently looking for builders. Gary. which adds depth to this home away from home. All of these actions can accrue experience and points that can be used to gain specializations within the Realms that make your characters more unique. and joy. :D ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Pokemon Champions [MUSH] PennMUSH i2services. waiting for you to fulfill them.9. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragonball Arcadia [Smaug] Heavily Modified Smaug dba. 490 abilities. We are currently doing some revamping. 1880 [ 1999 [209. hate. till then. if the world was a bit more realistic. including: task assignation from the guards. with the chance of meeting with your god or goddess when their influential powers grow strong. a new roleplaying environment. and if Team Rocket was at war with the Pokemon trainers of the world. So bring your costume and join us in our involved play of good.genesismuds.5] None Welcome to Arcadia! We have the coolest immstaff that I've seen on any DB MUD so far. based on the input of gods and mortals alike. lengthy and difficult quests or campaigns.251. there are many options open to you. This is a world rich with opportunity and endless possibilities forty two races. position appointments.

Characters based on books.and either aid Professor Oak in his fight against the scourge of Team Rocket or join Giovanni in his attempt to take the hidden power of the trainers of the Kanto region. It has a fully working Quest point system. and ultimately the choice is yours. manga and games.60. maybe the Pokemon theme seems tired and silly. or a fan of Pokemon who's even a little intrigued.sysconn. we have a highly sophisticated theme with a small. what could five minutes hurt? Come visit us. Take a look.sysconn.251] http://stormbringer. A land of opportunity for those with the 7000 [208. movies. if you're a mature RPer looking for something different.A new MUSH that's trying to give a deeper look at the possibilities of the Pokemon theme. The possibilities are endless. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : PuKaK [Aber] spludge. but really. and adding in plenty of our own take on it to deepen it.62] None PuKaK MUD was established in 1996 and has been run from various sites in the ensuing years. and with them fuel his bid for world domination. and we'll see you there! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Altered Dimensions 3 MUX [MUX] MUX stormbringer. the talent.82 based MUD with various options Altered. Come pick up one of the numerous FCs. but mature playerbase. are also acceptable so long as they meet the guidelines. Play now.Pokemon or human .35. we've come up with a unique take on the entire theme that you won't find anywhere else. or create your own character . it can be summed up as a moderately high-tech world that also supports magic. A place where technology and magic hold great power. It is an iDirt 1. A world of change and contradictions. It is a "runner friendly" MUD with regular tournaments filled with fun and exciting 6715 [68.161.162. The game world is original. lots of unique zones and friendly powers available to assist you in your quest for immortality. Hey. etc. and the determination to make their own future. Taking the best elements from the anime. play often. Players are encouraged to create their own original characters suitablefor a science fiction/fantasy environment. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : Altered Realities : [MUCK] Fuzzball .

cities and other zones. Just stop by. that started over 8 years ago as some university project. it offers you the UNIQUE fun of playing you will find anywhere. you will soon be ready to join the war of dark and white races. guided by the hands of three powerful empires: the United Earth Militia. come and join a fast.44. small.21 starwolf. The human race has begun spreading through the stars. not focusing on role 8888 [216. Therefore the new JTA telnet client there is not operable at the moment!) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Beyond the Fire: MUSH [MUSH] Running PennMUSH 1. optimated consequently. just ask a wizz to set one up for you.246. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Holy Mission 99 [LP] LPMUD 2.squeep. including an over. The wizzes are very helpfull. and talk to the always friendly Implementors and Wizards. the dark caves and the astral world. Charactor creating is a breeze. but we're hoping to grow soon.Telnet : ar. take part at one of the player clans. and you can be mucking ASAP.4p13 as well as HSpace 4. Basically. Holy Mission offers you. We're small. We have a variety of sub universes that represent various story uinverses from the TSA mailing list.214.42] None The year is 2421. skills and abilities.5. the Free Australian A .biz 2834 [64.4. this is now the final state of the art of high quality mud designing. (The website will be open soon. We're a Description : AR is a transformation based muck. and a lot of other stuff you will have to find out yourself! Based on gaining experience for some time and learn a lot of unique 2001 [140. and coders would be nice.68] WWW : http://www. So. Following the previous version of HM 1 and 2. or just discover the huge world.97. but getting ready to explode muck. but certainly geared towards that. completely modified and unique hm2.mud.112.and underland map that connects the dozens of We need expert muck builders right now.7.101] None HM 99 is looking back at a long history of development.78. it's just a place to explore transformations in a friendly environment. and modified from scratch. and enjoy a long time of pure and heavy fun. but we're very newbie friendly. Combining features of both DIKUmud and LPmud. but not really newbie oriented. as we restructure it.

It's just that it's been created to be very attractive to a player who is disgruntled with the way Realms of Despair has gone over the past 4 years.63. where the first few players get all the glory. In the dim and distant past. New players don't be alarmed.arthmoor. Head Wizard ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Peril [LP] MudOS v22. built a new city to stand against the perils of the wildlands. Try out BTF.2b11 NM 3. not-too-serious MUD that caters mainly to more experienced Smaug players who are keen to relive the glory of the old Realms of Despair days.krollmark. you'll be gla d you did. Though they were hunted relentlessly.arthmoor. They. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Infinite Fear [Smaug] Enhanced fear. and fragile colonies wither under the war-torn atmosphere. proud. and their children. Lenara stands strong.1. In saying that it has many great additions made to not only the code but the areas as well.lliance. it fell to dark sorcery and vile minions of evil.22. pirates ravage the trading route It's a cruel world..krollmark.116. and alone. . backstabbing.. And in the end. this place is VERY newbie friendly. our ancestors fled through the broken and haunted lands. Infinite Fear is a lighthearted. a few survivors found shelter in Lenara's valley. *NOTE FROM CREATOR I have been working on Beyond the Fire for the last 3 years and now that we are accepting players I must say I am happy beyond all expectations. and the Coreward Alliance. From the burning remains of Kieron.2. corporations play king of the hill with the poor civilians.116] http://fear. Our theme is wh at grabs you but our atmosphere is what keeps you coming back. -Concordia.99b mud.2] 3500 [66. our ancestors lived in a wondrous city. and hate abound as the allia nces struggle for dominion over the known universe. Hopefully this means it's attractive to you also. Its towers stretched to the clouds. Where do you fit in? The answer lies beyond the f ire. it's not hard to get a foothold like on some MUDs.74. its port welcomed ships from all 3000 [198.

In addition to the traditional pursuits of slaying monsters and exploring the realm.206.1@141 (Native Mode) ancient.180] http://www. 50 glory reward for people who get their friends to play (and stay). ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ancient Anguish [LP] LPMud 3.Infinite Fear is what I like to call a PK encouraged This MUSH is based on the world of Roger Zelazny's Amber series. Amber is the longest-running and best-thriving of all the Amber-themed MUSHes around. and enjoys a T3 link to the Net. Those interested should connect as Guest and read the news files. come take a look.anguish.142. Plots in the style of the books include conspiracy. averaging 150 to 175 players on at a time. .5 #1 amber. If you're looking for a quality MUD that has everything you need to have a great playing experience (except maybe players at this point). Ancient Anguish is a very social mud. There is heaps to 5150 [192. etc).anguish. It is run on it's own dedicated high speed machine.2. as long as they are within a few logical restrictions (no book characters without permission. intrigue. Plenty of chances to make an impact on this place! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AmberMUSH [MUSH] TinyMUSH version Ancient Anguish is a very large LPMud which has remained consistently popular since its inception in February 1992.2. but this is not required. as I've amassed a massive collection of the highest quality areas I could find and made them suit the MUD perfectly over the years. but there are worthwhile incentives to encourage you to play as a deadly as I believe that player killing is an important part of the MUD gaming experience. Amber allows for a wide range of character concepts.ambermush. we also run social games of Trivia.2] http://ancient. Players are encouraged to read the novels to get a better understanding of the genre. yes there is the option to play as a peaceful and this works nicely too.3. Limited time only: players will recieve a basic avatar set of equipment for their first character to reach avatar. battle and romance. Stars.ambermush. and rarely falling below 60 in the off 2222 [209.139. and offers a flexibility for setting and story found in few other environments. The registration address is given in the connect message. Also.

----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : Argonne : [Rom] ROM 2.ath. Zelazny.R. Ancient Anguish has a very rich environment. 14 races. heavily modified lost-realms. possessing a very detailed and consistent World theme and living history. what is basically. War. Additions to the game must adhere to strict 'describe all' standards so that each room helps to immerse you in textual virtual reality. It Has Been Modified To Meet Your Needs. The Good.heavily modified .128. Demised Lands Was Built To Stand Out And Stand Out We 6508 [82. We Have Redone Portals & Based on the works of 4000 [194. and the rivers flow red. New Areas. All waiting to be discovered in the huge world of. 1 aim. Rather than bore you with our impressive race/class/guild/quest counts. New Artifacts. to heal. Staggering numbers of spells and skills to choose from. Towns that can be conquered.40] http://lost-realms. the heavens cry.207. we simply ask you to find out for yourself why we've been consistently popular since early 1992. And New Armor. and the Misties. Tolkien and R.4b -. players can find a large and diverse range of reading material.215] WWW : http:// Description : Forgotten Warriors Is A Heavily Modified From Mudders Delight Into Forgotten Warriors. In the library. New Quest System. the Evil. Multiplayer Poker and Chess can be enjoyed at any time. as one kills. It never ends. When good and evil clash. Heavily Modified Into 0. We Have Added New Classes. who fight to kill them all. and get lost in our world. Strongholds which offer great protection for the newbies and those wounded in battle. ----------------------------------------------Mud : Forgotten Warriors Code Base : [GodWars] Dystopia Derived From Mudders Delight Codebase. and to harm. Join us. Lost Realms is the perfect blend of both worlds: Middle Earth and Amber. New Weapons. the winds howl. and are called home by thousands of players.3. and Scavenger Hunts frequently. and is killed. an everlasting battle arena. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lost Realms [Rom] Rom 2.Yahtzee. The sounds of metal against metal echoing through the night.1a Forgotten Warr Telnet : messiah. New Class Eq.

29. and promise of no longer needing to hide from muggle eyes is seductively calling to those who .202] http://www. Argonne is a great place to play and meet people. immortality. Envisioned as a tale of medieval adventure.potter.91. whose name must not be mentioned to power is taking place.136. Leyya's Playground.tamu. Adventuring in Angalon goes beyond playing a 'numbers game'. Argonne is a good place for optional role-playing.fawkes. We offer roleplay in both the school itself and the adult world.Telnet : argonne. And watched by the Watcher. Domert Ardoss and Jovan Gravely have been brought to justice. Between Zewwi's Cave and Niruel's Welcome to the lands of Angalon. Dumbledore is Headmaster at 3011 [128.2mud. as well as auto-questing. Embraced by Agon's Sea. Angalon is built over more than a decade by a strong international team of ex-player volunteers. Angalon is a wholly original medieval fantasy land.0 potter. The addition of many new spells and skills helps make Argonne a particularly special MUD.argonneonline. each 'chapter' you spend there will draw you further into Angalon's unique atmosphere.194. It is far more than a place for conversation. All in all.188.200] http://angalon.5] WWW : http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Angalon [LP] CD Mudlib. Wizards and Witches are called forth to protect the Wizarding World as they know it. and is getting better by the day. AD Driver angalon. Strict attention to detail and a remarkable sense of consistency and believability have produced a world of fiendish villains.142.tamu. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hogwarts Express [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3. Raised by Description : Argonne is a newbie-friendly environment with many enhanced features for the enjoyment of our players. For those experienced in the field of mudding. Graced with a mature player-base and a helpful immortal staff. but the Dark Mark is still making itself known. The lure of power. Argonne has implemented an original set of remort races and classes. where the rise of the mysterious Dark 4000 [207. and Barty Crouch is the head of the Department of Magical Law 3100 [65. adventure and over a hundred and fifty permanent quests that will start you We are one of the oldest Harry Potter themed games on the internet and we continue to look for creative roleplayers to join us. 4007 [68. and specialization into character classes. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Another World [Circlemud] Circle (highly modified) mud. new features. We are very proud of the virtual community we have built over the years and invite you to come and join us in the fun and friendships that are ever present there. Animagi.anotherworld. and classes have been added to Act of War. Another World highly encourages Role Playing. a friendly environment.betterbox. such as Aurors.4 actofwar.67] None Act of War Chapter 5: Remnants ----------------------------------------------Act of War is an advanced player killing. as always offering extensive classes. Combined with advancing through PK.anotherworld. at any to hear. and kingdom warscores are tracked on the mud.90. a lightning fast server. Ministry Another World is in it's eighth year on the internet. Character generation is easy and there is no application required for those who wish to play students or everyday adults. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : Ansalon : [Rom] Hugely Modified Code. you may reclass. team-based 4000 [198. Dark Wizards. most experience. this makes Act of War a highly competetive PK mud. Eventually. The highest ranked players. There are applications for rarer and more powerful characters. gaining more skills and spells. Metamorphmagus. balanced things into the mud in patches. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Act of War: Chapter 5 [Rom] Heavily Modified from Rom 2. and the immortal staff is always trying to include new. each with it's own unique skills and spells. most raids.68. against others. and the list goes on.144. but above all else. have fun and make friends while exploring our VAST world. Teachers. Although based off ROM. Kingdoms and the clans within all fight as one side. kills.30] http://www. and of course.. including deaths. 95% Original . Please feel free to check us out. skills. and you can check them. You can track several different fields of players.

(On a personal note. carve out a nation for themselves and rise to leadership positions through simply the force of their roleplay. We fully encourage clans and nations. Cleric. and keeping the magic of Krynn alive. having been created from DikuMUD Gamma 0. Magic-User. Modifications to the MUD are shaped by the players 8679 [207. Ansalon is a legacy thats been around since the time of The Keep. try 8678 or the java/telnet connect through the website which will always work!) ************************************************************* ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Apocalypse V [Dikumud] Gamma Diku (heavily modified) ApocMUD. Halfing. over 40 of which are original works.0 in October.74. spanning more than 13 years of the absolute LOVE of Dragonlance. bankers. Fighter. Canada. 1991. created by the players themselves. Minotaur. Druid. . Half-elf. and the United Kingdom. Gnome. Bard. not just immortals. Teens are still encouraged and nurtured. Apocalypse V currently has 11 races (Dwarf.24] WWW : http://ansalon. Our average player base of 2000 is compiled of various players from sites all over the world. Apocalypse V contains 64 fantasy zones for game 4000 [207. If 8679 is down. Korea. feel free to email us at ansalon@mudmagic. This being said. Ansalon is one of the very few muds that new people can come in. via suggestions and ideas they submit to the implementors. We'd love to hear from you. Many of our existing groups are looking for fresh blood as well. Triton and Uldra) and 12 classes (Anti-Paladin. teachers. Anybody can create a zone for Apoc. Elf.160] http://ApocMUD.Telnet : ansalon. we have recently moved from wolfpaw to mudmagic because of security isuses. Human. specifically for this Description : ********************* ANSALON **************************** We are without a doubt the OLDEST and LONGEST RUNNING Dragonlance Mud around. Our clerical system is one of the best found ANYWHERE. the storytelling. Our staff is comprised of professionals: scientists. We are all about the roleplay. including the United States.mudmagic.mudmagic. but the majority of our players are adults escaping from the real world for a little while each day. Apoc is one of the oldest muds still running. Ansalon has the fortune of having an older average playerbase. we can be accessed from multiple ports. If you have any comments or questions. artists. Pixie.

Surrounded by a blasted and hostile waste. The last fractions of Humanity banded together. and News. If that is not enough to convince you to check us out. Info. Now the city struggles to survive.2 arcane. Zones. well respected mud for 8+ years and have even led the Mudconnector boards for a year and a half (for telnet and www hits). . Apoc is very proud of its amount of help.144. Being the only one of its kind.dragon-rider. Samurai and Thief). 2. Many muds will claim to be unique or claim to have truly exciting and wondrous ideas only to let down the prospective players. just go through our character creation and you will be hooked by the flexibility and wide array of paths a character can go down. Rules.Paladin. We are not one of those muds. Our two IMPs have a combined 31 years of mud design experience and can trace their mudding roots back to some of the original muds of the late 80s and early 90s. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Arcane Nites [Merc] NAM 2. As the darkness fell about the 3000 [68. Ranger. If you need help all you have to do is ask. with enemies that kill and enslave without compassion. Life can take some unexpected turns. With over a hundred usable skills you can craft your character to be anything from a bard to soldier. And if you don't want to ask.80. the only fertile land that they have made themselves. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Loki's Hammer [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3. Nestled in a valley somewhere in the devastated wilderness that is the planet of Athran. It has been nearly a thousand years since Loki's Hammer fell from the sky destroying the world that was. Last Haven is also humanity's last hope. building a city in which to defend themselves against the bands of savage hunters. Enter the world left by Loki's Hammer. Guide your character through the political intrigues and hostile environment to succeed in the way that you LOKI'S HAMMER IS NOW OPEN FOR ALPHA TESTING!!!!!!!! Welcome to the city of Last Haven. Find out what your destiny is today. you can find pretty much any information you are looking for on our extensive www site. Without an equal or equivalent. We have been a stable.envy. from a politician to a farmer.124. Find your challenge.51] 1515 [38.envy. the elves re-emerged and fell on the struggling survivors of the asteroid's impact. There are more than 200 spells and skills available for use by the various classes. Other commands of interest to new players are Index. so check that out when you log u·nique (yoo-neek) 1.29] http://lokishammer.1 lokishammer. unparalleled.43.

though in peace. and are quite a mystery in and of themselves. Connect or email admin@sky.winds. Gnomes and Giants emerge from the mountains. with wagons containing strange things valuable and mysterious.. EVERY SHIELDMEET AT NOON.9] None SkyMUSE is a social type muse. In the morning. MySQL.8a4 sky. As the day RUMORS HAVE COME from the Celtic Forest. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Arcane Realms [Circlemud] bpl21.48. taller and of fairer complexion than men. itsme.195] http://www. The giants offer steel tempered by their strong arms while the gnomes bring small pieces of clockwork. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Arctic [Dikumud] Gamma Diku (heavily modified) mud.237. It is now Midwinter AD 855. of new and strange things. the first Cymri or Celt awakens to find all the magical things departed.101] Welcome to ArcticMUD. Coke. Other muds can promise to be the best out there but we don't deal in promises. Andy. they come from lands unknown. a party of five Elves emerge from the forest as 4208 [207. A strange and academic race of beings. stranger and stranger things begin to happen. Satyrs bring the finest wine imaginable. the best available. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SkyMUSE [Unknown] Modified TinyMUSE v1. Clif. .arctic. and Gandalf. we deal in 3011 [194.arctic. Also need builders and anyone with small quests or themes in mind.winds. a multi-player fantasy role-playing game based on the Dragonlance novels.6. and the Great Feast of Shieldmeet ensues at dusk.arcanerealms.We have polls for our players to use to decide on many aspects of gameplay which are then coded by our professional staff of immortals. which has been modified extensively for over a decade to provide a unique gaming experience. Currently looking for moderators/admins/pr/people to police public and keep affairs between players civil. with help from sarukie. Come check us out and see if we are as good as we say we 2700 [128. The base code for the game was gamma Diku. Some others contributed in its creation and bug fixes and what not. RPI for a character or log on as a guest and page Coke. and the earth restored to as it was before so many people trod on it. Of Elves. and all of them of enchanting beauty. It was developed by by Hec-..47.

Arctic has developed a rich environment that provides countless hours of free enjoyment. discovering rare 6000 [206. or level their friends. Arctic is a text-based adventure game where you create a persona and adventure in a fantasy world. but it is allowed. Psion.1. Ninja. Arctic is geared towards a mature game-playing audience. 70% Custom mud. We have 12 classes .If you are new to MUDs. There are presently over 300 functional skills/spells. Rogue. and by the time the rest of the class work is done there will most likely be around 450. Player-characters stealing from and killing each other is not necessarily encouraged. the basis for the Dragonlance novels. As the premier Dragonlance MUD.combating dragons. except for the boost to level 2. or even realities. Immortals are strictly forbidden to aid *any* mortal in gameplay.251. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : ArgentMUD DIRT 3. Kzinti. times.16. is earned by the player's own innate skill on a level playing field. not MZF or OLC. You can explore the world of Krynn -. play Areth and you will. Game-wise. draconians.2] http://www. a Sliders-esque parallel Earth into which dimensional anomalies deposit beings from other worlds. Arctic is set in the world of Krynn. If you've never seen Great Dragons. The universe of Areth is a dimensional eddy. Character interactions are handled in a realistic manner. challenging game environment are well rewarded here.160. Talented means being able to build using a text editor.worldnetoh. Mage. players looking for a fair. and finding hidden locations -. We're also looking for a few talented builders. Areth's a fair and challenging game environment. and Warrior. and countless other creatures. This annoys twinks who schmooze their way to the top on other muds. Paladin. Start playing today and find out if you have what it takes to join the adventure! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Areth [Envy] 30% Envy.areth. ogres. but we're not interested in them anyway. 9 are currently available: Cleric.5 JSI 216. and Klingons slaying wizards protected by legions of acid-blooded Aliens.areth.along with hundreds of other players. Martial Artist. give out free equipment. Everything on Areth.197 6715 http://home. On the other hand. Samurai.158.

AotC is a 'rom friendly' environment with many familiar commands and areas.17] http://swtoj. Developed by some of the original coders of the Aber world. then SilverMUD.ArgentMUD is the latest incarnation of the oldest Abers in existence. you'll be glad you did. Argent invites old and new players alike. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ark of the Covenant [Rom] Rom2. Much of the original code has been re-written to follow the AD&D Second Edition ruleset. the discovery of hyperspace travel brought the galaxy AotC is a fantasy setting MUD founded on Christian principals and ethics to build a virtual community to educate as well as entertain. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Brisland [Rom] Heavily Modified brisland. or your mudding Brisland is an original world with server based upon Rom 2. helpful.40.digitalexposition. Thanks to the new quest 4200 [209. We don't have the space to mention any of the exciting features we have implemented within AotC and other projects that are in the planning. and has been an example of some of the latest and greatest Aber innovations.249. so we encourage you to stop on by and say hello to the friendly staff and players and stay awhile. Recently moved to a new site and boasting new and pleasant atmosphere for gaming and spiritual truths. AotC is open to 'everyone' no matter what your viewpoints. design the game to be enjoyable by both experienced players and newbies. giving birth to a democratic union of star systems known as the Galactic it is the only mud where people who run the same world over and over again can be continuously challenged.176.210.digitalexposition. Brisland is currently in a testing phase. From the time of its inception. and keep a fun 23 [82. the Republic .4.0 Millenia ago. It's our mission to create a sound haven for Christian believers and non-believers alike.4b4a aotcmud. it has grown from its early days as EddieMUD.12] http://www.223. your spiritual walk. plus many unique features and existing code enhancements.174] http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi [SWR] Modified SWRiP with a touch of 2040 [62. and very few areas are implemented right now. be an outreach for the lost.

79. Over a decade old.10 : : http://www. is the Sith.. struggles with the clash of opposing forces. Upon the horizon dwells those who would unravel all which the Republic has laboured so hard to accomplish. Its turn based system means you can easily keep track of your game whilst you battle against hundreds of players online. and the latest invasion of mantis.' 'as convoluted as an X-Files episode. the to encompass vast numbers of inhabitated worlds. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Armageddon [Dikumud] ginka. and intense. those who possess a twisted.' Real-time interaction with multiple players around the world will draw you into this world and offer you a gaming experience you will never forget. Meanwhile. The survival of the Republic depended on two factors: the wise governing of selfless administrators and lawmakers. and shadowy assassins. Yet. In those glorious ancient days.. Those who fall under a solitary name. required roleplay. A complex game of battle strategy.' and 'as much a work of art as a game. cut-throat mercenaries.the Jedi 4050 [64. that pushes players to the limit. and the preservation of harmony and justice by a heroic warrior fraternity . revolutionary programming. In Allanak.. thieving elves.aarcsoft. a city full of conniving merchants. bandit and gith incursions. where the Sorcerer-King Muk Utep rules. a name to strike terror into the heart of the civilised galaxy. Luirs' Outpost.51] http://www.. ruthless. taking up the weapons. In recently freed Tuluk. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Aegis : [Custom] Aegis V 1. That name. politics and city state management. a great many Force sensitive individuals willingly entered arduous training under accomplished Jedi Masters. award-winning Armageddon MUD is as addictive for its harsh desert theme as it is for its beautifully written environment. Players describe it as 'the most creative.armageddon.grew. emotionally involved game on the and the powers of the Jedi Way. former rebels work to rebuild their fallen city.html Life on the desert planet of Zalanthas is a daily struggle to survive. the brutal sandstorms are the least of your worries. ----------------------------------------------Mud : ChentorMUD . ragefuelled version of the Force. poised between the two.html : A resource management game set in a medieval fantasy world. over thousands of years.armageddon..

No level restrictions on equipment. * Many Races to select from. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mind Scape [Circlemud] 3. and slings to shoot projectiles. And see if you can take charge of your DESTINY. No stock areas.but we are mainly looking for coders and builders to help us build this mud. (corpse eating. to limit pkilling within city boarders.Email me or come to the mud if you're interested :) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Arrant Destiny [Envy] Envy 2.0. magic resistance) * Priests/Druids/Rangers/Paladins have to pray for their spells.tzo. we have been working hard on a modified Envy 2. its pretty rough right now. Since then there has been a few builders that claim mindscape as their lair for boredom.dyndns. random odd areas to explore and a co-op town environment to challenge the strategic Mob's. New 9999 [65. * Mobs and players can use bows.37.Code Base Telnet WWW Description : [LP] Modified Sticklib.1OasisIOLC_dg mindscape. * Mages use spellbooks and must memorize a spell in order to cast them. Still under heavy development.0 Heavyly Modified arrantdestiny. * Mob Programs and Object Programs as well as a new money Arrant Destiny is a role-playing MUD based on the World of Greyhawk. forest sneaking. During the spring of 1995 Nerull and Boccob created our Greyhawk themed 8007 [68. but many changes are being made to it.239. spears. each with unique special abilities.38] : None : Hey. --Caster . LDMUD : frostmud. It now has these features: * 12 Classes. my Lords Nerull and Boccob have sent me to tell you about Arrant Destiny. The world will be ever growing along with char. all classes now resemble their AD&D orgin.125] http://arrantdestiny. So come and show how good a role-player you are. those interested in a project are encouraged to join the builder ranks. * New wear locationes. Ever since then. Options. this is our first shot at a 4001 None Mind Scape was started as a alternative to current mud play and a desire to learn mud administration.19. Players may come if you'd like. * Players start in many different home cities with their own justice system.

7. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : Realms of the Exiled : [Unknown] Compatible with Circle.28. air.asgardshonor. We even have lore and evaluate spells that uncover extra detail about creatures and weapons to help with quests or add depth to the 5454 [66. Use them to your advantage against each unique scenario you individually geared toward a particular style. slashing. * 14 unique guilds. Defensive. shadow. Load up with armors and resistances to protect you from magical attacks! * Advanced monster AI: Monsters will do more than just fight back.aardmud. not to promote themselves. Defeating a dragon on Asgard is truly an accomplishment. Conjuring. Teleportation. diseases. * 21 Player character attributes and spell/skill classes * Over 50 spells . playable.254] http://www. It's all here. and full of adventure. water. Healing.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ascension [LP] Dead Souls. and poisons. * Incredible depth and detail in EVERY object. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Asgard's Honor [LP] DGD v1. The dedicated staff strive to balance realism with playability. Creators in our opinion are there for the users and the game. taunt and There is also a means of making a custom race.162. while listening to the suggestions of our most valuable asset the playerbase. intriguing. or their 4000 [209. fire. We believe that the mud should run as a Dungeon Master would run it . set traps and call for help. strengths and A fantasy realm where the focus is on user enterainment and storylines. their Asgard's Honor is a heavily customized DGD LPMud. Storylines (quests alone are not enough) that run through the local characters (NPC or otherwise) are the focus. They'll afflict your character with various nasty curses.mudworld.251. Heavily Customized ascension. sonic * A tried and true combat system with three forms of physical damage: bashing. each with their own size. * 16 flavors of spell foci available . no poorly described objects! * 13 races. Con.mudworld. as well as forging the future of the mud in the present with the players. and thrusting. No stock areas.2p2 asgard. * Achieve up to 10 levels of power or 'ascend' beyond. No noun goes undescribed. * Familiars can be found to carry your stuff or help you fight.89] http://www. and ROM . light.

Visit us at mushland.44. and we come in peace' was their greetings when they landed. They claimed to have arrived intending peace. but Ungar's firewall has decided to eat traffic again. 'The Visitors are not our Friends! They've come to rape our Planet and kill us! They are not who they appear to be!' was the Resistance call.wolfpaw. While it shouldn't take 1817 [64. > V: The Visitors Return is a MUSH that allows you to take on the role of a Great Resistance Fighter.3. The warmer regions are back under Visitor Control..44. CWG is a Circle 3. They came to take us prisioner and to rob the planet of the resources. I thought it wise to post here so that you'd know what was up.1 codebase with many features such as the current OasisOLC and DG Scripts installed. Lucky for the Earth. In October of 2001. and now.106. Feature Characters from the NBC Mini-Series and Television Series are available for you to play.. Now the Resistance is in 'Citizens of the Planet Earth. but they lied.%R After a full year. The world is a mix of stock and original zones and has been online since the early nineties.209. all except LA. Ragnar ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : V: The Visitors Return MUSH [MUSH] PENNMUSH Version: 1. for the most part.7. We bring you 9000 [24. 50 in all.krynnmud. They Lied. who has taken over the LA Government.212] http://www. Come by and visit! Sorry folks.42] http://starwolf.. as the Dust wasn't completely effective. Until it's fixed you can get ahold of us at the site listed on here now. thanks to a deal brokered between the Visitors and Science Frontiers. a Resistance was able to 2700 [204. That was 6 months ago. There are also many other things that have . can not be released again for enviornmental and Health reasons.156. or an Evil Reptillian Visitor. See you soon. By the end of KrynnMUD is a CWG (Circle with Goodies) MUD. they came back. looking for a way to cause the Visitors troubles. the Visitor Motherships arrived over the cities of Earth.Telnet : north.31 w/OasisOLC an krynnmud.7p34 1817 ----------------------------------------------Mud : Code Base : d DG scrtips Telnet : WWW : Description : KrynnMUD [Circlemud] CWG (Circle with Goodies) version 2. they controlled the planet.7] WWW : http:// Description : Realms of the Exiled is just a revival of the old hack and slash theme that has been around for quite a few years. and beat them with the Red Dust.

a unique mobile combat classification system in which combat . However simply needed a place to but was Asylum MUD is one of the most popular quest-orientated hybrids on the Net. Please stop by if you would like to help. Will you be good or evil? Will you walk in the night with the undead or feel the sunlight on your face? AstroMUD's creation happened in a remote section of the universe. auto-regeneration across the virtual world.233] http://www. Asylum has developed into one of the most advanced MUDs of its type .105. As you get up in levels. Silly.41. Thus AstroMUD was born. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Asylum [Aber] APGS asylum-mud.166. in a relatively small galactic 2447 [64.165.with an emphasis on playability and fun. Everything depends on your starting level. This includes a new way to get into the classes. your God will look on you with ill favor.You choose the path you wish to walk. a medium size mass of matter came together to form a planetary body. However. if you keep your alignment in favor with your God.190] http://www. serious or even terrifying. the lack of true rules in improbability. We are still working on balancing.been added since we have opened. causing you to perform poorly. you can opt to become a Mage of one of the colors. Come live in our world where dreams do come true. and learn basic spells. and now more than 75 quests! Several custom subsystems provide the basis for Asylum's success including: advanced body combat against a range of AI mobiles. Astro Scholars have long blamed the universe on this statistical others believe that the universe put 'stuff' it couldn't explain. and your alignment starts to fall towards evil. then you will perform better. We offer you an invitation to visit one of the most addictive games on earth. AstroMUD is old in mud years and has more to offer than we could ever hope to explain here. We are also alignment based. If you follow a God of good. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AstroMUD [Circlemud] Heavily Modified astromud. --KrynnMUD 6715 [194. You can start off as an Acolyte.asylum-mud. We are just starting to look for play testers and mostly builders. but need more zones before we can full on open for AstroMUD is a place of dreams.

230] http:// It has been 10 years since GodWars has come to existance. Join or create clans. You start you character with two mortal classes and get to choose one more when you have more experience.turn to Asylum MUD.depends on a wide range of mobile attributes and the SOAS object-based spell attribute system.3. CHARACTERISTICS: Advanced character attributes means you can develop your character in your own way with Power.68. BANDS: Asylum's very own Guilds . guilds or religious orders. Alignment. Fortitude. a place for the oldschool players and for the newbreed of GW players. we bring you. Silver Bridge was once a project on a school in Norrkoping.89. ..219] http://www.. Intelligence. a new taste of GodWars. and in those 10 years many GW muds has come and go. Lodging allows the storage of your items. Outlaw and Blademaster -with many more to come including Conjurer and Healer DEFROB and AUTORESET: The original and still the best . Further. Barbarian. Visit us an d tell your friends to come as well! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : X2 [GodWars] Real Modified Dystopia x2. Where basically anything goes. safe and ready for the next time you Welcome adventurer to the world of Silver Bridge. Take the path over the Silver Bridge and explore many of the hidden secrets. Sanity. Favour and Reputation. you will get two remortal classes and then become adept. We offer over ten races. Agility. Asylum also proudly boasts the invention of the DEFROB system . During these times only a handful has been remembered by players.geekcandy.incorporating Freelancer. Now in the year of 6666 [194.149. F ight for peace and freedom or be a believer of death and darkness. five remort classes and 20 adept 9000 [209. by defrobbing to a mortal role and completing more quests. UPDATE March 2002 Some of our recent enhancements include the following: LODGING: You no longer have to run around looking for equipment.silverbridge.we defined them LUCRE: Our own currency and rewards system. Sweden but it was le ft to stay alive forever and today we have an excellent line to the world. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Silver Bridge [Ack!mud] silverbridge. When Real Life Gets You Down . Discover our enormous world.a unique concept in which individuals can gain more powerful immortal levels. five classes. Monk.

8. They did not know ahead of time though that it was already inhabited by several native species or at least as far as it's known everyone on the planet apart from the humans are native.Staff that had been with GodWars since the beginning .org/ Atrocity aims to be a friendly MUD without placing undue constraints on its players activities.atrocitymud. We have a long-term goal to provide the most immersive life 'simulation' you can find among text-based MUDs.12] http://www. There are the Humans. . Including humans there are four species of sentient life however three of the four including humans get along together and work together. but in this mud. There are some splinter groups whom work against the others of course of each species but they alone are a smaller threat then the fourth species. you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! again it is a decent mud.Oh yea we have the original GW Kitty So check out the place. and the Draconians whom all work together generally.AhavaMOO. where many immitators have tried to copy.Extensive new look into the gw gaming .173.195] 7007 [ Ahava Moo takes place on a world that is to humans a colony world. you will see the real originators of GodWars.1 ahavamoo. Elves.No more laggy/crashy warmboot/copyovers with our new system .X2 provides its players with the following: .. We value player input into the MUD's development and have spent significant effort to ensure that we are well set up to incorporate ideas from players into the game world. See ya all in there! Kitty ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Atrocity [Aber] Aber atrocitymud. and we are constantly adding new features towards achieving this goal..And much more . You can find out more info about each species by the link on the side.92. and looks set to continue that way (until such a time as we've satisfied everyone's whims!!) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ahava Moo [MOO] Lambda version 6715 [80. Then there are the Gollugs whom are not on the same Island as the other three however will at times come over to cause trouble or what not. The direction the MUD takes is therefore still very much playerdriven.47.Restructuring of the areas/new areas .Coders who actually codes around to what the players need .

chat with fellow Mudders. The skills one can develop on a path such as this are extensive. but because ... can come relax. Whatever your preference there is always something jumping out to catch your curiosity and fuel your drive to be the best. or familiar lands.augmud. There is more to it than meets the eye. perhaps you begin as a Warrior and decide that this is not how you want to spend your days so you take up the holy life of a At first glance. or to stop a war from even beginning. noisy bipeds who settled all over its surface do not even suspect that 'their' world is in fact run by an ancient feathered race who rarely leave their hiding places. visit Aurora to discover its many secrets and face the dangers that await the unwary travellers treading its paths.. and even if they do. if you prefer you can mount some form of beast and set off to new and exciting 4000 http://www. one of its mysteries being the fact that the naked.20 augmud. This in turn fueled the need for an extensive social system. Along the way one might set off on a quest to find various things. The humanoids do not even suspect that they themselves mostly came from a world distant in time and space from the planet they currently inhabit.. providing you look further than your Guildmaster. few people are able to distinguish them from other living creatures.Then there's the 'Ahava' a psychic/magickal ability held by most. however. in the end all was not order. rescue someone in distress. such as yourself. If you dare. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AugMUD [Circlemud] Heavily Modified CircleMUD 2. it would seem that Aurora is a planet like any other.imaginary. For example.imaginary.20] http://aurora. and useful in all areas of In the beginning all was chaos. but rather chaos with a healthy amount of order. The official language of the game is English. Whatever your path may be the land of Aug has something to offer you if you are willing to look beyond what meets the eye. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AuroraMUD [LP] MudOS. quite by accident.. Out of this grew a world friendly to all Mudders whether they are Newbies or not. one in which a Mudder. and catch up on the latest gossip from the land. and track down those despicable creatures which attempt to turn the world into pure chaos or pure order..35. Custom lib (based on the Discworld lib) aurora. Or. much to your dismay you don't feel driven by the life a Cleric leads so you begin to study the arts of thievery and discover that this is indeed your true 3000 [156. however.

roleplayers. maybe not peace. not just type. racialabilities and more skills and spells to choose from in a feature rich platform. But in the spirit of RPG. and shared adventures.44.0 austin. Once you create a character of one of several races. But AT is not for the wimpy.226] http://www. which takes a long time to explore it fully. Do you really have .servegame.91. when you roam the world.3b1 twilight. and like any world derived from ROM/DIKU code the world is still largely combat's located in Spain (and was in fact the first MUD there).com Solace has burned. This is a mud where you will meet intelligent and interesting players and interact with them in immortal-run quests.225. The world caters to anyone . straightforward and simple hack and slash no-brainer kind of game.10] http://autumn. AT features 12 primary classes with multiclassing options. As with any RPG system.209. interactive special effects. but hope. This is a world where you can immerse yourself in roleplay and exploration for a very long time. you enter an internally consistent world made up of nearly 8000 unique rooms. optional playerkilling. AT is very flexible in its atmosphere and is constantly under enhancements. player-managed guilds.prg. Autumn Twilight is probably not for you.servegame. * ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AustinMUD [Dikumud] Far away branch of Diku Gamma 0.powergamers.austinmud.4 /Autumn 3. explorers. The world is filled with built-in quests. there is also an optional channel for those who would like to exercise their (sometimes too colloquial! :) Spanish. If you decide to play Austin you will know for sure that you will quit on the game before the game quits on 4000 [130. The War of the Lance rages on around them as they strive to build a community in which there can be hope. * Be sure to check out port 4000 for a glimpse of what * * Aurora is to become soon. All this means you will have to think.dtu. If you are looking just for easy exp. and mobs that behave differently according to their race. there have been many features added to the system and game Since 1991 AustinMUD has been a constantly evolving alternative to the powermuds where the only thing people care about is how to reach the highest level in the shortest period of time. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Autumn Twilight [Rom] Rom2. But the real secret of Austin is the players and dedicated immortals who make the game an interesting and lively virtual 7890 [204. Autumn Twilight is a MUD-RPG based on the Dragonlance world.

portals between worlds.Horse of the Hanged is loosely 23 [ 2700 [204. a land where you can make a difference and change the course of history itself. realm filled with RP for all ages..7] WWW : http://north. It is a multiverse filled with mythical cities and races. Read more about us at our webpage! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description Are Are Are Are Are Are Are Are you you you you you you you you : : : : : The Darkening Sun II [Dawn] 5 years of enhancements to parent source darkeningsun.wolfpaw. you have found the right MUD! A A A A realm filled with fantasy and looking for real roleplay? looking for a place that is filled with imagination? looking for a place flooding with creativity? tired of the same old stock areas and stock code? tired of the living your life in a realm full of stagnant RP? looking for a place of continuous growth? looking for a motivated MUD team? looking for The Darkening Sun v2? If you have answered yes to all. it is unlike any other.92.153.252] http://www. a land of legend and history in the making. and discovery.avalon-rpg. Come join us today! ----------------------------------------------Mud : Yggdrasil . .com/ Avalon is a mythical. and those who live in it.on the Viking view of the world ca 800ce. a cunning mage of the Conclave or a recruit in the Dragonarmies? Come and write the future of Description : Yggdrasil . MUD staff that is interested in the ideas of players.128] http://darkeningsun.Compatible with Circle and Rom zone s .Added features not common to a Telnet : north. realm that continuously grows on all 5678 [67. A vast land of great diversity awaits those who are willing to take up the challenge. Vast oceans and rivers.253.wolfpaw.what it takes to become a brave Solamnic. role-playing world of vast depth and complexity.. and gleaming cities on the horizon face adventurers looking for distant lands.Horse of the Hanged Code Base : [Unknown] Heavily Customized . just because you have played other muds don't expect to be ready for Avalon .44. magic. There are multiple hometowns that one may ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Avalon Avalon avalon-rpg.209.

a politician or skilled trader. 500+ Spells & Skill s Multilevel Remort.69+ storm-bringer.storm-bringer. opulent life of the corporations and the wretched squallor of the street. Unique RP Exp System. Doomed Albino Prince of Melnibone. but don t take My word for it drop in and try us out. and much much more. 1.Avalon is a living. but not far away the seedier aspects of life hide in run-down apartment buildings and shadowy alleyways. Remember though. Our mud is based on Elric.56.01.07 Driver / CD. Please visit our website for information about us. a character created by Michael Moorcock.165.00 Lib (Modified) sanitysedge. a peaceful farmer or ruthless assassin. led by the dominating Cybernetic Matrix Designs corporation.04. However Its not just Features that make Stormbringer a great place to play It s the friendly atmosphere.211] http://sanitysedge. some of the major enhancements are MXP MSP MCCP MudFTP Immquests Advanced Mprogs. The choices are endless and the opportunities to display your worth and skills are unrivalled. Two sides of life are vividly depicted. perhaps as a great warrior. The year is 2026 and local politics have been effectively controlled by the corporations. the helpful staff and players. Our mud was originally known as Stormbringer. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Sanity's Edge [LP] CD. maybe an artful mage or cunning sorcerer. Good luck to you! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Stormbringer: Rebirth [Unknown] Dawn of Time v. Just . And levels of playability. breathing.. what will be is as yet 2020 [64. the possibility to enhance your character with hundreds of skill abilities which will give you the potential to be successful in the path of your choosing. and are always looking for more cannon fodder like you to join their ranks. all characters born into Avalon start out Welcome to the land of Elric and his cursed sword Stormbringer. The glittering CMD building looms brightly at the center of Sanity's Edge is a cyberpunk genre mud set in the decaying center of Edge City. Street gangs stake out territory. Before you lies the challenge. ever-evolving world. the rich. You will choose your own path to suit 4500 http://www. There are to many features to list here. but since then we have moved to the fantastic DoT code base to bring you new features.

org/ Welcome to Myridian Fields. or the best.195. And then you'll only have one thing to worry about. It is a land where the newcomer is welcomed and offered a drink at the local inn.. a random automatic mission assignament and for you and your friends you must try the advanced Clan system that allows wars and conquest.clessidra. or who relentlessly study the dusty scrolls of the old mages. 1111 [194. Safety has become a thing of the past.69r mf.dawnoftime. un sistema di assegnazione di missioni casuali e un avanzatissimo sistema di Clan che permettera' guerre e conquiste. the Mortal Challenge. or enemy.68. Su Clessidra potrete trovare solo aree originali e in italiano. o i nemici. new rules. Crime is on the rise.193.9] None Clessidra e' il primo MUD completamente in italiano mai creato. MUD in Italy : Advanced travel mode. and netrunners are the wave of the future.remember. you might fight your way to the top -even into a corporate job. Clessidra is the first all italian MUD ever created! On Clessidra you may find only all original Areas. it's a war out there. Molte caratteristiche rendono Clessidra uno dei migliori. se non il migliore.dawnoftime. all in italian! Many features make Clessidra one of the best. the intelligent MOBs and their Quest and fighting style. fight one to one versus your friend.11.. L'arena e i combattimenti. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Clessidra [Dikumud] (Now called PizzaMUD) mud.242] http://www. a land well-travelled by adventurers keen to make new acquaintances and meet with old 4000 [212. The Arena and its fight.never leave home without it. A MUD that evolves with new challenge. Le sfide all'ultimo sangue e i MOB intelligenti con le loro Quest e tecniche di combattimento. MUD in Italia : Avanzati sistemi di spostamento sfide uno-contro-uno contro gli amici. and you never know when you might get caught in the crossfire. your CredCard -. new skills! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Myridian Fields [Dawn] 1. Un MUD che si evolve di continuo. becoming the backbone of the crime scene with their intimate knowledge of the Net. you may find yourself assaulted by a street kid with a switchblade or an irate shopowner with a sawed-off shotgun. yet are intent on enduring long hours of study in the ways of the ancient warrior. But with a little luck and some smarts.

com 9999 [66. Current development is focusing on a number areas. Currently. areas. We are a peaceful mud with friendly people.151. as we put in features like a working economy and racial languages. statues can be turned. and spells that require multiple casters to complete. classes. and code. Experience a world where monsters ask you riddles. Roleplaying is required at Avendar. with a large number of embedded quests to be solved by the adventurer.196] . The skill sets for our classes include the summoning and binding of demons into items. with its own unique history. you too will find others ready to show you craftier ways. magic artifacts invoked. along with competing with Avendar: The Crucible of Legends is an entirely original fantasy world.nekodojo.186. and we encourage roleplayers with gods people can worship.avendar. and the sky is the limit! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Babylon 5 [MUSH] PennMush b5mush.52] http://www. archery. Players can adventure and explore in this world. 10 races. a novel system of psionic foci.and a place where strangers will bond together to ward off the dragons that threaten to destroy the town and all within its walls.nekodojo. and if it is the path of the cunning and deceptive that you prefer. though you may have to walk the back alleyways to find such folk. If you are interested in becoming part of something top quality and new in the mudding community come along and play! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Avendar: The Crucible of Legends [Rom] Heavily Modified ROM ender. If it is the path of nobility and honour that you choose to follow. and the epic quests we design. including progressive systems where base classes and skills are the foundation for advancement to other classes and skills. and over 716 skills and spells.169. We are nearing the end of our beta period. in the form of our great 4205 [206. we have over 24 classes. which fight ideological wars over the control over ten stones of power. you will find many who will teach you and advise you. creating an environment where roleplay takes place naturally.

inspired by the work of Banks. source to be opened. Bad Trip is wild. Teams for laser tag. 7778 [207. Games. 9911 [216. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dare To Dream Moo [MOO] dtdream. fighting your enemies. Welcome to an online world like none you've experienced.37. bet at the track. ride the rides. or explore any of 6 different island groups..badtripmud. drive a racecar. right around the time of War Without End..Description : Babylon 5 is a dream given form. reaching for the stars. We're currently in our 3rd year of IC Role play and are in the beginning stages of the Shadow War. mostly. Starting on the planet 1063 http://www. now is the time to try Bad Trip.4 badtripmud.163. so come give us a . If you're looking for a new mud. even if alone. enjoy yourself in the game rooms..142. Carnival Rides. battling it out in one of the StarKiller simulations.dyndns. Come join us! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Alternate Universe [Custom] Java-based. The overall theme for D2D is to have fun.cyberjunkie. or play the slots! A lot of the things we've done to D2D is to form friendships and have overall fun.. have fun here. etc. We are currently rebuilding our player base. where you will meet up with other players to continue your adventures.105] http://www. FUN! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Bad Trip [Rom] Heavily modified ROM 2.a Role Playing Game area. Alternate Universe is the only MUD to feature a corewars extension. Rooms to talk and visit. your first challenge is to make your way to Sigma Alternative Universe is a science-fiction based MUD.cmoo. living out your Now under new ownership.19] http://www. Adams. It's a place of commerce and diplomacy. D2D has much to offer the wide variety of players we have. be sociable with friends. striving for your The theme is to dream. Gibson. irreverent and most of all fun.

Hits are limb based and damage is determined by what eq worn on that limb. ----------------------------------------------- . or if fighting a dragon it actually uses dragon techniques.250] http://www. *We make sure the game is a tard-free environment. selections depending on previous . So if fighting a mage it casts correct mage spells on its own.mudhost. and a brand new Quest schedule! ('Help schedule' while connected) Some of the things we have going for us are: *An active staff who constantly strive to improve the game (NEW ALARAH AREAS!!! THEY ARE AMAZING!) *A unique token system for improving your character and gear (New tokens on the way!) *Friendly players who are glad to assist you and answer questions * A clan dedicated JUST to helping newbies called 'Oracle'.The world and its descriptions have been set carefully and all links have been smoothed and flow seemlessly.whirl. where you are guaranteed 1-2 quests a day if you're on at the right time! *An automated quest system that allows you in time to earn amazing equipment. and many other prizes. Allowing a total of 18 classes 76 possible combinations. Chance of hitting is based on eq weight vs statistics.The entire fight system has been changed to a more realistic. each race has their own resistances and 4000 [208. you'll wonder why everyone doesn't play this mud. .No saving throw system. *So many unique things.210. Hard mobs here aren't just loaded with affects like sanct. The ligher eq is the better. .A class specialization system which allows you to re-class each 25 levels.All mobs have a race and class balancing the mud nicely. 7 dam is taken. So if hit for 10 dam in chest and you have on 3 absorb chest eq. We have a new imm staff. so an idea is undead take more damage from fire attacks and fish are more succeptable to lightning.83. easy to understand system. it has been ripped out and replaced by a much easier system to use and understand. . Also. *Imm-run quests awarding prizes and equipment several times a day. . * A permanent quest schedule. :) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Badlands CircleMud mudhost.

6] http://mudrealms. Skills and abilities such as Super Welcome to the Mind's Eye ************************************************************ Featuring: ***6 clans ***2 remorts ***8 classes at creation. We are confident you'll like our MUD.dune. DragonBall and DragonBall Z are highly popular anime series'. We got ahold of the code and started up our own MUD.90. and much more features bring the series straight to your computer. RolePlay is highly encouraged. and lots of quests ***Quests run by immortals. Come. Races such as 3333 [216. the DragonBall Saga codebase leaked a while back. with new plot twists forming every 4000 [63. and more races are still in the works. DragonBall Infinity offers several of the things seen in the popular series. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Mind's Eye [Rom] Heavily Modified mudrealms. please note that Warren. but is still just as popular as the original shows and mangas. the Kamehameha wave.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DragonBall: Infinity [Smaug] Heavily Modified dbinfinity.dune. Androids. derived from the series themselves.18. count 'em.dbinfinity. Bio-Androids. based off the manga created by Akira Toriyama. Nameks.93.3] http://www. not scripts ***52. Before you judge. DragonBall GT was not created by As you may have heard. even Ghettis. join us. the original owner of the Saga codebase. transitions to different class after each remort ***18 races ***Full character customization ***Lots of custom skills/spells ***Well over 100 areas ***Very stable code ***Great imms. We feature an exclusive RolePlay storyline. has given permission for us to use the code. Kaioken Attack. 52 mortal levels ************************************************************ .

com 1976 [64.============================================================ Looking for an all around great place to mud? Well.spodzone.57.35. and Kartia. and charstaffers are always on hand to get new players approved. areas. completely customized stat gains at each level.220] http://www.207. Whether you're a newbie. with great 8000 [169.61 #36 [2002-Oct-23] tfu. This is followed with a 'menu-esque' system. players can see hand-designed maps drawn in ASCII characters.1. If you are a fan of tactical RPGs.18. Many people have played these. or an old school mudder. Log on and give us a try! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Eleuthria : [Custom] : : http://None : Eleuthria is guaranteed to be unlike any MUD you've played .barrenrealmsmud. Tactics Ogre. Final Fantasy Tactics.I. creating a look and feel to the game. this is a great place to play.2 heavily modified barren. It's application-based. Fire Emblem.Joes (with some cartoon influence). with your input refreshing the current task.48] None This MUX is dedicated to RP between pre-movie Transformers (with some comic influences) and comic-based G. and the player base is large enough to keep RP going. Through the use of ANSI foreground and background colors. With many classes available. The theme in Eleuthria is Tactical RPGs. the game pits real people against each other. but small enough that everyone's contributions can be felt. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. No combination could ever be 'the best' in Eleuthria.coredcs. you've found the right place. you'll find limitless possibilities. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Transformers Universe [MUX] TinyMUX 2. However. and code. where commands take you into different modes. but an entire MUD with a tactical RPG engine. as a true test of the mind. The Mind's Eye is a great mud. where each command is prompted to you. and examples include: Shining Force. The game is not simply a clone of ideas from these. and a diverse spell system.110. you would be wise to look at Eleuthria! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Barren Realms [Merc] merc2. instead of fighting against a pre-programmed AI.

----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : BatMUD [LP] LpMUD (customized ldmud) batmud. and has an average of over 300 users online (over 450 at peak hours) from all regions of the world. and 100+ innovative areas.. However. Come by and visit a while. A unique stat enhancing (training) system that allows you to improve your st ats without using your practice sessions after the first level.ranging from original fant asy areas to puzzle-type areas and more! And the Number 1 reason you should try Barren Realms is.bat. half-bird).You have the opportunity to pract ice some spells and skills of other races. Illithids (psionicists). BatMUD features a detailed combat system. etc. Elves (mages) . Druids (clerics). Due to the rich set of 23 [130. Avians (half-human. Despite its age. Humans (martial artists ) and Kender (thieves).the best and friendliest on the Net. only limbs and body parts that do interest ing and evil things! equipment. . 4. player to player commerce. The unique atmosphere of BatMUD has given birth to many clones..Description : THE TOP SIX REASONS: Why You Should Check Out Barren Realms 6. Barren's players will help you out! 2. Choose from these races: Dwarves (warriors).a completely customizable and unique race unlike anything MUDS have ever seen before .org/ BatMUD is one of the oldest still running LPMUDs (it has been online since 14th April 1990). BatMUD may be a bit overwhelming for a newcomer. but more experienced players often help if asked politely. and registered newbie helpers are available to guide fresh players. the MUD is constantly evolving which makes it both challenging and entertaining to new and old players alike.. Easily customizable ansii color...3] http://www. Remort to demons ..233. allowing you to personalize the color setti ngs for channels.simply. Hands-on help for new players.bat. including two sibling sites: BatMUD classic (BatMUD as it was in 1994) and HardCore BatMUD (fast powerplay with permanent deaths). 3. an area for PK.Cross-training Availability .our people.43. playerbuilt cities... the original remains among the largest and most feature-rich .

ML provides a medieval setting where all the areas and world designs are original none of the areas belong to any other creators on other muds.4] http://www. the original Dragonball Arena is back! Based in an alternate DBZ timeline/reality.4] http://ml. Eventually. minotaurs. based in a ragtag fleet.57.183. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mystic Legends [TFE] [Heavily Modified] ml. and awaits those who want a taste of the familiar with a fresh new world to explore. DBA is an RP .ferris. and many more chances. here will be 14 classes.232.LPMUDs on the 2001 [216. the place for all you Battlestar Galactica fans. and a large range of individualized Mystic Legends is an ongoing project based upon the TFE codebase but not the TFE 1235 [64. talking mobs. some of which include multi-part quests.251. We have quality staff and great softcode to support the RolePlay. Currently. We're social RolePlay MUSH. Mystic Legends is looking for seasoned writers to help add to the adventuring world and possibly to help shape some of the land's races. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : BattleStar MUSH PennMUSH attend.195. Mystic Legends is happy to announce that it opened in early November 2002.from the familiar.mudhost. to the less frequent centaurs. Have you always wanted to be one of the glamorous viper pilots? Did you always want to be a member of the Quorum of 12? Battlestar MUSH offers these. included a few rarer ones like alchemists and runecasters and somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 races . socials based upon race.170] None Back from a brief hiatus due to server damage. like dwarves and elves. and a race of cat people (Felkarans).edu 4201 [161. with a military and a civilian area. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragonball Arena [Custom] DBA1 by Antor (Rom24b7 derived) Battlestar MUSH.201. ML offers many features which are both enticing to players and creators. as time permits and as we get further into adding and modifying the TFE codebase.

and unique items. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rise of the Sith [MUX] Version 2. This is a 100% role-play game. Please contact Xezza and Rumble in game if you're interested in becoming a builder We hope you enjoy your stay within the Arena. For something totally This MUX is dedicated to Star Wars: Episode II. far too complex to fully describe here.uiuc. ----------------------------------------------Mud : Realms of the Lost Dimension . See our web site for more timely updates. In the battlefield of the future.spodzone. These fusion-powered mammoths mount a devastating array of weapons and massive armor.67. There are still Lots of open FC 2002 [216.241.23] http://starfire.100] http://radd. try Battletech MUX. DBA has it all. DBA includes many clans and colorful people. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Battletech: 3030 MUX w/ Battletech Extensions btech. with no real limitation on what your character can be in terms of roleplay. Players join a faction (team) and the factions compete against each other for control of a world.8. 'Mechs are 10 meter tall machines that are vaguely humanoid in appearance. where the emphasis is on the story. We are now fully functional and open for play.0 radd. Battletech MUX has adapted this system into a realtime environment.spodzone. Roleplay is rewarded with points used to purchase FASA's Battletech board game is a turn based simulation of future combat. and OCs are always welcome.encouraged game with a unique fighting system involving 5x5x3 grid movement and a real time combat system. From icer paladins to Saiyajin scientists. the weapon of choice is the battlemech. not the system. without being held to following the script. or any other major systems. The battletech universe is a complex one. Roleplaying opportunities are huge but roleplaying is not 3030 [132. and giving the players a chance to play the characters from that film.ecst. The simulation runs 24 hours/day 7 days/week. power. Most important to note is that this is not a 'sim' style Star Wars game.csuchico. combat. We are currently hiring builders to help expand our already large. We do not have coded immersive world.

66] http://beleriand.6 . Come and enjoy yourself..R. 9000 [208. without the use of a single mob-program! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Beleriand MUSH [MUSH] PennMUSH 1. Conquer areas that are integrated with the world and where wit and strategy are rewarded through many puzzles.3..mux.1 : game.. and the fellest and cruelest villians. etc. the fantastic struggle of the Free Peoples against the awesome power of the great Vala Morgoth and his 4739 [208. that character only has guest status and will be deleted upon disconnection. As a player. and much more! The lands are full of surprises and unexpected twists. chat. Alternatively.trilobyte.soon to move to 4190 [64. ----------------------------------------------- .185.44.x beleriand. Character approval: Anyone can create a character. the Battle of Sudden Flame--about the time of the famous tale of Beren and Lúthien .35. or even an empire.mux. character requests will be accepted via e-mail.Code Base Telnet WWW Description : [Ack!mud] TLDC 3. Tolkien's Middle-earth in the First Age. your initial objective is to advance through the realm's academies.25. hang out. At this point in our timeline we are in the aftermath of the Dagor Bragollach. Based on THE SILMARILLION and THE LAYS OF BELERIAND and others. The major difference between this MUD and many others i've been to is that players will earn most EXP points from clearing an entire area. Connect.trilobyte.48] http://www.amush.R. but after that the possibilities are endless.169. but unless a staff member grants residency.0 amush.7.7] : http://game. friendly social MUSH. either by conquest or solving all quests and puzzles. It is the legendary time of the mightiest and brightest heroes. Those interested in building will find a heavily extended array of tools and toys that make it easy to create a rich and elaborate area that offers so much more than just random : The lands of TLD form an intricate world emerging from ruin.. builder-defined quests.0 derivative of ACK!MUD 4. It is the time of the War of the J. Players may play either or both! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AuroraMUSH [MUX] Somewhat hacked MUX 1. Form AuroraMUSH is a small. not limited to 'hack-and-slash' methods.

advance a few levels. Stop in an gain a few levels. Want to settle a score.105] 2000 [207. Born of a kindred spirit. a millenia or more ago in the Second War of Shadoe.. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : Eternal Sanctuary : [GodWars] Derivative of GodWars Deluxe . with Ryadel's failed . The last vestiges of the imperial wars. and the redirection of mortality. and reward someone else for doing the dirty work. proclaiming the new order. forever scarred. We've got an ever-expanding world to explore. and the city of Korflu rose in its course.. we're stable. the legend-makers of Keilar. they journey out and tame the wild places. With 100 levels there's plenty of adventures to be had. and the concurrent fall of Thalos left the great powers scattered and bathed the lands yet tamed once again into shadow. step into the arena for a quick rumble.88.185] Stuck playing the same old boring MUDs based on Wheel of Time and DragonLance.It was foretold in the Chronicles of Qod. The ascension of Agog. and what was once forgotten has been 6000 [207. If you're into pitting your skills against another player's. Like to kill things? There's plenty of stuff to kill. or just chat with whomever is online. gain some skills.142. replaced with fully-detailed lands ready to be visited. These are the heroes of the Forbidden Lands! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rising Force [AFKMud] heavily modified rfmud. but not willing to take the step to be a full time killer? Place a bounty on someone's head. Go on a quest.. where the areas are original. or stock fantasy games badly converted to anime and Dragonball Z? Looking for a game that has a consistent theme throughout the game.179.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Forbidden Lands 2. From this city rise the great adventurers. Gone are the out-of-the-box areas you might be used to.rfmud. and most of the place is fully automated? Drop by Rising Force. but blessed with great resources. and ready to play.44. Choose from 17 races and 15 classes. We're fun. the NPC's interactive. the Epoch of Transformation. At this crucial juncture did the Herald of Walutzu appear to Incubus.0 [Silly] (Heavily Modified) flmud.

and our players are excellent people. You have the ability to research your OWN spells ( 7000 [] WWW : http://Under Construction! Description : Eternal Sanctuary will be set in the Dark Ages. You make your own). You will love it. and much. smith and craft your OWN items. We are dedicated to building an interactive. that's right! We have no set 4000 http://dreams. Once we manage to get the few little bugs out of the code and are able to start building we will be looking for builders as well. or simply hanging around and talking with other each of the Garou Aeonian Dreams is a MUD unlike any you have played before. We are a great mud.40. which YOU do the main part in creating. When all is prepared to open the MUD to the public.Telnet : slayer. run your OWN shop and make money. hack'n'slash. we intend to offer all 13 original Vampire Clans. whether you like roleplay. ----------------------------------------------- . Daemon ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aeonian Dreams: Reawakened [Circlemud] Heavily Modified dreams. running your own MUD business. lush world. Here is a list of our major features: * Clans * Remorting * Ranged combat * Interactive NPCs * Hundreds of quests * Shops run by players * Customizable prompts * Player-created spells * New zones added monthly * Smithing and crafting systems * Dedicated and friendly players and staff * Immortals who listen to your ideas and bug reports * Extensive skill selection and character customization Drop by and give us a try. puzzle solving. much more. several Mortal Classes. By My Hand.244. At the moment we just lost our coder due to their college schedule and are searching for another coder or two to take over. It is going to be a World of Darkness setting which has a RP Enforced/PK Restricted to Storyline use that must be approved by a Head Storyteller before it can even be attempted. to name a few of our features. adventure.mudmagic. not long before the fall of Constantinople. Our immortal staff is friendly and attentive to your concerns.

and purchase hull designs from other species. Starship component and module selection allows each pilot to build a unique starship suited to their style of 6666 [204. Dynamic object instances allow you to travel to any location in space and any location on any planetary surface without Lion of Judah MUD is a Christian themed MUD based in the present/near future ti me setting. we are still in early stages of game development. Players can form their own organizations. research their own ship components. and each Web node is coded using GalaxyWeb Scripting Language.109] http://www. Are you new to MUDs? Perhaps you should check out a FAQ about MUDs.62. A realistic space system and intricate starship systems (with over 200 classes of starships) are modeled down to the smallest detail.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : GalaxyWeb: Stellar Epoch [MOO] 1. relate to stories in the Bible or other Christian things.squidsoft.8. MOBs. and 8 primary professions combined with 9 secondary professions to choose from. read through our information on the lef t of the screen. a complete HTML-like programming language. either log in.56. some rooms. These player organizations can then build their own planetary spaceports and space stations. a galaxy-spanning network.lojmud. or use our contact 2222 [64. although we have been public for some time now. Lion of Judah MUD is a new MUD. nearly 60 organizations. Join GWSE and become part of an original fullyrealized science fiction world. objects. including magic-like psionics. Here of some of the special game feat ures you can currently access: Automated Quest System Freeze Tag and Other Online Tournaments Weekly Prayer Meetings Unique Clothing and .1 moo. We have 30 species.61] http://www. Lion of Judah MUD is a MUD specially designed with an underlying theme of Christ ianity.138. We have a fullyfeatured combat GalaxyWeb: Stellar Epoch is a fully original science fiction RPG.lojmud. is an integral part of the game. If you have any other questions about the game. etc. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lion of Judah MUD [Smaug] Heavily Modified www. The GalaxyWeb. quests.

The Demons and Archangels war constantly with each other. Good role-playing is encouraged and rewarded. and other Biblical abominations . Now the dragons have 5000 [64. BlackMUD offers the player a wide world of adventure and excitement. although it has become something far more than either. It boasts over 70 original areas. all designed around a comprehensive world theme and history. player built areas. elves. clerics.150] http://www. It is a time of fear and darkness. non . Puzzles. cities.. to step forward and defend their beliefs. The forces of chaos once again seek to destroy the world itself.250.41.Weapons System Completely Original Areas (Many Areas are 100% Biblical) Removal of all spells. and their very existence. player owned guilds. No matter how hard we try. Who will save us? Could it be YOU? PD is a mid sized world with five custom classes and twenty one subclasses.235. With a wide array of races. All hope seems to be lost.0..21] None Primal Darkness is the essance of our lives. twenty four player races (three of which are quest races. and three new quest races in the works). wizards. It is a time for those with courage. We strive to beat down the darkness everyday. BlackMUD is a Diku and Silly based MUD. neither seeming to gain advancment over the other. The world of Entia is a wonderous and challenging The world of Entia is again at 2000 [192. Mysteries and Other Fun Surprises Online Scripture Database GM Paging System (To keep public channels free from 'HELP ME' spam) Automatic Punishment for use of Vulgarities ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : BlackMUD [Silly] Derived Diku/Silly blackmud. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Primal Darkness [LP] Nightmare/Carnage primaldarkness. the darkness seems to close in and threatens to win in this war of evil versus good.. classes and sub-classes. made up of over 16000 rooms.

smokincum.fighting experience and money earning system. Currently hiring builder to make the world. levels. Jace here. with several types and more being coded *~ ~* All original classes.149] http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Forgotten Legacy [Custom] 6767 [198. 5555 http://legacy. We offer the following things: ~* A new fight code. Forgotten Legacy will be modeled after the Palladium Role Playing Game. if you are not afraid of the Dark. HEAVY modification geekcandy. which was originally based off of Unholy Wars and Eternal Twilight.slayn. We do not have/distribute/offer/exchange/etc pornography from our site.slayn. completely thought up and coded by myself *~ ~* An original arena ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Infinite Dreams [GodWars] Originally UW/ET. We are molding the MUD to the fantasy world of 4005 [216. but preferred.5] None . I own and code Infinite Dreams. with several challenge options and more on the way *~ ~* An original quest code.130.. and alot of other custom things to help players have lots of fun. If you are interested in helping out.smokincum. We desperately need assistance in debugging certain aspects as well as creative inputs. Include any experience for the position you want to obtain. with more in development [SoulReaver. Knowlege of this game is not required.205. areas.php Forgotten Legacy is a new mud in development from the ACM codebase. Note: Our domain name is ironic humor. please send me an email at ryodan@insightbb. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realm of Morkala [Circlemud] Server moded for new items. The current form of our MUD is in beta testing format. We are just starting out and looking for players as well as builders. Come check us Realm of Morkala is a fledling MUD.

'What really gets me. but don't require. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shadow of Eternity [Rom] (VERY Heavily Modified) 1234 [207. the sun pauses before permitting night. and Hellspawn(on the way)] *~ ~* Cybernetics .shadowofeternity. 'is the way that the sun seems almost to pause at sunset.. Let the carnage begin! ~ Jace ~ ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Blue Facial MUD [Rom] Linear B The afternoon sun filtered softly into the taproom of the Blue Face Inn. Elemental Mage. staring open-mouthed at Thioron. 'Once in a while. 'You're not from around here. 'Well. Morgan was polishing mugs and watching quietly. to watch for his old nemesis.' said the stranger. looking around at his mute audience. the moon.226.enchance your character through the power of machinery *~ ~* Magical Tattoos .162] http://www. huh?' Finally Thioron spoke up.124.enhance your character through the power of Magic (now in ptesting) *~ ~* Currently developing a new random item loading code (think Diablo 2. of course. 'I mean.. but SIMILAR) *~ Much more.112.25] http://bfm. they even fought once. feuding immortal deities battle for supremacy over the physical world.' There was a long pause. 'why should it seem to do that. I remember back when I was a child. listening to the agitated stranger. and make sure to leave a note on the boards for any problems or suggestions you may have. The man looked up from his beer. touching gently upon the polished tables and cluttered memorabilia. before sinking below the horizon. too much to list! We encourage. roleplaying.136. taking another grateful gulp of beer.iasis.' He seemed puzzled at the stranger's ignorance. A few of the boys were sitting at the 7003 [206. it will return for a few hours.' There was a pause. speaking slowly as if to a child. are you?' asked 'In the shadows of another existence. Nobody seemed to know what to say. Stop by and pay us a visit.Mindflayer. Their war has . not the same.iasis.' said the stranger hesitantly.

a realm where your faith is determined prior to your existence.... Legacy's Dawning sports a feature rich MUD engine with exceptional areas to match.208. races.betterbox.. As an amalgamation of the popular Forest's Edge MUD (closed in 1998) with several other extinct 4342 [207. average time to complete addiction: 15 minutes. you must convert those around you. Or are they? Can you exist within the Shadow Of Eternity ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Trek: Legacy [MUSH] PennMUSH version 1. form raiding parties with other mortals. smooth talk your way into political power. customizable items. race-exclusive socials. fight solo hand to hand. and a fully scripted quest system.Custom TFE Hybrid 23 [68. Please stop by for a visit and view all of our additional features for yourself.. unseen by mortal eyes -. LD's extensive and well-developed medieval/high fantasy world is backed by a powerful scripting language that brings a greater sense of life to the game.' Many exciting and well balanced classes. Lead a kingdom to glorious battle.7.seltha.67] http://tkhasi.253] http://www. player-driven clans.206. or smite them into the plane between life and death. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Legacy's Dawning [TFE] Mysteria MUD Engine II .betterbox.115.seltha. As a pawn within this power struggle of gods. create and manage a kingdom of Season 7 The product of many years of development. Season 2 DS9 ~ Prior to the war with the Dominion forces.raged for all eternity. we've kept the best from all to maximize your mudding experience. Are you tired of visiting Star Trek MUSH's with twists and turns that really turn the theme something other than trek? Well Star Trek: Legacy is dedicated to keeping the legacy of Gene Roddenbury alive by creating a game where even novice non-Trekkers can learn how to interact appropriately in a Star Trek Universe. and skills immerse a player within the deepness that is Dystansia. or ride galantly upon the back of a dragon for all to see.Until now.7 patchlevel 26 bb2. Come and join us. The choices are your own.. In character play is further enhanced by a powerful skill and spell based group combat system. ----------------------------------------------Mud : AVATAR Mud .185.

Dragons. have a friends list. Choose well. have a valid email address in order to be granted residency. 256M RAM.. 80% of which are original. you might survive your time as a mortal to reach new heights of power. Mages. Over time you will grow in power. home to over 4000 [130. created rooms of your own. each utilizing their own unique skills and spells. however. hence the name. You must.outland. Gargoyles. troublemakers are not tolerated! Feel free to stop by and check it out..Our successful players range in age from 9 to their 60s! Begun in 1993 and christened in 1995. Once a resident you will not only be ensure that you and your friends can always play. This is a very friendly atmosphere.Code Base Telnet WWW Description : [Dikumud] Diku/Merc with 8+ years of modifications! : avatar. and post news.000 3000 [ The 'Burbs is a social type talker with multiple 4567 [63. Elves.50] http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Burbs [Unknown] EwToo/summink Burbs. New players may log in at any time but must ask a Superuser for 'residency' in order to have their character saved. The community has been developing and improving since Burning Mud offers a fun dynamic : Welcome to the world that is AVATAR. set sessions. in over 200 areas. Hope to see you soon! -'Burbs Staff ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Burning [Dikumud] heavily modified since 1988 burningmud.229. with new places of . You can become a Hero and with time. but will be able to send mail to other players. a Lord. You are not required to have residency to visit. RAID'd.49.outland.143] : http://www.61. you may win a Quest Item or participate in a HOGa thon! AVATAR's dynamic environment will challenge you to stand solo and with your group. The system rooms all have a suburbs-like description. Will you pursue the arcane arts or choose to seek glory with your sword? With the right combination of the hundreds of spells and skills.outland. A dual router and secondary site at avatarwest.232] http://burningmud. for any one of the 23 races and 6 classes can lead to victory. discover powerful items and even more powerful skills.Burbs. Occasionally.235. You will be stalked by more than 5.000 players (100+ online at any given time!). Warriors and many more. we run on dual PIII 600s. You might even become a Legend! Angels and Immortals are ever present to assist you should disaster strike.89.

A functioning arena is available for controlled PK games.dyndns. players may choose either a secondary class or the same class. Come join us! (Note: Former site: burning. same movies. which can be used to gain a super race called K'ta'viir (KTV).anth. The mobs in The Well have fragments. plus imm-led quests. A togglable hints channel gives the new player suggestions of useful information.targonia. Burning provides an ideal environment for all types of mudding. Corruption is The World of Darkness is very similar to our own. You can develop your character to a high powered (one of two offshoots) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Burning Lands: Amtmud ROM amtmud.adventure added often. Quest Points earned can be used to buy Orbs and powerful scrolls and The Burning Lands MUD is based on the Live Action Role Playing (LARP)Amtgard (see http://horus. same events all exist there. Same cities. or explore a huge cajun. Burning MUD is an enjoyable place to come forget the frustrations of every day life. Immortals and Elders are available to answer questions and give suggestions in order to help the novice mudder develop into a fully experienced player. Players fight with the virtual Amtgard counterparts. All in all. Once reaching level 50 with the secondary 5555 [207. check us out! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Cajun Nights [MUSH] TinyMUSH 2. At level 50.93. The Well contains 20 levels of over 6000 randomly generated rooms and mobs. there are many differences. statistics may be improved via the meta shop. What sets The Burning Lands apart from all of the MUDs? 90 percent of hundreds of players know each other. Various means are used to ensure mobiles are diverse and unique.195] http://come.utep. so being a newbie on burning is not so daunting for the novice. There are over 100 automatic quests.2. A personal spirit helps the novice mudder learn their way 7373 [207. apathy and ignorance . If you want to see some heavy gaming. to create either an expert or a more diverse character. Enviromental changes are made possible through room progs and custom code. However.250] http://horus. just as they do in the real world.utep. The RP goes to a much higher level.anth.

. Old and new players are welcome. we created a new kind of auction system.have taken the general populace and the Supernatural walk the earth. we created clans so that players could congregate.. there was . Atmosphere is everything. and a host of others. On the eighth day.. on the fourth day. Wyrm. Voodoun. And kill mobs... we did away with PK. we have nine. No Fae or Wraiths though.195. we thought players should have a lot of fun with Quests. Kindred. Cajun Nights has been running for 7 years. And the morts stopped killing each other.. so we created ways to let Immortals run quests a lot easier. On the fifth day.4 calindria. and has been under the same management for 5 of those years. And we spoke the words. On the third day. hiding themselves just beyond the perception of the mundanes.. a large player base. Then we trashed that whole idea and went with chaos and lunacy instead. The creatures have been influencing the course of the world since the beginning. we created speedwalk and multi-commands.. you'll get used to it) we added a lot more. but the players wanted more! So.. We felt it would be more fun that way. Mortal+. on the ninth day (yes. and you came forth to multiply. On the second day. And it was good. we made the mobs come to life so the world was not so dreary and boring. And it was good. and some of the best coding around. And then.212. On the seventh day. Garou... ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Calindrian Council [Rot] Rot 1. excellent staffers.. The MUSH has active. we gave the world a face-lift and it looked new..34 noreality. Cajun Nights supports Mortals.. Few have realized the source of the dacay and darkness that surrounds them. (2 Years were dedicated to mush/world development) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : No Reality [Rom] NR 2000 http://calindria. we created an account system to keep players more organized. never seen before in MUDs. Then we slept for about 40 hours straight. all the while waging an eternal war between 4000 [207. And it was good. On the sixth day.noreality. Magi.241] In the beginning. On the first day.

Calindrian Council is Rot based PK Mud with Clans, Quests, Quest Equipment and much more. We have a PKpoint system where PKers can attempt to get enough points to have a statue of their character permanently put into the game. RolePlaying is highly recommended, but not required. Three Tiers of action with an Arena and a Warzone for those who like P-V-P without the fear of loosing eqipment. We are open to ideas an suggestions as well as always looking for ways to make your mud experience more enjoyable. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : NoxTerra MUSH [MUSH] 4208 http://

Do you like World of Darkness? What about Cyberpunk? Then is the MUSH for you. The year is 2057, twenty years after a catoclysmic misfire of nuclear weapons from Russia, United States, Parts of Asia and South America. The United States has already begun rebuilding and are farther along than the others. Arcologies have been built in place of the biggest cities in the US; New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadephia, Phoenix, Detroit, San Diego, Dallas and Miami. Technology and Myths intertwine to make for a great roleplaying environment. The options for characters is unlimited, a Vampire Decker, a Werewolf Johnson, or even the human form of those, wanna play just some joe schmo on the street then go ahead and do it, we will have room for everything. WoD supernatural characters will be monitored as to keep them from over population. We are currently looking for those who can build and those that can code. Contact Info: AIM - usndupont Yahoo - usndupont ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : CamelotAdventures : Unique/Java : : :

CamelotAdventures is a brand new MUD on the market in its late developmental stages. It is being coded from scratch in Java, the future of the internet. The entire game will of course be original, and pay-to-play. The entire game engine will be unlike anything you are used to. We are currently looking for Beta Testers, Builders, and Coders (Java Programmers). Builders need not know any programming to apply. All positions are compensated in one shape or another. Beta Tester application can be found on out website, at Builders and Coders need to send a Bio of themselves to, soon to be -----------------------------------------------

Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description

: : : : :

Cardea [Custom] Original 23 []

Picture a vibrant world, crafted with unique tools. A place of magic and adventure. Realms and guilds requiring military strategists, resource managers, fighters, merchants, priests and scholars to join those already present. Welcome to Cardea. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Carrion Fields [Rom] 9+ years away from ROM 2.3 9999 []

We are also one of the muds which people try to imitate, rather than an imitator. We also are constantly adding to the mud. Varied races (each with different inherent abilities, weakness, strengths): Human, Elf, Half Elf, Dark-Elf, Wood-elf, Surface Gnome, Deep Gnome, Dwarf, Duergar, Felar, Arial, Lich, Orc, Minotaur, Fire Giant, Storm Giant, and Cloud Giant. Varied classes (each with vast numbers of unique skills/spells): Necromancer, Transmuter, Invoker, Conjurer, Warrior, Thief, Shaman, Healer, Druid, Paladin, Anti-Paladin, Assassin, Ranger, Berserker, Shapeshifter, and Bard. Warriors specialize in a weapon. Mages undergo transformation at high levels. A large world: 250+ areas (~23000 rooms), all original to CF. Also, an 11 area collection forming Hell (based on Inferno), and several puzzle/quest based 'exploration areas'. Object limits that fluctuate according to the player base. Extensive help files (1400+) both in the game, during character creation, and on our web page if you want to read them safely. Player Killing for levels 11+ and based on experience points gained. Age is finite (you can die of old age). Guilds are raidable. Characters have two hands (sounds simple, but most MUDs neglect this). Special Programs for objects, mobiles, and built-in quests. A system of religion where Immortals tattoo their followers and empower priests. 9 Cabals to join for protection and power; another cabal for storytelling. We have been open to the public for over nine years and have a good player base (average about 75). ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : TradeWars 2002 : [Unknown] TradeWars 2002 : : :

Did you play TradeWars in your BBS days? Never played before?? Check out this awsome multiplayer game.

Take over a univers of 10k sectors. Rule the galaxy. Compete with other corporations. Build up planets with cannons and blast your oponents! Check out this real time TradeWars game. Over 100 people can be online at one time. Many custom and unique ships, planets, and alien races! Go to and click on games. This mud is entirely free. Take over the Galaxy today!!! Goosemoose ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Inner Circle [Rot] Highly Modified Evolving World 5000 []

Inner Circle is a fairly new mud with a player base of mostly experienced players. We are very open to player ideas and are still making changes to the code to reflect player wants and needs. Some of our features include: 201 mortal levels multi-classing up to 12 classes 19 races multi play up to 3 characters at a time no level restrictions on equipment tons of stock equipment available throughout the game world mining, smelting, and player fabricated/spellbindable equipment no loss, player startable arena clan system equipment and objects on the mud are saved through crashes and reboots automap available newbie friendly frequent imm run quests along with several auto-questors special player purchasable weapon and character flags racially based languages ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : CastleMUD [Circlemud] Version 3.0 rewritten with Custom code 4000 []

CastleMUD offers a unique world, built with the roleplayer in mind. The game has a rich, constantly evolving storyline where the actions of the players shape the land's events. The immortals are both friendly and active in running unique quests and participating in the 'incharacter' roleplaying.

Features include a dynamic quest system, intelligent creatures, hundreds of skills and spells (both class and cross-class based), custom-made clothing, twenty unique classes, and much more. We require each player to submit a quality story for their character, insuring that each is a well thought out addition to the gaming world and role-playing atmosphere. Our playerbase is small, but is extremely dedicated, passionate, and creative in playing their characters. We are very newbie friendly, and will work with new players to get them acquainted with the game's commands and original environments. Please read our webpage before entering the game world. It offers beginning tips as well as history and story info. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Chalacyn Nights MUD Unique 1000 []

5 years in development, we've been open for 3 years to players seeking fun and quality in the same world. You'll find yourself challenged here, with long term levels that promote a true sense of achievement. We sport countless features, the scenario being fully integrated with a stable, unique game engine...too many to list in 20 lines, but here goes: * Experience rewards for exploration, combat, quests and assisting new players * Protected status at low levels while you learn to play * A simple but smart banking system * Configurable sounds and music with MSP * Combat is completely controlled by you (no autocombat) * Interactive NPCs who'll trade, arm wrestle you, offer you rumors or quests & more * Playerinfluenced politics for war or peace * Gambling * Randomized items to keep you guessing * Settable moods for speech and actions * Player owned and stocked shops * Stability and speed! You will not lose valuable time to crashes, dedicated T1 * Chaos (PK) and law (no PK), either can duel in the arena or during war * Secondary skills gained gradually that improve with actual use * 400+ help files on commands, spells and concepts * Customize! Set your colors, aliases, even anti-latency measures * Original ANSI art * Competent, fair and often present admin * 150+ spells & lots more effects * We strive to please, come and visit! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Champions MUSH [MUSH] PennMUSH 6363 []

Champions MUSH is an online version of the role-playing game Champions, created by Hero Games. ( We are now using the 4th Edition Rules for conflict resolution (combat, contests of skill, etc.). We are set in the city of Colonial Bay, Virginia, USA. The

time is the future, the year 2054. Superheroes fly the skies and patrol the city in search of crime to stop and villains to put behind bars. In their spare time, they get to know each other and are able to form teams to combat the villains that plot more havoc each day. We have solo heroes as well as team heroes. Champions players and play heroes maximum. Champions MUSH relies on plots created and run both by the the MUSH's GameMasters (GMs). We allow players to or villains. Each player is allowed two characters MUSH is diverse in its characters and type of play.

Please come and take a look around at this small and friendly MUSH. The system is complicated but loved and cherished by many in table top games. This is a game that requires great patience and skill. Great rewards to those who come and try. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Chaos [Merc] Heavily Modified 1111 []

From Barbarians, to the mental warrior Reaver you will have no problem finding a class to suit your fancy. The races also give you an extra spice as the blood of a vampire runs hot in the middle of the night and the demons cause a great blight to cover the land. The Angels rejoice with heaven s charge and grow in their heavenly union to create a bond of strength with their deity. However in Chaos, all is never what it seems and the realms never stay the same. The land always has a new monster to fight or a new hero to announce. It is all created and lost through Chaos. Chaos is a heavily modified Merc code that was created for a fully customized Fantasy world. We offer lots of original areas with mob Interaction and mob-run quests, as well as a few of the Generic areas (customized) and an intricate system of roads, Rivers, etc. We have 16 races, offer clans with clan rooms and associated bonuses, and a myriad other custom features. Chaos has 500 player levels where you play the first 100 levels in one of 6 main classes. Then at level 100 players must choose between three different specializations of their class with each specialization having a unique skill set with their own weaknesses and strengths. There is a damager, utility, and tank specialization for each of the six main classes. After Level 500, there are the LEGEND levels, with their own unique skills and equipment. If you would like to wield a legendary Chaos weapon and acquire special orbs through quests to increase your weapon's power, if you want to slay potent enemies with spells like Were-dragon, Force Spikes, Ultimo, Assassinate, Midnight Blast, Dragon Strike, Swirling Blades, Whirlwind etc, or travel through the world with an Energy Vortex or on a Ghostly Steed, then Chaos is the place for you. We hope to see you there!

----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : CheesyMUD [Circlemud] CheesyMUD v3.13 4001 []

Tired of looking for the Seven Keys of Krel'len Kan'kefrous? Do you laugh when people tell you how an elf is 'supposed to talk'? Then come on down to CheesyMUD for a breath of fresh air and a side order of insanity! For starting players, we have a comprehensive tutorial and help files. For the experts, we have a unique battle system (with fair experience!) that will be sure to challenge. And, if you're lucky enough to become a builder, we have a custom online building environment, complete with an online programming language (no more reboots for new code!). So, if you're looking for a MUD with a friendly, social environment, no PK, no rent, unrestricted multiplaying and grouping, and a battle system that does all the math for you, then stop on by! For more information, check out We hope to see you there! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Chicken's Den Rom 2.4 7000 []

Based in the mystical, magical and medieval Thera, the Chicken's Den is a rapidly changing world. Everyday adventurers are discovering new lands, spells and skills. There is danger for the foolhardy and reward for the brave. Thre is an individual quest generator for those who like a unique twist to their gaming, as well as quests run by immortals. Levels that can be achieved by mortals are 1-51, immortal levels range from 52-60. Right now there are 8 races and 5 classes. More races and classes are going to be added in the future and we would like suggestions for some new ones if you have them! Clans are going to be started soon. The mud is VERY FRIENDLY and we welcome NEWBIES with open arms!! If you have any trouble just type 'gossip help'! Currently PKilling/PStealing is not allowed. Your local gods are: jaceks, Kagawa, Krecik, and Targos. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lucienst [Smaug] Modified Smaug 4000 []

The realm of Lucienst is a raging river of change and strife. The many races of ancient times are once again returning to the waking world. Magic is slowly emerging, and the locals fondly greet it as The Golden Age. As with all things a balance must be maintained and

the goodness of the realm most definately has a deep undercoating of darkness. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Tales of Ta'veren II [MUSH] 6250 []

In Tales II, a time of great change has come to the world. The Dragon Reborn, savior of mankind, marches his legions onwards in an epic struggle against the Shadow, and for the sake of his own empire. Noble houses, Queens and Kings, vie for power against one another in an intricate and intriguing manner known as Daes Dae'mar. While common citizens find themselves pulled into the weavings of the wheel of time. Everyone has a part to play, even if they do not know it. A new age is about to occur, the wheel turns, but will it be an age of men and women, or a dark age of complete shadow? Come to a MUSH with high quality players with an emphasis on role-playing and plots. New to Robert Jordan? No problem! The staff and helpers will educate one and all, and if you are not ready to make your own character, then choose from a list of pre-made characters, complete with built in relationships, secrets, and plots. Get started on your own character today, or take one we've offered to you! Quality fantasy role-playing awaits. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Materia Magica [Custom] IEN 4000 []

Welcome to the ancient land, where adventurers can live out their most incredible fantasies. Journey through a world where dreams are reality and the supernatural is natural. Enter a world of high fantasy, where dragons are real and adventure is everywhere you look. Step through the worldgate and become one with your dreams... Materia Magica contains a fantasy world, an alternate reality set apart from our own. It is a text-based, multiplayer interactive adventure game through which people from this world can escape the pressures of reality and live out their wildest fantasies. Alyria offers the amenities of the Earth you always wished for, a place where the sword and magic rule, a place of good and evil, of valiant deeds and dark sorceries. Formerly listed as Moongate Online. -----------------------------------------------

Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description

: : : : :

Sanctuary of the Forsaken [Rot] Rot 1.4/2.0 (Heavily Modified 9000 []

This is a mud that welcomes all new players as well as builders. We have a group of friendly immortal staff who are willing to answer questions regarding the game. We also welcome ideas/suggestions/comments from players who can post them in the ideas board. But most important of all, players are here to relax and enjoy. So just hop in and make your stay enjoyable. These are some of the features that we offer: 1) 131 levels with 4 tiers of classes (5th tier still in progress) and 47 races - with Racial Languages and Skills 2) Over 300 skills, spells and songs (bards still in testing) 3) OLC (On-Line Creation System) heavily modified to take advantage of extensive features unique to Sanctuary of the Forsaken 4) Enhanced Arena System, War Arena system and Optional PK System and enhanced Battle Styles (Known as Stances in other mud codes) 5) Quests run by Imms, roleplay strongly encouraged and rewards are given for good roleplay. 6) D&D Alignment System, Advanced Clan System (For roleplayers), AutoQuest System, Note system, Marriage System and Auto Auction system 7) Auto help channel system for newbies or newbie helpers to provide information that are not found in the help system 8) Savable inn rooms available for players to store some of their items. 9) Magical Stones for weapon/armor attachment, summoning cards of mobs and war tokens are occasionally found in mobs kills 10) Regular double experience and double quest points time. 11) and lots more unlisted cause you need to play to find them out. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragonlance - The Saga of Krynn [Rot] 7678 []

Currenty we are in the beta stages of constructing this mud. It will be based upon the world of Dragonlance and the time frame will be set during the War of the Lance. We are currently looking for builders and player testers. Our mud is built on the Rom/Rot/DRM codebases and offers extensive classes with 4 tier options per class. We currently have 32 races which will be soley based on the races found on Krynn. Some of the muds features include a global questing system, a questmaster, quest flagged equipment that transferes between tiers and grows with characters as they level. We also offer a gambling system, a battle arena, over 250 spells & 75 skills, and hopefully more in the near future. Come check us out as we continue to grow and build the world of Dragonlance around us. ----------------------------------------------Mud : Brigadoon

Code Base Telnet WWW Description

: [Rom] 2.4 beta : 9000 [] : :

Brigadoon is a newbie friendly mudding environment with lots of new creative ideas and growth opportunity. With 23 standard races, 16 remort races and 13 classes to choose from, you'll never have to do the same combination twice as you enjoy our level 121 remort based system, or level to your hearts content. There are no limits! Join clans and meet new and interesting people, participate in clan quests or individual quests being held by our experienced immortal staff. Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, and use our note systems. Everyone is so helpful that it makes a great environment for first time mudders, who soon become old school addicts! Raise clan ranks, get your own clan room and organize your own ideas! Our staff is always curious about what our mudders have to say. Take your daily life's frustrations out in the many areas and mobs that you are sure to recognize! Explore original areas, identify items, wands, potions and other spell-giving equipment. Compare races/classes to come up with your perfect mix and match, most races have something different to offer. What else can we say? Come in and try it for yourself! Words can't describe your experiences playing Brigadoon. Who is online? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Wisney World II [Circlemud] 3.0 pl8 5000 []

Welcome Wisney folk old and new! While we may have only been on our new server a month, and have jumped around for a while, Wisney World has been a staple since the early 1990's. Wisney is best known for its unique zones, and unique players. There is an abundance of experiences and opportunities for new players and plenty to keep our old players comfortable. If you're one of us already, come on in, visit with us for a while. And if you haven't experienced the Wonderful World of Wisney, theres an entire world at your fingertips. We'll see you there!! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Cities of M'Dhoria [Rom] Modified Realms of Asgard 6996 []

The Cities Of M'Dhoria is an enforced role-playing experience set in a fantasy, medieval-type society. Join in the story and establish yourself in a completely original world filled with magic, art, and destiny. One

can join an army, be hired as a mercenary, or become a skilled artisan bent on spreading their craft and creativity throughout the nations while serving under or as part of a monarchy. Join an evil organization where a roguish lifestyle combines the art of trickery and stealth with greed and ambition in plots to rule. Spend your days as a noble knight or priest, spending your life spreading the message, blessings and wrath of your god. Conjure up magics, fight alongside your allies in battle, and create a place for yourself in society. In a moment, you can be swept into an unknown world where friends are made and enemies are destroyed in the blink of an eye, and where almost nothing is exactly as it seems. With unique magic and skill-based leveling systems, 16 classes and 19 races to choose from, and innumerable storylines and plots, logical and roleplayed player-killing, and multiple continents to explore, CoM has something to offer for almost every type of roleplayer. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : City MOO [MOO] MOO 1234 []

City MOO, a vibrant and unique MOO, is set somewhere on the West Coast of North America. Players can explore the City, construct their own areas in it, create new objects, as well as chat, socialize, or simply hang out. With over 50 public rooms that players can build from (more coming soon!), City MOO has unlimited things to see and do - with a financial system, public transport, weather, and a fully integrated, dynamic WWW interface. City MOO - Come and check us out today - TELNET to 1234, or surf to ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AddictMUD 2 [Circlemud] Elite Based 8000

AddictMUD 2 The project that was ended in 1998 is back, fully operational, ready to be the home of any kind of player. A Medieval/Fantasy world, that has a Complete Remort System, a wide variety of Races and Class combinations, and Godpoints that allow you to be as unique as you want! Primary language on Channels is Portuguese (Brazil). However, we have some American Players that turns AddictMUD 2 in a international and diplomatic Mud. ----------------------------------------------Mud : Fallout

Code Base Telnet WWW Description

: [Circlemud] heavily modified : 2222 [] : None :

In the not too distant future, war will be our end. Predicted by the intelligent for years in advance, nuclear warfare laid mankind to rest. The government is in shambles, we thought this would be our last salvation. Let the warheads fly... Now, the sickening smell of death fills the air as the ashes of radioactivity fall to the blood-soaked ground. We gave democracy a chance. It didn't work. Our new government shall be violence; Kill what you want, take what you need. From the Fallout of our end rose a new breed of warrior: a warrior without mind of peace, a warrior without mind of companionship. We the People ... what a joke. Fallout is not your average mud. It requires an above-average player. We are a step away from the normal hack-and-slash medieval fantasy MUDs. Guns, bombs, cybernetic implants, computers, challenging levels, and totally original zones are only a few of the features Fallout has to offer. Leveling is a difficult process that will most likely involve grouping with other players when you reach high levels. Only the strong survive, and the weak shall perish. Do you have what it takes? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Battletech: The Frontier Lands [MUX] Realtime Battletech Extensions 1.3 (Exile) 5555 []

The Periphery planet of Randis IV explodes with conflict as rapidly growing city-states battle for dominance over one another. Using a handful of scavenged and stolen Battlemechs, tanks, choppers, and aerospace fighters from all over the galaxy, the uprising political entities mercilessly fight it out with one another. The players take the role of a soldier on the front lines of one of four factions, earning their own mechs and promotions but still upkeeping an affiliation with their city-state. This is all done in real-time and runs using a heavily version of TinyMUX where the players are actually able to pilot the units he or she choses. We are a comparatively new game considering how many years some of the other Battletech MUXs have been running, but we have a well-equipped staff that is ready to help out any newcomers. Stop on by and give us a try!

----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description s : : : : : Castle Arcanum [Envy] Envy 2.0 Heavily Modified - ARCode 3888 []

Unique mob programs enhance gameplay Object programs that add life to the surroundings Room programs that can give the element of motion Almost all original areas Strong player base Customizable interface and color scheme Automated quests and trivia game Staff-sponsored quests Casino games like blackjack that allow wagering Other games offer friendly competition like Connect 4 Arena area allows PK without losing exp. or eq. User friendly MUD school with extensive help files Storage lockers that save through reboots Corpse retrieval avaible for a price Unique multiclass system Advanced command aliasing Always helpful staff Rated: Netscape Search Editor's Choice listing for MUDs Rated: Lycos Top Rated website listing in the MUDs and Other Online Communitie category Rated: One of the top Internet games for kids by Featured MUD listing at and Plus much more, with more added all the time! -----------------------------------------------

Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description

: : : : :

The Cold Dark Cold 1138 []

The Cold Dark is the primary development site for ColdCore. Discussions and questions in regard to ColdCore are welcome. It also has two realms. The first is open-themed, named Taobh Thiar (Gaelic for Beyond). The second is based in the realm of En Requiem ( ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Columbus Twilight MUX [MUX] TinyMUX 1.6 Beta #4 6666 []

The theme of Columbus Twilight could be summed up with a picture of a person standing on the edge of a skyscraper, preparing to jump off, wearing designer jeans, a $500 shirt and rag-tag tennis shoes. The whole world is on the brink of destruction. Whether

you call it the Final Nights, the Apocalypse, Oblivion, Ascention, it's here, and its real, though most refuse to admit it. Columbus itself is a growing city, hidden away from the rest of the country despite its pleas for attention. Sometimes called 'the biggest little city on Earth', Columbus is at the heart of the state that's 'at the heart of it all'. Away from the prying eyes of the nation Columbus has begun to fester and boil over with corruption and graft, yet there's a wholesome, sugary topping to it all. Based on the World of Darkness, Columbus Twilight dares to delve into the darkest horrors of humanity while being grounded in one of the most ordinary, non-threatening places on earth. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : IcewindMUD [LP] MudOS 2021 []

This was then: There was world ruled by a generous king who was kind to all o f his people. But amidst the dark corridors of the king's castle evil lurked. The king 's magician had vicious plans to take over and rule with darkness at his side.. he opened a portal to the underworld. An army of dark minions swirled out thrue the portal and into t he peaceful kingdom. But the dark forces were treacherous and betrayed the magician. The kingdom was swiftly overthrown, many people were killed and tortured. Peo ple fled and sought shelter, they gathered in small tribes and soon found that the only p lace where they could be safe from these evil forces was underground. They started building underground complexes, magically hiding the entrances from the dreaded army above.. Evil ruled the surface for many, many years. Man lost count of how long they had been underground and the surface was soon but a legend of old times. This is now: As time went by and evil ravaged the surface, the climate started to change.The surface started to become a dark and desolate place, haunted by cold winds. Evil slowly retreated and eventually light came back to the kingdom. But the climate never changed back and the kingdom will never be the same again. With the return of li ght man began to open their well-covered hatches from below and take a glimpse of the ou tside world. Seeing little danger, young and brave adventurers soon started to explore the su rroundings. You are one of those adventurers and it is your task to give Bards of the futur

e something to sing heroic songs about around campfires once again. Soon you will be able to join an entirely new guild! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Conflicts of Earth: Awakenings [MUSH] PennMUSH Using HSPACE 3333 []

The stars have beckoned countless generations of countless races, civilizations grew and fell beneath thier watchful eyes. Ever just out of reach but always in the imaginations of those who dared to dream. Races around the galaxy pulled themselves out of the muck and flung themselves from thier homeworlds to explore the heavens. So things sit now in the galaxy, where will events lead? COE features a friendly roleplay enviroment with an experienced staff. Our space system ( modified HSPACE )is extremely detailed and yet easy to use. We also have a fully dynamic economic system. You can be anything from an ambassdor to an explorer to a CEO. The RP has started up and logs are available on the website. There are infinite possiblities in infinite space. Hope to see ya soon! Recently COE has joined forces s that are now on the same MUSH but Cross-universe events are planned games the combined resources of a with Otherspace. Both are orginal themed mushe in separate universes (thanks to HSPACE). to occur, however, this joining has given both larger admin staff and PC base to work with.

----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : neoNecronomicon [Unknown] Original code running on a Mac OSX 8010 []

The first MUD in Italy. This is a MUD that use the MUD system of play and the TEXT ADVENTURE puzzle system, in a world where the fight is not the heart of the game. We have not many rooms, around 800, because are very hard to explore, and nobody ever did it. We made this MUD writing the code by zero, and it worked from 1990 to 1994 on videotel. Now we are back on internet and we are testing the MUD for the telnet system (before we used the minitel). The world is a allegoric, medioeval and satiric. A client in JAVA is coming. The language is only italian. ----------------------------------------------Mud : The Creator's Shadow

Code Base Telnet WWW Description

: [Rom] TCS (Extremely heavily modified ROM2.3/EoD) : 4000 [] : :

The Creator's Shadow is based on Diku/Rom code, but has been modified well beyond what it originally was. TCS is a Role-playing game that is based on the 'Wheel of Time' series of books, by Robert Jordan. We offer WoT races and classes, the channeling system has been rewritten so that spells can be sustained, tied, and inverted. Channeling has also been shifted from a 'mana' based system to one based on RJ's 5 spheres of the True Source. Blademaster has been implemented, as well as 'speardancer' for Aiel. We have an 'overland map' of the world, designed to link areas as they were linked in RJ's world. No longer a 'MUD', but neither is it a 'MUSH', we feel that gaming should be more rp based instead of the random pking you find on other muds and have adapted the code to encourage good rp. Although pking still plays a part in TCS it is not a must. Classes are carefully balanced to allow players exellent playability in all classes. Our code makes better use of skills and emphasizes less on actuall level. The actual code is quite stable and we have dedicated coders able to fix bugs when found. We have gotten quite a few compliments, and are progressing nicely. The players and immortals are quite friendly and helpful, and I hope you'll come visit us soon. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Spark MUD [Dikumud] Major rewrite of SlothMUD code 6101 [] None

It's hard to pin down one main thing that makes Spark stand out. I'd say our main difference is our approach. We don't just want to be a cool MUD, we want to be a fun GAME. Our builders are encouraged to think beyond what one normally sees in a MUD and let their imagination be their guide, and let me tell you, there's some really cool stuff. Mobs are capable of interacting with players on a level unseen before on a MUD - like a puppy you can buy at a pet shop that you can train to do tricks. Even rooms can interact with players - a door knocker that requires a riddle to be answered before a player may enter the door - and the riddle isn't the same every time. Our 'Let's see what this thing can really do' approach is the difference. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Sacred Mud [Rom] Modified to Sacred Version 2.0.1 (By Chris Litchfield) 4001 []

Sacred Mud is the Flagship for the Sacred Codebase (Modified from ROM by Chris Litchfield.) We have an extremly stable codebase, and an extensive number

of origional areas and equipment. We are not anticipating large code changes, however we ARE hiring experienced builders to extend our area and equipment base. Please email references to for consideration. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mittelerde [LP] LDMud 3.3 23 []

Mittelerde is a pretty small German MUD based upon the world of 'The Lord of the rings' by J.R.R. Tolkien. But don't expect a recreation of the original story. The plot takes place after it, so there are new adventures and areas to discover. You can explore the world on your own or fight some NPCs in groups, in a nice atmosphere where roleplay isn't obligatory. There are already two domains, some guilds, and lots of other stuff, which is constantly extended. We hope you are interested and looking forward to seeing you in Mittelerde. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Crimson MUD 2 [Dikumud] 4000 []

Crimson MUD II is a place you can lose yourself in for days, months and years. We are a long established MUD, offering over 80 zones to explore. It provides 40 mortal levels, and a special Avatar level for those who strive to be the best. A new level is in the works for those who aspire to be the best in PK. You may find a bonanza of treasures for your own pleasure, friends in unlikely places, maybe even enemies. There are thousands of quests for all to earn many prizes. The Questmaster may turn you into a powerful beast if you show great devotion, even reward you with some of the most powerful equipment in the realm. If you feel you need a group of friends with a common goal, join one of the clans. They will help, guide, and even "promote" you. There are many benefits to being in a clan. Your clannies will guide you, help you when in need, and have a little fun. You can share your great treasures with you clannies or hoard them for yourself. A wide variety of equipment and spells are available to all levels of player. Our player base spans North America, Australia, Asia and Europe, offering players a wide range of cultures to interact with. There's no rent to hold you back, just quit when you're done and come back and pick right back up. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Lost Wishes [LP] MudOS TMI-2 Fully customized 5555 []

area of the day and lotteries. Bandits. explorer points.100+ areas.every stat for an object is visible on one page. poker. objects and rooms).Random objects . puzzles and much more! Lost Wishes is also home to many interactive games such as scavenger hunts. a world of fantasy and illusion. Gladiator. or even an Elementalist who can call upon the elements to destroy his foes! We also have the standard Fighers. Wayfarer and Elementals. intriging quests. . Thieves and Mages. to the islands of Nautica and the magic realm of Esdragen. We online editing (mobile. Medieval times rule supreme at Criterion! Be a Druid who can talk to Nature. boasting 150+ unique areas and still expanding.182. boats. making Lost Wishes perhaps your most fulfilling mudding experience. Cleric. You can now log in through the web! Some graphics are included and more are on their way. but only in certain areas.Description : Lost 3999 [69. We're moving to remove the less exciting stock ones as we make new ones. various games such as lotto. . We invite you to come and join our ever growing community! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Criterion [Silly] Some modfications to rules criterionmud. The wizards are both friendly and helpful. Pure classes get some bonuses making them worthwhile. pets. featuring a mudschool to learn the essentials of the game. at least 12 of them new. weapon skills. Area creators rejoice! We have web page area editing . From the continents of Emerald and Mainland. Lost Wishes has several guilds.some items are never the same! . or a Monk who can fight people with his bare hands. Mages. ANSI color. Werewolves. you will also find that Lost Wishes has many other unique features including 800+ socials. no need to refresh.Fully automated arena where you can duel with other players. . Aside from the wide variety of playing areas. Golem. player houses. Clerics. Dragonspawn. and sounds via the MSP protocol and the web interface.226] http://www. aliases. making it easy to view at a glance what an object is about. clans.Player killing.196. you will find exciting and original areas to travel and explore. Players will find themselves in a newbie friendly environment. giving the opportunity for everyone to select a guild which will be both challenging and enjoyable. It has four diverse domains. Each is distinct in both abilities and combat style. Text displays more natigating menus .

talker. both old and new. And please help spread the word! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Sword of Damocles [Smaug] Smaug 1.sodmud. Sparky and all the others who made CrossRoads one of the most popular talkers on the net. TNG NUTS 3.4 . Our players become participants in story arcs that play out like a season of your favorite SF TV show! Past winner of Andy Awards for Best Sci-Fi MU* and Best Overall MU*. In our seventh year! JOIN THE SAGA! Companion MUSH of Chiaroscuro and Star Wars: Reach of the Empire. Opportunities for RP? Check out the recruiting board and +calendar.34] The Sword of Damocles is a new MUD. We are very small right Join the saga! An original science-fantasy theme in an evolving universe where aliens and humans abound. Please stop by.3 crossroads.sodmud.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : CrossRoads. Opened shortly after the original CrossRoads closed in early 1997.97. to gather and chat about almost anything.3. The Next generation is a place for friends.189] http://www. grab something to drink and enjoy your stay. right? What makes OtherSpace special? The stories.jointhesaga.254] http://www. The codebase is a modified SMAUG 1.46. kick your shoes off.geocities. just open to the public for testing 1790 [64. . Plenty of space games out 8888 [216.246.4 which has been under development for the past year. with faster-than-light space travel.Modified 5150 [208. CrossRoads TNG carries on the tradition started by Jesse. but are working toward making the Sword of Damocles a very well-known and respectable MUD. Visit our web page and check out the library of RP logs. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : OtherSpace: New Journeys [MUSH] PENNMUSH with homebrewed OSpace cinematic flight Crossroads.34. The Crypt. I'm not going to beat around the bush by telling you this and that as everyone here's seen it all anyway. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Crypt [Rot] RoT 2.dalines.140. is a Rot 2. : : http://www.245. * * * * * * 4 Tiers Mob AI Large World . For the most part. clans and everything else as well as several unique features. We are very newbie-friendly.planetmud. Java browser front end. now running more than 5 years. If you've got what it : This is my firt attempt at going public with a mud. Those who are new to the World of Darkness. It is set in southwestern 9500 [206. under heavy construction and looking for both coders and builders to help us expand more quickly.rotmud.168] http://www. This is a World of Darkness MUSH. largely Vampire-oriented to begin with. are welcome.5+ Years Running Artifacts Dreams & Sleepwalking * * * * * * Dualclassing Area & Level Quests Object Progs Enhanced Deity System Enhanced PK Mobs Level & Gain Power The Crypt has done away with its harsh difficulties. though we are working to encompass the rest of the systems. The Place You'll Never Rest In Peace! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Cryptal Abyss : SMAUG : : http://www. so I'm not sure what to say. This mud has been around for about 2 .com/ : A very small MUSH at the moment. A cold-war situation is growing between the sects.portal. offering all those regular features like automated quests.000+ rooms Stability .10. come by and join the fun. or MUSHing. The Crypt has been designed with both new and experienced players in mind.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Dalines By Night : [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3. and this is changing every day. we've designed the new Crypt with everyone in mind. in the modern day.0b3 based mud with many enhanced features. were a fairly well modified mud.1 saturn.

We will be adding new races and classes soon. We feature: .animaltracks. and etc. choose the sets you like or take requirements for a profession .209. you may be able to become an immortal.Complete player impacted economy including trade of commodities . in the same location. which means that you can wear many pieces of eq at once.evarayn.Player controlled cities .10] http://tails. techs.Player formed societies . improved RPsystem) Multiverse offers an *extremely* flexible theme and context sensitive RPsystem for a multiverse with multiple realms. but they can all have their own theme. while being to interact with the other realms as well.Animal training and breeding . spells/runes. so it has a few areas from Realms of Dispair. There is layerable equipment.Six original races spread over three continents . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Evarayn [Custom] completely original evarayn. Multiverse is also known as Metamorphosis 2.Hundreds of unique and interesting skill abilities . but if you want to.107. as of 8/16/99 we are open for the public.Free-form skill selection.0b3+SSL+YerfRPS muck.77.Guilds offering employment for the peaceful and adventures for bashers . Each realm not only can add abilities.27] http://www. skills. built on a custom codebase and run by a dedicated team of immortals.Structured family lineage . Once you reach level 8888 [209. to their realm.animaltracks. It is also an option to build your own area where people can create their realm and run it basically how they like. tech level and magic level. Directions on how to change the IP is on the webpage. Cryptal Abyss is based on SMAUG.months.Sailing the seas across a gorgeous ansi world map . you will need to go to the webpage to get the current IP. and encapsulates both the Metamorphosis and Furry Fantasy: Wutai worlds into it (under a new. but most of the areas are custom.Required role-play.44. on-going story arcs . you're welcome to it! ----Danielle. Founder of Cryptal Abyss ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Napping Cat's Dream [MUCK] ProtoMUCK 2. Before Evarayn is an original 23 [204. You don't have to come to this Note.

Others seek to restore balance with the elements. During The Great Storm an elf mage called Alkyone found solace for many beneath the waves where an heretofore unknown deity took pity on them and gave them a new life in the deep sea. The Great Storm. god . or strike out anew.69r tcden. with open hand. or an upcoming player interested in being pulled into a game created by the imaginations of many.122. having fled lands now buried beneath unknown waters. When The Great Storm subsided those long years later and the races of the world crawled back onto the surface they found many changes. The mighty dwarves from the hills and mountains had taken safety along with their gnome brethren in the deepest of their mines. Being an RP-based MUD. six races remain in the vast world. the peoples of Evarayn strive to rebuild what was lost.8] None The most ancient of elves speak of a time long ago when there were no humans walking the lands we know of today. 1299 [216. we have a place for you.48] http://None Portal of Dreams has just moved over to a codebase released by Dawn of Time as well as moving to a server of our own. Whether you are an experienced RPer looking for a new place to make your home. Mostly humans roam the surface now. backgrounds. others feed upon the chaos.genesismuds. with clenched fist. What followed then were minor battles as man. The men unite under one deity with warriors and templars serving as defenders of the people. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Portal of Dreams [Dawn] Dawn of Time 1. Men had begun to arrive. There's much to be developed including racial histories. and gnome redrew the boundaries of old. elf. brought together into small pockets far from any dragon's lair. The world is alive and waiting for players to explore and conquer what lies within it. or The Great Storm.136.9.. we seek those who can start rich storylines and interact with storylines that may already be in 9998 [69.An extensive combat/healing system (PK is 'role-play restricted') In the aftermath of the Great War. Then came the dragons.68. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Final Mud [Circlemud] Heavily Modified portent. Tiny pockets of hell cruising through the skies. Coming t ogether in conflict or alliance. Nature and magic had reached a balance in this time of legend until the day the elves call 'Esz'tinia'. and others create it as they wield magics never before seen upon the world. which consisted not of rain and wind but fire and lightning raged over the world for many years.

lasers weapons. and clans among many smaller aspects of the realm. Roam the deserts outside of town. The black gunmetal glint of laser pistols as they close in for the Pistols. Be a decker in the beautifully-crafted matrix system. Find out why neon lights can't even compare to the glow out there. Stalkers * Remort Classes of Highlanders and Predators * A truly Sci-Fi theme. What a way to save the human race. CyberSphere is one of the orginal role-playing MOO's. close to 40 Skills * Classes of Borgs. For years now.cyberassault. a reporter.136.15] http://cs.27.vv. Crazies. many a soul has made CyberSphere their 7777 [206. CyberSphere is set in New Carthage. evident in all aspects of the game. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : CyberSphere LambdaMOO cs.9. MORE REAL THAN YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! CyberASSAULT features: * Clip-dependent weapons (along with your trusted hand-held weaponry) * Close to 60 Psionics.0bpl11 (Heavily Modified) cyberassault. rockets. and running are all the magic you need. Hey. The wastelands of the American Southwest lurk behind the city wall. A wide variety of options are available for characters. submachineguns. a bounty-hunter. a bustling metropolis.vv. even more than there were last time: they seem to materializeout of the very grains of the radioactive desert sand. Tarr :: Head Admin of Portal of Dreams Aires :: Server Host ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : CyberASSAULT [Circlemud] Circle 3. so please stop in and drop us a note or send us an email. learn some survival skills that just weren't in the Boy Scout Civilization's last stand! Aliens! Again. a mechanic keeping others cars on the road.5] http://www. There's nowhere to run. We need players and staff to help breathe life into the code and text that lies 11111 [216. Venomous yellow eyes. and nothing to rely on but your MAC 17 machine gun. and the corporate powers that pull the citizen's strings lurk behind the inner wall. or work for . We're always looking for feedback to help us improve.genesismuds.

.one of the soulless megacorps. The players may become Seers ('Seher'.net Yes.silberland. if you're a new player just finding this listing. newspaper. It offers extensive communication features such as a mail system (including a gateway to the internet). is the role playing. newbies are most welcome and helped around a lot by others.131. Well. So join us today! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SilberLand [LP] minor patches applied to 3.homelinux. though. Armageddon MUSH ha s a really great theme.. You can have a (limited) look around at our website without even required to login! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Armageddon MUSH [MUSH] redknight. 'What happened?' Basically. And it was in this stage teh MUSH languished for many a'month. I mean greet. SL features regions of different themes.crystalsands. It's the End of the World Biblical style. Now. crafted in '96 by Taisch. Silberland (SL) is a german-spoken LPmud in Austria. and died.109] http://armageddonmush. The plagues and wars have come and 6996 [63. Then we foun d out we couldn't get Rhost again.. If you've found th is listing you're likely an old playing wondering. A dedicated hardcore group of players have been keeping the city alive. hi-level player) or Wizards ('Magier') after fulfilling a number of quests and exploring the world sufficiently. and now Angels and Demons walk the stre ets of . this is really Armageddon MUSH's Mud Connector Listing. and boasts a variety of code systems to handle many situations.203. pale moon. so we needed to manually port over the old DB. We'd appreciate your help and/or support. Silberland is open to up to 100 players with an average of 40 to 50 during daytime.1@141 mud. It is 24 hours reachable. channels. Now.34. size and levels.34] http://www. The world is constantly changing and improving.148. and it was a couple months by the time we found a new 4711 [195. Seers have the opportunity to build their own houses and are able to utilize magic gates to walk shorter paths for long distances. Talisein is pushi ng to finish everything up and open around August 03. Above all. but they could use some new blood to let.

org 9000 [206. DSL has Gods which are role-played by a gentle and thoughtful imm staff. intelligent kitty kat mobs that like to ambush you. mounted combat is completed. We offer 5 basic classes and then over 25 reclasses. as is the account system. The Merchant code is nearly done. DSL offers a variety of races and classes with hundreds of new skills and spells. digging up treasures and trash. yup.5.daedalmacabre.. Immortal abuse is not tolerated in the least on DSL and anyone may request a review when they feel one is needed. DSL offers both hack and slash and role-playing features but role-playing is required. Rom2. Our latest renovations: Devas and other-planar beings of goodness for remorting. sounds like fun! Give us a good ole' college drop-out try. clamoring for the last few Unchosen souls. The world is set upon 4 continents with a vast sea in between in which you can take a ship into combat against other ships. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL) [Rom] DSL 2. You won't need your real life anymore. paladins. and enjoy a fairly balanced game..the Last City. meaning that you can feel safe knowing that everyone else is near the same playing field as you.. Come on. You may even start your own kingdom with enough funds gathered.daedalmacabre. We have 13 classes to choose from ( including rangers. Features include: a creation point cap. and you may just miss your chance at discovering our wonderful mud . There are also a variety of remorts to choose from including all 10 species of Metallic or Chromatic Dragons. DSL has some very unique aspects such as our Vampire system and Manatonics. or if you have a distaste for player killing. you get them purely by random. necromancers. making almost all player equipment Welcome to Daedal Macabre. and the built from near scratch psionicists ).4 mud. modified ROM2.4 dsl-mud. You can customize your own armor. giving you a class that does not rely on killing at all to level.186.107.3. Its pretty entertainin g. join a Kingdom and conquer others using our Battlefield simulation code. kill things.200. Farming. druids. Manatonics are born with natural powers. jewelry. create a character. Join one of the many clans and go to war. Life is short. and tell the Staffers to move their butts 'cuz yo u want to play! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Daedal Macabre [Rom] Has bare traces of Rom2. assassins. and our custom Balanx.. Demons. Angels. or weaponry by gathering materials and taking them to the proper shop.85] http://mud. talk to friends.and plentiful playerbase full of exquisite people.6] http://www.dsl-mud.4 that is generally bug free. If you enjoy to roleplay. you may just want to stop by. So log on.) . We . Vampires are secretive and no one knows who is one unless you are one yourself. clothing. 4000 [208. We're an elegant.

R. and is home to health food fanatics and ski bunnies.195] http://denver. Denver's darker side lies hidden beneath a carefully crafted image of suntanned athletes and Old West mystique.4b6 ascension. Willworkers bend reality. The monumental task of recreating Middle Earth from scrath is upon us now so builders are extremely welcome. the truth is that Denver suffers from the same problems as other cities. DSL has major quests weekly and smaller ones daily. while fairies hide themselves in plain . The following PC races are available: human elf dwarf treant goblin greblin hobbit undead orc troll giant The following PC classes are available: mage warrior thief cleric barbarian (more to come) The following code has been aded from scratch: (working on a list. News reports of drive-by shootings and hate crimes are buried on page fifteen of the local papers. Tolkien's Lord of The Rings. You can switch back and forth from Midgaard to Middle Earth at your leisure. We boast a large playerbase and are constantly improving the 4000 [66. Physics and sorcerers work in secret It's than a decade into the twenty-first century and the name 'Denver.darkalliance. All it takes is for the right person to be in the right place at the right time to totally change the world. Currently.also have a large player base averaging over 220 at a 2000 [209. secret Due to clerical errors.htm 'Ascension: Destiny of Middle Earth' is based off of J. Despite what the brochures say.) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark Destiny: Denver By Night [MUX] MUX 2.42. It's set 300 years after Frodo's adventure and the fall of Sauron.3. Minorities of all stripes are victims of harassment brought on by racial profiling. Colorado' still conjures up images of cowboys and pristine mountains. Industry is relegated to low income areas that are rarely frequented by tourists. Local politics and industry are manipulated by blood drinkers.sunfire.22 #1 denver.155.218] http://ascension. the entire Middle Earth realm is about 1/4 completed. Denver is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Behind the carefully crafted mask and hidden below the concealed blemishes of the city lies something else: a hidden. Plagued by drugs. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ascension: Destiny of Middle Earth [Rom] modified 2. Called the 'Mile High City'.darkalliance. will update soon. gang warfare. innocent people are killed in their own homes by the police officers sworn to protect them.3.R.sunfire. and murder.37. hiding their actions in parlor tricks. and the forests are populated by monstrous half-animals. while stories about the Broncos take up the front page.

----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark Pawns [Circlemud] Dark Pawns 2. Hunters.236. . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark Prophecy [LP] Darkelib (LPmud) 130. Criminals are both predator and Dark Pawns. mortals. and you'll find that you've found yourself your new favorite game. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark Gift [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.liu.lysator.darkpawns. with an emphasis on gameplay in the long term.2. strives to bring you a quality fantasy RPG experience. now in its seventh year of continuous operation.mushpark. Interested in a classic multi-sphere World of Darkness game? Looking for some fun RP in an interesting setting with good roleplayers and staff that cares? Want a chance to participate in plots and pursue personal growth? Then give Denver by Night a try.164 5559 http://gatewalker.4] http://www. and if all else fails each sphere has an information room available for unapproved players. Mortals with Numina. Our focus is on mudding and game playing as a community.226] None Dark Gift.of the hidden city. The game is set in a Gothic punk version of Pittsburgh in the early years of the twenty first century. as well as the longest continuously running. We feature the following spheres: Mortal Mortal+ Shifter Changeling and Mage. is one of the original World of Darkness MUSHes.5 darkpawns.130. and of course.sight. targeted by these strange beings. Our staff is a dedicated group of gamers who are veterans of not only online gaming but tabletop as well. stable codebase with quality staff and players.99. We're set in Denver Colorado in the year 2011. yet themselves targeting those who are innocent .and ignorant .96. formerly known as the Damned. Want to hear more? Feel free to log on to Denver at any 6251 [67. Come by and play Dark Pawns for a couple of hours. There is almost always someone around to help out.0 pl4 darkgift. We feature a 4300 [216. We support Vampire: the Masquerade and Werewolf: the Apocalypse as well as Dark Prophecy is a dark fantasy mud using the darkelib mudlib.

where items can be saved. religious and/or Dark Risings is based upon the familiar 'map' of most ROM muds. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark Risings [Rom] Rom 2.4 mud with a medieval and gothic theme based on werecreatures and vampirism. just watch out for thieves. If your looking for a dark themed mud with a gothic atmosphere then Dark Risings is the mud for you. Dark Risings has been up and running for over a year now.Ability to make items.cyberpaladin.Cool pet system in which they follow you around. economic. etc. etc.mediaone. military. and money making activites. plus a very exciting combat systems with critical hits and limb support. Players are able to participate in as many or as few of these roles as desired. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Hedonic Realm [MUSH] [MUSH] 2025 [192. Types of roles include political. It is an original world with 8 different races to choose from. Great mud with great combat. .90. . and you can order them to carry stuff or protect you. magic.55. kill for you. .19] http://home.6 sphere magic system with critical hit messages. try to be the richest player on.4 (heavily modified) darkrisings. spells. Our goal is create a complete world where the player can live any type of life he/she wishes.Castles or inn rooms. making for a unique character. . There are many races and classes to choose from upon creation.mindspring.Items are saved on person. . We recently had a few code changes to help stabalize and balance the mud. For more information feel free to stop by and check out the ever growing +FAQ section or contact the staff there. shields. to enchant them . If you're not interested in Hedonism is the idea that pleasure is the most important thing in 1313 [207.139] http://people.203. That is the goal for the staf at the THR: to provide the players with an enjoyable gaming experience.html Dark Risings is a ROM2. Averages 20 ppl peak time.Newbie friendly mud.Features include: . Want to be a solider? a thief? a priestess? royalty? a farmer? or anything in between? It is all possible at THR. but has a large variety of new and unique Come live the life you wish you could live but have never been able to. swords.

as there are no races or skills or quests. and a nonautomated combat Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy has been in existance since May. including the 'living stat code. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Cantr II : [Custom] : : http://www. It is not like most MUDs. : A webbased and textbased multi-player simulation where you can explore the world.' making you have to work to keep those stats up. You can start several characters. It's all about 'reinventing' politics.0 slayn. redone space flight and combat.195. 2000 [69. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy [SWR] Bebop Darker Realms opened in 1990 and is quite possibly the oldest still-running LP style mud in the USA. get rich or become a criminal. Newbie Helper Many Feature positions availble. It is a project of creating an immersive RP atmosphere combined with cutting edge code and player interaction. and still .nostrum. get into politics.Staff Positions Open: Builder. as you can see from our reviews. The mud has a good sized. It has instated many new systems for added realism. but you simply play a human character in a world comparable to ours. This game is the perfect choice for anyone who is a fan of Bebop. in which you can help develop its society.5.3] 4567 http://sc. The mud showcases top notch building and coding talents. or science fiction in general. Coder. Come get them before they are gone. and has been continuously worked on by a dedicated staff since its creation. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Darker Realms [LP] LPMud with custom modifications darker-realms. 2003 and boasts one of the most advanced and original codebases in recent years. most of which love the game to no end.slayn. Just have a look at the website for a more detailed explanation. and very dedicated playerbase.nostrum. economics and other societal institutions. and Bebop ONLY. DR was the first mud to offer quest-based advancement. No Dragonball Z. The mud is based on the anime Cowboy Bebop.

9. Many of new unique areas.0 lastembrace. * Rewamped drinking system (alcohol can heal.136..8] http://darklord. . Although a number of guilds have cropped up. and recently moved to a much faster machine. We would like additional builders and playtesters. Guild ranks dependant on skill levels. Advancement is similar to the Discworld LPmud system. and join many different guilds. allowing for significant character customization. so it probably *isn't* the slowest LP in existance anymore :) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Last Embrace [Custom] Written in Visual Basic 6. If you have any questions or wish to apply.lastembrace. but rarely more than 25 or so on at a time. creating the most comprehensive and enjoyable mud possible (or at least we think so). . DR is still based on the traditional LP mudlib.181] http://www. DR has almost never been down for more than a weekend.254.genesismuds.0 (Heavy modifications) darklord. There are about 600 active players. please email us. To sum up some of the additions we've made over the years: * * * * * * * * * * * * Skills and spells based on 5099 [ Darklord is a skillbased Circlemud (based on 3. logon to the mud. For more information. not practice. * Equipment is rentable (no cost).0). or email us. The world is drawn from each of the books. Give us a try.and many other changes. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Darklord [Circlemud] Circle Last Embrace is a new mud based upon the world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. Races New classes Hometowns (w/ ranks and voting system) Player controlled Clans. We are still heavily under construction and only open to 9000 [24. to give more realism. Players can choose to be one af a number of races. Ergo. it lends a classic feel to what we believe is a classic game. We are creating the server from scratch using Visual Basic 6.19. Only well established players can be accepted as imms.genesismuds. build tolerance) * Combat system based on events. Added levels (more being added) Alchemy Fighting arenas (death w/o penalty) Bounty system No auto immortality. check out the website.maintains a large number of challenging and interesting quests.

We are adding/changing things every day.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Realms [Rom] This mud is from Icey Depths! (Modified) dnd. Thus.kyndig.179.0 ogrmush.50] http://www. was too forced to seek new territories as its old migration and breeding lands were destroyed.211.skiesabove. If you need a little break from the mundane and routine life of the real world. Anything is possible in the realms of Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Realms so stop by and see where your imagination leads you. and the dragons would help the humans to fight the invasion of the Reskai. shakes. a cross of reptile and avian. Our world totals around 45.000 rooms and is growing every Five hundred years ago an asteroid crashed into the Northern Hemisphere of our world and while not a pure planet killer it caused enough damage to threaten all.235. and to . or you can fight to rule a city/ or clan. Those who weren't cause in the initial fires. Our mud is open for player testing and for gameplay.93.ogrmush. The Immortal staff of Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy realms is very dedicated and very detailed The realms of Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Realms is a vast world. promote their games. It was created on the premise of providing a positive environment where players and staff in the MU* community can meet to chat. The Reskai. and so the Menace came into conflict with the humans and dragons. and inevitably conflicts began. Our world offers a number of clans to join and an extensive religion and tattoo system for the players to show who they worship and 6700 [216. and the icy poles began to spread. a bargain was struck between the telepathic dragons and the humans of this OGR MUSH is dedicated to providing resources for the MU* 5401 [69. why not laungh yourself into a world of Fantasy and Imagination where you can Fight to the death and be reborn to fight again.225] http://www.252.e-boxen. with a very large race and class selection. eruptions. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Online Gaming Resource [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.129. or floods felt a longer strain as the climate cooled. Species large and small were disturbed from the previous balance.e-boxen. The humans would care for the children of dragon-kind. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Skies Above Mux [MUX] skiesabove.56] 9999 [142.

net 3222 [204..209. For tens of thousands of years they lived simple lives. Drop by our website at: http://www. the Saedar cast off their technological background and instead focused on the spiritual again. It is at this point that the miracles of magic were discovered. But history was doomed to repeat itself. this time shocking the planet with waves of transformational spell-weaves. their arrogance and pride defeated themselves. many ages. upon which their destructive technology nearly abolished the planet. events (classes. a mere one hundred years after the second In the beginning there was but a single entity. It is the planet of Eltheria that we focus upon now. The Saedar were masters of Drop us a line at: staff@ogrmush. game embassies. ebony skin. It is here that we Or visit us at: ogrmush. they had passed through many. Animals gained intelligence and humanoid form. and sought after by many a disciple seeking the answers of the past. The magical shockwaves having transformed the physical form of nearly all the Saedar into something new. which eventually formed planets. to war-like empires. workshops. who called itself Oere. For time beyond eternity it existed in a state of introspection. bulletin boards and web-based discussion forums. New kingdoms were created.ogrmush. and strife is everywhere in this post-apocalyptic world. But a dark mystery lurks beneath the surface of the earth.2 (97% rewritten to Custom) .wolfpaw. banner exchanges.44. in one incredible flash of energy.wolfpaw. until they soon became in-tune with their inner being. their own personal part of Oere. A serpentlike race with scaly. And so it divided itself. discussions. From the pieces was created matter. table tops and freestyle gaming).). In the wake of the first cataclysm. until they reaced their first peak. A race called the Saedar. meaning 'The One'. pondering its existence and who it was.3] http://perils-awakening. For it is the dawn of a new age. and much more. The handful of Saedar who survived were elevated to an almost god-like status..share their ideas and knowledge. from a primitive superstitious beginning. something different. Finally the day came where it knew it could only define its existence by comparing it to something else. worshipped by the lesser races. etc. Massive magical empires were created until again. to vast industrialized nations. almost infinitely. and all must awake to it! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : Darkover : [Circlemud] DIKU/Circle 6700 ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Peril's Awakening [Circlemud] Wizards of the Coast Open Gaming License perils-awakening. Eltheria gave birth to a single intelligent life form. Features on OGR include gaming options (mini-MUs.

9.17.57 carnipelago. A huge world of entirely original areas 2. no-pkill atmosphere These are but a few of Darkovers many features. Play the casino.136. visit the spaceport .genesismuds.99. Built-in quests as well as Immortal run quests 4. Please visit our homepage if you would like to learn more about the details of what we have on Description : Darkover is the result of over seven years of 5560 [216.isilm.12 resurgence. Check back soon! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Muckworld [MUCK] Fuzzball 6 135. and tears from the Immortal staff.110 8011 None Explore the world of 5000 [63.8] 3336 http://carnipelago. Come and have a fun time creating a virtual worl d in your image.. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shining Realms: Resurgence [Smaug] ShiningMUD Codebase v. often reflecting the progression of the mud's time Shining Realms: Resurgence is currently closed as of 5/7/05 for changes and updates. sweat. Alchemy system allowing classes to make unique items 5. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Carnipelago [MUX] MUX 2.173.196. Some of our features include: 1.become a bounty hunter . Many of our areas change in a planned manner.wolfpaw. 16 playable races and 31 playable classes 7. 50 levels plus -unlimited. we have worked to provide a unique and enjoyable world and gaming .Buy a ship run a shop .Telnet : darkover.remorting 8.110] WWW : http://darkover. Inspired from many different sources and backgrounds. A friendly. Custom mobprog system providing a more reactive world 6.create your own areas and extend the world.1..87.Trade freight between worlds .

Charlatan. Hyperborean gnome. Necromancer. a large Native underground and a volcano. lots of searooms. consisting of lots of great features: * 12. High elf. an academy. Darkwind is a heavily modified LP 3000 [206. Medieval fantasy feel. Fighter. 100% original areas. acrobats and sideshow freaks. Skill-based mud. . no classes or levels at all. Ice gnoll. Glavian. Citizens. Psionicist and * Player owned * Player owned * Player owned * Clans! Swashbuckler pubs & inns ships pets And. There are four Native Tribes. Citizens and Natives may build homes and businesses.49. Arctic Continuously operating since 1991 Tons of quests. Carnipelago is a group of islands on a newly formed planet inhabited by the descendants of clowns. Carnipelago features an amusement park. Uruk.240. Mage. carnies.1. Stone dwarf. Elaborate NPCs which can respond to a variety of stimuli. Garou. or Tourists (for layback social interaction and exploration. three small villages. a jungle. 6 never seen elsewhere. Druid.155. Northman. Complex combat system with customizable fighting styles. Ninja. Ice ogre. 2525 [207.125] http://www.000+ rooms * Multiple continents * 16 Races: Darkwinder. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DarkWind [LP] Heavily Modified darkwind.2 dartmud. Thief. Duergar. Barbarian.DarkWind.dartmud. 14 races. Players may create any of four classes: Natives. Dark elf.62] http://www. top-down view. Consistent.An original-themed role-playing and social MU*. Souvraeli. Desert nomad and Desert dwarf * 12 Guilds: Bard.The Admin of Darkwind ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description * * * * * * * * : : : : : Dartmud [LP] LP Mud . the list goes on! Please come check us out sometime: telnet://darkwind.168. only one of which accepts Citizens.). 'Real' wilderness system with varied terrain.

ru/ The Great War of the Mages. etc. One of the Evil Lords has managed to cross the boundaries between the Planes. But now. He desperately seeks aid for his beleaguered world. PKing is for all players and is an integral part of a mud where there are limited items. Only a single Protector stands against him. Lots more to do than just kill things. and seeks to revive the You can player kill people within 5 levels of you.253] http://solace. * Player crafting skills and player-based economy. nearly destroyed the world. the Evil Lord has managed to . and cultures.* Numberless interface. mages can choose the magicmajors or shapeshift forms they specialize in. and all man's glorious works. cities.248. the magic of the seals has been weakened. These offer sanctuary. * Class specializations. Log into our mud and use the 'areas' command to see our world. The Protectors of Life managed to defeat the Lords of Chaos. * Clans for those who want to extend their role-playing.17. and lock them out of the Realm. Farmers and cooks can make a good living growing and selling food. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dawn of Demise [Smaug] Derived from SMAUG 1. starting from level 10 and up.4 tdod. with heavy modifications bondarin. rangers can select their animal affinities. * Limited items. describes most variables using adjectives. Smiths can forge weapons and armor. of course. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description We offer: * A unique 4000 [24. * And. but with restricted ranges. 'help western' and 'help eastkalaman' commands can also give new players an overview of our world layout. * Multiple languages. Powerful and rare items are limited in 4000 [213.8. Almost all of our areas are written by our own immortals. Fighters can choose weapons specializations. * Player-killing is allowed. an original spell : : : : : Solace II: A New Dawn [Dikumud] Rom2. The 'help eastern'.4b3.166] http://tdod. making them more valuable. the Arcanix. several centuries later. * Classes with distinct skills sets to make each playing experience different. powers and companionship. and has sent out his call across the multiverse.51. but also responsibility and increased danger to your character. Even though the call was meant for aid.

* Unique areas.7. hideaway. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dawn of the Ages [Custom] JMud. * A unique automated quest system that offers enhancements to your character and their items. DoD has been around for over seven years and alot of thought has gone into the creation and development of our areas. * Pets save and level like player characters. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hideaway MUSH [MUSH] PennMUSH 1. Unless you unless you unless you regardless are discomforted by the intrigue of a medieval world. None of these cut and paste areas 8000 [195.. Yes.. * An arena that allows any players to battle without repercussions. * Many unique spells and skills developed by our team (just to list a few): -Cast spells effects that stay in rooms and even roam for a length of time.netcologne.125] 4201 [208. The forces of Chaos have found a strong foothold. inspired by Rom 2.until you take a sword and cut it down. written in Java (TM). after several months (years?) of development the team behind programmer P.11] None WARNING: ADULT CONTENT It's not known when or how the Island known as Hideaway . No responsibility taken for decapitation or THE MAGIC LIVES .140. -And much more. if you are new to this or not - DAWN OF THE AGES awaits. and it is feared that once again the world stands at the Dawn of Demise.pennmush...237.14.42. * An advanced and balanced monetary system. and tons of them.slip some of his evil minions through the gate.netcologne.7pl34 with minor hacks to the source. witnessed the countless enhancements possible by JAVA (tm) code. hate joining the fray with others of your kin. -Creating and setting of traps. Herth came up with an elusive new version of a tasty little PK MUD. A small list of our unique features include: * Advancement to level 100 and dual classing. -A unique mapping system if you have the skill or spell. and so the battle rages on. Dawn of Demise implements many new features and ideas not seen in other muds.4 dawn.

Sane people are asleep in their 5000 [142. the little village has grown into a bustling The full moon shown brightly over the Pangea. with all kinds of different interests. But everyone knew a few wouldn't get a chance to see the sun rise. more and more people began to appear. casting deep shadows among the warehouses along the docks. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dead of Night [Dikumud] Derived deadofnight. exsisting in a state outside of time itself. it was inevitable that eventually people would fall into those portals and end up upon the Island. and fragment the army enough to prevent a full assault. We welcome female and male players alike. full of lively activity and fun. Every so often. the village of Hideaway. Now. in different places in the world.131. friendly environment for all kinds of women. but the recent bloody assaults by the hill giants in the forests to the north would contribute many fresh members to the army of the dead. Sometimes for days. many baffled as they discovered only females seemed to be able to exsist on the Island.47] http://www. HideawayMUSH is a place designed to be a safe. At first. Of course. forgetting the terrors which are happening beyond the safety of the city walls. was born there in the sheltered cove. On nights like this. open and friendly place for lesbian interaction. sometimes for only moments. only a few appeared. Over the years. however. or drinking in a busy tavern. The full moon alone meant that the dead would be out in full force. Those first arrivals found the fishing around the island to be plentiful and prosperous. and so a small fishing village. The population began to grow. fresh in from their battles on the wild southern continent. The men who found themselves upon the island were changed by the place's magic. the city gates are locked tight. but for thematic reasons we only allow female characters. the boundaries of the Island would encroach into one of the many worlds in the multiverse and a portal would open.deadofnight. ----------------------------------------------- . A band of Mystic Knights had recently arrived in town. They would do their best protect the few people who hadn't made it to the city. forming and shaping into an open. a few hundred years after the first few people found themselves transported to Hideaway. This is ment to be a place where womyn can go to explore various aspects of themselves and generally have fun in a roleplaying setting. It was simply there. There was some hope tonight. with extra guards posted. Tonight the mood was much more somber than the typical nightly ruckus which normally filled the bars.came into exsistance.165. the appearance of portals in the real world beginning to grow more frequent.

each character has an incredible range of choices during character creation.tamarisk. With thousands of combinations of race. and you can even choose to join 2 professions. profession and secondary profession. party system.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dead of Night LPMud [LP] Amylaar LPMud 3443 [204.156. skills. Choose from 13 races. fast internet connection. equipment. and popularity. and you have a truly remarkable role playing experience. race. (the most popular being: vampyr. and many ways to interact with other players and non-player characters.44. in which characters try to conquer the rising shadows and chaos. with new spells. 4 classes (Rogue. Fighter. The Immortals of ET are friendly when you need them to be and are always in the background helping to keep things exciting for all those looking to immerse them selves . quests and adventures possible each and every time yo u log on. Stop by anytime. The clans of Eternity's Trials are constantly evolving. as is the world itself. demon. All this. in cluding gender. DeadOfNight has many features to make the game more enjoyable.ab.11 9000 http://etrials. A crimson moon floats alluringly over a distant mountain. combined with the player's own personalities thrown into the mix. DeadOfNight is a gothic fantasy. Yet. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Eternity's Trials [Rom] ET Modified Eternity's Trials is a long standing MUD which can be both basic enough for tho se new to MUDs and in-depth enough for players tired of stock environments and looking to experience a new and dynamic world. Mage). player run clans. and a hazy mist falls from the deceivingly clear A light fog rises from a nearby swamp. or do the whorehouse quest! Combine these features with DeadOfNight's extreme stability.4] http://www.71. DeadOfNight is extremely newbie friendly. Each with their own special abilities. Character's personalities can be fully developed around a variety of factors. And don't forget to 'help mudsex' and mudhead your friends. class. one thing makes you nervous: it is far too quiet in the Dead of Night. Cleric. personalized equipment and even an overall attraction rating. Color support. creates a worl d of unique characters to interact with.deadofnight. calling you to adventures untold. werewolf and drow) each with their own unique racial abilities.

and MUSHes in general. and also real-life gatherings are being arranged now and then so that the true peopl e of Artesia may exchange gossip. either alone or in a party with other players. the world is named . This i s no DIKU style MUD.betterbox. brute strength and nimble fingers all play a role in there is always a new challenge waiting for any adventur er regardless of skill and experience. let me tell you that it is very old. psionics. It is dedicated to hosting ORIGINAL Sub-MU*'s. coding. One can here enjoy wandering about in a large world.R. . and is a privately the world of Eternity's Trials. strictly fantasy-based . It goes back to 1990 and was created by a handful computerscience stud ents. but th e most important element of Eternity's Trials is YOUR PRESENCE within. It is constantly being improved and new additions and changes come often.159. 3.R. not-for-profit gaming arena. Players also tend to stride to become the be 4242 [194. There is also a social aspect to the game. Many new friends have been made.206. :-) Welcome to Deeper Trouble already! uble . Since the different areas and puzzles are very distinct.demon. as well as providing a safe. Magic.demon.185. and although it has its roots in the stories of J.78] http://delphi.Zordiac@DeeperTro ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Delphi MUSH [MUSH] TinyMUSH 207.76 8888 [209. newbie friendly atmosphere where new players can learn the various aspects of building. face to face and over a mug of dark ale.164] http://www.83. and always will be. many other speci es that share its theme and spirit also populate it these For those of you who have not yet been in Deeper Trouble.452 Delphi MUSH has been in continuous operation for more than four years.132.9-dev. It is complex by nature and thus very challenging and exciting. although not by theme or connection.deepertrouble. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Deeper Trouble [LP] LDMud. Artesia .

Come join Delphi! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Delphine [LP] LDMud delphine. Delusion is very fast-evolving and the friendly team of administrators is constantly working on new additions and challenges for your gaming enjoyment.72. With a massive amount of about 80 quests it makes reaching immortality a challenge for even the most experienced players. and suffer no interference from Wizard. so you don't have to worry about the shiny sword you just found and the next lesson is beginning in two minutes. who exists solely to maintain the database and safeguard against twinks. Equipment saves over linkdeath and quitting. orc fighters with their scimitars made of hardened steel are quite different from their elf counterparts. Don't know how to build.mud.smartmonsters. when there are regular playerkiller tournaments. The combination of the brandnew VME codebase together with the look and feel of an AberMUD makes it easy for new players to get used to the game and all its complexity.3] Delusion is one of the biggest AberMUDs still in existence.delphine. Subs are administered by their builders. Runners can choose between several races and join or leave a certain guild at their desire. Come give your original theme a place to live and grow. but adult status may be verified at need. easy to learn tutorials as well as volunteer +tutors specializing in a number of subjects and willing to 6715 [141.71] : .30. For example.232. Playerkilling on Delusion is not permitted. or join one of a variety already in progress. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : TriadCity : [Custom] server currently in beta : : http://www. Character and Alts creation is unrestricted.Build an original theme of your 23 [130.. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Delusion [Aber] VME The main idea in Delphine MUD is that your race defines what kind of a character you are.225. except for Thursday evenings. or code? No problem! Delphi has many fun.delusion.

mine. No player-command logging! Among the multitude of features you will find on Delusions are ANSI-colors (paint the world!). Guide/Helpsystem (Del is *VERY* userfriendly). Hintcookies (giving you helpful hints every time you connect). Contains one of the largest libraries of spells for MUCKs. stand and swim in a logical way).com Delusions is a social-based MUCK with an emphasis on enjoyment. Pathfinder (helping you plot the route between two locations on the Muck). FamilyMagic (keeps track of your family tree!).218.200+ objects.TriadCity is a large-scale multiuser role-playing game with a literary orientation. violence and nonviolence. SpotMagic (helps you lie. The management is fun-loving and willing to answer any questions you have. some relative. freedom and slavery. some radical. Where most MUDs focus on 'kill the monster' style adventuring. We hope you'll check us out. Database size = 13. chess. hearts. MrTutor (step-by-step tutorials). labyrinths. TravelMagic (catch a wagon and ride through the worlds).137] http://www.194. personal and collective identities. Various forms of subjectivity are imposed on the characters which players create. 4-ina-row) Welcome!! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Spectors of Distopia [Dawn] Highly modified. plot. purity test. While role-playing MUDs are fairly common. combat games. characterization. Linewrap (in-server!! no more cut-off lines). TriadCity explores themes which have been central to Western culture: good and evil. currently in 2735 [24. 'Literary orientation' means that narrative techniques from the novel and other traditions are 4999 [216. point of view. pointblue. and so on. This means that character histories and views of the world are potentially unique to each individual player. such as voice.105.227] None . We opened to the public on 10/1/01 and are just starting to build our player base. and will tell us what you think! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DelusionsMUCK [MUCK] TinyMUCK (Fuzzball) DelusionsMUCK. Online-Games (poker. sit. nature and civilization.103. Highlighting (have friends' messages show up in colors).DelusionsMUCK. this one is different. city and country. There is a lot to explore and many things to see.

How many MUD's have you played that are enjoyable. -Leanna. detailed npcs. quests. Robert Jordan. with interesting new areas. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Demon's Gate [LP] CD Driver Smell that? Stand back and take a deep whiff..22. Smell that toasty smell? That's elven eyeballs roastin on the fire after a hard day of fireballin innocent villagers and hobbits. there's plenty of room for more!! Demon's Gate is a pure fantasy role-playing environment (though roleplaying isn't required). and a few all-original domains. Features include a complex combat system with new detailed critical hits. Look at it a thousand different ways and that etho still applies. even with no prior coding experience. players are welcome to apply for wizardhood. That's right. After gaining some experience playing DG.. Orlin. Our goal at SoD is to be the MUD you go to because it's not only an amazing game. To make a MUD truly successful you need a satisfied playerbase..R. DG is a very fast-growing mud. The mud is divided into a number of variously themed domains including those based on J. We offer a global roleplaying theme for all to follow if desired. Without players.. not an addicted one that keeps coming around because they have nowhere else to go. but leave personal roleplaying lines open for individuality from player to player. so if you'd like to be a part of the final steps in the creation process of SoD. Currently we're open for BETA playertesters. you have no MUD. guilds and clubs. Tolkien.R. but it's the second home to players and immortals alike. sharpen up yer knives and grab a barbecue stick . Thats the smell of an orc skull well-cloven by good Tar Valon steel so the brains lop out in two neat peices and don't leak out the ears like you get with a warhammer. and the role of the mortal characters are the peons of a domineering group of immortals? How many MUD's have you played that are essentially ruined by the out of control staff? We at SoD believe that the mortals make a game. that's the smell of Demons Gate! So come on in closer . ----------------------------------------------- . Classes and races are being reworked to allow for class AND race remorts that will provide a system in which nearly every character can be completely unique. Yeah there's nothin like roastin eyeballs over the campfire after a hard day's hike through the 3011 [195. guilds and systems being introduced all the time.demonsgate. and the staff of SoD. drop by sometime and give us a try. but the staff is dictatorial.199] http://www. egotisitcal.

Most of all. Clan points provide clans with a way to quantify their status in the world. some of it faithfully transposed. ranging through c omics to cartoons. We offer player owned/run orders for envisionistic peacefuls. all backgrounds. or perhaps even make the jump to Apprent ice Creator. its cooler than Canada.1. We have included many .com/ LooneyMud is a myriad of things. an immortal-like level. and you don't need to pass through customs an d declare your cigarettes. your skil ls and outlooks shaped by your choice of membership to one of our many guilds. and free their availability for questions or problems.looney.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : LooneyMUD [LP] based on old Discworld looney. depending on your point of view. colours.158. LooneyMud. its a good place to kill som e time.PiGFacE ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark Forest Mud [Smaug] smaug 1. races. It's a w orld filled with pop culture.4a (slightly)modified Dark Forest is a fairly new SMAUG based mud that is aiming to attract YOU. to eventua lly rise either to hero.darkforestmud. or even power. We discourage over-use of immortal intervention to encourage Roll Playing. it's a way of life.63. Most subjects tend to be drawn from television and the cinema. A large deity database provides a great (fantasy)theological platform for even more rollplaying. and can be used to buy more room. A virtual world filled with travellers from all ends of the online gl 8888 [216. and player owned/run clans for domineering deadlies. On LooneyMud you'll travel throughout the realms of pop culture's creations. You take on the persona of someone immersed in this alternate reality. and ages. a place to always fall back on for friends and recreation. and much of it faithf ully ridiculed. You then guide this character through 300 levels (which is much less than it seems).net 4000 [66. w hile to others its a place to languish and fail. For some peo ple here. a waste of time to be avoided.220. beginning a whole new way to take your character further. . tai nted through the efforts of our Creators to provide as much abnormality as humanly po ssible.6] http://www.116] http://www. from sitcoms to major motion pictures.

64 mserv2. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Desolation [LP] Lima Mudlib.0a8 (LPMud) desolation.181.29. You can join one of the many guilds in development. as well as open to both new players--to smaug or to mudding--and! experienced players--to one or both--to help teach the new ones. but a continuation of Wasteland. and check us out! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : BrutusMUD [Circlemud] based on bpl8. which will test your knowledge of your character. and the Association of Irradiated Mercenaries. or an assault] 7878 [63.12] http://www. An LPMud.desolation.8. In near future there will be completely new remort engine which will offer totally new possibilities. but not unlimited amount :) Successfully completing the challenge opens whole new range of possibilities to advance your character far beyond limits of lower legends. and help dispel the darkness.subtle features to make your playing experience better.113. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Den Fuzzball fb5. Come visit. including the Desert Rangers.14] http://www. You must certify your age to access the adult side. But only few reached this status. and they are honored as gods among other mortals. but not drasticaly different from standard smaug.html The Den Muck has a social and an adult side.wizvax. and have started adding new areas. Come visit. whatever suits your style. picking up where WL left off. We are open to 4444 [195. enjoy the Desolation is not an emulation. so only the best players can ever reach 5th legendary level. version 1. or to slaughter them . To reach 5th legendary level.). . but would like to see some form of dedication before you are provided with an immortal BrutusMUD offers 4 basic classes from the beginning. Wield a wide range of weapons. and after reaching level 60 you can advance to legendary levels which offers new skills and spells and generally greatly enhances your character. We are sill looking for builders.249.141. you have to come through special challenge. currently about 99% rewritten brutusmud. We have a wide collection of stock areas which we plan to keep. Of course you have more attempts available. be it a crowbar. the Badland 8888 [199. however at level 30 you specialize into one of 3 advanced classes (3 for each basic class).

a town of evil. watch it grow as you grow. staying out of the race wars. which is just for women.20] http://sanctuary. wanting something different. Join a clan. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Sanctuary [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3. one. Learn a lore. built from a land fill. others are very visible. Junktown. Desolation . with 14 classes for you to choose from. sharpen your blade. the city for the good.0 gamma sanctuary. So if you're looking for a challenge.193. to major changes to the way things work. and radiation. From the minor bug fixes. and live within the walls of Silverstone.wolfpaw. a lovely town under the mob rule of Ugly John and his gang of thugs. We consider player Are you looking for adventure? Seeking something fresh and new? Ever wish you could wield a Demon Slaying sword? Wear a ring to protect you from fire? Buy a baby dragon. casinos. a place to meet others who share your interests.wolfpaw. corruption.18. daily. When you are drunk and in some areas. and come play Desolation of the Dragon II. and listen as much as possible to player input.254] http://www. friendly 4000 [69. and prostitution. your guild will no longer accept you. which teaches you the weakness of certain types of creatures. -------------All players must be 21 or older------------The cornerstones of Sanctuary are: .net 5555 [216. We are currently updating a lot of our areas with our unique MIML (MUD Internal Markup Language) code. You can also join one of the alignment bound classes. strengthen as you strengthen.. it's sure to be worth your while. or if neutrality is your way. we contain well over 130 areas. carnage. follow a god. or if you wish. Lovely Las Vegas. become one of the neutrals. not the normal find the quest-item type. if you stray too far from the alignment.dotd. and live within the evil city of Malaria.90. DOTD is a Smaug/Dale hybrid. but be wary. We have 19 Sanctuary is a place dedicated to those who love BDSM and to welcome those who want to learn more. that occasionally insue. stay as an athiest. Our staff is devoted to creating a warm.More reactor leaks than any other mud! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Desolation of the Dragon II [Smaug] SMAUG/Dale Hybrid dotd. though these classes are powerful. Visiting such places as Quartz. and your wits. a small tribal village. Some aren't quite visible to general players. You may join an evil race. We have many quests. DOTD is undergoing constant changes.. the Amazon.50. Ride it around the world. which test your mind as well as your strength.Explore a world full of wreckage. you see other messages than you would while sober. or join a good race.

Castelgard.html ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Avatar West [Merc] Using the AVATAR MUD Codebase avatarwest. Choose your kingdom from 2411 [65.mudhaven.wolfpaw.174] http://www.171. Roleplay is welcomed as it is a component of BDSM play.mudhaven. You could end up reincarnated as a Golem Sorcerer or a Goblin Monk.outland. and will shape your future within the lands. With 9 classes and 40 races. welcoming place devoted to BDSM The privacy of our players Consensuality & consideration of others Aiding anyone interested in learn more about BDSM from novice to pro We focus on the many real life elements of BDSM practice.248. What we've done is create a remort or 'Incarnation' process that will cycle you through the 50 base levels of the traditional AVATAR. Verfleet or Mithramir. '5 Kingdoms of Mercator' is now ready to be enjoyed by all.96. We have all of AVATAR's experimental and grandfathered classes as well as all of the NPC races (making the total 40!) for this. Portloe. For character requests: http://sanctuary. Explore the . Learn from a pool of thousands of skills and spells. it allows people to explore thing buried deep within them in a safe way. After six years of beta and alpha testing. Choose from fourteen races and seven classes each with three sub-classes combining to give 294 unique character creation paths. This includes discussing a wide variety of subjects (both BDSM & mundane). Each kingdom has unique dangers and rewards. Every time you cycle 3000 [209.* * * * A warm. & much Avatar West is a mud using the same areas and code as AVATAR but with a different level structure. you are reincarnated as a new race-class combination which is picked randomly.239] ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : 5 Kingdoms of Mercator [Circlemud] Very Heavily Modified (6 years beta testing) xerxes. Enjoy and you are welcome to play! Avatar West plans on being around for a long time and has the same technical and developmental staff as the traditional AVATAR. classes about practicing BDSM beyond the screen. there is plenty of variation.8.

maintain and save your personal steed to help you adventure into distant lands.Major Modifications df. A friendly atmosphere alive with action and adventure provides an exciting and engaging environment for all. 5 Kingdoms is suitable for complete beginners and experienced mudders alike.51] None Corl is an original fantasy-medieval themed mush. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realms of Corl [MUSH] [MUSH] chaos. It has a limited combat system that supports roleplay and an 'afterlife' that allows players a chance to continue interacting after death. Master skills and learn extremely rare and unique magic from spellbooks found within the kingdoms.128. There are positions open for nobles as well as for commoners. Specialty eq must be approved by an admin and justified. exactly four hundred years after the discovery of ancient technology on the planet Mars on the second manned shuttle to . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Earth 2438 [SWR] FotE .com 9700 [70.249] http://fote.kingdoms using ships. It is political in nature with established factions all battling for power. The history files have been installed recently. your skills are not limited by your trade and you can learn anything you wish. giving the story of the world in which we are playing and several plots have been established based on this history. provided you can find someone to teach you.moocowpenguin.. Embark on new challenges and quests as the realm automatically refreshes itself every day.104.68. Form clans or join existing ones to build up your power and 4201 [207. dragons and magic. Players are allowed to create or buy their own equipment with base damage. There are several areas open for exploration but the majority of the rp at this time is focused in the capital city. Find hidden treasures and adventure amongst the tens of thousands of different terrains completely unique to the realms of Mercator. horseback. Do battle against your enemies and friends alike in the automated player battle arena with league tables and battle history. Unlike most muds. The magic system is currently being coded.caile. The year is 2438.gageendal.

By the year 2099. Theories that World War IV would be fought with sticks and stones were greatly over-enthusiastic. teleportals.players can level in all 5 classes) . .rich set of social commands .clans . in titles. as it was once called.warm and friendly staff :) .diamondgate. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DiamondGate Envy 4000 [206. 2140 at the White House when all of the main leaders of each of the countries.CHAOS mode After two years of development and testing. though many ground troops died. and World War Four. Since the signing of that treaty.unique bard class .a bookstore (with real books that you can read) .77. communications.71. The end of that war was literaly the lack of firepower in the year 2138. mostly the fight was against technology's power in space.the red planet. every two years. etc . ----------------------------------------------Mud : DiamondMud . served as an international space port for all of the Earth.71] http://www. etc. Io's subterranian colony on it's orbit around Jupiter. Luna Base.many new and original areas . The final seasefire was declared on May 3rd.players can use color themselves too. the first fully functional spaceport was created on our moon. DG is now OFFICIALLY open for DiamondGate is a Envy-based mud (which is Merc 2. New colonies begun to form on the other satelites in the system. It was also the cause of the first interstellar war.2 derived). WW III lasted nearly twelve years and lost nearly 200 million souls from across the globe. We welcome all to come and join us. This war was fought almost entirely in space. Mankind.portals.OLC (online construction) . Significant enhancements include: . in our arrogance. not a single member has ever missed a meeting. along with all of their cabinet seats signed a document that allowed for nearly full use of the Spaceport by all countries. Trillions of dollars were lost durring the war and none of the sides ended up the winner. took the technology and turned it into the fuel of our weapons of destruction against eachother.diamondgate.private rooms for players .ANSI color support . There are even rumors of unclaimed colonies that have begun to be sighted on the Asteroid Belts.Multiclass . The Under-Ice colony of Europa.C. A Subclause of the treaty is that all countries would meet at the Capitol Building in Washington D.

ansi color.2/3. built-in alias system (i.e.123. someone whom enjoys reading books would find this experience an adventure that changes on a daily basis. =) ----------------------------------------------- . modified for 10 years : diamondmud. Within these confines shall you find Digital Horizons is a fantasy themed mud dedicated to a friendly player environment with help administrators. elves and dwarfs.238.4] http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Illusions of Life [Dawn] 1. Of course each race has it's own unique abilities.diamondmud. Fun mud.69r working on world and code mods frostmud. If you are intrested in helping a mud change into a Role Playing Mud then you are most welcome to help. the players are mainly online during the European day times.2] : http://www.4. Good times.0 3000 [63. you will see that the players that we have are very friendly and they will help you get started. and much more! We hope you'll stop by and give Digital Horizons a try. Join a clan and rampage across the lands with your friends.dhmud. quests and all out adventuring are but a connection away. spells.5 LP (Heavily Modified) 8140 [68.Code Base Telnet WWW Description : [Circlemud] circle 2. The mud is situated in a medieval setting.There are no limitations to the experience you can have within the game. Lots of race . Pay heed to the beings of this world. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Digital Horizons [LP] 2. for they are smart and wise in their ways. ogres. ascii art. Meet a pretty elf maiden and have your heart stolen with her beauty and charm. but we hope to fill the place during US day times as well.59] None Welcome weary traveller to Illusions Of Life. It is for the imaginative person. The journey you are about to partake in is called Mudding. Great staff.In game clans. seeking world dominance. We have a friendy staff that is changing the mud before my 4000 [145. And therefor we are still changing and growing.193.19. If you want to play here then of course you are more then welcome. you chose what race you want to be and which class you want to play.241. We offer many options to the prospective player such as class and technical guilds (players can join one of each type). The intention of DiamondMud is to change into a Role Playing Mud. The Immortal Team is small but efficient. and therefor we need you. a party system for adventuring with others and sharing experience. player-killing by instant registration.expanded classes. macros) for long : DiamondMud is a mud which runs from the Netherlands a small country in Europe.

complete with over 100 original areas. We are most newbie-friendly and are confident we will provide you with an excellent playing experience. If these features interest you.4] http://diogen.245. There are some original ideas inside the MUD that are very fun. Hope to see ya on! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dimensions MUD [Rom] Highly modified ROM-Based SOM code dimensions. then remort once more to create a 'combined' class making it a total 41 classes . * Many small features designed to make Dimensions 'look & feel' more attractive.82. While not required.163. The MUD also has great newbie assistance.18. Dimensions has developed an excellent codebase and world.11] None Link To Perfection is an AberMUD based on iDiRT 1. dimensions. join us at Dimensions MUD. We also have a remort system in place where you can choose to remort into a new class from our pool of 7 base classes.wolfpaw. RP is encouraged and Dimensions was designed with RP in Diogen is a world rebuilding itself after being drug into war over 260 years port 9000. and to further balance the world and add to the playing experience @ Dimensions.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Link To Perfection [Aber] modified iDiRT 6715 [204.60] http://www..82 entropy.90.tmok.. As a result of this long development 9000 [206.dimensions.Wolfpaw. There have been heavy modifications made to the code base. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Diogen [Smaug] Smaug derivitive codebase w/ unique areas Dimensions MUD has finally opened after three years in development.17. We offer 1000 player levels with an option for unlimited levels if our players gain the need for 1111 [216. with the few surviving kingdoms barely able to support themselves.158. We offer a place for people to come and enjoy themselves. and to chat. Some features: * Extensive and original skills and spells (hundreds) * Ranged Attacks * Remort system with a multitude of races/classes available * All original world * Full clan system with many options available to members * Optional PK with little restrictions on PKers * RP environment. This war left many of the kingdoms of the time in ruins.

jewel (okay.70] http://discordia. intelligent shades of blue. and left me wanting to read more. mended drums.41. Another remort option is to remort into a 'vampire' subrace with new 2500 [ Discordia is the religion of chaos. cross the Circle Sea to the dark and mysterious continent of Klatch. the sky turtle. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Discworld [LP] Discworld LP discworld. Eris. 'If organized religion is the opium of the 4201 [205. combined with the roleplay atmosphere and an ever-growing list of automated quests implimented. Diogen is most assuredly a unique and fun place to stay.imaginary.162. Discordian Society co-founder Kerry Thornley states. so it's a carbuncle) of cities. As a very kind reviewer said: 'With fish. as it might Discworld is a flat world ten thousand miles across that rests on the backs of four elephants who stand on the shell of Great A'Tuin. venture hubwards across the brassica'ed Sto Plains to the Ramtops. swims through space. Discworld had me laughing at every second turn.2 patchlevel 26 : www. The whole Material Universe is exclusive property of the Greco-Roman Goddess of Chaos.254.246. 23 [216.aelfhame. wombles.71. then dis-organized religion is the marijuana of the lunatic fringe. but it was time well spent!' ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet : The Lady's Cage : [MUSH] PennMUSH version 1. Discworld combines the humour and richness of Terry's books with a high-quality mud that appeals to both fans and those who have never read his work.nevermind.' DiscordiaMUSH is a relaxed social place to be. Shifty Jim. or. she. Ankh-Morpork pence all on a very chilly spindlewinter's afternoon. Discordianism understands that organization is the work of the Devil. With our friendly Kings and Queens around to help. In 'Principia Discordia'. I spent a whole lot more time on there than I expected. straw dummies. as he.9] . 'The feeling I got from the mud was one of fun.available to players. and constant surprises. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DiscordiaMUSH TinyMUSH discordia.34.56] http://discworld. From Ankh-Morpork. shiny plaques.

The 20 lines I'm granted to write this description doesn't do the MUD justice.148.NicoNet2k. Imagine a city. sixteen completely different infinite planes. bind magical foci to your will and initiate to higher grades of magic. 100% stock EVERYTHING! Currently running CircleMUD version 3. Where all from angels to demons.NicoNet2k.58] http://Circle. Connect to 65. don't get other players mad.mine.An extensive magic system that allows players to play mages. Imagine a neutral bufferzone in the centre of this ring. Summon spirits. Deckeon brings the best of the Shadowrun RPG right to your computer. 100% stock code. All are 2065 [65.A fully-functional matrix system. .com Welcome to Deckeon. accessible only by portal and the only place barred to the gods. PFile is never wiped.148. allowing players to form and join organizations as well as corporate jobs like DocWagon and Star .184. We offer: -A functional guild system. Imagine an infinitely tall spire in the centre of the infinite bufferzone. . deckeon. with matrix runs. IC. As new versions of CircleMUD come out. And please. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Deckeon [Rom] Gutted and Modified Shadowrun style. Come by and see it for yourself! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Your MUD Name Here [Circlemud] [Circlemud] Circle.200] http://www. like a tiny ringworld on its side.117. and hand-scripted events. .net/psmush/main.GM-led campaigns. The only rule is. chummer. slaves and even matrix combat. This city is Sigil. shaman. and physical adepts. Player Killing and Player Stealing are not 44000 [24.1. forming a ring. those new versions will go up. A rich and full featured MUD. to the various mortal races in between. astral and matrix.shtml Description : A MUSH based on the Planescape setting for D&D.93. this mud has 100% stock areas.200:2065 and immerse yourself in the Shadowrun world of Deckeon. auto-generated runs. don't come here asking to be . forming a plane of its own.117. Multiplaying and bots are allowed. hovering on top of this infinite spire. Imagine the realms of the From King Welmar's Castle to the Beastly Fido's mucking about in Midgaard. meet.shadowgalaxy. The entire world and game is stock. Roleplaying is allowed but not required.WWW : http://mimir.Customizeable short and voice descriptions for the meat. Anyone who wants to be an imm can be one here.

com 6010 [ Dark Realms is a dark and gothic medieval fantasy world that is a continuing legacy of Bloody Nightmares. or fight on the side of evil and conquer them. If you hate walking around. each with a dual and triclass of its own. and our social class system is partnered with an intricate quest/puzzle system for advancement. life. Dark Realms has a remake of the old TRICLASS system where you may become 3 different classes. Or you can just use the wonderous Laboratory to travel through time! Once you've perused our fine land and are looking for something more to do.8] http://www. We're an large MUD with a past 3000 [216. Our profession system allows for unique abilities for each time period. essentially. Players can have loads of fun on their own or continue enhancing their characters through epic levels. In addition to the fantabulous staff and large zone to explore. spells. or even cleave body parts from it's victim. as having these positions is completely unnecessary for a 100% stock MUD. psionics. over 35 races to choose from and over 800 skills. we've just implemented vehicle travel.uasoft. enhancements. three different MUDs rolled up into one. present zone and future zone for your The greatest MUD to ever exist is back and kicking! Going strong for five years. songs. we have different perks unique to our MUD. we have regular activities like . artifacts of great rarity.uasoft. abilities.genesismuds. We have re-created an entire multiverse of worlds in which to explore. and even forge their own equipment and customize it with over a hundred different upgrades. Time Traveller may have had a short break but we're still the same great MUD and as an added bonus. or evolve your class to the highest levels of power. Fight on the side of the righteous and save the beings which exist upon these worlds.85] http://darkrealms. deity bestowed spells and abilities. weapons that can have increased elemental damage. There are 22 classes to start out with. magic of impossible power. and summoned monsters to play with. glyphs. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : TimeTraveller [Circlemud] modified heavily www.83. drain mana.136.9. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark Realms [Smaug] Heavily Modified portent. we have the same great staff! For those of you who haven't had the pleasure Time Traveller is.genesismuds. customizable slists.132.a builder or coder. We offer a virtually hundreds of different quests.

beings bred by combining human and animal DNA.132] http://www. 4 remort Divine Blood is set in a medieval fantasy atmosphere. while having the option of purchasing clan enhancements such as more and economy.117. RP a little. Time Traveller has something for everybody.paintball tournaments. We offer 4 base classes. so come on by and see for yourself? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Divine Blood [Rom] Rom24b6[Modified] mud.93. we like to make our players feel like they're an integral part of our world. and furs now live on various worlds and space stations. Players are allowed to customize each character to be unique from any other player. PlayerKilling is optional with a well balanced and sophisticated PK Furscape is a multilateral world that plays 200 years from now. shopkeepers. And we have merchants available for those of you rich folk who want to spend your hardearned buck on custom items. The mortal levels range from 1-91.36. guards. are the predominant species. enjoy the game.furscape. and more. and remort system is functional. and the furries (recoms) escaped the slaughtering by fleeing to a colony on the 2001 [63.186] http://www. allowing you to do such things as trade commodities between towns to turn a buck.divineblood. The only requirement is for players to follow the rules. The Autoquest code has been specially modified for a PK/NON-PK mud environment. town festivals. Furry-themed science fiction universe where so-called 'Recoms'. most importantly. Alien species have been discovered. Anyone can easily learn to play Divine Blood whether you are a newbie to muds or a veteran of another code base. Recent modifications to Divine Blood: * special non-pk/pk equipment * modified autoquest code for more balance * sophisticated pk system * modified clan system * room/obj progs * randomized stats on equipment per reset ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Furscape [MUCK] ProtoMUCK furscape. trivia nights. we have a system in place that allows you to own your own city. use common sense.divineblood. Players may join or create new clans. which has since then become their home. an original. The discovery of hyperspace jumpgates and electron confinement fusion has led to massive space 4000 [66. The economy is integrated with the entire world. Immortal run quests and a Autoquests are also available. and more! On the more technical side of things.servegame.78. . along with equipment bought with quest points. Mankind has perished in an apocalyptic war 150 years ago. You control every element . and 8 races. Therefore. We have something for everyone. and.

net/games/grendel : Long ago Uthgol.skotos. Your adventure begins in the fabled City of Brass. and generally taken advantage ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Grendel's Revenge : [Custom] Based on DGD : : http://www. Create your own clans and build your own lairs. and mysterious intelligence agencies. the uglies came. with their cores hand-built by dedicated realm managers. .7] http://www. large scale roaming. Hunters shoot their prey from many rooms away with deady accuracy.0 Beta Patch Level 11 mud. Our community of players consists of a mix of magic addicts from around the world and non-magic players who found themselves strangely unable to stop playing. Factions have must become one of the instruments of Grendel's Revenge. Trolls. and the rest of Grendel's children warred against each other.148. humanoid. choosing between hundreds of special abilities. Loot! Spoil! Slay! Hoard! Become a member of one of 45 races of monsters. or undead -. burgled. vampires. where members of all races and classes mingle without restriction.chimera. enslaved. Necromancers swell their armies of followers with the bodies of their enemies. and all was well. many of them large enough to be considered a small MUCK of their own. dragons. the world of Grendel's ranging from free trader associations to bounty hunter and pirate alliances. military organizations. As a monster of Uthgol-. was at peace. Chaos Mages are masters of destructive and combat magic. Above level 11 players may multiclass freely. making use of the well-known Terraform system. -.labyrinth. As a beginning character. all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The humans.9. A new age is dawning and a new war has begun. For decades they've been killed. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dominia MUD Circle 3. at a cost in 'credits' much greater than the single credit required to level in the primary 3333 [203. Saboteurs can build bombs capable of destroying entire rooms. Now it's the MONSTER's turn to get even. and one of eight races. you are given the choice of playing one of twelve Dominia Mud is based on the popular card game 'Magic: The Gathering' by Wizards of the Coast.and a brisk exchange of trade commodities has begun. But then. and the remaining eight classes have similarly clearly defined areas of expertise. Worlds are original.Some technical info: Many of our worlds allow for free.

limitless. The MOO has a fully functional currency system.geocities. Ghost Hokkaido is an alternate reality version of Edo/Meiji Eras in Japan. where not only humans roam the islands.196] http://www.animaltracks.124.limitless.muck.html Dominions MOO has been a behind the scenes innovator since 1997! Many moos have ported ideas created exclusively by Dominions.63.100. ghosts are always about.we want to see role-play! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : PernWorld [MUSH] 3333 [206.105.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DominionsMOO lambdaMOO confabulation. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Redwall [MUCK] Nameless MUCK Code 1. and is friendly to the newbie and experienced mooer alike.1] http://confabulation. 2000 [] http://www.66. or animal Based on Anne McCaffrey's DragonRider of Pern series. Our only requirement is that you do not lounge about in the Out-of-Character areas all of the time .21 4203 [206. had once warred with humans over land. Dominions! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ghost Hokkaido [Custom] Proto ninetails. We have many unique programs and much in the way of eye-candy. text to speech and ascii options.realm. The staff is friendly.31.51] 3232 [204. Redwall MUCK offers players . Dominions puts the MOO back in comMOOnity! Join a great Currently needing beta testers! This game is not finished. We have ryokan (hotel rooms) that you can stay in or you can build your own Based on the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques. but a Treaty was signed and the hengeyokai have slowly been accepted into human society. ASCII images and ANSI color included. But rest is not easy.111. Timeline is over 100 turns after AIVAS and the events in All the Weyrs of Pern to avoid any conflict with Anne's characters or book events.

etc. while many of the same organizations exist.) <*> Special Holiday Events & Trivia Games <*> Tireless Immortal Staff & Fantastic Coders <*> And so. so. and reloads them when mud boots back up .net 7331 [63.39] http://www.231. so. The technological level of Redwall is roughly equivalent to that of Medieval England. It is set many generations after the Redwall Series ends..117.) <*> Battle Tournaments & Wager on player battles! <*> Weddings & Other Celebrations <*> Personal Lockers & Unique MobProgs <*> A Special Earned 'HERO' Level <*> Bonus Points (rename items.dragonswords.194] 1234 [63.a chance to RP in the world of Redwall. More to come. container. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragon Swords [Merc] 2222 [66. etc..discordia. Aliens on a future human colonization far from Earth.attempts an automated copyover <*> GGC channels (In-game IRC channels) <*> PK Tourney (nice!) <*> Extreme XP (double xp for every kill within a countdown) <*> Tons of unique area and skills <*> Automated Auction w/ Equipment Stats <*> Customized Clan Rooms (clan healer.saves all corpses. join the mailing list by sending a blank e-mail to: AliensMUD-subscribe@yahoogroups.dune. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aliens MUD [Circlemud] Custom LexiMUD tangent.. It will pit (Human) Marines Dragon Swords features: <*> Copyover (warm boot) <*> Lotto System <*> Crash Protection code does the following at crash point . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Dragon's Den [Custom] LPMud (MudOS)/Dragon mudlib dden. make your own clan. much more.7] http://None Aliens MUD is a new game being designed.94. none of the characters from the books are still alive. Building is welcomed.saves and restores your character . To keep updated on the MUD's progress and beta-test opening date.40. baker.

. Roleplaying abounds with many specific commands directly linked to increase the enjoyment and realism to make the gaming experience more interactive. We heavily encourage players to diversify their roles within Dragon's Fang by playing any numerous amounts of genres within the world. Our playerbase is quite diverse having people from as far as Australia and as close as Canada.dragonsfang. All of this combined is what makes this a MUD to come back to time and time again. and our own Dragon mudlib. Recently. We allow all of those wishing to be the few and the far between to mark their niche with their own existance. Several guilds are available that grant additional power to your character.80.116] 4000 [216. Each city is closely made to directly compare the way Robert Jordan intended. So what say you? Will you carve your way through thick and thin? Change the world for the better? Log in and find out! ----------------------------------------------- . The Den combines an excellent fighting experience that makes use of diverse magic with a casual. Countless hours of entertainment and enjoyment await you on.0 dragonsfang. allowing for intrigue and scheming. unique quests. New players have many quests designed just for their lower level status. A structured nobility system lets players build their own castles and wage war against each other. Built from scratch since Dragon's Fang is a roleplaying mud centered around Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' series. Our entertaining and challenging quests are richly detailed and require a combination of swordsmanship and careful thought. friendly atmosphere.127.Description : The Dragon's Den is one of the world's oldest continuously operating muds. You'll even find the Gods that run the Den are often on the game and interact with the mortals regularly. We strive to keep as close to the books as possible with an all original world with themed cities directly out of the books. Dragon's Den! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragon's Fang [Circlemud] Heavily modified Circle 3. it features completely original areas. From Aes Sedai and their Warders to Seanchan with their Ogier Deathwatch Guards. a server change caused our primary location in Sweden to move to the United States..

the first mud I played was called Nemesis it was a lpc and it was a great mud. multi class. hehheh.4 and started over. (I've since learned not to depend on free servers) I'm really not an internet guru so at the time I didn't know how to get in so I just kinda lost interest and figured that at the right time I would come back and finish what I started. .Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Alturia [Rot] RoT2.0b5 w/olc. co-developed with Russ Walsh and maintained by the DAC code team. so after EI died I started Alturia. 2.Mobiles that can advance . ..AutoQuest .Dodge and Parry revamped.Autostance . net and I had a shell to work with.0 needed a few things to get it basically running but run it would and soon after I got it running I opened it.Four tiers .4.Stances . a little while later Russ came back and offered me 2.Dual class at third tier . then all the things that needed work showed up. Alturia has ..Global Socials .mudmagic. anyway that mud developed some internal problems and soon it was gone. Alturia is the original of the RoT2 . but it went away. He said he was very busy and didn't have time. (that was a lesson) well I've been steadily working on it.A special way to advance to the next tier. a friend of mine gave me an account at lionheart. and so I did.0 class. before EI went away I got interested in developing my own mud so I downloaded the code and began working on it.0 to co-develop. then Russ Walsh came by for a visit and offered me RoT1.mudmagic. it started as Rot1 .5b6 then due to some bad management I lost that codebase. studying the old DMG I learned how to be a gamesmaster and developed my own gameworld.Arena code .A new pk feature that requires new pkers to qualify themselves and gives them a chance to try it out before its permanent. Alturia is a solid mud with an exceptional group of coders. four tiers. .A pk gear system that enables pkers to aquire special equipment. but took a few years off after my second free server built a firewall and I couldnt get in.. And then about 1996 I started playing Rot in the form of Eternal Insomnia I was always got pk'd but it was fun. That was just the beginning. always fascinated with the gaming culture I learned all I could about it. Alturia has went through three codebases.Global Emote .Special types of attacks and 4000 http://alturia. you keep your original and create a new character at the next tier .A very smart AI system . all the while I was exploring other styles of muds including Mercs and The End of the Line. stances. Darkblade . Well then along came so I went back to 1. a bit to soon I I started playing rp muds back in 1980 with Dungeons and Dragons. And then about 1994 I discovered the internet and the first thing I discovered about it was that you could play rp games on it.. more alturia.

esseri dalle capacita' multidimensionali. --Nuovo MUD Italiano. Looking for a place to kick some butt? Or perhaps just socialize and run the occational quest or arena? . i Lords. organizzazioni possibili ed ampliate tra Clan.mudmagic. varie classi di Paladini con decine di nuove abilita'. che oltre a gestire proprie aree possono indire quest od organizzare eventi con set di comandi ampliati ed originali oltre ai classici immortali.Visit Alturia at alturia.72.5 ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Radairk [Smaug] FaerieMUD 1.104. systematic adding of areas with a current average of one new every 1. 1. several classes of Paladins with a lot of new skills. possibilita' di avere abitazioni proprie. LoW decadence. innovations as: the Legends. 81.0. beings of multidimensional capacity. opened to beta-tester players. integrated economy with possible interaction of the pgs Merchants. In costruzione. 1. possibilita' di creare proprie Gilde con relativa classe. Gilde. organizations widened between Clans. con doppi comandi. Possibility of building a personal abitation. innovazioni quali le Leggende. possibility of create own Guild with relative new class. sistematico aggiornamento di aree con una media attuale di una nuova ogni 1.mudmagic. 22 culti rpg interamente gestiti dai pg port 4000 web page alturia. economia integrata con interazione possibile dei pg Mercanti. Orders and Guilds.5 months. with double commands Italian/English. that beyond managing own areas can do quest or organize events with a set of widened and originals commands beyond the usual immortal ones.servegame. 22 cults rpg managed entirely from the same 5000 http:// Days of Decadence welcomes you.153 9000 None New Italian MUD. the Lords. Ordini. aperto ai testers. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Days of Decadence [GodWars] Dystopia. strong customization from Smaug. Under construction. molte altre features a breve termine. gestione interamente affidata ai giocatori col tramite dei Consigli i cui membri sono tali per elezione. entire management entrusted to the players through the Councils whose members are such for election.

achievable through dedication. and what was left could barely be called an army. With each passing day. through Zenjaran ( Owner and Head Coder ) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DragonHeart MUSH [MUSH] PennMUSH redknight. from pushing South from Scotland. Ninja. * Constant balance testing. Vampire. Undeadknight. . Her armies. In response. Demon. More info will be added shortly Drop by. They too have not returned. * Elder arena to fight with alike 4201 [63. We offer the following features currently: (some in implementation) * 'Elder' status players.109] http://www. I doubt you'll be disappointed. For six months. Mage. the tribe's power and influence grows. It's been three days since the normally daily heralds have been seen from the town of New Haven. Dragon.203. * Full kingdom/war system with customisable king eq. Hunter.148. Camelot's stance on the isle of Britian has weakened substantially. Drow. The army returned home with a quarter their numbers. have been unable to stop a particlar tribe. lead by a man called Richard the Bloody. Monk. * Werewolf. even with the leadership of the Round Table. Since then. the new border villages and towns have reported no movement along Richard's lines. * Implementing new ways of testing your It has been several years since the death of Lancelot and the disappearance of the Merlin. a small party was dispatched from York.Richard the .crystalsands. Highlander. check it out. It's been nearly six months since Camelot sent an army to investigate an insertgance into their lands. We currently offer the following classes: * Angel. * Tanar'ri.We've got the place for you! Despite being a pure PK mud. involving real players. & a few unnamed ideas // The Days of Decadence Staff. Classes in progress: * Wraith.) We're focusing on: * Making the MUD fairly customisable per player.crystalsands. Nearly half a year has been spent in waiting for this moment . we're still friendly and pretty nice guys and girls. Samurai.

. and each one is adapted into the engineer skills. or will you join the ranks of perhaps the most ruthless barbarian of known history and help overthrow King Arthur? Welcome to DragonHeart MUSH. wizards. Perpetually pre-industrial and heavily sprinkled with magic. a roleplay game where you can play a character in the Dark Ages of Medvial England.4t. charm. A certain level of manners and civility is expected of all citizens. including a set number of levels. The creation and maintenance of DragonMud is focused on a commitment to user's privacy and autonomy. Grand Dames and new immigrants. vampires. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DragonMud TinyMud dragonmud. questors. curiosity and creativity are values most prized by the citizens of DragonMud. stats and a very easy to level skill system.The city of York stands in the direct path between Camelot and Richard's army. to make these skills even more useful. -Omega. We offer many ways to make your character unique. poets. Create your character. There is a list of new force skills to boost the power of your character and lots more still to come. understanding. a merchant. fairness. and will help with any problems or questions you may have. and a vast array of engineering Star Wars: Shattered Alliance is a Star Wars roleplaying mud. a soldier. Will you be nobility. thieves.114. full of hard-working immortals. including a custom level system. TinyLondon is a city of cobblestones. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: Shattered Alliance [SWR] Heavily modified SW:FotE DragonMud is the oldest TinyMud style MU* in existence.dragonmud. DragonMud is not a hack-n-slash. a guard. ready-set stats. The colorful populace is made up of pirates.15] http://www. Shattered Alliance is a very friendly 4201 [ 4000 [66. and interact with people from around the world.170. wit. set in the unique timeline of 400 years after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. merchants. peasantry. There are currently 18 weapon-types. (predating Islandia by a few months) and has been continuously online since Thanksgiving of 1989. We have tried our best to make the game as fair as possible.1 samud. The imms are very friendly. style. Will you help defend Camelot. tolerance. gaslamps. or a maiden in distress? The choice is your's.61] http://starwarssa. and very friendly Roleplayers. You help write the story. stone bridges and ancient towers.bespin. rape-kill-n-plunder environment.Bloody is on the move again.33.114. gypsies. At the heart of DragonMud is an early 1800's walled city known as TinyLondon. infiltrators. ambassadors from other realms. Patience. carriages. Ever want to sail across the stars in your own spaceship? Take a shuttle to a dangerous top secret mission? Dragons' Star. a space-themed Dikustyle 4000 [209. the center for learning and research. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Core 2651 [Custom] MudOS: Colonylib www.168. Though be warned. We also feature unique multi-classing with up to three possible classes. cyberpunk environment. Come stop by and check us out! *Dragon Broods are now installed(dragon clans) *Necromancer class is now added *New spells added to a variety of classes *Deities coming soon! *New zones added as well ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragons' Star [Circlemud] Heavily Modified Circle 3. although the dragon race is much more powerful than any other they are much harder to level. area specific weather & more! * Staff run and automatic Quests.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragons of Exile Smaug Base Mud 4000 [207..17] http://dragon.103] http://www. maneuverable spaceships (own your own Millenium Falcon!). Dragons' Star has an original background story and complex race information--great for roleplayers! There is no charge for rent. and food/drink are not needed.240.. has special school simulations you can attend to find out much more about the game. Our mud is the first mud to allow a true. If you been searching for A mud the does the dragon race correctly you found the right mud. So. allows you to do all this and more in a futuristic. including shuttle transit system and multi-room.10. * Customizable IRC-like Chat system called Quick Chat.dracon. * Over 400 skills and spells to choose from! * Areas that come alive and react to .tnweb.0 dracon. * Realistic space travel. Our best features include: * Player customizeable characters based on alien races.124] http://www. what's stopping you? Become part of the adventure at Dragons' Star today! And may the Dragons guide your path. realistic chance to actually play as the dragon.tnweb. * Message Boards and Mail accessible from 4242 [ Dragons of Exile places a heavy emphasis on the dragon race. New player to Dragons' Star? Ruby Dragon Outpost.

We even have a stock market! *Consistant environment: ever play a futuristic mud that just happens to have spells and goblins? Not so on Core! Everything is in theme. Want some affordable clothes exactly to your liking? Just as the shopkeeper to sew some up! *Care to gamble? Head over to the Recreation dome and try your luck on slots. we: 1. 4105 [63.. this would cost millions of gold. if you need a break from those same old 7654 http://Coming soon! Come on over to Dragonball Saga: Beyond! We are currently open for player testing! We are also looking for builders with the knowledge ready to help our mud succeed. Have the best mud for you.Build 1. Have Demons..244] None .0 and 2. *Player-run merchant shops: work in a store. 650 years into the future. 2. and 3 different types of Androids for you to choose! 4. you get a house FREE. So.. Over at Dragonball Saga: Beyond. there are no legions of monsters that are magically carrying coins. and EVERYTHING in this sci-fi mud is completely original.5 Codebases crazee-records. and Wizards! And.ath.7.145. Have Fusion ready to be used! 3. because you help us make the mud! So come on over to Dragonball Saga: Beyond! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: Galaxy at War [MUSH] PennMUSH . Tuffles.7 Patch 26 stormbreaker. or Core's very own game 'CoreQuad'. 5. Have an autotrain system so you don't have to Grav-train. when you reach _third_ level! *Extensive mining system: on Core. 'The Company' has established a mining colony here. blackjack.. In most muds. Are in the process of adding Genies.'Core' is a planet at the fringe of the populated galaxy. set prices. add goods. comissions. Our economy makes a lot more sense. and your role as player is a mining colony worker. on Core. *Customize equipment: the aforementioned shops can make custom items. *Events: who knows what disaster might happen? There could be anything from a meteor shower to a pirate invasion! Every day is an adventure. etc. poker. Expect to be employed in a shop after only a few days playing time! *Free housing: get your own house. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragonball Saga: Beyond [Smaug] DBSv2. you earn wages from mining. please give us a try! We promise you will not be disapointed.195.

. and the Rebellion and this young Skywalker Will the Empire succeed in crushing the Rebellion. you will also find that there are hundreds of choices in the ways in which you may develop your character! Encouraged roleplay. we have come a -long.muddweller.1g + mods mud. Luke Skywalker has already trained h his Force Powers.muddweller.190. guns and other unrealistic features in a sword and sorcery setting? Stock/public zones and areas clustered together unrealistically? Unfriendly/Unfair/Cheating Admins? Aren't you tired of playerwipes (deleting player files)? You won't find any of that 23 [64. Not only will you find an all original world of immersive. advanced monster A. tons of features. The Rebellion remains in hiding Emperor and the Dark Lord Vader are searching out the .217.103] http://www. Sound interest ing? Create a character and come RP with us! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Hyborian Lands MUD: Accursed Kingdom [Smaug] Heavily Modified hyborian-lands. THL MUD: Accursed Kingdom is Sword and Sorcery MUD gaming at it's finest! Five years in the making.way in development.. or will the Rebellion live on to continue to bring the fight to the forces of the New Order? Come and join us in a exciting atmosphere where anything can happen. Robert E. hundreds of strange places and areas to explore. in the popular Conan the barbarian stories. The Administration of the game ha ve decided to explore exciting new avenues with the Star Wars theme. Tired of cute MUDs with pixies.20NT The Hyborian Lands MUD: Accursed Kingdom was designed to be a simulation of the lands and races created by the master. and a world of mystery and adventure await you in a pure text adventure game environment! Come get bloody with us today! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mud Dweller [Unknown] Worldgroup v3.I. doom-and-gloom gameplay. advanced PKILL options. Howard .geocities.215.Star Wars: Galaxy at War takes you back to a actic Civil 6666 [216.211] http://www. elves or faeries? Tired of future .. time during the heighth of the Gal with Yoda and has come to grip wit on the Ice Planet of Hoth.

22] http://www. scrabble. socket games. * And of course.40. dice. extreme hot potato.64] http://ambition. one of the coolest Quest Areas in existence in use for the top-tiered players. our original areas are fun for both the exploring and kamikaze mob killer alike. its own unique token system and a continuous fun challenge even for the seasoned veterans. Dreams has a MASSIVE top-tier Smurfs zone. * Bloodbath Tower. anime and the X Files. which offers awesome merge quests.MajorMUD based RPG + + + + + Newbie Friendly All Mods Online TWO Mudops to help with MUD Play Over TWO Years online Dedicated T1 Connection for fast MUD Play Try us today!! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Stolen City [Rom] Modified for 2 years to Stolen City version 0.244. Our knowledgeable immortals have implemented many new and fresh experiences to keep our playerbase entertained. We offer very friendly disciplined players dedicated to making our world an enjoyable environment for any 3000 [69. this description will be updated appropriately ***** ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Gundam Wing Endless Waltz [SWR] Modified Some messiah. the players and staff's personal favorite. Dreams is an extremely fun mud based in the world of fantasy. some even having 300+ rooms. Here's a small sampling of our best: * From classic horror themes to 1313 [ ***** We are currently closed for updates 3/18/05 .cx 5206 http:// ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dreams [Envy] Modified dreamsmud.46. including trivia.kyndig. scavenger hunts. * Various fun quests.kyndig.we expect to be closed for several months time . offering hundreds .when we are again open. paintball hot potato and even mob creation/building contests.30.78b slayer.

then we cordially invite you to help in the continuing development of our project. The MUD will always be in development. but you can also exchange gems. But. Hiron. Nearly everything about the way a Godwars MUD functions has been changed. The MUD also features an extraordinary environmental system which encompasses such things as: weather. Not only can you quest for So many things done to the Dystopia 1. and sewing. with more to come including matrix themed. And there's no upgrade system so you have more classes to choose from.19. classes are pretty balanced.of unique and hilarious mobs and objects. and would rather have the mud ready to play. We are striving to create an absolutely immersive game environment where players can have fun without being subjected to harassment from other players or the adminstrative staff. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The 7th Plane [GodWars] Highly Modified .cx This MUD started out as a GodWars codebase.226] http://7thplane.ath. we ask that players show a certain level of maturity. etc for qps.accededmatrix. even though the pbase is small and there are still bugs to work out of the system. Finally. it has since been stripped. Classes other than stock are Ghoul.44.190. we will never run out of interesting new ideas to implement. but. building.10 7thplane. Saiyan. Thief.209. the smurfs will be thankful for your blood. they have been completely redesigned and recoded so that players can experience something different from all the ordinary MUDs. Sorc. and Skyblade. This MUD is nothing if not innovative. We are looking for players who are willing to stay and test. therefore. The MUD's world is presently small.17 codebase that it seems different.0.17 Overhauled matrix. but. and Anonymous of Mudder's Delight. A unique slab has been added called 'Uranium' worth 10k qps! The mud is not up as of yet because I am still changing stuff.8] http://www. carving. forging. mining. and almost completely rewritten.wolfpaw. If this sounds like something you would be interested in. but entirely original. So come and have fun. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Acceded Matrix [GodWars] Dystopia 1. Major coding by Spawn.0. because. The current classes available may not seem unique at first. what fantasy would be complete without a tiered remort system that gives access to lots of spells and skills and many unique clans full of wonderful like-minded individuals with their own guilds and clan member rooms to enjoy. . All bugs found will be fixed promptly and all ideas or suggestions will be considered.7th Plane ver 1. lumberjacking. and a final Pokemon inspired Smurf card quest bound to keep any player up late 5000 [ 8888 [68. So come and visit.

dragons-domain. Manga and Playstation 2 games . We have a number of builders who only build for the Domain and two dedicated implementors currently active. a pre-requisite skill system that encourages characters to learn a wide range of skills. a saviour was found and the Domain has risen from the ashes.18] http://www.Sincerely. make friends and rivals.113. Envy Dragons Domain 4 has passed its second birthday. as past players were starting to lose hope. players are allowed to play as they wish. We've got some fabulous unique areas and features. styles of play and options to the player.Hack//MUD [Smaug] frostmud. The immortals took this opportunity to make some changes and officially release Version 4. . Over the past 8 years the Domain has evolved from a simple Envy MUD to a unique and well-loved fantasy game.8.3. We're a friendly bunch and you should find us happy to help out if you're 8888 [65. The 7th Plane Adminstrative Staff ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragons Domain 4 [Envy] Customised www. including custom-written 8358 http:// . both in areas and source code. an interactive tournament system. Based in 'The World'.dragons-domain.112. and fight in clan battles. and offers incentives and rewards for PK'ing. and a sub-class system once players achieve level 30. The Dragons Domain is a heavily customised.2] . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet : Forsaken World : [MOO] Lambda Server 1. In 1112 [216. The mud itself aims to be original and to bring new ideas.1+foo2. come and check us out! ***** 1 September 2002 Version 4 of the Domain has been released! After a hiatus.Hack//MUD is based on the Anime.6 : ForsakenWorld. and we're on a recruitment drive at the moment. We welcome new and old players to try their hand at mastering the Domain! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : .Hack//MUD is largely PK based. players band together to explore areas and dungeons. Some of our unique features include: a deity system which allows players to choose a patron deity.189.

You can't hide.. and mindless violence. Trying is useless. The mud is still very much in its development stages and suffered from a few heavy setbacks. We have a user friendly OLC for building and will be happy to teach you everything you need to know to use it.. safety.4b6. form Description : In a world where darkness is your enemy. For those who are likely to be taken in only to have little safety. where Saidin is no longer tainted and the True Power is accesible by some individuals without going through the Dark One. to suck you in to the ever dyeing abyss. prostitutes.236] http://www. where a real channeling system. Civilians are the targets to recruit of these blood thirsty 6712 http://www. Winds of Change has an intriguing setting after the books by Robert Jordan. mob factions and advanced skill code are just a few of them. seeking power.WWW : http://ForsakenWorld. windsofchange.. killing destroying plaguing. Prostitutes scour the earth selling themselves for any scrap they can get while new technology develops from simple guns to complex starships. but more often than not it comes down to survival. We're looking for some mature and talented coders/builders who are interrested in dedicating their time to create this as much as we are. family.. and there is no stopping Ivalice Mud III - . You will die. though they are crashing faster then ever. We are trying to create a unique code setting. The fight for supreme rule continues. group to group. which turned out not to be very final rumours about a group of people who can tap into the True Power at will are spreading. Drug lords roam the land trying to get you addicted to the virus of the mind.winds-of-change. but at a heavy cost. It isn't much better then standing on a chair with a noose on your neck waiting for someone to kick it.84. We have our own reasons for doing what we do. everyone is welcome! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ivalice [Dikumud] Ivalicemud. heavily modified. Blood lies in ever street corner and the Mercenaries are nothing but ruthless. Feel free to drop by for a chat. a means for living. are you ready?! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Wheel of Time: Winds of Change [Rom] 2.or even yourself?! Here is the test. maybe even hoping for it. Survival of the fittest many have said 600 years after a final battle.95. Our planets are turning into breeding grounds for drugs. From planet to 4000 [213.ivalicemud. Can you trust your neighbor. but we aren't willing to give up.

servint.umu.But don't take my word for it Enter the Realm of Ivalice . You can buy your unique. Very newbie friendly. automapping and word wrapping. skills. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DUMII [DUM] DUMII 2001 [130. No rent for your saved equipment.18. with free-text emote commands available to responsible role-players as well.' or the abbreviated 'g e b' is valid.acc. Very friendly parser. and the server will adapt to it.50. Built-in macros/aliases. finding adventures and friends along the way. Or perhaps as a Magitek Warrior.251. Player-run guilds.-. you don't gain any experience for killing things. with well-written help pages and friendly players to help you. There are no fixed colours anywhere. personal home and it can be located almost anywhere in the world.. Either of 'get the egg from the basket.239. but there are still plenty of foes to fight.149] http://dum. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet : Dune : [LP] LP-Mud : dune. you are challenged with a quest to solve on your way to eternal fame and immortality. the classes. An extensive list of original actions/socials is available to all players.Ivalice Mud Offers a unique experience in mudding -Based upon Square's world of Final Fantasy. When the gods notice your progress. Four different alignments. using your infused magicite weapons as your best means of attack! Maybe a Dragoon? Or a Geomancer? The posibilities are limitless! . You can set your page width and page height.umu. Some of the features are: * * * * * * * * * * * Classless & raceless system (be any class/race you want). Many games are available like Fourday's Bindings or Kalah.103] .You'll never be the same again. and then set out to explore the world to gain power as well as treasures.acc. No detailed character creation.Using slots and cards to make your living . with different quests to 6789 [209. all colours can be changed to your own preferences. as well as a multitude of other things! Live your life as a Gambler from Narshe . homelands. DUMII has a high quality standard with both its world and its In DUMII you start your life as a young adventurer. Unlike most other muds. spells and areas are all unique We offer a God & Element System.

DuneIII does not employ the use of a combat 6666 [ Duris is one of the most popular race war based pkill muds of all time back in the 90s before it shutdown it averaged 200+ players almost 24/7. The Fremen. elves.mushpark. Houses Atreides and Harkonnen are not nearly so pivotal to the plot as they are in the novel. To ensure the focus remains on the RP. is the center of role-play. Politics and intrigue are the hands which weave intricate storylines and plots amongst the players. With an . thieves.27] http://www.servint.WWW : http://dune. and friendly playerbase. an unknown entity at this point in the timeline.182.8. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Duris: Land of BloodLust [Dikumud] 99% rewrite of Gamma Diku durismud. Dune is an old MUD that has survived the years with its great originality. and economy is only minimally coded to support the CHOAM contract system. Dune MUD's all -original world is just the finely tuned mix of theme and practicality needed to make the magical and deeply moving universe Frank Herbert created into a MUD. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dune III [MUSH] Pennmush dune3.dune3. and fireballs? Dune is your ticket to happiness. with House Corrino being firmly in control of the Imperium. although RP on the hereditary and contractual fiefs of the Houses Major is supported and encouraged. the Imperial Seat. You will find no hack and slash gaming on DuneIII. Kaitain. The tenet of IC (In Character) Actions leading to IC Consequences (ICA=ICC) is a concept of importance to all. Now Duris is back and better then ever! The mud is VERY customized and is NOT for the faint of heart. Unlimited Levels + Unlimited Stats + 30. though they do have a presence in the game. awesome gameplay.81.durismud.121] 3333 [207. The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood remains quietly but firmly intertwined in the affairs of the Imperium. have no real contact with the Known Universe. Tired of mages.000 Rooms + Frank Herbert's imagination = Unlimited Fun Stop by to see what we're talking Description : Have the choice of joining one of nine Houses Major in your quest for glory in this thrilling role playing adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune universe.143. the outcome of physical clashes will be determined based on consent between the players Dune III MUSH is set roughly 100 years prior to the opening of Dune. the true depth of their subtle influences sensed by none beyond their order.

nu/dm/ . Download our soundfiles set from the website . or even immortal in the arena . Duris can take months if not years to totally explore.All your player characters in one searchable account for handy reference . bring your own forest on a picnic. you found it! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : DynamixMUSH : [MUSH] PennMUSH .As a druid. . And in tree. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dutch Mountains [Merc] DM 3..MPS sound support for ZMud and Wintin95.Druids may ocassionally blow up their cauldrons but they do produce nice poti ons.29. where the evil duergar and drow dwell.Scour the mud for component items and assemble your own artifacts .overhead graphical map system.Building areas tough? We have two special-purpose area editors for DM and an extensive builders' guide on the website .Hunting mobiles that climb drainpipes and leap across chasms to get you . and over 150 000 rooms. With a complex Guild/Clan and trade system.. The nature's call spell has ev erything you need to make a druid comfortable . you have to have a HERO character first before we consider 4000 [145.Monks are no longer nerdy with introduction of Matrix skill EAGLE JUMP . . ...4 mud.Psionicists who manipulate spacetime. .. Battles occur dayly with old heros dying and new being born.No cleric available? With dual play you can now log in you second character a nd group with yourself. player controlled ships and ship battles.Want to be a developer? Sorry. Duris is built around the constant war between the good and evil races of Faerun where the players are split between the two sides. with a friendly atmosphere and constant improvements..New Lord system with eight taxing levels for those who go the distance . squid or bear-form they kick serious butt.21] http://mud.. random equipment drops and many many other advanced features Duris provides new and expert mudders alike with a level of mudding excitement not found any place else. guild halls.Animal Companions who imitate the behaviour of their Ranger master . Gather your forces of light and descend into the darkness of the UnderDark.Pick on another player.89. Are you up for the Duris experience? There is only one way to find out.Use deadly archery techniques to shoot your opponent from a distance with you r ranger Classes: Warrior Paladin Antipal Cleric Druid Psionicist Thief Monk Ranger Mage Races: Human Elf Dwarf Halfelf Halfgiant Halfling Gnome If you're looking for a not too complicated mud..Wield any weapon you want with the warrior . Just don't take any recall scrolls from them because who knows where you'll end up.

coding. the soda shoppe. Backstab with dual-wielded weapon. Here's what one of our players said about DynamixMUSH!: A great mush with years of softcoding (est.103.. The Boardwalk at Oceanside including the casino.Days of Payn: the struggle between the Houses within the Empire has begun. The Imps have been drawn from already well-established MUDs and wanted to creat a place where players have more of a say. build starbases..xidus. explore. Unlimited grouping levels.9. Transfer minerals from the planets you find and buy over ten different types of upgrades for your ship. the arcade. Color. Dyre has taken great care to allow a role-playing atmosphere and also have a place where people could just socialize. We have a newbie-friendly mud-school to help ease new players into the MUD life. If you are interested in space themes will certainly want to give DynamixMUSH's United Earth Space Exploration Coalition a Description : Dynamix is a social MUSH with a general theme centered on Dynamic 4201 [216.5] http://dyremud.230] WWW : http://dynamix. and Necromancer) Classes. Colonize planets. Here's some of what Dyre offers: Multi-class (4/9). Global Boards. a place for building. Stop by and visit with one of our friendly admins. First. and actually @dig out your world for others to explore. Ranger. has fun surprises and places to explore. 1996) general theme * no registration no quota * ANSI color dynamic structure building * tons of places to visit cool staff We do indeed have a lot to offer at Dyre MUD.211. and enjoy yourself. Class-Restricted Equipment.100P (Multi-Class). Take a ride on the DC Train and visit several uniquely coded themed areas. questions are encouraged by the Imps . We are always willing to consider new ideas presented by players. Second. Invite your friends and do battle with phasers or torpedoes.4a dyremud. The public sector. based on SMAUG 1. Pkill-Legal Areas for those who choose to be DEADLY by joining the . things are a bit different on Dyre. See you soon! * * * * * ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dyre MUD [Smaug] Dyre MUD 4.dyndns. Dual Wield. we have made Dyre as newbie friendly as possible with all commands and features available from a one-stop index.we admit.Telnet : dynamix. *NEW* (Paladin. Central Square. and socializing with no quota restrictions. There is Comfort Farm in the Plains & Hills. and an automatic authorization system which allows players to be authorized even when no IMMs are online. the Ocena Adventure and more! Stop by Cape Carnival and blast into space! You can get your own starship and explore a potentially infinite 2424 [216. the Pyramid Adventure in the Desert.136.

stop by and find out. and a number of future improvements in the works. or people who have only been mudding a short time. New Races (Houses). multip layer role-playing game of epic proportions.personal. the administrators have made it a priority to provide a friendly. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ebb of Reality Dyrt 66. Full Help Indexes. which can help you put a face and a personality behind the names on the user list. New Languages. and that number will increase significantly in the months to come.27] http://www. Quests for Mobiles. On Ebb. New Socials (totaling to 495).Assassins guild.earthmud. We hope you will stop by and see what we're all about! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Unwritten Legends [Custom] www. interconnected through the central theme of Douglas Adams 'Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy' theme. Bank . and engaging atmosphere for all users.9 earthmud. Brewing Potions and Scribing scrolls.70 1234 2222 [194. Mounts.psu. Our unique "recall" feature allows players to more easily keep track of conversations.18.196. Players can also access "profiles" of some of the more prominent members of the Ebb community. while still providing an enjoyable and challenging gaming environment. Boasting unprecedented staff interaction . Unwritten Legends is a text-based. Speaking of quests. Emperor/Automated/Hero Quests.wire funds to others. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Earthmud Tmi-2 0. whether you're getting directions to a mud gathering or asking for hints on the latest quest. In that time it has developed an engaging social atmosphere which is enjoyable for all players. It was founded in november 1992 and has been developing since. MUDProgs galore and more. Clans and Guilds with Leaders and a rank structure. With a growing number of unique features like these available to its players.229. Earthmud is one of the oldest MudOS muds.29. Teleport Rooms.161. 6666 [65. one which will achieve the perfect balance between social atmosphere and running environment.232. be they old timers from the very first Aber Ebb of Reality has been in existence for over two years. present. we have a number of quests which are only available on Ebb. Ebb of Reality is on a steady track to evolve into a unique mudding experience. future and fantasy themes are available.248] None Set in the expansive world of Thrael.

allowing you mold the history and set the storylin 8002 [ 4500 None In the Deeps of Time. a dwarven peasant or a vulfen noble? Live the fan tasy! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Lands of Time [Smaug] Modified. standard rules do not apply lot. We have T1 connectivity with a server that features dual Athlon MP processors. We have worked hard to make your experience a unique one. many more things The best feature on our MUD is the way our players and immortal team work together to make Eclipse of Fate a fun place to be.and plot development. Are you up to finding them? Perhaps you should come to the Lands of Time and see. where amazing charac ters and terrifying monsters roam. the Lands were formed from the elements of the Endless Chaos. 'The Magic is Back!' ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : HolyQuest : [Custom] C++ . before history was recorded. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description * * * * * * * * * * * * * * : : : : : Eclipse of Fate: A World Reborn [Circlemud] heavily modified Circle 3.9.136. At Eclipse of Fate. You will be happy you stopped by to visit.5] http://www. Many mysteries and amazing things came into being at that moment.xidus.0 bpl 8 Many unique zones not found anywhere else populate our world Transports and mounts (subdue and rideability factors) Artificial intelligence for mobs Gambling Delayed spells Realistic race characteristics Pkill and bounty system Clan code Object materials and condition Damage and repair for objects Climate options within rooms and a coordinate system The ability to smell/touch/feel/listen in rooms for added realism AUTOQUESTING as well as immortal run quests Many. Create an alternate persona from our huge array of ra ces and professions then join friends as you adventure throughout the lands. Unwritten Legends is committed to providing the finest interactive fantasy fiction the web has to offer. Will you be a halfling thief or a dark elfin wizard. Come explore a magical world composed of breathtaking locations.eclipseoffate.

org/ Description : Recently. There are numerous islands in the northern and southern oceans and there are the measureless swamps of the east. Both the minions of evil and the misguided good lurk everywhere throughout the realms.188.. dark and perilous.Telnet : www. . the elders of Israel traveled to Hebron where they anointed David as king of all the tribes of Israel. to the inquisitive or careless explorer. by vanquishing Israel's enemies and bringing peace and prosperity to the kingdom. just as the Lord had promised through Samuel the prophet. plus hundreds more just waiting to be explored.. David must prepare the way for what is to come. Although the Israelites still have many enemies. filled with adventure. as the many humanoid races of Doraak struggle to establish small pockets of civilization amongst the far-reaching and untamed wilderness. morning and evening. Now. and beyond. There are the sprawling grasslands of the west and the great barren deserts of the far Welcome to the mystical fantasy world that is The Edge of Darkness.ofdarkness. There are a number of cities and villages that can provide safe haven to a weary adventurer. Within this ancient alternate reality lies a vast medieval realm know as Doraak. the Levites present burnt offerings. any path can lead to discovery. Almost every type of terrain conceivable can be found within Doraak's ever expanding boundaries. that task will pass to his son..holyquest. However.. yet others are damp. danger and wonders beyond imagination. In this realm. There are all these regions. but alas. in accordance with the Law of the Lord.from the icy arctic wastelands to the mine-filled Tahrenian mountain ranges of the dwarves. And throughout all of these lands lie countless ancient forests.247. some of which are bright and pleasant. adventure. there are still dark forces at work within Doraak. He rules from his new cedar palace in Jerusalem which was built using workers and materials sent by Hiram.12] WWW : http://www.or death! These wild. David wishes to build a temple for the Lord. which seek to undermine all that has been accomplished. The Ark of the Covenant is in Jerusalem in a tent which David pitched for it. building strength and patiently waiting for their time to come again. even these seemingly peaceful towns can offer far more than just a good night's rest. rugged lands are only recently beginning to yield to the influences of civilized society.holyquest. In spite of humankind's best efforts. king of 2001 http://www. David's kingdom now stretches from Kadesh and Tadmor in the north to Sinai in the south. At Gibeon. Come and join David and his mighty men in their HolyQuest!! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Edge of Darkness [Dikumud] Heavily modified DIKU 8080 [165.

nl/ De Digitale Metro is the first and biggest Dutch Moo.208. and weather. almost always). Set between the times of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Elephant Mud is one of the older.for the world of Doraak awaits its next savior. but many things have been build: lots of features.114.195] http://www. Offering a wealth of features not found on . players may take on a character from any of 5 different races and 22 different cultures of Middle-earth.R.109. It was created in 1994 b y Michael van Eeden for the Amsterdam Digital City.33] http://www. an elaborate language system with support for 19 different spoken and written Tolkien languages. Elendor is devoted to providing a quality roleplaying environment where activity is primarily social and interactive rather than 1892 [134. Elendor also provides a custom designed chat system with over 100 channels and its own mailer system equipped with over 100 bulletin boards where players plan game activities and discuss Tolkien's writing.. The roleplaying environment on Elendor consists of a beautiful and accurate representation of Tolkien's land of Middle-earth where room descriptions change dynamically with the time of 8888 [194.demetro. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Elephant Mud [LP] MudOS v22 elephant.elendor..R. etc. Elendor is the premiere J. The staff on Elendor is especially helpful and friendly to players who are new to Tolkien and/or to MUSHing in general. It is newbie friendly: people are always willing to help (well.66. Tolkien based world with 3000+ users and 5500+ rooms.So come and test your might. Elendor has an extensive global command system which includes a finely-tuned skill/stat-based combat system..elendor.206. On Elendor.74. your skill and your cunning against all that The Edge of Darkness has in store. larger and more advanced muds out on the net today.150] http://www. and a convenient wardrobe system with which you can create a detailed collection of descriptions for your 23 [194.or victim! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : De Digitale Metro [MOO] moo. games. The base of the moo was the Amsterdam subway. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Elendor [MUSH] PennMUSH (heavily modified) mush. each of which has a dedicated staff of players ready to help you learn the game and how to play. Not it is an independant Founded in 1991. with a wealth of experience behind it.elephant.demetro. a full economic system with several forms of currency. seasons.

sophisticated multi-classing. Who knows. Its rune based magic system provide a level of complexity for spell casting.biohunterhq. Elephant Mud has 3000-4000 regular players. As an immortal. Several permament quests supplement those occasionally offered by the gods. what can you put here about a game that's been changing and evolving consi .7. there is a fully online area creation system featuring javascript. allowing casters to piece together new spells by adding runes together. It is a dangerous world. and truely has something for everyone. and a newbie friendly atmosphere. many of which have been playing for in excess of 5 years with a notable number who have been here for Bah. exploration rewards. and the fight between law and chaos goes on eternally. 8. but a world equally of great rewards. and much much more to an arena awash with 'stock' alternatives.230. jail and execute people for breaking the law.its competitors.teralink. The mud is set in a medieval/dark ages world.122. fine.teralink. is the key area of research. noble Houses. so there will always be something new to find.21 charis. it brings totally unique guilds. Humans. Dwarves. bloodlines. The only limitation as a builder is what you can imagine. With longevity like that we invite you to come and find out for yourself what all the fuss is 3652 [12. an active immortal staff.servegame. A clever criminal still has a chance of course. 9 or even 10 years.0b5. holding adventure for powerful mages and brave warriors. Laws are both set and enforced by players and Council have sophisticated investigative tools as their disposal. but it is socially 4000 [199.199.9] http://tera.204] http://apa2. not science. Elephant Mud allows PK. and the world is constantly growing. player run newspapers. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Adult Poke Addicts/2 MUCK [MUCK] Proto Tera Mud boasts of a large unique world with 150 mortal levels. or bring down the town of Drakenwood and its environs. The town Council can bounty. you may even decide to stay! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Tera Mud [Silly] Heavily modified to the point of being unique tera. It is a land of long forgotten histories and magic. stamina. Elves and many other races rub shoulders and work with (and against) each other to defend. where magic.

an d roomprogs * Clanskills. Working h ard to make it fun again with a concept that neither needs nor wants a detailed history . or are interested in a more casual environment. The theme is Pokemon.238] http://eternity.. Players are invited to explore our vast areas. We got room for 5002 [ 4000 [195.. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Emperia [Rom] 2. join our many tribes. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dawn of Eternity [Rom] 2. With a huge variety of races. paintball wars. The history is Pokemon.153.42. obj.. we're the MUD for you.. original areas. We want YOU to bring your twisted mind into our pokemon world and show us what y ou've got.27] http://www. We've had enough changing. Recent additions include: multi-level remort system. The Headwiz is back in control and making one hella good Ruby/ Sapphire game with elements of the other games all mixed in together.246.28. autocasting and special items. Our genres are as varied as we know MUDders are.4b6.whatever you want. We'll give you the rules and the means and you can make whatever history you wan t for yourself.. 20 new PC races. * 13 classes with unique still finely balanced skills for fascinating exploring and PK * Original areas with interesting quests based on heavily improved mob-.. and spells. Be yourself and just play Pokemon. or just chat with our wonderful base of experienced. banking system. role play. classes. revolutionary original skills allow .stently for over a year? I'll tell you what you can say (albeit nicely).barat. heavily modified eternity. Emperia is a non-pk. Whether you love traditional fantasy and role playing..4b6 GhostMud -heavily modified emperiamud. and many new. 21 new PC a total rat bas* Looking for a MUD to call home? A place where you can feel welcome and and have lots of fun too? Look no further my friend! Emperia was built just for you! Recently updated and expanded. we pride outselves on our diverse themes. heavilymodified ROM mud with a unique fun atmosphere.emperiamud. 'Nuff said. friendly players and staff.arcon.

4 empire.elven-empire. Eltanin Resurrection is old Eltanin's code.kyndig. If you want to examine a vintage Gamma based Diku (or were a previous player). Unfortunately. Features (vintage 1991-1992!): 30 levels.61. The theme is high fantasy. form the basis for various skill sets.05 dentinmud.155. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Elven Empire [Rom] Heavily Modified Rom 2. but skill sets are not always restricted to single Alter Aeon is a Diku-like multiclass mud written entirely from scratch. and warrior.dentinmud. Players that can prove they played the original Eltanin will have levels reimbursed.251. .ing for resourceful and various PK * Over 600 spells/skills and growing ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Eltanin Resurrection Gamma Diku / Eltanin This is a heavily modified ROM 2. thief. The four primary classes. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Alter Aeon [Custom] DentinMud 2. with a developed history. 8 3000 [204.228. (Mu/Cl/Th/Wa/Bard/Monk/Archer/Psionicist) Semi randomly loading useful potions/scrolls! Must use a scroll to recall! An early mount system! Limited equipment! PK for it! and more! (or not) 3000 [216.105] http://www. it met an untimely demise many years ago. and will be running without modification indefinately. drop on by. This MUD is harder than a typical 1999 era MUD.180. perspective players should be warned. and enjoy what the elves have to offer.151] http://www. We're replacing the older stock areas and creating new ones around our central theme.191] None One of the earlier Diku games on the 'net was Eltanin.4. mage. cleric.128. We welcome any builders to come and help us flesh out our growing 4202 [209. Come.

41] None Rise of Tiran is a fairly new mud. and Sky. along with a load of other things. and more than friendly. leaving its inhabitants at no peace. Our estimated grand opening date is September 2004. new races. and soon to come a unique multi-class system.84. Players may choose from a multitude of original races from Kattaran to Ysbrithia ns. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Rise Of Tiran [Rot] ROT 1. the lord of murder. deitys. Currently. Along with a very helpful immstaff.208. Each of these elements are at constant war.14. ----------------------------------------------- . Yet. and bringing in many. Rise of Tiran is a great mud. We're extremely newbi e friendly and roleplay friendly. The followers of light who had pledged the downfall of 7777 [4.We have options specifically for blind and visually impaired players. when we will fully open the game . In this world . quests and a huge world to explore. Venoch is nothing more than a memory. our coders are adding in tons of new 6767 [207. The evil Church of Venoch had once waged war on it's enemies. Stepped up to rid the Realm of the filth of evil. and even the standard Human if you'd like to start simple. races are seperated by type . the Order of Tiran has stepped up. once and for all. The people who play are only the best. many builders have been hired and Rise of Tiran is going through a major overhaul of all the stock areas.Water. are gone.122] None Terra MOO is an original fantasy MOO based in the world of Terra. and the Church is weak.mudmagic.merseine. from the beginning. We are currently open for testing and welcome players to wander around.. Come check us out! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Terra MOO [MOO] Geocorona's RPG Core moo. there is something for everyone. having only 28-30. The MOO is intended to create a divers e community where every player's tastes are satisfied. having sacrificed himself for his church to survive it's last fight. Earth. as well as extensive on line statistics and help. although there are certain restricted areas available for 'roll'playing and adult RP. Now. With pk arenas. destroying them in the end. A new power has risen is the midst of a ravaged realm. many new ones. ones such as set eq.000 rooms at the moment.44.4 Heavily Modified riseoftiran.. clans.

but I wanted to add an better element of PK.89.) Some of the . or even setting the tax rates and constructing vital industries as the Minister of State! If the political world isn't your speciality. interesting areas of Jellybean include Megatropolis.elysium-rpg. or perhaps gain favour from an existing Emperor and become one of his or her five ministers researching new technologies and spells as the Minister of the Unknown. Thanks.138. maybe not. (Well.94. but you wake up in a room with a real pretty nurse. free healer. I invite you to join us. You are as likely to wield an electric violin as you are Glamdring.154.5 giggle.. no rent.5] http://www.. --Egg ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Jellybean II [Smaug] Smaug 7777 [198. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Elysium RPG [Custom] Elysium elysium-rpg. and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. ever since the release of the DBSaga code. Playboy Jellybean is a mud known for its easy-going atmosphere. rise up the ranks in your .and with each 2222 [24.awktane.mudmagic. thematic areas to bash your brains out.63] http://N/A Welcome. I wanted to branch off and make the most accurate DBZ MUD out there.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragonball: Realms of Rwychris [Smaug] Modified DBSC v2. so be prepared for the unexpected! If you are looking for a fun. approachable immortals.169] http://www. emphasis on fun rather than serious role play. Jellybean offers hassle-free recall. but many improvements. This MUD is still in BETA testing. friendliness to newbies and even some of the regular mortals :) . we come closer to our 4500 [216.9. so you can expect a few bugs. easy-going mud where a mature sense of humor is your best piece of equipment. and nearly 200 fun-filled. and nearly painless Become an Emperor ruling over one of the nine cities which are spread out across the three continents which make up Elysium. Land of the Cult. jellybean just might be the place! Bunny action figures sold separately.genesismuds.

etc. See what's up with mortal and 4000 [206. commanding legions of infantry or cavalry. Many types of changelings can be found here. Perhaps even run into Dumpy.9] http://empire.chosen guild. A multi-continental world connected by ships and dragonflight forms an epic world with a large and long learning from 20 varied skills. Join your city's army. along with years of other modifications and you've got something 4000 [216. each skill having around 20 abilities with which you can carry out such diverse tasks as summoning demons.7] Emerald Dreams is set in Seattle Washington.2.139.html . some rarer then others.aplus. making attacks upon other cities so that you may bring them under your Emperor's command! If land battles aren't your thing. This along with a magic system that uses memorization instead of mana.mvn. our local dragon mascot. Check us out! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Empire [Dikumud] Diku (modified gamma) wraith. that go with most muds. A system of introductions allows anonymous playing where others only see your descriptions rather than names unless you wish otherwise. all-original world began as a diku mud.4 emerald. colors.erisian.200. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Empire MUD Circle empire1.55. Empires interface is dominated more by words rather than numbers and this adds to the role playing context. through boarding or sinking enemy vessels! Whatever path you choose for your character. learn by use instead of practicing. skill based intensity of spells rather than lost concentrations. and has grown steadily ever since. but has since transgressed into something much more enjoyable. bankers. the navy offers you the chance to secure your naval superiority over the other nations. Elysium will provide you with the depth and realism required for the ultimate in roleplaying! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Emerald Dreams [MUSH] Tinymush 2.7] http://www. The city of dreams and much more. Give this mud a shot and you'll be listing it amongst your favorites for years. This 7777 [216. We support the usual multiple coin Empire was created over 7 years ago. forging weapons or cursing your enemies with disease and pestilence.144. This site is all Changeling WoD.102.

155.This mud has a stronge medieval theme. so that everybody can find what they like to do. and not have to do what they hate. DBZ:C is searching for people interested in helping us succeed.61. and watch their power increase. unique remort system allows you to be reborn when you weary of your current life. we are currently looking for administrators. But a new evil is at hand. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragon Ball Z: Chronicles [MUSH] PennMUSH version 1. wits. roleplaying.cjb. we take all types :) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Age of Legacy [Rom] MyLegacy codebase legacy. but sometimes also handicaps.7 patchlevel 33 [06/03/2004] dbzc-mush. so menacing that it will take a new kind of hero to end to it. Venture in for a taste. or challenging other players to a duel of skill. Custom clans can wage battles with each other. Whatever you are looking for. The 91 level. all original lands and friendly players.7. you can pick and choose which you would like to do. searching for treasures to strengthen your power. Leveling. The Age of Legacy is filled with adventure. and destroy their most hated enemies by ravaging the opposit e side. from life to life your strength and knowledge inevitably increases. Come join us if you're a newbie or a seasoned player. creating and maintaining your own clan.105] http://legacy.kyndig. even chatting. and pking . The new evolvable spells and skills system allows you to rediscover new ways to use existing The 8 classes and 10 races of The Age of Legacy offer diversity without confu sion. Drop us a line today! ----------------------------------------------- . none are mandatory. the Namek race has a new home for itself. with 120 levels. pit strategies and perserverance against each 3000 [209. the fact that balance was a priority is obvious to anybody who plays the game. And it's getting closer. The Z Fighters are dead and watching the Earth with King Kai. However. The Saiyan race has been rebuilt on their planet of New Vegeta. each life you find yourselves with different strengths and weaknesses.kyndig. you won't regret it. battling scores of 6543 None story of over a force put an Dragon Ball Z: Chronicles is based on the classic Dragon Ball Z. questing... be it in going off on grand quest s. talents and gifts. all are encouraged. This MUSH is a roleplaying Dragon Ball Z environment. and blades. you will find it at T he Age of Legacy.

Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DND-Legacy [LP] Mudlib: DnD/Nightmare Classic dnd-legacy. All new players are welcome. A subterranean Hold near Starmount. Come take a look! And welcome back! Kinslayer/Evil Admins ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ravenloft [MUCK] Protomuck 1. green. and newbie land was made easier.40.137. A person talking. The balance changes will encourage 5000 [67.81. It was put up just recently (May 13th). and one on an archipelago. A horse's hoofbeats.angelfire.1 mush. Yet something doesn't feel right. Some new areas will be added to replace what's missing. Slowly. or brown dragonriders are available to players who demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the setting. but the AI portion of the computer was damaged. Has all the original areas. and hopefully some old ones will come back too.lycos. right? You continue walking. so technological influence remains limited. A wolf howls a long. Just where are you? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Frostfire [MUSH] TinyMUSH version 3.frostfire. Two Weyrs exist on-camera. The prevoius Admin unfortunately has passed away. and blue.173] None It's back ladies and gents. 2002. minus only 2 or 3. This is 1998 version of DND. hearing and seeing something scurry into the bushes beside you. while ranking 2508 http://www. You continue onward. and MASSIVE BALANCE CHANGES will be ongoing to make the mud even more fun than it has been for the last 10 years.dhs. is beginning to flourish. hearing familiar sounds.184] 6250 [64. one on the north continent in the snowy Barrier range (Starmount Weyr). lonely howl. An owl hoots eerily off in the distance and the night begins to fall. you begin to take steps. Icevale.frostfire.81b3 riftsmux. fix obvoius weaknesses with specific The mists roll in as you awaken and thew world goes datk. a newly established trading post (Kalseru Weyr). fully restored and player-wiped. . Yet you were on a mountain before. and the forest appears before It's the Interval after the discovery of AIVAS. walking the way you believe is right. Anyone may create a resident or apprentice Crafter.

14 + patches + custom code EntertainMUCK. Soulbender ************************************************************ We're on our way to our fourth year. so everybody is an equal. or EMuck for short. we might just be somewhere you'd like to stop by. the system moved to its present location in New Hampshire.18. movie and Broadway actors and actresses. We've installed a 'RP Point' award system. movies.90. is a socially oriented game derived from daemonMUCK source code and has been extensively modified. and opened its doors early in 1996. EMuck was designed in 1995. With that in mind. within canon but expanding upon the initial concept. and push closer to becoming fully rp enforced. there would be no point in having Immortals. The original builders and coders on EMuck were Disney fans.a. races. producers and more! Our game admins use 'normal' player characters for most day to day use. LrdElder (Head Coder) . please visit our web site or simply come online as a guest. etc. Our new 'Mortal Helpstaff' i s designed . it is a requirement for our Immortal's to understand that we work for the players. It was originally housed on a system at the University of Minneapolis. We've pwiped. We also have moderated chats as well. featuring VIP guests. In 1997. but rather to the general topic of entertainment (anime. We hope you come visit us at EntertainMUCK -. and there is a lot of Disney-themed building located throughout the 6903 http://www. We have nightly chats scheduled every Knights of Darkness is going into our second year of being open to the public. If you've ever wanted a look at the darker side of 5555 [216.k. We understand that without our players. which in the past have included book authors.emuck. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : EntertainMUCK daemonMUCK 0.wolfpaw. Our charter is not limited to Disney. and we've made some changes.Where YOU are the Star! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Knights of Darkness [SWR] Modified knights.4] http://SWReality. Access is free for everybody. and in the last year we have improved on many things. Several new areas. We strive to have a very stable codebase so that the player can always count on being able to join us. games. classes and more of each on the way. Another priority here is the relationship between our Imms and players in that we strive to create an enjoyable experience for everyone. the topics of which are determined usually by daily events. voice artists.FrostFire is moving into a phase of intense plot development and major alterations to the world of Pern. For more information. however.).a.

and features despotic prophets. Enuph is a stable mud based on the concepts of AD&D. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark Prophets MUSH [MUSH] PennMUSH 1. The immortals are friendly.171] http://www. This is an RP by consent mush. there isn't a bad choice. a tale of generic fantasy juxtaposed with an Arabian Nights style culture. The theme is original. brave warriors. between T'shombe Forest and the Great Ocean. Can you use them wisely enough to defeat your foes? Enjoy a realm created and maintained by an all adult staff.253.halo5. in the east. come ships bearing spices and other wares. The rules are well defined and enforced fairly. Fight intelligent mobs who possess the same skills and spells you do. It should be noted that DarkProphets does NOT employ a combat system. The nine classes and subclasses have been carefully created to provide unique skill or spell sets for each.133.darkprophets. Explore the ever growing lands surrounding the home city of Dostatochno. From the islands of Dhynara.the-wyvern. where we believe that through a minimal amount of code we can achieve a better quality of free-form rp. Classes and races are so balanced.2pl34 modified with TAZ hacks darkprophets. It is in this city that we set the scene. It consists of mortals who've been chosen by the immortal staff for their rp ability and helpfullness. seek the master for each skill and spell. These diametrically differing cultures render Anaj Naiesta a place of unsurpassed teach new players mud and rollplay basics.halo5. Dark Prophets MUSH is a game focusing on quality role-play in an interesting On the south coast of 5000 [209. independent artists and wise sages. The game deals with the eternal struggle between the light and the dark.17] http://enuph. active and casual. A small player base of mature people provides the luxury of giving personal attention to players. between what is right and what is 1357 [62.61. an econ system.7. or even a magic system. It is a thinking person's game. Pandora (Owner) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Enuph [Circlemud] Modified enuph.159. rests the island city state of Anaj Enuph is not your ordinary hack and slash. Are you up for the challenge? Quest. . Balance is the key.

(Mailing List: darkprophets@yahoogroups. We run on a heavily modified version of the SMAUG codebase. and we continue to . We count among our community many dedicated roleplayers. and code does exist for taking care of that.eternal-city. The MUX occurs during the Suikoden 2 setting. by offering a world with fully developed political. The MUX is not expected to follow the storyline of Suikoden 2. or the exciting life of a mercenary hero. If you can imagine 4145 [216.190. allowing for gradual shifts in personality. with the primary focus on Suikoden 2 characters . with years of experience and innumerable hours of solid roleplay between them.100] http://suikoden. struggle with one another for political supremacy. known as SERF : a Simulated Environment for Roleplay and Fantasy.80. all from a first-person role-playing SuikodenMUX is based on Konami's hit RPG series Genso Suikoden.37. even lead armies into the field. you can do it in The Eternal City! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Eternal Struggle [Smaug] SERF/SMAUG esmud. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : The Eternal City : coldC : : http://www. Not only will you be able to lead the simple life of a craftsman.go. We support a wide variety of features that offer players greater options and a more interactive environment. Familiarity with the series is requested when applying for feature characters. focused roleplay in a fantasy environment.246] http://esmud.That said. economic. although players are expected to be able to remain faithful to their Eternal Struggle is a classless MUD which concentrates upon ) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SuikodenMUX [MUX] TinyMUX : The Eternal City takes a leap above traditional on-line role-playing fare.0 seiryuu. but with nearly total control over the environment--you will make and enforce your own 1234 [209. and military simulations. player backgrounds are encouraged after a player has been with us for a few weeks.although characters from SuikoGaiden and Suikoden I are also welcome. We offer a developed and ever-changing world and story upon which each individual character can make a substantial impact.

136. hiscore boards. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragon Ball Star [Smaug] 1. Ninja. We are currently working on revamping alot of the mud. we guarantee that playing DBStar will be one of the best things you've ever done! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hell's Kitchen [GodWars] heavily modify hk.46. but all in all its a Godwars. Undeadknight. We also have a good and loyal Pbase. like power increases or items.genesismuds. over 180 skills split between over 10 races. Roleplay is automatically rewarded by the MUD. lag-free server with 100% uptime. customized equipment.slayn. We are please to welcome you to our mud. Currently we have the following classes: * Angel. a skill capsule system akin to 'Dragonball Z : Budokai'. The mud is based off of Jobo's Dystopia 20000 [216. rewards for dogged players. a dragonball wish system. Dragon. the Home of in-depth roleplay. an extended stats system. and more real-life tasks. item hunting.9. and a jobs system that is reminiscent of Final Fantasy games.236] http:// Hell's Kitchen is nowon their 4 year ofbeing We've been around for some time now. roleplaying. A ship system. egg laying and genocide attack. become a part of the Eternal Struggle.172. extensive race and skill options. such as fishing. As well as the mindless pricks people love to hate. Demon. Drow. Monk. Points earned from completing missions goes towards jobs. Samurai. There is no limit to player statistics.Including Fusion. We offer an RPAWARD system that allows players to distribute RPP (roleplay points) to one another. unique abilities like bodyswap.2. DBStar is a mud where we emphasise having fun: There is a strong roleplay streak running through the mud that links with a 'fallout' style perks system. . for their roleplaying and also allowing then to gain levels via RPP. and players can indulge in side-missions.genesismuds. Now on a new. Housing systems. consider joining our close-knit community. So if you are interested in enjoying a serious roleplaying experience. and creating their own items. and the points gained can be used in a number of ways . or small rewards. * Tanar'ri. with technically infinite hitpoints and kipoints available. and a unique 'train' 8400 [209.8] http://dbstar.7 & SaGe's LoW4. even after a seven-year history.4a (Modified almost beyond recognition) dbstar. poll and voting systems.refine our code. Vampire.

Maine. covering much of what is nowaday Mt. Staff and Players are friendly. We hope you'll find the mud an enjoyable place to spend time. and a Regular Arena. Demon is not allowed at this current time.* Werewolf.Talker euts. There are some new classes are in the Enchantment Under the Sea is the world's most popular NUTS based English language Talker -. 7773 [212. We do allow transfers within reason.shadowedisles. Set in 2010. <a href='http://www.0.(Custom) A dedicated team of Implementors.(LoW4) Unique Eq that randomly drops off mobs. Tradition 2000 [208. Please feel free to stop by and check out the game. Help files are accessible via 'news' or '+help'.203.197. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Enchantment Under the Sea [Unknown] ArIEN/Amnuts 2.1 Base .Come join us under the sea! Meet hundreds of interesting and diverse users. Garou plus some Bete. Shadowed Isles rests within the sprawling metropolis of Bar Harbor.euts.(Custom) True Arena.5] http://www. The Hell's Kitchen staff ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shadowed Isles [MUX] MUX 2.cgi'>See who's online now!</a> ----------------------------------------------- .euts. Wizard.146] http://www. nor is Kindred of the East. Death Arena. and welcome you to our mud. and to keep the mud running as well as possible. and get your own free email address and subdomain.139. Desert Island. It is a multi-sphere game comprising of Camarilla/Anarch/Independent Kindred. play games. Shapeshifter. but they are subject to Sphere approval. Jedi. and look forward to answering any questions that you may have. Mortal+ and a high Mortal population.13.geocities. and Owners do their best to make this a nice place to spend your time. Admin.3 dwr. * * * * * Here is a list of things we have added to the code: Custom Kingdom Code (with ranks & alliances) Legends(LoW4 Status based pking and powers. MUD user friendly. & Sith. Gypsy.

dragons. wish those onelifers back.169. immortal run quests. automatic questmaster. but die and its game over! A wish system. There are quests and challenges that lie in the domain that sometimes require the assistance of another player or possibly one of the immortal beings that oversee their progress. and I am looking forward to seeing you online.44. The friendly staff environment also allows for people to chat with friends and wander around the environment. unique ways to enhance both players and items. mob program quests. : : : : : Entropy [Rom] heavily modified rom code Sincerely.servuhome. To play on Fallen Night. One life characters can be created! -super fast to level.105] .org 1234 [207. and sports a unique remort system. or for riches. and caves. you become a stronger class based on your alignment.Owner ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet : DragonStone : [EOS] Highly Modified from EoS : Dragonstone.142. heavily modified and original. dungeons. Every person has the freedom to play their character however they want.crazyeddies.User Dungeon) where people from all over the real world can come together and play in a role-playing environment. use your telnet software and connect to mud.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description Entropy Mud. Full color support. Role playing is encouraged on Fallen Night.62] None Welcome to the realm of Fallen Night. much much more! Entropy mud has been a work in progress for over 8 years now.14. Fallen Night is an LP Mud (Multi..] None A Rom based 9001 [lexx. dragonball and mtg sub themes. I welcome you to play on my mud. It is a virtual world in which you create a character of your desire and ex plore the lands that behold you with adventure and challenge. Fallen Night provides an environment containing monsters. but only if you get all 7 dragonballs! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Fallen Night [LP] Modified original Twlib mud. suggestions and ideas to the Fallen Night e-mail address: fnight@crazyeddies. This type of behavior is not discouraged and is usually welcome as long as it does not disturb other players involved in other things. or powerfull port 5150 Please e-mail comments. witches. where every time you reach max level and 5150 [69. and adds to one's mudding experience. warlocks. Ralph .

You must seek the aid of others. We have no policies on role play.188. or inexperienced folks with a creative turn of mind and good verbal skills. you are sure to fail. either experienced coders. The theme is Fantasy.. The classes will be entirely run by players. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Everdark [LP] lpmud everdark. and would like people to play the game in the manner that they enjoy the 1998 [130.184.75] None Dreamers has been in the development stage for nearly a year. We are interested in hiring coders. and defining characteristics of that class. and is now open for playing. though.everdark.student. or seek help from the friends you will make. Are YOU one of these? The Legend tells of a great Golden Dragon called Corin-Mur. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dreamers TMI-2 cal006031. alone. and the people proposing a new class can select the government. recruitment policy.. primary and secondary stats. Few.WWW : http://www. It is said that the stone holds the key to immortality.227. there are 25 possible combinations. though things are still a bit rough around the edges. Aden. Most believe the stories are that of a fool's imagination. Breathe life into whatever you create. once they are approved. many tales have been told of the legend of the DragonStone. who holds the stone within its 3000 [199.dragonstone. and some limbs of Description : Throughout the towns of Prexion.18] http://www. With five different races to choose from.. It's a bit random.utwente. with surrealism and creativity strongly encouraged.89.. dare to venture beyond the towns to seek the Everdark features: . and Einar. so unusual physical characteristics are easily attained. name. Multiclass if you desire. Our race selection is a bit unusual in that new players can choose to merge two races to obtain some characteristics of each. There are many great tasks and quests to complete in your search for the DragonStone. Choose from 16 races and 14 classes. Join one of the clans.

* 9 guilds: Fighter. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : WoDSpace [MUX] MUX 2. Illusionist. Cleric. weaponsmith. so ships and ship combat will be supported in the future. What happens when humanity advances and takes to the stars? Vampires are deprived of sustenance. much. so must follow. Mage.12 #1 [ALPHA] frostmud. WoDSpace is a departure from what's out there. or save depen dent upon their bent.mudsanddragons. Item creation. as will PK and all other aspects that can be added into the game. We will hopefully be opening later in summer of 2004 for stage 1. The Fae and Magi are offered new worlds to explore. RP will be a big part. more! (Did you expect me to leave that out?) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Muds And Dragons [Custom] MND (SocketMud) fr. * 16 challenging mental. Druid. It is based soley on TSR's D&D 3rd Edition and Forgotten Realms. people to corrupt. mining. Mult iple . etc). meaning extraordinairily thorough levels of detail * Much.4. Bard. Rogue.218] 8251 [67. Undead.32. E ven Demons spread out to find new lands to make their own. We're working on getting an HSpa ce port to actually work.Lycanthrope guild is in the works.236] None WoDSpace. collection of commodities.0. secondary skills (fishing. Future Players and Staff that log in the mud are always greeted (when someone is on) and asked what could be added while we're still in the developement stages. * An excellent level/stat advancement system: 30 levels. farming. Everything will be forth This game isn't fully open or functional 4000 [216. and Ranger . 6 completely customizable stats.222.dyndns.40.and physical-based quests with new ones in development at all times * A complex nobility that offers advancement past simple level increases that has been developed for more than 3 years since the mud started * An optional playerkilling system for those interested * A core group of dedicated and hard-working wizards that concentrate on quality. The Shifters need to follow their foes if the Wyrm is to be defeated.

So if you like dramatic role 1701 [66. so if you want to check us out and ask questions . or merely wish to try playing a character in a well-organized and high-quality environment.limitless.0 shye. but more is needed! We need coders to build the code to work with SGP's cgen. and you should by no means feel limited to fulfilling stereotypes.53] http://www. :) .shye.worlds are already in the works. looseness is allowed in areas that make the game more fun.100. Not a medieval re-creation MUCK. Finally. Builders interested in worlds of their own. In addition.limitless. No doubt.11. among other things. characters and plots. being an amalgam of influences but tending most toward the actual folklore and earliest writings concerning Robin Hood. Instead. Currently under construction and An original Sci-Fi genre themed game. making sure players will not stumble across sexual situations during the course of their play. but RP is encouraged around the A MUCK for people who like dramatic role playing in a medieval environment. with basic Chargen methods. That means we welcome your original characters. come give Sherwood MUCK a try! Characters are created on the spot by staffers and wizards and no applications are required for standard characters.muck. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Sherwood MUCK [MUCK] Fuzzball sherwood.83] http://members. Dispensing with magic and mythological creatures. Hope to see you there! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : ShyeMUSH [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3. Sherwood MUCK boasts a large public area and high standards on building. The unique feature of the game is the ability to add to the story of the game uniquely and become a part of a living history daing back since 1991. medieval times. it is fairly original. this MUCK concentrates on realistic role play with realistic consequences.63. Sherwood MUCK is not based on any single movie or story of Robin Hood.101. Sherwood MUCK strives to capture a whimsical but dark spirit by casting anthropomorphic animals in the roles of 13th century peasants. The Goddess is on most of the time. this is a MUCK for people who specifically seek dramatic medieval role playing. nobles and outlaws. Sherwood MUCK is fun for the whole family since there are strict rules of public conduct. feel free. and the fun parts of medieval life are concentrated on instead of the miseries. in answer to one of the most commonly asked questions. the legends of Robin Hood. not so much for those who wish to 1996 [206.

We also have regular PK free-for-alls called Battle Royale. you have the option to switch classes twice for multiclass combinations. Some you know.uci.24. and see why you will never need to search for another MUD. and Humans. and a dedicated and helpful staff.14.lurker. has a quest-based remort system. With 77+ completely original zones. Exile is built to please the Exodus is much more than a standard MUD.211] 9000 [128. Forget Midgaard and other stock areas. Exodus unique from a variety of races.lurker. Others you may not. a unique guild system. Exile is stable yet always expanding. We have a PK-based clan system and a variety of clans. It s the culmination of over 8 years of progress and growth. An in-depth kill . but also rewarding pure-class specialists with the most powerful skills and magic. In the course of 90 levels. You won't find them here. Come experience the magic. with the look and feel of a well-written fantasy novel. Environments interact with you as you journey through colorful lands.000 rooms. turning the game into a bloodbath with a declared winner at the end. and adventure of the world of Exile. Choose Elves.195.ics. many races and classes to choose from.207] http://exile. like Dwarves. Two richly-detailed continents lie within a great ocean spotted with islands large and small to constantly challenge and reward the adventurous explorer. Explorer? Immerse yourself in a huge world of custom areas with over 17. If you like friendly combat.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Exile [Circlemud] Circle3.87. mystery. with new and exciting features constantly being added. A bounty system puts rewards on the heads of those you cannot kill. we have two arenas for PvP battles in a controlled environment. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Exodus [Rom] Very Highly Modified claret. you can reincarnate any time and keep most of the experience you ve earned. Wars let enemies to settle differences on the battlefield. If you don't like your Exile is a MUD designed and built by serious MUD players for serious MUD play.0 heavily modified exile. so you can join more races later in the game. Exile is proud to offer players new challenges and enjoyment with every visit.exodus-mud. like Vro'ath and 4000 [207.

have been altered with the emergence of magic. Take a stand against the coming darkness. and claim your destiny on Vargo. The threats. and even agents of higher powers such as the Earthborn Angels. The .org 4996 [69. and clergy of the Universal Church.6p14 fadingsuns.37] http://fadingsuns. Will the new Emperor halt the descent into darkness and restore humankind's belief in renewal and progress.57. Alienation strives to become complex enough to rival some of the world's best MMORPG's. Now humankind has been reunited under the banner of Alexius Hawkwood. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Trials and Triumphs [MUX] spodzone. woefully unprepared for the challenges it is about to face from the convergence of all these intersections.48] None The year: 2001. mutants. while still categorized as good vs.57. a world threatened by alien invasions and supernatural incursions. Heroes and villains abound in numbers far surpassing the benchmarks for the historical and 'mythological' heroes and villains of yesteryear. alien species. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Alienation : [Custom] -classified: : http://anation. For a thousand years peasants have huddled in ignorance and fear among the ruins of past grandeur. using only your web browser. scheming : Alienation is a free multiplayer RPG played online. Mephisto.136. Players take on the role of nobles. or will the Light fade at last from the universe? The Fading Suns MUSH is set on the planet Vargo. psionics. members of the League of Merchants. unfortunately. clones. Join us at the Fading Suns MUSH. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Fading Suns Mush [MUSH] PennMush 1.35. 1350 [64.Earth is.cjb. waiting for the suns themselves to fade to cinders while haughty nobles. The New Heroic Age has just begun. technology.count system tracks your wins and losses in combat.7. Battle against NPC baddies or against online players and explore it's ever-expanding It is the dawn of the sixth millennium and the Known Worlds struggle to rise from the ashes of humanity s greatest civilization. or the Hellspawn. and self-righteous clergy squabble over the technological remnants of the lost Second Republic. Currently in Open Beta.

. while not as obvious as in the canon Marvel universe.zapto. a puzzle for those attending to solve. and new areas are easily available on request. the leading countries of the world not far behind.180. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ingvi's World [MUCK] Fuzzball crlh. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Conquest : [Custom] : : http://www. with room for the creativity of many Multi User Dungeon game written in 100% Java. and it is a multi-user combination of MUD and Strategy (Armies) game.This is a world where the supernatural and superpowered hold sway.. although usually relegated to the status of an extremist group.. Preybots have been implemented in the wild lands for those who like to hunt. Mutant prejudice. to find some way to unite and combat the growing threats. A new MUD is open for developers . Come build and (role)play with us! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SpringMUD [Custom] JavaMUD : Strategy role playing game (RPG) located at post Roman Britain . and thus is a tour through his (sometimes demented :)) imagination.11] None Ingvi's World started out as an elaborate present built for a birthday LAN party.necronix.zapto.United Nations is nervous.124. The game is still under development. Building on Ingvi's World is encouraged: there are no builder quotas and the MUCK creator intends always to allow open building. It has been kept online afterward and has been extended to be a fully operational MUCK. City areas ready for your imagination to further augment are available. Within the UN Security Council. The worldbuilding is based on its creator's RPG world. this is the world of Trials and Triumphs. Developers wanted for this project.But the universal constant of change forces humanity to act. Their mission: protect Earth from the supervillains and from those who would try to subvert the planet for the cause of 4201 [208. IW is a varied place. as are wild lands.. still exists. a world where heroes protect those less fortunate from the petty whims of 6666 http://javamud.tzo. Saxon and Britons fight for the controll of England. talks have already begun in earnest to set up a world-wide peacekeeping force composed of those super-powered beings with heroic tendencies.

Net 5500 [64. If you are new to online RPGs. map and This MUSH was founded by fanatical Role Players who love Star Wars and were sick and tired of just how awful all the other Star . but makes you depend on your faithfulness.fandra. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Chicago by Night [MUX] chicago. We have unique area set and solid world concept with creation story. and for many events. You can choose a town to live in. I'd like for this world to be as close to the real Chicago as possible. Fandra offers you a unique religions system and a beatiful world to explore.124. like someone using a certain skill. If you expirienced player.231] http://www. We are not open to players. a pleasant ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: Age of Alliances [SWR] PennMUSH Starwars.0. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Fandra. This is a new MUX that is based in the Windy City.131. ANSI Colors are configurable. fully depend on chosen god. Some classes.Fandra will be surprise for you. derived partially from Rom2. and there are many quests within our areas. It's a new MUX that needs a lot of construction.1 from scratch.186.3. both automated and provided by immortals. Mobs and even some items act We allow player 23 [195.90. You won't get 4201 http:// Welcome to Chicago by Night. No Midgaard. and tired of countless stock area bases nothing new to explore and no role to play .only. and you might loose recall and most of your prayers won't work until you re-raid. Race/Hometown/Class/Religion combinations provide enough different roles for you to play. You can choose a different color for every channel. The coding interface is very similar with lpmud programming.4 portal. Temples can be raided by followers of an enemy god.silver-wolf.fandra.Xidus.xidus. like cleric and priestknight. but we need good coders and builders to build the world. We have quests. Realm Of Destiny [Rom] AMUSEd 4. but require roleplay.158] http://starwars. It is written entirely in Java 1. Following a God gives additional skills. Those who have the Chicago by Night source book would be a great value. start are an with no concept. that's the right place to Adventurer's Guild makes it's easy to learn to play. and on status of your Temple.

to gather information for other administrators. We offer a large variety of races. is up to what our players make of it! We're not following the direct path of the majority of crappy novels that are on the market today.99] http://www.155. Besides the skills and spells available to everyone. join the saga as its meant to be in text form! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Fatal Dimensions [Rom] ROM 4000 [131. The MUSH is no longer 'new' its aged and experienced and its always looking for fresh 7004 [ A fantasy based world. If you give Fatal Dimensions a try.fatemud. our class-system .141. The world of Fatal Dimensions has many of its secrets hidden and let the player into a fully interactive world. Come to Star Wars: Age of Alliances.132. this MUSH was designed to be the most realistic and honest-to-Theme. The reset. We've passed the events of the original trilogy and everything that happens in a Star Wars movie happened in our timeline.Wars MUSH's are. Fatal Dimensions is more than a mud only. Our world has been built on top of original ROM and high-quality home-made areas. You will not be disappointed.fataldimensions. not just a hack and slash. you'll see that it is the base for a couple of weeks of fun. Again. it can be a place to socialize.4b6 Heavily Modified mud. Fatal Dimensions is an exciting mud of discovery and experiences. to exchange ideas about mudding. SW:AoA was created to bring out the TRUE beauty of the Star Wars galaxy and present a fantastic enviroment for fans of RP! Come to SW:AoA if you want a great experience in this fantastic Based upon a heavily modified Emlenmud. relaxation and strange experiences. but we do pull from them what is necessary to continue to breath life into the Star Wars galaxy. each with their own advantages. as well as the most dedicated to bringing to life an EYE APPEALING appearance. the 'expanded universe'. Fate is a PKmud in which the forces of Good and Evil fight for supremacy. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Fate [Emlenmud] FateCode (heavily modified Emlen) fate.36] http://www.

we offer the more daring players the ability to play a 'hardcore' Federation is a space fantasy with hundreds of worlds to explore! Journey to the stars.148. Upon choosing your profession.spiritshigh. form your own company. with a cutoff set in early 2000. each offering a unique bonus.203. based on Tinymush 3.6 Beta) : : http://www. While this offers several large advantages over normal players. you gain access to specialized spells and skills.249. filled with dangerous monsters and quests make this a challenging place. and even create your own planet for other players to journey through! Federation has been available on computer networks since 1989. We are a strictly DC-canon game. dying means exactly that: Your character is gone : . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Lands of Delusion : [Rom] (LoD version 1.ibgames. This makes choosing your allies very important: In fact your survival often depends upon 1650 [63. Please check our website for tons of information about our game.betterbox.109] http://bnb.214. While death is not a permanent thing for normal charachters.68] http://www. We also utilize several new concepts in superheroic Brave And The Bold is a DC Comics-themed superheroic Mush. or connect as a guest and check out the news files! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Federation [Custom] Custom C/C++ federation. Numerous 23 [209. now. The Fate Admins ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Brave And The Bold [MUSH] 3. Join the struggle and choose your own Fate.1 bb5. such as personalized 'mini-cities'. There also are numerous guilds.allows you to specialize in a profession as you gain more experience. even for the most experienced players. Federation is available on the Internet! Help usher in a new dynasty in one of the longest-running multiplayer games around.

EVEN BREED AND CATCH CHOCOBOS.. we carefully thought it out and placed according to storyline progression. look forward to the new Lands of Delusion version because I really think this will take all of the other Final Fantasy games and just really toss them out for good. immortal ran quests. Havoc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any questions or/and would like to talk to me and learn about when the MUD progesses more just contact me at the following: AIM: HavocLoD ICQ: 174735277 ----------------------------------------------Mud : Feudal Realms . With this system. This gives players other things to do other than levelup your character. You can gain cards by quests. but you can't cast/use the spell/skill unless your say Black mage for the Fire Materia (containing Fire1-4) or the Blackbelt for the Kick Materia (containing Kick. I also thought about adding a few extra which I won't state the names just yet. Areas are unique and straight from the Final Fantasy games. and ShinRa. Theres more! We also have a unique world map. Roundhouse) and that such. Legsweep.boring! The clans will not open starting out until I see some ROLEPLAY envolving them and seeing that people will really take care of the MUD and make it a better place with a large system of ROLEPLAYING and continuous fun. We have the Triple Triad card game from Final Fantasy VIII. The Returners. Last but sure as **** not least we have clans. but hopefully soon we will have the newer version of the game completely balanced out and ready for players. except class based.Lands of Delusion at this time (ON THIS PORT) isn't being worked on. Yevon. No more stock skill/ spell percent. get away from your REAL LIFE. challenge to card duels. or trading/challenging other players to a game of Triple Triad. levelup.. We are bringing. Thanks for reading this. This MUD has a lot to offer. We the staff of LoD have dedicated alot of our time into making this the most realistic Final Fantasy themed MUD for your benefit to come. it's just like the games. These are gained on AP while having the Materia SOCKETED into your weapon/armor. Trade cards. Class based meaning all classes can wear the Materia and level it up. you. it also is straight from the game. Right now the older version of Lands of Delusion is up and running. Each Weapon/Armor has its own socketing abilities (1-5 slots) depending on how good/bad the weapon is. Please. I'll leave that for opening day. level based and questing purposes. We have another port workin on it. We are currently making more like Final Fantasy. non like most others with areas just tossed here and there. you either have the spell or you don't. the players a grand unqiue feel. The Empire. such as the Materia system working just like in Final Fantasy VII. meaning RANDOM ENCOUNTERS. Avalanche. but the same monsters and that such that you encounter on the games. roleplay. They each have DIVISIONS and RANKS within the clan non like others just having ranks with DIVISION names within the rank name.

Rebuilt stronger and better than its predecessor. not to mention the people of the town themselves. Amazons .Standard GodWars features. more people are met. where centuries old research of the arcane is conducted.. Lurf lurkingfear.. shops of all sorts. without all the crap you hate.Too many features worth checking out to list Vampire . Ancients who once roamed the world unchecked and unchallenged.Generations.15 improved disciplines with up to 6 levels each .com : Welcome to Kirganthis and the city of Stonegate. GW.Code Base Telnet WWW Description : [Rom] Feudal v 0. but once one steps outside the massive gates. plus extensive Lurf originals . and sometimes forgotten. and other races who held the walls and battlements. Primogen.246] http://www.98] : http://www.Realistic WoD classes . Apprentices Hunter .Tribes. Betas Mage . the temple to the 4040 [81. Breathe in the history. Alphas. live another life different from your own. Archmages. based on the World of Darkness RPG Highly modified code dervived from GodWars.252.209. a city that was once left for dead after a decade long war against all of Goblinkind.Clan and Sect hierarchy by class (Camarilla/Sabbat. revel in the scenery and people.Pack. dwarves. some accidentally and some quite by purpose. and Lurf1/2 -----------------------------------------------------------. ROM. blood hunts Werewolf . RP/PK Status based exp gains . Many original . Prince. Every day more and more of the continent is discovered.RolePlay enhanced PlayerKill.19. Clans..lurkingfear.No Jedi. and a few more lives are taken..8 improved totems.) . Highlanders. all is left completely to chance.9. the city is for the most part safe. Lurking Fear III is BACK. elves. with 4 advanced spirits . the city stands as a monument to the alliance which turned the war in favor of the humans. both mundane and useful.feudalrealms.Original mage code with 9 spheres with 6 levels each .Unique blend of PK and actual RolePlay (enforced/rewarded) . ------------------------------------------------------------ . a jewel of a city in the central plains. Inside the walls are found the Academie of Magic.6 : feudalrealms.Ever growing playerbase .More WoD only Classes 4242 [ All the LURF you love..All old Areas standardized and themed. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lurking Fear 3 [Unknown] ROM.

betterbox. You'll find players who place a heavy emphasis on roleplaying. and mobmasteries in the game.132.000+ room world. to fight for his redemption. & those who are a mixture of all of the above. Sunnydale is quite the downer. decent shopping and first-run movies. Meanwhile. save the Slayer and her band of friends as they fight to protect 2001 [209.26] http://www.A. We have recently re-opened. It also has the highest mortality rate in the nation. 'Angel'.A. challenges. those who are 4000 [65. She is the Slayer.69.' Since its 1996 debut. as well as its resulting spin-off. the only vampire with a soul enlists the help of his allies .. a quiet Californian town located about a two hours drive down the freeway from her native L. unbeknownst to anyone in the otherwise picturesque town. and is more commonly known to those who play it as TFC or 'the mud'. Joss Whedon's 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' has become one of television's most successful hits.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Buffy the Vampire Slayer MUX [MUX] [MUX] buffymux. heading to L. it all can be found abundantly in L. Sunnydale actually rests on a Hellmouth -. having no idea of the terrible danger and precarious future that Sunnydale faces nightly. As Buffy soon finds. One girl in all the world born with the strength and skill to hunt vampires. addicted.betterbox. grid. those who enjoy the puzzles. And you won't get lost in the crowd - .A. there is a Chosen One.. There is a significant lack of nightlife. facing the evils of a town that has been without a Champion since Buffy's departure.83] http://buffymux. On a quest to help the helpless in a city where nothing is as it seems and no one cares. & friendly player base from all over the world that enjoys meeting new people and interacting.83.. This isn't the Buffy the Vampire Slayer MUX you remember.. TFC attracts a variety of types of players. A 'one-Starbucks town'. Evil law firms. The city administration actively moves to aid these cover-ups. It has a dedicated. it's even better! Come visit us today! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Final Challenge [Dikumud] Heavily modified Diku/Merc mud.and finds just how evil the City of Angels really is. This leaves the human populace in a perpetual state of oblivion. those who enjoy exploring the almost entirely unique The Final Challenge began in March of 'To each generation. After a rough initiation into Slayerhood. introducing our L. vampire nests. find them where they gather and stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers.finalchallenge. Angel has since left his beloved Buffy's side.39. and bizarre events are blamed on 'gangs on PCP' or 'gas leaks'. Buffy moved to Sunnydale. those who like to sit and chat. evil warlocks.a center of mystical convergence and hotspot of demonic activity.

9] http://ffmux. Of course.254] http://frpages. The worlds of each Final Fantasy. have merged together into one. so long as they are not online at the same time and are played as separate individuals. the Movie and various FF Anime sources have found themselves in the converged world. Each guild learns from a different variety of abilities and 4001 [80. with news. Detailed information about the MUX as well as a listing of available/taken characters can be found at our website.111. organize and expand their own groups that are dedicated to specific purposes. cooperative and competitive combat. Players earn titles related to their development. to determine the fate of the world.3. Players may also have multiple characters (and many do). ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Final Fantasy MUX [MUX] MUX 2. Each character selects a race and guild (profession) from a vast assortment. and player-elected status. text-based.3.finalrealms. player controlled organizations. and the players behind them. online.' FFMUX is a heavily RP-oriented MUX. Players may create.since there are generally 20-30 people online at a Final Realms is a multiplayer.finalchallenge. staff and players always around to lend a hand. from 1 through 11. Stop by mud. role-playing game in a fantasy setting with a full complement of special features: persistent and controllable character We're newbie friendly. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Final Realms [LP] LP mud with MudOS login. with no stat or combat systems. characters can also go it on their own and remain unaligned. a variety of items and creatures located in a vast world ready to be explored. TFC has a god-follower system and a variety of alignment flavors that a character can choose from. static and interactive quests. Highest logins usually occur during the evening hours (EST in the US).net 4000 and check it out for yourself. There are also many . as well as 5403 [63.162. rank.38. The characters of those worlds. PKing is forbidden. the details of which are on the website.22 heimdall.finalrealms. Characters may dual and triple class as The world of Final Fantasy MUX is that of a huge convergence. +help. Characters can be gained through application only. and it's now up to them. as well as those from Tactics Advance.

chummer. chaotic metroplex where the only law is that there is no law. Houses and Families that players join.dnaco. brains and brawn. all vying for their piece of the 6250 [207.mud.70] http://FinalFrontier. You wanna stay alive. what with everyone from the megacorps to the org-crime syndicates to the gangs. Shadowrunners are in high demand in this 'plex. demolitions experts. Numerous quests populate Final Realms with puzzles. and advance in rank. Magical items. where only the toughest and smartest can hope to 23 [ Berlin: the sprawling.238. So come to Berlin.132. street samurai.206. Player versus player combat is allowed and well developed. Magical character slots are available. you can make it anywhere. keys to find. alter? Well. Each guild has unique abilities that grow as a player gains experience. ghouls. We allow a wide variety of character classes restricted or disallowed elsewhere. You think you're good. mazes. Groups. and other shadowrunner archetypes-fixers. But mediocre 'runners don't last long around here. and just about anything else you could think of--are allowed virtually without restriction. you gotta be good. come to Berlin and prove it. interactive quests also take place to shape the Realms' history. and see what it's like running in the darkest shadows to be found in 2061. riggers. control. including metahuman variants. mercenaries. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : FinalFrontier [LP] LDMud 3. because if you can make it here. Shadowrun Germany MUX is set amid this chaotic yet lucrative hotbed of the Sixth World. The City of Anarchy. mann. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shadowrun Germany [MUSH] none FinalFrontier is the first science fiction MUD in german . and even shapeshifters.sindebauchery. demons and other mystical creatures. and everyone in between.37. Special. spells and abilities are earned by exploration. a huge variety of magical spells and healing effects.3 FinalFrontier. and doors to unlock. based on the Germany Sourcebook and incorporating Third Edition rules and Expansions. The combat system on Final Realms is highly developed with melee and missile weapons.mud. melee combat masters. Many quests require massive cooperation between skilled characters to successfully complete. intrusion specialists. Artifacts and treasures are guarded by dragons. assassins.198] http://cathouse. deckers.existing Clans. 8888 [199.227. There are a few and growing planet systems to 5555 [66. * No cloning. sex and children * Plenty of homes * Plenty of ships * Friendly staff that is willing to listen to your ideas to improve the mud * Unique weapons and armor * Bounty hunting allowed * Piracy allowed * Broken bones and doctors * Custom furniture and items available * Fast connection. intelligent Paksi. You can play as onpressing Akaardianer. The world and the code are fully original even if they are much inspired by the Diku/Circle MUD system. Roleplay and clans are enhanced but there are very few rules to follow. * Addition of new code on a regular basis. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Multi MUD [Custom] Inspired by CircleMUD .242] 6022 None MultiMUD is the MUD linked with the french Multimondes IRC chat server.NEW GALACTIC ORDER [SWR] SWR-NGO (SWR Heavily Modified) sensenet. as J'naii-thief or normal human.11. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars .homeip. * Server is a dedicated FreeBSD platform that automatically backs up the entire mud 2 times a day.168] http://www. * Timeline is set to height of the Empire. Finally you may travel the known universe as a Traveller or create new worlds in space as a * Original Worlds * Role-play enforced * 35+ Races * Killing is legal (if you can roleplay it) * Forceless (After playing for a week or so.legions. * Player forums on homepage. brave Rihannsu. It is written from scratch and its primary language is french.fluffmuck. you will understand why) * Marraiges.language. Rebel Alliance just formed. * Unique skills and race selection.12. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : FluffMUCK MUF/MPI fluffmuck.

220] http://www. We currently offer the following classes: Angel.0a6 / MudOS v22. Demon.58] None This MUD is based on the worlds of Squaresoft. furry themed TinyMUCK. so be If you common having We now have played GodWars before. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD [LP] Lima 1. Stop on by. 7. Elemental.spodnet.sandwich.FluffMUCK is a medium sized.dune. a player can change his abilities at most any point. Players have been responsible for the idea's that created 2 new custom classes. Chrono Trigger. with a bit of high-tech thrown in for good measure.3] http://crimsonnightmares. *please* use our newbie school to its full Welcome to Crimson Nightmares. Cyborg.dune. We also offer a newbie school to teach the intricacies of our MUD. The code base is GW2K modified in an extreme manner.227.. Our gossip channel is a bit. Represented are Final Fantasy 5. Please. all are welcome. Mage.html This is the longest running GW Deluxe mud.62. with odds and ends from other games.117. And every attempt is made to accommodate player ideas and suggestions.. This is an updated listing to the original. }:) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Godwars: Apocalypse [GodWars] GodWars Deluxe mudhole. we offer the four most classes (Vampire. have Highlanders and various new zones. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Crimson Nightmares [GodWars] Extremely Customized Gameplay crimsonnightmares. Drow. such as quitting in an inn to keep 6660 [193. that originally started towards the back-end 1997. We specialize in FUN! }:) Come on by and enjoy the company of others in a lighthearted social environment. and requirements for entry. It was one of the few. we will answer questions on the newbie channel that is automatically turned on for new characters.2b12 uossmud. as this MUD isn't quite like your average MUD. 6. While most of the players aren't exactly each there own clans.morpheus-project. The theme is Furry/Anthropomorphic/ 8887 [63. .1. adult. There are also several Tinyplots going on at any given 9000 [209. Werewolf. and Secret of Mana. Demon or Mage). Using a Job System mostly based from FFT and FF5. A lot of pride is taken..

with random lightning that is Hidden deep within the digital bitstream. With the exception of Cyborg's. One of the original. only come check us out.progsoc. play and influence the changes. We have re-worked our staff. a symbol of hope: something that cannot be expressed. and unless you are shown by a friend.149. It is a world of stunning beauty and terrifying evil. and have changed our approach to player relations in the hopes of generating an even larger player base in the future.eos. first heard.247. The Staff of Crimson Nightmares ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Forest EW-too realm.6.uts. every class can be combined together giving us over 80 possible combo's of multiclassing (cyborgs are being added currently).net 3000 [205. and nothing is just handed to you Welcome to Dawn. Phoenix. and more being added weekly. Vampire.25.58] http://dawn. This MUD requires time and effort.15] 6666 [63. there is a place known only as Forest. If you want a MUD with a challenge. Sincerely. it is hard to find. Explore the realm of Forest: An alternate reality in a beautiful setting.133.30] http://realm. meteor storms.progsoc. It is a retreat from reality that allows you to regain your soul and begin again from a firm foundation. It is surrounded by the fog of the complex modern First come. lands of light and lands of shadow lie within the reach of all. a discworld-based lpmud offering excitement and adventure to those brave enough to grasp it.eos.uts. We welcome all old and new players as we assume our role as a leader in the field. Players can now create several custom messages to enhance thier gameplay to what suits them instead of pre-determined messages. You can even pass through this place and forget that it was there. and Werewolf. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Realms of Dark Shadow (legacy & persist) [Dikumud] Diku gamma + Sequent + many unique unreleased mods darkshadowsdiku. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dawn [LP] LP 3000 [138. where creatures long regarded as legendary beings of lore and myth are commonplace. . long running Diku MUDs complete with the original player file. We have a functional weather system.84.

com Now over twelve years old (ranking among the top 5 DikuMUDs).net 9999 [207. We are a completely separate and independent entity. Role play is not enforced.genesismuds. competing against each other for the title of the best. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Duel Grounds [Rom] Tartarus. Heavily Modded dgmud. Note: We have recently changed our name to EKD Mud. along with 50+ levels. but are otherwise entirely unconnected.genesismuds. Players will enjoy a wide variety of classes and races to choose from.24] None Duel Grounds is a MUD inspired by games like the Carrion Fields. EKD Mud is an incredibly addictive and enjoyable experience . as well as many new area features to make mobs/objects more challenging a nd interesting.8] http://ekdmud. mostly original map for players to explor e and enjoy. mobprogs. EKD Mud features an exciting and unique world to explore. clans.Help expand a legend and play with the legends. automated quests. or just a MUD where you don't have to spend hundreds of hours be fore things get exciting. and it was time to remove all doubt concerning this. We have a large. with 3 addition quest races. The game is focused around player-killing. special events. including room/obj/mob programs. to separate ourselves a bit from the mud currently called 'Kallisti Mud'. We offer 11 playable classes and 17 playable races. . and control of cabal items. but players are expected to follow their cabal (clan) rules. The two may share a common root. detailed and varied combat system. including over ten ranks of won't be disappointed.134. experienced player base and a HUGE world to explore. Other Features: Sound support (MSP). c abal wars. Here. check us out.136. formerly 'Legends of Kallisti'. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : EKD Mud [Dikumud] ekdmud. a player can experience the fun and the rush of constant PK.44. or more specifically. If you're looking for a challengin g place to vent your rage. Characters can also choose to expand their lineage by creating bloodlines or further enhance their characters with our unique meta 4200 [216.9.

Winter's Edge is a completely original world. At this time we are not allowing characters to be riders unless they have impressed in a hatching on Forgotten Weyrs. and areas are completely from scratch and created by the staff here. though we reserve the right to make exceptions. The Second Age was filled with wonder and glory. with no threadfall in living memory nor any thread due for at least another hundred years. The great dragons were the powers of the land. We would rather new players be familiar with the In the First Age of the World. The dragons plotted. as if they were gods. Soon.199.182. though little magic.mushpark. cities. magic and form were one and the same. After time.27] http://www. with weakened Mists. splitting the magic from the mundane. classes.. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Winter's Edge [MUSH] Tinymush 3 winter.winters-edge. a time before the humanoids walked the earth.123] http://www. and stats from 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. There are currently posted crafters but no PC crafthalls. We are using races.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Forgotten Weyrs MUSH weyrs. but do not ask whether they have read the books unless they very clearly demonstrate a lack of understanding in their character application. the mad wyrms were banished once more. and grew mad with the influence of the Mists. Magic flourishes once more on the world. It was a mystical and wondrous time. Player dragons are allowed with rider and wizard approval. havoc spread.silvertree. There is an online registration system in place which insures that people are familiar with Pern and with the specific timeline. All theme. the primordial wyrms trapped in a new realm. and the time of heroes has come. and the Third Age began. roaming and shaping life itself as they saw 4301 [63. and is set in a non-canon minor hold (Forsaken) and two non-canon Weyrs (No and Who Knows) set in the Western Island chain.8. Their half-wyrmish descendants unlocked the Mists. The dragon uprising was crushed before it even Forgotten Weyrs is a game set in the 3rd interval. and even though the opening was brief.143. and a selection of custom variants on existing races. especially _Dragonsdawn_ and _Moreta_. the races were flourishing under the world that the dragons once guarded.. 3000 [207. We are currently . Currently the only races and classes allowed as Player Character(PC) races/classes are the 'standard' races and classes contained in the 3rd edition Player's Handbook.spundreams. and with great loss. though this could change if enough interest develops. The gods were angered by the presumption of the dragons. It has Anne McCaffrey's permission to run as per 'news anne' on the game.

the adrenaline pumping excitement that can only come from transporting yourself into another space and time to take on all of the emotions and experiences of your alter-ego.39. a world. A realistic yet challenging skill system that reflects the realistic way in which people learn. and uniqueness. We are here to IMP ideas that are interesting and for 4000 [212. [ 7777 [24. craftsmanship. With carriages.dizzymud. Each player on our mud is allowed to have their own personal room located wherever they please.185] http://www. With a dynamic economy that involves the miner who mines the metals for the smelter to create better metals who sells it to the blacksmith to forge into a fine weapon or piece of armor to be sold for a cost based on cost of material.4 Base 5 years of modifications mud. Qwests. elwar. PK within clans. When you log into The Four Lands you are stepping into a whole other world. Interesting areas.214. 100 levels. . the 25000+ original room world is ready for exploration.13. so the best way to describe the mud is to have you examine it in person. The coding for these rooms can be done on their own. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dizzymud [Rom] Rom 2. However. horses. A world that reflects reality with flowing rivers and gravity. many races. We want to make the mud as enjoyable as possible to our players. allowing players to choose a class merely as their inborn talents with the ability to gain the skills of all the other classes. and friendly Immortals] ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Four Lands [Dikumud] Over 90% modified. a weather system that is different from the warm sunny south to the cold.dizzymud. based loosely on Terry Brooks' Shannara Welcome to the realms of DizzyMud Our mud is oriented around our players. this game is the ultimate for those hard core gamers that are looking for the diamond in the rough. With seven years of development and two years of being open to the public. the sanctuary from frivality.95] http://www. that is dedicated to the most intensive Role-Playing experience with the feeling of total immersion into a seperate reality. We are changing all the time. snowy northland mountains.elwar. Everything from shoes to loaves of bread can be made by the player run The Four Lands. or our IMMs will be happy to do it for them. saddles and reins. here are a few small details.208. Unusual spells and skills.

What that does say is that we have set up XP so that a pure roleplay character will advance as quickly as an 'adventurer'.244. From the corporate struggle downtown. but beliefs are strong and 'old gaming styles' are firmly clung onto. Additional character races will be considered. The game is not historically accurate. we wouldn't be playing with a system at all if that is what we were aiming at. We focus strongly on roleplaying over rollplaying. We've drawn from ancient Egyptian culture and mythology to form the core of the world. but we have also added in touches from our own imagination.64] None Ephemera is a World of Darkness game set in the fictional city of Erin's 7777 [207.113.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ephemera [MUX] slayer. the Empire. For example. This isn't to say that we ignore the system and run things free form. the pantheon. the food and dress. It is the capital of the High Kingdom of Nebmedes is a roleplaying game set in the fantastic city of the same name. but in some conflict resolution. the architecture.o-r-g. why don't you come take a look? Ephemera is a small game. So. Washington.kyndig. Players are encouraged to @mail in tinyplot seeds as well as set information on themselves for future tinyplot use. We have a strong focus on plot before killing things. it can all be found in Erin's Vale.83. Dice are secondary to roleplaying.o-r-g. There is also the noble 2003 [216. nor are we ever planning on having 'vendors' on the grid. Every player should eventually have a story or plot that at least partially focuses on their character. we have modified the rules on crafting and masterwork items to allow crafters to do their job in a reasonable amount of time and we do not now. and Mortal+ spheres. * There is a focus on individual character development. to the small ghost stories in an old pub.225] http://nebmedes. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Nebmedes [MOO] nebmedes. politics. We've worked hard to allow the players a useful position in the world besides as 'adventuring heroes'. the dice are there for a reason. though it is similar. a unique chance for players to get involved with the politics of the city and actually influence what happens . investigation and discovery all take precedence over 'Dead Monster!' and yet. with the dice one bad roll won't destroy a player unless they've placed themselves in a stupid position. it's not Egypt. just now opening up to the public.40. Mage. Shifters. * Full support for Changelings. Mortal. * A small and knowledgeable staff base that believes in good stories as well as communication.

mudservices. Players can make a sage.1 is back.23] None is a quite simply the original MUD post Essex and the a long time it was the most sucessfull commerical MUD ran on BT's MircoNet. helpful staff We're serious about that last one. although it is now running for more popular than ever. but it's not a MUD. Heavily upgrading in progress main concern is a haven for .greyarchive. We moved to a new code base to help with a more intensive adult roleplay 7680 [206. yes. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Frontier [Aber] LP Mud. 3. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description Shades bet.9.63] http://www. a politician. This is a chance for PCs to involve themselves in the game to make decisions and see the impact on the Edge of Midnight V3.demon.9.245.49. a soldier.Ploi the Insane ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Edge of Midnight [Unknown] Heavily modified 84. It's D&D.158. an adventurer. first established in 1991! Frontier is a medieval-based LP that offers: * an original town layout * three (3) full-fledged guilds * eight (8) custom built races * an established set of twenty (24) quests * limited player-killing for those that desire it * friendly. a craftsman.191. :) So drop on by and test drive a visit in Frontier. and all have a place and a use within the Welcome to the original Frontier LPMUD.there.7] http://eom. a hunter or anything else that strikes their fancy. For ever and free and : : : : : Micronet Shades [Custom] . We'd love to see you play your way to wizardhood. Its success is often credited to its easy to learn game-play and strong social 4001 [62.191.7 8010 [ Amylaar driver frontier.

4x codebase We have features the other dystopia based muds don't! *Shop coding *Global Socials *Imm/Mob Quests *Dynamic Artifact Coding *Mob programs *Mob skinning *Arena Battles *Voting *Graphical Map *7 Religions to choose from!! *Detailed drunk coding* *All Original Areas* *Modified remort system* *Insanity *Hunger and Thirst *Russian Roulette! Coming very soon: *Casino with roulette. *Element based eq wear and tear Currently in Beta Test. Email greyarchive@greyarchive. pig tossing. In this world of politically correct subject matter I feel there is a place for people who are open and happy about there sexuality and want to explore the subject within a safe fantasy enviroment.55.238. TFF is all about killing each other.246. Anything goes with certain restrictions no means We're 99. they tend to concentrate on killing mobs and levelling and all that.boue. Shuvanaguard. Devil's Rift is the ultimate mud for people who love . blackjack. Death to your enemies! There have been] 9000 [203.167.2 or 1. instead of just posturing menacingly at each other. to encourage more carnage. and there are quite a few descendents out there.boue.187] None The Forest's Edge stock areas are great. no harassment of players who don't want it. um. However. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Devil's Rift [Unknown] Dystopia 1. Form clans that can actually mature players.99 percent original including classes AND areas! BattleMage* Insect Lizardman Titan Lycanthrope Myrr'shan Elemental Ghoul Demon* (heavily optimized) * = stock class to Dystopia ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Forest's Fury [TFE] xi. 3000 [69. no spoiling anyone elses fun and no rape unless its purely roleplay and agreed by both parties. track the defilers to their caverns. extremely close to derivative status devilsrift. Raid and pillage Chiiron. minor alterations to the code.4+.

Character Generation support: 3 classes. along with newbie friendly players and immortals.envy. All-new. All 'Wheel of Time' races are supported. but we will also be working to make it more readily adaptable for 'Code = IC' philosophy. until Greeted. A completely original and amusing optional WoT newbie area. OldschoolMUD 1. You won't find any elves or dwarves here. A completely IC channeling system.0 Heavily modified.envy.0. you truly don`t know them. so if you have never met someone. Over the next several months.4b6 and offers the following: . No one will lose any of the work they put into thier characters. Role-play environments ranging from 100% IC areas. . Possibly the most book-accurate on the The Staff of 'The Third Age' would like to welcome you to our MUD. with Fades. This version of the -OldSchoolMUD 1. but want something more! Our friendly staff will be more than welcome to help you with the differences between Devil's Rift and other muds out there! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Third Age [Envy] CircleMud 3. . Humans and Ogier are open. and will grow using it as a foundation.2 (Based on Merc/Diku/Rom) tarmongaidon. quests. and other events. we ask that our players stand by us in this effort. . . so expect some things to work erratically while others are already being worked on. which is now open after a fashion. . faires. . The mud is in an alpha stage at the moment. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Tarmon Gai'don [Rom] Gary MicNickle's WoT 1.43.0 wot. Overchanneling can lead to burning out. Guilding is not mandated to role-play. Desc's 5-15 lines long. we will be undergoing changes and balance adjustments. 'WoT' based on ROM2. Realistic submission/ player death code (PK death) to disuade useless PK. designed to follow the Wheel of Time One Power as close as possible. We are inviting our players to begin roleplaying and developing thier characters in the Wheel of Time theme we currently offer. we will be working hard not only to make this a fun community to be apart of. Because of this. featuring potential for over 2 dozen playable guilds.164] None Tarmon Gai'don is the home of a new Wheel of Time Mud code base.124.0. etc.51] 5000 [209. 100% original areas designed exclusively to fit the Wheel of Time world. . an intriguing `introduction` system.61. Weaves and flows are dependent upon your strength in the power. Trollocs and Draghkar slated for the future.182. Players appear as `An Andoran`. There will be countless opertunities for rewards in helping us refine the current code based on Mikkimud 1. Completely original guild system. . 20+ sub-classes & talents and over 100 homelands/clans/steddings to optimize individual and unique characters.Dystopia / 2121 [68.

Sojourn 2.. For the past decade these games have entertained thousands from around the world.homeunix. With a database well over the Furry is the largest and longest standing MUCK on the Internet to date (note MUCK.furry. it's an active social environment.231.118] http://python. Come join us in this latest incarnation and see why our game continues to enthrall players from around the world. villains. and Sojourn 9999 [67. Not with stunning graphics or 3-D sound effects.35. toons. PythonMOO has various features unseen in many other MOOs. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : 8477 [24. The theme is centered around the roleplay of Anthropomorphics (characters combining animal and human traits such as werewolves. 8888 [209. Toril.homeunix.000 item mark.x whatever muck.2fb6.) but all who play with respect are welcome. and a regular nightly showing of 325+ players. the Sojourner's Home [Dikumud] Heavily modified torilmud. not overall MU*).org:8478 PythonMOO is connected by SunNET to Rupert.. .180] http://www.237. but with a rich text-based environment designed to stimulate the imagination and draw the player into a complex world full of heroes. Some Extra additions include: MCP Userlist MCP ServerInfo MCP Beryllium Status XMCP +Whiteboard and Chess Board E_WEB MacMoose FUP And many others.125] None TorilMUD continues the tradition of Sojourn.119. etc... PythonMOO is open to everyone and the programmers bit will be given on request. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : PythonMOO [MOO] +Server Edits python.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : FurryMUCK [MUCK] Fuzzball MUCK 2. PythonMOO is designed for beginners and advanced MOO that set the standard for Forgotten Realms based multi-user adventures. LogMOO and many others. and queens. also 'funny animals'.26.furry.184. 9000 [65. Cross Wordz. Although. The overall goal of the realm is to offer players who need a challenge that is above and beyond what most other realms offer.MysticDimensions.224] http://www.We currently have over 50000 original rooms. at this time they are necessary to ensure that the realm meets it's maximum capability. TradeWars 200. there is no pornography. or email me if you have an interest in helping to further the realms 23 [204.217. Please view the Zbots!. a place to meet their needs.MysticDimensions. over 12000 mobiles. there is a FREE 30 day trial available! Play right from the web page with a Java Compatible browser. Klondike Solitaire. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mystic Dimensions: Legends [Circlemud] [Circlemud] www. Online Trivia. and over 10000 objects to keep your attention. Though player wipes can be discouraging.2] http://www.134. Lunatix Swords of Chaos.160. Due to real life work situations the realm is in stasis mode until reality allows me a time to further THe GaRBaGe DuMP BBS You must be 18 or older to play here. not to mention over 5000 quest entries and an active role playing campaign. Much of the coding needs players who are willing to donate their time and ideas to help in furthering the progress of the realm.html Mystic Dimensions Legends is currently being modified and tested. and much more!!!! Although this is a pay system. /* Kyu */ ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Garbage Dump BBS C and VB dump. Chess. We encourage players who which to be a part of the construction of a new realm to join us. Backgammon. Tele-Arena. ----------MUST SEE! CHECK US OUT! ----------------------------------------------- . What's availableMajor Mud.

Elezar and TrevorKane are pleased to invite you back (if you have a character there).118. Players are screened through a registration process.66.1 infinity.207. cooperative roleplaying with an emphasis on good writing and clear 4000 [63. 100 remort levels with the opportunity to take your character to the max with infinite immortal levels.63. A complex world with lively GMs. Garou has always emphasized 7000 [205. originated by Guile and Hastur in 1993.138.222] http://www.GarouMUSH. has been through many incarnations in the last 4 years. chants and prayers available with the ability to add many as time moves on. we won't disappoint The first of the White Wolf MU*s to focus on Werewolf: The Apocalypse. spells.dibrova. Over 500 skills. it is one that can be relied on to keep its foundations the same for years to come.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : GarouMUSH MUSH garoumush. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Infinity [Aber] Heavily modified Dirt 3. focussing on story rather than individual characters. D2 is based on the MUD which was originally Dibrova but has many changes to stat and feature settings. 150 mortal levels. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : D2: Dibrova [Circlemud] 5+ years of mods www. Please visit as a guest to find out more about the game and the application 6715 [ Infinity.cxi. Come check us out. D2 is not a MUD in a constant state of change. . and character growth and development come through roleplay.7] None D2 is the culmination of more than five years of work on the part of a score of immortals who have contributed to its present state.81. or to come see us (if you didn't have the chance to before) to a friendly.89] http://infinity. challenging ABER which is still evolving.

with the focus entirely on RP. he traces a complex symbol in the air. take a deep breath. motioning that you join is no longer active. Please update your clients and join us at gatewaymud.84.153] http://www. not just raccoons. unique Quests with fluid Immortality permitting advancement in Wiz-Levels. with a smile on his lips.05 sotalecia. We accept all species. a point which is near many universes. no PK. and a simple policy which boils down to 'if you wouldn't like it done to you.10] None Hello and Welcome to Raccoon Muck. We're a small Califurnian mountain town by a lake. it is still a highly-unique gameworld. located near the 4040 [68.74] None Jusenkyo Mordor is neither set in Jusenkyo. The old man whispers a single word and the air before him begins to glow and shimmer.162. I'd like to welcome you to the town of Big 6969! An old man reaches out a weathered hand in beckoning to you.tigerden. Despite the inaccuracy of the name. highly modified Mordor v5. nor Mordor. (and some Quests start in there). The setting is on the floating isles of Eraniss.38.77.We have a vast Wiz-Zone (276 rooms and counting) in which players are encouraged to roam.' ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Jusenkyo Mordor [Mordor] RP-enhanced. the fabric of space and time opening to reveal a portal to another dimension. So come and have fun. some of which the various player characters . 'If thou canst withstand the many challenges contained therein. I'm the Head Wiz and Nikon. His ancient eyes sparkle as you take a seat at his side and. young 6020 [198.the URL 6969 [64. don't do it.dyndns.' ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Raccoon Muck [MUCK] Fuzzball tfmuck. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : GateWay [LP] MudOS gatewaymud. and step through The GateWay.html GateWay News (02/02): Note to returning players .

Instead. ANSI color making it a fun and enjoyable play to chat for everyone. adapting new things into it.gathering.Gold Digger 2000 MUSH [MUSH] PennMUSH 1. news. and an eight-year-old boy who is a genius at genetics and has created his own three-person army . It is into this place the new arrival enters. the Nexus. This enables you to chat in one of the public groups. and imported magic not uncommon.even going as far as being able to ban other chat privately with friends or loved ones and discuss your favourite band with a group of fans. her adopted were-cheetah sister. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : GD2K . Gold Digger is a mix of fantasy. comedy. 5000 [194. users can be in several groups at the same time.hail from. Eraniss is a tumultous place.16] The Gathering is one of the oldest talkers still running.mail.69.81.7. and strange creatures. It is based around groups rather than rooms and to improve the experience.161] http://www. users are given the power to protect themselves from verbal attack . others with the will for 4210 [64.153. The setting is that of a world overrun by others from outside: people.leopard. with imported technology beginning to spread. Unlike most talkers. And sometimes. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Gathering [Unknown] Gatherer demons. the clone they accidentally created who is a mix of the both of them. the chaotic thing which dominates the nature of the world and does not let those outsiders die. And it is into this world the new character arrives.4 pl 10 lyorn.168. and many other things. an alien from another world. The main characters include an Indiana Jones type adventurer. native magic prevalent. there are no staff to manage interpersonal disputes. will change slightly. and made subject to undesired physical changes by the chaotic magic of the Nexus. GD2K is based upon the comic book series 'Gold Digger' by Fred Perry. having been forcibly removed from their home by the Nexus. Combined with both these features are all the standard facilities you expect from a modern talker . Some with the desire to do good.

One of the most enjoyable aspects is the interesting and ever-changing interaction between different guilds. harpies.2. Altantis.1. Dragon Lance and many others.16. There are many features that sets it apart from most other muds.229] 3011 [129. Shangra-La. Gold Digger also includes leprechauns. evil sentient time-travelling dogs. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Genocide [LP] customized driver based on LP 3. is the daughter of an arch-mage father from Earth and a master armswoman/adventurer from the magical realm of Jade. a magic-user.33. The world is strictly medieval fantasy based. Themes includes Tolkien. The adventurer. Levels are gained by killing other players in a variety of different war types. It is up to you to explore very carefully. it is a competitive 24-hour wargame. The emphasis of the mud is to be a challenging game.consisting of a ninja. Being a newbie is a struggle on Genesis.tekno. Another special feature are events. and a genetically enhanced brawler.05 genesis. that are planned and executed by a special team of wizards from time to time. Her sister Britanny is the last surviving were-cheetah. troll archmages.CDlib Genocide is not a typical mud. including team and non-team. Relations range from alliance to uneasy truce with the occasional outbreak of war. rescued by Gina's father from the brutal were-cheetah/were-wolf war 21 years ago.56] http://genesis.geno. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Genesis [LP] LPMud . Players compete in wars that go on constantly.127. were-creatures of many different kinds. though little remains of the stuff from the early days. We are always happy if skilled coders and storytellers want to join us. Wizardhood is by Genesis is the original LPMud. and much more. Information on how to get a character is available on the GD2K website. You are a puny weakling in a world that is quite hostile. one Gina Diggers. Currently. and brought back to Atlanta with his family. or find someone stronger to show you the ropes. custom mudlib 2222 [216.chalmers. rather.70. most serious play takes place in leagues where .

teams are drafted and matches are played each week. events. or strong enough to take them. Since 1978 MUD has been in constant development resulting in a highly original and slick game that can be played here today. rauvyon. and those who would fight are too often turned. The community at MUDII is large and very friendly. MUDII is one of only two sites in the world hosting the latest version of MUD. 23 [212. the very first multi-player adventure game. stable environment derived from AD&D 2E rules and set in an all original campaign Fully multi threaded. * * * * * * * * * * * * Proficiency system Spell memorization/Spell books/Components Tactical movement & ranged combat Extreme realism. they are always willing to welcome and help out newbies. the weak are mere playthings. boundless opportunities lie for those smart enough. England. This is a world where you can be who you want when you want.255.173] None Pass beyond the border between the known and the unknown. or is back! Offering a fully multi-threaded. long forgotten lands. Houses (guilds). and untamed magic runs rife through a land torn asunder by the prophecies of the dark fey. The next best thing to that table top game that you can never seem to get started. competitions. MUD1 or EssexMUD (as the original MUD is now known as) was developed by Richard Bartle & Roy Trubshaw in 1978 at Essex University. into a world where great mountains rise and fall in a breath. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : MUDII [Custom] mudII. mud-related online magazines and numerous associated websites are all part and parcel of this . food & drink Vehicles & mounts Player introduction system Database driven backend Weaponsmithing 100% original areas w/15K+ rooms and still growing Layered wear system for clothing and eq Languages Committed and dedicated staff with GM run quests & encounters run several times daily. MUDII is a MUD that is set in a timeless alternative reality. In the depths of these After a 2+ year break Rauvyon. Here. smaller pickup games occur throughout the remainder of each 7075 [217. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rauvyon [Custom] SOD. with weather.136] http://www. Welcome to the Rogue Edition.205] http://www. 9000 [194. Each class is offered an extended skill and power selection. pen-and-paper dungeon mastering. We have been established over three and a half years now. Eaxia Online features five base classes to begin a life as and seventeen evolved classes to look forward to as well as over twenty unique races. As well as the pay per play system a low monthly subscription fee is available. MUD2 had been running on Wireplay since August 1997 until the game was closed down there. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Beauty [MUSH] TinyMUSH3. text-based world. Take up arms and live the life of a brave and noble paladin. massively-multiplayer games. Also a sparring arena.x games. or want to play a MUD that will still be running after a week.5. questing for the holy sake of your diety or study the mystical arcane ways of the powerful 6969 [24. then come to our dark realm.eaxia..203.230] http://www. Drow. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Eaxia Online [Custom] EaxiaSEL engine. Vampire. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : God Wars: Rogue Edition [GodWars] God Wars / LoW godwars.84. Amazon. completely custom (from scratch) game. Demon. and other RPGs or if you hail from a world of role-playing.dragonpro. newbie experience and a new bounty system are available. New players get a free 6 hours to get going and there is a free happy hour available nightly.godwars. MUDII is run by Muddled Games Ltd. Jedi and Templars.153. MUDs.227] None .com 347 [24. If you are looking for something different from the many God Wars MUDs that have appeared. which was formed in 2001 to run the game for the community that previously played on Wireplay..129.incarnation of MUD. Complete character customization is possible in Eaxia! We welcome you to come join us in an adventure unlike any other. Ninja. We currently offer the following classes Werewolf. Mages. in that time we have added extra dimensions to the classic player killing MUD. autoclass chambers. Eaxia Online holds a life of adventure for Eaxia Online features epic struggles of good versus evil in a fantasy. Whether you've played a number of online. Monk.

The premise is simple: A magical island has an evil ruler. and new Arcadia is a Diku-based ROM derivative PKill MUD. you are likely to see public BDSM displays. Beauty chargen does not restrict race or abilities-most of everything is up to the player's RP ability.168. cyborg.160. cartels. inviolate and save any items in them through quit-outs and reboots). We try to accommodate all players 4000 [64. new code.90.arcadia. Masters/Mistresses and slaves. wizard. and guilds -.89] http://None Curiosity is a powerful drive that can bring great wealth and power. Politics and role-play figure into the game with clans. He sleeps but lightly and his temper is vile. There are two levels of remortality (and more) for those who reach the maximum mortal levels. It's a beautiful and fun place to be. So come to Beauty and make it your home. The citizens of Arcadia invite you to come enjoy the Lands and to meet and make some new friends. it has drastically changed & very little has to do with the books at all.182. The creation system is very newbie-friendly (though ANSI color is suggested) and we have an enhanced array of beginning races available.derived from Nightmare v3. with characters being protected from PK until level 8. Only 500 years have .. with extra races and classes available to them. sects.and we've introduced private housing player characters may purchase within their home cities. etc. generally. warrior. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. and we're expanding all the time with new areas.Description : Beauty was originally loosely based on the BDSM books by Anne Rice titled 'Sleeping Beauty'. On the grid. or any other kind of play.100] http://arcadia. many customizations mud.. in OOC area. The island is timeless so there are a variety of races/types/creeds in play and everyone is also welcome to just come and hang out at the OOC Lounge. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Arcadia [Rom] highly modifed.2 theblacktower. We do not enforce BDSM play. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : ShadowMUD [LP] ShadowMUD v1. But be careful that you don't awaken the Evil One in your searching.0 . It is a fantasy place for RP with variences in sci-fi technology and a feudal type of society encouraging BDSM type of play/ 3000 [24. Arcadia has many new and original areas. If you want to come and be a furry. or rent within the more urban centers (character homes are welcome. However. dragon.

check the Online Characters listing. realistic roleplay: we offer extensive help systems and infrastructure (such as personal logging. allowing players to have multiple characters in roles ranging from infant to student (in any year) to professional adult in any of several dozen currently defined magical careers (and we'll always accept suggestions). unique monsters to find. and jungles hold many different cities and races.10. House points in hourglasses.) and detailed areas such as London. read a few logs. There is a lot of variation among the classes available to adventurers. and the Forest.2. exploration.. and within each class there are many different abilities a character may learn.4U1 . Over almost a decade. Our theme is 7500 [204. The realm has several full-blown quests. each run almost completely by players and sponsored by one Immortal. we pray you let there be another 500 years of peace before the terror returns. and also to the adventurers of the realm and their careers. Newbies and veterans alike are welcome! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : Granite: New Hampshire by Night : [MUSH] TinyMUSH 2.. we have no coded spells or levels: we trust our players to roleplay responsibly. In addition to the classes that guide one's adventuring career. set originally in the early 1900's but now entering the 1920's on a 4:1 timescale (a term corresponds to seventeen weeks). all but one of which are optional. and explore our world. Hogwarts itself. unique kills and other general adventuring prowess. and you may become a Legend of ShadowMUD.8. and deeds you may commit that can change how the townsfolk of various places respond to your character. and numerous mini-quests that are all HogwartsMOO is one of the first Harry Potter-inspired roleplaying games. The face of the world evolves over time with the inevitable changing of history.102] http://hogwartsmoo. deserts. Diagon Alley.91. and can provide a tightly-knit group of friends.. etc. wide open plains. None of the novels' feature characters (or relatives) will ever appear in our world. and partly in ways molded by the adventurers of the realm. capturing the charm of Wizarding society without Rowling's storyline. swamps. that offer significant roleplaying opportunities. However. Hogsmeade. Our focus is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. there are guilds. Gather enough adventuring experience. Our goal is fun. key roles are held by player-created characters. There are many places to explore. Please visit our webpage. ShadowMUD's varied lands spread across the vast continent of Caspia and into the Walgor Sea: icy wastes.1 + WAIF & FUP hogwartsmoo. deed-doing and questing. the geography and the townsfolk. but we have an extremely flexible creation system. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : HogwartsMOO [MOO] MOO 1. Instead.passed since the last confrontation. these changes have been to the cities. reposes-on-demand.

net/~granite/ Description : On December We've changed sites. Granite is a haven for those weary of storyless. a castastrophe of epic proportions disrupted the supernatural world in a violent and decisive The Great Hunt is based on the Wheel of Time series of books by Robert Jordan. We are a writer's chronicle. even as the state motto 'Live Free or Die' is scrawled in graffiti on overpasses and disused billboards.erisian. and with it much of way of things to come. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Great Hunt [Rom] Rom 2. Manchester. Camlyn.betterbox. and should enjoy discovering all the other unique WOT based areas including the Ways.70] http://pimux.betterbox.' that's the situation in Beacon Harbor. Come join our game community and experience some of the best. DragonSworn.7] WWW : http://www. You enter the game in the city of Baerlon.85] http://www. Seanchan. and a lot more questions. encouraging collaborative fiction among our players which we support through our short story list. and an experiment gone horribly wrong has . Whitecloak and several others. the cities of Tear. out of the sight of mortals. Shadar Logoth.132. There are several Guilds to pick from.erisian.. Fal Dara and many others. a promise to be fulfilled. New Hampshire awoke the next day changed. but we're still here! What if the heroes lost? That's not just an 'if. unfulfilling games with wholesale PK and other social ills. Though the initial rumblings have faded.Telnet : granite. Warders. TGH is a newbiefriendly MUD with several Tuatha'an helpers dedicated only to help the newbies out.83. The villains are firmly in control. The human race is chosen by what region of the WOT universe you originate from. their causes are still a source of mystery to anyone who knew what happened.83. There are also an option to choose to be either Ogier (from 3 Steddings) or Shadowspawn (2 trolloc races and 1 myrdraal) 1997 [209.betterbox. Telling the good guys from the bad guys is not 2005 [ 8500 [209.127. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Project Infinity [MUX] pimux. 2004.fortunecity. Tar Valon. Down underneath the surface lurk a lot of dark answers. The Great Hunt is a player killing MUD with a five level limit. including for example Aes Sedai.3 as Basecode bb12.

and also interesting themes and area quests to satisfy the 'intellectual player'. please log in as Guest and us e the +register command. Come and experience the Force for yourself! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Greystone [Envy] HEAVILY modified Envy2 bb1. and combat is not coded. Along with the struggle and hope. it is a time of strugg le. All players are welcomed. immortals don't interfere in player business.7. such as automated corpse retrieval. and a time of silence just before t he storm.swwfm. but nothing 4201 [216. The MUSH is open and IC. sign onto the MUX as a Guest and ask around.betterbox. a time of subtleties.000 years prior to Episode 1. or doom it further? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: Ways of the Force MUSH [MUSH] pennmush. . Some areas do contain very violent or 'mature' themes. Application is by e-mail. as in most cases.69.torn open the fabric of space and time. However.235. bringing in super-powered entities from other universes and trapping them there! Play a character right from the comics.betterbox. Hero. and hope as the newly formed Republic grows with the aid from the J edi Order.html Greystone is a unique MUD with unique classes and skills. For the most part. comes chaos and strife with the emergence of the Sith. Check out our website. but stretches tighter with each passing day. A thin line is walked between calm and chaos. There are plenty of levels and areas to keep even the most 'level hungry' player busy.252. exploration.6. or even mix-and-match to play a comic character the way you thought they should have been written. It is a time of building.66] http://wraith.221] 1234 [68.90. corruption begins out of good intent and the b alance of the galaxy's opposing good and evil forces is once again put into The date is approximately 5. and most players are helpful and villain. Crimelord. the roleplay is free-form. play an original 5 swwfm. It has many added features. or innocent bystander? Will you save the city.

are not forgotten. equipment hoarding players. Filled with stat hungry. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Grimne DikuMUD DikuMUD 4000 [129. there is an ongoing competetion as to who is the 'best' in each class. With a shaman that sells stats to higher level characters. and power is the ultimate reward. Elf. Moogle. including such basics as how to talk and where to go. and there is much discovering to be made. (http://wraith. assassins.html if you don't see a link) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Eternal Fantasy [LP] Highly modified LPC-based bb14. Final Fantasy 4. Damage by each player can be logged. gold and equipment are the ruling forces. For the avid Final Fantasy fan.betterbox. and the more successful one is at inflicting punishment upon mobs.91] http://cs1. this game is definately something to consider playing. or just one looking for a mud to play. and treasure hunters -.through a system borrowed from Final Fantasy 3333 [207. blood and carnage are all that matter. An extensive newbie-guide is among the equipment received upon character however.betterbox. as well as contribute in world wide quests run by the administration. Players are welcome to submit ideas. players and ancients (wizards) are newbie friendly. Although it is currently still under Gamma The Eternal Fantasy is a mud based on the popular game series 'Final Fantasy' by Squaresoft. The mud offers players a growing list of races. Experience. combining the abilities of both. If you wish to do away with all . players can alternate between over 60 classes -including knights. paladins.210.220] http://www.grimne.185. archmagi. visit the link to website. Kelban and Grimne is the ultimate incarnation of a violent. including Human. In addition. thief. This allows players to select both a primary class and a secondary class. Also. the more one is respected. Final Fantasy 5 and Final Fantasy 6) are combined in an already large and constantly growing network of worlds with an overall plot that links all of them. and there is a newbie channel and a constantly updated list of 'newbie helpers' to whom one can ask questions. Four of Squaresoft's most popular games (Final Fantasy 1. quests are plentiful. Newbies.betterbox.For a more detailed view of the MUD. certain mobs will cast beneficial spells upon low level characters.241. Half-Lunar. ninjas. hack-n-slash mud. and a storage room in which items can be stored indefinately for a small fee. Half-Elf.

A complex and strategic combat system . And in his loneliness in the Void he wrought the mighty Nimroetil. The Abyss will soon be back..225] None At the very end of the Infinite Corridor. and wielding it. We are currently looking for dedicated builders to help bring the Abyss to life ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Terminus Faire [MUX] terminus. from whose hand flows the wellspring of Life. Where the Faire is the center of commerce and tourism. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Abyss: The Second Age [Merc] Modifications are extreme. beware altrags-lair. the City is where the locals make their home and have their own. It is a place of business. merchants.A classless.mushpark. be those goods.. War swept across the Abyss. Between the Titans. None can remember a time when the Faire and the City did not exist. that hallway of 'back doors' into every conceivable dimension. the Crystal of Creation. and Nimroetil was broken. as timeless as the Corridor itself.Player-run clans with player-built HQs . and of recreation . to search for the shards. clans begin to form. is Terminus Faire. Yet its memory. and it's shards lost. It always has been and always will be.235. and the promise of infinite power. Around the Faire. come to 9999 [216. with many features including: .dynu. he created the Abyss. because the enemy must not reunite Nimroetil.. recreational activities.A powerful mob scripting language . And now. lived on in the hearts of Mortals. Terminus Faire is a year-round bazaar of the grandest sort. You won't be 1236 None In the beginning. It is a place where gods and demons consort with the most mundane of the mundanes. At Any Cost!. even as the world recovers from battle. . there was Altrag.252. there was a hatred. or information.A completely original world . the City of Terminus has sprung forth over the ages. Terminus Faire is where tourist.where the powerful and powerless alike can explore their desires. Travelers and merchants from every world and every plane of existence come together at Terminus Faire to trade their wares.of the fluff of some of the overdone muds and get right down to the honesty of pure violence and greed.. and others come together to interact. services.. Aleister and Stormreaver. skill-based advancement system . Whatever those desires might be. Yet among his disciples there was a jealousy.

47. and are working hard to make sure it stays that way. based on the old Dark Wizardry 2000 [194. We want 1001ad to be a fun place to be. science and brute strength. 1001ad is already a fun and challenging place to MUD.319 hof.df. We will listen to any ideas (and respond quickly) and any powertripping immortals (or players) will be hit with a big stick until they get some sense knocked into them.38] http://lintilla2.0. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Dragon's Gate [Custom] dgate.from politics to intrigue. The year is 1001ad.33. port 8989!! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hall Of Fame LP Mud 1001ad is a new. Players have several quests and guilds to choose from. mobiles that will interact. 10 different races (lots more to come!) . 1001ad has been built by players for players. =--------------------------------------------------------------------= Terminus Faire is an adult-themed game built to encourage roleplay of all adult types . We're up 24 hours a day for your playing pleasure.lth. but rest assured this will not affect any xping you do now. and loads of other features.176.Terminus Faire. the dawn of a new . The end of the line is where pleasure begins. clans.1001ad.70] http://www. loads of exciting areas.130. 1001ad. from erotic to violent youll find it all at Terminus Faire.lth. vibrant MUD.234] http://www.dragons-gate.mushpark. Over the next few months many more new additions and features will be added. fun-progs. It has the original feeling and flavour of the first LPMUDs in a relaxed and friendly Hall of Fame is a re-creation of Genesis before the advent of 3.mythicgames.df. New beasts and puzzles challenge adventurers as they explore the lands. The ways of magic are being challenged by 8989 [ 9999 ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : 1001ad [Envy] Heavily modified Envy codebase. and there are alot more areas than meet the eye. Come and try it on 34283 [204. Can you survive the new ways? With multi-classing.

Development has picked up pace in the last 18 months.. and is soon to add a new set of 'core' areas which will have new facilities such as player real estate and other luxuries.Description : Your torch flickers desperately a final time before it burns out. and there is plenty of oppurtunity for gaining area creation Harshlands is a roleplay intensive. as well as a developing seperate central theme which runs across several 'mud-theme areas'. The mud has a wide variety of areas. This is just a small part of the world of Dragon's Gate.harshlands. The mud offers some very unique guilds.129. Web: http://www.176. fun. The air pressure in the room drops alarmingly as the massive creature in the shadows begins to fill its =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=. a horrible mocking laughter that sends shivers up your spine and leaves your legs frozen in abject terror.dhs. Dragon's Gate is unique unto itself and holds many surprises for you.42. revealing the form of a massive dragon practically filling the space. The mud runs on an LDmud 3. though it may look like someplace you've been before. with levels. classes and experience points =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Harshlands [Dikumud] Heavily Modified harshmud. Your brain cries out for you to run but your legs refuse to respond. PKers. it is the last you see before the flames roaring from the creatures mouth engulf you. skills-based MUD set on the island of Harn (Columbia Games). with a custom mudlib.95.109] http://www. for the mortals who work for it.Login: telnet://ainu. Standard 'hack and slash' play is seriously dissuaded.2. questors. chatters.ainu. and the mud is beginning to gain a fresh look with new faces appearing all the time. .org 3000 [208. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AinuMud [LP] Customized LDmud 3. no stock areas. The administration are committed to the design of a mud which is enjoyable for hack'n'slashers. The game is stable. A strange overwhelming stench of death and decay is all around you. easy for new players.dhs..2. and then there is only darkness.7 customized driver.dhs. Insidious laughter fills the air. and within the shadows you feel the eyes of something watching.AINUMUD -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Ainumud has been around since 5555 [206. or take a look at our website for more information about Ainumud and LPmuds in general. Suddenly a brilliant light flares before you. Dragons Gate is a massive text based world of adventure role-playing where the action is nonstop 24 hours a day.role-play. leaving you suddenly very cold and very alone in the vast darkness.35] http://www. Why not come visit us? Experience the friendly atmosphere in the game -*. and explorers all at once.x ainu.ainu.

sometimes hostile. Werewolf and Wraith). ten For many years Caine the farmer. five human ethnic and cultural groups. who's sacrifices were smiled upon by the Lord. criminal and law enforcer.90.4b6 haven. We hail and acknowledge Caine so that we might remember the beast within all of Caine's Children. Enforcers. where life is risky and death is permanent. Vampire. You will ever repeat your crime throughout time until your heart knows shame and pity. the world remains a deadly and harsh environment. Players proving to be skilled and dedicated are offered choices that include shop ownership. Caine saw the blessing of the Lord in Abel and was filled with envy. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Absolute Darkness [GodWars] LOW4 . you are cursed to ever walk the night.dune. Caine.dune. soldier.117. Haven is based on the popular World of Darkness RPGs by White . A dedicated team of Coders. 5555 [63. including herbalist. and to keep the mud running as well as possible.wolfpaw.Players can choose to pursue careers. son of Adam. The Lord was outraged and cursed Caine saying. Now. master level craftsmanship. slaying his own brother Abel in hopes the Lord would favor him insted.4] http://haven. in a fit of rage. Monk. While the thrust and focus of the game is serious 2000 [216. 'Caine. Dragon. Abel the peaceful.' Thus was the first Kindred created. and three non-human races selectable by players of proven ability. The game world includes over 16. first son of Adam was loyal to his family and to God. Demon. and welcome you to our mud. did commit the first murder. Builders and Owners do their best to make this a nice place to spend your time. For those unfamiliar with Harn. Absolute Darkness has stepped away from it After being up for almost 2 years. as Godwars muds should be (pk is pk). Second son of Adam. Highlander. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Haven of the Embraced [Rom] Heavily Modified ROM 2. nobility and many advanced professions. often friendly. Abel the loved. But then Abel was born. it has become a unique mud. journeyman craftsmen. Drow. Ninja.3] http://darkness.wolfpaw. new classes are in the making. Samurai. Mage. We hope you'll find the mud an enjoyable place to spend time.18.000 original rooms in smoothly integrated and universally consistant zones.Heavily modified darkness. Currently there are 12 classes (Angel. it is a low-magic world based loosely on a composite of 9th-14th century Britain.

weird rites and slavery. or perhaps some new.Wolf Publishing. you are here now. Room descriptions vary at night. merchant. alternate character can be obtained on a conditional basis. text-based game with a unique BSDM "While trying to sail over the mediterranean sea you got lost. the Umbra and much much more! Come Childe and enter the Haven." SPQR is a free. It is for adults only. yet unknown path. All this depends upon the aspirations of the player. The result is simple. player owned rooms. and have to live in this world with mixed ancient cultures. 5 sects. Personal descriptions may include multiple levels of clothing to . or a bloodthirsty Garou. gifts. A character may even learn the particular trade of the cleric. guard. but it is not a game about sex. 70 Vampire powers and 18 clans/guilds/tribes. Because a strong fantasy roleplaying environment is desired. Throughout life. Weather patterns change seasonally. rites. But be The Shroud of Darkness [AFKMud] Highly Modified runmuds. online. Each new character begins life marooned but free. Vampire: The Masquerade. Both RPers and Hack-N-Slashers will love haven! Features: 14 Disciplines. here you are on an island. a character may either be trained as a slave or cultivate enough standing to become the owner of slaves.0 spqr. trainer. the inhabitants live the ancient roman way.dyndns. Enjoy RPing a Camarilla Kindred.. for SPQR is a roleplaying game about the slavery but personal slavery is optional. The player seeking a hastened sexual encounter within SPQR has missed its purpose. Werewolf: The Apocolypse and Mage: The Ascension. Either way your sure to have fun. still hoping to be rescued. Multiplaying and charactersharing are forbidden. Slavery is its theme.. and finally your ship grounded on an offshore barrier reef. rituals. roleplaying is mandatory within SPQR. 7777 http://spqr. You can play a character from one of three of the major games. We have tons of original code and near unlimited remorts to fill endless hours of Mudding time. weeks or years. If that happened to you hours ago.. The Shroud of Midnight has just been launched THERE WILL BE MORE TO COME HERE! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Peninsulae SPQR [Unknown] Severly changed Perlmud 3. though a 2000 http:// Askala. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Askala. You may never leave. dungeonmaster.

At present there are over 180 zones. you can travel freely between different time periods. Old West and Future. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : 4 Dimensions [Circlemud] bpl15 modified 4d.97. although we have more features than many Pay-to-Play Muds. an optional newbie channel. With the Quest prizes you can buy some of our special 'features' like crash-proof houses.arda. a player newsboard.4dimensions. but already in Mud School you'll get a taste of what to expect later on. Pre Historic. 4D is and will always be totally free to play. Many of our long time players build for 7000 [62. directable emoting system is available to assist the enterprising roleplayer at times when the stock emoting commands are found wanting. Money acquired during the game can be spent on custom items. So come and enjoy one of the most developed and original free Muds on the net! Some of the content in the zones is a bit 'mature'.pp. The full potential of the Game only unfolds as you play won't find any stock areas in 4D. and personalized equipment. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Arda MUD [Smaug] heavily modified arda. each with 100% unique zones . customized according to the whim of the player. allowing you to continuously improve your character. Online . slave rental. so this is not a mud for the very young or very prudish. room 4 Dimensions is set at a time after a massive nuclear war has caused great rifts in the Time Warp of Universe. and a friendly playerbase are all at hand to help familiarize new players. Due to those rifts. Some enterprising people have set up a Travel Agency. website help.34] http://www. that usually only very experienced players know about. making it easier for adventurous Travellers to explore the different Dimensions of Time. pets. and various other sorts of player-driven transactions. Even our Mud School is customized. Medieval. Our remort and skill system is very advanced. mounts and vehicles. There are 4 main 'Worlds' that you can visit.pp. An extremely advanced.10] 6000 [68.22. generally known as 'Time Traps'.141. teaching some of the tricks of mudding. so the world is growing at a steady rate. with 4 grades (one for each Dimension) and a unique 'Quest Academy' at the top. This makes our mud especially interesting for those that like the extra challenge of exploring and solving Quests.reflect the detail along various stages of dress. more than 70000 rooms and over hundred built-in Quests of varying difficulty.

they attend the Massachusetts Academy. With several forces scheming in the backg rounds. renegades.167. For the X-Men. Be a good citizen of Bree. it is the Hellfire Club. Duelists and lowlifes from all over Terra Nova. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Heavy Gear Mux [MUX] hgmux.orcs skin corpses. almost every area has secrets and mini-quests. Giant Robots _not_ included. and veers off into its own direction. a new experience in science fiction. including Knight of Arnor and Barrow Wights.hgmux. an Upper West Side boarding school with one of the best reputations in the world. its the Friends of Humanity and the schemers of the world. 'city of trash.. dwarves craft powerful weapons. For everyo ne fighting for a certain dream.196] http://www. welcome! You can play even you do not have cyrillic keyboard and fonts. elves sing magical songs. After a tragic accident several years ago. Every race has unique abilities . XMA offers a somewhat different theme. its the evil that consumes the underbelly of New York.digimoon. mercenaries.214. Different Welcome to Khayr ad-Din. there's an opponent bent on squashing it.. the X-Men and the high school student s have fallen under the wing of Magneto. For every good. As each group grows more organize d. And for the Brotherhood itself. it is the Brotherhood's Hellions. combining several elements. there's a corresponding evil. a close friend of their former mentor. Enter the gritty and realistic world of Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear.245. Explore deep dungeons and climb high peaks. Everyone who speaks russian. . At the core of the game is the idea of balance. Establi shed in New York. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : X-Men: Alpha [MUSH] Tinymush 3.217.Live in the world of Tolkien's Middle Earth. change comes in shocking and new ways. For the New Mutants.0 4040 [ Based in a Year One universe. For the 6132 [216. or become a creature of evil and reside in Carn-Dum.206] http://lyssa.' home to Rovers. Mostly original world. and many others.

combined with showing a world map. bloodletters and gobbo' : Adventure in the World of Warhammer. all areas combined holding over 80.4 . if they desire. Our mob prog support is one of the best. a MUD based around the Warhammer game (from games -Workshop). Adventure in a huge world full of skinks. squigs. balance. as well as many races. most easy to find. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Storms of Time [Merc] MrMud 1. The 'auto' command can be used to cast spells automatically at double speed. allowing good gameplay with a basic telnet client such as putty.0 slackhalla. making spell casters as easy to play as fighters. and even has a suicide command for the rare occasion you get stuck in a no exit room with no way to get out. The areas are automatically the help file areas will be connected with a huge system of roads which can be walked down using the travel command. Go to www. Fully endorsed and licenced by GW. There are many classes to choose from. We feature a VT102 interface to replace the traditional prompt. Every area has one or more quests players can complete for equipment.128] http://www.Emud 3. as well as road 4321 [217. Each character can reincarnate. each with their own strong set of skills.each team will have their hands full in the quest for and download the client software now.wolfenburg.stormsoftime. ----------------------------------------------- .wolfenburg. as well as morgues to buy your corpse in case you cannot get back to your corpse. Wolfenburg : [Custom] : : http://www. up to 10x. with a choice of stronger races available in each incarnation. Finding and completing the unique quests will be a lot of fun for those who like a challenge.000 lines of script code. See you there :) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Warhammer MUD. The mud has been designed to not need any We offer our players the ability to build their own castle which can be turned into a clanhall. Choose from 26 classes be it a Bretonnian Knight to a witchhunter. Clans are entirely player run. and ultimately.

.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Heroes of Kore [Circlemud] Circle version 4203 [208.5 years after Return Of Th e Jedi. Give us a try! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: Imperial Awakening MUSH [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.. Princess Heroes of Kore is NOT a new mud.ironglove.ships .customizable ANSI color .229.clans .0 starwars. Who said mudding was easy? KORE We are constantly evolving. is working to not only pull the Empire together. but never without suffering. but to win the battle against the Rebel Alliance.karnage (randomly held Karn quests) Adventure. this is the mud for you.starwars. fellowship. Capta in Margo Wethers.55.185] Starwars Imperial Awakening (started Jan 2002) is 6000 [65. push toward s their goal of forming the New Republic. With both a space platform over Sullust as well as an ISD patrolling the Sullust sector. mob .74.unreality.a PK arena . We've been around for almost nine years and during this time we've always had dedicated players. and not too long after a shield which trapped all on the planet of Cor ellia was brought down. The Empire. run by Grand Admiral Thrawn.9] http://www. the Rebel s are starting to have trouble adding forces and getting supplies to Sullust.00 (heavily modified) your. the Corellian Sector declared independence and Sullust has bec ome a battle ground as the Rebels and Imperials battle for control.tiamats-lair. If you're looking for a relaxed environment where most anything is achievable.119. Some of our features include: .houses . frustration.extensive mobprogs .synchronous loading .ironglove. Yet another problem for those citizen who simply want to live their lives in pea ce is the Pirates and Hutt organizations that work for themselves or hire out to the E .OLC . power. DEATH. under the direction of the New Republic Council. and General Crix Madine are dealing with a vast number of victori es as the Rebel Alliance..randomly held deathquests .

Greed. BESIDES OUR HUMUNGOUS AREAS Platynum Skys is an experimental mud. Brighid/Britomartis/Fionnghal ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hexonyx [Circlemud] Modified Circle 3. I am looking for builders and coders to fill out the gaps.185] FLY THROUGH THE TIMES OF IMAGINATION. Power. explore the different possibilities of character creation.60] http://www. Visit ancient Graecia and Rome.208. by all means! Come play and help me iron out the details. and Crime are always a problem for those hard working people. I am building this mud based on Celtic and Norse Mythology and fantasy.ironglove. Future travels bring players opportunity to kill Lord Vader for his coveted saber. Factions are still growing. Smug 5000 [ 4203'.hexonyx. A close fitting mud builder manual is up on http://www. Roleplaying is encouraged and rewarded.64. and we have regular Events for all players to get involved in. there are also ancient celtic gods and their druids to deal with. Present times also bring the possible onslaught of goblins and Bugs Bunny (newbie areas). Multi-classing is allowed. Fight King Arthur or his nemesis Mordred or both! (Whichever suits the need of your 7777 [69. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Platynum Skys [Dikumud] Modified by Cygnus and friends britomartis.htm under the builders link but I'm going to update and rewrite another one to be posted on the platynumskys page.platynumskys. Thanks. An expansive area dedicated to the education of magical beings from the levels of Harry Potter to University have also been built to challenge you and your group members.000 hp. Join us at 'starwars. Bounty Hunters. Feature Pl ayers are still available.hexonyx. however not always .0 mud. Are you a Magic fan? Conquer some of our hardest zones. Conquer Majamoti Djinn or Kjeldoran troopers.eternalrealms. I especially need zones that incorporate a max of 200 levels and max of 100. and other dangerous positions within the galaxy are never far fr om sight.46.) Travel to the present where you can kill their ghosts or she who guards Excalibur.

we don't want to give anything way. ALWAYS LOOKING OUT FOR NEWBIES. builders and questors) strive to surpass its self-raised standards. Some areas have been kept from the original Merc world for players familiar with 4000 http://www. This post is just a hint of what is to come. As a home to some of the builders of CircleMUD's stock areas. Pumbaa.251. our questing system allows all levels to have a crack at the exclusive quest equipment stores of the immortals of HexOnyx. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Simba's Pride: The Lion King II [AFKMud] [MUCK] muck. COME CHECK OUT HEXONYX MUD. Friction between the former Queens Sarabi and Zira will lead to Kiara's death and Sarabi's influence will cause Zira to be blamed for it and her banishment from the lands. regeneration. Nala. a CircleMUD since its metamorphosis from Five Worlds. then you will love us. Dual-classes and comboskills are now underway. . HW is based on Merc/Diku mud code and has been around since 1993. Vitani plus our special FCs Mufasa and Scar but how and why is a surprise that has to be rped to figure out. The following posts give a little history as to how we got to this point and where our TP will start off.explore where fantasy and science fiction has taken us from the past all the way to the far future. New codes have been introduced to extend advantage to pure the center of the Hidden Worlds. Its environs are inhabited by the creatures of fantasy and magic.necessary. and damage rates. Along the way Mufasa and Scar will be added to the mix. Timon. all characters serve a purpose. plus Zira.248.248] http://www. Kiara. Rafiki. Nuka. In his grief over the loss of his only child. HexOnyx provides a solid foundation from which immortals ( 4545 [205. If you like the Merc system. something out-of-the-ordinary is happening almost every day on HexOnyx. Zazu. Come to HexOnyx -.prides.html Out of the ruins of Old Thalos City emerged MERC's Midgaard. Whether you are self-sufficient or dependent on clannies and a Our plot has all of the characters from TLK I and II that you all know and love : Simba. forever challenging oldbies. From PVP to group-run quests to global modifications of load. Simba will lay down the law forcing all the ones faithful to both Zira and Scar to be exiled including Nuka and Vitani. allowing players to enhance their abilities beyond two basic classes. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hidden Worlds [Unknown] Diku hwmud. Sarabi.hwmud.prides.

so come and experience them for yourself! Join us and journey through the Hidden Worlds of your imagination.hollow-world.the few outer-world explores who have found it have either died there. and creatures susceptible to sunlight (such as vampires) are rare indeed. That. To this day. means that people can travelfrom the outer world to the inner (or vice-versa) without being aware of it. Later on it was decided that we would be written from the ground up from scratch.hollow-world. The polar openings leading into the Hollow World are so huge that their cruvature is very. It's the way mudding used to be. This isn't 7777 [207. The interior landscape is called the 'Hollow World'. We support limited player killing. a place of acient mystery. or returned without publicizing their discovery.243. A tiny sun hangs in the center of the hollow. The Hollow World The planet of the Known World is not a solid ball like our Earth is. very gradual. If you are looking for a simple. the existence of the Hollow World is not generally known in the outer world.134. chaoses and lots of hack and slash. clans.A rich RPG world that you can spend hours lost in. combined with the fact that these regions are perpetually shrouded in fog. Rom. The interior world has long been hidden from the outer world. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Feltain [Rom] Rom threaded into scratch codebase. There are more adventures to enjoy than we quickly describe.44. feltain. fun mud with a good social atmosphere.Our creation team is working to keep the good old Merc Diku feeling with new and custom areas. marriages. stayed there willingly.223. In fact it's hollow. We strongly are based on a game that can run itself without immortals stepping in/running things. give HW a spin. Feltain 1 was a total Rom MUD.131] http://www. We later decided that we liked many of the features that made . Smaug or other variants of Merc. and vast polar openings permit travel between the inner and outer worlds. And we like it like that. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hollow World [Circlemud] Deeply modified mud. quests. Merc II.24] None Feltain is a MUD that was made with one thing in mind-. night never 3007 [200. The interior sun sheds daylight at all times in the Hollow World. Rot.

pirates. In an ever changing land where intruge rules and stability is sought. Each time you retain the skills and spells you had in your previous class. We offer more than just unique code. Our entire world is a mix of computer drafting and human influence from the builders to balance stats and abilities on equipment. or the Cardassian Union. It makes for interesting gameplay. 3. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SC: Heart of the Empire [MUCK] ProtoMUCK sc. Southern Cross. and 1701 [64. We offer traditional areas like most muds. We have since went through versions 2. Will you decide to cast your fate in with the Empire? To stand with the Prelate. and economic systems. We have a modest amount of levels. The game attempts to remain true to the Star Trek universe.scworlds. Heart of the Empire. the Klingon Empire. however. Come play with us and see why you'll never need another MUD! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : HoloTrek [ColdMud] Cold Genesis holotrek. which must be attained 3 times. we also have a worldmap such as the ones seen on final fantasy and other RPG titles. which we are made for. the Rihannsu (Romulan) Empire.2. and are now working on 4. Players may choose to join the United Federation of enough like other MUD's to be playable to experienced MUDders. players who develop good roleplaying skills will find their characters growing in power and influence. but is supported by advanced space. Good roleplay is rewarded. skills. a precarious balance between what was and what will be. It's stable and unique. combat. Feltain was written from nothing and has had excepts from Rom inserted into 1234 HoloTrek is a Star Trek-themed role-playing game on a timeline that branched from the events of TNG/DS9 around the first season of DS9.holotrek.122] http://www. or simply find a place in the swirling world of politics. A full commodities market economy is available for those that wish to strike out on their own as freelance traders. canon is highly regarded.57. The game is primarily role-playing. the Ferengi Alliance. We have unique gameplay. mercenaries. HoloTrek welcomes both experienced and new roleplayers to the game. merchants. slavery and magic. Where humanity strives to .

The Empire.. We are trying to expand our borders and hope that when it meets up with the enemy race. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : The Lands of Shannara : [Rom] : : http:// : The Four Lands is a mud based on Terry Brooks Shannara series. Role-play imm. We`re looking for mature RPers who can create three dimensional characters who are interesting for reasons outside of just being unusual or having big stats.spacegame.continue in the face of all that is and will is a time of unrest for the galaxy.Coder. We are looking for a few people to fill Immortal positions .39] http://www.shatteredequinox. etc. three major forces clashing for control.10. Currently. The Galactic Civil War ended.0 ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Space Game [Unknown] web browser/test based game SpaceGame [http://www. Anyone wishing to fill an immortal position should contact Saint at one of the following : Yahoo . with all new races and and classes. Quest 6666 [204. .179. we are fighting for power not just for times just as fierce deadly as during the height of the Rebel insurrection. but the strain that it caused still weighs heavy. we will be able to hold our ground and force the wall of opposition back in their face! So here is a quick description to back up the name.spac] http://www. but for race's empire.daperfectma AIM .. where will you stand? Final Fantasy with a Furry Twist.Daperfectma E-mail .shatteredequinox. Set 1003 years after Final Fantasy 7.daperfectma@aol. seen through the eyes of the most agressive. War be over but the fighting continues . helpful and friendly staff that`s just dying to help you get going. the game is closed to players to give the Immortals time to create the world which is Shannara. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description It has may and : : : : : Star Wars: Shattered Equinox [SWR] Heavily Modified SWRIP1. Detailed world and RP The current state of the game. Rewards are given for well thought out backgrounds. We are a brand new ROM based mud. Builders. join in this Renaiscance style world.

so while the UrMud is quite good. castles . over a billion tiles. The possibilities are endless. but they have not surrendered their dedication to the ideal crafted out of the evils of Palpatine.. Smuggling remains a strong source of income and many believe that it will expand even more now. Conflict is all anyone knows.urmud. pirates are capable of picking and choosing their targets with little fear of governmental retaliation. With both the New Republic and Empire strained beyond compare. o skill system . right?) o advanced combat system. but not enforced. The Empire is a remnant of its once glorious military. . there's plenty more coming. so come over and join the fun! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : VerminMud : [Custom] [Custom] . Here's what we have so far: o huge self-growing world..and hire NPC farmers. under the flag of peace and harmony rather than conquest and submission is a task harder than anyone would have believed. guards. Roleplaying is encouraged and rewarded. shops. wolves eat : We're just starting out.time+money based. shopkeepers. in any direction o houses and clan halls are cheap (lots of room. This is a time for all to make a difference from the smallest of characters. Pirates operate in the relative open. No powertripping imms here. mines..and each place is unique in its necessity. to the leaders of vast governments.. Forced to surrender great amounts of territory to better protect itself. But the galaxy has yet to see a time of peace. The Civil War may have ended. not exp based o complex and variable magic system Many seem to like the non-combat options. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : UrMud : [Custom] java-based : : http://www. Bringing together countless unique species and civilizations.The fledgling New Republic is making small steps at restoring some order to the vast regions decimated by conflict. and they will not see it erased so easily. which eat grass ) o smart AI NPCs that go about their business Coming Soon: o build houses. Independents have a greater vision of the galaxy now. farms. including ranged combat o real economy and ecology ( carvers need more wood? price goes up. There's plenty of room for everyone. crafters. Everyone has a place . such as gathering and woodcutting.

we are always looking for more immortals to help make our mud bigger and help us with new and original ideas! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hyperborea [LP] with ANSI color support hyperborea.10] http://www. .83.216.132. We fully welcome any players who wish to take part in a new. over 100 skills and a vast outerworld complete with multiple layers supporting flying. We have a few mortal player s. unique classes.40] WWW : Hyperborea is a game set in Medieval European Roleplaying Style. Anyone interested in becoming a builder just sign on and find. It takes place in a fully original fantasy world wi th almost all original races.67] http://draknor. Also the the user commands should be familiar to players of the above 4101 [209. Having been around since 1993. and fun.244. mountaineering and underwater travel. and a decent number of immortals that are friendly and always willing to help : Description : VerminMud is built completely from scratch. Hyperborea has developed into a very stable game with many interesting areas to explore and quests to The Lands of Draknor is a recently released mud based off a series of boo ks the owner is currently writing. The driver and mudlib are written in H Y P E R B O R E A land of the north 2000 [137. We have a graphical editor for worldbuilding.56. or note. Aarchane or Laurelin.betterbox.254. Our goal is to provide a high quality. growing roleplay environment. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Lands of Draknor [Rom] Very modified draknor. The basic theme is medieval fantasy and very similar to popular LPMuds like BatMud and ZombieMud. social game that is fun to 23 [213. dozen races. Currently we have eight operational guilds.

(voluntary) quests with a quest point system. The 6000+ room Iconoclast world itself is 100% .Hyperborea is a game running on a modified LPMUD lib. Werewolves. guilds. and a significant portion of our players have been with us since the beginning for that very reason. just try to ignore that they don't eat th e food on their plates. We've long been one of the top Sci-Fi RP MUDS listed on the search 6200 [67.iconoclast. Playing in New York City in the year 2007 is a group of great players. Humans.mushpark.37] http://www.91. and is based around the people and events associated with the free city of New Aurora. excessive violence.17. neural interfaces. Some of our features are: (optional. steady story lines.3. You could go dine with Vampires. Course.96. Visit our website at http://ctns. pub lic sentiment never goes with the preters. and the Pride.130. It is possible to have tea with the werewolves.3. City that Never Sleeps is an 18 and up game. rampant gang and cult activity and aworldwide Matrix are accepted as the norm. friendly people and much more! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The City That Never Sleeps [MUX] TinyMUX 2.mushpark. Iconoclast MUD is now in its 6th continuous year of operation. and great staff? Havi ng a hard time filling that void of the human-preternatural relations? Then come chec k us out.0 (Heavily Customized) iconoclast. cybernetic enhancements. Based off of the Anita Blake novels by Laura K. Iconoclast is set at the dawn of the 22nd Century. corporate control. they are trying to hide themselves. Genetic ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Iconoclast [Circlemud] Circle 3. player settable) ANSI color. Hamilton. changing 7777 [ shpark. all are forced to live together in a city where there isn't much free Looking for a game with good players. is the City that Never Sleeps. identify command to find out detailed information about any object.226] http://ctns. The Leopards own one of the hottest clubs in town and you dress formally when going to it.22 #2 ctns. making us one of the longest-running Cyberpunk/Gothic-themed MUDS on the Internet. although the local Ulfric prefer s coke.

110] http://www. Please do not try VirtualChicago if you are looking for some quick 1701 [213. and designed to be realistic without being detrimental to play.vchicago. proud and lordly knights. or their own private rooms. the best. but there is plenty of room for self-directed advancement to high levels of power and influence.233] http://www. and spiritualists in search of perfect order. rangers praising the moon. not quantity. there are no levels or experience points as such. And those are the players! IgorMud players fight terrible monsters and hideous creatures. or take in a Shitar concert. Our customized code (a Circle 4201 [216. and intimate families . We may be an old world. tech-wizards with their robots. we focus on the quality of the actual user IgorMud is a world of imagination. and community. those who are the most happy with VirtualChicago are those looking for a friendly and intelligent 'home' on the Internet. as proven by the Mud Connector naming us the Mud of the Month in June 1998.135. and brag of their kill and eat spicy kabobs and drink firebreathers with friends. our world is not about becoming the largest. Although we do attempt to provide help to as many new players as possible.igormud. demonic warriors with enslaved zombies. and team members. VirtualChicago continues to combine these values to make an elegant and professional environment for its citizens to VirtualChicago was established on 15 August 1994. guild mates. or the most cutting-edge server. Combat works differently than on other MUDS. The focus is on quality.150.13. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : IgorMud [LP] DGD igormud. then lounge about in our famous Spice Club.8a2 vchicago. Instead. Today. with swashbuckler pranksters. We have a fantastic newbie school and areas for our newcomers.0 derivative) encourages role-playing while allowing a more traditional hack-and-slash style of play for those who enjoy that. but we go through much effort to stay modern.229. As they become more powerful and skilled they even build their own castles and invite friends to visit! IgorMud is place of great adventure. VirtualChicago grew from roots that emphasized education.original. a small virtual town with characters of all sorts. science. though the administration maintain a central 'virtual Chicago' theme in certain areas. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : VirtualChicago [MUSH] VirtualCity TinySEUSS from TinyMUSE 1. Players are not encouraged to follow a particular theme.

41. 9001 [63. the lemming invasion!) IgorMud is home to players from around the world.and friendly clubs.61] http://www. Tigger. Australia. We have over 7000 rooms of unique creative rooms with excellent visualization. and weapon specializations (which come in handy when fighting the trolls.S. Watch out for the shifters! Come. serdaen (huge flyers) and cresnars (lizard-like humanoids). etc) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : ImagicaMUD [Circlemud] Circle imagica. Visit our home page today for the latest information! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Illusions of the Mind [Rom] Rom . With incredible 3D areas to explore and hundreds of characters. cleric. In this world of Tibernas. half-ogre.202. the horrible Big Potato. necromancer. bard.they can be very helpful. This code is unlike other classless systems. to interact with. P. we have elves. Come be a All new classes system. cable modems. and many other places.4 with a twist tibernas. orcs. this is all an Illusion! NOTE: Some public sites need prior approval (AoL. half-elves and more. druid. humans. We pride ourselves on balance and fairness. enjoy yourself and remember. Playerkilling is restricted to a 6 level limit that is player enforced by the society of [JUSTICE]. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Illusia: Quest for the Eternals : Custom/Graphical : : http://www. paladin. Great 4000 [213. healing character.imagica.84. you cannot be a acid blasting. both computer and player-controlled. Challenging for the experienced mudder and easy enough for the newbie. We are very newbie friendly. Illusia: Quest for the Eternals at last brings true commercial-quality computer gaming to the Internet. thief.246] http://www. the United States. If you are new to muds ask a [SAGE] member for advice.tibernas. the klingons.illusia. or barbarian. bashing. warrior. however. We have six guilds. not only from : Illusia is a multiplayer graphical world that will redefine your idea of gaming on the Internet. we have a place for you.. Come join us. the vampires. but from the Netherlands.

Explore our ever growing 8890 [69. Participate in one of the automated quests or team up with fellow players to take on a quest prepared by our quest team.22. roleplay and enjoy our very social community online. solve puzzles. Be tricked by levers and chains that can hide long forgotten places. resulting in a 99% uptime 24/7. you have the opportunity to play your character to it's fullest extent. Come join us on AniMud Evolution and prepare to be amazed! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Puzzlebox MUCK [MUCK] fbmuck6 puzzleboxmuck. Kill or talk to monsters.The timeframe is just after the Inner Senshis meet the Outer AniMud Evolution is a mix of the anime shows Sailor Moon andInuyasha.angelfire. Try our homepage at http://www. With multiple races and classes. We'll see you soon at the Imagica!!! The Imagica Implementation Team telnet:// Travel by stage-coach or on the back of a horse. gain experience and learn new skills.puzzleboxmuck.227] . buy your own house or even become the mayor of one of our towns. Our code base is very stable.38. Meet new people. expanding possibilities all the time. New allies and old friends come together on AniMud Evolution to defend the universe from the Crimson Eclipse which is being casted by the Shadow Soldiers from the planet Karaki.A new threat arises and the Sailor Senshis must call on Inuyasha to assist ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AniMud Evolution [Smaug] DBSaga (Soon to be fully Customized) crazee-records.190. make friends.imagica. Join one of our clans.Description : ImagicaMUD is a fantasy role-playing MUD. We are 100% midgaard free! Use your magic and skills to fight monsters and obtain valuable equipment. The code and world are updated regulary. including a small tutorial how to start mudding.142] 1901 [66.

but all sorts of strange cosmic beasties abound. allowing more possibilities for game play. . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Imperial Gizmo DikuMud [Dikumud] Heavily Modified.oOo. there is always someone logged on.oOo.and no way to fight over them except for art and seduction. Friendly players and Immortals.camalott. .oOo.140. Very stable environment. . : sanity. Most characters are furries with futuristic trappings. emotion into our virtual lives.oOo.oOo.oOo. Moves and Age) 10 differant classes to choose from. a philosophical conundrum.oOo. Puzzlebox is also a social experiment.oOo. shelter. :) Membership is by application only -.203. Puzzlebox is different from many other MU*'s in that it takes place in a richly developed original world. but it's still fairly freeform and loosely 6969 [208. 10 Immortal levels ANSI Color. a laboratory for identity play. (no loss of players). open-minded people who play well with others. SOLO Character Benefits. .oOo. Mana. with new ones being added all the time Special Procedure Code (Makes things exciting!) Arena for PKing without worry of stat loss. . Meta of Stats (STR/INT/WIS/DEX/CON Hps.intellectually curious. .oOo. a work of collaborative art.oOo. and Quests within the areas.113. . Clan Housing System Special Rengeration Rooms 180+ Zones. .oOo.Description : Puzzlebox is a science fiction/transhuman/"postfurry" MUCK set in a dreamlike city on a cryptically hyperintelligent megastructure. .net 8500 [82. 50 Mortal levels. Food. with new code added all the time. type of mud is custom gizmo. . Player's data modified all the time.oOo. and sometimes a bit of group therapy. more importantly. we also pride ourselves on investing serious thought Gizmo is derived from Diku Code. and all means of communication. While we hope you'll find our players to be fun and friendly. and even healthcare are available at the blink of an eye.6] http://merlin.oOo.camalott. Some of the things Gizmo has to offer is: . At its best. . Extremely Heavily Modified. use in titles. .oOo.oOo. :) Multi-Playing up to a maximum of 4 characters. Extensive Player Base. .com for more information. Quests run by Immortals.216] . . daydreamers and romantics preferred. so there's nothing left to fight over except for ideas -. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet : Shattered Sanity : [GodWars] Originally LoW4. Please visit our webpage or email functionxor@gmail. highly configurable. Its been heavily modified and changed to meet the needs of the players. .

The mud was designed in a manner that allows a new player to come in and get up to speed fast rather than having to spend months to catch up to the big players. The mud is unique in many other aspects. Imperium's features include increased AI for mobs. and huge travelling terrain with inns scattered throughout the continents. in Shattered Sanity. We also have a unique equipment system. The goal we have achieved is a balanced mud that anyone can relatively quickly get up to speed and jump into the pk mix. Geared towards both roleplaying and combat. some recognizable. We've shifted away from both of these things and left pk largely up to how the fight is conducted. Instead. featuring many different themes. up to two online at a time. The Imms are both helpful and professional. a unique introduction system.. Unlike most status-based muds. a wide variety of classes and unique spells. We also have unique quest Imperium is a mud offering a variety of classes and races. This equipment can then be quested further.136. some new. even after years of growth. pking is allowed within certain restrictions. who has the most hours building their character or who has the class that is the most overpowered. where players can gain amazing equipment amoung other things.WWW : None Description : Shattered Sanity is a MUD where players kill eachother for status.9.genesismuds. with which they create their equipment. On the vast majority of muds out there these days the victor in pk matches is determined by 1 of 2 things.5] http://imperium. each with a unique set of abilities in a huge. (questing is available. The zones are all unique. Multiple characters are allowed. Imperium uses a zone docking system to allow fast travel with minimum lag. for those who do like it) they mine for ore and gemstones. . A multi-continental world which is still expanding. The newbie eq is more than adequate to get started and fully custom eq is not too painful to obtain. where instead of mindlessly questing for hours. having had many years of both roleplaying and MUD experience. multiple coin types. our combat system is based off of knowledge and skill.genesismuds. you won't be disappointed! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Imperium [Dikumud] Diku (Modified) imperium. There are always places to adventure. come check us out for yourselves. all-original world. spell 40000 [216. however. status doesn't provide huge benefits so that the top players are nearly elite. and our classes were mathematically balanced long before they were implemented into the mud.

We provide a friendly and learning atmosphere which we feel mudders of experience and new players will both enjoy. The EM Staff ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Voregotten Realm [MUCK] Fuzzball TinyMUCK 2. It is well known that Merlin is used to travel through 8888 [213. because the said worlds are small and closed. but it also offers a BDSM-biased area (the Slavers' Island) and the macrophiles and microphiles are welcome too (specific commands are implemented for them and a specific area is being built). many shall perish before the journey's end. At Ethereal Mists we have varied classes from the base stock to our own creations.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ethereal Mists [GodWars] GW2k Godwars deluxe 65. Each imm is assigned his or her own class to look after although we do have knowledge to all our classes. the forest of Broceliande. There is one thing in common to the worlds that this cave allow to reach: in these Somewhere in Brittany (France) is a magical forest. and enjoy your stay here.. the druid and enchanter. Although Roleplay is not enforced it is encouraged.41. leading to a merciless competition for survival where the predators try to feed on the preys.132. and food is rare.comes1st. Can you be the one to rise to power and command your forces against those that plague to overthrow you? Do you dare to challenge those that stand against you? Enter the mists and find *NEW* A new class has opened this month (May 2005)! So come.... but what is unknown of the crowd is that Merlin did setup a magic cave acting like a portal leading to various worlds and epochs.. relax.98 3500 [65.98] hang your hat. home of Dare you enter a world where the rules of right and wrong no longer apply? A world controlled by gods.etherealmists. It's a good thing actually. death is usually not a permanent status and most of the ones who perish by accident do resurrect after a while. Voregotten Realm is a vore-themed free-form role-playing MUCK.228] http://vore. very few of their inhabitants being able to escape them.. at the Ethereal Mists.41.9. taken to be taught to rise to power? Be it of the Mystics of the Magi or the Beast of the Garou.41. stop by. ... where mortals cower in the corners of the night trembling in fear until they are taken by the beasts that roam this realm.04 (with patches) vore.

furries. Peru. we invite you to give us a try.101] None Infinite Planes is a heavily modified Circle-base MUD that has been around since early 4201 [209. If you are looking for a vast world to explore in.. Our players come mainly from Spain.wolfpaw. gory.209. Mexico. and a great coding team that has devoted several years of effort to code new features to make the game even more enjoyable for our players.. There are always players willing to help the newcomers. Argentina. We offer an enriched playing atmosphere with a wide array of player classes and over 600 skills and spells to choose from.. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Infinite Planes [Circlemud] Heavily modified Circle ipmud..189. and have hundreds of original zones specifically written for Infinite Planes.118] http:// . to be discovered on its 6000 [204. sexual or not. and Puerto Rico. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : ABM [MUSH] Stock pennmush with slight mods babymud. Our mud is very user friendly. anything ! As for the characters' races. you are welcome to RP any kind of vore you want: soft. anything fancying you is fair game (we encourage creativity and imagination). Dominican Republic. scalies.8] http://petria.182. mild. It is a wonderful place to start if you are a newbie.89. contemporary and futuristic / sci-fi settings.As far as vore is concerned.wolfpaw. Voregotten Realm provides a complete and coherent set of commands. The MUCK offers medieval fantasy.44. We are very stable. hard. Chile. consensual or not. :-) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Petria [Merc] petria. filled with intelligent creatures and adventure. We have a dedicated building staff that strives to add new areas on a very regular basis.. therefore suiting anyone's needs.186. Petria welcomes new players from everywhere.. as well as some unique features. all are welcome: humans. and are looking for a MUD that offers both hack-and-slash adventure as well as quest-oriented character 4545 [ This is a Spanish mud created back in 1996 by 5 mud players that felt it was time for them to create their own world. along with some zones that were ported from other MUDs for use at Infinite Planes. cooking.

and of course to make sure the game stays running.104.62] http://www. Areas are constantly being 6000 [ Come and join the carnage at Ethereal 2. things constantly change. DM that will allow you to build up your character as you gain gold and experience.199] http://www. multiclassing in up to 8 classes if you can hack it.147.The mud reacts to your doings. Advanced environmental AI .128.ethereal2. 12 classes.30.Buy a ship and be your own captain.4 Heavily Modified mud. This is hack and slash but skill is definitely needed to survive here. A few of the unique features include (but are not limited to): * * * * Vehicles . Talking mobs . Much of the original code was modified to enhance the roleplaying experience. Based on SillyMUD but now has over 10 years of modifications gone into it. We have about 20 races and 7 classes.The Return [Silly] Heavy modifications over 10 years ethereal2. MOB AI that will definitely challenge the most experienced of mudders. we are probably the heaviest modified non-stock RoT based mud in existance. targetting casters.A basic mush type game for me and my friends ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Infinite Point [Rot] ROT 1. We have just upgraded the machine running Ethereal 2. Mobs that come after certain items. Rare equipment. weakest members. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ethereal 2 . New places appear.add an advantage or two. and guilds are created as we speak. Unique character creation .org/mud/ The Infinite Point is a mud for those who wish to roleplay. just like in the real world.Have a conversation with Fitz while you shop for food.the-infinite.the-infinite. Intelligent mobs that can track accross the world and call in reinforcements. Our IMMs are dedicated to making MUDing as enjoyable an experience as possible. .org 4000 [66. be proud that you have gained one of few unique items in the game. The staff takes pride in quality and pleased players. other places disappear.Don't just choose skills/spells . We are in constant change to make roleplaying a more pleasurable experience.

* PK Arena for non-PK or PK 2430 http://gundam. but a prototype is loaded. a few other 'arenas'. Come join the fun! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Acropolis [Rom] Rom2.homelinux. Fully interactive zones. If you're new or old to mudding stop by. races. It also has Mobile Suit.4 very heavily modified acro. Stop by today and see what your missing! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mobile Suit Gundam MUD (MSGMUD) [AFKMud] heavily modifid oldschool. but not necessary.Pirate invasions! fight the pirates Acropolis is a MUD that is designed with the newbie in mind. . We have the two nations y'all know: Principality of Zeon & Earth Federation. Plus two more. There are three types of wars: Single. and you can win everything from gold to potions to practices and trains in the arena without worrying about losing exp/equipment/ materia. the list goes on and on.3.37] 5500 [68. skills and spells. imm and auto quests. very few gundams. We have one of the most popular arenas out there because we have added so much to it. and more. * Remorts. you'll have a great time! Here is a brief summary of what we have to offer: * Random equipment based on a set of weapon/armor flags. dedicated player base. and Clan. subraces are used instead. beautiful ANSI color. This MUD is based off Universal Century Gundam. friendly staff always ready to help new players. Amazing fight code. It is still under development. arrows. Role-playing is accepted and encouraged. The game features two real races. so we have a few characters.dontexist. * Many new classes.207. neat clan system. Included in the random equipment system are a few new item types: bows. and maybe one more. We (members) mainly use it for chat. It orginated from a Play By Email RPG.: Kingdom of Moose & United Celtic States. fight mobs that can wield 10 different weapons at a time. A lot you have never seen before because we made them

There are so many ways to die here. Add to that hideous. * A HUGE world with more than 28. for it is only temporary. and quest immortals who work hard to make . unthinkable abominations that are the product of irresponsible genetics research and generations of radiation poisoning and pollution. Not even suicide can get you out of most of whom would murder you given the chance. the first fifteen users get special items. * 21 different races to choose from. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Intrepid [Circlemud] Circlemud/diku HellMOO is a post-apocalyptic hellscape role-playing game.more than 99% of our zones are absolutely unique to IntrepidMUD alone * A clan system with a number of active clans * Hometown Selection (with over 30 hometowns) * Deity Selection (with more than 15 gods) * Unique Skills and Spells * An improved combat system * Quests and Quest Equipment But most of all. Special classes such as Paladin. only five spots left!!. irradiated. and angry. area builders. to the trade-skill dominated west. IntrepidMUD has a staff of dedicated policy makers. It is a very challenging role-playing environment. Now imagine that multinational corporations are the only organizations cuthroat enough to have come out of the collapse of civilization with any real collective power. developers. Imagine a city filled with people who have nothing to * IntrepidMUD is 2 muds in one! Select between the more combat oriented east.intrepidmud.150] http://hell. and 2 specialty races. Each race having its own inherant 8400 [68. you can keep coming back and experience each and every one of 7777 [68.000 rooms .120.126. and thanks to the corp's technology.42] http://mud. Each basic class can multiclass up to an improved class and then up to an advanced class. * 400 mortal levels and 8 immortal levels * A tiered class system for limitless options. Now imagine that they're starving.I apologize for the messy description. and that there are now no restrictions on them using that power however they like. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hell [MOO] Heavily Modified MOO hell. Antipaladin and Sorceror are also available. strengths and weaknesses that extend beyond just basic stats.

com 2700 [209.84] 23 [209.53] Welcome to the World of Auric.151. A clan/order system with leaders able to control player enlistment and internal ranking. and resurrection.AuricMUD. written from the ground up as a challenge for those who seek it. A tiered remorting system.23] http://www. .com A cool breeze in a desert of mediocre muds. Intelligent and interactive mobs. An advanced profiling system so that all your characters and preferences are hosted on the same account. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ishar [Custom] ishar. As the 3rd age of mankind passes through its Twilight a new age Dawns on Auric.83.adding more areas. Over 30 Classes. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Qalleon Swords [LP] Cento Lib qalleon. spells.keetek. Auric Features: Over 60 Races. A new feature is added to the mud nearly every day. A AD&D based system of death. Pkill and Non-PK. The Gods have withdrawn physically from the realms and left behind the Twilight Academy to guide the new world into its future. and those who shall survive shall write its history. Player Homelands and Nations. Over 120 Areas.163. 9999 [209. IntrepidMUD is constantly expanding . Advanced character customization. all life was one with beast. challenging. and skills. Now all of creation swirls around the city of Twilight as every homeland sends its champions to the academy in hopes of furthering their own ends. One world and all was perfection. as well as automated Arena capability. and death was but a dream. Gather friends together in the splendor of Mareldja to head out exploring the vast all-original fantasy world of Ishar. and entertaining MUD. dying. Player Houses. Stat training.138.ishar.IntrepidMUD a unique. and player buildable When the world was young.. And so much more you'd have to spend months with us to find every nuance and detail of our endless complexity. bird and flower.. Automated and Imm made quests. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AuricMUD [Smaug] Original AuricMUD derivitive AuricMUD. 70+ and more coming completely unique.

storyline and theme combining aspects of science fiction and fantasy.76] None It's been two hundred years since that day when Robotnik's doomsday machine exploded in the plains near the great city that is now Mobotropolis once more an d old heros appear from the past as new evils await in the sidelines to arise and spread terror in the hearts of all. thrilling quests. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Sonic the Hedgehog: New Horizons [DUM] ProtoMUCK-Cygwin 2. . Unlimited skills and levels await those with the perserverance and dedication to building their character. constantly ducking the city guard or retributive mercenaries. sweet victories and bitter 7333 [128.17. Within an arms reach lay magic realms.01) gfm.Fresh from the Chaos of The Creation.07 (Muck2.204] http://none Ever get the heebie jeebies? Deja vu? Deja rev? Are you experiencing any adverse side-effects to your medication? Tuesday we can let you out of your straight jacket.2fb6. Travel back to another time and place and enter the Sphere where you might battle horrific four-armed beasts or live in the shadows. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Paranoia [NiMUD] NiM5 black-ice.0b7.79.psc. fully detailed environments come together to paint a highly detailed world of interaction and imagination. Come and be part of our epic struggle to ke ep our world from reverting into the days of chaos. the sphere began to lose sight of its origins. they automatically gain increased ability and effectiveness in whatever activity they engage in most. Targetted experience points means as your character plays. but not one day before. Realistic environments and non-player characters fill the world with detail and hint at glorious 8888 [24. Responsive NPCs. 500 CCs of ephymotopriopicol and a glass of orange juice later and you find yourself staring at the bottom of the bedpan in Paranoia! Totally original world. With the Swords of Qalleon.66. you create your own destiny.

so are you so take a minute and come on through. 1992. Come experience mudding history. Now the ways of magic are returning to the land of the future and time travelers attempt to alter the past with seemingly no JediMUD has been running more-or-less continuously since Summer.130. separated into 4 tiers. no one knows for sure since all records of the centuries between have disappeared.jedimud.234] http://jhoira. 1995. Scourge of Time is mainly a hack and slash mud with optional player killing and 4000 [208. get your stats to the max and move in packs but that's ju st the facts. and was voted Mud Connector's Mud of the Month in September. giants.kyndig. However.muddrake. if you want to know it all there's just one w . Along the way players may enter challenges (rebirth/reawakening/renewal) where they can gain new spells and skills for their class or (with an etl penalty) gain groups more suited for other classes. JediMUD continues to grow and thrive. Once the remort area is written. players will be able to obtain superhero and legend levels once they have 3 remorts. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Castle of Chaos [Envy] fire. A terrible industrial accident creates a time rift joining the two eras of the world of Jhoira together. that can improve the stats on equipment.40.135. and powerful immortals. One of the few surviving pioneers of the early Diku era. There are 401 mortal levels. We have recently added a casino and a new item type.93.17.11] None We're nuts.4 modified 7474 [69. There's more to do than I can say.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : JediMUD [Dikumud] Originally a modified Sequent II jedimud. one millennium later the power of magic has been replaced by technology and a powerful corporation pulls political strings from behind the 4285 [66.45] http://www. 'precious gems' Once a land ruled by dragons. come experience the glory of JediMUD.206. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Scourge of Time [Rom] Rom 2. Have some fun and just kill someone! Or sit back and relax.

take all the things you know about average muds and throw them out the window. or Final Fantasy for NES/SNES. skills and special equipment are/will be available to the established guilds. each having at least one unique 'specialist group'.).com/ Allegiances Unbroken revolves around a kingdom vs. religon and land being the main reasons for clashing. **NO** room descriptions to read) as well as random encounters. Not because this mud isn't newbie friendly. you should give this place a try. but it's not easy to master. This game also has 300 MORTAL levels. I'm telling you.. which means there is ALWAYS room for advancement. then again. it's like an addiction. you'll start with 30-40.136. These groups take you away from your run of the mill mage or cleric ( 1190 [216. Whether that's Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo. once you start playing.136. We offer six different races.5] http://None There's nothing I can truly say about this mud that will make you realize how different it is from other muds. MF is built around an ASCII map (YES.ay. fey. we have four other established guilds available with the option to create mortally ran clans.Modified unbroken. and then you'll find and buy the others. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Allegiances Unbroken [Rom] 2. this is exactly the experience I was looking to accomplish. drow. There are two human kingdoms that are constantly at odds with each other over various things.4 . Those of you looking for an easy mud to play need not apply. For those who do not wish to participate in a kingdom vs. dwarf.8] http://unbroken.9. You'll WANT to play just because you'll want to know how the story ends. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mystic Forces Of Evil [Envy] Re-built from the ground up. There are currently eight different classes. First of all. orc and ogre. you just won't want to get up from your chair. Imagine you're sitting at home on your desk chair playing your favorite console RPG.genesismuds. random drops (Weapons/Armor/Items/Quest Cards/Lottery Tickets/Gold Bars/Random Cards/Legendary Weapons/Runestones) and an actual STORY.genesismuds. kingdom storyline. and are intended to make each character . mysticforces.. Spells. and find what the chaos is all about. human. kingdom driver. You also don't learn skills/abilities/spells/limit breaks by going up levels like your ordinary MUDs either. Come on in and check us out.genesismuds. but let me 7100 [216. If you love helping people and creating a trade like community where everyone benefits from each other. it's like that very first Final Fantasy game you ever played.9.

.Minimized amount of questing and exping required.xtramud. . Paladin.80% Modified Flaming Coast mud has been in development for about two years now and we're almost ready to open for the public. but have (and in the midst of building) several original areas. Werewolf & Wraith .6 flaming-coast. . .An effictive new method of class balancing.Safe rooms and Hide skills reimplemented. Ninja. Status Cap bonuses.500k/100k/100k HP/Mana/Move Statcap. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Abaddon [GodWars] LOW4 . Happy Killing. We have a couple of guilds fully ready and in the game.Runes may be found. -----------Abaddon. We are based on the familiar map of ROM. Roleplaying is enforced and pk is allowed within a roleplay 6262 [82. Mage.unique upon creation. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Flaming Coast [LP] Discworld/Skylib 1. The world is expanding daily making exploring more and more challenging each day.113. Our Immortal Staff will continue to listen to the public's 4000 http://www. Samurai. . Quest.0).High EXP Payouts. several others are being coded and almost ready. We have been established for pver a year for the sole purpose of offering you an alternative and more fun variant of the LOW4 codebase. giving you HP. Drow. Elemental. Dragon. .234] None Features included in Abaddon: -----------Classes(10 total): Demon. .Brand new Quest System that eases and quickens questing by killing a specific mob.flaming-coast. allowing players to be str ong enough to pk in a minimal amount of time. questions and concearns to provide the best MUD gaming experience for everybody. formerly known as Ablaze has gone through some massive gameplay changes in order to bring you the improved and more enjoyable Abaddon (Ablaze 3.130. A planet colonized thousands of years ago. Try to enjoy yourselves here.We have added such nice features as a huge wilderness system.209. But what happens when the outside galaxy finds out about this? Who would pass up the chance to live like royalty. cause the muds not gonna do your fighting for 1037 http:// This mud is not a big cliche like all the other dbgt/dbz/db muds out there. I have custom transformation messages. its just to limiting so expefct alot more out of this mud then your gunna get out of others.Hybrid Thunder [Rom] Heavily Modified reign. Im not going to make a world just like that of Dragonball GT.8. would then be caught in the tractor beam. their own culture. This mud is based off from DBArena by Antor (c) 2001 ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Fractured [MOO] Lambda Server 1.sytes. but its getting tehre so dont worry. and We are working on getting in custom fighting moves for added fun. . The fighting system is one where you actually have to pay attention while fighting. It dissipated metal. This normaly happens later at night. All this combined with extremely friendly and above all. What could they do to stop the flow of people? A planetary shield was developped. So far I only have up to Oozaru's or rather if your not a regular japanese speaker the giant monkeys that Saiyans turn into when tehres a full moon. A place where those who wanted peace could live the perfect 5139 [204. or perhaps not at all most times. minimap for the wilderness and a different minimap system for the cities.wolfpaw. actively working staff makes us a mud to consider when you're trying to find a new home :) We welcome you to experience something new! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragon Ball GT . We have alot of stuff finished and the code is clean. Im not gonna stop at the moves that they have in DBGT either.44. Sometimes the server is down so dont think the mud is dead and gone just because you cant connect.8] http://fractured. What choice would you make? When faced with starvation and death on your arrival.1+foo2. the chance to start anew. All organic material. how low will you sink to survive? Yet the inhabitants of the planet had their own history.7 fractured. fortunately. their own language.

232. Would you leave your new life simply because someone who is unimaginably rich wants you to? When they see you as a cheaper source of work.39] http://www. but we allow all types of areas and make some ingeious way not to break themes and connect it to our world.5 base. Beside the Yetis. have it still further interesting Featgers: 3 gilden.4. mehr als 10 Raetsel . SciFi . Maerchen .mud. Apart from transportation.eingen Fluessen. Not .de Der Weltenbaum des BlitzStrahl wurde 1996 gepflanzt im PacketRadio. We have multiple races. written up from a LPmud 2. hat es noch weitere Interessante Featgers: 3 Gilden. Neben den Yetis. Wer eine bestimmte Stufe erreicht hat. The primary theme of the mud is Fantasy. guilds. 1984 [209. will you work for close to nothing. but whose worth was less than dirt. Sagen und und Technick . present and furure.mud. may select between the Seher or Magier .kerovnia. Sience. ET´s und andere Gestalten ihr unwesen im BZ. under horrible conditions? Will you band together? What will the future bring? Who will tell your story when you are gone? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Kerovnia [LP] LPmud 2.131. 11 Spielen. darf zwischen dem Seher. in towards rivers. Die Themen im Mud sind vomFantasy. The world tree lightning flash 1996 planted in the packing radio. Akuelles Zeitgeschen. perhaps they would build a ship and send off these creatures that resembled them physically. treiben Hexen . 7 4711 [217. Das Genere des Muds liegt in der Vergangenheit. 13 races. Im Januar 2003 wurde das BZ auf einem Internet Rechner umgezogen. and even Clans! Check us out! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : BlitzStrahl [LP] Passion. Neben einem Transportwesen .oder Magierdasein waehlen um dann als Seher weiterhin unbegrenzt zu spielen oder als Magier kreativ taetig zu sein. ET's and other shapes their nuisance in the BZ. 13 Rassen.160. Who achieved a certain stage. over then as Seher to play further for an unlimited period or as Magier be creatively active. In absehbahrer Zeit wird BZ auch Online spielbar sein. Since then we've grown to over 60 megs and 5000 rooms in size (pretty big for an LPmud). We're not only a good adventuring mud. 11 Kerovnia was setup in 1992. fairy tale. drive witches. bz. Legends and Technick. SciFi. The Genere of the Muds lies in the past. The topics in the Mud are of the Fantasy. classes and more! Werewolves.83] http://bz.73.4. 7 regions.and brought down to the planet. more than 10 mysteries. We have hack and slash as well as puzzles to solve! Everyone is welcome and we want everyone to have a good time! We're our own custom lib. Who knew. but we've always been known for our social atmosphere as well.5-KEROV kerovnia. Gegenwart und Zukunft. In January 2003 the BZ moved to an InterNet computer .

com 62666 [216. As a newly embraced Childe you too will enter the Vampire wars. and to be destroyed. the ability to diablerize your opponents. an Icer. The latter is of course provided as well. Here at TDPR we are working hard to give our players the best playing experience possible. new uses for blood and measures of potency. to explore and enjoy. With an expanded discipline and skill Kingdoms mud is a medieval fantasy based LPmud. Galan and Zenzi ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Kingdoms [LP] LPC kingdoms. Running since spring 1992 we're one of the older muds still up. You are welcome to the Kingdoms. Although we might not be as big as most dbz muds.149. With a multitude of quests and exploration we can offer far more than only monster-bashing.134. we do have plenty of areas for you to level in so stop by and give us a try.183] http://www. nothing that is required. where every minute is an opportunity to gain power undreamt of. Vampire Wars: The catalyst brings a fresh new update to Jokers Classic Vampire Wars mud.kingdoms. We're based on our own mudlib. most of whom are humanoid. It's part of the game.174] None In a world where you can be anything you want to be.136. but beware.91. but game mechanics takes care of that. heavily modified catalyst. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Vampire Wars: The Catalyst [GodWars] Vampire Wars. Player-killing is somewhat limited. .4] http://destiny. and new areas with new equipment. combat is deadly to say the very least. The mud features several guilds as well as some races. Our mud is based off of White Wolf's World of Darkness with a unique perspective on the clan rivalry that makes up the Jyhad. bloodbonds.genesismuds. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Dark Prince Returns [Circlemud] DBI edgeod. do you taste the scent of your prey on the nights^Ò breeze? This is because you are a reborn a 1812 [ 9996 [68. Such is the world of The Dark Prince Welcome my Progeny. lord of the night. a Saiyan or even a Majin.genesismuds. and all that stands before you is your domain. Catalyst represents a new order of the ages in White Wolf based muds. A Namek.far away the BZ can be played Online.

com 1874 [69. Just like before each race has their own recall and start point on a different planet. . We also made sure each race has their own special selection of skills to learn. To make sure each race has an equal chance at leveling. we made a newbie zone for each planet. Mostly this will mean famous places and people that are found in Mystara. Player killing is now a major factor while leveling up. To keep the newbies safe we made a NonPK command that is enabled for everyone under level 50 and for when you get PKed. We added a new afterlife that is over 500 rooms with multiple quests and everything that could be found there in the show. Disease. Basically the whole layout of the MUD was changed for the better. new website with forums. skills. not so much a simulation via classes. and spells. For starters the fighting system was changed to be more advanced and it requires more effort to battle. Imprint. More disciplines are being added constantly. All of our stats for each character works perfect now. larger selection of racial equipment.jail-bait. room compass. Draw the beast. There is no question that with a codebase twice the size of other vampire wars clones. The code was changed a bit to give it a new look.64. There is a help file for almost anything you can think of in this MUD. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DragonBall Evolution [Circlemud] DBE raider. scouter net(walky talky). So if you want to see the evolution of this MUD come and play.New vampiric discipline powers include: Flick. A new original planet was added in for kaios.72] Mystara MUD is based on the Mystara game world for D&D. Earthshock. Thanks Ozma and Jugogou ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mystara MUD: Swords of Selenica [Smaug] v1. New original transformations were added in for each race.mudmagic. We also added planet Arlia. Beckoning. Traveling to planets was updated to make easier and more interesting. realistic scouters. and more zones. Catalyst is an Archon with a fresh warrant out to destroy it's elders while they slumber in torpor. Taste of death. Improved hunt.servegame.02a w/ Tsunami patch and additional modifications mystara. and Silence of Death.servegame. Zephyr.36. Our character creation is totally new and stays true to the DragonBall The evolution of the DragonBall theme has happened once again. We redid the MUD and gave it a totally new 4000 http://mystara. more mini quests.

et. Read 'help second' on the mud. Rowling's excellent book series. Harry Potter.17) wolfsinger.75 (Muck2. for those of you with restricted port access! We allow having several characters per person. Current races are KoBra is a well established Star Wars based MUD that has been around since the beginning of 1991.tudelft. based around J.2 +++ kobra. Eurosia is one of those school.38. Almost 40 planets to explore. No application is required. A completely orginal school and original history awaits our players. Sullustian and Wookiee.1. You can if you like join organisations like the Alliance or 2222 [65. not a MUD.149] None Welcome to Witchcraft and Wizardry MUCK. Mon Calamari. We also have a unique universe system with advanced space combat abilities.00b -. In the series.161] http://kobra.2fb6. Minor guilds and organisations will follow in the near future. There is no hackand-slash here and we will NOT accept fantasy names here. All that is asked for is a detailed 3-6 paragraphed background of their character to be approved for roleplay.K. PROGRESS NOTE: The world is ready for RP but players will have to excuse the 23 [130. Ithorian. ----------------------------------------------- . nearly 20 major quests available to solve. Human.161.tudelft. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Witchcraft and Wizardry MUCK [MUCK] ProtoMUCK 1. a sneaky Smuggler or a brutal Bounty Hunter.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : KoBra LP 3. This world.160. Rodian. Or choose to be just a peaceful person. Good RPers with a creative imagination wanted! TPs will be planned periodically to keep things interesting. Gamorrean. IMPORTANT: This is a MUCK. You can buy your own ship or get one from your organisation and fight for freedom or depression in our Star Wars We have several StarWars races to pick from. there is mentioned that their are other wizarding schools in other countries around the world. We do not require a port number. we are still in the process of describing the rooms.Neon2. All have their own special features and abilities. Thank you. We are currently running on a dedicated Pentium.

player run territories and justice system(s). insanities caused by demonic exposure.ab.4b3. music based bard magic. I am going through heavy modifications when i get the staffing.162] http://labyrinth. the wonderful GOD! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Labyrinth [Rom] drasticly modified tamarisk. Thanks.ath. mounts and special skills for mounted combat.4 messiah. owned objects. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : Thyrilia.ab. anatomically correct player statues. clans and private residences..229. support for the sounds (using the mud sound protocol).tamarisk..54. The Labyrinth features: Diety-based character generation. fighting style based combat system. tracking and Looking for a challenge? Want options and a solid system? A place where you don't just play house? Somewhere you can amass power. unique world layout.Significantly Modified .cx 1979 None I just created this mud and it is my first. traps and skills (or spells) to find and disarm them. Thangog. I created it in hopes that people would enjoy my mud and have a good time with imms that are NOT ignorant towards players.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Crimson Killing Fields [Smaug] Rom2. The Lost Realm : [Smaug] SmaugWizard . OLC.. We have guest sign ins and if you like the place you can request a permanent character name. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lambda Moo Lambda Core Lambda. You may make friends and influence your fellow moo'ers by running for a open position on the board of directors. and much more. Thereby influencing where the moo will grow in the future. lunar phases and seasons. holy symbol or foci based spell 8888 [ 9000 [207. non-supervised and supervised quests.moo.2] None Lambda moo is the original moo that developed the core code for all the moos you will likely visit.. gaze attacks.21. but roleplay along the way? Based on Rom2.mud.216. mob/room/object programs. two levels of remort.

Jubilee.http://rrx. learn control and team work. The kids will be separated into teams under a professor and of course. Feel free to app normal human story based content .Class Tree as opposed to flat classes: (following is just an example) Fighter -> Warrior -> Punisher -> Gladiator -> Rogue -> Thief -> Archer . Everything is set up in Weschester. be taken into Danger Room settings. Morlocks. This Muck is a haven for Role Players who don't want to play an X-Man. This Muck is going to take place in the day to day lives of those who are unsung.30] http:// Think Mutant Academy for the comic verse.Completely original world .Under heavy development.xs4all. From there. or live in an X-Men saturated world.126.xs4all. such as Kitty.To see more information. the younger mutants who don't go out to become an X-Man and save the world.49. bad guys. but with a little bit of X Men Evolutions the Cartoon mixed within.Race based hometowning .81. the rest of the world belongs to New York to wander about. just for the faces behind the Description : . Players are not limited to just Xavier students. do not expect a final product! .112.40] WWW : http://rrx.Amongst the goals are: . see: .xs4all. where the X-Men are off on their own adventures and a pair of Head Master's have taken run of the school. or what not. app it! 2005 is the start of a new Year for the young junior mutants of the school.where Xavier's mansion resides. New York . by all means. so lets get the party started! . This takes place during the time line of Mutant Academy X. Pretty much its class as 4000 [80.Telnet : rrx. Feel free to use your imagination! If you always wanted to play that weird mutant with purple fur and two heads with a split personality.php ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mutant Academy X [MUCK] 3763 [69. and even minor FC's.

90+ weaves and 50+ skills. color customization.190. We also have 4000 [203.5] http://www. and weapon and armor forging. Welcome to the world of Alternate The Sea of Storms is a Wheel of Time MUD based on heavily modified SMAUG and primarily focused on role play. strength and skill differentiation between male and female channelers. There is treasure to be found. flows.hcme. adventures and battles of which will make you legend of your own. a form system for four different weapons with 200+ forms. We are one of the few true 'RP Encouraged' MUDs. The code is designed to emulate the world created by Robert Jordan in exquisite detail and provide the basis for an in depth role playing environment. and weapon forms. angreal. Other features are a dreamworld. though we do not force players to be constantly RPing. This is a world of fantasy of which you become the hero. We also provide a superb enviornment for those who do not wish to RP all the 6123 [194. We at AR gladly bid welcome to you to our land. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Sea of Storms [Smaug] Very heavily modified tsos. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Land of Drogon UberMUD land. You'll find no need to kill and kill and kill to gain levels here. with many built-in incentives for Role You will endure It's a olde-fashioned MUD in the classic style of 'Colossal Cave' or 'Zork'.com 7070 [207.251.106. Features include an unique channeling system.Have fun and RP your hearts out! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Alternate Reality MUD [Circlemud] [Circlemud] linux. weaves. taint for male channelers.rarcoa. addiction for both male and female channelers. Advancement is based upon use and observation of skills.92] http://linux. puzzles to be solved and monsters to be killed. and ter'angreal.236. We are also one of the only leveless WoT MUDs out there.drogon. ----------------------------------------------- .drogon.207.156] http://tsos.

104] http://www2. It could happen.5(Heavily Modified) masquerade. New Horizon (Custom City)..54. we hope to allow other cities to be opened.77. Whykin.planetmud.tdf. ----------------------------------------------------------While this game advertises adult level violence and 2860 http://www. Please read the website for more information.107.13 # [ALPHA] saturn.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AnotherMUX [MUX] AlloyMUX The mud started out being a kinda bashing sport for the Implementors. Come. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Eternal RevengeMud [GodWars] Swords And Sorcery v. It then turned out to be something more. and even plans for Wormwood and Phaseworld to be built. A long time has passed since the coming of the rifts and while much of the past is gone there have been groups forming around what is left of the worlds of all sorts of beings.0. fear. The game is not set in any specific 2501 [198. don't you? Our facility will offer an atmosphere of What? Are you taking your medications? You realize. though many play in Kingsdale which is set in north america. Chi-Town. schizophrenia. As time moves on. You can have your own room. our staff is well versed in helping with any of your questions. angst.197. and is not frowned upon unless in public rooms (the sex part that is).com/mavrick/mux/soh3/ The theme of this game is based off the RPG by Palladium Books known as RIFTs. Set in a post apocalyptic version of earth in which much of the worlds humanity has been lost.3 Alpha anothermux.iwvisp.228] http://www.2..tdf.Check in to Sunny Vale Sanitarium. dementia. You'll find the place here is well suited for those who are lost from it all.anothermux. All new areas will be coming in soon and most of the old . and players come in. or share it with another. Our sanitarium is your home to release that psychosis. You do want to be sane. it doesnt mean that its the only thing that happens here. Stormspire. what ever ails you. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : RIFTs: Shadows of Humanity 3 [MUX] MUX 2. As of current we have cities for Kingsdale. Not just 1304 [207. some not. we do think you will be sane eventually. Some human.

as well as the questing ability of the MUD. mass amounts of technology goods and people are being trade from worlds all around the galaxies. If you like the RP game Vampire the Masquerade you will find your niche 5100 [82. if not 5500 [207. There are not as many experience points as there are in most God Wars Muds. Most training details have been improved. many needs have rippled through the races. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark Betrayal: Multiverse [Smaug] Modified dbmx.zones will be removed. and a fun mud. Though some more subtly then others.113. Though still limited to one Star Gate after the second was destroyed.38] http:// Anime Project: Deviance is now in its second phase of beta testing.217] http://dbmx. please come check it out.wolfpaw. this is due to the reduced cost to train each of the stats.xtramud. being run by a private military corps. soldiers and even political masterminds are cried out for.mud-dns..wolfpaw. smugglers.19] http://dbnu. The need for bountyhunters. Clans are reccommended. The fate of the worlds is in your hands.113. I will offer some type of reward for players who test my mud. dbmx. One of these technologies would be the newest 9999 [ ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Anime Project: Deviance [Rot] HEAVILY Modified Rot/Rom theseahaven. but not required. which can be bought for outrageous prices in star ports. With trading among alien species becoming an everyday . when I do open up as a ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragonball: New Universe [AFKMud] dbnu. Star Gates are near open for everyone's use.44. so anyone who enjoys a good SGC has expanded to encompass the world 58 years after the first research into it. The MUD when finished will be approx 1 million + rooms and have a pkilling system spanning 40statuses. Most of the zones that stay will be modified or implemented into the questing side of the mud.179. Now.

So stop by and check us out. The MUSH is based on the anime subgenre 'shoujo-ai'.com's enhanced version.shoujoai. Capital ships can carry fighter squadrons. but is coded for OpenVMS based Alpha and VAX systems.gamingmuseum.shoujoai. Support is available in the Galtrader group on Yahoo! Groups.3 gt. players would make money buying and selling goods (some illegal) and evading cops and hostile aliens in the hopes of racking up enough credits to buy a better vessel or weapons. The village is known for its large proportion of lesbian inhabitants and sexually free atmosphere.galtrader. or 'love between girls'. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Galactic Trader [Unknown] GalTrader 4. only for serious builders.This is a mud that I and my 2 co-owners have Galactic Trader is a multiplayer space trading game loosely based on the PC game 'Elite'. such as tractor beams and fusion torpedoes. running PennMUSH. Also We are doing something new for people who are wanting to learn how to build. Successful players achieve fame on the high score list.asp . half RP and has a friendly environment in which you can socialize with other players. away from industrialized civilization but equipped with the latest modern conveniences. players can now join the Imperial Navy or Galactic Police. We have made huge modifications to our Shoujo-Ai MUSH. It's going to be a very formal class. It's reminiscent of old BBS door games. In the original.46. Players can build their own bases and outposts. It is half social. revision 4. is set in a small village located deep within a forest in Japan. My head builder and I are going to start hosting a smaug building class from (7:00pm-7:30pm Central Time) the class will last for 10 weeks. or even become a member of the hostile Thargoid race.94. and mount multiple laser cannons.shoujoai. There are many new ships and new 6969 [64.199] http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shoujo-Ai MUSH [MUSH] 23 MUSH Policies: http://www. this class is not for you. In Gamingmuseum. If you are not serious about it. and we be a big part of your mudding experience.55.

There is also more then the standard dawn log in races including a volendrian race which is similar to a vampire but with some interesting difference. where you can choose your path to greatness. Many unique areas are scattered around our world..homelinux. We are a fantasy based mud with 2 active and helpful 6969 [24. spouse channels and 4500 [81. cleric or mage . emotes. say hi. We do allow pk but it must be done with a role play reason. Group tells are useable on this dawn and there is a engagement/marriage system in place with a private channel for spouses and soon there will be an auction system. Dragonetti and Kira hope to slowly add in new areas as we get them. we are not bit now but we can be with your 4801 [217..landsofstone.10.when you enter our realm.142. Beyond the stock dawn colors you can also color your says. play a few levels and bring your friends.9.. Builders are welcome but as asked to play a little before requesting a builder position. Abandon All Hope ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lands of Stone [Mordor] Modified as Flint mud. Please stop A classical MUD based upon the lines of a fantasy/medieval world.44] http://aahmud.homelinux. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Abandon All Hope [Smaug] aahmud.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Palavi [Dawn] blinksoft. thief.10] http://www.253] None It is a small mud now but is growing a steady pace. including some based upon the very popular Games Workshop/Warhammer series and Tolken-influences.86. you must be prep ared to. There is an automated questmaster as well as quests run my mobs in some zones.108. About the mud.landsofstone. You just need to remember one thing. slowly the explored boundaries are pushed back and new lands and .org/ This is a fantasy world rediscovering itself.. whether it be as a warrior.

so newbies are always welcome. Waterdeep. and is mustering an army of power unseen . Peaking at a playerbase of as many as 30 players on at a time. This was due to a long period of downtime. so the mud is constantly evolving. you must build up a character and live and grow in the Forgotten Realms's City of Splendors. We use an entirely player driven clan system where they can create and maintain their own groups with options for alliances should they be necessary. As time passes secrets are uncovered.7.7. as he has fortified himself 5000 feet under the city. Builders are constantly working on new areas. This engine has been heavily modified over time and continues to be so to meet the demands of the database and players. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Asgardian Nightmare [Rot] Major Modifications asgardian. easily acquired from under the homepage link. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Spellbound : [Unknown] [MAngband 0. there are literally millions of possibilites for random items.] Spellbound is a free online multiplayer roguelike game. dangers surmounted and kudos gained by the brave. You must be powerful enough to defeat Bane the Black Lord's last avatar.110.peoples discovered. With a huge number of prefixes and suffixes. We offer three tiers of classes. and the option to let your race evolve into one of many new races as you gain experience. Another approved form of player killing is through the use of Assassin Contracts to add that personalised touch to a pkill. but we are currently looking for more players. One of the most outstanding parts of our mud is random item generation. as well as condition 4000 [24. We are looking to rebuild our playerbase. we have recently dropped to more like six or seven players on at a time. We hope you enjoy our world and if visiting consider staying.klaanit. We offer a great pk environment as well as an equally great nonpk : [This game requires a client] http://www. where an item is assigned prefixes and suffixes that give it extra stat bonuses or drawbacks. with much more to be found. Please give our mud a try. It works like the items in Diablo 2.asgardmud.2] : : http://gamedude. with 21 third tier classes to choose from. The use of quests is extensive with levelling quests and title quests available and more being designed at all times. you may just like it. To win the Asgardian Nightmare has a long and successful history. in the infamous Underdark.

Players do not max thier characters in a few hours. If you loved Nethack. but they have been redone with new powers.based on Angband by Ben Harrison and MAngband by Keldon Jones.20 This is the Chronicles codebase flag MUD.197. The fight code on the mud has also been recoded to let the balancing of classes be easier to do. do battle with legendary creatures.7] http://communities. Rogue. As you work towards this near-impossible goal. . The classes are not completly balanced but they are close.. you will chart unexplored reaches of the Underdark. We do have the Highlander and Mage classes.msn. you will love this one. But now it follows more closly to the D&D Drows. We have an original dragon and Hell Hound classes.117. And of course throughout your journeys you will encounter many other adventurers -.209. Darkelf is a redesigned Drow class.Requiem. We have a unique forge code here that allows players to find ores to forged into new equipment instead of just finding slabs to slap onto existing equipment. Angband. Future plans are currently undecided. It is currently entirely stock (by the Chronicles standards).com/SaintsFromShadows Godwars: Saints from Shadows is a slower pace godwars mud. and find lost artifacts.44.whether they be friend or foe is up to you to decide! . Some of them look and sound familier to older godwars classes but they have been redone and redesigned.. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aeternus [Chronicles] v1. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : Ginzuishou MUX : [MUX] v2.. Omega or other ASCII-based games of the past.109] 6100 [204.mudplanet. It will be recoded into a Shaman class later. We have 7 uniquely coded classes. but we make no guarantees that there will be anyone online to authorize you. Recently a remort system has been added that allows players who work hard to become multi-classed. You are of course welcome to drop in. it takes time. The immortals are almost always on to help newbies with questions.before.0 . And we always welcome ideas to help improve the mud. Hope you stop 4000 [24.mudplanet. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Godwars: Saint from Shadows [GodWars] Revised shadow. We also offer the stock LoW4 Werewolf code. Monk and ninja have also been recoded.

com/ Description : A world within a vast universe Finds itself within an era or three Where time propels forward and in reverse As a mystical populace celebrates its glee.161.Telnet : 4000 [207. but after level The residents are a tough bunch. An evil festers within the shadows of the night And in its attempt to conquer the light It discovers its position falling to blight As it is confronted by soldiers of might. with leadership determined by vote.227.132] WWW : http://ginzuishoumux. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Forbidden Realms .Second Edition [Smaug] Smaug modified to custom fridge forbiddenrealms. In a time of silver and gold In a time of rebirth and fright In a time of crystal and the youthful old The message of love arrives by moonlight. Newbies are protected from pkilling.28.215] http://www. well suited to reclaiming Outpost The Forbidden Realms is a Multi User Dungeon (MUD) that is a online ANSI based RPG based in a fantasy setting where you can hunt monsters and cast spells like harry potter. The Last Outpost. Thus we await for those to dare To journey to Ginzuishou MUX without a fear For all secrets shall become bare As those noble souls carry the light near.tripod. all players are vulnerable. Along with our experience based leveling system you can choose from a number of classes and races to play. Clans are available to players. Good luck and happy hunting! ----------------------------------------------- . Life in the Outpost is 1998 [206. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Last Outpost [Dikumud] Diku last-outpost.94. Three generations ago the Empire was 4000 [66.9] http://www. a small coastal trading town located deep in the wild was spared most of the The theme is a medieval wilderness fantasy.

18] http://www. connected by ship lines with a timeta ble.143. And Ogiers into TreeSingers.several other new bie areas.13 ships that transport the player from island to island . martial art s. weapon types. With a wide range of skills and orginal code it allows you the player to enjoy a real WoT world. with multiple attackers and experience sharing . Desert. Demon masters). Each class has the chance of sparking into something 'better'. easily understood system. Fantasy (movies). currencies. Planes (elements). weather 9000 [207.14.thelastsunrise. Trollocs have the option to turn into a myddraal. skills and languages. Cleric Plans: In our devmud we are developing races. Areas:Medieval. City.000 rooms (we have given up counting :-) Noisiness: low (due to shout cost) Other Features: . Ancient. guilds: Adventurers. over 10. Under(world). Log in check us out and then make the choice for yourself if you want to stay or 2000 [195. Country. Very newbie friendly. The world is a globe with various islands.213. Size:Numerous deadly traps and fair warning of difficulties . Warriors can turn into a channeler and a channeler into a warrior. With a friendly staff and player base you can lose yourself inside this fantasy world.15 quests and various tasks/ miniquests . Fairly . The original Gods (Snake and Wizards have returned and restored one of the large st and cleanest LPmuds around.-) safe area on the island of Nemesia/ Nemesia Village. The Original' is a Fantasy Mud from Munich. The Original [LP] heavily modified mud.180.nemesis.bards. Separated (eg. Orient.rewritten combat system. Game Theme:Fantasy (hack&slay and riddles).Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Nemesis. If you do stay send me a .de/ 'Nemesis. extended stats. Ice (Nordi c/ Vikings).net/ What mud have you played where you are given the choice to vote on the changes? What mud have you ever played where the admin and imp care what you think? Are you looking for a place to call home? Then take a moment to come check out the last sunrise. further guilds (mages. by a time gate) future areas are planned (Real domain).125] http://www. Nemesis time (8x faster than in real life) . Germany which exists since 1991. Prepare to play :-) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Last Sunrise [Dikumud] EoD descs.nemesis. day/night cycle.widely extended soul with over 100 feelings and adverbs (=emoting anywhere) . We offer an extended leveling code that allows you to go beyond the normal 90 levels to continue to enhance your character.

net NYCX is an X-men mush where you'll see many familiar characters from the comics. Frontiers features a universe that automatically expands as it's explored. some corrupt and some with a good heart. and programmers to help with the abitious MUF programming projects on the MUCK. Others are welcome. Tpb Kane aka Dan. a working economy. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : NYCX [MUSH] unwonderland. the players. a police force that focuses on criminal investigations that deals with mutants.busiest times are in the evenings. while we have taken themes and characters from Marvel comic books and a familiarsetting in the shape of New York City. On the force are both humans and mutants. The world you know ICly will be shaped completely by your actions. a combat system based on RL weaponry. With this sudden increase in numbers mankind has become aware that they are not alone. eastern US time. Public opinion is divided from human extremists who still believe in lynch mobs to the groupies who are obssessed with mutants and their powers. some people are indifferent and others are fascinated by them. cartoons and movies. Some people fear mutants. realism-based technology.Essentially. and a skill system with many profession options.115] HTTP://www.145.tanabi. and your characters. Currently we now have a Brotherhood of Mutants and Xavier is slowly brining new mutants to his side. with well over 8000 [208. too. but with a twist. The MUCK needs people who want to build and run roleplays. although all unknowingly .230] None Frontiers MUCK is a Furry-space game unlike all others. this is where the similarity ends.undwonderland. It's a small MUCK.00b4 6767 [63. detailed starships. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Frontiers MUCK [MUCK] fb6. How the environment is shaped depends on you.53. This is a 'what if?' that focuses on reality and the darkness of the human nature. Any fate is possible and we want to see all the corners explored. A new race has emerged among them.000 lines of MUF coding done by it's founder. All morts who create via through mud connector shall obtain a limited 'Connected from mud connector aura' Enjoy.It is only recently that there was a sudden explosion of numbers of homo superior.tell my name is Kane.42. but there were too many people relying on the admin to provide entertainment so they left. but cannot rely on the admin for their sole entertainment :-) Come check it out -.21. it used to be mildly popular. It's very origional. The other established organization is the Division 6. purchasable starships (no building required!).

We also are on the NeoNet inter-muck communication system.aiding called of the It's a a government project that deals with mutant experimentation Weapon Plus. and the Arena for those who'd rather just try it out once in a while. There are various themeless areas hidden throughout the muck.181. if you can find them. clans. . faiths. and have a darn swell time! The general theme is based in medieval times.2. Muf and MPI bits are available for those who like to use them.60. We do reward good RP if we see it. and more.muq.194. GlowMuck 3. Cribbage. the ability to customize the appearance of 4000 [12. We provide free web pages you can edit on the muck or point to other places. For for those interested in PVP. We do our best to keep out the unpleasant types to make Legacy truly your Aurealan Realms is a two-continent.7 aurealanrealms. We also offer games such as Yahtzee. you will be able to feel 'right' in the world of Aurealis. an all-original place that has been created over the last decade from the minds of some truly gifted and scary people. 16-race MUD based in the world of Aurealis. ----------------------------------------------- Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Legacy TinyMuck 2. We have player-owned houses and shoppes. We like RP. but it's not a requirement. Building and snugs are FREE! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aurealan Realms [Circlemud] RoAMUD Code. a 105-level range and the ability to remort into other classes beyond your first.0 legacy. strange new world where anything could happen. and the world is written 'seriously' so that if you want to RP.0. we have assassins for those who want to live it 24/7. New York city has become the focus for some most obvious mutant activity with changes happening 9999 [128. Welcome home weary traveller! You have discovered a place to rest your weary bones. Fuzzball 5. We welcome both newbies and veterans alike. v2.224.15] http://legacy.29] http://www.83. chew the fat of tales long past and forgotten. Jotto.

Our game takes place a few months before the game known and loved by many people around the The Eternal Sphere is a MUSH about the wonderfully fun Playstation 2 RPG -Star Ocean 3-. This is the world of Cabulka Cabulsa.myftp. nor the city itself is safe to sleep when you feel tired. To live in this world is for only to die. for one 4000 [85. I hope you know that neither a forest. We look forward to meeting you! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Cabulka Cabulsa [Rom] Anatolia 3. --------------------------------------Welcome to Cabulka Cabulsa. but also set up to start off on their own original and unique adventure.127] http://cc. Umarim yoruldugunda ne issiz bir ormanda. and happy playing! website: somush. Umarim alacagin yaralar dayanabileceginden buyuk olmaz. susuzluga katlandigin gibi katlanabilirsin ihanete ve uckagida..gen. Even if you don't know much (or anything) about the Star Ocean universe.. expansive MUD that can easily become your new home online.myftp. AR welcomes players from all over the world to come and join in a fun.mud. Umarim acliga.193.96. 22222 [dynamic] http://somush. alive and well. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Eternal Sphere Mush [MUSH] somush.mud. Umarim uzun sure hayatta kalirsin.0 www.myftp. that's not really an obstacle that will prevent you from creating and enjoying a character in the rich envrionment we offer for your pleasure! (we already have at least one player that's never touched any of the games :)) Our players and staff are more than willing to offer help with your application! Feel free to visit our website for theme and restriction info. ne de kalabalik Selenge sehrinde uyumanin guvenli olmadigini biliyorsundur. adventurer. allowing everyone in the universe to be.Our staff is dedicated to giving the players a fun place to Cabulka Cabulsa'ya hosgeldin . with as little interference as possible..

They are heretics and anarchists! And all because of the foolish words of a mad heretical elf. the 20 minutes show made for the 1999 convention. magic is real. secret rebellion. Yet. A foe created by the enemy of the true children of our good Father. you may be the next commander of MoonBase Alpha. humans. threaten to subdue our way of life. War broke out with an unbeatable foe. The Order of Eternity holds the balance of justice and maintains the order of the Races on what could have been a hostile new world filled with somush. *Still heavily under construction. this mush want to expand the story where it has been left by the writters. noble riches. do not smile so soon. and technology is advanced. The new timeline start 25 years after 'Message From Moonbase Alpha'.ca/space-1999/ Base on the 70' show Space 1999. or with those Betrayers of Alordast? Omens promises to be a rich.23] http://www. God-given Power.anargo. . original world where the Races (elves. they believe it is their time to bring the omens to fruition. builders and coders submissions are welcome.. There is hope 2010 [209. Browse the webpage. children. whose side will you stand on when you take your place in the world? The side of goodness and order.xidus. and our very existence was threatened. everything is possible. So. and nubis) try to live together. tell me. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Space 1999 [MUSH] 3. We prosper and thrive. who have been part of our traditions from the beginning of our creation. we are in great need of coders above all and invite those with experience and a passion for roleplaying to join our :: 22222 ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Omens of Eternity [Unknown] TMI-2 eternity.110.249. The slaves. your interest is appreciated. children. and whether a coder or 1999 [66. We have remembered the knowledge lost to us in the Landing. Flight was our only option. our world.125] http://www.149.0 + Custom space engine anargo.myftp. We are still under construction.qc. And here we have made our new home.qc. Who Three thousand years ago. The Second Betrayers are trying to rise up and crush the hearts and spirits of the true children of our good Father. our way of life. or modest obscurity could be yours. dwarves. No knowledge of the theme is required given our timeframe. children.inzannadeecreations. The High Consul promises us many great things.11.

LotN runs quite smoothly.legendmud. is the mud I call home.and the advanced moods system for realistic speech make it a great roleplaying environment--and of course there are the . and play your melodies to influence and inspire others. So reads to this to join us. vehicles (planes. anesthesia and field surgery). which does a better job of describing us than any of our own words can} 'Legend of the Nobles.. LegendMUD is a classless mud offering unique professions such as doctors(with (The following is a review by one of the 9999 [67. with the footing. Current version: 5 ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : LegendMUD [Custom] Architecturally derived from Diku mud. Be the Paladin. herbalists and a spell system boasting over 150 spellsin specialties such as divination. there is plenty of opportunity for intrigue. or the sly rogue. Those who do not play permdeath cannot achieve the highest ranks. All of our longwilling to help a new face in any way we can. One of the most notable changes this version is the inclusion of permdeath If you've ever wanted to travel in time--this is your chance! Now in it's 11th year. Be a bard. 5400 [204. and fight for your religion. where you don't fight and you gain experience through healing others and drawing powerful glyphs.legendmud.23] http://www. Touches like optional player descriptions. Be a shape-shifting druid.44.. and exploration XP make the world an interesting one to visit.234] http://www. I recommend anyone who time players are always And right now. With the guild. and noble systems. Features like missile weapons (both guns and bows). the Out of Character Lounge.37. level-wise. will ensure a more realistic atmosphere. attuned to nature. With dedicated administration and an incredible coder. Be a Conjurer. Be a mage with the power to enchant armor and weapons. there are many interesting classes to choose from. everyone will start off on even please.... conjuration. and dabble in demon summoning and work with the undead. As well as original races. and illusion. or LotN.4 structure lotn.172. Be the mighty fighter. new version. Or be a priest.209. religion.and cars).----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Legend of the Nobles [Rom] mostly original with ROM 2. This mud has a pleasant balance between roleplaying and player killing ..' Online since May 1996. come join us.wolfpaw.

hip. mystery.Mud Connector * Pueblo Recommended World Top 10 website for Interactive Fiction .com -=>) LEGENDS FORGOTTEN (<=Legends Forgotten takes place in an age where Darkness .org An original themed MUCK. and a mature. 'If you are only visiting one mud. and is more than willing to listen to any suggestions or concerns a player may have.Nerravyn and Serensith. Set in a high fantasy realm. make it Legend.50.Yahoo's Wild Web Rides ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : NomenMUCK [MUCK] nomen.and that has a thriving black-market trade on it.XYZZYNews * EyeOnTheWeb Selected Site Recommended by C NET * 'Hot.everything is available here.8 enterprise. making travel almost impossible unless the river Anynduil is utilized . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Legends Forgotten [Rom] Rom2. but there are themed free-forming clans. cutting-edge' .dyndns. drama. in.dyndns. October 1995 .readynetgo. And seeing as Nomen is new. Extensive lore is available about the lands. A caring wizard staff will take care of your needs. horror. and even climates.'-the Electronic Newsstand Mud of the Month. or around.4 Heavily Modified LF4. We have a great RP Staff to take care of TPs and oversee fairness issues. from Ancient Egypt and Celtic Ireland to Viking Scandinavia and the Crusades to Victorian London and Gold Rush San Francisco.. high adventure. we are looking for more staffers to fill up the RP Staff and the Help Staff. and of course furniture to sit 9000 [208. along with the common races there and although it is important. Nomen encompasses a very in-depth 4201 http://nomen. it focuses on a long war that has been fought between two majour countries . a complex weapons proficiencies system for variable speed combat. the Legend Discussion Forum.legendsforgotten. Wild Magic divides the lands. the roleplay is completely consentual and freeform.dozens and dozens of quests ranging from the minor to the epic. Immortal-run games within the game such as recall tag and trivia and flag hunts. All of our areas are original and carefully researched. friendly playerbase. the Legendary Times newsletter. they are not rules that you must strictly follow. divided by races and cultures. All this plus stable code. Although the theme is very important. There are no rent fees. Political intrigue.4] http://www..232.

Interactive Items & more -> Many friendly players willing to help any New Players -> Promotional Events: Free Levels. 6. quest-mobs Clan System: player recruiting. Conjuring. 10.. but we try to make a little bit of what everyone wants.betterbox. aes sedai. 11. 3. 14. All that is needed is a creative mind! Players are also very much needed. Attrition has cut down on some of our immortal Darkstone Enterprises meets the demands of sophisticated 'mudders' with the monthly addition of new areas filled with . Dark Towers started in October of 1996.encompasses the land as long forgotten Heroes and Legends rise once again to destroy this Darkness in the Age of Legends 1. Wind. We at Dark Towers feel that the whole point of a mud is for your enjoyment. so we are in need of builders right now. Mythical Items Skill-Spell System: 500+ Skills-Spells all unique!!! 34 Races all unique in their origin and abilities Classes such as: blademaster. Healing. Relics. 5. The theme of Dark Towers is based mostly on fantasy. Detailed Creation Taveren System: add to damage. 7. aiel.90] http://darkstone. Bleeding.83. We can help with training.. 4550 [68.60] http://www. body. Chanting. We at Dark Towers are also extremely open to any suggestions you might have to help make it a better place.betterbox. promotions. protection & more Area-Quests coded into areas for all players! Channeling. special attacks. banks Multi-Cast System: more functionality to casting Newbie Friendly.dtmud. Essence System: Enhance your Equipment Permanently! Unique Item System: Artifacts. healing. Intelligent Mobs: skills. It's gone through quite a number of ups and downs on the great road of life.137. Personalized Items! -> Tired of stock muds.. then come play LegendsForgotten!!! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Dark Tower RomMud [Rom] Rom 2. 2. If there is something that you feel is missing. 5432 [209. 9. so we will have somebody to build for! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Legends of the Darkstone [Smaug] Smaug darkstone. haircolor. Casting!!! Event System that adds variety and uniqueness to the world. Mining.5. We sincerely believe that players are the most important aspect of the mud.4b6 Moderatly Modified foozone. Detailed Character Creation: eyecolor. Rivers. They provide much needed feedback and liveliness to the mud that without them wouldn't be there. 4. Battlefield. let us know and we'll do our best to add it. 12.

There is a basic storyline and players are encouraged to go to our webpage and read some of the history of the Darkstone. development. At the same time. With this new base we plan on offering some of the old favorites along with new concepts and ideas with focus on integration of each aspect of the game as well as active storyline development where each player can wind up becoming a part of our storyline in it's progression and development which will in turn lead to new additions and opportunities within the game. traditional mud diversions such as questing and leveling are supported for the times when other players involved in your plots aren't online. The mud averages over 50 players online at a time. Come. with over 100 at peak 3500 [160. hard work. Become a Legend of the Darkstone! -Seluctruh ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Covenstead: Land of Shadow [Custom] Version 2. operating their own stores.28. After lots of time. and participate in the role-playing environment of the game.79. The game Legends of the Darkstone has a loyal following of players who play 5000 [65.0a www. and are often drawn into roleplaying situations. The world is a totally unique and diverse place featuring a host of interesting areas which will challenge your mind as well as your sword. There are many races to choose from as well as totally unique races.106] http://www.117] http://lensmoor. Players are encouraged to roleplay. and efforts are made to reward good roleplaying.196.landofshadow.landofshadow. write stories about their characters. and governing towns and clans. Players are able to become part of the world. so there are always people to . without the overbearing nature of many strict roleplaying muds. Legends of the Darkstone is a role-playing mud. and a hack&slash Lensmoor is a cross between a roleplaying mud. and of course a little luck here and there. Please stop by and check out our website for more information on this long awaited project today! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lensmoor [Rom] Many Changes lensmoor. crafting their own Covenstead: Land of Shadow began in the fall of 1998 with the goal of becoming one of the most friendly and enjoyable text-based games available. Covenstead is once again in nearly operational phase on our new EDEN codebase written completely from the ground up.brain-teasing puzzles and imaginative mobs.

player owned shops. It is typically up for months between crashes. and a friendly family of players to welcome you home. We offer six clans that mortals can join for power and protection. and Obj programs. a stable mud-government. 1995. detailed life skill system. * You can be advanced in the clans' hierarchy by being an example of discipline and self sacrifice.interact with.teiher.65] http://leviathan. Lensmoor is a superior game.discussion. Leviathan features: multi-classing. new areas are constantly created. that have been carefully studied to fit each level and class. Since then. * An extended selection of nine classes each with it's own philosophy. that you will hearken to its wild strangeness with childish fireside interest and and meditation. * An extended selection of ten races. allowing full access to whois (finger). each with it's own abilities/unique characteristics and life's The Leviathan has been devouring electricity since November 1. player-stalking bounty 9090 [193. notes.cs. By joining a clan you are able: * To be trained in new fighting techniques and be teached in new spells as well. player-owned real estate. the battle arena.72. maps. a medieval/sci-fi hybrid where grave-expressioned sorcerers and bristling warriors make their livings alongside sinister aliens who perform experiments upon abductees in sterile orbiting laboratories. 9 schools of magic. guild wars. personalized autoloading equipment.8. and Life After Death is a newbie's friendly roleplaying/player killing mud. many have entered to chase and point lance at its white hump. * Mob programs.cs. enhanced limb combat. ----------------------------------------------- . 1691 [208. Here is a world so distinguished from all others. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Life After Death MUD [Rom] venus.67] http://venus. and our website is one of the most integrated mud website around.146. * Clan halls guarded by well trained guardians are offered for protection.teiher. mud-commodity stock trading. helps. * Immortal's running quests. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Leviathan [LP] Leviathan (NM IVa) leviathan.92. worthy player suggestions are implemented within days of suggestion. exacting quality standards.

ch/ Founded in September.161.Complete our MUD with new objects and rooms.146] http://labyrinthus. get united! .mudlib.01. go on playing it . 7878 [24. which are all too often compared rather than examined.149.22] None : : : : : Labyrinthus Latinus [LP] 3333 [157.imp. menu driven Lima Bean is the official development and support site for the Lima Mudlib.7p20 aftermath. Aftermath is based around the theory that canon can and at times should be thrown out the window..wolfpaw.1.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lima Bean [LP] LP -.209. the mother of most European (and also American) languages! Buy a dictionnary and a short grammar and get used to the fundamentals of literature and arts etc. a top-flight security system. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aftermath: The Sci-Fi Experience [MUSH] PennMUSH 1. Lima is currently the most advanced and best-desgined LP mudlib available.18. Make friends with them.44. which boasts such features as zork-like natural language parsing (put the third red baloon in the basket). Here. Additionally. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description AVE! Are you used to playing LP-Mud? Fine.. let us know when you have found mistakes you want to be corrected.latinus. a flexible modular design to select features for your mud.mudlib. are placed side by side and allowed to interact.imp. socials. 4401 [204. many many features for player usability (news. Whoever knows about the roots of our whole culture system. Are you used to reading and understanding or even speaking Latin? Go ahead and learn what LP-Mud might be! You will meet a lot of people in numerous countries. Intermud-3 support.MudOS + Lima Mudlib lima.7.52] http://lima. etc). by two longtime roleplayers from a similar game.02 (pure LPMUD) ll. 2003. a system .in Latin. the worlds detailed in Star Trek and Star Wars.

50 plots were run and finished. the mud is divided into a multitude of domains. Liberty Squad defeated him. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Olympus Island MUSH [MUSH] Penn 1. and the US took the island. Using Hero System 5th Edition. a villain created an artifical island base. although players may say what they like to each other in private :) As for the number of people who play Lochness.even original ones. Nearly 60 years later. but what it lacks in During WWII. we are 1 of only 2 MUSHes using the system. it makes up for in atmosphere! Both players and wizards are generally friendly and helpful.wolfpaw.has been entirely added to create a level to set up by which factions and characters from different universes. Why play here? In 17 months. Obscenity on public communication channels is frowned upon.44.139. Geographically.7. no matter how skewed their surroundings might be.dyndns. There are six distinctive guilds to choose . but we look at it as having a 'small town' ambience in which everybody knows everybody else. the theme is heavily detailed.imp. especially to newbies.7p28 oim. but once a player reaches a certain 1960 [204.23] http://www. it is certainly a small mud in that regard. Chargen is complex. Lochness' policy to instawiz 4000 http://q. we brand new environment for roleplayers of any skill enjoy. it has become a metahuman magnet. By allowing these worlds to coexist. If you like in-depth story. It is not. If you like Hero System (Champions).30] None Lochness is one of the older muds. and plenty of quests to challenge players. plots and character interaction. and has never been.161. Aftermath staff would like to point out that non-original aspects of the game are still the property of their original creators. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : IllusionMUD [Circlemud] IllusionMUD II q. it is a superhero MUSH.dyndns. The staff are overworked and 2222 [157. or playing the higher levels. we have it.can be the system. each with a different theme and a different team of wizards working on areas.209. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : LochNess LP lochness. he is presented with the option of either wizzing.

18] http://www.11 Heavily Modified lordsoftherealm. Player Realtions Head. much like what you'd find on the SSI/TSR games. The worlds and areas are set in the time between Episode III and a new hope but all players and clan leaders will go from that and create an exciting and new world for people to have fun in.1. If you feel like killing a goblin. Our code is a heavily modified CIrcleMUD base and spells are based on the 'slot' system. 6 Quest races available for purchase with 1234 [12. We are welcome to all input and ideas coming from players and are looking for a few good builders as well. so have a look around. This mud will have a player created timeline. We're in search of writers (we have OLC) to expand the IllusionMUD 7000 [204. kicking a puppy Welcome to Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion. questing.wolfpaw. We are presently at 6000+ rooms and still building 13 classes and 27 races to choose from. or just kicking back and being social this is the place to do it. Here's to a new site and a new (re) start!! Hope to see you all here! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion [SWR] Heavily Modified socks. Player run Houses.lordsoftherealm. So come join us. IllusionMUD started a long time ago as CMU MUD and has been on and off since its initial opening. ----------------------------------------------- . Lords is a medieval fantasy mud dedicated to the entertainment of the players.IllusionMUD is based on the DragonLance theme and boasts a variety of race Come Explore the Realm.7] http://socks. slaying a demon. Many new areas are in the works and as they finish we'll start moving some of the old unused stock areas out. Were a new mud just opening and in the early begginings of things. I am sure you won't be disappointed.209. we are always changing.44. So come on and login and try us out and see how much better we are than most Star Wars muds. many new spells/skills also. The mud is heavily modified via the coder dejano and is constantly working on new things daily.wolfpaw. Omikron ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lords of the Realm [Mythran] Merc/Envy/Mythran 3.

asp Our Staff is very nice and open to all questions and concerns you may have. Arthurian legend. we are continously implementing new things in space. TelNet Over etrek.. asteroids. Our MUSH has hundreds of planets. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Annwn [LP] MudOS v22. We have top of the line coding administrators working for eTrekMUSH. Where the man on the street can be much more than a man and the woman next door could be a bearer of dark loosely based on the stories of the Annwn is a Celtic Mythology themed MUD. port 1701 eTrekMUSH is based off the new Enterprise hit TV show. The streets are even more dangerous than your parents warned you about and more fun than they feared you'd ever have. a modern day mega-city where anything can and does 4242 [80. Visit us online at: http://etrekweb.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : eTrekMUSH [MUSH] Aspace v1. please fill out our Admin Application at http://etrekweb.212. At the moment we are looking for Admin and Wizard positions. Enter if you dare but be sure to leave your sanity at home and pack an extra dose of wit and 18888 [66.108. a city located on the island of Okinawa. anything goes on the streets of Metropolis. hardcode has been modified and will continue to be modified to implement our own systems and devices.. The mush is based out of the 2162 era.0 w/ Penn 1. bases and ships.sytes. etrek.7 P31.93.60. stars. Our MUSH is powered by PennMush with an Aspace space system. and historical facts from . if you feel you are an exceptional Coder and/or eTrekMUSH .213] http://www.sytes. Our Star Trek universe continues to grow everyday.. Created as a place to be minimally administrated and maximally used for RP fun and mayhem.166] http://www.annwn.7. 1701 ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Metropolis Universalis [MUCK] ProtoMuck mumuck. nebulaes.annwn. allowing us to offer the best of the best systems for our affiliations. Modified HC.1b23-DW Welcome to Metropolis Universalis.sytes.

the Rogues and the Warriors. Annwn has six races available for player selection: Human. Formorian.and post-Roman Britain. Hibernia is a peaceful. ducks and gryphons. which is a social area very much like chat. the Druids. and any other feathered form.the mythical realm of Annwn itself. We are currently open in a Beta test phase for players. Multi-guilding will be allowed at a later stage.77. Savage Jorthu is a realm of barbarian invaders. We are always on the look out for people that would like to code in a Celtic themed MUD (LPC experience not necessary). The world of Annwn has four known realms: Fair Arberth is a civilized High Kingdom made up of the four independent kingdoms of Dyfed. Annwn is run by a small but very dedicated team of very friendly and creative people. Melewyn and Bruga. so a lot of features may not be working correctly. the Bards. and many are themed for dragons or foxes et al. swans. Many mucks exist with a collection of 6667 #Feathers So to all you eagles and sparrows. The Highlands are a wild land of mountains and forests where giants still rule the land. Our world is 100% original and the mudlib is customised to suit. Corrak and Giant.avians. Rhos. welcome to FeatherMuck! > :> ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet : Lost In Time : [LPmud] LP MUD : lit. cultured land of learning. we decided to offer up one for the winged traveler looking for a place to roost! Use a telnet client for Muds.pre. Tuatha. Grishnak. Some information may also be available from time to time from characters connected to 7680 [147.134] http://www.avians. There are rumours of a fifth realm . like MuddWeller or GMud or TinyFugue for the best performance.32. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : FeatherMUCK [MUCK] TinyMu feathermuck. The basic Guilds of Annwn are the Artisans. Annwn is set in a world and time roughly equivalent to Celtic Britain of FeatherMuck is a Multi User Character Kingdom.85] . home of the Tuatha Lords. but with elements of pre 50AD.245.160. Each guild has it's own unique way of offering sub-guilds to the players. but since we could never find one for 8888 [63. the Dewiniaid. and themed for those who enjoy roleplaying avian characters.

xidus. New areas and skills are added constantly. Detailed ethereal travel through The Ways. kill your neighbor.200. powerfull Paladins wielding hammers summoned from the gods. Druids lovingly caring of their woods. On LiT You can encounter new and original features sentient forests with trees avenging those who harm woods. brutal warriors valuing honor higher than life. come join us. Mages drawing power from magical intersections. and Nightmares might kill you.with the help of our friendly players and creators you can do nearly Anything if it suits our theme. where you can make a name for Description : Lost in Time (LiT) is located in the Czech Republic and most players are from the Czech and Slovak Republic. The world of LiT is covered mainly with water.earn a living. Once again the threat of Ejin has surfaced as he causes mass destruction all over the globe in an effort to increase his power further. .72] http://None The Ultimate Battle has returned. Healers devoting their lives to healing and Mercenaries. and enchanted via another player guild. fight in the orcish tunnels in Halia. find the great magical sword 2121 [64. mighty hunters of the night . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragonball: Ultimate Battle [Circlemud] Modified percy. and life is concentrated on four main islands. compete in fishing contests.185. Just about anything is possible at Darkemud! Come where Dreams are a reality. 5559 [204.darkemud. defend Wyzima against raids of orcish warbands or go exploring the infinite depths of the Chaos dungeon.cvut.26. buy Your own houses or even lands. Will some brave soul step forward and stop this mayhem? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DarkeMud [LP] the Darkelib live. If this gets your Enter a Huge world.fsid.241] http://www. And best of all .darkemud.the Warlocks.124. Most equipment is made via players.WWW : http://lit. start wars. You can forge Your own weapons. Own pets.

ranged weapons. fourty starting races.genesismuds. adventuring Medieval fantasy theme with a coherent theme and cosmology. and altered in as many ways as you can think of to make your mudding experience worth while.02. We have recently added the Wyrm class! Wyrm class break the normal barrier of a typical class. over twenty two guilds.4. Deriving there spells and skills through the art of body morphing the shapeshifter will be a source of constant enjoyment to play.lostsouls. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lost Souls [LP] Amylaar Lp lostsouls.2 mudlib featuring the work of some of the best coders on the net. We encourage roleplaying and have a very friendly staff to welcome and encourage all new players.. Yet they can stand toe to claw with the mightiest advesary and adventurer. Running on Driver version 03. Detailed limb-based combat (how many muds do you know of where you can tear someone's arm off and beat them with it?).. to make a truly original mud with player touches.1@140 with Ain Soph (once called LSLib) 1. dozens and dozens of Lost Prophecy is a medieval world based on modified smaug with many new 23 [216. a highly evolved 3. They use no weapons. Our Smaug codebase has been slashed. equipment saving.4a Modified portent. strict quality standards. to Die is to Graduate.136. They wear no armor. Our builders discuss many issues with players. Come visit the lands of Lost Prophecy and see the differences for yourself.138. They are dragon sized and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Coming soon the Shapeshifter.0.To live is to Learn.genesismuds. colour. battered. More fun than you can stand? ----------------------------------------------Mud : DragonRealms . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lost Prophecy [Smaug] Smaug 2710 [216.8] http://lost-prophecy. Unlimited player advancement.199] http://www.209. We immortals are former players so we know what YOU want.9.

wolfpaw. and Halflings. Moon Mages who get their teleporting and conjuring power from the world's three moons. also has pueblo and fireclient support.2] http://lothlorien.90. Traders who traverse the continents delivering goods and 6000 [216. Thief. Skeet ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Lothlorien [Rot] ROM 2.4 / ROT 1. over 200 total. :) *** Just recently added Zmud6 MXP support. just come log in and save a damsel or 2. reading public lists. LostAges is growing 6969 [65. Lots of cool places to : DragonRealms is an ever-expanding. There are ten professions to choose from in this totally skill-based advancement system which include Empaths who transfer wounds from their patients' bodies to their own and shun combat at all costs. massively-multiplayer text-based roleplaying environment with an average of over a thousand players online during (USA) prime time hours. the reptilian S'Kra Mur. as well as several unique choices which include the feline Prydaen. different classes like heavily modified lothlorien.wolfpaw.1-VHM Lambda Moo w/Ghostwheel core mudz.html . with lots more to come in the future! Roughly 100 active players. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : LostAges [MOO] 1.11. beasts to The first 30 days is free. Wizard. and we hope to continue doing so. so there's little lag and save times are under 10 seconds currently (compared to 10-15 mins at other places) Check out the webpage to see some neat things you can do to interact with the Moo from the web. Players can choose from eleven races which include the fantasy-genre standards likes Coded DR 7900 : http://www. or the werewolf-like Rakash.Code Base Telnet WWW Description : [Custom] : eaccess. Trader. and Warrior Mages who wield a powerful combination of elemental magic and weapons. or other players. Anyway.16] http://mudz. so you've got nothing to lose. Running on a fast machine with a fast internet connection. sending messages. DragonRealms is in a constant state of growth and development and is supported by a devoted staff of over 100 GameMasters with years of experience. Dwarves. and etc. Tens of thousands of 'rooms' spread out within the four known provinces and over twenty major cities.

Pkill it's not allowed except for special events like quests and clan battles.mclink. Lord Kray and his champions wage war against these forces of chaos and evil to prevent the light of Luna from being eclipsed again.leu..' Do you dare challenge the gods? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lumen et Umbra [Dikumud] BeneMud 6000 [192. realizing that the sounds of peace are silenced..84] http://lunar.betterbox. 'Dare not seek refuge within those accursed walls! Think you of yourself so highly? Only those who wish to seek the throne of the heavens themselves dare.Description : The sun rises on an austere landscape. nor the rabbits steps.132..betterbox.. Players are organized in RPG Guilds and Clans. may the Gods have mercy on you soul. Now with its pristine alabaster walls so near. you continue on down the High Road. Journeys are being planned to end the evil threat of Lord Pitch. The songs of birds and scurrying of animals the only thing heard. Primary language is Italian.243. a mighty Frost Giant bearing a wicked axe smiles devilishly at you. You stop. -----------------------------------------------------------Calling all HEROES! Alliances are being made. Quests are managed both by mud's code and wiz. your spirit stirs with the excitement and anticipation which forced your first steps. as the chill autumn air bites your Lumen et Umbra is the first Italian mud. ----------------------------------------------Mud : LustyMud . Long have you travelled to reach the fabled city of legend. Smiling to none but yourself. 'Come mortal.' Emerging from the trees ahead. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lunar Eclipse [Rom] Heavily Modified Rom 2. A thunderous voice assails you from ahead. Whichever side you take. No more do you hear the sparrows death. Pitch's followers are converging quickly to wipe out all that is good. In the distance is an immense walled city..News of the Realm: -----------------------------------------------------------Luna has entered the Time of Balance. It's a set in a medieval fantasy world post roman empire-fallen. The dark forces of Lord Pitch are on the move to subvert and destroy all that is just and good. for I have found ye. All is silent.106] http://www. You pull your cloak tighter about Lunar Eclipse . So let me help you friend. Myth Drannor as legends have it. Which side are YOU on? Visit us today and join the battle.4b 2500 [209.

rom. and more! Not a good roleplayer? Don't worry. from levels.136. and no one is guaranteed to win. But our roleplay is addictive. but .4. omen. raging Dragon.9. and fearsome Orc?? Come. Most everything revolves around your skills as a storyteller. to stats. this is a G-rated mud. for example) or simply hang out in the bars and socialize. Newbies and old-timers.131] : None : LustyMud is one of the oldest US muds. of snarling 2000 [ Welcome to a realm of MADNESS! Do you. There is a huge variety of areas with very imaginative themes and strategies. PK is out of bounds for the moment.. we have brought our storyline around full-circle. but we're still going strong. with an easy to learn system that ensures any fight is uncertain.Code Base Telnet WWW Description : LPMud 2.31. After a server 6975 [216. teleport rooms etc).) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : MadROM [Rom] mad. For this is MadROM! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragonball Z: Ascendants [Circlemud] Modified and custom work done. special moves.5] None Our mud has been in place a while now.. we lend advice and pointers. all are welcome on LustyMud! (Contrary to what the name may imply. stride across ancient and unknown lands in search of WEALTH. Check out some of our games and puzzles (the Puzzle Palace is an all-time favorite.madrom.5 : lusty. and we hold a generally adult-oriented stamp because we do have 1536 [206. We're Dragonball-themed..genesismuds. intrepid explorer..102. established in early 1991 and operating almost continuously since then. dare enter this realm of mighty magiks and bizarre science. The mud's economy is player-run.198] http://www. as well as adult content. with guilds that players manage in order to gain various benefits (heal rooms. so it's never too late to join in and start roleplaying. Prepare to lose your mind.. but not as juvenile as most.186. POWER & KNOWLEDGE! Join the many proud and worthy souls in this colossal quest for adventure. so everyone can succeed.

but restricted by clan and Magrathea is a realm that spans eons of time. Vogon.185. but still it gives you quite alote of challenges. that incorporates the most far flung technologies of the future. Don't take my word for it. Role Play is strongly encouraged and rewarded and PK is available. There are many unique races including Drow. Although there are many additions and changes to Rom 2.86] http://None 3000 [81.135.12] None Eternal Night is a dark mixture that incorporates the . Come and give it a try and see for your self. a time of wizardry and of mighty beasts. where the most awesome of war-machines have been created. and it is involved in quests. to the future. and Klingon.AndorMUD -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Welcome to AndorMUD.228.4b4 magrathea. it is possible to travel from the distant past.181. a place of opportunity where with a bit of luck.3] http://www. but offers many new features. We are still a rather small MUD but with lots of features. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AndorMUD [LP] Very extended LPMud andormud.0 mserv2.15. This is a realm of great adventure. It offers a wide range of clans and 4000 [199. from brave adventures to evil thiefes and skillfully hunters. as well as ten races of 2000 [208. We believe in keeping the mud at an easy-to-understand and eay-to-play basis. Who to a modern shopping mall and science museum to classic stock areas with Tolkien and medieval themes. Magrathea has areas ranging from those based on Babylon 5 and Dr. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Magrathea [Rom] Modified Rom 2. Numenor.magmud.sgeinc. and a good measure of skill it is possible to forge a massive empire which spans the whole of Magrathea's existence. swing by and experience the place for yourself.there are rules involving it. Magrathea is loosely based on the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy series. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Eternal Night [MUX] 2. that encompasses the mystical abilities of magic. Sprite. We have quite some different guilds. and of the mind. In this world. it is easy to play especially for those familiar with ROM.

with aging characters (5 years per month of real time). now available for Guests and Crew. There are 3 main cities. and a staff dedicated to providing a pleasant playing environment are a few of the things you will find on Malevolence.235.. translated. make a difference? Can you fight religious oppression or get around it enough to survive? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Malevolence [LP] Heavily modified H7 mudpuddle.85] http://www.mudy.aktualne. Our focus is on role playing in a low-fantasy medieval island setting.shwaine.fervor and power of the Dark Ages Church with the power of technology. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Zeme Prizraku [Smaug] modified. .peregrine-keep. The year is now A richly detailed world awaits you on 3000 [38. Mage. The Church has become powerful. Angels and Demons try vie for souls of the living and not so living. We also allow Immortals! Can you change things.shwaine.0 Peregrine Keep is a Pueblo enhanced TinyMUSH currently under development.225] http://www. Vampire and Mortal/Mortal+. SMAUGIC 1. create history. New areas and code are constantly being added so even veteran players are sure to find new and interesting places to explore. Religion still lies in the background. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Peregrine Keep [MUSH] TinyMUSH version 3. Many snippets implemented.76. The staff at Eternal Night welcome you to roleplay within a world dominated by 8000 [216. allowing Czech and Slovak people to play in their native language.a town and plenty of interesting plots for Shifter. influencing governments and 8000 [80.peregrine-keep.6] http://zp.188.112. /FEAR/ and mass hysteria at the coming of the new millenium.0. politial intrigue and motivation. some of the smartest monsters found anywhere. and detailed story development.7+ zeme-prizraku. many changes to fight and skill system. Hundreds of areas with thousands of rooms.252. Whole mud translated into Czech. Again.

com 1234 [68. not sure whether to fear or accept mutant-kind..10] None Stellar Oasis is back and on a faster. operating under a set of Bylaws.. spearheaded by President Kelly. The humans are similarly divided. Visitors are welcome.. A system of Falconry training. Some factions merely wish to survive..Mutants are 4567 [63.36.' The war is beginning.146.1 rwoar.. free emotes and persistent poses. The fight for freedom between Homo sapiens and Homo superior.dune. '. connect to the MUSH as a Guest. Peregrine Keep is a volunteer run community. competition. post to our Forums. a self-serve costume machine capable of generating trillions of unique items. Please drop by our webpage to track our status.. and combat is under development.Mutants are here.117. It features an operational starship system with planets. beginning with a Cathedral. or email pkadmin@peregrine-keep.dune. Large scale community Construction projects are planned. A year one environment set in the near future allows plenty of creativity and flexibility with both original characters and those we know and love. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Stellar Oasis [MOO] MOO 1. The American government. It's a brave new world out there.8. but who is going to control it? 'Mutants are now. Text-only clients are supported...0 patchlevel 4 #1 [05/08/2002] xmr. a Shakespearian flavor. jump gates and ancient ruins.3] http://xmr. The player may start as one of five species who are .net '.net ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : X-Men: Retribution [MUSH] TinyMUSH version 3. An in-MUSH set of mini Games are in the works including a graphical version of GO. A few forces rally for peaceful co-existance.93. The story involves a great military force destroying entire planets in a campaign of conquest. spacestations.Features of this MUSH include graphical room maps. Crew and Cast IDs are available by application only. is making moves to adapt to the new society developing from the appearance of the mutant population.' Factions form within the ranks of mutants themselves. more dedicated server. while others are Hellbent on exterminating the lesser species.' Join us at XMR where we explore the X-Men genre in a new and exciting way with an emphasis on community and involvement.

Come and uncover the mystery. the MOO will be undergoing me great changes. started back in 1992. rewritten. however. recoded. you'll find a lot has changed.9. We and the for are a mature MUD. and does not ruin the experience of those who wish a more peaceful MUD existance.members of a small resistance group hoping to find a reportedly lost civilizatio n and it's great technology to combat the evil forces of 'The Krarrn'. Aftershock does allow player killing for those players who choose this 9999 [216. We also have added an Arena where players can have fun PKing and practice PK skills without disrupting others who wish to continue advancing their 3500 [204. and people willing to help write some excellant Aftershock is a modified ACK!Mud based on the 4. A friendly IMM staff and a helpful player base makes an enriching and entertaining experience. which has been around since the mid 1990s are always looking for new players to come and experience magic. It is Limited.masquerade. With 94 areas to explore.wolfpaw. Aftershock presents the standard ACK!Mud multi-class system through the adept levels. we are currently allowing Multi-Play as well.5] http://www. PK is restricted. With an economic system and combat in devlopment. We hope to see you there! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Masquerade [MUX] TinyMUX masquerade.4] Http://aftershock. At the moment.wolfpaw. for the better ! Come check out our new grid. so be sure to check on the rules before assuming anything.2 ACK Release. please read on! If we're not. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aftershock [Ack!mud] Heavily Modified aftershock. we are also hiring builders. we are *that* Masquerade. talk with our players. redone! .wolfpaw. and start a new character to share the experience. If we'r e new to you. For those of you wishing that extra bit of excitement. new discoveries are at your fingertips daily. We have expanded on this system by creating detailed and unique Realm Lord levels and the ultimate in Legend levels with unique and new skills to be discovered.44. Please stop by aftershock. Develop your own unique equipment by utilizing quest points earned throughout daily game play. coders. The first WoD MU*.net Yes.209.

The town has been transfor med from its real world countenance into a mass of decay. players can also wield magic. In addition to submarines. Surrounded by th e towering Sandia mountain range to the east. The two factions live together in Atlantis.7.136] http://www.hawkgames. An uneasy peace resides in Atlantis.. Although many things seem to be the same on the surface. meet friends.' then Albuquer que must be its gateway. And that's even before the Supernaturals start pulling s trings. but the waters around are full of open FlipsideMUSE is a place where people come to chat. girls who have never played a MUSH before play there. Primarily.Masquerade takes place in the city of Albuquerque. If you're not afraid of the 4208 [24. danger and death.71. This is a world w here evil and danger abound. come check us out! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Atlantis MUSH [MUSH] PennMUSH version 1. and turn invisible to sneak around. things.hawkgames. build and code. cops more corrupt. This allows for character specialization without the complexity of having to choose 1.tinymuse. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : FlipsideMUSE [MUSE] TinyMUSE'99 4201 [4.14.80] http://www. Albuquerque sits astride the nurturing Rio Grande Riv er. magic is used to heal. where tension is stronger. Atlantis is so easy to play.4 patchlevel 20 atlantis. our virtual Albuquerqu e is a far cry from the reality of this happy Southwestern town. the criminal el ement even more firmly in control. Dizzying views unfold over sweeping vistas across a truly magical landscape.4 million skills. . New Atlantis MUSH is based around an ongoing war between the Capitalist Alliance and the Totalitarian Regime. throw opponents away from combat. The year is 2114 and the surface world has been destroyed and is uninhabitable. This means that everybody can own 100 objects (rooms. Atlantis was a deep sea research facility created by the Neutral Alliance and protected by the Mercenary Guild.tinymuse. exits. Atlantis uses an adaptation of Simple Role-Playing Game. If New Mexico is truly the 'Land of Enchantment. and a high volcanic mesa to the west. filled with a myriad natural wonders.. hovertanks. and such. the Manzano mountains to the southeast. Players have a quota of 100.

The first 'professional' MUD. MobFactions. Master Heroes. dragonlairs. 8888 [ see wagon trains. mules.). dragonhunters. multilevel requirements. and live maps (complete with our own custom font that uses shapes. with a new governor elected every month to help run the game. and all members are identified by their real names. trading with covered MediaMOO has been open since January 1993. and more. Character registration can be done by e-mail.138] Bloodlines. awesome hero battles. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Medievia [Custom] Custom medievia. and fear. not letters. and is home to a thousand artists.html). Medievia V is here! In Medievia you will find raging wilderness fires. serpenthunters. MobFactions that make the game more like a real-time strategy game. DungeonMaster.175. giant monsters the size of cities. People can actually create their own objects nd code them with MUSE-code.11.medievia. online register command or by logging on as a guest and asking an administrator to create a character for you. AutoQuests. An application is required to become a member. deep storm systems. The main ones are ClanShips (see http://www. in 2005.medievia.. computer scientists. We have all the normal things like flying.medievia. writing teachers. and ships.. sadness. Wilderness. The DungeonMaster took 3 years to program and tracks parties' happiness.232] http://www. and a description of their research interests. We started in 1992 and never stopped adding and tweaking. all kinds of PK.puppets. and others. Clans that actually create their own towns. pride. psychologists. custom prompts.245. .com/ Medievia V is now open! There are many new features and MediaMOO is a professional community for media reseachers.html). over five hundred zones. Online administrators help players with getting started and setting up their homes. Now. many god-run quests. formations. and politics. anthropologists. making good or bad MobFactions around them--basically DMing the world.85. 24/7. We always have hundreds of people 4000 [206. We have it all! Dragon flight. email addresses. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : MediaMOO MOO mediamoo.

serfs. We will soon open Abodes where the deepest bloodlines get everything from huts to large castles. like mines and 9898 [63. The Blue programs have just managed to break the MCP's strangle hold. tailor.4) dark-legacy. Infinite levelling. Factions.2] None END-OF-LINE is based on the film TRON. . Play up to three character classes. The MUD is based on the war between these two sides. Java + Windows client available. Crafts. The game administrators limit themselves to implemen ting and problem solving.125] http://www. Socket spell runes for special powers.-----There are two main roles: . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : END-OF-LINE [LP] Amylaar linkwarriors. Found a guild and build your own guild house. Gather and craft resources.We are about to open clan businesses.145. Want a Mithrill cuirass? Re-forge your iron one! Books. complete with MobFactions and roads. Make a profit from surplus equipment. in our wilderness. combine runes to tailor and name your own spells. also has a Forum + Manual. Pink dragon scale armour? Its possible! Re-forge. Buy a plot of land and add rooms. Buy Houses and Banks for equipment storage. Castles. ranging from Hamsters to Dragons Socket Weapons.223. Storage. Ascend as a god. But it begins where the film ends. gain access to vampire skills and spells. Extended combat system. Vampirism.233.77.wilkerstaff. but there are still pockets of Red programs resisting. Multicasting. Write books and see them appear all over the game. train and level your pets. You can choose which side to join. Hatch. specialised in player customisation wi thout administrator intervention. Shops. Buy character or your item enhancements 4000 [208. mine. scrolls and potions. and what role to play in each Dark Legacy is a mud with a Smaug feel. Glory. Pets. Site. Contract Vampirism. blacksmith. taking a much less dominant position in player affairs othe r than the Occasional quest. Salvage. name. where clans hire workers to work real active zones. Range & Opponent size based. carpent and invent. Epic Levels. Combat.dark-legacy. traps and furniture. The Medievia wilderness and ocean are alive and dripping with adventure! Do You Dare Enter? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark-Legacy (Dark Legacy) [Smaug] Jade (Based on Smaug v1.

The troops fight individual battles.9. With numerous race and class combinations. Just as friendly as the immortals. and oftentimes a part of eve ry-day global activities. Melmoth is still growing in size and playerbase to this very day. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Melmoth [Rom] MCB 2. it has been stead ly regained over the past few months. there are numerous channels to express tho ughts for all to see and hear. you can see a map with the troops and position them.14.1: Rom2. as well as a personal tell system and an easy-to-use note s tructure. (LEVEL 3) involves close range fighting.4b2 w/ 6 yrs. transport them between areas. Come and check us out.-----The distinguishing thing about the MUD is that it involves 3 levels of play. Melmoth usually keeps those who are fortunate enough to stumbl e across it. Mentioning global. While the playerbase dwindled for some time. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realms Of Exploration [Unknown] GreedMUD 0. Though we are primarily a RolePlay MUD we .net 5005 [ Starting the beginning of it's eight year. The generals manage troops and resources. and decide which areas should be attacked. Our capable staff is always ready to help new players in their first few le vels.melmoth. Development melmoth.172] http://www. as well as interactive generals and troops. This is like a game of Command and Conquer. (LEVEL 2) involves commanding troops in a battle. This is very strategic and is like Chess but more closesly like X-battle.Return of the Archwizards. which interact: (LEVEL 1) is involves playing a general managing resources in a war.28] http://www. Melmoth has been a solid part of the mudding world.99. Fine tuning everything as well as adding in more zones. These players can join and leave at their leisure. and well beyond that.14 www. We are in the Beta pahse of the MUD. a huge world via the ASCII Wil derness and over one hundred originally written areas. This is the level which players familiar to Player Killing will 9000 [129. Roleplaying is highly Realms of Exploration is set in the Forgotten Realms world just after the book trilogy .generals and troops. It is likeplaying a shoot-em up like DOOM. we're sure you'll be hooke d in a matter of a few plays. Newbie friendly. There are NPC generals and troops on both sides. our players are alw ays willing to aide anyone willing to ask.191.planetmud.

offer zones to level in as well. One of the current projects is a Hometown Starting point. invasions or quests held as well.4b6 + Modified mud.03 merentha. and up to 120 or more at peek times there are always newbie friendly people on to help out those new to Merentha. Drow and Minotaur are allowed races while the core Classes are completely available. Though we have to add new towns to add hometowns. The world of Realms of Exploration starts in Shadowdale.235] http://www. I am always open to 10000 [198. There have been many pieces of code added to the MUD and continue to be added and 5454 [69. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : A Merging of Fates [Rom] 2. With just over 1000 rooms we are still small but at the same time we have a small but dedicated group of builders expanding it daily. I am also working on a useable/workable 'Prestige Class' system.200.144.10. A few features which make Merentha more then just a hack and slash MUD include: Player Owned: Player Run: Houses Class Councils Pets Kingdoms Mounts Guilds (Clans) Air Balloons Sea Ships (upgradeable) Merentha is also loaded with quests and games. The webpage is updated as often as I can. Stop in enjoy the mud talk with the Imms who are on and other players who show up at different *** Where will your fate lead you? *** A Merging of Fates would like to welcome you to a mild RP/PK environment to answer that very question.merentha. .33. The race and class selection is based on AD&D basics with some very minor With over 100 players on during the daytime. Bsically we hope that if you come for the levels you stay for the RolePlay. The world is open for Exploration. Keep your eyes open for people and places that might be part of the roleplay.merging. On long weekends and holidays there are usually special events.123] http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Merentha [LP] Merentha/NM MM-2. 2020 [69.37] http://swrevenge. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Transformers: Decepticon Dominion [MUSH] PennMUSH 1. Corellia's Government decided to break away from the New Republic for failing to protect them in their time of need.2 with PennMUSH 1. and hundreds of skills and 1999 [209. starting from familiar ground on mid-1980's Earth and continuing beyond all usual limits.132.83. over 20 classes.html Decepticon Dominion plays out a sweeping tale of Transformer history. with much room along the way for innovation and exploration. .7. they have been pushed back for the time being.3.109] None Darkon Mud has been in operation since 1988 and has undergone a lot of changes . So please stop by and see what Darkon mud has to offer. the Vong has invaded Corellian Space and after many long and tedious battles. but one was clear.7 Patch 12 swrevenge.7.90] http://www.With over 50 races.4 as all are Independent Type Characte rs. Military character s of both the CAS and the Empire are welcome. Be on the lookout for the release of MoF2 in the near future! ** We now support Portal GT mud client! ** ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: The Revenge [MUSH] HSpace Trueline 9001 [ Set 33 years after ROTJ. a Star Destroyer which has been retrofit ted. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Darkon Mud [Circlemud] darkon.betterbox.S. Darkon as of now is undergoing an incredible face lift and a code lift! We are l ooking for a bunch of builders to help us add to the already interesting landscape. 207 levels with unlimited remort. Centered mainly aboard the CAS Revenge. we may have what you desire! Come meet some of the friendliest players and imms around.dyndns.69. The choices were many. the MUSH brings ample opportunies for characters of any kind. and learn what your fate shall bring you! P.57.

org 4000 http://redstreak. to give the best possible mix of the greatest of the maybe one more b uilder. this classic Rom-based MUD has returned.html ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aydindril 2 [Rom] Rom 2.This universe is firmly grounded in the pre-Movie cartoons. We have regular planned events every Saturday at 5pm EST and RP during the week is encouraged. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : BloodStained [GodWars] Mcloud2/BLooDStained divineright.what *would* the Decepticons do after vanquishing their long-time enemies? The universe itself lies open. Excellent characters from other eras and universes are also present. It was named after the capital city in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth 1337 [216. this question will be explored . News files and character profiles can be found at http://www. This MUD has a 191-mortal-level system with 10 distinct classes. Our world has more than 6000 rooms and 2000 mobs and is constantly growing. Thanks Deathlire ----------------------------------------------Mud : Miami by Night . let alone triumph. Player guilds are also offered..everything. Here. This mud is newbie friendly. we are looking for about one coder. where neither can truly advance. We're a role-playing based MUSH with some combat RP... and characterizations are true to those given on the show.98] None BLooDStained is a mud that I'm currently trying to change from a mcloud/godwars codebase that I'm trying turn into a cybernetic futuristic world and the sky is going to be th e limit on HP move damcap. and a grand text adventure..99..plumed-serpent. open to the there's forever a fine balance between the sense of team loyalty and the continued drive to better oneself. perhaps more so. Decepticon interactions among themselves are every bit as fascinating.kill or be killed! Just come try it out. heavily modified. than the usual Decepticon/Autobot conflict . redstreak. Can a single-faction MUSH capture the drama and conflict inherent to Transformers? Definitely.. A one faction Mush eliminates the need to maintain an artificially static environment between two sides. where the player can customize their character by choosing skills and spell groups to learn and practice.. We focus on character interaction and living not only the life of a character but an entire Resurrected from an ancient backup..4. We have a lot of great Decepticon characters open for applications and we accept orignal apps as well.

Our Staff prides itself on its fairness. fighting to defend their forestal homes with their ability to shapechange into ferocious creatures. although each player is restricted to one Super.18. We have innumerable unique features. mages. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : Midnight Sun : [LP] MudOS with custom additions .2.113 8250 : http://miamibynight.90. Florida.3 (custom mods) : 67.220. Each player is just as important as every other player and staff will not step in to retcon or rewrite scenes to benefit any particular player's 'story' over another's. Mortal character creation uses Mortal Peer stats.) on Miami by Night in order to give players the chance to play the type of character they want. as well as developed political and economic systems.40. .Code Base Telnet WWW Description : TinyMUSH 2. their cunning use of deadly traps. and Werewolf: The Apocalypse(tm).Within 23 [216. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Aetolia. alter the minds of mortals. in the first decade of the 21st Century. who use the mystical power of Blood to form their bodies into lethal weapons. and players can be assured that the rules are enforced equally. Transfer characters from other MUSHes in the same general timeline are accepted. Mage: The Ascension(tm). or the brave Sentinels. We support the following second edition systems: Vampire: The Masquerade(tm). is a World of Darkness(tm) MUSH set in Miami. player combat system in existence. If you like a game where scenes are not prescripted and you will not be prevented from action as long as you have IC . to endless opportunities for roleplay in the intricate struggles that take place daily within the land. ranging from what has been called the finest player vs. you'll find hundreds of imaginative quests and NPCs. More information on character creation and transfer can be found on our web site or by logging into Miami by Night. to a realistic weather : Miami by Night. up since January of 1997. then Miami may be the place for you. or raise foul undead slaves. to lucrative trade skills. provided we can verify stats. There are no quotas for Supers (vampires.mymush. and hundreds of unique abilities in dozens of complex skillsets. and their rapport with natural animals and plants. Examples of our player classes include the supernatural Vampires.Aetolia is a huge and totally original world.40] http://aetolia. We have thousands of rooms. the Midnight Age [Custom] aetolia. with no stock code or stock areas whatsoever. etc. meaning a starting stats mortal has the same starting attributes and abilities as a neonate vampire. shifters.

Each clan also has its own special abilities. They each have their own clanhouse. feel free to contact any immortal or staff.ludd. We aren't a large MUD. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Chaos Empire MUD [Circlemud] Modified CircleMUD chaos. they have the opportunity to become one of four remortal classes. and when a player has exhausted a career path. if no Newbie Helper is on an Immortal will be happy to help you get started. Newbie Helpers are there to help new players. For all other issues you may have. new mudders and experienced players alike which are just starting out.240. And last but not least hunt the world to grow as a character and join the famous ranks of our lords and ladies. Wander the realms to solve one of the 50+ quests to be found (none of which is required).Telnet : midnight-sun.mudmagic.3] None Chaos Empire is a new Description : Midnight Sun is a strictly medieval fantasy LPmud. Midnight Sun believes in a strict seperation between coders and players. There are several mortal classes. It is an easy place to get . but the people on are.161. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DBZ Battle Zone [Smaug] Heavily Modified (Mix of Saga/UOV/SWR) dbbz. and should provide a refreshing change to other MUDs. When it comes to playing the game and finding your way around you will have to ask advice from your fellow players. In general you will find that most people visiting our realms are friendly and willing to help you where they can.luth. We hope to see you there. The main city is custom to Chaos Empire. There are currently seven clans on Chaos Empire. so there won't be hundreds of people on at any time.redcoven. but also hides a lot of complexity and challenges you may have to face as you grow.ludd. friendly and will help you if you ask nicely :-) Come give us a try. Ask around to get enlisted for one of the guilds. and some are character bonuses).23] WWW : http://midnight-sun. As such there is space for 4600 [80.luth. equipped with a store room and a 4000 http://dbbz. which are generally very powerful (some are spells. and learn more powerful skills and 3000 [130. Travel through our world by foot or hitchhike yourself a ride on the back of a dragon.16. in general. we're sure you'll want to stay.

org ***ATTENTION*** =--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-We are currently seeking builders and codersIf you have a knack for writting in detail then look no further. killing others. all of them capable of reaching Super Saiyan levels untouched by previous warriors. The only way for the remaining species to survive was to band together and fight. his creations soon turning on him.onlinux] http://www. In the end. Here at Seasons of Almadyn strive to be as detailed as possible. and began to breed them. offering quests in every area.rave. he moved his clones to an uninhabited planet. allying with some races.. In secret. We also offer a high-quality playing environment and lush history for the player that seeks to roleplay or really get into the inner workings of the storyline. And so.We moved back to the old server. The earth was beginning to expand massively into outer space. In general we strive to be a newbie friendly mud while we make sure there are a multitude of challenges left for the seasoned adventurer. was ruled by the mighty Uriem. and seasons have frozen in different areas. an evil scientist dug up the grave of Vegeta. the Kai's began teaching the other races their secrets in the hopes that they may yet survive. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Seasons of Almadyn [LP] TMI-2 (heavily modified) seasons. the universe was a peaceful place. have the seasons continued steadily. ----------------------------------------------Mud : Continents Mud . We strive to create the most balanced gameplay ever devised in a text-based game. One day. and a full scale world map check it out if you feel you are up for the challenge.seasons. Seasons of Almadyn is *not* currently open for play. but Beta testing will begin within the next 12 months (approximately). a new race of Saiyan warriors. and beginning to spread out through the universe. Only in the center of the land. Two hundred years after the battle that took place between the evil Shenron and 4000 [seasons. We have different parts of the world with varying themes. killing him. However their magical war left the time discontinued in the land... where the city of Almadyn is located. however. many ages ago. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=The land of Thaelurium.onlinux. trade was beginning to develop between the earthlings and various races. cloning him and creating in secret. the battle was lost for all and all Uriem where imprisoned deep in bowels of the land. They battled eachother for sole domination of the land and created the mortal races to aid them in this cause. This is the setting around which this mud is based.

com 1984 [ What If Spiderman's powers came from Kryptonite. Others struggle merely to Deep in the timeless expanse of the Astral Plane. An Elseworld world where . where nature takes its course. the corpse of a forgotten god floats.0.spodzone. he gathers to him an army of the Sworn. Smack a mob.4b. Stock areas have been resequenced. and reconnected to fit in properly with the surrounding landscape and Continents theme. The interior has rotted away into the seeds of a new material plane. either make your own food (if you know how) or find someone to buy it from. restructured. plus 9 years of our own coding : continentsmud.3. cook a bowl of soup. :-) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DC Legends [MUX] MUX 2. so if you are interested and can make those times.spodzone. There are some stock areas but none of the stock areas are original. get some xp. Rom 2. with players meeting at regular times. The current campaign runs weeknights from 8-11 pm EST. get some xp.93. A city is carved in the face of the god. please come and take a look. Secretive cults plot the revival and the destruction of the dead god. Would you like a pet? Find a friendly neighborhood ranger type to tame a wild beast for you. If you need to eat.21 #1 dcl.3.218.73. and the undead.0.100] http://dcl. The underside is a place of graves. We have 3000 [63.2] : http://www. Nursing his power after a recent defeat in a distant plane.Code Base Telnet WWW Description : [Envy] 2. xp is only awarded for doing. Most of our areas are exclusive to 5050 [63. ruled by the Ancient. monsters. Captain America was in the Justice Society.continentsmud. and the Hulk irradiated by the Captain Atom project. get some : Continents is an adventure type mud in a Medieval/Fantasy theme.151] http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ark of Fools MUX [MUX] 2.67. There is no xp for killing. the first to dare to live there. but there are many things that require interacting with other players too. forge a sword. Ark of Fools MUX is a tabletop-style game.trailing-edge.117.trailing-edge. Said to be human. The stone skin of the god is riddled with tunnels and small dwellings. We use the D&D 3E game system (playing it by the book except for the setting).194. he is a sorcerer so old his name has been forgotten.318 #1 mudd.

139.The characters . We even allow adaptations from other themes to happen. As the game grows though. Mirkwood's original and extremely powerful object. recall rooms. Micro Cities may pop up...mirkwoodmud. giving new and exciting challenges to the players.. food. many of which are based on the writings of Tolkien. which have huge castles and keeps.81. But the largest recent change was a complete remapping of the world that involved splitting the land into two continents and creating an extensive road 4000 [ 4000 [12. the coders implemented an original remorting system and added six new classes.173.216] http://www.1 hrmud. Mirkwood stared in 1995 and is still going strong. trainers. The continuity is based loosely on a creative mix of the entire line of DC comics. Our system allows a fast and easy way to make your own to match the heroes many of us have grown up reading about. to control. with a tone perfected by the various Animated Series. the red-neck Trailer Park. the territory which one side strives to protect.Metahumans granted great power by chance live alongside mutants born with an X-Factor. healers. and its professional coding..150. and access to a tribal arena. shops for armor.. and guild masters. RPG and supplements. Mirkwood is a dynamic and active MUD undergoing almost daily code modifications. internal security. This is th world of DC Legends. custom time and weather messages.hrmud. Join us today.247] http://www. within . Recently. Metropolis and Gotham. Famous for its social atmosphere. take your unique perspective on your favourite hero. and make it a character to play atDC Legends: dcl.spodzone. It takes what everyone loves best about DC . the other. and mob scripts aid builders in creating immersive areas.. and tokens. the vast and deadly Ocean. However. If you love the community of your fellows. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hidden Realms [Circlemud] Circlemud 3. Mirkwood's custom-designed area builder (Mac/Win) supports the continuous development of new areas. their own channels. Mirkwood's player and immortals are far too eclectic to stick to one theme. its inspired areas. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mirkwood [Rom] Heavily Modified mirkwoodmud. and scores of other areas all await the stalwart adventurer. The battle-scarred moon Daktor. join one of Mirkwood's eight tribes. the magic-loathing city of Pelios. Want your own original character? No problem. There are two main holdings of heroes and villains.and moves them to a new place and new situations.

If there is a feature you want that we don't have. If you currently own a domain and would like email capabilities we can help you out. One thing that we do pride ourselves on is our complete and up-to-date help files.Hope to see you all Land of the Lost Unicorn places a priority on friendliness and enjoyment of a mudding atmosphere by combining the benefits of roleplaying and combat. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hexahedron [Rom] With Many Enhancements hexahedron. LUN has a religion system of nine separate religions. please feel free to let us know! We have left the original customization in. and follows a mythical god and ethos. as it is called for short.Hidden Realms has been around for awhile. Mindwarper & Vector ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Land of the Lost Unicorn [Rom] 1701 [ and we are offering webhosting and mud hosting packages. though most prefer to use the base skills and spells each class has in. offers 12 races and 12 classes and a variety of features too numerous to name. though we were shut down for some time recently. The players are cordial and happy.8] http://hexahedron.hrmud. We also offer an alternative mud school for players who are familiar with the rom code. I am just happy to say that we are back up and running. This makes us a good choice for new mudders and those who are sick of having to ask about everything.genesismuds.Vector . as well as offer the stock mud school for new mudders to learn . www. We have also taken on another administrator .com 1414 [216.136. The immortals of this realm try their best to be responsive to the players by listening to complaints and ideas.9. We have a new domain as well now.genesismuds. We are in the process of adding new original areas to eliminate the stock to give known mudders new lands to explore.41] http://lostunicorn. Please stop on by and see what we have done with it or just to check it out. each is led by a fellow player. LUN. We have just moved to a new sever so please update your zmud and gmud connections.73. we would love to hear your opinion! Thanks all. We also offer emails based on subdomain or domain.3 Heavily Modified lostunicorn. and often communicate extensively on our many channels. As some of our loyal players may have noticed. we were down again as our host was not hosting any more. Most ideas or proposed changes get implemented if they are found beneficial to the entire mud. There is also a question/answer channel on the mud for questions that you can't answer through help files.

envy. Mystery Tickets. *A search for the missing Daughter-Heir. A starvation system that makes the need for food and drink a 6969 [216. and ImmQuest : A Moment in Tyme (MiT) is one of the oldest Wheel of Time based Muds on the Internet.envy.242] : http://tyme. The arena/quest system has several facets. Elayne. filled with Elves. committed staff of Immortals. The Grand Arena allows Hero level players to enter into a tournament style combat. MiT is currently on our second major revision of the codebase. It does boast a high fantasy. Since 1994. The standard Arena has been expanded and filled with items that could be of use. which includes special races and classes set aside for the final remort. and our areas are all completely original. originally based on CircleMud 3.110.Hexahedron is a large and mostly original world. Current player-driven events to advance the plot include: *Finding the Bowl of Winds.0 bp : tyme. We have unique systems in place to rank players' mastery in swordplay and channeling (Wheel of Time's magic system). At A Moment in Tyme. our coders and builders have been working hard to bring in unique new features and our own original areas. Many Quest masters are scattered about the world. gives players much to do and accomplish while venturing the by ways of Hexaherdon. we have a dedicated playerbase and an excellent. We support 3 modes. MiT focuses extensively on Roleplay. Dragons and the occasional Cyborg. Giants. Set after the Dumai's Wells incident (end of book six in the Wheel of Time series). We support a 3 remort. Randomly generated equipment like those found in Diablo/D II. *An excavation of an underground Age of Legends city. It supports ANSI color. Nethac and Angband. . There are quests/trivia games sponsored by the helpful immortal staff. try their skill against randomly generated mobiles. Team. Bookies are available upon application. Immortals can use areas of the world for the staging of war. Come Play and ENJOY! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base l 14 Telnet WWW Description : A Moment in Tyme : [Circlemud] Heavily modified. and Single combat. and gain re. giving non-playerkillers the experience of a player killer without actually being a player killer and with out fear of loss in experience or equipment. sword and sorcery setting. Clan. plus much more.103. In the Mob Arena players can enter the arena .ward for their expertise. We have no set theme. A fully functioning clan system that allows for players to create and maintain/expand their own. Quest point system includes Trash Points. some are currently already in played.

her vision blurred by The Monkey Lounge is a casual chat environment where lots of young (or young at heart) people hang out to relax and unwind. We allow multi-playing and playerkill and roleplaying is highly encouraged. Come to Metro. Come and join us on our talker where the topics range from sports and music to sex and relationships. We offer level based training. every Coder recieves an imortal. a multitude of wretched forms shiver as tattered wet clothes cling to their bodies. Nearby.22.4 patchlevel 10 metro. I'm not just a chatter there.We are currently hiring Coders.7. Intrigued? So was I when I started chatting there. A flicker of movement catches her attention and she looks up to see the bushes at the edge of the clearing part.csa. We are also hiring coders and builders .as dark as it may be the most important part of the online 5000 [216. There is no one to answer her cries for help.211] http://www. leeching the strength from even the hardiest.25. Now. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Metro: Toronto by Night [MUSH] PennMUSH version Deep within the black obelisks thrusting upwards into the bitterly cold night a small fire burns in a rusted out garbage can. A crumpled body leans heavily against the desk.csa.genesismuds. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Monkey Lounge Circle monkey. Her scream echoes through the open window of a luxurious basement 4201 [209.90] http://monkey.geocities. an expanding pool of blood staining the immaculate Armani suit and the letter clutched in a hand white as ash. desperately searching for her mother.145.spork. level based equipment and a very detailed character creation process. where the story -. casting dim halos of orange light on the damp asphalt. I'm the owner! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rise of the Dragonarmy [Rom] omen. Note: Applications required for non-Mortal 8600 None A DragonLance-themed mud looking for a larger pbase. and if you refe r us a Coder it could possibly result in a reward or Experience points or Quest points. Hands raised over the meager heat. in a small park a tiny child looks out into the shadows. We have all the classic races a nd classes to choose from.

areas. Smurfs. First Space Shuttle Launch.? Ronnie Rayguns. Helens Erupts. relaxing atmosphere of chat and light roleplay.127. Come see us and join in the fun! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Latitude [MUCK] Fuzzball MUCK 6. The game supports both Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension. or your expression.00 hitpoint. Job loss. Mt. The Iron Curtain.102. Valley 7777 [207. homes. Mortal and Mortal+ concepts are also welcome. so you can freely create buildings. Hi-jackings. There are no monsters to fight. the world is yours to mold.228. forums. Acid Rain.101. and even software to help the MUCK function and give it additional features. When you log on to Latitude MUCK you'll be presented with an open.66] http://www. the Latitude management's highest policy is to not interfere with your creative efforts. Detent.22] None Latitude MUCK is a purely social world geared toward total freedom of speech and . I want my MTV! Inflation. The Latitude management is very relaxed with areas it will link to. shops.moo. Hostages. Unemployment. GenerationX Mux is a new World of Darkness MUX set in 1980ies Seattle and 7114 [68. Why not stop by and have some fun? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : GenerationX Mux [MUX] pix. We are currently under development! If you would like to become part of our team and are either experienced in building. Log on and create your own rooms. coding or WoD Storytelling come visit us! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : MOO Canada.18] None Recession.225. Ma Bell.224. objects. Global Thermo-nuclear 12321 [24.R. Rubick's Cube. or anything your heart desires right within the main areas of the MUCK.homeip. Who Shot J.isa-geek. but truly. Eh? [MOO] LambdaMOO moo. but there are endless outlets for your creativity and your thirst for socialization. St.

and a very highly advanced quest Eh? was formerly known as SchoolNet MOO. Ability to make items. . Features added include * * * * * Highly configurable color Highly advanced economy system Highly modified areas Full Newbie Training Highly advanced god/worship system and Dreamless Realms is ALWAYS looking for more ideas to add to the codebase. but an incredibly flexible and useful environment for programming is the basis of the MOO. kill for you.27] http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Daybreak Ridge [LP] MudOS V22pre8 Darkelib 0.dreamless-realms. No theme is forced on individuals. and you can order them to carry stuff or protect you. etc. The MOO is primarily social. Castles or inn rooms. it is the largest and oldest MOO in Canada. Cool pet system in which they follow you around. swords. With over a thousand users. Features include: .Description : MOO just watch out for 9275 [64. shields.252.Newbie friendly mud.62.166. where items can be saved. Dreamless Realms integrates code with game to (attempt to) provide individuals with a fun and relaxing atmosphere. ----------------------------------------------Mud : MOOSE Crossing .6 sphere magic system with critical hit Dreamless Realms is a world that offers individuals the opportunity to rp the way they want and ways to fix the codebase.4] http://dbrmud. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dreamless Realms [Rom] mud2k dreamless-realms. etc. and you'll see that it is a very sophisticated Daybreak Ridge is a dark fantasy mud using the darkelib 5560 [68. Dreamless Realms offers individuals a way to advance in a unlimited level based system (after 3rd tier). Try out the web interface at http://www. to enchant them Items are saved on person.1 dbrmud. Averages 20 ppl peak time. plus a very exciting combat systems with critical hits and limb support.

Administrator ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Moral Decay [LP] 131. and must be submitted on paper either by surface mail or fax.247.4b4 (Heavily Modified) bb12. Features of this mud.betterbox. and you get the pot of gold. 104 possible mortal The Arcanum: Land of Fate A new day begins.132.83. Parental permission forms are 1111 [209.11.85] http://arcanum. The denizens of the realm must follow the paths set before them to seek and find ones fate be it for good or : MOOSE Crossing is a place where kids 9 to 13 can learn to program and do creative writing. Many Scheduled Role Playing Events and Games. Over 400 spells/skills many original and unique. The MOOSE language was specially designed to make it easier for kids to learn to program. 10 Gods to follow and seek aid Kids are making things like baby penguins that respond differently to five kinds of food. Come and play this unique and original Role Playing Mud. Shen .betterbox. 6 Major Cities to Adventure in. Its main features include: and the place at the end of the rainbow--answer a riddle.Code Base Telnet WWW Description : MOOSE : moose-crossing. Realistic Game Mechanics and 7777 [18. The great cities of the realm rules with just hand or iron fist those that call them home. 13 PC Races and 5 Prestige Races. 14 PC Classes each with specific skills and spells. 3 PC Guilds with special equipment and guild halls. fortune tellers that predict the future. Teachers are welcome to bring their classes. There are those that seek control of the land be it mortal or divine. who then in the end will obtain it? Come and seek that answer and you own Fate.85. The cities of the realm stir and start a new day.1 3003 None Moral Decay is an advanced fantasy LPMUD. the morning sun shines its warm rays across a waking land. Completely Original and Diverse Realm.113.135] : http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Arcanum: Land of Fate [Rom] Rom2.

. Fangorn.Cleric. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Our areas are based on J. Hand of Saruman. Helms Deep. not a PK-wild mud Experienced players willing to help newbies get started Well-established environment: Moral Decay was started in 1992 Lots of fun! ----------------------------------------------- Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mordor [Merc] DIKU/MERC/MORDOR 11. R. Northern Rangers. ----------------------------------------------- .de 23 [194. which allows to look around a few places without creating a character or to know any playing commands.Guardians of Mordor. It is 24 hours reachable. native German mg..95.Barbarian) Weapon and non-weapon skills. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : MorgenGrauen LPmud.mud. but MorgenGrauen is a native German LPmud. In addition there are lots of other adventures in our quickly growing world. Rivendell. high level player) or Wizards (Magier) after fulfilling a number of Last Alliance.Necromancer. Distiller. We also have an alliance dedicated to helping newbies . R. Corpse processor. player-run economy featuring 6 available types of business (Smelter. Seers have the opportunity to build their own houses and have faster movement through magic gates. All alliances are ever evolving by expanding their halls and adding new equipment.26] http://mordormud.Thief. Lonely Mountain. was 190) and is host for 80 players in average (including holidays and weekends).196. Lothlorien. player battles by joining an alliance such as Eye of Sauron. We have a full time Quest Master and often offer Immortal quests. including seven major cities Built-in party system to allow player cooperation Player Killing allowed. and many more.Mage. Mordor's unique multi-class system along with its remort classes allows you to completely customize your character.205] http://www. Interested persons may also take advantage of our MudWWW frontend found on our web page. MG features regions of different themes and size. The players may become Seers (Seher.mud.Monk.Druid. limb-based combat system A dynamic. Pub) Eight interesting and diverse classes (Fighter. Haradrims. Weaponsmith. Shelob's Lair. trained through use Racial language system. The MUD is open to up to 200 players (latest max. Role-play as good or evil and engage in player vs. Midgewater.* * * * * * * * * * * * * A detailed. Explore over 50 unique areas including: Isengard. property based. 4000 [24. also trainable through use Wide variety of original areas. Minas Morgul.0 mordormud. and White Council.

The worlds of Final Fantasy. spells.kyndig.even those on telnet .202] http://www. Beneath. and many other RPGs combine in the Cleft of Dimensions.105] http://cod. Mozart's code is very stable and very highly featured. so there should be a fun class for everybody. Wizard. Our world has over 28. and player-killing is legal. so it's impossible for a small number of players to hoard all the best equipment. here we make our players want to play instead of punishing them for being away. Thief. Priest.44. we've got a whole new set of classes for you to play around Mozart is one of the oldest. or power specific to each class. Geomancer. Further. most developed muds on the net.142. there is something for every wannabe adventurer in the Cleft of Dimensions! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mozart MUD [Silly] +14 years of development mozartmud. Gilgamesh was banished to the cleft by Exdeath. a world populated by creatures from video games and anime. Each class plays differently.220. Odin's sword Ragnarok slipped into his hands.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Cleft of Dimensions [Rom] Really Great! cod.the Cleft of Dimensions supports sound now! Go to our website and download the GMud sound trigger pack. we use a percentage-based loading system instead of object limits. Mozart is rent-free. All the major features of mud clients. In Final Fantasy 5. After 99th. there are eleven avatar levels each with a skill. Mortals may advance to level 99 in 14 different classes and more than 400 different skills. and specializations (which are similar to D20-system feats). and Summoner. The Surface is the largest and most newbie-friendly.000 rooms in 200 zones among three major areas. Gilgamesh cut through the fabric of the Cleft of Dimensions and was able to travel freely through it. and you can listen to the Cleft of Dimensions while you play! Exciting? Of course it is! The Cleft of Dimensions has existed as the ever-present space between worlds. the svirfneblin city Galtherdelve and the drow city of Aluhryn in the Underdark are more dangerous.kyndig. are provided by the game itself. so all our players .com 4354 [207. We've had several exciting new developments on the Cleft of Dimensions! First off. Using the Ragnarok. Portions of various dimensions fall through and into the cleft in chaotic fashion. Warrior.173. His actions tore the fabric of 4500 [69. including aliases. Seiken Densetsu. The new roster is Knight. speedwalking. With a wide background. While in other muds it may cost you gold to keep your items. We rarely .are on an equal footing.mozartmud. And maybe even more exciting than that . and command history. causing cosmic disturbances. and in Final Fantasy 8. Mario RPG. Infocom.

If you have a new idea.215.S. Crashes are rare. If you wish to speak out of character.19. new and old.go less than two weeks between Hello there travelers! Have you ever wanted to duel dragons and fight knights from long ago? Have you ever wanted to slay powerful aliens? Let your imagination run wild in this fantasy filled world! With our mix of past/present/future land. IRL.rotrd.wolfpaw. We welcome all comers.185. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Image of Life [GodWars] MindClound2 messiah.236] http://www.238] http:// Sorry. We have a great staff that enjoys running Quests and having fun. Punishments for not keeping these channels in order will not be taken lightly. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Phoenix: Rebirth of the Red Dragon [Rom] Rom 5000 [67. we have no doubt you will enjoy playing this free. Very newbie friendly. Please remember we are an RP encouraged MUD.ath. but very addicting game. etc. live the life you've always wanted. Come check out us.4 Heavily Modified rotrdmud. Come and check us out! Everyone is welcome! Give us your ideas and live your own dream as you've always wanted.2 modified tor.wolfpaw. we'll work to make it possible. use channels such as Phoenix: Rebirth of the Red Dragon is the return of the very popular Knights of the Red Dragon MUD. Player Killing is allowed through Clans. No Discribion for now . you can be whom you want to be.128. P. See you online! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Other Realm [Rom] Sacred V 8871 [82. and new code is well-tested before it gets anywhere near our players. Immortals have access to full OLC including every feature we can think of. May your Goals and Dreams become a reality. classes and levels. all the way up to LP-mud style scripting. and you must RP your character whenever 4300 http://tor. Fantasy mud that uses races.

as developed by Richard Bartle and others at Essex University.COM is operated by Viktor T. The setting is medieval with an 4000 [212. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars Mud Poland [SWR] Highly Modified (] http://www. Muddy Waters is based on a skill and stat system rather than a level system. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Muddy Waters LPmud (CD) mw. long-standing home for MUD2 players around the Are you seeking adventure and role-playing opportunities in a high quality environment? Look no further! Muddy Waters is a theme-based fantasy mud in the swords-and-sorcery genre. .182. in 3000 [216. The game is available for a low monthly subscription fee which helps cover the costs and the effort associated with software development and system maintenance. Most of all.252.lublin. Tatooine. We've been around for a few years. who was also an arch-wizard on the Kesmai and NVN incarnations of the 23 [199. Endor etc. When you play Muddy A mud based 100% on Star Wars.we just opened and are still editing/creating stuff.muddywaters.mud2. with a variety of guilds to choose from.0) sw.muddywaters. it's fun. MUD2. Players of CompuServe's British Legends (BL) know him as MrSpock the wizard. aka Viktor the arch-wizard. Palin ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : MUD2 [Custom] MUD2 mud2.25.67] http://www. Corellia. unique history and mythos. including This is the latest incarnation of Richard Bartle's MUD2. consisting of around 40 large planets and space stations. Muddy Waters prides itself on providing a fair and challenging experience in an artistic and high quality setting. MUD2 is the direct descendant of the _original_ MUD.republika.3. you'll be part of a story.18] http://swmud. The stated goal for this site is to provide a stable. and you can add to it. England. Toth.

Travel to and from the other few populated areas of the United States is dangerous and deadly. almost 20 years 4242 [132. Boston Massachusetts has become a major metropolis populated by survivors. although not encouraged.55] http://multimud. and enjoy the comforts of technology and the protection of the military. New Boston.252.mushpark. and adventure! We have many features including: -60 level system with multi-classing into 16 different remorts -Personalized newbie help from Avatars and Guardian Clans -7 main races with hometowns including Vampires with Advanced features -10 minor races for improved RP -Zones range from middle earth to current days to sci-fi -Solo challenges such as our Simulator Arena or Survivor A terrible plague killed about 97% of the world s population in 2009. Within the game setting. Character creation is open. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : MULTI MUD [Circlemud] CircleMUD 3. living without electrical power or the benefits of law enforcement. most people crowd in the center city.230. The contrast is sharp. but nothing is ever in black and white.120. New Providence and New Hartford. The control of the government and their propaganda are impossible to escape. Use the links below to check us out. Our world has a day and a night. style. Now. The less fortunate must scrape a living in the outskirts. and we'll see you there! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : New Boston 2025 [MUX] newboston.mushpark.Characters can belong to different types of guilds. -Group challenges such as freeing the virtues in hell or fighting in the Ragnaroek -An entity system offers clans and followerships for more roleplay and gaming options -Over 100 zones with over 6000 pieces of EQ and over 10000 rooms total -Advanced remort skills/spells for RP such as bard's songs of Dying for a smooth running mud with great adventures? Multi Mud has been customized for 2025 [216. The Reformed Republic now mainly consists of three rebuilt cities.235.newboston. and we have a guest account if you just want to look around. highly modified multimud. New Boston. Player killing is permitted. We are newbie friendly.225] http://www. It runs on a dedicated machine.

where many immitators have tried to copy.210.R. we bring you.. Where basically anything goes. Now in the year of 23 [129. before 'The Hobbit' and after the loss of the One Ring by Sauron. a place for the oldschool players and for the newbreed of GW players.Multi Users In Middle Earth [Dikumud] Dikumud I derived mume. offer great newbie help. See ya all in there! Kitty ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : MUME .org MUME is a free multi user role-playing game based upon J..221] http://mume.230] http:// It has been 10 years since GodWars has come to existance. TFC: Revisited provides its players with the following: . and have challenges for expert mudders as well.And much more .Extensive new look into the gw gaming ..3.89. and in those 10 years many GW muds has come and go.Staff that had been with GodWars since the beginning . Tolkien's 'Middle Earth' that has been continuously running since fall '91. We truly encourage roleplay. for a real taste visit us or get more information on our webiste.No more laggy/crashy warmboot/copyovers with our new system . a new taste of GodWars. you will see the real originators of GodWars. The key of Erebor was just found by Gandalf and all the epic tales narrated in 'The Lord of the Rings' may take place. The action takes place in the late Third Age. During these times only a handful has been remembered by players. MUME covers 21'000+ original rooms from the mighty Dwarven .241.R.Oh yea we have the original GW Kitty So check out the place. you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! again it is a decent 6969 [209. but in this mud..Coders who actually codes around to what the players need . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Final Chapter: Revisited [GodWars] Heavily modified Dystopia smoolabs.war and nature -Immortal run quests and missions as well as auto-quests pre programmed What is mentioned is simply a glimpse.Restructuring of the areas/new areas .

to those who know 7777 [65. all your activities take place with your choice of three diverse unions as a backdrop. Realms of Chaos runs on its own machine and connection. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Conquest [MOO] Heavily Modified moo. And you won't be alone.238. RoC is a challenging mud. However. you will be enchanted by the vivid.145. and to be able to take pride in making it to High Mortal. it is another dimension. you will see a well developed fantasy world that has room for humor and parody. thoroughly engrossing reality. refreshingly logical and internally consistent structure to an extent which you have undoubtedly never before experienced. and 3456 [209. and the highly intricate. Your goal is what you want it to be. as well as on dozens of Star Conquest is a multiplayer role-playing game set in interstellar space. as people do not gain levels by exploiting bugs or imbalances. and from the ruins of Fornost in the North to the fortress of Isengard in the South. Anti-cheating rules are actually enforced.189] http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realms of Chaos [LP] ChaosLib 1. Those looking for a place they can become powerful overnight will be disappointed.223.81] http://www.squidsoft. is an extremely challenging. and is incredibly well-balanced and fair.71.Halls beyond the Gulf of Lhûn in the West to the fringes of Mirkwood in the East. space stations. also known as RoC. MUME VIII is written in C and in mudlle (a functional language that was developed in order to allow on-line extensions to the game). In this meticulously crafted world where fantasy tales come to life players may join the War between the forces of the Dark Lord and the armies of the West. It is not just a mud.squidsoft. And when you finally work your way up to one of the greatest powers in interstellar space. a fourth alliance of certain humans and some alien species may . When you check out RoC for yourself.2 Realms of Chaos. it is the perfect mud for someone looking to earn their levels. full ansi color descriptions.realmsofchaos. There are many different ways to make a living. because it is not something just anyone can do. From the moment you set foot in the Realms.0/Nightmare 3. You can therefore be proud of your achievements on RoC.

181.4 7777 [208. We offer challenging lands.virage-entertainment. that sort of thing. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : MUSHMellow MOO chilipepper. We're down to earth. The MUX itself has extensively soft-coded features to assist with gameplay and an expansive IC world in which to roleplay.mutatismutandis. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Scions of Meridian : [Custom] : : http://www. friendship. Mutatis Mutandis MUX is an online roleplaying game based in the Marvel Comics universe focusing on the characters and themes in the family of X-Men comic books. join 4520 [199. irreverence. We fling afterbirth. Game continuity began with the ending of the Muir Island Saga and 'Too Many Mutants' genesis of the blue and gold X-Men teams and the re-formation of X-Factor. We compose haiku.begin trying to recruit you. Areas and Zones will be constantly evolving to reflect the RP of Players. and a purpose for : Scions of Meridian a game devoted to the preservation of the text based game so if you are looking for a fancy 3D game this is not for you. We allow original non-feature characters of your own design.htm Welcome to MUSHMellow! Creative worlds. on the other hand.50] http://www. join us.141. it is just as common for people from other worlds. interesting people. Join us. wars. of other races and times to show up. and limited evolution of races among other things. .212. universes. We have paintball wars in Mayberry. deep character development. Characters are limited only by game balance and your imagination. puzzles. We get chased down and shot by Yul Brynner. Feature characters are given leeway on how they are worked into the existing story.156. We have fresh pie. We walk like camels.12] http://www. you are looking for a game that will bring adventure. For much much more information about the MUX. newbie friendly staff. visit us online or on the web. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mutatis Mutandis MUX [MUX] TinyMUX 1. you have found your game. While the game is primarily a superheroes themed.mutatismutandis.

Most importantly. and to receive bounty from their claims. There are 60 character levels and Player rolled statistics. There is a clanrights system.14] http://myrradel. full online building/editing capabilities. Please feel free to create a character there today.6pl0 myrkamux. weaknesses and racial bonuses. a subclass system to further individualize your character. allowing you to give each member specific rights and duties. heavily modified UltraEnvy mud. There are interactive quests and quest equipment. 'intelligent' mobs that adapt to player actions. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Legends of Terris : [Custom] The Horizon Engine : : http://www. and hundreds of unique skills and spells. It is a MUX where building is highly encouraged.00 Over 12 million game hours played. The highest rated area on AOL Europe from 95 . Extremely fast system (multiple T1 connections to the Internet).legendsofterris.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : MyrkaMUX TinyMUX 1.1. We are a friendly 8294 [ MyrkaMUX is a social MUX with no particular : After 5 years as AOL's largest MUD terris has launched onto the WEB. and there is an advanced clan/guild system run completely by players. 15 unique and varied classes. Includes an INTENSE combat system. Gods don't interfere in play. many races with strengths. :) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Myrradel [Envy] Heavily. and many. full alias/macro system for keyboard shortcuts. an active. so you're free to build what you want. myrradel. and new players are always Based on a highly modified UltraEnvy codebase. and ClanAreas allow clans to claim various areas on the mud. all-playerkiller/playertheft system.ocliw. Clan interaction is a major focus in the player 4000 [216. Over 2 million characters have been created . mortals are left alone with their affairs. heavily.73] http://www. and customizable prompts and colors.224. Quotas are not enforced at Myrka.

Whether your l ooking for a good fighting The First great game from the online games company See: www. for more details.ath. Th ey are an elite group of players that keep order and peace of the MUD. On this MUD you will have to work with other peopl one way or another. It is currently open for testing.onlinegamescompany. or a relaxed MUD. known to the characters as the 'Kops'.14. clans. or maybe your looking for a MUD just to e njoy yourself with. Players run the gain awards. but no player-wipes are planned. The problem is that not everybody obeys them. ----------------------------------------------- . Immortals and heroes interact with the playerbase at all times.218] http://messiah. It takes place in a corrupt Earth where money hungry and power hungry people. make your name and create your own 4566 [ 4000 [24. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Deadly Tactix [SWR] messiah.33. Challenges will arise where you need to call on the help of the 'Kops' or Mercenaries that may be around you.ath.78] None Herdaark is a new MUD based on the HnS code by Rip of Almaren. The 'Keepers Of Peace'. thousands of different monsters and thousands of locations.legendsofterris. Build up your own character history. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Herdaark [Dikumud] HnS derived herdaark. This is a MUD for all people. Download the client software at WWW. This MUD is war oriented.A huge world with thousands of quests. Arc storylines are developed thorughout the year. Extensive engine development and world expansion has happened each and every year and will continue to happen. this is the MUD for you.

org 4000 [67. We have been known to many as one of the best Merc type muds around.10 gc. but want to beat on your buddies anyway? There's an arena where you can do battle at no loss of XP.109. Players can found their own clans.247.2. Over 22000 rooms and 240 areas. Gate Crashers is a game with a well-developed theme that allows characters from multiple settings.62] http://www.31] http://gc. If you like 23 [198. friendship and my 6989 [165.mysticmud.2 base heavily modified mud.42. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Gate Crashers MUX [MUX] MUX Gate Crashers setting is sci-fi.mystic-adventure. and are also involved as class guildmasters. where everyone fights and no one loses anything.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mystic [LP] Heavily Modified mysticmud. Not a PK fan. Each class has a unique set of skills or spells. have at it! If you don' Mystic Adventure has been in existence for over 12 years. and the community is one of the best things about Mystic.188. Our players and immortals are great people. Immortals are picked from current players with no automatic advancement to imm level. Check us out today! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mystic Adventure [Merc] Merc 2.founded 1991 .155. you're entirely safe.iamyourgod.223] http://www. We have MUD-wide team wars as One of the oldest MUDs around . We are base of 100 levels with special areas and perks for those who reach the top and are awarded HERO status. Special guides and areas are available for new players and fair play is enforced.22. Come join an extremely newbie-friendly MUD and find adventure.mystic-adventure. with travel throughout the Solar System made possible by the Gate Consortium. We allow registered player killing only. of our realms are fantasy-themed. but not all. with a richly entailed world including clans and sophisticated thief poison systems means never being bored. T here are huge areas to explore. it has a unique flavor but is an American mud. Created by four French Canadians. and we periodically add more. and you'll never lack for challenges. Many. Quests and sieges are routinely run and the primary goal is to make playing here a challenging and fun experience.iamyourgod.Mystic prides itself on being ext remely newbie-friendly. Many players have been here for years testifying to the quality of our mud. Characters can .

selu] built with the aid of allies that the various Stargate teams ha d discovered on a wide variety of planets. other 3389 [omghax.10. No numbers. The purpose of this base is to establish a seconda ry outpost for humanity within the universe.1 and ROM code 2000 [216. The goal: discovery of allies and technology to aid the people of Earth in their fir st steps through the stars.225] None Within the fifth year of the Stargate program. as well as continuing the mission for peaceful exp loration. Will you be the one to put your hand up and devout yourself to bringing peace and order to the galaxy?? Heh I suck at writing these. we are hiring people for all positions. and is through a concept application trait derived from sci-fi..24] http:// SWFetl is based before the destruction of the deathstar. The station has been dubbed 'Omega Station' an underground ba se built upon a world once scoured by the Goa'uld. anime.4..235.139. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Stargate: Omega Station [MUX] [MUX] sgomega. comic books.mushpark. Heroes are yet to arise who will stop the evil Empire and its allies.selu. omghax. the President authorized an 'offworld' base. and conflicts between the people of the Solar System.php . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Sentiece-Unconciousness Unleashed [Dikumud] Based on MERC code 2. just descriptions use. character player interaction.252.. come in and have a look .csd.ath. and the 'gate crashers' that have arrived over the years from other dimensions. the governments and factions. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Endless Triumph [SWR] SWFote swfetl. fantasy. no that the players can decide on and Role play will focused on good story telling. Chargen process and a free form 5555 [147.

Sentience allows fully customizeable characters. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : NannyMUD [LP] Very extended LPMud mud. We are growing more each day and invite you to come and join us in our adventures.html : In the 1870's Arizona is a harsh country. It first opened in the spring of 1990 and has been up and running continuosly since then. The treacherous Mogollon Rim only adds to the already long list of dangers one would face in the Arizona NannyMUD is one of the oldest original LPMud still 2000 [130. Sentience is completely newbie friendly. The theme is medieval fantasy.liu. untamed and filled with Indians of the Apache Nation. With well over a million rooms and a fully operable wilderness. allowing more experienced players to directly assist those just beginning.lysator. Maple Valley itself is nestled under the formidable brow of the Rim and some 75 miles northeast of the growing town of Phoenix. This allows you a choice of a completely different set of Founded in 1878 due to the arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad through the area Maple Valley is a small settlement growing up amid the farms and ranches of the Rim area and anchored by the Rail Station. a versatile tool to express feelings.4t. The game has more than a 100 areas of all sizes. you will be blown away as you are immerced into the sheer realism. ----------------------------------------------- . Sentience boasts a laid back environment as well as strict and swift enforcement of the rules. Pk is optional and CPK is room based only.liu. some hundred quests.Sentience-Unconciousness Unleashed is a fantasy world unlike any you have ever seen.159] http://www. with many classes to choose from.maplevalley. with an implemented helper system.lysator. many guilds and the NannyMUD soul. with magic added.236. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Maple Valley MUSH : [MUSH] : : http://www. from player killing and pure hack-and-slash to quest solving and social chatting. Many different playing styles are possible. Unleash your Unconciousness and log in today. A few thousand people attend the game on a regular basis. allowing you to keep your equipment if you should reach your untimely peril. as well as an option to remort once you reach max level. Wild. Several people have been known to meet their real-life spouses at NannyMUD.

Nebbie Arcane è un mud PKILL dove è incentivato l'RPG ma non è obbligatorio! I giocatori di NA aiutano volentieri gli Newbie. Much of what was once common knowledge has become legend or myth. The world is new. It is also a time for future legends to be forged.105] http://www. but remember.necromium.reborn from ashes as would a phoenix from the flames. ==================================================== Nebbie Arcane is a Pkill mud. We have over 100 areas .0 kycor. And so the third ageis a time of rebirth and rebuilding.164] http://www. Main language on mud is italian.000 hand-built rooms in over 140 original zones Between 40-60 players online at any time Five continents separated by a vast ocean Automated tour for new players .206. but all commands will remain in english.most of which are original. offering something a bit different to those who are bored with 'standard' muds. His world is rapidly growing and we plan moving from the actual 4000 [66.136. only the best survive! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Nebbie Arcane [Dikumud] AlarMUD (modified diku mud) nebbie. Natural Selection is a pkill/psteal mud. depending on your ethos. All are welcome to Natural Selection. l'evoluzione della Natural Selection .com Mankind awoke from the second age remembering little of the past. 5 brand new 4000 [212.nebbie.8] http://www.1. We also have four Nebbie Arcane.9. o o o o Over 30. and the weakest are 3250 [216. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Necromium [Circlemud] Circle/Diku necromium. and 8 original classes.a proccess by which the strongest of the species survives. or bloodshed and war. Nebbie offre un mondo con oltre il 70% di aree originali.177.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Natural Selection [Rom] Athen 1.kycor.genesismuds. who can offer companionship and protection.

49] http://necro. forums.mcc. and various educational courses take place here at present! Themed around the Channel Four 7777 [ Forum: http://forum. there's a good social base and we're always after enthusiastic builders and programmers to help extend the MOO. Then you have found Haven. ..ath. an original card game o Hiring builders o www. so if you're vaguely interested in any of the above. Central to Haven is 3939 [62. come take a look. Father Ted. and more We invite you to come and experience our world. with the sole aim of providing for the creativity of anyone who wants to use it! There's an active coding base of some 300 people. It is a place where people from many realms meet where new adventures can be sought. the realm of the Celtic gods and land where all your dreams and nightmares can come true. havenmush.o The Necromium Academy.ath. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : HavenMUSH [MUSH] PennMUSH.necromium. Yahtzee and so on).88. a land of ancient heroes and gods. where the gods reside and the living walk with the dead. a clan designed to help new players find answers and friends o Extensive help files that are easy to navigate o Friendly and knowledgable Player Assistants o Full multiclassing system with 16 classes and a total of 165 levels o Endless character development o Restricted player killing o Overhead automapping of all zones o Nautical code that allows for ocean navigation and naval combat o Numerous coded and scripted quests o A multi-tiered clan system that allows for wars between Houses o Player owned shops and real estate o Full color and prompt configurability o Coded to be user friendly. Card Guppies. online gaming (Word .ac. if you will. a land where you will meet the exotic. RPG areas are being worked on.202. game info. there's an online recreation of the entire of Craggy Island. for in its center .253.133. free email and A MOO based over in England.ath. the brave and the] http://havenmush. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : NecroMOO: Craggy Island MOO necro. a land where adventure is never far off.

256 Spells). riches and much more await. 160 Classes. PaNiC uses a prototype flag system so mortals can build areas online. But from the Henge you can go to many different realms and experience a wide wealth of roleplay and adventure. lesbian. It also welcomes all orientations. Realms and Demi-planes). Between each block a portal resides and by simply stepping through you can find yourself in one of many wonderful realms. so it is strictly for those over 18 years old as it is very common to come across sex. It is both a place for normal roleplay and sexual roleplay. or can choose to specialize in any of his/her previous classes for another 25 3666 .161. The Henge.tudelft. 9 Songs.tudelft. 21 Elementals. gay. intrigue. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet : NetherWorld : [Dikumud] Merc Diku made up of many stone blocks and covered with ancient Ogham writings. Some statistics: 42 Channels. 602 Skills (Including 107 Languages. transgender or anything else. sex. Lands of adventure. 20 Breathweapons. has stood for all time.36. learning. bondage. slavery and many other adult actitivities. When the status difference is too high. Come visit us and enjoy the many places you can go and people you can talk to or roleplay with.86] http://panic.envy. PaNiC also listens for connections on port 8080. the higher status player cannot attack the lower one. whether straight.resides the Henge. 24 Giants). PK in PaNiC is restricted to registered players. At levels 75 and 100 a player can choose to restart as a different base class (at level 25 or 40). bisexual. 47 PaNiC has 100 mortal levels. 46 Planes (Including Layers. Since some networks restrict access to port 4000. 337 races (Including 28 Dragons.2 : 4000 [130. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Panic Mud [Envy] heavily modified panic. Why not come and visit Haven and discover what secrets it holds as well as what secrets lie within yourself? Haven is an adult MUSH based loosely on Celtic myth and legend. Winning a pk battle will increase your PK-Status. Its central area Avalon is a place from where you can meet other people and indulge in roleplay or casual conversation. 36 Fiends.

and a small chance to load as 'Rare' or 'Socketed' * Random meteor showers scatter powerful and rare GEMS for inserting into eq with sockets or slots * Immortals run online games like trivia and mini-quests * Consult a detailed system of helps to assist you in understanding our mud. Emphasis is on making a believable world with plenty of character development and interaction. Everything you ever wanted from a MUD is here .nl 3333 [131.stack.141. terrifying monsters to battle with.155. The level of civilization on each planet differ greatly.48] http://eclipse. being linked togher by space ships or other (magical) connections. based purely on our imagination. The mud is a mix between the future. For instance Earth is a very hi-tec planet while Aurora is still situated in medieval times.pdx. intriguing magic and mind-bending quests! New Moon's creative team have painstakingly created a realistic and engrossing medieval-fantasy environment for you to explore.208. The domains in OS represent a planetor solar system in the Galaxy. but remains exciting with all of these features and more! * 14 Starting Classes and 20 starting Races * Remort and Reincarnation Systems allow Multi-Classing and offer over 200 additional special races * 3 fully populated continents & oceans create a complete world * Role-Playing Clans with restricted PKilling and clan rankings * Automated Questing-Save up points to Customize Your Characters * 99% of the Equipment that loads has randomly generated stats. interesting characters to meet. * The immortal staff welcomes player input to make NetherWorld entertaining. present and the Description : Online since 1994 .stack. come on by and give us a try! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : OuterSpace LP MUD New Moon is a world where epic tales of medieval fantasy are made. 7680 [131. location descriptions. So whether its Hack'n'Slash. New Moon features an original and innovative skills and training system. fresh. So if you are into si-fi muds or historical muds this is the mud for you. fabulous magic and spells and a myriad of special abilities including herbalism.netherworldmud. and enjoyable! Our goal is to provide a balanced MUD that caters to both new and experienced Mudders alike. mining and metalcrafting.166] Outer Space is a fantasy mud.NetherWorld is an old and long-standing mud.pdx.WWW : http://www. or just chatting.cs. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : New Moon [LP] LPMud eclipse. Role Playing.

We just pwiped our MUD and made everything from scratch. newbie-friendly MUD and you will find the players and staff welcoming and helpful.0.We are a Welcome to the Lands of Chaos! This is where the battle of Good Vs Evil is.nightfall. Stop in and check it out! Structure LOC ADMIN ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Nightfall LPmud 3. landsofchaos. However.99] http://www.2/mudlib NF3. skill abilities.103] None Star Wars Galactic 8000 [216.117.3] 23 [134. a myriad of towns and villages and many varied and intriguing wilderness locations.82. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Lands of Chaos [Dikumud] Emlen/Diku hybrid 90 percent original coding. rangers. We are a great PK MUD and non PK mud with a Good Vs Evil theme.170. We are very helpful and willing to address concerns or questions as are our players. The result is some chaos. Chaos Knights.there is attention to detail at every turn. And SW:GD shall continue to grow. It can be a complex game. We will not be pwiping anymore and will be open as long as you want to play.1.dune. It currently has all the same enhancements.the founders are Arcturus and Shiro. is the result of a branch of power in the mud Star Wars Life. but for the most part all is well. We have been operational for over 9 years now and we are only getting better at what we do. . New Moon prides itself in its extensive range of quests and there are now well over 150 in the game. 3 priestly. It encompasses several cities (from western medieval to oriental in flavour). and titles. Arcturus Code swgd. merchants and 3333 [63. The game world is vast but not made that way by filling the world with spartan locations .2. Players can choose from 10 races and 11 guilds to join: 3 magical. respectively with its heavily unique code base.0 nightfall. ranging from the newbie-friendly to the fiendishly mind-bending! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars Galactic Dominion [SWR] Heavily Modified. Roleplaying is highly encouraged.127. Star Wars Galactic Dominion was founded on the basis that the one who reclaimed it would most indefinately ruin it.kyndig. but it isn't daunting and we make it as easy as possible to get into your stride.

and has been heavily modified over the eleven years it has been around. Your advancement on Nightmare is determined not by how many monsters you kill. Most of our world is Nightmare is a virtual fantasy society. death on Nightmare takes you to the Underworld. If exploring . mage. or if its harmony you seek. but we do keep some of the old areas around because they are classics.204. monk. the domain of the undead. or instead risk permanent death and play the game as a member of the undead. It is international (English language). Germany. Nightmare runs on a machine bought with player dollars so Nightmare will always have a site.220.Nightfall is a LPmud at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics and Computational Physics (TAT) at the University of Tuebingen. the Forgotten World [Dikumud] DikuMUD (heavily modified) nilgiri.mythril. with a dream world for all sorts of queer ideas. Unlike other muds. That makes for a very unique mud. cleric. and rogue. The option to multi-class is available for those who desire multiple skills. an expansive help system. Finally. Nightfall was founded in December 1990 and now consists of about 100 MBytes of mudlib source code. fisher. but instead how you perform as a member of your chosen 8888 [66. optional quests. a cleric is your calling. you must always watch out for death.imaginary. The goal of the game is what you make it.179] http://nilgiri. but because of its location chatting in German is possible.98. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Nilgiri. Currently there are about 70 quests. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Nightmare LPMud [LP] Nightmare Mudlib nightmare. fighter. Of course. limb-oriented combat. then you can play as a mighty *** Welcome to the fantastic realm of Nilgiri! *** Nilgiri. Nightfall is based on a fantasy setting.imaginary. We strive toward a realm that is realistic within the premise of a magical world.38. If you like hack-n-slash. 13 races and 9 classes. languages. Nightmare has 8 classes to chose from: bard. You may seek out resurrection and return to the realm of the living. The code is based on original DikuMUD.mythril.6] http://nightmare. however. the Forgotten World is one of the oldest muds. enabling players to police themselves and 1701 [209. We offer a detailed law system that varies from city to city. kataan. Other features include: 19 player races.

spin. to where some players mistake them for other players.77] http://mud. or questing for adventure lies in your blood. realistic combat not based on HP or similar abstractions.nirvana.165. Most of the players and wizards have long term investment in Nirvana and care about it.02-DR Nirvana has now been around for a what seems forever.000 rooms and still expanding! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Land LPMud [LP] LandLib mud. .com 3500 [206.spin.68] http://www.208.1. sometimes using less than honest means to do so. and a dark fantasy world in which the conflict amongst different political and religious groups drives the quests and the whole game. But there can be no true copy. (only one can be used at a time) PK is limited to those who wish it and in certain areas of the game. Nirvana has had the 'honor' of having other muds try to copy it in whole or 6666 [62. Along with risk free sparing options and other features that allow players to enjoy the thrill of a more lively opponent. Some of our unique features: * * * * * * Nobility Multiple starting continents Multiple cities Multiple languages Intricate sea-faring and sea-battle system Over 44. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Nirvana [LP] LP 3.245. slaying dragons.121. roleplaying. there are also NPC's that are almost alive. Nirvana follows an older style of LPmud with no set theme. The world is based on a pseudo-medieval setting with the first 'modern' technologies like the steam engine slowly The Land (LP) is currently under development.mudservices. It will feature a rich parser and object interaction system. The result of this being wizard creativity runing in all directions producing a diverse world where just about anything can happen from couples having babies to adventuring in bowl of jello occupied by strange lands. That said. come join us and drink your fill. Players can have as many characters as they like so long as they do not have interaction between them.mudservices.

71] http://www. and 3 points to use to increase your stats. Remort allows the player to remort himself without the aid of an 9000 [204. khehusod. you ask? Once you reach level 100 you can become level 1 4097 [63.0.243] .nodeka.46. ataelos. and both will find their respective zones a challenge! We continue to work on a new version which will include a more race-based system with class-style learning of spells and skills. kedoeji A quest system that'll blow your mind: o Story-like quests that have multiple outcomes o A morality system based on YOUR quest DECISIONS o Stored all completed quests . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet : Northern Crossroads : [Dikumud] 8 years-modification : ncmud.pick up wherever you left off (have tons of open quests and never forget where you are) A skill/spell system using 'preventions' that create not only a fast paced. score sheet.battle color.don't accept an imitation when only the original will -=( N O D E K A )=o o o o o REAL-TIME overhead map displaying TRUE field of vision 450+ skills and spells including: mental blast.2] http://nomud. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Nodeka [Custom] Custom nodeka. So. north wind 120+ classes including: monk. It features: 1) a helpful staff 2) bunches of cool players (if you like to chat) 3) 100 mortal levels. etc. 6 years of modifications nomud. with EITHER a class OR a race o o o o NoMUD is a Circle MUD 3. ranging from the level 1 newbie. poliir.see summaries whenever you want o Tracked open quests and current state .dune. no psteal mud. We expect to launch this one in the upcoming months and keep all muds running.117.00. restricted pkill. combat system Customizable output .37. jerof. and 4) the remort command. ruanbaere 70+ races. What is remort. such as: black drake. pixie. NoMUD has tons of different zones for anyone. who. joufu's arc. ryven.including shrinking and expanding combat output and hiding things you don't want to see Customizable color . nojohr.93. version 23 [66. It's a user-friendly. to the 20th time remort. cloud giant.dune. drop by and check us out. but a highly strategic.50. A million other things we don't have the space to list! Check us out!! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : NoMUD [Circlemud] CircleMUD.

ON. Avatar. Halfling. Our aim is to create challenging puzzles. * This is a veteran MUD. Chaos.mudmagic.140. and a place for people to relax and have a good time.141] Description : Northern Crossroads (NCMUDD) is a highly modified DIKU run on a dedicated Dual Pentium Linux workstation. Our web site contains information about Northern Lights.44. Druid. Lich. Come see what over 8 years of development can do !! Tired of buggy half thought out MUDs? Scream and cry no more! Welcome to one of the most solid code bases on the internet! * 9 unique races (Human. Giant. Blademaster. Elf. pictures of some of our many players.ltu. Mortal Kombat.ncmud. * Temporary player feuding. Since then we have grown to become one of the most popular MUDs of the Aber variety.. Ignore Options.NL-dirt (based on DIRT 3. and Monk) * 100 levels of dual class. a friendly environment for the players. Cleric.16. Magic-User. Thief and Acolyte) * 6 Advanced Classes (Assassin. 1992. * Amazingly hysterical and innovatively unique socials that make Northern Crossroads stand-out from any other MUDD. Come and explore the secrets of the Empire and the barbarian lands. Individualized Color Settings. 50 levels of advanced class. PKing.ltu. Newbie-Friendly Trainer Mobs .com 3000 [207. Capture the Flag. * Like to build ? Become an immortal and create your own worlds using our advanced zone creation system. Hero.. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Northern Lights [Aber] AberMUD 4 .html Northern Lights opened officially on June 6. or find a way to gain the eternal gratitude of a real Pirate King! You might even manage to find the real reason behind crop circles. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet : Europa 2 : [Circlemud] Heavily Modified : pagan. Drow and Dragon) * 5 Classes (Warrior.ludd. Dwarf.A World of features requested by and created for our aber. It also contains a manual for zone writers on to how to use our unique catch code system. Gnome.240. on a T1 connection located in Toronto.WWW : http://www. 6715 [130. 10 levels of immortality.25] . some of the yarns that our immortals have spun and a comprehensible guide on how to write good zones in the dirt format. Canada.ludd.

se/ Enter a world that is dark. many times! There is a huge selection of standard weapons and armors. without the abusive language etc.5 Lib (Heavily Modified) ** mud. One cycle. With time you'll have the opportunity to pledge allegiance to one of our five gangs: the cyber-based Hackers. Europa is a MUD for the Player. Chances are you'll kill and be killed many.. lasers. gritty. A player then. bards. Nuclear War MUD is based upon the CyberPunk theme. you can Player Kill here. Outlaws are welcome to kill other Outlaws within limits. droids. and the secretive Undergrounders.toth. it never came back. It aims to be a nice place to talk. you won't find any friendly elves. you can go along your business killing with little fear of the Outlaws. and fairies here. Ah yes. after the playerbase had slowly drifted 4080 [130. Prepare yourself to gain much needed experience points fighting mutants. that's right. there are also a large variety of guns. and took it upon himself to learn to code. Ever wonder what a Post-Nuclear War. Be warned.hig. Stop by and see how you fit in with the rest of our growing playerbase. which would wax and wane like the moon. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Nuclear War [LP] ** MudOS-0. flame-throwers and plasma weapons. post-apocalyptic 25th century would look like? Our version may or may not be reality.12] http://mud. Description by: Vector@Nuclear War MUD ------------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Oaktree-house talker Nilex toth. but he succeeded. and to convince the owner to pass the code and harsh.243. staff coming and going.. You decide which gang fits your needs and do battle against the many minions of the 23 [194. the honorable Tenno. the current Imp was sad. as well as the playerbase. soldiers.9.3] http://www.astrakan.8. Outlaws can steal your kills and your hard-earned loot. often . and passed down from Imp to Imp throughout the years.hig. If you're a Freeman. the almighty Inquisitors.astrakan. and many others. of the Player and by the Player. come and find out for yourself. the ass-kicking JetScreamers. It took time.50. and now Pagan is in The Oaktree-house is a talker 'for Acorn users to talk about Acorny things'.18C1 Driver / 2.102.4.WWW : http://None Description : Europa 2 has been worked on.

For . heaven.wolfpaw.44. 21 player classes. while the Horde races either choose or are forced to live in the dangerous Underdark. a massive collections of caves and tunnels that runs underground.0bpl19 Heavily Modified exodus. effectively split in two between the surface world and that of the Updated to a new server location! GOOD BUILDERS HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER. hell. Area building will occur for the next 3-4 months where we will then move into regular operation. the Overlend races make their homes. We would like to see more roleplay. So if you have any interest in being on the ground floor of what should be a very interesting mud.seen elsewhere. Some are galactic centers of prestige while some wage war upon one another.128.236 6666 http://www. Areas need to be science-fiction in nature. or pure magic The lands of Basternae are ravaged by three warring factions (1) the surface dwellers. Player owned houses. (3) and the Enslavers. Anyone can log in. Player owned warships. come on and join us. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : After the Exodus [Circlemud] CircleMUD 3.8] http://exodus. The story of the world of Basternae is a simple one. Basternae has many well honed features including: 75000 rooms (25000 Areas. Over 600 1111 [204. come form your own role playing clan. but if you use the talker regularly you are encouraged to get an account (which is free). On the surface. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Basternae: Phoenix Rising [Envy] Heavily Custom Magma 131. 7000 Underdark Maps). we are not accepting areas based on dragons. 43000 Surface Map. comprised of the powerful Illithids. Almost 250 skills. Some settlements are centers of trade while others harbor criminal activity.wolfpaw. The age is 800 years after mankind developed the technology to leave the cradle of Earth and expand his civilization to the stars. 25 player selectable races. but that makes it noless tragic. Immortal staff positions will be chosen from among the playtesters and builders who help Exodus develop. the universe established After the Exodus. The world is shattered. This is our universe.basternae-mud. Countless colonies now exist with only a fraction being well established. Player clans /w clan constructed clan halls.209. (2) the denizens of the Underdark.

skills. to simply grouping with guildmembers to conquer planar zones or mud-wide quests.64] http://www. etc. clanes. Armies march forward to combat.. spells.66 1212 [199.muck. It based in Anatolia 2. spells.. one side wins and slays the other. The Horde races know only war. or raiding rival hometowns. etc.... then is destroyed itself by another army. clans.. but it's just as likely a young Horde member will find himself dead from the blade of one of his kin. Horrible creatures make their homes in the Underdark. skills.105.mudmagic. etc. remort.. 10000 mobs.mudmagic. Basternae offers multiple challenges.244. and death can lurk behind even the most friendly of faces. where reflexes and fighting skills are constantly honed to perfection. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : RanmaMUCK [MUCK] TinyMUCK fb5. the Overlend and Horde races have been at war. quests. Whether banding together with members of your faction to repel an invasion.1 pero modificado totalmente --The mud "Mundos Perdidos" is online again. 150 diferents areas.27] 6001 [216. remort. So roll your character and join the side of your choosing.all of recorded history. It's a world of combat and destruction. a que esperas para entrar!!! Basado en anatolia 2. Tes esperamos!! Un mundo de fantasia medieval con gran cantidad de areas. where adventure waits around every corner. A great mud!! let's go. trained from birth to live in hostile environments. It's the world of Basternae. It is a vicious cycle of warfare and neither side seems inclined to put a stop to it.muck. maybe YOU can turn the tides of war!! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Mundos Perdidos [Rom] rom very modified mundos. Many players are often found sailing vast oceans in warships. but it's a peace that would cost the lives of all unclean or unpure races of the dark. more than willing to kill any victims for food or sport... areas. 7000 objects..iespana. The Overlend races talk of peace. It has new An anime-based Roleplaying MUCK where the players can be builders and .245. megaquests.1 but very modified.htm El mitico 'Mundos Perdidos' de nuevo online con nuevas razas. etc. We are waiting for you!! A medieval fantasy world with alot of areas.40. where fame and fortune go to the aggressive and the meek get stomped into the ground.

Classes are fully flexible(you can customize your skills completely through learning books.coders.19] 3004 [209.)That is why we are special. which we ourselves have destroyed. but be Welcome to the future of PK. The new version has oceans. The new version features ships and boats. vehicles. You dont choose your class in the beginning and follow throughout. * The game features a huge ASCII world. The leveling system extends to 50. and of course. millions.37. Anime. This will increase your generation and give you another level of expertise in all of your practiced skills. * Build your own military base with dozens of building types and different technology trees. you gain the ability to fuse(with another player) and restart at level 5. is up for the taking. but upon reaching level 50. And whatever is left of and can forget books if you wish to learn something else.During fusion any of the other players limbs and/or genes can be transferred to you and vice versa. Yes. > > Try us out to see it in action. combat and spell casting time is not randomised. a new vehicle code and buying code in general. the new version .0 [Ack!mud] PA3 assault. questing. more rooms..172. Forgotten realms based mud with unique classes. and anime-based characters are preferred but original characters are welcome to apply and be considered. :] ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Assault: 3. Gather weapons. With the exception of standard weapon attacks.without chance for change. the new version of ASSAULT: Play in your world. skills. this world. genes can also be 4019 http:// Dragonlance. manga. but is encouraged by the wizards. not thousands. Roleplay is not regulated or required. in our future. bombs and armor and use it to destroy other people or capture their technologies. Players are given the freedom to organize and execute their own roleplays with support from the wizards. you employ full control of when you cast the next spell or strike the next hit through our unique action point system. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Lost Dragon Chronicles [Unknown] mudhost. an overlapping world with no borders.heart thumping war and fusion systems. * Spend your spare time upgrading your stuff. with Millions of rooms.

172.. invest in banks or steal from others. focuses more on the defensive aspect of the game rather than easy kills. unlike the previous version. Bruce Wayne has been cleared of murder charges and has returned to his normal life by day and by night. and nothing is ever the Step by step Character Generation * Join or establish your own org! Roleplay in DC's Gotham city * Consentual RP Game Low 'power' level gaming * Web and mush interfaces Staff friendly and helpful * Weekly TP events Many FC's open! * OC characters welcome First app response generally within 24 hours Batman: Gotham Knights is a RP MUSH set in DC Comic's Gotham City. or the dreaded sound of an empty clip. Opening just after the events of Batman: Fugitive. Breaching a base will require more tactics and skill. (Who cares if human dragoons can't jump 10 times thier height IRL) We have a very unique battle system that help immerse the player in the theme. work for cash. A 99% custom mudlib (a couple simul_efuns from Dead Souls) we try to stick out from the same old same old. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description * * * * * * : : : : : Batman: Gotham Knights [MUSH] PennMUSH gothamknights. MXP and 2000 [209. * Still has great usage of MCCP. Based on the classic RPGs of our youth (ie: Early Final Fantasy series.features twice the building levels and complete building customization. The game is low technology and . and more) we tend to lean more toward gameplay than realism. So feel free to log in and voice your opinions. or download the image pack.46.slayn. Dragon Warrior/Quest.slayn. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Classic RPG Mud [LP] Custom lib running on MudOS your guns and vehicles. You just have to stop 9999 [66. ASSAULT: 3. Right-click on map items to see a description and command shortcuts. We are a consentual Roleplay enviroment focusing on the day to day life of the residents of Gotham City and Bludhaven.18] http://www. If you would like to take part in the early stages of a mud where your voice as a player or builder can really be heard and have your ideas coded this is the place for you.236] http://crpg. We are still in fairly early stages and are rapidly trying to build more areas and skills.93.82.2b13 driver crpg..0. Breath of Fire. Hear that gun Here at the Classic RPG mud we strive to be an original while still enjoyable mudding experience.gothamknights. * A money-based economy .

We have a public channel to chat with other denizens of the magical world. Batgirl. filled with mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes. we'll have several.concentric. growth and fun. and soon we'll be able to include Termina as well.The world of Hyrule is open for exploration. EXPLORATION AND QUESTS -.20 dovienya.161. BUILDING -. Ganondorf has broken out of the Sacred Realm. Since its humble beginnings in 1991. and when we open Termina. puzzling. Join an established group. Original Characters are welcome and encouraged. Overdrive is a vast realm of high-medieval fantasy. or start your own organization. OD has evolved into a complex and coherent world. but the payout can be worth it for successful quests. An early decision to have absolutely no level caps for our . Occupations such as police officers are encouraged as are others which leave hooks for inclusion in TPs and everyday RP. brawn and brains merge.155. your character's setup and the guidelines of consentual RP.185. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Overdrive MudOS overdrive.power levels and players both FC and OC are kept to a level playing field. Zelda keeps him in the present to help rebuild Hyrule. Birds of Prey and other DC titles. Opportunites for RP are only limited by your own imagination. sometimes maddening quests and a population of over 1300 active players. We also allow characters to gain magic ability through roleplay tests. Instead of sending Link back in time.94. Nightwing.All players are given Builder-bits and homes in order to establish themselves in the world.51] http://odweb.180] http://triforce. Azrael.We still have a few FCs open. enchanted weapons. three years later. Robin. If interested in FCs there are over 100 FCs available to choose from including 6118 [24. where characters can interact and truly feel a part of Hyrule.concentric.We support a very versatile roleplay system. ROLEPLAY -.dovienya. CHATTING -. Openings for Appstaff and RP/TPstaff ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Triforce MUCK [MUCK] NMC 1. MAGIC AND FC APPS Triforce MUCK is based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. striving for experience. ready for 5195 [207. where muscle and magic. Quests are given out to the daring.

Warder.mine. training strategies. Witchhunter. Orc. mutant hysteria is in its paranoid infancy. Drow.111] None Marvel Unlimited is a consent-based roleplaying environment set in the Marvel Comics universe. and more to come! * OLC (On-Line Creation System) heavily modified to take advantage of extensive features unique to Pandora's Box * IMM sponsored Clans with internal clan hierarchies * Player Run Keeps with Shopkeepers * Innovative Realms and Spheres Spell System * IMM Run and Automated Quest System. we mean that all characters will be in the neophyte stages of their careers.2 . Deva. Ranger. Dwarf. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Pandora's Box [Oblivion] Oblivion 1. Sorceror. In this world. complex party formation and just plain silliness (OD pioneered year-round snowball fights and the infamous mage 'singalong' spell) are hallmarks of gaming on Overdrive. Ogre. and the world has yet to see the tremendous sacrifices a handful of people will make for their planet. and Automated . having only just recently attained their abilities.138.4 pbox. Half-Elf. Druid. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Marvel Unlimited [MUX] version 2002 [66. Arachnid. Gnome. Knight. Elf.0 .nu * 4 Base Classes: Mage.134.vulpine. Many FCs are available for application and original characters are encouraged. Half-Orc.Pbox 0. Spy. Storm Giant. Solar. Fighting 4004 [216. Shadow Demon. Essentially. By this. WarLord. Gnoll. Exorcist. but changes are likely to be required to every application prior to approval. Weredragon. the new dawn of super heroes is just beginning. and it is not uncommon for players to launch successive careers in several classes.0 kitfox. Crusader. Please note that character creation is by on-game application and requires a basic knowledge of the English language and its use. ArchDruid. Shade. Sylvan Elf. this is a Year One Mux. Draconian. Cleric. Brownie * 151 Mort Levels with 3 Remort Levels and an Avatar Class * 16 Remort Classes: Wizard.players has given us a keenly trained and highly dedicated player population. Grey Elf.187] http://pbox. Thief and Warrior * 15 Base Races: Human. Banking System. halfling. Avian. and more to come! * Over 16 Remort Races w/Racial Abilities: Sprite. Cloud Giant. Paladin.mine. Pixie. The MU Themestaff work very hard to make every concept workable.247. Wyrm. Spellfilcher. and most of them. Spindel. Assassin. Priest.93.Heavily Modified ROM 2. Firbolg.

uncertainty and superstitious as even the most learned quake in fear the approaching end times. to seek out new worlds and uncover old mysteries.235. and humanity struggles to recover from a New Dark Age. Random restores and . Featuring three distinct spheres of RP . and Dark Between The Stars MUSH plays out this interstellar passion play against the backdrop of a desperate frontier world torn by constant catacylsm.intrigue. glory and honor as they explore the mysteries of a changed planet. plan and adventure for wealth. Yet among all this there is cause for hope. channels and clanhalls and a peer support Guildmaster system to suggest changes and refinements to the class system. races and classes now well established.mushpark. questing and street survival .* * * * * Auction System PK Arena with Betting System for 'SAFE' player vs player fights Over 275 different skills and spells! Player Marriages Language System. We have attempted to incorporate a reasonable information load with a minimum of spam to accomodate users with special accessability needs. despair and redemption.252.31] None PARADOX MUD has been actively developed since early 1996 with an extremely large and well balanced selection of skills. The very suns themselves are fading in the sky as each year the tapestry of stars grows dimmer. He has sent out his knights to quest after the cause of the stars' 9000 [61.3.0 dark. The universe of Fading Suns is a bold science fiction drama of hope. and on the day of his coronations soothsayers across the known worlds say a new star was born. even novices to the theme can get up to speed and RPing without any hitches. Within the game we support Clans with their own powers. humanity has heroes once again. Society is gripped by fear. for an enriched Roleplaying Experience Voluntary PK system for Roleplayers ----------------------------------------------- Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dark Between The Stars [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.8. With exhaustive setting files and a helpful staff. The input/output system for the game has been designed using best usability practices. Nobles. 4999 [216.225] None It is the year 4999.DBTS realizes the award-winning Fading Suns RPG in a setting its designers created for just the sorts of stories we want to ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Paradox [Merc] Heavily Modified mud. At long last. Priests and guilders plot. After a thousand years of war and interregnum there is an Emperor.pacific.

com/theroundtable3.216. Titan or Angel. the Republic verges on collapse. guilds.msn. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Round Table 3 [LP] LPMUD 3. You can customise your character before stepping into the 2222 http://communities.damage doubling 'boosts' sweep through the world generating orgies of violence and mayhem and adding the spice of uncertainty to the gameplay. Malak's war of conquest has left the Jedi Order scattered and vulerable as countless Knights fall in battle. Star Wars and Star Wars names are the copyright (c) of Lucasfilm Ltd and the authors of the many Star Wars related books. Four thousand years before the rise of the Galatic Empire. has unleashed an invincible Sith armada upon an unsuspecting galaxy. Darth Malak. and hundreds of skills and spells to specialize in and build your character they way you want. FAR AWAY..DR rt. always willing to help a newbie with the basics of mud use and combat. when new and potent powers become available to you. last surviving apprentice to the Dark Lord Revan.1. In the skies above the Outer Rim world of Taris. making your choice of which new class powers to add to your already formidable set abilities. and 5555 [12.1 . The wizards here are friendly.. taking those skills that will best enable you to progress to the rank of 'Hero'. able to swap your vital energies back and forth to achieve your own unique balance of power.html Round Table 2 is one of the longest lived muds still in existance.. Each character is unique as you can choose from a number of different races. built over the past 10+ years.67] None A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR. We offer players a large detailed world.tnt. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Trials of the Jedi [SWR] {GOLD} net.50. Please stop by and try out our guest account to see if this mud is the one for you. Beyond the rank of Hero you can become a 'Lord'. When you finally reach your greatest potential as a Lord you can undergo apotheosis and manifest as a 'Celestial': Demon.. and many more swear allegiance to the new Sith Master. Crushing all resistance. We feel that you will find . a Jedi battle fleet engages the forces of Darth Malak in a desperate effort to halt the Sith's galactic domination.

Stop on 4200 http://www. and one can expect to see Clan Warfare arise in the near future. It will eventually offer over 50 classes and 50 races from which to choose from. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Adventurers' Inn [Rom] Completely modified and updated theinn. Guilds will be run by players and drive RP.82] http://www. and an automatic remort).com 7171 [ A new MUD based on the Wheel of Time.theadventurersinn. The goal is to have a 100% original world with a nearly entirely-rewritten codebase.1b karaethoncycle. and an infinite leveling system.karaethoncycle. equipment. feel free to e-mail any of the Immortals. The MUD is currently open for 4000 [216. and those that take part will be amply rewarded when the MUD goes officially public (rewards which may include levels. and welcome you back if you are an older player from years ago who has lost his way.9. -Alaric. We look forward to seeing you there if you are new to our realm. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Elderwood [Smaug] elderwood. The MUD is still in the development phase. as well as an entirely reworked Magic code in which players will weave various threads of the different elements together to cast spells.elderwood. The Karaethon Cycle offers players the opportunity to play crucial roles on the Wheel of Time and the events leading up to the Last Battle.89. If you want a chance to jump into this craze early. a the opportunity for multi-classing and remorting. the Creator. or even coding. building.8] http://www. and if you have any . drop on by and you can help us with player-testing. Dragon 0.genesismuds.136. and earn yourself some great rewards in the The World of Elderwood ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Karaethon Cycle [Circlemud] Base: Modified CircleMUD.the depth of the world and the friendly players make for a good experience. and is currently hiring both builders and coders.

org 4201 [207. The origins are unknown. come play in this growing mud!!! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : PernMUSH TinyMUSH 2. 16 Races 170 Spells. and dangerous consequences. brew your own potions and create wands us. Rooms and spells that are lethal. thousands of unique creatures and objects 17 clans. and traps for the unexpecting. boards and guardians alchemy. Some offer great class/race selections. lost in the mist of the past but two different races would be hard to find. The elves. All this and more await you on The Adventurers' Inn.If you have been looking for a MUD the is original.219] None PernMUSH is a themed roleplaying MUSH based on the _Dragonriders of Pern_ . all I wanted to do was to make a MUD rich in theme. When I started The Inn. but artifacts that old great powers.perilousrealms. I have been mudding for over 10 years.2. As each grew in strength. lovers of nature. but lack in the roleplaying environment. 56 skills 16.186.158] http://www. Come and visit. eager to take the opportunity of any weakness to secure their place in the world. and much 23 [64. lovers of the high cold airy mountains. and I know what it's like to look for a MUD that you can really enjoy.4 pern. but lack in fun. there were two great empires. 33 Weapon proficiencies. To this. the human nations came.xidus. masters with stone and steel.000 Rooms. the dwarves and the elves.170. Join 38 Classes. Architects and sculptors. masters of the ethereal magical arts.64. in the spirit of SillyMud perilous. The dwarves. Others are pure roleplay. thin and elegant.124. Mobs that interact with the players. objects that aren't mere weapons. exciting. and full of excitement and realism that even I would enjoy playing on.mccr. and addictive. they met and clashed. The Adventurers' Inn is all of that. the sea and great Long ago. often caught between the borders of these domains. The Adventurers' Inn is such a place. All of our InnKeepers have that same desire and drive to build the best MUD possible for our players. with houses. before the rise of humans as race powers in the world. and stay for the adventurer of your life! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Perilous Realms [Custom] PR. Eeking out their existence they too developed their own resourceful culture. then look no further. lockers.

70 jipangmuck.0 www. meet your enemies in full playerkilling areas. the people of Jipang are a more open minded lot when it comes to outside people an cultures. so dont wait and start playing! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset [GodWars] Vampirewars Code 2. and gaining their goods.dynodns. joining clan. are all a part of what makes its setting. honor and vengeance. samurai and ninja. having found much to gain from them in recent times. set in 1864 and located somewhere in the pacific ocean around about where Japan is in our world 7000 [212. based on ROM 2.novels by Anne McCaffrey.4 code.220. the society described in the novels.lodz. or turn to the dark side of force. we attempt to recreate. Many featurings will keep you exploring our world day by day. Here. You can choose light way of life. 24 remort classes are coming soon.4] http://www.finalsunset. however. The Dragonriders of Pern (r) is a registered copyright.p.51.lodz.23. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : JipangMuck [MUCK] ProtoMUCK 1. Jipang itself is a small fictional continent. Site provided courtesy of Freeside Communications. Thanks.3] http://zskl.88. Over 2000 player characters.dynodns. killing others. but heavily modified.p.194.finalsunset. helping other players. The World of Pern is copyright (c) to Anne McCaffrey 1967. You will find friends. you will do alone. 1864 [24. as well as information about the anime/manga series and video games the muck draws inspiration from. Est. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Time Gate [Rom] Hevily Modified zskl.22] http://jipangmuck. Those who lack an interest in the world of Pern.99. Unlike Japan during this time period. miko and Fantasy oriented mud. There's more info on theme and history on the homepage. Spring 1991. which offers advanced quest code. or in roleplaying in a cooperative environment. may wish to seek their entertainment elsewhere. with traces of arcane magic behind the stranger things going on. others can be made only if your gather big team. Some of .net/~nakoruru/ JipangMUCK is intended to be a setting for historical Asian themed fantasy role 4888 [216. often over 100 connected concurrently in the evenings. Jeremy. including global and local quests. with as much authenticity as possible.

upon joining a clan you gain three preordained disciplines of that clan as well as up to two other choices based on rank/generation within your 4000 [198. -Semper Fidelis. we changed a lot of stuff mud. We are currently trying to hire some builders to change the world from stock to original. spell-casting objects. Azrael ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description * * * * * * * : : : : : PhoenixMUD [Circlemud] Circle 4.kyndig.Description : Graciously expanding from the original Vampire Wars MUD comes Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset as the last vestiges of twilight fall on humanity into the black abyss.137. wearable backpacks (get from them while wearing them!). Unseated by political and social unrest. More changes are to come almost everyday to make the mud 6969 [64.8] None While fully operational. though the basic framework will stay intact. one for class and one for race Realistic magic system and a large amount of spells. refuelable lights that can be worn in various places * Dual wield * Optional Info and Score bars that stay on your screen . Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset is focused on roleplay and social interaction. We are currently running a system where my co-owner creates a piece of 'special' eq once a week and gives i t out to mortals active that week. Fully featured character creation--choose your own stats Mounts.phoenixmud. Hope to see you 100 levels with 2 remorts. We have become the most advance Vampire Wars mud and will stay the best. the mud is constantly under going changes brought on b y opinions of players. the clans form and gather amid the storm of chaos befalling the world. The Dark Ages it also offers the thrill and hunt of Pure PK. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Godshone [Rom] Rogue/Rom Derivative titan. Based off Whitewolf's Vampires. New additions to the code. Knights/Vampire Hunters are in and ready for players. for those familiar with it. The admin are friendly and helpful for any new (or old) players that wish to stop in and be welcomed to Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset.25] http://www. New object code including material types. Interactive real time combat system--much smoother flow to combat. include additional disciplines. Ranged combat Mobs with moods who react to player actions and seem like players.0 beta. A stable OLC is used.

191] http://www.98. . giants and other threats to the realm. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Hercules MUD [Circlemud] Heavily modified running on FreeBSD hercmud.0 has succeeded in being something more than just your average stock circle 3. an event system for skills. Role-play. an auto-questing feature. and fighting. The one universal thing among our players it the feeling that Phoenix is home regardless of good times or bad. spells. From high up in the boughs of the Treehouse Inn. explore the dragon haunted ruins of Ontik. Hercules MUD is on code base V (5) now.pixiemud.0 mud. Hercules MUD is a heavily modified Circle code base which has OLC.2. DG 3000 [68.pixiemud. The immortals are usually always around and make sure the experience is an interesting one.* Opponent health meter PhoenixMUD Version 4. Discover the secrets of the mysterious Tower.109. a ferry system to get from continent to continent and many more unique challenges for the player. some stock but many unique areas. a small town nestled in the Vast Forest. hack-n-slash. It is newbie-friendly with level-based equipment. The mud moved around a bit to include a long stint on mudservices (until their odd demise). friendly. family-oriented.253] http://hercmud. walk the Trail of Dreams.245. and safe place to relax and enjoy some Welcome to Pixiton. basically do as you wish as long as you are mature and respect 6789 [24. The project was started using original dikumud code. infiltrate the mazes of the Misty Forest sprites. to include a complete Newbie area for beginners. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : PixieMUD [LP] LDMud 3. venture forth to explore the surrounding forest and lands beyond by foot or flying carpet. whether playing or just hanging out.222.11 mud. We have gone through several code changes but still maintain our original goals to provide a unique. Hercules MUD is a skill and level based MUD. an online mud balancing feature that can adjust the mud without rebooting. HercMUD is now located in the basement of one of its imps. We have been up since March 1995 and worked on this version for 2 years before opening it for play. or just fight the good fight against orcs. Hercules MUD was first created on and named after a SUN 3/60 named hercules at the campus of UC Irvine on July of 1992.

----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : GodWars Zero [GodWars] Heavily Modified Deluxe/LoW/ godwars. We are always updating 4000 [dynamic] http://baraci. This is me (SaGe) and SirMog's last version of GodWars code. The mud is setup so that the players can run it. each with their own unique abilities Questing incoorporated in practice system 200 Player levels 10 Immortal levels Thousands of mobiles and objects discover Extensive online help Friendly Implementors and Immortals Minimal downtime : : : : : Plethora MUD [Circlemud] Circle/Custom baraci. Players can belong to one of eleven races. undead necromancers and fearsome warmages. GodWars Zero. with many custom changes Configurable ANSI color system Extensive training and skill improvement system New zones/items/mobs added regularly Nearly 70 zones.209. This mud will be up for years to come. This mud is very stable.PixieMud is an old.44.homeip. The creators of Lords of War 1. and improving the code. This allows the players to play with less Immortal intervention. The quest code is not like any other GodWars. kings can be overthrown. dwarves and elves to the more exotic. and many other features like this. NightShade.Features o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Running CircleMUD 3. If you think you are anything we will see you . Kingdom leaders can build there own castles. and many other GodWars code bases bring you the final chapter. six armed mook.wolfpaw. i. Our players and wizards are some of the friendliest around. Dark Realm.4] None GodWars Zero is a Godwars Deluxe based mud with the best of Lords of War Gold which was never released. many unique to PlethoraMUD Many original spells and skills. paladins. established mud with active development. as well as very advanced Kingdom code. 2. This mud is here to try and bring the life back to what was once a code of 60 + players all playing to be the best. 4. We have many different class options. 3. During their adventuring career. unseen elsewhere 11 Base classes with multiclas sessupported 12 races. rangers.homeip. Surprises are always just around the corner in PixieMud. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description . players may choose from several guilds: bards.we're waiting for 7000 [204. We encourage anyone who likes GodWars or likes to roleplay/pkill to try this mud. very fast and very fun.e. from humans. druids. dragons. Come join us at PixieMud .

184.2. We also have a livejournal forum called Gap In Thyme! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : PogoMUSH TinyMUSH v2. lots of wild open spaces. a variety of pc areas.128. (PG-13 in public ar eas) Many possibilities exist. as you embark on a journey across the vast silliness and groobiness of our world.174] http://gap.. this moo is an rp only environment . Imagination and creativity is highly treasured here.rakis. We have an automated character generation..' So strap yourselves in for a ride of the existentialist BS!! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base : Dragon's Era : [Custom] v0. whether the toilet paper flap should be out or not.138] http://pogo. Apply online or use the webpage. written by volunteers. and friendly folks! Talents are written by players and each is unique. Enjoy the clean melody of the Firesign Theatre. ** We are currently seeking experienced coders as well as players of all levels. and character possibilities are infinite.rakis. Join philosophical debates and exPOUND upon Wizzies and others. child & adult Based on the books written by Piers PogoMUSH! Land of the brave! Home of the Brief! Enjoy the swamp of Walt Kelly's Pogo within your own backyard.kittybox. Become a leader. Mastermind tinyplots. We are on the constant outlook for new players.95 5555 [ 1977 [216. Join the guides or talent writers. '.o Skill development through use Much much more. Explore! Lots to see and do. Easy to play. Gap in Thyme is a MOO that is constantly changing and growing...A semi-themed mush with a significant sense of community. with safe environment.kittybox. Talents are unique to each player. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Gap in Thyme [MOO] Customized gap.4 pogo.239. In the words of a scholar.

96.kreeper.Telnet : dragonsera. Through the use of a builders port the immortals were able to fix all problems with the mud that had plagued it from its previous 'encounters with the wrong'. and over 100 more updates tweak the original world of TSR. It now has a complex combat system that seeks to c hallenge the mortal.godwars.20. 100% original MUD made in Visual Basic).net 4367 [66. and diversity in training garuntee diversity among players.idlegames. This mud has be running for awhile now. Running on a dedicated connection we are up 24/7 and yes with a much more devoted staff than before. and spells and techniques.kreeper. Best of ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Soul Ruins [ResortMUD] 4. rooms and 5000 [24.218] http://soul. It involves fantasy and roleplay. a nd has gone through a complete transformation. Seven Submerge yourself in a world of the unknowing as you're body inhales its first breath in the realm known as The Soul Description : Dragon's Era is a purely text-based medieval fantasy realm (a custom-built from scratch. I challenge all of you willing.196] WWW : 7111 [82. updated lead er commands. The addition of wild and tamed dragons and techniques in brotherhood with magic make Dragon's Era a very unique place to adventure! Ten races.207] http://None . If you're simply new to muds just drop by and see how our new guild-newbiecounci l system will quickly help you gain status and rank within our world.96. items and monsters.dragonsera.0b (highly modified) www. while the implementation of automated questing systems. won't you insert just one soul to play? -Administration of TSR ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Static Chaos: The Realm of War [Merc] [GodWars Style] row. it's FREE! Please note that Dragon's Era is a custom MUD which requires that you install and use the official Dragon's Era client! If you try to connect through telnet or another application you will not be able to play.215. The Dragon's Era Client is trusted software and does not collect information or display advertisements! You can find the Dragon's Era Client at: http://www. spell forks in training.

and the Admins are almost always online to answer any questions that you may have. Merchants.Static Chaos: the Realm of War is the continuation of the popular Static Chaos/Chaosium codebase originally created by Alathon. all we need now are players. We have had several server problems but have now settled on a server based in the UK ran by a friend of mine: DarknessMuds. and 'Mental Attack'.245.50. if your character can 'hide' in the shadows. While PowerMud was in 'Beta' stage for a while. 'Sailing'. If you log in and experience the unique atmosphere that is PowerMud. to other 'non-stock' guilds such as Assassins. where experience is gained for a certain skill by actually performing that skill! For instance. 'Fishing'. monsters. 'Mercantile'. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Powermud [LP] LPMUD 2. Saiyan : A race of warriors with tremendous innate strength. The Developers and Players on PowerMud are friendly and easy to get along with. practicing doing so will raise your skill level. Sorcerer : Human mystics who wield the three schools of magic. and The unique world of PowerMud has been around since May of 1997. there is a high number of them. The world is over 4000 rooms and is full of exotic and unique settings. and want to play it some more than come by Static Chaos: the Realm of War. . and are slowly moving away from the roots of Static Chaos. No more dividing up your experience points between nonrelated skills! As for the different skill types. and will be around for a long time. as well as over Twenty Guilds that you character can join. Patryn : Demihuman masters of rune magic. This mud offers 5 classes: Fist : Human warriors who harness the power of their spirit. PowerMud uses a customized Skill system.5 Heavily Modified powermud.4. and items. The types of Guilds range from Thieves. Monks. Cultists. so you can find a character that suits you best. www. ranging from the normal combat skills (slash. Mages. 2000 [64. We are extremely stable.darknessmuds. pierce) to specialized skills such as 'Advanced Melee'. There are Ten different races to choose from. and prepare to succum to your new you will surely enjoy it.133] http://www.powermud. it is currently in 'Open' stage. Fighters. Having multiple characters is allowed as well. Mazoku : Demonic astral beings who feed on mortal emotions. If you played Static Chaos AKA Chaosium.

133. you can play it using your WAP enabled mobile phone Telnet : WWW : or the dentist. wild and dangerous creatures can be 4444 [209.45. FutureWorld beckons through a magical portal.34] None There are three worlds within PrimalMUD.----------------------------------------------Mud : Survivors Code Base : [Custom] This is a WAP MUD.alphalink. and alien bei ngs from unknown universes wander the streets. Medieval dominates and tends to be where the players 4000 [202. dragons and other nasties await you to test your skill as a combatant.183] Far away.wml ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Primal Mud [Circlemud] primal. hoarding vast treasures and magical items with strange properties. Play Prometheus MUD and join . It contains upward of 35 areas where characters may contend with various creatures.m-toyz. Accessible via stagecoach is WestWorld. Join together with other players to defeat foes too powerful for even the best two characters. equally amazed at the strangeness of their surroundings ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Prometheus Circle 2.amscons. Here cowboys still roam the land. WEB URL: http://www. Primary and largest. puzzles and mazes. All you need is a WAP enabled mobile phone. You can play this MUD when waiting for the bus. Lastly. Here amazing creatures made from metallic substances can be found.m-toyz. gunsli nging and raunchy. Display your skill to other players by challeging others to duels on the battlefield.2 (heavily modified) mud. untamed by man woman or fiend.161.. Play two characters at once to enhance your abilities. while Indians battle for Description : Survivors is the first WAP WAP URL: http://www.

Though the real Moses never got to enter the promised land. the Underdark. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Endless Night [Rom] Heavily Modified endlessnight. and equip you for the early going.24] http://endlessnight. deities are willing to bless you with gifts that only an immortal can give.unlike other muds. You can customize your character at your own leisure during the game and not at the login screen. we don't require you to specify everything about your character up Endless Night is a Forgotten Realms based mud set in the Underdark all areas and game play will take place in this setting. the land holds a number of dangers and demons threatening to plunge the world into a wilderness of sin. There are sixty quests to conquer. where you don't have to fight for it--but not always. three levels of difficulty. Want to purchase a house to live in? Want to break into someone else's house you rogue.90] http://promisedland.and Moses is a longtime resident. For new players. Beware though. The tour zone will teach you all the basics and the features. Find races here that most other Forgotten Realms mud can t offer you... you? You can do all of that on Endless Night! Extensive Mob. Choose a race from a quick and cunning Drow to the large and powerful 6715 [209. and the option of levelless mode. experienced or newbie! Like Forgotten Realms.the action! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Promised Land [Aber] Abermud PL-Dirt (based on C-Dirt 2...83.3) bb13. there is another promised land set in a very different reality of fantasy and medievalism.betterbox. You can hack off the limbs of your opponents. Stuff can be found on the ground all over. they can cut yours off too! And the monsters don't kill people in single blows. Object and Room progs interwoven throughout most areas make for an out of this realm experience for everyone.betterbox.132. friendly people and a place just to have fun? Come see us you won t be disappointed! Endless Staff .net/ ***NEW: We now have MUD Sound Protocol Support!*** Ah the promised land..229. that fabled destination of the people of Israel led by the legendary Moses. Specialization for classes is in! Hate losing your corpse when you die in a crash?? Not on our mud you won't..or if you aren't 9999 [12. You have been called forth to become a hero and root out the evil forces that pollute the promised land. but a well armed and armored player can take on just about any monster in the game at any level.206. Trainers are waiting to teach you the arts of fighting and the secrets of magic.

lu 4000 [ 2200 [67. .prophecy. It is based on the Belgariad and Mallorean series by David and Leigh Eddings and runs with a heavily modified ROM 2.14. Prophecy offers a playerclan system which means that players are able to band with friends and create their own armies. Play to your heart's content. on a server that won't vanish and with a dedication to continued service. This new AoD retains all of the features of the last in-progress version of Empire *except* Werewolves. While the EmpireMUD code was never completed. often sub nominee 'AoD3' or 'AoD4'. The three main clans allow those who join to fight for the Western of Eastern armies for supremacy or for the infamous Bearcult to try and revive Aloria. guilds or whatever they can think of. Much of the Vampire code is completed. We are constantly adding new areas based on the Belgariad with the help of our productive builder staff giving you the feeling that you are actually walking around in the world the Eddings' created.4 mud. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Age of Destiny: La Resureccion [Circlemud] EmpireMUD AD aod.243] http://www. We also offer three different types of Quest systems. They are quite different and provide the players with all sorts of entertainment. which were neither finished. mob-run quests and immortal-run quests. but these often fail from lack of a good server or dedicated administration.mud. Age of Destiny: La Resurreccion is run to avoid these Age of Destiny: La Resurreccion is an EmpireMUD run by the people who wrote the EmpireMUD code and ran Age of Destiny and Age of Destiny 2: Dark Destiny.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Prophecy [Rom] Modified ROM 2. Ever fancied playing a game of soccer in the capital of Sendaria? Join us and you can! Interested? Come join us as a foul and evil Murgo. The game's skill system and Vampire code are designed to resemble White Wolf's Vampire: the Dark Ages. though some disciplines are not finished.4 code with a lot of unique features such as our clan system and mob-run Quests. nor balanced.63. or a sneaky Drasnian spy and explore the world of the Belgariad. New areas are constantly being worked on and we are always hiring new and capable builders. many of the planned features were implemented before the project was shut down.empiremud.37] http://empiremud.171. Prophecy has been around since 1995 and is still growing. There have been many third-party attempts to run an EmpireMUD.

112. a feeling comes over you. This is an Age of Destiny!! Which path will you take? . Return of the Kindred has expanded this world to include more clan disciplines. Please visit our exciting world and give us a try.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Vampire Wars: Return of the Kindred [GodWars] Modified Vampire Wars vwrotk. So emerge from the darkness and join us at Vampire Wars: Return of the --Aequitas.93. Vampire Wars. classes. many 6666 [63.233] http://rud. A feeling of power. and can enjoy making new friendships.254.197. Return of the Kindred has innovative new Mobs and objects th at are more interactive. a growing web-site.77. Hierarch ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ages of Destiny [Circlemud] 3. mighty barbarians. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realm of Utopian Dreams [Rom] heavily modified 8010 [198. We offer dozens of standard and unique races. an automated quest system.dune. RUD is an eclectic mix of role-play and hack-n-slash adventure.3] None Based on Joker's ultimate mud 1701 [216. the Realm of Utopian Dreams (RUD) has offered a free and unique middle-ages world of fantasy and makebelieve in which players can create imaginary characters to participate in challenging adventures. busy intersections and unruley boardwalks you feel a beckon for you to join the others in setting their destiny. and new never before seen areas. divine clerics.117. a variety of modes of communication including a note system. This is an age of intelligent wizards. and the many more adventurers. a feeling of adventure. stealthy As you walk down these narrow alleys. Come be one of the first to experience the latest Vampire Wars epic adventure. a feeling of destiny.openroleplaying. Also visit our Yahoo group at: groups.1 saturn. and one of the largest systems of on-line help files around.104] None As you enter the great world of Since 1996. more powers.openroleplaying. perilous quests and dark-ages politics. Get in on the ground floor of this ever expanding world an d become a clan leader.

RP is both in TP form and in the form of 'television episodes' where main cast and player characters get involved in the major plots of the 1880 [67. The Rangers of the Greenwood. Taking the war back to the legions of 23 [209.mushpark. Players must be 18 or older to join.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Covenant of the Slayer [MUSH] PennMUSH covenant. No longer waiting to react to threats as they came. Others guilds exist that are more independent. Angel and Buffy changed the rules in the fight against Evil. Knights. This is a land of unrestricted combat incorporating the now famous Avalon combat system in full.firstage. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Avalon: The First Age [Custom] Unlimited firstage. Enchanters and Artisans. they began to gather the forces of good. Fearing the worse. ----------------------------------------------- . oft copied but never bettered. There are three major cityports . home to the power-seekers and evil guild of Sorcerers. to fight the good fight. Warriors.67. once a pirate stronghold. her companions and the other unwitting pawns being manipulated during the growing storm of the Apocalypse.96] http://www. And while the maelstrom brews and the fire of war spreads across the world. Parrius: City of the Free.130. Seers. but for those who would stand up and be counted as legends and leaders in their own lifetime.271. This is not a game for the faint of heart.Mercinae: City of Justice and Honour and home to the Mage.96. Our emphasis is still on original. the peace-loving Animists and the secretive Brigands. Worse news is received: the six slayers she had sent to guard the new Hellmouth disappeared without a trace. This is the story of the new Hellmouth. This land is a rich tapestry of adventure and role play with the ultimate aim of ordination for the select few who can stand the course. its Guardian. Hope to see you on the grid.22] None With their mix of creative thinking and insane daring. Mystics. creative and detailed Avalon: The First Age is a return to a time when Avalon was savage and untamed and civilisation was just beginning to emerge from the depths of the dark ages.251. Loremasters and Thieves. Buffy receives portents of the sinister machinations of a powerful madman. Parrius is now home to the Minstrels. We'd love to have you. now they rally more and more good souls to their cause. she sends a young Slayer to investigate and to take up Guardianship of the Hellmouth. Bards and Alchemists guilds Thakria: The City of Miracles. We've been open for RP now for several months after an explosive premiere.

org The year is 1997.silvertree. Instead of training your hp. Professor Snape has been given the Defense Against the Dark Arts job. Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix.106. Plenty of logs of past RP are also available.1 beta 7 #1 [08/29/2002] phoenix. characters advance through a level-like system which we call Ranks.phoenix. Only Hogwarts remains steadfast. and move like a normal godwars mud these simply go up as you play. As most players know.194] 6968 [24. Half-Saiyans. a newbie-friendly consent-based MUSH. facing increasingly insurmountable odds. is set during Harry's 7th and final year at Hogwarts. and Androids as starting races and have an expanded selection for later in the game. Saiyans.mana. Demons.44. What makes everyone unique is their choice of racial backround and how they choose to develop their skill set over time.156.0 fire. We also removed all the stock skills and abilities. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DBZ Prime [GodWars] Prime 3. Our news and website and even our castle have recently undergone overhauls.139. We currently offer Humans.muddrake.211] http:// PrimeMUD while being a Godwars mud at heart has evolved into a different type of enviornment. To wrap things up if you want a Unqiue Godwars mud that is . A Ki fighter. where you can apply for any number of feature characters. All players on Prime are basically the same class. Having recently learned exactly what the Order of the Phoenix is.silvertree. but are the students safe even there? Come to Order of the Phoenix. and dire things are transpiring in the wizarding 9034 [64. monsters said to be prowling once more. or you can play a character you've made up yourself. they were useless in godwars anyways. Lucius Malfoy has been made Minister of Magic. Nameks. and the precious thing they are guarding from Voldemort. While the Mud is still very much based on the pk aspect of MUDs it now offers more intelligant and challenging opponents on the npc side of things. You are given control over where you can spend your bonus points however. Even though we're a godwars mud.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix [MUSH] TinyMUSH version 3. Harry must prepare for what will be the fight of his life. and the occasional murder or three. and Voldemort's victory is nearly complete. There are disappearances.

and if your interested you can even look to see who is playing right now and what levels they are. auto-quest. Newbies are very welcome.160. I have added color.2 warlord. We have three remort levels so it can take a while to become a dragon Purple Dragon is a fantasy mud. Coder of PrimeMUD ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Purple Dragon [Rom] PDM 1. Clans are in once again! The Purple Dragon in its fullest potential is back and growing! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : RealityBytes [Smaug] modified haslage. check out Prime. and much more.homelinux. and quest points may be traded for stats. We are a friendly place to hack and slash your way to the top. suggestions. -Tetsuru Uzuki. lockers.150. but it is worth the struggle. remort classes and races. and worth your time. 4242 None . We are truely Unqiue. I think you'll be glad you did! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Enigma University: Rise of the Empires [MUSH] lacus. We have tried our best to make this the kind of mud that encourages just hanging out and helping others.47] http://mgonet.44. a hospital for corpse retrieval. Our staff and players are friendly and willing to listen to new 5555 [67. sounds. bounty. banks. There is nothing better than turning on a newbie to mudding. you will find no blasters or modern cities here. what spells and skills you can I ran an Ack! mud called Muddy Feet some years back. We have Imm run quests on Sunday afternoons. (IMHO) Check out our homepage to see what all you can do. and decided to move to the Smaug codebase.myftp. and has quite a few maps available already! So drop by and try us out.unlike any other.39] 2360 [207. There is also a mob who will change evil/good aligned flags on equipment! We have an Order (Order of Mapmakers) that is devoted to mapping out the entire Realm.

Good and evil each has its own homelands. astra. From the streets of New York and MegaKat City. civil war has swept the two civilized races.or evil-aligned in the eternal struggle between good and evil. Players are encouraged to get some levels and go out to seek the enemy and try to kill them.barbarian. located on opposite sides of the map. Some other features: . sorcerer. Anyone familiar with the 1990's-era cartoon 'SWAT Kats' is encouraged to sign up and help me build a futuristic MegaKat City. Join the growing group of players as an engineer. The only refuge: Enigma University.. this MUSH is not fully healer classes .nl 5000 [130. both Man and Kat must face their most unruly enemy all-. The emperor has just been killed and the empire is searching for a new leader.157] None Tides of Rebellion takes place in a rough timeline immediately following Episode VI. ================================== Currently. Within its hallowed halls.186. druid. thief. giving players the choice either to play good.. Modified mudreams. Plot and Charecters will be explained upon connection. a promise of neutrality and peace. pilot. smuggler. assassin. bounty hunter. and many more including the powerful Jedi! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rage of Vengeance [Smaug] Our Own (99% modified SMAUG) vengeance. Mankind and Katkind have been warring for centuries.up to 90 mortal levels 5555 [207.218. dark knight.our own code base (99 percent modified SMAUG. vampire.92] http://vengeance. But peace cannot last Rage of Vengeance is a total PK mud. and is considered UNDER CONSTRUCTION. much .et. But now..161.36. That new leader may be you. to the skies above the farmlands and the planets orbiting above. battlemage. paladin..It is the year 2450 AD. ^_^ Thank you! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SW: Tides of Rebellion [SWR] Rise in Power.tudelft.very easy leveling for the first 35 levels .THEMSELVES.

. You have the ability to Remort which opens up MORE RACES and MORE CLASSES to choose from. Yu Yu Hakusho. Video Game Themes such as Final Fantasy.24 different races .209. Resident Evil. We offer PK-Quests as well as normal Quests. When you first create.resemblance with the Emlen code now) . Mega Man.32. Esper etc.. and the quest begins all over to ..135] http://iyg. Transformers. Following the original story. but as you reach a certain Level. -. Aeon. in which you can purchase or find Materia.proboards3. and insert them into Special Equipment which have Materia Slots...Alltime statistics of the cycles on the website to make it all worthwile The Mud is fully operational again since January 9th 2005. modified iyg. Dragonball. Suikoden. Right now We are currently coding in new Races and Classes. Xenosaga. which are run by the Immortal 1801 [64. etc. Akuma. and some of the classes include: Blackbelt.4 Modified anx. it continues. Record of Lodoss Wars. some of the races include: TaruTaru. Macross. Jedi.wolfpaw. Shinobi.Anime Nation X Staff ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : InuYasha Galaxy [Smaug] SmaugFUSS. Some of Our Mud Themes includes Anime's such as Initial D. Last Exile etc. Chrono Trigger. 20 classes coded in with 5 JOB Classes so far. Rurouni Kenshin. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Anime Nation X [Rom] Rom 2. 6969 [204. We hope to see you soon on Anime Nation X. Sith etc. Devil May Cry. We also have the Materia InuYasha Galaxy is the first InuYasha-theme MUD.140+ spells and 50+ skills . Manga/Comic book Themes such as Warlands.3] http://animenationx.arthmoor. We have a total of 107 races (85 of those are Evolution Races).Some of the features included on the Mud is the Remort System. Evangelion. to where the Shikon No Tama has been shattered once again.. Konnichi Wa Anime Otaku's! Anime Nation X is a Mud dedicated to bringing you the best Anime Mudding Experience.arthmoor. We also offer AutoQuests and RPQuests for those who want a little adventure. Berserk. Akira. you are limited to a number of Races and Classes.An Annual Playerwipe (Cycles) to give new(er) players a chance to start even with the rest and for experienced players to try something different. Come and explore the world in which YOU decide who deserves vengeance. . Street Fighter etc.

-Zeno ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : RavenMUD [Circlemud] Circle 3. but this RavenMUD was originally started by a handful of people from Da Shadow's Domain and ShadowMUD. -Become an apprentice to a NPC.and much more! The current MUD version is alpha.I.0bpl11 bb8. customize. city defense. . Player grouping and role playing are quite popular with 10 classes and 10 races to choose from. The realm is very .27] http://www. such as Blacksmith or Combatant. the world has changed. A talented Imm staff continuously produces original areas and improves game play in many facets.. -Embed shards of the jewel in different body parts. rescue missions. so come in.. just to list a few. After many modifications from its original code Raven now has many unique features including. and control your own clans. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : A Realm of the Forgotten [Rom] ArdenCODE 2.86] http://ravenmud. and skills. Here are just some features in the game: -Create your own customizable Youkai form.246. I am adding new features to the MUD daily.83. Exploring Raven's vast and ever expanding areas will not be a hassle.0 rotf. Make the journey now. Clans and custom clan housing that offers to many options to list add greatly to an already rich role playing environment. The beauty of the land will haunt you. Planned and impromptu quests are frequently run with various themes and objectives that range from capture the flag. An entire city devoted to players new to MUDs or that wish to learn more about Raven is available to start in with helpful and informative mobs and help files to get your journey underway.28. and an online creation system. items. and check the game Step into a world long-since forgotten. -Travel between two worlds. Where the Kings and Queens of old 5000 [64. the Modern and Feudal era. seek and destroy. multi functional magic items. numerous operational cities.rotf.132..betterbox. Whether new to the game or a veteran this is everything you are looking for in a MUD.. A realm where myths and dreams come true before your eyes. Raven is very stable and has been around for quite sometime and will continue to exist indefinitely. Mobs (NPCs). -Create. -Create your own weapons. improved A. the dark and menacing mysteries will enchant you. with saved aliases and abbreviated commands to ease the amount of typing. and become their class.betterbox. treasure hunts and many many 6666 [209. This is truly a world where all adventurers will feel at ease in their surroundings.return the shards.

tlkmuck. Are you looking for a mud in which you don't have to be a playerkiller unless you choose to 'turn to the dark side'? Q5. and is about to begin the rule of Ahadi. Reality's Edge may be the new mud home for you! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Lion King [MUCK] muck.160. civet. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Reality's Edge [LP] Slimewarp Library Version 1.remud. We don't force you to roleplay.tlkmuck.x^2 remud. . eagle. Do you want a mud that is not limited to any specific time period or game-playing genre? (But instead has many different areas with a wide variety of 'textures' ranging from a forest to a circus sideshow?) Q4. 4000 [66.110. Do you want a good mud to learn HOW to mud on. a mud with a GREAT training a rea with free newbie equipment and some free skill training? Q3. or stop by and see for 7675 [216. The possibilities are endless! Come visit us and discover why we have been here for seven years and are still running strong. father of Mufasa and The Lion King--a movie which touched the hearts of millions and has continued to do so in the form of a game: The Lion King Muck.44] Q1. For a list of the many wonderful features the mud has to offer.206. The Muck has returned to TLK's roots. Experienced players will also find gratification since we have almost anything they have been looking for. where 'COLOR' means various colors? If the answer to any of the above questions is 'YES'.189. See you there. leopard. then join today! You can play any creature you like that is present on the African Contenent--a lioness.14] http://www. elephant.amoeba. antelope. serval. If you are interested in being a part of the history that will shape the way we look at the Lion King. but one can hardly not roleplay in this immersive environment. please visit our web site. cheetah.newbie friendly. Are you tired of black or white text? Would you like some COLOR. zebra. with an active playerbase that is more than happy to help out with questions and needs. Are you looking for a relatively small but very newbie friendly mud? One where you can save your equipment when you logoff? Q2.

We have just finished upgrading the server and lag should be non-exhistant.unixhelper. Flagging of another player for a crime is controlled by members of the Solamnic Knights.18. We have no actual level cap.151] http://timeportal. We are currently redoing our character creation to give preset 3-18 stats at creation and some additional creation options. The world contains newbie areas and is redeveloping existing advanced level areas. as close to the books as possible. while very newbie friendly. reside here.4] http://enkidu.129.wolfpaw. The early players who help in our development will have a jump on becoming creators as positions open up in the future. Solamnic Knights govern the world as 'police'. The Legends of Krynn has a lot to offer. We are also always looking for quality 6100 [ Enkidu is a fantasy setting MUD with classes and skills available. The date in which The Legends of Krynn takes place. such as our very unique Grouping system and our Clan system. this MUD. and a very unique code system. is still probably more for advanced MUDers.220. Roleplay is encouraged and enforced.02@319 Compat enkidu.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Enkidu [LP] Amylaar 03.96. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Time Portal [Rom] Rom We are a very helpful mud for those people who have never palyed on a mud before it is mainly stock with lots of added areas so if you not so new to the game you will have a good feel for where areas are placed. Assault. spells and various other options. We encourage role playing in the general world and have non-role play areas for players to 'be themselves' in. as they do in the books.wolfpaw. There is NO Auto-Flagging for (Thief. Enkidu is under redevelopment and we are looking for players who are willing to post suggestions and comments and be part of rebuilding the game system and 9000 [65. Outlaw). but be warned. clans.unixhelper. skills. The Legends of Krynn offers a wide variety of races as well as classes. We do not punish failure to role play but will be working on incentives for those who do.178. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Legends of Krynn [Rom] LoK1.90.cybersquad. or . Feel free to stop by and check us out. Many unique systems not found anywhere else.1 legendsofkrynn. is shortly after the War of the Lance (30 years after).4 base timeportal.cybersquad.20] http://legendsofkrynn. The areas are built with extreme accuracy. Can't wait to see you. with all original areas. Come check it out. 3000 [208.

218. After a long journey on the mortal road. Enter the Realm of Magic and discover the Magic and Mysteries that it holds for GODWARS: RETALIATION A mud based on Deluxe Godwars with extreme modifictaions offering: Angels. Slay monsters. clubs of people sharing common goals and interests. without removing your equipment from their positions like in many other muds. This is NOT a POWER MUD.99. accept randomly generated assignments and take part in one of the many online quests directed by immortals and mortals alike. Grouping with players and getting to know them better. subscribing to email versions of boards or listing yourself on the homepage with icq or aim ids for example.mud.102.mud. choosing to forward mud internal mails as emails. questmaster or advisor. or use a private channel . cast spells.66] http://rom. Finding out secrets yourself. Intelligence is requierd.209. No powerleveling here.people who have never played a MUD before and were never corrupted by all the Power MUDs out there. which will store your equipment for free. Even when leaving the game. Go on over 50 scripted quests. and Werewolves . you can stay connected. you may join the immortal ranks after getting a first taste as mortal builder.wolfpaw. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realm of Magic [Circlemud] Heavily Modified (Powerful scripting language. We encourage Roleplay with allowing you to write a description to look at along with descriptions for details like beard or tattoos. Features java applet on homepage and in-game features like speedwalk or multiple commands to make playing from anywhere as easy as possible. you might be able to join one of few hidden societies. You can tailor your own clothes and you can have named pets that will follow you into an inn as well. giving input on design and rule questions on a regular basis. Mages.5] http://retaliation. C++) rom.just for you and your friends. mix alchemy potions or just rely on your wits and skills. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Retaliation [GodWars] Heavily Modified retaliation.wolfpaw. 6100 [216. which require a certain roleplay. you will likely want to join one of the famous 4000 [134. Monks Vampires.

mudmagic.64. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Age of Cataclysm [EOS] hatchet.HYBRIDS .murpe. Which side will you choose? The side of those who wish to embrace and resurrect technology? Or will you train your sword and magic to fight back against the bringers of technology. We have a strict policy on cheating.32. a world built upon technology that once thrived over the entire planet. BSD and Saints. It is said that 600 years There are two major themes that make BayMOO unique among the all-text virtual realities on the NET: 1) The Humanities of the San Francisco Bay Area and 2) The Meanings of Water. An ancient city of machines uncovered beneath the sandy desert regions. Now the hunt is on while groups attempt to resurrect the lost technology. The achievements of great civilization lost in the blink of an eye. both for the players and the immortal staff. Avandoria was a broad world.216] http://www. But all was not lost over the years as a great discovery has been made.sysconn. rich in . while others claim these 'machines' to be the devils work and stick to the old ways. Nephandi and Skindancer.251] http://www. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realm of the Magi [LP] LDmud 3. Now you enter this world reborn. But those who feel called to other frontiers are also welcome to help build BayMOO.Abomination. These are available to all who want to explore their uses. Drop on by and check us out And bring your sense of FUN! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : BayMOO [MOO] 1501 [208. filled with darkness and sorcery the likes of medieval times.23. Lich. and the janitors of BayMOO urge you to use them.60.2. We try and have fun and encourage you to come and do the same.60] None Welcome to the Age of Cataclysm.9 + Customized Mudlib 8888 [205.158. Until one fateful day the world erupted in chaos and 1234 [69.161.baymoo.

the Rebel Alliance. still others believe that abuse of magic was the cause. criminals and pirates.201] http://www. the ability to experience 'dragon flight'. Including combat. Realm of the Magi is a text-based.000+ realms to explore! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: The Brak Sector [MUX] braksector. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ansalon : The DragonLance MUD [Rom] 2. approachable administrative staff will do its best to * Three major planets: Bacrana. golden cities and skies filled with dragons.5. It has the good fortune to be the pet project of some very dedicated folks who simply want to share their love of DragonLance and . and Genesia. base. * A strongly in-character focused attitude.knowledge and art.61. * Near-complete support of the highly-regarded West End Games SWRPG. hundreds of 'soul' feelings and over 5. Welcome to Ansalon.braksector.4b6 Heavy modification ansalonmud. and until a few years ago the practice of magic was shunned.. and a high quality player * Our friendly. some argue that the gods were angered at the arrogance of man. Ramier has searched desperately for Reskan's hidden STAR WARS: THE BRAK SECTOR EPISODE I: The Insignificant Rebellion It is a period of civil war..157] http://www. Ansalon is a mud thats been around for a long time. * Many large factions: the Galactic Empire. The latter was the most popularly held believe. Demar. an assortment of player-driven 8679 [64. Some say it was a natural catastrophe. help you. * Brak's code is known for its detail and elegance. a unique quest & puzzle reputation system. and the corrupt Moff Ramier's dark forces rule the sector with an iron fist. a driven skill and spellcasting dice-based combat system. trilogy.160.ansalonmud. yet has found nothing save roving smugglers. General Trep Reskan has fled the tyranny with a tiny band of Rebel soldiers that present a growing threat to the mighty Empire. that features fully interactive creatures and non-player space. The darkness of the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE covers Brak 4201 [216. real-time dark & magical fantasy themed role play game. In the hands of these Rebels lies the only hope of freedom for the people of the sector. Legends speak of far-away lands. * The Rebellion-era setting brings back the atmosphere of the classic * There are no artificial limits on character advancement. It is simply the oldest DragonLance Multi-User Dimention in existence. languages and The Force. What actually happened to isolate the small island continent of Gwaer from the rest of the world is somewhat of a mystery.

and those thought missing turned into brainwashed cyborgs alongside robotic brethren. yet magical furry society holding tight to the old traditions of monarchy and 5555 None A planet far far away.92] http://www. versus the sudden arrival of spouses. Where are their gods now? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : 7 Degrees of Freedom [Aber] Modified 7dof. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : K'raii [MUCK] Fuzzball children. Once you have reach the level of Wizard you can become mortal again (i. There are always immortals around who are very helpful and open to the constantly changing wants and needs of players.roleplay with others. If you have any comments or questions. The 7DOF ethos is that players should be permitted to enjoy their MUDing experience.1 (Win) kalio. This was so that we could write some original game concepts and quests to guard against 'Just Another iDiRT Syndrome' Our quest and zone writers have added new quests and zones that give our world a unique face and map. A professional coder cares for Ansalon (along with one good coder and one hack with great ideas) which gives it the benefit of thousands of hours of very fine-tuned code and constant upgrades according to the wishes of A story of a technological. We'd love to hear from 7 Degrees of Freedom worked for over a year before opening to the public. It's a tale of blood versus metal. defrob/remort) and run more quests to try and reach the level of MasterWizard. of magic versus As with most Abers. feel free to email us at ansalon@ansalonmud. inhabited by a race of animals who speak a common language and walk upon two legs.e. The planet itself is a lush environ tainted only by the endeavors of the Xenith for global domination. their opposition the remenants of the Glendale Kingdom. hence we do not have niggling . Roleplay is not encouraged and the main emphasis on the MUD is on everyone having a good 6715 [217. We've moved to a new server! We welcome home all of our old players. The game dynamically resets objects and mobiles in a way invisible to

the buildings. and all the potential Slayers being activated at once. but we are accepting playtesters and those wishing to join the staff as builders or 4000 [216. partly out of being unable to face making those who had died. etc. those who know the series well. And while there was another Hellmouth in Cleveland.47.10] http://www.121] Privacy is respected.. Giles turned to the only person he could think of who might be able to come up with a solution: Willow Rosenberg and her arcane mystic powers. or even amass enough Watchers around the world to assist with it. and are interested in being a part of our project from the very beginning. a problem became apparent. Willow reached through time & space and brick by brick. using her Realms of Despair remains one of the most stable. With the destruction of the Watcher's Council. or to possibly join our team.. well established. she did not create the old scooby gang.rules against quest recompletion. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realms of Despair [Smaug] Development Site for SMAUG realms. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Buffyverse [Rom] Giles quickly realized that he was unable to train that many slayers at once. . and the endless challenges she faced while guarding the Hellmouth.000 active player files. It is the development grounds for the SMAUG code. runs on a dedicated PII server with 256 Megs of RAM on multiple high speed (T3+) redundant Internet connections. she re-created the city of Sunnydale. ********************************************************************** To learn more about the MUD and our story. Willow and Giles realized that part of what had made Buffy such the perfect Slayer was having a safe community of friends. popular muds for the past few years. even people who had once populated the city.176. and regularily peaks at well over 500 players.186. We are BtVS themed. California. So. She rebuilt the earth it stood on. stop on by & speak with Lilith or Torhan. ********************************************************************** In the wake of the destruction of 4000 [ The Buffyverse is not open yet.rxgames. We also pride ourselves on not having tell-logging or snooping. We're looking for idea people. they still thought something about Sunnydale had been of importance. After much soul searching.251. It has over 20. picking up at an imaginary Season 8 as detailed below. and partly to preserve her memory & privacy of Tara. So.

Many players have been with Addict for quite a few years.ele.000 rooms (more being eveloped constantly) * Quests frequently held for redeemable questpoints * In game quests to find or assemble rare equipment * Helpful Immortal staff and newbie friendly mortal playerbase * Alias system with presets for newbies * Fully functional clan system with clan halls/areas and clan quests * PK during TCs (total carnage) held frequently for fun and sport * Free rent! * Customized scripting and special properties to make mudding a very unique expe rience * Player owned personalized 'housing' which allows players to safely store exces s equipment ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : UtopiaMOO [MOO] Loosely based on the worlds of Drageara created by author Steven Brust.Beware! This game is very addictive! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AddictMUD [Circlemud] 3. Help is readily at hand either via the online help system. We are extremely player dedicated. orders. AddictMud features 30 mortal levels. well over a hundred non-stock areas.Why? For the players.81. councils. guilds.tue.244. 2 via remort only with special race peciffic skills * Well over 100 .155. with over 11.addictmud. and usually guarantees company at all hours of the day.0 bpl10 addictmud. -. and all the 'stock' areas have been revamped and 4000 [216.192. or from one of the experienced players online. 30 levels * 3 playable 1111 [131. which generally makes for an interesting and entertaining mudding experience. We have clans. so they don't feel lost in the shuffle of a new mud * Limited multi-play allowed to two characters at a time. builtin ANSI support /other patches donald-duck. builders and administrators have kept this mud alive and well through thick and thin -.ele. and we get new players 'addicted' almost daily! * Newbie friendly!!! Zones and equipment exist to help ease a new player into playing. Players from all over the world regularly play for extended periods of time. 8 classes and 3 special remort classes. Our extremely dedicated team of coders.80] http://www.220] http://donald-duck. and an additional two remort only races with their own inherent skills and abilities.We are newbie-friendly and have gone to great lengths to create a great community for our wonderful players.tue. * 8 mortal and 3 remort classes.

The world of Mysteria has a mythological environment in which you can develop your own character and interact with mobiles and people from around the world. (NO real life money is required) * A friendly environment where players interact and help each other.0.62. you wont be disappointed. We welcome you to come. filled with dread beasts and hidden areas. forest where YOU live and that YOU 3000 [80.mysteria. castle.62. magic and joy. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realms of Mysteria [VME] DikuII / VME mud. Battle sword and spell against intelligent opponents. of Infernal Knights or Sorcerous magic users.105] None Enter the realm of Gate. Brave the world of Gate.mysteria.Utopia is the wonderful world of fairytales. For an enhanced and fun mudding experience visit Realms of Mysteria. * Human run OLQ's (OnLine Quests) that anyone can join. * The option of building your own house. cities. . live here.4 gatemud.4. * Interactive mobiles that give quests and in other ways help to enhance your mudding experience. woods and hills.dyndns. Amongst our many features are: * A fully automated Newbie guide that will take you through the basics of the mud. have fun and escape from the Chaos that lies behind you. The mud started out with only some 1400 rooms but now has more than 4400 rooms plus a large variety of mobs (mobile creatures) items and quests. Everyone is happy to see new habitants come and settle in the villages. Join a 4242 [ Realms of Mysteria is a steady growing mud that was created in December 1998.122] http://www. or party with friends to solve deadly quests. to one of over 20 fantastical creatures. Step through a portal that warps your race. It is a parallel world created for everyone to escape from the Chaos that rules the earth nowadays. * Vast options of setting up your characters Personal descriptions and various commands. RPG is under construction! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Gate [Custom] Gate 1. Explore the outworld.

quest equipment by levels instead of a limited supply.93. This provides diverstiy for the players. clan selections quest options being god run or the auto quest system. fame and death.7] derived from ROM atr. (Most custom to each class) You approach a huge iron *************NEW VERSION 1. full arena and war zone. 2004!************ ATR offers a healthy balance of roleplaying and playerkilling as well as unique class system.156. We also have our new invasion 2188 [24. Players must choose a kingdom in which to live upon creation. healer or rogue)." says the 2400 [63. "this is a land of turmoil. This is not a mud for the faint at heart as most of the veteran players are very hardened killers here. -The Powers That Be. We have tons of new skills/spells and the mud is almost always being updated and having new ideas implemented or worked on. You choose a basic class on creation (fighter. May the Warlord smile at your timely demise..7 OPEN MAY 20th.117. by all means enter my world" he quickly throws his axe over his shoulder and slyly grins.. We also have extensive races and nearly 300 skills and spells. the man removes his shroud and introduces himself as the Warlord of the realm "If you are seeking fortune. players can group together and actually invade and conquer lands for thier Kingdom. death and destruction. So in other words I sit and listen to my players to make this one of the most enjoyable places you could ever find to cure your addiction. there are many things which are only native to one kingdom.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Vecterian Realms [Rot] Custom Modifications lothlorienmud. upon reaching level 20 you embark on a journey to find your class master who offers more focused classes to specialize in based on your original class. when a booming voice is heard from behind you "You dare enter the Vecterian Realms adventurer?" startled you try to find your bearings and answer the shrouded man "I do dare to enter your realm". If you have the courage to venture into my world enter at your own Risk. Our codebase is always evolving to coincide with player driven roles and in-character events. We also offer a NON-PK option for those who do not wish to engage in Player Killing.106. If you are looking for a MUD where you have options in every aspect this is the place for you we offer extended race/class selections.2] http://atr. We strive to make each kingdom unique in it's own way.dune.-Tridore----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : A Twilight Rising [Rom] [ATR 1.dune. we make true legends of people here. It is the year 894 of the New Era and the King and Queen of .212] http://www. We let the players to help shape the current storyline with thier roles and ideas. wizard.

With many quests available. and a variety of special interest Let your imagination roam free as you immerse yourself in Realms of the Dragon.rr. We are open 24 hours a day and are entirely free to play. and a detailed skill and training scheme.rr. attracted a strong and loyal player-base. The Dark Council that now rules the evil Western Alliance is plotting something evil. numerous guilds(classes) and races. a long time ago the lands thrived and were populated by all manifestation of .000+ rooms.71. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Astral Plains : [Rom] heavilly modified rom Realms of the Dragon is a hugely successful LP mud that has run for over ten years and in that time. there is plenty to test an adventurer s mind and body.the Empire's firtborn is soon to be married in the newly rebuilt capital city of Karnac. Myrick ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realms of the Dragon [LP] LP mud. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Legends of Xenobia [Smaug] AFKMud [heavily modified] xenobia.arthmoor. and frequent immortal run online interactive games.stny.168. from gladiator tournaments to 3000 [206.php The date and time are but useless things for no mortal walked the lands known as Xenobia for a long period of time.72. completely original world of 20. I am open to new ideas and will give almost anyone at least a try so if you're interested please e-mail me at treitz@stny. an advanced sailing and ocean system.rod.4 : : http://home. the options are limitless in your quest for excitement. The war is about to be 1972 [63.190] http://xpi.73] http://www. It was a dismal and dark land thatchurned with life and Realms of the Dragon is a rich tapestry of : I am currently looking for coders so i can get my mud up and and I will get back to you. to scavenger hunts and our own unique 'RoDopoly'. Once. With customisable player housing. With an enormous.

----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : PlanetCheese [Circlemud] OASIS site.a sample of what is awaiting you in the Legends of Xenobia. dropping a smob in the middle of town. never one to take defeat easily bestowed a deadly curse upon Ishtar. Necrucian.planetcheese.77. The lands were beautiful.4 I put this mud up so my friends and i could write code to control clans of bots and play along side them in an army type 4000 [216. or summoning Sephiroth and Cloud to duke it out in town square (with their own Proc to boot).73] None We are currently running on a ROM Version 2.53. Xenobia fell into chaos with the Immortals fighting amongst each other due to power and portfolios. The admins are rather playful. be silly.214.. Ishtar was pregnant with a cloned cell of Necrucian s essence.4 beta w/many modifications Insomniacs. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Vampire Wars: The New Era [GodWars] Heavily Modified 193. with Gealin s magic. and power was easily attained by those fortunate enough to wield it correctly. We are currently looking for serious players to test and advance to possibly becoming a builder. but before they could destroy the child. Please do not ask to become a builder if you do not have the time to put into it.planetcheese.15.58. Many modifications have been made and it is still a work in progress. Be crazy. we are looking for experienced builders who are willing to put time and effort in and also attempt to conform to a unique building style implemented Ishtar s control of fate.145] http://www. come check us out. A week s time passed and Ishtar gave birth to a hideous creature. Also.37. NOTE: To find out the rest.2 4567 None . She did not realize the spawn of evil Necrucian had bestowed within her. Necrucian once again intervened and swept the child from their grasp. Roleplaying is Highly recommended mainly because it's fun. Ishtar. and Gealin led the charge against the forces of evil.creatures. Any slackers will be frowned upon and other nasty stuff that we will think of later. and Mythandor s might and lawful nature forced Necrucian to relinquish two portfolios (Vengeance and Deceit).org 7000 [65. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Insomniacs Asylum [Rom] ROM Version 2. Mythandor. just be there..

The two sides have already obtained the technology that allows for the Head. Trades include Alchemy. .213] None One of the oldest LPmuds. As stated by players the admin are friendly and many impressed that we also listen to the players. We have a wide range of new features and not to mention alot more to come. Cartography. Jewelcraft.2. A Vampire Wars mud to to challenge all other others. So stop in and take a look! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realmsmud [LP] LDMud 3.94. and Tailoring.138.mushland. an extensive player run nobles system where players may band together to create and defend their house against seiges from rival houses. Target.242] http://tfahmush. There are several unique aspects of Realmsmud.Welcome To The New Era. Leathercraft. Fletching. Well over 150 wizards have contributed to the more than sixty different areas that are open for exploration by players. and finally a trade skills system. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Transformers Altered Horizons [MUSH] The only Transformers MUSH that follows with the Comic Universe is that's right Transformers Altered Horizons. including the multicharacter system. Blacksmithing. come join us today. Realmsmud is a large LP based MUD with 30+ players on at peak 1501 [ 4242 [198. founded June 1991. Taking the Dark Ages theme of the vampire to the next level offering a wide range of clans and new clan disciplines..9-Dev.20. Clans are filling fast. Only recently opening we have already gained a lot of friendly faces.Set to right after issue 25 and we go along on our own course from there. a volunteer militia. With everything set to the present day you aren't limited to being an Apple II but instead you can be either that or an iMac! Prime and Megs are both gone from the picture leaving Shockwave and Fortress Maximus in control of their respective factions. willing to help new players. Players have the option of creating their own fortress with rooms and monsters.489 realmsmud. and Powermaster technologies making us the only MUSH that also allows the American version of the Masters. if enough people ask for it we will input it.

New players will enter the game at Central Park (CP) after going through the brief character creation process. events specifically driven for newbies as well as several other bonus features. The wizards/admin take your thoughts and suggestions seriously and definitely seek new ways to expand and to incorporate them. Red Dragon offers a large enough player base so there are always many people online and yet it still feels like a community. It features 5 primary (alpha) guilds and approximately 100 additional guilds for betas and beyond with more than 20 races to choose from. retreated to the depts of the land.48. called newbie helpers. there is a reasonably inexpensive reincarnation available. races and features were added. many many spells. To help new players get acclimated to Realmsmud.2b9 reddragon. pkilling is optional.So. Each child gathered supporter to flock to their banners for what would be a never ending quest. All you need to know is that role-playing is 4000 [207. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Redemption [Rom] Rom 2. making the possibilities nearly endless. If you can't afford to split your body but wish to try out the other guilds The childrens of Bosco having been banned from 3000 [66. invasions and other things to enliven the game. feel free to drop in on us. objects. are online to answer any questions that a player might have about the mud. Thus formed the clans of Redemption. they are given a chat line to ask questions on.redemptionmud. I won't bother you with praises and promises. then you are also allowed to split one body into 2 or more.164.207.44] None Red Dragon is a LIMA based mud that has been running since July 1996 and is very stable. Volunteer players above level 15. There are 5 distinct guilds to choose from and once you've completed your alpha guild and/or reached level 70 you are allowed to join a secondary alpha. You are not one of the thousands of other players.87. If a secondary alpha guild is not to your tastes. There is an event daemon that runs a different event approximately every 4 hours.reach. classes. and that we are running on . RD has a rich newbie-friendly environment that includes more than 15 different areas. Thus giving you the flexibility of multiple characters without having to change names and divide your time between them. skills. These events range can be special heals. waiting for Bosco to die so they could conquer Midgaard once more. For the higher level player RD offers endless advancement and expansion of the player.11] http://www.4 shell. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Red Dragon [LP] LIMA mudlib/mudos v22.

1] hypercube.93] http://www. intelligent conversation about wine and physics and good books and bad music.8 distinctive classes to choose from. stable mud with select clientele who appreciate attention to detail. low) which target specific regions of the body.112. a powerful counter system is incorporate where skilled players can use the opponent's mistakes against them.hypercube. they also get unique equipment from killing foes in battles that enhances their abilities further while providing a slew of equip skills to choose from. elemental type.wolfpaw. .44. really.. . and focus type (direct. the skills these powerful beings are capable of will rock your world. . No.A variety of minigames to choose from. the learning is tough. you can NEVER get enough! ----------------------------------------------- .182. Expect to find DI-CLICKING HYDROCHLORIDE (HLAGH) and an inordinate number of international spooks. grandparents and pre-teens. but when you get through it.a high end server which translates into less to no 9000 [204. the realm of Utopia awaits 3222 [ This is a mature. soul). Scavenger Hunt. Team Battles and soon to be added War Games all add up to the fun.209. the blind. Dungeon of Death. but usually not the dumb. . the deaf. each having 2 tiers of specialization to choose from having a total of about 32 different possibilities. to Min etc). Come and visit us :) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rehobaom's Legacy [Rom] Rom [Athen 1.Innovative Combat system: Each attack has an attack type. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Utopia: Type Final [GodWars] Extremely Modified utf. We have baronets and drug addicts. Unlike other muds. high explosives and undead.... with the occasional knife in the hamstring. a combat system to fight for and a counter system to die for. Classes ranged from stealthy snipers to powerful swordmasters to deadly shinobis (from Naruto!). Utopia: Type Final also offers a whole slew of unique classes that you probably haven't seen from anywhere else. Also. variant type (slash.High customization system: Not only can each character choose to work on a variety of stats (ranging from Str.. to Vit. So come and check us out..23] None For those who love the journey as much as the battle. King of Fighters Tournament. Free for all.

Our guilds are heavily researched and we use real life inspirations for their backgrounds. fight fishfolk in the water world of Wysoom.2. explosive events. Shadow fell..smooth transition into C+ + original code is planned Telnet : rots. go wild in the crazy and violent place known as Perdow. Psionicists are based on the actual principles of Chakras. It's six MUDs in one..220] http://retromud. Druids are true to their Celtic roots rather than a bunch of eco-terrorists! Not enough? We've got over 60 races. over 20 classes. each with its own unique theme. Until. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : RetroMUD RetroMUD (4.wolfsinger. to the starting equipment).170. a small medieval town called Ravenwood. Players are encouraged to build their own houses and Description : When Frodo destroyed the One name it. bag yourself a Tyrannosaurus in the steaming jungles of 3000 [207.121] WWW : http://www. The muck is centered in and around. and all lived happily for about 200 years. There is guilds and things of that sort for players that like that kind of 8800 [65. Battle djinn in the air world of Raji.160. Sauron and his darkness were no more. Role-playing is a must. . And if we don't have it. quests tailored to 3791 [ RetroMUD consists of no less than six worlds.149] http://www. The muck is community oriented with shops and other occupations that form a well-balanced community.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : RavenWood [MUCK] protomuck Ravenwood is a medieval role-playing muck with a pg-13 rating on it but is open to adult theme areas that must be flagged as such. You'll be glad you did! <!--Keys: anime dungeons dragons medieval fantasy worlds dark realms planets kni ghts--> ----------------------------------------------Mud : Return of the Shadow Code Base : [Circlemud] Circle (heavily modified) -. We have a room for OOC chat.187. Furrys as well as human types are welcome..0) retromud.or just go dragon hunting in medieval fashion on Welstar. castles -.15.. we're working on it. wander the massive underground complex in the dead world of Crypt. Come by and check us out. we've got it.95. hundreds of unique skills and spells.. The Templar guild is really based on the Templars (from the titles. The wizzes are very friendly and helpful to newbies.

I give to you my gift. Constantly Modified/Changing www. and the immortals have spent hard earned time working on it during this Welcome to Subversive Visions v2.. an awesome extended morgue system.slayn.There is clan halls and housing in place. RETURN OF THE SHADOW.212] http://www. it's all about fun and fantasies. and grow into a dream walker of the world. we're finally OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! We've been around for a little over a year now.106.4b6. ***OVER 65 AREAS*** from stock to original. Come in. a silence spell system. and yet real at the same time.. Roleplaying is highly encouraged.subversive-visions. an original Tolkien] http://landofdreams. Koqlb. Clans are set up and maintained . and it's just a place to have FUN. This mud is role play inforce due to the actions of the players effect what is going on in the ever evolving plot of the mud. many classes. my alternate reality. all from a stock ROM. races you would expect to find on Arda. as you start off as a student 9500 [landofdreams. Many bugs fixed.0! Open your eyes and enter the alternate reality to the dream world. A good amount of races. We've got Color (that's NOT joking!). A good mud to play. but completely changed. but if you want to stop by and apply for a position on the staff drop by. We hope to see you soon! Thanks. have We are under construction so we are not open to the public for play right now. After many months of hard work.subversive-visions. where you can see all that is imaginary. we've got restricted 7500 [24. is a dedicated Tolkien game. a more realistic fighting/spell/skill system. In the land of Visions. and join the balance of order inside of chaos.156. restricted player killing (race war). Some would wonder what our theme is. Happy mudding! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Subversive Visions [Rom] v2. with all types of themes combined. & the Immortal Staff ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Land of Dreams [Dawn] Modified landofdreams. Various adventures await. both stock and original. and Enjoy! Sincerely. Enjoy Subversive Visions. including an option to make your own class. and much much more! From the hands of a hard playing MUDder in the past. many things fixed. Join either good or evil side battling for the supremacy of the world! The MUD features have many unique spells/skills. and my privilege. a newbie spellup and restore mob. a validation system.The best war MUD.

braintoysbbs. We are always adding new areas and code.3 derived) and began to plug in all the ideas and code from our old The idea for Time of Troubles began 5 years ago on paper. connect and read all the Announce notes." We look forward to seeing you on Time of Troubles. There is a great mud for first timers. I quit this project and saved it for later times. then browse through "help changes.myftp. So please. ******************************************************** ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Braintoys BBS [AFKMud] Majormud braintoysbbs. ******************************************************** Time of Troubles is also currently hiring area builders. Our Immortal staff is extremely willing to listen to all input. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Time of Troubles [Rom] Rom/Sunder/Rot derivative 3334 http://www. To see changes on the Here's just a few good reasons to MUD in a Skullopoly realm! . many years. The disk was found close to a year ago. Clans get specal skills and weapons also. Each class is very unique and still being fine tuned at this moment.through you the players. Troubles is an extremely indepth game with much potential and fun times to be had. and I loaded up a near stock version of Sundermud2. Slowly over time Troubles has developed into a beauty of a place with a countless amount of interesting features. stop by and leave a note for Myrkul or E-mail. Troubles is a pk optional mud with a strong emphasis on class distinction. We like to hear feed back from players. From here we branched out to other code bases. You only have so many pk deaths before you'r char is completly dead.timeoftroubles. We have customized countless amounts of the code. if you would love to help run a wonderful mud full of potential. slowly it advanced to a simple RoT code base where we learned the basics of mud administration. Drop by and have fun. but we will not attempt to list them here like so many other muds. We feel you must see Troubles to actually appreciate the indepth game-engine. Idea will be concidered and if hey fit within the aspects of the story will be http://www. and have been doing this for many.1 (rom 2. At one point.

s. We have tons of old skool games including TW.64 muck. Limiteds are being handed out extremely rapidly! Talk to me personally and we'll be able to discuss your best options. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : RiftsMud [LP] Custom Lib riftsmud. 7072 [ 1122 [160. Stop in and see why we collect so many long term game addicts.C.79. Membership is $5.the same realm since 02! We just patched to 1. more than 100 skills. awesome realm . players create characters that are unique and personalized by selecting from over 50 races. by typing out descriptions of oneself and one's activities. Death is at -15.24] Imagine using a continually updated text-based system in which one. Puerto Angel .spindizzy. In this world. and in turn reading the descriptions of others and their activities.2 Fuzzball 5.11P (not beta) and have the NEW SysListLim command working.75] http://www.riftsmud. City of Splynn. less sophisticated systems demand. This realm has a PVP range of 10 levels. over 20 O. a product of modern design and the latest in scientific RiftsMUD Online Gaming is based on Palladium Books' Rifts RPG (TM). FW and more.Skullopoly. It places players in a futuristic world where technology and magic combine. IF your primary character has reached level 60. called a 'computer.braintoys. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Spindizzy [MUCK] TinyMuck 2. Our electronic brain. SoC. There is a large online help database for newbies (command 'help') and a staff of RP Wizards dedicated to aiding them.spindizzy. Sys keys include Sys Map. (We run Dma & Doors). The game runs on LPC 3 using a custom made lib to give the true 'Rifts feel' and set-up. 2 Lords. simulates the experience of being in strange an unearthly places doing all sorts of imaginative and even not physically possible activities. Places that can visited include Chi-town Burbs.73.' makes it possible for people from all over the world to participate without learning the tedious punch-card skills and assembler instructions that older. Now consider Spindizzy. TeleArena. role-playing and deductive reasoning are encouraged and BrainToys is running a happy. Thus. (BrainToys.C. A (non-afk/non-limited holding) *dupe* is available for free. and Camelot.

36] None Inventive Austrian MUD. but doesn't take anything too seriously.m.mud.139. mountains..m. created by informatics students at the Vienna University of FDCMuck is an online virtual community where Disney fans from all over the world interact with other fans by playing the roles of their favorite Disney characters.stanford. Eligible races up to now include Dwarfs.131. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : FDCMuck [MUCK] Muck2. But we are proud to have several Disney employees playing here among us. The Beutelland features fantasy themes of basically Tolkinian flavour. sea. treasures to find. which offers a wide range of features like weather. opossum) contains differing climate/culture zones like plains.stanford. day/night change.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Beutelland [Custom] RoleMUD bl. We are not officially affiliated with Disney at all. please have a look at our website. Players can choose a hometown/region of their liking. monsters to kill and of course many interesting people to meet. viking island. Humans.64. Guilds and Trades are under construction. NPCs will show up in whatever form our coders imagination can spawn.2fb5.61 princesses. and you will not find any copyrighted Disney material in our community or on this web site. ----------------------------------------------- . The World (mythically created by the holy Beuteltier (zool. Ardent fs/sf readers and/or computer game players will surely encounter many allusions to classic genre representatives. 3333 [171.. (Items too). but we offer >20 Quests of mounting difficulty and lots of interesting details to research. jungle. and all of us help keep our community running happily and smoothly in the best Disney tradition. If you speak (any variant of) German and don't mind persisting 5678 [128. you will always be welcome in Beutelland. The Beutelland is based upon an entirely new MUDLib called RoleMUD. Hobbits and Elves. colourfulness.47] http://princesses. interactive plans a.95. For further information. marsupial. environmental stats.

Original guilds such as Psychics. in Voyager: Endgame. Come and see Necromancers. Warriors.verizon. The feature that sets Star Trek: Rules of Acquisition apart from other MUSHes is our theme. Elves. and dozens of areas with hundreds of rooms in which to kill or be killed. Rogues. Multiple continents. Amylaar driver mud. Rangers. More than five years of work has produced this traditional medieval LPmud for the world to enjoy. The ROA administration ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ritual Sacrifice [LP] LP Mud. own 5555 [130. or the Klingon Empire. Vampires. Empires like the United Federation of Planets. all adult muck. pirating.254] 8888 http://newdraconia. Dwarves. We are completely You can also be independent. you can run a bar. mine. New Draconia Muck is a different concept that allows for a little something for Enter the world of Ritual Sacrifice. These organizations are based around peacekeeping. because of this you can only join certain small Star Trek: Rules of Acquisition is a PennMUSH-driven unique Star Trek world. Unique because of our staff.1 roa. multiple currencies. Monks and more adventure side by side in a fantasy world of Giants.95. be a salvage unit. Orcs and countless many more traditional fantasy races. It is based 4 years after the return of Voyager to the Alpha What exactly is New Draconia Muck? It's the first triple-themed. Clerics. fully anthropo morphic. and be whatever you want. being mercenaries. Custom Lib.86. Three Realms form the worlds of the Muck where adults can find just about any fo . 1.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Trek: Rules of Acquisition [MUSH] PennMUSH with ASpace v. Your options are almost 4522 http://mysite. You cannot join any of the major empires featured in the shows. players and our theme. Are you good enough to make it to the realms of the immortals? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : New Draconia Muck [MUCK] Fuzzball newdraconia. are completely NPC. we are very friendly and happy to help anyone.

and many. creating a community atmosphere! Rivers of MUD is the original.33.(and we NEVER pwipe!) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Everwar MUD [Emlenmud] Unix Server . Everwar immortal staff careful to spend time with new players in order to assist them to grow comfortable with the new playing style.93.117. as well as players.rm of roleplay.More attributes to train and a better system of practices.rom. 2003 we opened our doors to the new soldiers of the army of light.Specific damage locations (a colour spray in the face HURTS!) ... Players are able to gain power through experience and player killing to raise their rank of noterity from a common foot soldier to grandmaster of each profession.everwar. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rivers of MUD [Rom] ROM 4..0 rom. While ROM contains stock areas.Smarter NPCs: More intelligent NPC casting More intelligent NPC aggression NPCs that can respond to your 4242 [63. .21. On january 1. The web site has a colorful player guide (25 page PDF) that describes our world. Due to the muds attention to detail it does take a while for new players to grow accustomed to the world. .org/ ROM offers a challenging environment to play in.A host of deities for each race with individual classes . We do our best to keep our posted information up to date. The mud offers thirteen professions and over 150 skills and nearly 400 spells. there are many new and original areas available for exploration.Net everwar. The code represents nearly three years of redevelopment with a strong focus on player killing code.Smarter equipment: Class and race restricted items More places to wear equipment Equipment that is worn on more than one slot Objects that can be a weapon. for example) . and hundreds of unique commands. ROM features: .net Everwar opened it's doors to the general public for testing in July of 2001. the playing style. many other changes.3] http://www.Dune. and minions of darkness. light and wand all in one! Object specials (a real Holy 9000 [12.251] http://www. .. Many of the old stock areas have been updated for our many new features! We have a dedicated staff of immortals.

The game is based in a world where planar travel is possible. from software. with expanded horizons. help with balance (Players only . We now encompass all RPG's as 'acceptable' (meaning that while it's impossible to incorporate all RPG's into one MUD. final fantasy tactics ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rock: Crashed Plane [Custom] dillfrog. I can honestly say few code bases have the look of quality and professionalism that Everwar has. Current areas: Super Mario RPG Areas in works: Golden Sun. striving to gain control of mighty monoliths of power. The mud listing will be updated. But don't take our word for it. (Wizards and Players Playtesters: Check areas for bugs. Terranigma. King's field games. However. the active staff have started the project over. Chas -Pestilence (Everwar . (Wizards only) Mappers: Create one of our unique detailed maps for an area already in the mud or not. which . FF6/Final Fantasy 6 Areas planned: Dragon warrior games. admin/staff are allowed to code anything from any RPG that they desire).Greater God) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The RPG Nexus (SquareSoft Mud v2) [LP] (heavily modified) rpgnexus. I mean it got deleted).. please take a look at our web-site! Warm Regards. which never really got it's full chance. etc. ) ) Playtesters who help test things.. {Search Criteria} squaresoft. do not come yet.cjb. (Wizards and Players) Descers: Describe rooms that lazy wizards decided not to.184. Five advanced races war against each other. and do not whine about their suggestions not being implemented will recieve special bonuses when the MUD becomes fully Running on an entirely unique code base. Many more Final Fantasi 2223 [216. If you only want to play. give ideas.33. enix.dillfrog.18] None The RPG Nexus is a new revision of The Squaresoft Mud. but not help out. (By this.I have been a mudder for over 15 years. and anything else 4000 http://www. We are currently looking for the following positions: Builders: Build areas. Rock 2 offers a welcomed diversion to the host of Circle and Diku MUDs out there. as soon as the mud is truly open. creating a vast network of environments to play in. capcom. Note that we are NOT looking for full-time players at this time. Thank you.

providing players with a new chance to rule supreme. It is the original lpMUD code.mosha. We are looking for players.154.250. improve their abilities and learn new skills. Players are able to advance in Level. Equipment is reset every war and stats are maintained for the entire time a character is active. and welcomes new players to come and become wizard. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : RoninMUD [Dikumud] Modified Diku Gamma game. and ultimately win the game. Rock aims to balance the playing field by using a real-time turn-based system.2@141/2.promise planar supremacy to those mighty enough to claim them all.71.0 fics2.shtml This is the RushMUD. A new game begins shortly after. Killing is done during wars lasting 10-20minutes.4. There are a variety of classes and over 35 areas in addition to the standard backbone.Amylaar 03. Rogue has been up and running since June of 1992. for those that have been there before. Players are given a certain amount of turns to use each day.5 COMPAT mosha. Currently it is set in a fantasy style setting with 2222 [64. It should be said that Rogue is most similar to the Genocide of 8-10 yrs ago.freechess. Each race works as a team in an attempt to gain control of the 5317 [194. but we do have some new and fun quests as well as a newbie 5000 [64. coders and builders to revitalize this old favorite.109. we're DIKU! While at lower levels we're a 'run of the mill DIKU'. we have some beautifully crafted areas with plenty of puzzles and intrigue that are available to the more powerful Rogue Mudlib v3.93] http://www. but for those wizards that would like to code something new: we do allow for different realms and are setting up a way to move between them with automatic item change. with the original lib. Players use their turns to gather equipment.47] http://www. It is currently still rather small. allowing those with less free time to compete with the temporally-inclined. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : RushMUD [LP] Amylaar 3. Unlike most MUDs. Once all monoliths have been captured and secured by one race. .140] None Rogue is an old school player killer mud which has been referred to as Genocide's little sister.131. the game ends with the winners receiving in-game benefits. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rogue [LP] LP .org/ Hack!? Slash!? Of course.

4) Ronin offers week-to-week change -. We are a pure pkill Smaug 5) Meta system to trade experience for stats/hp/mana 6) Subclass system -. usually 30-40 players on during peak hours. A new derivative of Eclipse.pokesaga. Many of our original area's are also used on RoD. always willing to help out.choose a path and specialize in an area of types of skills/spells 7) Autoquest system -. Trainers travel from town to town capturing new Pokemon to use in battle and compete in tournaments for the much sought-after position of Pokemon Master.8] None This is Sparks of Pain. with advanced players being given the chance to play rare species and Feature Characters. including the original Bladesinger class that Realms of Despair has implemented as a pkill-only class. 2) 10 Classes Pokemon Saga MUCK strives for originality and exciting role-play in an imaginative multi-region environment.Many years from to offer for any player style. fully customizable and user realizable. Saga welcomes players of all ages and abilities. Malakai and Lotar.Other features include: 1) ANSI color.Pokemon training has become a way of life for many people. We have many classes. Ancient Pokemon species that would eventually become extinct still thrived in this dark landscape. PRESENT DAY . genetic engineering will enable .64 mudhost. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Pokemon Saga MUCK [MUCK] TinyMUCK 2. Ancient civilisations built shrines and temples to 1111 [216. KOKUMIN .we're in a constant state of 2000 [65. 3) Active player base. worshipping them as Gods to be feared and respected. created by Allax.9.incredible game complexity! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Sparks of Pain [Smaug] Modified portent.2 Fuzzball release 5. Players are offered a choice of three different worlds to explore: ALKHABA . Our administrative staff are enthusiastic and friendly.140] http://www.In the distant past.132.136.gain points for Meta or Subclass 8) Nearly 8 years on the Internet -.175. Please come try us out. Our pkill/clan system is one of the best. tropical jungles covered much of the planet's surface.

We want .com 4080 [63. Customize your character by training in numerous subclasses. or even a member of the evil Team Rocket! And. We are always on the cutting edge of the CoffeeMud system. There's a lovely tourguide system with real live tourguides to help you out in the beginning. something to interest anyone.zimmers. but we will strive to create a more varied environment in which to play. you have the opportunity to create your own completely original Pokemon species for Alkhaba and Kokumin. from computer hacking to japanese samurai. . The choice is yours. both new and old.5 levels. Come on in and check us out! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : CoffeeMud [CoffeeMud] Home of the CoffeeMud code base! coffeemud.63. . We offer generous experience and lots of fun areas. and we encourage you to join us. Join a clan. with wild Pokemon restricted to massive man-made Biospheres.4a (modified) We're a small mud looking to build a Adventure in over 170 familiar areas in a brand new way! .the-sanitarium. On this unique Pokemon The Sanitarium is a Smaug MUD intended for medieval fantasy based gaming. there are 386 official Pokemon species to choose 6666 [216. There are 5 'clans' or gangs with specific themes. Join us Right Now! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Sanitarium [Smaug] 1.116. of course. .humans to create entirely new species of Pokemon. Advanced cities cover the land. Our codebase is entirely original. a breeder.homeip. and our gun system is pretty decent.210] http://www. You can use guns or dex weapons. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : NuclearWarUSA [LP] NuclearWar USA nuclearwarmudusa.225. Make wars of conquest for gain or glory.133] http://www. Learn common trade skills. everything from a humble Pidgey to the mighty Lugia. The world is mostly stock at this time. guild. The game is open to all. Playerkilling is allowed with level restrictions of +/.nuclearwarmudusa. or fellowship. you can choose to play a human character: a trainer. 23 http://coffeemud.

4b . and classes. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Sonic X [Unknown] mucks. ----------------------------------------------Mud : ScalesMUCK .Gives ability to hide trainers in it making it more fun to explore! Many other aspects exist on Patterns but you'll have to come by and check us out to discover them! Just remember. When first creating a character chooses from the three most basic classes of warrior.11] http://geocities. which allow for hidden skills/spells to create more challenge. So in other words. and we hope that you can help us.83. which include nearly 350 skills and 150 spells * Trainers. Yes. if you're not one for a challenge Patterns isn't the place for you.Allows for a dynamic boat system giving access to dozens of cities with more than 40 boats! . and rogue.htm The theme of this MUCK is based on the new cartoon series Sonic X.22. the theme is set on what you and I are used to in day-to-day life except that Sonic and friends got to our planet build a world worth experiencing. * Our overland vmap gives us an exact replica of the Wheel of Time 9000 [209. spells.Heavily Modified patterns. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Wheel of Time .Allows for creation of ways and cool aspects there. In total we have twenty seperate expansion classes for remorted and double remorted characters varying from Sorcerers to Blademasters to the most deadly Poison Masters.cyberleo. channeler.Pattern's End [Rom] ROM 2. * No max on stats due to our new random bonus 20000 [ Pattern's End prides itself on its variety of skills. During the game a character has the chance to expand their classes beyond these basics.88] http://patternsend. the ga mes Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 apply since the cartoon is so heavily base d on the games.132. * Skill webs. (1 MONTH B4 IN!) .betterbox.

To get away from the furry only worlds. There is alot of code already added. Build a home.136. it welcomes all people interested in cross-cultural communication.236. Guilds and Nations are coming soon. Although schMOOze was founded with the ESL/EFL student in mind. Orders. Instead of going into details I'll just say that Astaria has been around for about 10 years and we have a very loyal player base.hunter. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SchMOOze University MOO The Darkest Nemesis has 125 areas with over 10000 rooms and objects with many more coming soon. So stop by and check us out! ----------------------------------------------Mud : FilthyMUD .liu.41] : None : This is a muck that was made for those that love the scaly at 8888 [146. I've been working on this mud for almost 4 years before recently deciding to put it online.Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Fuzzball SchMOOze U.9.genesismuds. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Astaria [LP] Heavily Modified TMI-2 8887 [ 2000 [216. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Darkest Nemesis [Smaug] modified 1.7] http://schmooze.18] None I'm not sure what makes one person decide to try a mud over another. That in itself should make it worth a look.4a version 4 5000 [64.cuny. There are Clans.252.106.253. Furrys and others are encouraged to play and build a world for themselves.128.63 (modified) : tassmoj. was established in 1994 as a place where people studying English as a second or foreign language could practice English while sharing experiences with other learners and practicers of English.cuny. We are looking for more help all the time and player-testers and Immortals that like to help out and aren't afraid of some work will be well rewarded. with much more coming soon.hunter. come build a life We would love to have you there to make new friends that love the same things you do.ctrl-c.8] http://nemesis.

in that certain classes can become certain subclasses.100. and expectations of supporting the little people with private desires as well as those wishing to have substantial real estate and heavy player load. http://www. and heavy emphasis on control of your own work. For hundreds of years the wastelands and .63. Nameless MUCK is a shared multi-verse. the crown jewel of an advanced civilization.filthymud. FuzzBall 5.limitless. Our 'Endless' system. are things like our 'Per-hit-XP' system. with unlimited simultaneous genres. please visit our website. there's room for whatever can be dreamed 2600 [206. and is now very stable with a lot of original ideas implimented. in a place with no name or genre to limit your goals.83] http://nmc. We at Nameless MUCK are here to build technically proficient software. which allows normal equipment to become much more powerful. After 1337 [63. and the ones our playtesters love the most. support for large-scale building. It does it with minimal wizards.21] : http://www. the second is the forge item code. seeking your fortune in the chaotic city known as the Zone.4b6/custom : filthymud.214. both in areas and code. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Zone Runner: TDome X [Unknown] Zone Runner is based on TDome ][ and TDome 3. Some of the biggest changes.muck.limitless. this was a magnificent city.150. and we hope the players find it a place with exceptionally good role-play.139.x deriv.2. and we are now. nameless.Code Base Telnet WWW Description : [Rom] Rom2. but these are handled a little differently than most 3939 [199. which is a two-step process. Open For Play! FilthyMUD has had quite a bit of development. tdome. Before the Great Wars. Please visit our website to see some of these changes. Another major change is of course remorts.21 (Release).filthymud. which are much better than the normal classes allowed to a new character. the first allowing a max level player to continue advancing their stats (hp/mana/move) and gain training sessions. 2004.13] None You are a lowly outcast. which has much more information about our MUD on : FilthyMUD has been in a period of testing and debugging for quite awhile now. as of September ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : NamelessMUCK [MUCK] NMC1. which gives experience per hit instead of per kill.

You may also encounter players from Spain and Sweden. or cruise the lake on a sleek waverunner.0 heavily modified mud.8. Now. Perhaps the best way to describe the setting is the Federation from Star Trek versus the Empire from Star Wars with a lot of other stuff thrown in. Drive around town in a Ferrari. PD offers a blend of RP and simulation.mud. Nosotros creemos ser el primer mud Sudamericano y que aun sigue 6969 [192. unos colombianos.We believe ourselves to be the very first South American Mud ever..would you rather be a muscle-bound brute. tSpace paradigm. made-from-scratch space flight and combat . cruel world.S.Colombia. Por un lugar mejor donde vivir.226] http://None This game is loosely based on a commercial RPG called Lightspeed (http://www. Nosotros tenemos jugadores de distintas nacionalidades. to buy businesses and hire mercenaries and buy robots to literally take over the world.96. the old technologies and cultures are again rising up to take back what they once lost. you will find plenty to do in this cold.80. They are. Enjoy spending quality time with a joint and a cheap prostitute. Argentina and the U.ruined cities have been the hunting grounds of savages and 2197 [67.34] http://www. a shrewd businessman?. mexicanos.. (Now in spanish) SHacraMUD esta localizado en Santiago de Chile. ShacraMUD ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Paradigm MUSH [MUSH] PennMUSH 1. you will have the opportunity to mass wealth. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shacra MUD [Envy] Envy2.24. If you wish to know. a skilled computer hacker. Zone Runner offers an incredibly unique game world with features unlike those found on any other mud. As a player.130. With over 20. We count with players from all major North and South American Countries. Mexico. It's not a crossover MUSH. We are using an original.000 rooms and a whole host of skills and equipment needed to traverse the world. argentinos y principalmente Chilenos.A. similar enough that most new players should be "instantly familiar" with the basics of the setting.lightspeed-rpg. so don't expect the factions to be identical to their Star Trek/Star Wars counterparts. Chile. the choice is up to Shacra Mud is based in Santiago de Chile. Who you are is up to you . Like most other sci-fi MU*s.0 pl 0 w. the great majority of us come from Chile.mushpark.

and is now 12 years 7773 [66.140] None .uk/inshades/ Shades is a traditional MUD along the lines of the original Essex MUD. long before the beginning of history. The battles between them raged constantly with first one side and then the other claiming victory.92. The spell lifted the city into the air.darbonne. will be your DM. an original and early DM styx.engine called tSpace that is fully integrated with the skills system. Mighty adventurers still seek the fragments of those mystical parchments in many dangerous and mysterious places. but the curious are encouraged to log on and have a look around.199. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : 3000 [ one of Darbonne's great libraries was torn asunder and parchments which were stored there. It was during the third age. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shades Custom games. Unfortunately. THE FLOATING CITY There was a time. Would you like to join them? Styx. Much of the code is still under development however.150] None DARBONNE.205.238. Fire and Water.12. were lost from that library. The game is still under development and isn't open for RP. when there were both good and evil forces in the Land of Mordor. at a time when the dragons and balrogs had joined forces against the elves. so not everything is working at the moment. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Holomud 2000 [Dikumud] Updated Version coldtech. upon which were recorded offensive spells from the realms of Earth. For a long time it was the most sucessfull commerical MUD] http://games. There is also a fully coded personal combat system and a trading/economy higher than any dragon could fly. dwarves and humans in a grand assualt against them that a triad of powerful wizards and a white mage saved the city of Darbonne by casting a self-perpetuating spell on it.58. Wind. Its sucess was often credited to its easy to learn game-play and strong social 23 [194. although it is now running for free. the Floating City [Mordor] Hosted by Styx. from the city of Oceancrest.

skills.178. where anything can happen. the ability to possess fearsome creatures.4. Come by and check us out! ----------------------------------------------- . 60 skills. the mud is being worked on intensively. and so forth. and perhaps you too will remain.246] http://www. then remort into another when you achieve a hundreth level. hacker attacks. the slightest ripple can tip the scales. as it has not necessary followed the traditional paths of MUD evolution. spells. This is the land of Equinox. holomud is the result of time.5 dragonfiremud.83] http://equinox.14. your clan if you dare. and clans all wrapped into one in a style that makes Dragonfire unique. 111 and growing areas. It is much more interesting that even I can 1999 [24. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Equinox [Rom] ROM 2.betterbox. Be one of the many classes.betterbox. We feature a holodeck ran system that allows the player to run simulations. incorporating new features and updating the code. Many of our loyal player base have been around for seven or eight YEARS. with both familiar and strange races that live only here. The 'guilds' of Dragonfire are classes.dragonfiremud. Build your empire. Equinox has the familiar and the unique. We welcome you to stop by. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragonfire II [LP] Custom 2. Visitors to our lands stay not only because of the challenges and adventures. but credits can't be given away.Looking for a mud that is a challenge for advanced players yet friendly to even the worst of newbies? Well this is it. With 200 spells. Just give it a The balance between good and evil is everchanging. Since opening 01/01/00. No food/drink/renting costs. Dragonfire has a strong focus on playerkilling. Quests abound for the brave and fearless. and an amazing arena for combat.202. Not all return alive. starting out in Midgaard and moving to the outlying unfamiliar areas. but they feel welcomed by not only the IMM's but the people of Equinox. new 7777 [216. but PK is by each player's choice--the best of both Dragonfire is an ancient LPmud that has evolved for many years. and even the newest of players stands a chance in the game. it has grown and the residents are warm and welcoming.70. being a very old mud with an old admin group. following the MUD through its trial and tribulations--new hosts. there is something for anyone looking for adventure.4v6 equinox. Dragonfire is a unique experience in the mud world. where the the lines between good and evil weigh in a delicate balance. holomud runs on a credit system that acts like gold/exp combined. Gold is no longer an issue. Recently spun-off (hence the II). familiars for magic users. yet new and exciting to the new players.

Look forward to prejudice and Kanestio is set in western New York State between 1600 and 1774.firedragon.250.255. Each individual thread of your character's experiences. Sound fair? ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : ShadowGate [LP] ShadowGate 1. both positive and negative. languages. Roleplaying is a 8000 [213. races. say 'Hi.0b5 kanestio. Indeed characters can eventually gain influence and control over parts of the world as "High Mortals". We insist that you roleplay.mooseheadsled. The Seneca and the early colonists occupy the same area. deities.5 firedragon. spells. continuing to shape and grow the game further.mraz. I hope you enjoy your trip into the past. misadventures.161.' and we'll give you a hard time. friends and enemies becomes the .com/ MHS is. weapon and non-weapon proficiencies. Come ShadowGate is a huge MUD that sticks closely to the AD&D manuals.3 with 8 years of changes sled. Our systems of multi-classing. conflict and cooperation. This is an attempt to show as much as possible the cultures of both groups and to assess no blame. not an end goal. We strive to form a community of adventurers with all aspects of interactions. MHS always shall be. Kanestio at this time was a Seneca Indian village and was later incorporated into an English village that exists today. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : MooseHead SLED II [Rom] based on 2.145. well not everyone) makes for a great escape from RL and into our warped little world. MHS was.2. Enter Kanestio! *Type new at the welcome screen to make a new character. and required introductions all make you feel as if the world of ShadowGate is an evolving environment. A complimentary mix of long time players and new players all killing eachother (ok.64.27] http://kanestio.50] 6969 [ 23 [216.Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Kanestio [LP] Lima 1.144] http://www. hate and love.

We strictly enforce this as best as we are 4201 [207. reflecting on your adventures. They are not creators or builders.the times in the city. while experienced mud-players will find they can achieve success with little or no explanation.4 Shadow 1 (Detroit) patchlevel 16 #18 [6/ : detroit. These realms are intertwined with varying degrees of complexities which utilized different types of terrain and themes which are appropriate to their time and atmosphere. You will find Visionmud rich with culture. and trys hard to prevent the player from loosing interest. Lordcam at your service. spending your gold.dnaco. never really spend enough time to get aquainted to a new mud. which are our DM' 4000 [63. Of special note: I have noticed many new players to muds.51] : http://www. We encourage any player who wishes to become part of the community to join us. treasure. There are several large continents to travel and explore. We encourage RP through a system of Avatars. 150+ active players and 30-40 on a night make for an intense . They are people who drive interactive quests through various abilities and interactively controlled NPCs. Avatars and creators are all selected from the players who have played and gained our trust.tapestry of his or her life.205. goal is to make the ShadowGate world reflect not only the tabletop world of adventure and RP. nobility. Recently we added a straight to the point training guide that should get any novice up and runing quickly. The ultimate. enjoy what we have. but also those idle times of characters .com Visionmud starts out in a semi-modern setting. and the whole winds up becoming more than it's parts. and perhaps idealistic. complete with boardable vessels and a subway system. separated by vast oceans.22. thusly not dashing their hopes of reaping fame and fortune. Visionmud has been designed with that in mind.visionmud. It is a roleplaying MUX with judged combat and a large number of plots. to ensure consistancy with the game's evolution forward.85] : [Updated 2/2000] Shadowrun Detroit is a game based on the Cyberpunk game 'Shadowrun 3rd ed' by FASA Corporation. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Visionmud [Circlemud] visionmud.206. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base 10/98] Telnet WWW Description : Shadowrun Detroit : [MUX] TinyMUX version 1. and help us make it better and move toward our goal.238. as well as fraught with multitudes of challenges.

with completely unique sets of skills for each. We have long time players from all around the world (australia. mexico. which is fantasy-based. 4th. and truly awesome rewards for upper levels.236. and more). We have our own Windows-based Area Editor available for free use.insymnia. however. Shadowruns are a common experience as is general roleplaying. SOTM2 has some very cool features: unique character creation where you choose not only your primary class. and a huge number of skills/spells. hp. The game. and over 75% of our areas are player-designed! Plus we have tons of truly amazing stuff in the works. is not as common as in TT due to the restrictions of the medium and the stress on roleplaying versus rollplaying. 3rd. and 5th classes also! Your choice of race leads to a choice of 10 different subraces. We have very dedicated players and a long history. Upon reaching level 50 you choose from 4 Legendary Classes. but we recently re-opened.166] http://www.136. netherlands.203. When joining in 4000 [209.shadowsofthemind. is pure The MUD is in its 2nd year of heavy code modifications and area creation. We have only 2 simple rules to follow. where bleeding and exhaustion can take you down even if you have the hp. which quickly eliminates boredom.shadowsofthemind. We have a completely original 300+ room main city. where your character is deleted when you die (there is a Onedeath Hall of Fame also to record those valiant players).9. come visit us! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Insymnia MUD [Circlemud] Heavy Modification insymnia. as the primary theme of the MUD is simple: Make the players as powerful as they can possibly be. or no path if you don't like pkilling). the player can earn reward points. This is a challenging mud with a unique pkill system (you can choose a path of Holy. who are prohibited from . and all of our players are always more than willing to help out new ones. while increasing the difficulty of the game to adapt to your increase in power. Unholy or 6600 [216. etc. but heavily modified since 1995 Shadows of the Mind has been around for over 5 yrs. Straight combat. which can be used to increase max stats. This includes Immortals. plus each player can choose a specialty which will define a set of skills/spells that you will excel at.roleplaying experience. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shadows of the Mind [Envy] Core server-Envy. We also offer a Onedeath challenge. but 2nd. players build new areas constantly. Our mobs load objects from a huge database equipment. mobs load with different sets of equipment each time. Combat on our mud is deadly.5] http://www.

31] None The year is 2043 AD on Earth and in the future things were seemingly bleak. though in truth it was part of a research test. and players. Using mental images and skills a person knew to create a sprite . as though you were walking along right beside them. Battles will be legendary in their magnitude. and check the place out. We do not have a lot of users yet so please be patient. Currently there are two main areas outside the starting area.0 rebirth. some just to watch the other side perish. Not to long ago in 2028 World War Three broke out and threw the governments of the world into chaos. with both classes consisting of 100 levels.20] http://nexus. *User suggestions are often implemented.247. and an Anime based setting. invisible creatures whose sole purpose is to harass players and prevent them from having fun. and once into the powerful Hero class. Players can remort once into another class. There are multiple worlds to interact in. Attempting MUX like Feel. That was the name of this believed virtual world. *There are no stock rooms. so how much you interact with one aspect or another is totally up to you. They packaged it as one with one name Hirladan. They created a new gaming system and game. You can move back and forth easily. Come the year 2040 Internet gaming was the top grossing form of entertainment and any company that hoped to earned money was in on the business. consisting of entire towns (and players if they wish to join) destroying each other.13. Feel free to come look around. After six long years the world united as one and what was once pain and suffering rapidly became entertainment. One research company known as Faust & Solomon Enterprises decided to corner the market with a new development.188. zones. nexus. There is a Fantasy based setting. Enter our world.166. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Nexus of Worlds [MOO] Built from minimal. The concept is simple. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rebirth Mush [MUSH] Tinymush The Nexus of worlds is a reasonably new MU* That looks forward to growth in the months to come. some for the pursuit of power and wealth. *Looking for builders.iamyourgod.accela.being 7777 [130. Without national barriers and even no language barriers entertainment became a large focus while other research went bankrupt due to lack of funding. 8888 [165.db.accela. You can watch players battle it out in an arena.

PKing is restricted to grouping range unless you are wanted or have a bounty on your head.165. A wizard to the north found these seemingly undying Shambala is a social MUSH where you can log 8888 [206. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shared Maddness [Merc] ACK! 4. RP is encouraged for all and mandatory for clan members. while struck down they rose again so to further his plots to take the struggling world he must stop the influx of immortals. Casino and extended adept levels are some of our most well enjoyed additions. Modifications to the stock code and many addition to the spells and physical attacks along with the spirits and brawl brawl code make for some unexpected suprises! The 45+ stances.mudservices.0 shambala. and just generally relax and have a good time. You don't have to be an adult to log in.245. While these sprites that uses amplified and modified skills such as a creative writer being a good spell caster. they also knew they could test resurrection and even duplication because NPCs must be exist in another world. Bounty. So please stop in and give it a look see. Your interaction takes place in a friendly world with parks.shambala. but you have to know how to act like one. Currently we have over 7600+ rooms and 100+ areas are open for 5055 [63. code or to just relax and have a great time. Challenge Arena. A spell was developed and for two years people have been disappearing in the real world and hybrids of the character they were and who the look like have been showing up in game un able to log out as the spell merges body and mind into Hirladan. with heavy modifications so there is a feel of familiarity but a fresh look and feel.fortunecity. dance clubs. Harrassment and alt interaction are strictly forbidden.mudshell.153] http://members.3. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shambala MUSH [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3. and many other virtual places where you and your online friends can gather.mudshell.html Several of the stock areas remain. meet and chat with people from all over the world. If you are looking for a fun place to build.21] http://www. It is possible for very unique creation as one can range from players to natives and even the trapped playes if one chosese to do Shambala strives to be a friendly and safe environment. play games. Archery.1 maddness. shops.247. we urge you to come Share in our Maddness! .

Share in the unique RP experience provided by our greet system. We have a large selection of 12 professions and 11 races (with sprites. and therefore Thread still falls.silvertree. 2 Holds. Just log on and begin walking the Hall of Creation .org 1996 [65. the atmosphere and society described in the books. View the extensive.139. though technology remainsl very limited.182. We attempt to recreate.2. and runs with full permission from the author. we have 2 Weyrs (mountainous Honshu and jungle-covered Southern). all-original world with our exclusive mapped wilderness that sensibly links together zones.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Soucon MUSH [MUSH] TinyMUSH version 2. Please join us at: soucon. Smart NPCs will give you a run for your money. Set in the Southern Continent of Pern we are set in the 10th Pass. and many Crafts. language. with as much authenticity as possible. one pass after the events in Dragonflight. and an ideal place to send a PC relative of a character you have here: we're running on the exact same timeline! Smaller than PernMUSH. Pick from 6 starting kingdoms.'ll see that we are unique.194] http://soucon.shatteredkingdoms. We've got loads of unique skills and spells to seek out with ranged and area-affect attacks and tactical formations.224. player-run religions and cabals. finite age. We consider ourselves one of the friendliest MUSHes out there. We have 4 Hatchings a Shattered Kingdoms allows you to roleplay and battle in a fantasy environment that has few artificial restrictions.silvertree. We do not recognize the events outlined in 'All the Weyrs of Pern'.5 #2 soucon. numerous RP events and a revolving system of Paragon players who (along with immortals) can reward you for quality play.242. while limited and unique objects will give you something to hunt for in your spare time. SouCon offers a more intimate atmosphere for RP. and Impress up to 10 players at each Hatching on 4201 [64.123: 4201). each with it's own history. We also boast NO global channels! We've been open for over five years with a .silvertree. and feel free to contact any of the Wizards or Guides (+rwho wiz and +rwho gui) for help! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shattered Kingdoms [Rom] SKMUD 2. and offer help to new players of all levels of experience. SouCon MUSH is PernMUSH's sister game. The White Dragon etc. centaurs and griffons). offering characters many ways in which to get involved. We don't scrimp on combat either.95 mud.4] http://www. justice system and PC Soucon MUSH is a themed roleplaying MUSH based on the series of books the 'Dragonriders of Pern' by Anne 4201 (63.

hjsoft. We prefer LP MUD experience and a strong desire to build your dreams for others to enjoy them. to the deep mysteries of the UnderDark. eventually moving to LVC.hjsoft. The program comes complete wi th installer and a sample area (from stock greed code) and is available at our webs ite. Newbies. Please send an email if you wish to have your character back. We are a fully interactional LP MUD. We are now open for beta testing. Current features include: three remort choices. Come visit the Shattered Realms. From the high heights of the Northlands.48. The Shattered Realms . We have finally completed our personal Happy Area Welcome to the Shattered Realms.227. and encourage constructive criticism. then some Smaug x. and rewarded within our xp 2400 [24. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Happy Mud [Envy] Updated to UltraEnvy. for we have a newbie-friendly interface and protection for one full day of game time. and has been under constant construction for the last few months. Nearly every pf ile is still present. I have found that the real danger provided by this makes the gaming experience much richer. As a large part of Roleplaying involves taking risks (what warrior would be afraid of battle if he knew he would not die) we also permit playerkilling. Happy Mud started roughly 9 years ago in UTexas. our world is rich in every detail. We have now finally migrated to an ex-player's server and are currently running very nicely 4001 [130.213] http://x. From builder. Our world began in June of 1999. fear not.sf. programmer and writer all the way up to admin levels currently available.a place unlike any other. with nine different races and eighteen classes. We also have positions available for coders at all experience levels. a windows GUI/progr am which is very helpful in designing areas for Happy MUD. which determine which of 28 superclasses you can choose. debatably the most .234] http://shatteredrealms. and then to paid hosting services such as mudsrus. Check us out! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Shattered Realms [LP] HIGHLY modified LP MUD running MudOS morth.236. then to Greed. Roleplaying is encouraged.dedicated server and a stable code base. 20 different theme based worlds.104.

however.british-legends. It was the age of Gargoyles.html One thousand years ago. or MUD for short. ressurection spells.immortaltwilight. They were betrayed by the humans they had sworn to protect. 'undo spell' spells. and has been in limited operation on a test site since. For many years. Stone by day. Frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years. nearly every sentient NPC can have a conversation. The present incarnation is a high-fidelity port of the original MUD code base to a modern server 11020 [68. This accurate reimplementation faithfully reproduces almost all the original's features. pc repair of weapon s and armor. was the first ever game of this genre. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Multi-User Dungeon (British Legends) [Custom] Ported from the BCPL original british-legends. etc. a visit to MUD at will be worth your time! This version of MUD/BL was written with the permission of the original copyright holder by Viktor T. Many players thought that this meant the end of their beloved Multi-User Dungeon. That is not so.1. In the fall of 1999. or British Legends as it was known to players. superstition and the sword ruled. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : GargoyleMOO [MOO] LambadaMOO (Foo Modified) gargoyle. It was opened to the public in May. etc. Toth (aka Viktor the arch-wizard. Now here in Manhatten.135] http://www. damage. MUD.133] http://www. even some of the bugs that have become part of the game's 950 continuous non-remort levels for superclass es. CIS decided to terminate British Legends as part of their Y2K cleanup efforts.131. Richard Bartle called it) in December 1999. warriors by night. If you want to see what multiplayer gaming was like in the Land where it all began. . It was a time of darkness.112.). The spell is broken.immortaltwilight. along with mastery skills that enhance the efficiency of this). and visit a game that still offers superior game play and 27750 [24.advanced autoquesting code. nifty naming (easier to reference objects). 2000. surging for superclasses (spend more mana to enhance every spell e ffect (duration. It was a world of fear. existed on the CompuServe Information Service. And they live again! They are defenders of the night. 50 levels for remorting.british-legends. formerly MrSpock the wizard) in a 'mad programming binge' (as MUD's original author.

as well as to aid the testing of new features. hence the testers will have an advanced knowledge of the MUD when we are ready for 4002 http://scynscapa. while others have made it their life's work to destroy them. still needed are a few race hometowns. but the thing we need most now is a larger building staff. We are also open for player testers. testers will have a few advantages upon opening. we currently have only 4 stock zones. Some call themselves friends to Gargoyles. The followers of the old ways war against those who seek to destroy the humans. after many false starts .exoteris. protecting from the darkness. Theme will be largely medieval. At least one more playerfile wipe will be necessary. However. so the more builders we have. the sooner we will be ready.THEY ARE GARGOYLES! The age of darkness has long passed and modern nights are filled with danger. ( Note: This game is Disney's Gargoyles based. so anyone able to create a nice challenge are welcome also. Opening to players once the world is large enough to support a small playerbase. It is fully operational but the world is not totally built yet.exoteris. but we are not yet ready for players. The angels of the night are collecting by some force or pull to the land called New A growing medieval based MUD. While most of the world below is blissfully unaware of the existance of these creatures. While others seem not to care if the humans discover their existance. Finally. or stop in and speak to Scynscapa or Rayen. Any questions are welcomed to be emailed. so any builders would preferably be able to stay within theme. Going for an all original world. ) ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Land of Terminus [Circlemud] 3.0p2 This is an amalgam of ideas that have collected in various dusty corners over the years. Tension runs high between different groups of gargoyles that have begun to form. a rare few are privilaged to this information.. we are seeking builders for the most part at this time. Silent battles in the night.132] http://rust.1. modified scynscapa. Playtesters are needed to check zones for errors and balance. Some seek to remain hidden from the eyes of the humans. The Quarrymen plot to destroy all gargoyles. and something far more. Player testing is welcome.darkemud. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : RUST [MUSH] TM 3. A large race selection offers more variety for areas.darkemud.. Quest areas are also 1800 [65.204. Input is very welcome.160. and even those will eventually be replaced.

234. and putting them all in one place in the hopes that they will mesh well. Roleplaying is strongly encouraged. Black Numenorean. is strongly discouraged. and providing boundaries where necessary. as close as may be done in a MUD environment. and be joined by new ideas which will all flourish together.72. Currently MEM is centered around Bree and Breeland.1 mem. Out of character play. Come join us and be the foundation of our player base! MEM is not just a hack and slash MUD.zapto. Black Numenoreans and Dunlendings are in league with Mordor.162. but with out a well built and large world.Middle Earth Mud [Circlemud] Heavily Modified CircleMUD 3. MEM's playerbase is virtually non-existent right now. Players may choose to play a Dunadan man. It is set after Bilbo has returned from Erebor (after the events of The Hobbit) and before he leaves the Shire after his party (before the events of The Lord of the Rings). sinistrad. Should players choose they may learn a craft and aquire a building in Bree to be their shop. We are currently hiring dedicated builders who will work hard and finish what they start. The only requirements here are an open mind and the ability to respect. This is an attempt to make the most of the environment.unitycode. So. while tolerated to a certain level. There's no one particular genre or theme. It is completely free to .29] http://sinistrad.22] 4000 [209. The current building team can only build so Middle Earth Mud is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) based on Tolkien's Middle Earth. Middle Earth Mud's mission statement is to create an accurate and realistic representation of Tolkien's Middle Earth. there is no where for players to enjoy that 4000 [66. It was built by Tolkien fans for Tolkien fans. It is a text world in which players can create a character and then play it as if it were truely Middle Earth. from both a technical and creative standpoint. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : MEM . Warriors. Eriadorian man. Dwarf or Hobbit. an attempt will be made to support a variety of atmospheres.unitycode. allowing for crossover where feasible and desired. if you love building and love Tolkien come build with us! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Sinistrad MUD [Smaug] Heavily modified.I am picking up the pieces. There is a war between the forces of the Dark Lord and the Free Peoples of Arda. We are working on building one. Dunlending.38.zapto. The world will continue to grow slowly unless we have devoted builders who love Tolkien. rangers and thieves may also aquire buildings to be their homes or to be used for whatever they like. There are currently about 14 zones open with about 1500 rooms. Manwe can write brilliant code until his fingers fall off.

So. While inter-world travel is discouraged.An anthropomorphic version of Ancient Egypt.. where enemies await you. be on the lookout. central gathering points for all the characters to relax OOC make for an interesting and colorful mix. and focus on bringing new life into a world that was quickly dying away. magic is coming alive in ways never dreamed possible. with dogs! Fur City . New races are being born as we speak. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Realm of Forgotten Time [Custom] frealm.Description : 23 [80.OOC world for settling back and relaxing Irken Invasion . and become immortal? Much awaits you in the FlipSide is a Multiple-World Environment. young warrior.. Unless they are on a quest to become immortal themselves ! Well. Technology and magic now co-exist in a place that knew only how big the next person's blaster was.World based on The Lion King Realms of Bastet . join us in our struggle to bring to life a new world. FlipSide has six active worlds: El Dogrado .223. Places you visited yesterday are gone or moved a whole continent away. complete with gods and goddesses Tir a' Turlach a Deigh 9999 [66. so join us.139] http://flipsidemuck. and other players may help or hinder. :) Currently. join us as we mourn the lives lost in the cataclysmic war. What you knew is no longer there. Things you held this morning have been swept away in the tidal wave of violence that will be known as the Great Disaster.Set in an Aztec-themed environment. bringing together diverse and interesting cultures for a different roleplay experience.New world based on Invader Zim Pridelands .1. Can you find all the hidden treasure. and other players will usually be more than happy to help out. All worlds except Fur City are IC roleplay-based worlds .92. solve the riddles and puzzles.125. it is time for you to begin the quest.126] None Welcome to the Realm of Forgotten Time. If your will is strong enough to create something from nothing. and welcome to Sinistrad! Upon entering the world. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : FlipSide Muck [MUCK] Derived from Fuzzball 5.64 muck.Tir is a fantastical world with a Robin Hood/Medieval flavor.

Sloth provides its immortals with a unique scripting language. a prestigious fifth class opens up which gives him entirely new skills and powers as well as access to a dangerous but rewarding expert-level continent.1.with it's own unique culture. wizards and omnipotent gods. necromancer. Warrior. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Sleepless Nights [Aber] Aber sleepless. * Comprehensive web site containing game support. the hundreds of possible class orderings have distinct play styles. As a result. Thieves + Vampire in For 15 years.uni but with extensive source enhancements and significant universe growth to improve the game and make it more unique. Full of mystical dragons. and warrior. inhabited by 8. each player advances in four classes chosen from bard. not conflict. an exciting world of swords and sorcery set in medieval 6789 [212. monk. * Points and puzzle-based progression through the game. cleric. Mage. * 7 guilds: Adventurer. Nature Priest. These areas include complex puzzles. Once a player reaches maximum level in his four initial classes.36. thief. Check the web page for more information.000 rooms.64.000 people and creatures. FlipSide is a PG-rated muck with emphasis on roleplay. knights. Sloth is a heavily modified Diku which offers a unique world of more than 20. .org/ Welcome to the inflamed world of Sleepless 6101 [69.134. allowing them to build areas that are interactive to an unprecedented degree. you use your brains and brawn to survive the mysteries of the land and become Immortal. and monsters that behave in surprising and intelligent ways. * Player Killing and Stealing are allowed. druid. flavor and storyline. Important features are:* Newbie friendly environment. Assassin. our multi-class system provides special powers to each "prime" class.cheese. * Highlander system for no-risk pk bonus points. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SlothMUD III [Dikumud] Heavily Modified slothmud. SlothMUD III has been one of the most successful MUDs of its kind. In addition to the skills and spells of his basic four classes. * 18+ quests ranging in difficulty. Several areas provide more than simple hunt-and-kill. Sleepless Nights is a well established Aber5 mud based on blizzard. Dark Priest.225] http://slothmud.101] http://sleepless. hundreds of scripted quests. In SlothMUD III. * Offensive and defensive magic system.cheese. mage.

The mortals paradise History/Background: Renegade's Ascension. Leveling-system: Renegade's Ascension's leveling-system is made up that you. SlothMUD III also offers a very active immortal and administrative staff. is now a forwardgoing and developing MUD on it's own.234. We look forward to seeing you soon! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SMiLE [Aber] Heavily modified iDiRT derivation smile. Which ever style you choose to play. Player killing also gives you the opportunity to try to outwit human players who are less predictable than computer generated mobiles.kth. The type of character you play is your SMiLE is an abermud which supports player killing. The object of the game is to obtain 30+ quest points and get 200.ath. We are one of the most newbie-friendly MUDs around. You may choose to run a killer. The MUD is a non-playerkilling-MUD based on DIKU. Points can be gained by solving puzzles and quests.ath. killing mobiles and other players (if you have the killer flag) and dropping items of value in one of the two sacrificial pits. . play nice and merely defend yourself when attacked. with many experienced players willing to assist you in learning and enjoying our game. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : Renegade's Ascension : [Dikumud] heavily modified : brighteyes.8] http://www. armor and spells. You also have the choice of playing the mud as a nonplayer killing mud.these include a PvP arena and a coliseum where the player can test his mettle against an ever-nastier series of Playing the mud as a player killing mud will increase the challenge you experience while running.000 points to make wizard.53. The game has a complete combat system with 6715 [ 4000 [130. constantly working to provide new and interesting experiences to challenge players.stacken. which first was a part of BurningMUD before BurningMUD gods decided that the MUD had to split into two different MUD's due to different reasons.Moonglade. All players on Renegade's Ascension lives under the same roof -Everyone got the same hometown . the mobiles of SMiLE are more challenging than in some other muds. Weapons and armor are abundant and with a bit of exploration you can increase your magical knowledge.194.83] : : Renegade's Ascension . or something in between.

everything from a cloaker to a mighty Balrog. The Well: The Well is a place where you can gain frags and more cash than you can in experience-groups. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Darkness and Despair (DnD) [LP] Heavily modified cipollo. Meta means that you buy stats instead of levels. 10 professions.Templar/Templar e.161. costs BOTH exp and gold and you NEED to buy a fixed amount of stats until you can gain another level.ugate. player friendly mud.44] None Darkness and Despair (DnD) is a large. for an example. starting at level one . The combat routines. this means that you can use all the spell-abilities Magicians and Templars has . The amount of stats needed to be bought depends on what class you are.which literally means 'lords of essaence' in the Iruaic tongue. However. The Well contains many different monsters. Orbs for the K'ta'viirs can also be found inside the Well. We offer loads of player interaction. when being Multi classed you can only gain 1/3 of the amount max experience that you could gain when you were single classed. Metas 4201 [24. Roleplay is not mandatory.Little is actually known about these powerful beings except that they command great energies with an ease unheard of in current times. you can invoke different Orbs turning to Auras that benefits your character depending on what kind of Orb it is.first off. The staff at DnD prides itself on providing a robust and diverse environment for all skill levels. Things become more even when reaching to 50/50 though since then the max experience barrier disappears and you can begin to Meta. Multi classing means that you choose a second class and startover as a level 1/50. with a minimum of interference from the Arches and Immortals. Being a K'ta'viir can benefit you in many ways.except those who are for pure classed only . In some tales these beings are being referred to as the "K'ta'viir" . let us say. This mud will definitely get your adrenaline flowing. gain experience to level 50 as a single-classed character and therefrom you Multi class.43.g. The Well is based on 25 levels. there is also other special features for the K'ta'viir. are extremely rich with many unique and varied emotes. and 10 guilds.getting harder for each level. more frags can be found in the well-creatures-corpses if they're on level 25 than if they are on level one. you'll be delighted with the world we've created . Want to kill without the fear of a prison sentence?? Come see us at Darkness and Despair. Magician(second-class)/Templar (first-class). with 20 races. frags is something you need if you want to upgrade your race . however. but we think that you should explore that on your own. but it is encouraged. 8 classes(more to come).

We are planning on deleting all stock areas a nd are in need of builders to help create areas.cmbcomputers. Redo of the Wholist. Now. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Planes of Chaos [Rom] being modified from Rom24b6 5011 [24. We have just set up the MUD with Ivan's OLC 2. centuries have passed.10] None Welcome to Eternal Planes of Chaos has just been started.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Eternal Oasis [LP] Driver: 9000 [68. The realms of Eternal Oasis are at a dawning of a new age. all resulting in a very interesting twist which offers roleplayers an excellent environment to enjoy. races strive for survival and others venture into hazardous territories to uncover things that have been lost to the past under the ruins of ancient kingdoms. A great catastrophe broke the world and scattered the reminants into small secluded groups. We've also got color and copyo ver (no disconnecting players on reboot). civilizations are on the rise and sea traffic is starting up. soon to be the realm that will quench your thirst for both an excellent atmosphere of roleplay as well as a well developed multi-user environment.cmbcomputers. whilst also keeping a tight hold on 00 I am usually online after 5pm except on wednesday friday and sunday.01 I think we have most of the bugs worked out of it. Eternal Oasis is a multi-user dungeon in it's infancy.00 (modified) eternaloasis.cmbcomputers.116.219. plus any good i deas that you have will be considered. but hopefu .Guilds/clans added. ImmTitle. new discoveries are being made.04.9.01. there are more but I wont list them here do to space restraints. Some Future Plans:All stock areas eliminated. If you are interested in building for us please contact cmbaker@crossroads. We have a great base of coders that are helping to create a wonderfully detailed and well coded world to explore. Our theme is medieval fantasy. where they grew and changed in seclusion. Our story begins in a world that resembles Earth.adding a web int erface. The theme if Medieval/Fantasy and the ar eas should reflect that.130] http://poc.06 Lib: CD. however we are very carefully reaching into new levels of fantasy which other muds have failed to achieve. but one which houses many things that defy our own reality. Extending race / or find us on the mud at telnet://poc. Our website is still under construction. selection. redo leveling system.78.

driver version 03. We are currently accepting applications for builders and coders.8] http://darkwars. With hundreds of zones for exploration.95] http://al. adventurers of untold fortune.wolfpaw.22] http://www.mud. is a largely based Rot Mud. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ashen Dust [Rot] Actively Heavily Modified ashendust.209. By our way of thinking.0. We are strongly dedicated to our players and the future growth of one the most successful Rot Muds around. The true success is owed to the dedicated players who have contributed their time and ideas into creating such a successful game for all to enjoy. Along with the many features and options available. What stands to make Ashen Dust Mud unique is the achievement of many unique features that you would find nowhere else. and the dreadful bloodcurdling cries of the Avarice Dragons. you ll enjoy hours of fun filled bewilderment living amongst us and journeying through the Ashen Dust fantasy. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : AnderLand [LP] NATIVE . (in mud benefits granted by imms. Challenge your greatest adversaries in a specialized team combat arena or spill their blood on the harsh battlefields of Star Wars: Dark Warriors is an extensively modified version of SWR 2569 [204. the goal of role playing is a mimicry of real life.44. Thank you for taking the time to read this.02.44. Chris ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: Dark Warriors [SWR] Heavily Modified darkwars. the code we have added allows more realistic and streamlined play. you will find a well-balanced game atmosphere and a warm welcoming medium sized player base. With 7 categories of classing and 5 degrees of rank we offer 35 classes of competition. We hope you enjoy playing Dark Warriors as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Roleplay is enforced and rewarded.53. established in 31415 [193.) and anything with a legitimate reason is allowed. Hense.ashendust. Our additions to the code are focussed mainly on improving the believability of the SWR mudding 4848 [204.1@137 Ashen Dust Mud.lly it will be updated soon.wolfpaw. but with various fantastic aspects added in.

164. and travel with friends to distant lands.eotl. which allows to look around a few places without creating a character or to know any playing commands. and medieval society. Only the swift thinking . or any of the hundreds of totally customizable beings. Enter a world of companionship where thousands of players from around the globe are waiting to welcome you to a very special place. establish relationships. The players may become Seers (Seher. Interested persons also take advantage of our MudWWW frontend found on our web page. The Realm Online has something for everyone! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : End of the Line [LP] LD Mud driver eotl.64. Seers have the opportunity to have faster movement through magic gates.AnderLand is a native German LPmud. or a stealthy thief preying upon unsuspecting travelers. each a separate entity within the world of The Realm . With your subscription you can create up to four distinct characters. avoid everything that moves. mystery. and exploration. adventurous land of monsters. In addition there are lots of other adventures in our quickly growing world. or enjoying relaxed conversation with friends and'>Have a look who currently plays AnderLand. a Human Adventurer. building wealth. high level player) or Wizards (Magier) after fulfilling a number of quests. or villages large and small in journeys of magic. Immerse yourself in the fellowship of the storyline or compete with other players.mud. dark dungeons. Hunting 2010 [ The Realm Online is an exciting. AL features regions of different themes and size. an Elf Wizard.16] http://www. Transform yourself into a Giant Warrior. <a href='http://al. or a powerful wizard able to invoke the forces of 5 different circles of magic. Use your characters to choose your own style of gameplay.167 23 http://realmserver. magic.31. become a heroic hunter doing battle alone or in groups. Join guilds.</a> ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Realm Online [Custom] 12. The possibilities are limited only by your Once in.

dyndns.01) frostmud.and swift moving survive. Well. Set in the world of the Void. Swords along magic battle mechas and massive battleships.1.16 (Muck2. A constantly expanding world set on a two-dimensional coordinate grid with an airship warfare program currently in the works will offer opprotunities for roleplay or solo play. and they take pride in it. If you just want to come and and socialize. the MUCK is of the warring nations and factions that strive to conquer. Power is currently held by a group of 8594 [65. They will do what they can to prevent you from suceeding in any way they can. but we are working diligently on building and coding.insidetheasylum.150. but encouraged. and if you complain. Don't touch anything without checking it out with a toss-away char Back from Hiatus is aMUCK! The MUCK where insanity rules the day and nothing is what it seems to be. Roleplaying isn't enforced..207] http://www. Check out the website for the MUCK's wikipedia to learn more about our world. --Minister. Welcome to Hell.76. cruel people. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : CrystalDreams [MUSH] crystal. we are far from being done. Things change constantly and without much notification. your time destroyed. You will have your ego crushed.37.68] None CrystalDreams MUSH offers RP and minigames in a .org 5000 [208. 29 Nov 1995 ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : aMUCK [MUCK] ProtoMUCK 2. Currently.2fb6. This is their job. an endless expanse of space with island land plots that are no bigger than a hundred square miles. we're fine with that. something like that. there are many people whose sole job seems to be to ridicule you.

net .. The relatively young Guild has plenty of room for new hopefuls who wish to join the elite ranks of the Crystal Singers and help fill a long list of orders from around the galaxy. DreamScapes MMOFRPG is a text based adventure game that is free to play and is played by many people all at the same time.dhs. by permission of the author. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DreamScapes MMOFRPG [Circlemud] heavily modified dreamscapes. DreamScapes MMOFRPG A Massively MultiPlayer Online Fantasy RolePlaying Game that conjures up a spectacular gaming experience for all its players.dhs.209. learn more about the game. choose your fate. 4500 http://www. As you explore you will discover all sorts of cities.dyn. (c) 1975. exchange ideas and participate in organised in-game events. environment set in Anne McCaffrey's Crystal Singer universe. and monsters! All these aspects of the game are beautifully crafted in colourful text with storybook like descriptions. Within the game you develop a fantasy character that can interact with all the other players and many non-player 7777 [24. CrystalDreams is set 150 years after the discovery of the 'symbiont' and the formation of the Heptite Guild to exploit the resources of Ballybran. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SpheresMUX [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3 spheresmux. When you join the game you will be asked to create a character. After that process has been completed you will enter the realm and your character will also be created on the games WebSite. as such the ability to roleplay your chosen character is important because with good roleplaying you will soon become well renowned and respected. guilds.. Full access to the site proves useful as you can join the community to seek advice. Then you can log in to both the game and this site with the same name and password. magic.42.74] http://www. Step into a wonder filled world and interact with people and monsters from all over the Realm! Battle mighty foes or seek to influence the political and religious balance .dyn. you can also explore the huge world that makes up DreamScapes. The aim of the game is to increase in power and prestige within the realm.

37] http://www. but instead a huge list of skills. we do still recruit programmers and teach non-programming good writers with a simple application process. if your looking for a place to hack and bash. There is no combat system.Spheres is a role playing environment very loosely related to Jack L. We consider ourselves very newbie friendly.32. The 3D space supports spacecraft and even combat.kindredspiritsmud. (Type 'info'. or even conceive and design their own spheres to add on to the game. stretching across multiple planets. there is a sphere in which gryphons rule over their medieval jungles.57.136. and are willing to spend the time to help familiarize people with our theme. :> ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Split Infinity Heavily modded Nightmare IVr4 si. mastering deadly combinations of moves to defeat ones opponent. exciting role play then come on out and welcome! Others should apply elsewhere. If you want to be a part of a well-written. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Kindred Spirits [Rot] slightly modified kindredspiritsmud. and within each sphere is a snapshot of a different realm.) If your interested in serious. and no plans to ever develop one. Melee combat is further improved by the martial arts. telnet si. This is a solidly in character environment. however. foreign spheres.26] None Split Infinity is a mud of a wide variety of 6767 [69. or be all-powerful this isn't the game for you. There is a large selection of races. some with inheritted skills and resistances. Mechs will be used among the elite in futuristic warfare. similar to the 3D ocean system. If interested. matched evenly by the gurus of magic and 4000 [195. There will. All that is necessary to play in the game is to have read the news files pertaining to our theme 'news theme' and the info files regarding your species. were creatures actually being able to morph as well. each with their own statistics. perhaps dangerous enemies. be guilds. and another in which centaurs are making the dangerous traversal from the nuclear age to the information age. Essentially the game world consists of an infinite plane of spheres. some of the common ones being split up into subraces. which players may join and gain valuable allies. Focus is made upon the interaction of travelers migrating across different. Skills will need to be reinforced in training to retain 4000 then type 'help coding' after creating a . There are no classes. For example. revolutionary mud. Chalker's Well World series. Players are encouraged to develop their own tinyplots.

Methos. We have a brand new quest system. As if all this isn't enough.erigol. We also offer clans. We've been receiving a number of new or returning players.139] .4.69] None Rancor is a highly-modified ROM 2.Kindred Spirits.132. such as a new combat system. Iblis.4 rancor. we'll soon be coming out with a brand-new mud (oddly enough. regardless of whether you are in a clan or not. we highly encourage role-playing.98. role-player or not. we have extended race selection. however. quest areas and HERO-runs are being added on a regular base. Furthermore. but we don't enforce it. or can fight one on one. because we do not force you to join a clan. don't hesistate any longer and connect to Kindred Spirits. 'KS' offers clans run by players. New areas.70. to meet new friends. created specially by our best coder. making our mud ideal for anyone. We hope you'll be one of them! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet : Adesa : [Ack!mud] 4. We offer player killing and player stealing. medieval fantasy. The professional immortal team does its utmost to keep the mud fun and a challenge to play. a name that sounds familiar to most players of ROT muds is now online for almost four years.betterbox. in which you can either have a 'bloodbath' with multiple people. as well. Godsmith. Currently we are looking for an experienced programmer.2 Heavily Modified : adesa. giving plenty of freedom in that department. We have an arena of sorts. to share ideas. as well as several rounded classes. Zeddicus ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Rancor [Rom] Highly modified Rom 2. Hyriu. playerkill clans as well as non playerkill clans. and has been so for over 3 years. it's being called Rancor II) that is coded much cleaner and will have better routines and systems. The immortal team of Kindred Spirits. Roleplaying is encouraged and we especially invite new players with experience in roleplay to connect and share your ideas and stories with us.83. Our mud is 8888 [209. As stated above. to have a fun time. the choice to kill/steal from other players and to be killed/stolen from is yours. Damaris. If you are looking for a friendly 6000 [65. role-playing-encouraged MUD. Ruach.

ranged combat and an extensive space combat system. assassin and merchant. such as Wookiee. mercenary. bounty hunter. smuggler. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars Mud (SWmud) [LP] LP swmud.. This mud is a constantly growing and changing place. Player can choose three guilds for their A mud based 100% on Star Wars. diplomat.78. are being added almost every week. Endor etc. We have movable vehicles. Adesa has been forged from a heavily modified version of Ack! and while it still offers the Ack! standards like autoquesting. it is a refuge from the rigors of real life. jedi. Each race comes with two unique race skills and bonuses. The mud has newsgroups for the players to post ideas and discuss various things about the mud. Players can become wizards after reaching levels 15/10/10. Brand new areas. where old players as well as new will continue to find challenges. a virtual escape into a world where you can be the knight in shining armor or the dragon who snatched away the fair damsel. pilot. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : Atlantis: ACS Sentinel : [MUSH] : : http://None .org 6666 [208. There are 17 races. slicer. Jawa and Ewok. there are quite a few new wrinkles to the old system. We even have a totally unique lawful/unlawful player killing system. Adesa is more than just a mud.46] http://www. Each guild comes with an average of 25 unique skills. Tatooine. consisting of around 40 large planets and space stations. Help files are very extensive and a special newbie simulator with several areas helps new players to get started. Corellia..swmud. Every race has been tweaked to provide its own distinct advantages and the mortal class to remortal class match-ups have been improved. many with mobprogram puzzles and new items. Quests are not required for advancement. You can also build your own ship that is stored safely when you are not playing. We have 10 guilds: scientist.170. including Kashyyyk.WWW : http://None Description : In the limitless confines of cyberspace there is a place where sword and sorcery collide and dreams of the fantastic materialize before your eyes.

survival against the many enemies at the doorst ep: the Coalition (a human supremacist.210.27] As initially constructed.143. are yet to be discovered. Should you choose to take par t. their goal . of her origin and her survival. living amongst and within . supernatural entities whose thoughts and purposes are too alien to com prehend.4] http://roshtaria. and more may be added in the future as needed. at least while the MUCK is new and the playerba se is 9797 [204. pow er-lust. your impact upon this enduring quest will enrich the story today.d2g. predatory dimensional be ings (D-Bees). Tolkeen's own secre ts. the MUCK will focus mostly on Sol system: Earth. military organization).com 1314 [207. Rise From Chaos is about building relationships and telling entertaining stories.154. The city-state is itself one link in a short chain of alliances. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : RIFTs: Rise From Chaos [MUSH] TinyMUSH 3.8. as well.Description : ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : NovaMuck [MUCK] roshtaria.ignorance. and the story still untold. and vice. offering many varied environments for storytelling. Some other world s will be Although RIFTs is a highly combat and power oriented RPG. while exploring a fanta sy life in a science fiction setting.d2g. a haven for those who wo uld be persecuted elsewhere for their differences. the Arc Space Colony. Mars . humanity's own personal demons.0 rfc. The PCs of RfC live in a dangerous and mysterious world. The kingdom has been built to allow extensive travel outside the main city. Tolkeen is a frontier kingdom.mushpark. This MUSH is ideal for self-motivated writers . and the space joining them. but in the interest of promoting public interaction it is encouraged that people play chara cters with reason to be in Sol system. Sentinel III.

or have a working nav-computer.70] port 9400. I recommend this game for all Star Wars fans.peek commands!) Golf! Secret locations! Stargates! Starships! Secret planets to visit! Forge items to train and build your character with Crowns of Glory If you A very well-structured and in-depth game.betterbox. unless you're feeling lucky. excitement.132. with a self-healing economy. and fear Boba Fett if you warrant him tracking you down in his sleek new Slave II in any of the well-beyond 100 zones that make up Revenge of the Jedi! Don't go to Dathomir alone. All their mystical technologies were forgotten or lost across a hundred worlds..betterbox. So join us at jedi.scan .Heavily Modified 23 http://www3. If you forget the hyperspace coordinates to Tatooine. secondary-.000 rooms and 10. for both new and experienced players of text-based games.betterbox. Venture forth and meet many travelers between your quests and rediscover the ancients and gain their mystical powers embedded in their technologies. as it is a game structured on player interaction.Revenge of the Jedi. I hope you remembered a comlink.. Species across the universe come to seek new technologies on these worlds and clues to the disappearance of the ancients. There are over 15. Players of all levels of MUD experience play RotJ. involved Immortals who are constantly improving gameplay.look .servegame. Revenge of the Jedi is definitely a MUD everyone should try.with good attitudes and keen wits. with a twist. Adventure. you do not corpse your equipment! . SPECIAL FEATURES (newbie-friendly . a Jedi DOES crave these things! And the MUD that has it .000 NPC's.telus. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi [Circlemud] Circle . ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Achelon Stargate City of Ages [Custom] Visual Basic coa. tertiary-. The MUD is geared to support a player base of about 9400 [ STORY LINE A MUD set in a dungeon environment. You have the ability to create a unique character by choosing from: 19 unique races. a guild system and faction system to make both friends and rivals. You might lose more than just your hand. You will bond with Mace Windu as he comes to your aid. A world of an ancient race disappeared leaving behind technology that existed over a millennia ago. a primary-. Come see why our mud is as good as everyone says it . and specialized pilot-class to create your very own specialized experience.83.

000 years ago and witness the great sites that Rome has brought to its people. The game is easy to learn. Walk down the roads of Rome as it was nearly mapping required! VERY Diablo 2: IAS.Magic Words and MARK and RECALL to explore the realm Ten quest engines: Quest Masters. Role-play is encouraged. Come by and see our MUD. Blocking. Create a character and get in on the fun. just keep in mind that you may only be logged into one character at any time. many builders.mudmagic. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : ShadowDale [AFKMud] sdmud. tricks and traps to be encountered and new zones are going in all the time. it has hundreds of zones with thousands of monsters and a huge selection of various equipment. See you there! . Treasures! Great spells on items! Pilot your own Warp Drive starship! Use your starship as your first FREE house! Slots Gambling! A perfect Roulette board! A very real Stock market! We have it all HERE! No kidding! Just ask! A must see for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis fans! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Ancient Rome [Smaug] SMAUG 1.mudmagic. old and 7777 1212 http://rome. in many cases. There remain only a handful of stock zones for. but it is not mandatory. as it enhances the game. Group Quests . Newbies are treated with respect and there is always someone online willing to help them and. Uniques. Please join the game or check out the website for more information. and more! We added SLAY and tonns of unique and updated skills! Magic Find to get items from creatures of the realm Full Item randomization! Hail Caesar! Welcome to Ancient Rome. over the years. Martial arts. the adept characters offer them help even if they do not ask for it. Starship phaser quests! Detailed skills when battling creatures of the realm Built in MAP command that follows you around . Rares. have helped bring the mud to its current state. We are currently in our Development phase of the game and are looking for any builders who have any knowledge of Rome around the year 4BC.sdmud.4 rome. There are many puzzles. You can have as many characters as you think you can ShadowDale is a heavily modified DikuMud system based strictly on the AD&D Forgotten Realms fantasy world. a game that brings the players back in time to the place where civilization was at its climax. Guide Masters.Bounty Hunts. Star Wars: Dark Forces RPG has had a long history. and rewarded if in the events of the game. with all original Roleplay is encouraged here.akanbar.178] http://www.136. The New Republic is crumbling. but it is the Give us a 'And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armagedd on. Akanbar challenges you to enter its gates. its members leaving to join the Imperial Alliance or being killed by the Vong. Many small factions have risen. Shadows and 23 [207.109] http://khelkhet.----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Wars: Dark Forces RPG [Circlemud] [Heavily Modified] dforces.203.With quests. Are you ready to serve the Empire or save the crumbling Republic? Or perhaps there might be profit to make as a self-server. have a new addiction. hope to conquer and enslave all. The concept of balance being maintained within the land is addressed by having 3 realms: Demonic. Nevertheless.crystalsands. has grown tremendously.44. 5000 [69. Attention to detail and quality gaming is the aim of the Creators. It will be an ongoing battle. . hoping to end the chaos which has come about hte galaxy. The Empire has been reborn as the Imperial Alliance. there will never fail to be a dull moment. Now the Yuuzhan Vong. and guilds purpose built for this reason. and you will see that you ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Akanbar [Custom] akanbar.dforces.153. Akanbar is a realm which is ever evolving. mastered by the mortals to keep their realm from being diminished by the others.148. trying to stop the Vong while at the same time attempting to establish order in the galaxy.37] http://www. This is very popular MUD which zones and original programming. Our creators have been involved with Online RPG's for between ten to fifteen years both playing and developing. Emperor Palpatine was defeated at Endor thirty-five years ago. We have had an encouraging first few weeks with our player base continually expanding. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : ArmageddonMUSH [MUSH] redknight. a race from another galaxy. The immortals participate mortals that shape our 6996 [63. this is a time of Dark Forces. In the genre of Medieval We are a new Online RPG recently opened for Beta. thrown into the Abyss by Darth Vader.

We've even got a great staff.69] http://bb3. until all choices have been made.232.html ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : StarQuest PennMush bb3.betterbox.' --. angels. 16:16-17 The Age of Reason has ended. StarQuest protects and defends freedom of expression but in a manner that is respectful and open to all. Elemental shield code has been redone and now has more of an effect in PK. Tons of original areas for players to exp in. where Heaven and Hell war for the last few human souls. It is done. try us out.John the Divine was only a distorted image. The sun has turned black and burst. saying. Armageddon is the last 1300 [209. The stars have fallen.html Our goal is to provide a virtual environment that promotes a creative and fun science fiction role play community.132.Rev. Here i s the Last 4000 [ Two-thirds of the blood-red moon shine balefully in the night sky. illuminating demons.97] http://brokendreams. all hope and despair exha usted.betterbox. burning away all the world except one last city. overtaken by the mythical forces of Miracle. Check out who is on: http://brokendreams. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Godwars: Broken Dreams [GodWars] Modified / Stable brokendreams.36. All classes have been rebalanced and are continually being balanced. SQ starts in 2179 after a the world has finished destroying itself in a bloody World War that pit .'And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air: and there came a great voice out of the temple of Broken Dreams is Dystopia with a twist. SQ players make their own history and create a universe based on their RP and involvment. We are Newbie friendly and StarQuest is committed to an environment where respect and politeness is affirmed! A place where anyone who chooses to join is welcomed. So if you want a PK mud where your PK skills are actually and humans caught in the war of which the Revelatio n of St. fragments dissolving into a terr ible silver sky. Card questing alternatives are in place in addition to a unique kingdom code. Death and bi rth have been suspended. Our Theme is original and appeals to those who do not wish to be restricted to following a path already estbalished by TV/Movies/Novels. whose na me is Armageddon.

Earth's resources were used up and man had Dragonball Z World is back.wolfpaw. No quota. Players are often building new places to explore. as well as a large portion of the game tailored to people who like to PK.194. and in the code. * FANSI Art -. and plenty of unique functions.Free building.We have a standard chat system where people can interact from anywhere on the MUSH. mapping droids for keeping track of places you've explored. We have faccets of the game tailored to RP players. So if you're looking for a new MUD. many positions icly are open. look no further. We are trying to build on all the sucecsses of DBZW. mysteriously vanishes and the game starts with the building of the second to solve this mystery.9. a 22-lesson coding tutorial.memoryleak. 60 years to find resources and colonies to save our world.You'll find a variety of explorable areas including an extensive mountain area. DBZW:R is the place for you! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : 8bitMUSH [MUSH] 8bit. to build a vessel to search the stars for Earth's salvation. or just want to find a place to come and have fun. This first vessel. If your looking to help start a new idea and be one of the pc leaders. a Super Mario Bros. * Exploring -.236] http://8bit. area.wolfpaw. we are the MU** for you. both in game. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragon Ball Z World: Reloaded [Smaug] [Smaug] Running DBZWR V2.memoryleak. * Capitalism -. and a whole slew of other code. * Coding -.122. and more chances for you to customize your character. and lots of it. and many player homes and lots. This includes player tutors. and made many changes.We offer a ton of softcode to play 4201 [24. castle. Myself (Vegetto. Re-live the days of BBS art. World unites.8] http://dbzwr. or area. One of the greatest Dragonball Z muds in existance has come back under new ownership. Due to this war. No theme. including a playable MUSH Nintendo (with Tetris.99. after the Governments won.We have a company system and stock market which promotes . If you don't like to do anything but socialize that's fine with us. Frogger and Mario Brothers).0 dbzwr. and shading characters allowing for many * Building -. We are brand new.We support FLAG Extended Ansi Settings which provides for an extended character set: card suits. Owner) and Cell (Co-Owner) are working constantly on adding additions to the game. We have just recently instituted 100% player run clans. swamp. Build your own little house.Governments against Mega Corporations for control. * Socializing -. and create a game with more challenges. the 4455 [216. box drawing characters. to give more of the game to the players. We offer support for those looking to learn how to code.

playerkillings are saved in your own trophy list. Many of them sell products and compete for your daily paycheck. Many classes and races to choose from as well as creating or joining and many other things. totally new world and Stonia will be rest on new story: 'The Story of Ilmarine': http://www.231 4000 [193. This mud was created mostly stock right now until the expansion but was designed to have fun with our own rules.ut.The Black versus White.txt ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Diamonds of Time [Dawn] Mostly stock.R. Dark against the Light. it is a simple MUD to Diamonds of time is a mud created with a solid base and ran my long time Mud' : This mud has different races.Tolkien's books.3. on level 40 (52 mortal levels and 8 immortal levels) you must choose. There are many interesting things in this mud: you can ride with horses.69r gatekeeper258.56] http://gatekeeper258. You can also invest in companies and attempt to make a profit. and become engaged in.quarkmud. . Come try it We are looking for coders as well as builders.. about 70-80% recodings. and since it has a low number of players that are on a lot. do you want to be an immortal or a legelnd player.254. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : DeimosMUD [Circlemud] bpl17 www. all fighting for their future .ut.0.R.3] http://www. but in nearest future there'll be new version of code: Stonia v2. Player owned territory is a plus as DeimosMUD is a great circleMUD that offers a lot of enhancements and features seen in msot circleMUDs.40.254.quarkmud. ROM 2.40. DoT 1. This is a player ran mud. We are just starting to build a large playerbase that is dedicated to making Deimos a fun and provocative place to play. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base areas Telnet WWW Description : Stonia (The Cruel and Lost World of Stonia) : [Dikumud] Bases on Diku. 90% new : 193. Just now the mud bases on J.44.70. always adding more.the sales of goods and the competition of MUSH companies.231] : http://www. you can easily find your niche among them and make meaningful relationships. you can gain these skills and spells what you 4000 [ 6666 [204.

251.kyndig. Sunnydale has been destroyed. and value player input. Buffy and the Scooby gang have moved to this new location t o continue the fight against evil.7p25 max. Do you dare enter it.40. 17 races.216] None Welcome to the world of the Buffyverse. but it is said that in Talour. now that the Sunnydale gate h as been forever sealed. 'All roads lead to greatness.1/CG 3.drigon. But as a standard. or perhaps the way to power lies within the endless boundries of Magic. A small suburban town where the creat ures of the night can find decent hunting without too much risk of exposure.213] http://twistkick. Follow the path of the Warrior and teach others to respect your Come to the Realms of Talour and become completely immersed in a full RolePlay environment.7. and let the fates decide where you shall .----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SlayerMUSH [MUSH] PennMUSH 1. The gate s to the hell mouth have found a new location to exist.kyndig.69 . after all the life of the Slayer is one of dest iny and responsabilities. 4206 [12. and a very polished look and feel (there are entirely too many features to list here).218] http://crimsongate. A new hell mouth has opened in Crown Point. The theme of SlayerMUSH picks up where the TV series left off at the end. it's truly up to 4555 [216.4/Anatolia 2. We are often making improvements to the realm. when one door closes another 4000 [209. On Out of the mists. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Talour [Dawn] v 1.. You have heard of such gates but have never seen one. the only limits are those of your imagination..' We offer a friendly immortal staff to help you get started.0 crimsongate.247.206. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Crimson Gate [Rom] Rom 2. a well-balanced class/skill system.243.241. the hell mouth closed for good. or perhaps. 9 classes.Modified twistkick. well in the end. a Crimson Gate stands before you.

or do you pass this chance by to become wealthy and powerful beyond your wildest dreams? The choice is before you. The staff welcomes player creativity and encourages them to submit unique character concepts and backgrounds.93. original . New gods have stepped up to challenge him. a merchant vessel. The forces of Palladia. Killed by his evil plots. Items that gain levels like players. players will join the United Earth Government. Can you handle the challenge? Log on. The Rod of Seven Parts and other.quarkmud.nashlink. How would you handle a tense first contact situation? Do you obey orders when you think they're not right? Is it okay to bend the rules if it leads to success? And more importantly. along with an artifacting system with famous artifacts such as the Deck of Many Things.nashlink. while they interact with all sorts of aliens. Star Trek's Earlier Years leaves the exciting task of space pioneering and researching new technologies to the players. both benevolent and malign. Stop on by! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Star Trek's Earlier Years [MUSH] PennMUSH 1. Crimson Gate features a tiered class 6699 http://www. with powers only found at Crimson Gate. Thalor the Lich Lord now attempts to rule over all. Earth's unified government and the Federation's predecessor. Role playing is encouraged but not enforced. Jade and Aretymis are dead. Aretymis. Now Palladia. and find out! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Quark [Custom] QuarkMUD Alpha www.9 stey.7. Others have been employed in the fight to keep Thalor at his station. 500 spells/skills are available. Once a great wizard. how do you deal with unexpected setbacks. Roleplaying environments include a state-of-the-art explorer ship.end up.223] http://stey. Jade and Nimloth keep him at bay. mysteries and opportunities? Set in the year 2119. the extremist government in power and many others. A character generation system is available to the 2119 [66. and to keep him from ruling the world. Cabal/clans have been replaced by a religious/faction system.

who wanders around town cleaning up the Whitewater affair. StrangeMUD is a dynamic. Mob progs and spec procs were added to tons and tons of mobs to make playing here a more remarkable experience than it already is.6] http://66.150. areas. Yet. after a catastrophe known to historians as 'The Big Ouch. We're wacky and zany. to Bill Clinton. Give a group of talented programmers 10 years and they'll come up with some great stuff. Our theme is 'Anything Goes'.. our cutting-edge infrastructure allows for the creation of a unique gaming environment--including such characteristics as as a grid-based. try out the client. Most. The people are friendly and we welcome new people. Our custom browser-launched client enables a degree of feature-rich integration not possible with other MUDs.150-60-66-fuji-dsl. We are looking for people to help plan game mechanics.surewest.150. those who don't just sit there while you kill them. check up on our progress.Your planet has suffered a mass exodus of its indispensable worker caste. . Visit our website. We refuse to be bound by the restrictions of others. despite the urgency of the situation.static. Play a game of paintball against another player or one of the paintball robots. growing mud that's been up for approximately two years now. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SeyMoo [MOO] [MOO] 006.from Elvira. skills. phased strategic combat 9332 8888 [66. refine story ideas. We are an ambitious group aiming to build a MUD that intrigues and challenges its players.60. who gets _really_ peeved if you pinch her tush.2 strangemud. and have the mobs to prove it . join us for upcoming test phases to help make Quark the greatest MUD ever created.where thinking might become a prerequisite(tm).60.' While the moo has only been running at this site since March of 2001 it is a copy of a Moo which has been in existence for over 10 years. Welcome to the universe of Quark. and connect to our server. or if you're a sophisticated player. there is something mysterious you sense about the disappearance. and begin building. Take the subway to the seaside and spend the day on the beach. Developed from scratch in Java. We are currently in the alpha development phase. and nifty new code.6/seymoo/ SeyMoo is set in the future on the planet Jinx.strangemud.. and you are among a small number of your elite race who are called to ascertain the roots of this crisis. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : StrangeMUD Circle StrangeMUD . and is constantly adding players. Come have a drink in the bar.that is. if not all of our areas have 'interesting' mobs .

. New skills being added all the time. joy and lots of fun.Our areas are large (5 continents) and we have a solid player The administration does not go around telling you what you can or cannot do.ath. with good We have 10 unique classes . All the locations are the same though. Vitália is the one and only Mud of the world written entirely in Portuguese. Very much a labour of love! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : O Mundo de Vitalia [Circlemud] VitaliaMUD 0. All the worlds can be accessed from a central location.12 mud.. Try also our You can have as many chars as you like and you can roll your stats as many times as you want.It should be pretty clear that we're proud of our mud. A multi genre Recently updated to the latest 2003 CircleMUD code base. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : STYX [LP] LP styx.50] http://www. Come to visit us! We will be happy to have 4000 [200. We maintain an anti-censorship policy. 3000 [ Vitália is more than just an ordinary Mud.mud. with great gods and 4000 [81. 20 races and 20 classes Styx is a fantasy based LP mud. and it's a damn fine mud.86. It is one of the oldest games around -. . Vitália is friendship. DG scripts added.linkway. The realm is based on a feudal system of government with players as rulers of continents with control of taxes. Years of work have gone into it.daimi.daimi.170] http://www.17. intercontinental relations and much ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Fossworld The Arcade [Dikumud] fossworld.25. a medieval tournaments that are exclusive for Vitália.153] http://fossworld. castles. no surrogate guilds.ath. (Due to this we have rated the mud R :-) We are instead busy making the mud a better place for you.each with their own skill set.

berserkers. but need an organized party.dusk. or simply remain a traveler and sightsee.100.23] 7000 [67.servegame.dusk. necromancers. SumuMUD is an equipment mud. Examples of guilds players can join are fighters. universal skill & spell system and multiple races. doors and other items.51] http://mud. Have fun as a guildmember. and guards. where one of the goals of the game is to gain good SumuMUD is a Finland based mud. allowing custom descriptions. elves. you will be pleasantly surprised over our user-friendly color system that lets you set different colors for almost every conceivable type of 3000 [194. Player killing is allowed for certain limits if the killer has a valid reason. as the players can not solve most of the quests just by themselves. priests.sumu. abjurers and so on. Co-operating with other players is encouraged. the world of SumuMUD is is a complex place where you act as you would act in real life in similar environment. that can be saved through reboots in rental lockers or in 7007 None Dragon Dreams MOO is a fantasy game. dwarves. and we do have significant differences! We're all very friendly here. The castles are fully customizable. One could even bond to a miniature dragon. pixies and humans all fight against the evil gryphons. traps.A versatile and hard working coder staff changes and improves Styx on a day to day basis. or a regular resident! Join us in a dracfort. founded 1996 and based on fantasy genre. We place great mportance on presentation and if you have color capabilities. so newbies are always very welcome! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW : : : : Blood Dusk [Circlemud] Heavily modified mud. where dragons. Players can build castles where they can store equipment. sorcerers. or . magicians.101. we are NOT a Pern Moo. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : SumuMud [LP] MudOS sumu. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : Dragon Dreams [MOO] Lambda MOO dragondreams. Generally. called a dragonet! NOTE: While we have SOME similarities to Pern MOOs. on a structure of multiguild. Check out our homepage where can download color terminals and other tools while reading more about the game.

stealth. Dusk accomodates many styles of play. witchcraft. apocruphyc .nl/ Imagine yourself walking trough the meadows. and eldritch aura Dusk is also refreshingly free of annoying mud-isms such as rent. Of course there are plenty of "elder games" for those that do have a lot of time to spend. ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : NowMOO [MOO] Scattered FOR & NowMOO builtins moo. fatigue.Hundreds of special abilities to customize your 2001 [62. staring at you. Talking flowers. We also have a focus on making it easy for players without a lot of time to devote to the game to play and still find it enjoyable. and glowing jewel-bedecked swords of uberpower.69] http://www.A slot-based skill group system which allows detailed character customization while avoiding the 'jack of all trades' syndrome .Dark pre-industrial theme . . and arbitrary command delay. cloak of night. berserker. but as soon as