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VOL.12 Editor: Nathapat Jaihow​ December 15, 1965 ​ PRICE $2.5 

Thailand Involvement
In Vietnam War
Large Numbers of Operations Launched in Thailand
by Communist Party

​Thailand Involvement in Vietnam War. (n.d.). Kamalakaran, A., & RBTH. (2016, December 19).
Name:​ The Daily News ​Location:​ Bangkok, Thailand A
​ uthor: ​The Vietnam War
The fact that Thailand ward off the unceasing 18 minutes flying time from
had never been under growth of communism. The North Vietnam.
country was geographically
any colonial rule
located in a strategic The Communist party in
makes the country position to put a stop to a North Vietnam launched
free from the hatred communist spread large numbers of
against the greatest throughout Southeast Asia. operations both covertly
colonial conqueror To be specific, the country and overtly in South
—the United States. shared a common border to Vietnam and adjacent
On the other way the east with Laos and countries including
around, at that time, Cambodia and its take-off Cambodia, Laos, and the
Thailand was strongly airfields, from which remote areas in Thailand.
opposed to the idea of American planes could take The rapid advancements of
communism and saw the off and drop bombs on freedom fighters and
U.S. as the only hope to help communist targets in only regular troops of North
Vietnam promptly exposed be displeased with the fact was officially established on
Thai borderlines and that the country’s own the year of 1942 and since
resulted to the revolt of CTP frontiers (borders) had then until the day of the
(Communist Party of been used as palace of attack of communist party,
Thailand) against the Thai doing war by the American three conferences were
Government in 1965, and troops. The direct established with each of them
finally began an armed involvement in the conflict leading to the day’s event
struggle. Many other may cause a severe political through the founding of the
communist groups, instability, economic loss, party.
emboldened by the rise of and the deprivation of
communism, provoked an human resources. Looking “I was home having a talk
uprising in Northeastern on the bright side, this with my family about the
provinces of Thailand. would be the open doors for incident when suddenly we
foreign aids and assistance all witnessed the killing
“At that time, Thailand was that would hopefully thrive before our very eyes. One of
very much a voluntary and the Thai economy. the criminals got shot and
active participant in the ________________________________ killed by the soldiers and
Vietnam War. The basis
behind such actions was led
The attack  same goes for one of them.
(one of the soldiers were also
by the means of defence of of  killed by the criminals)”
our own borders and
country as well as the wish
to help bring stability to the Party in 
region as a whole.” says
Thanat Khoman, Thai
Foreign Minister at the
National Assembly.

Jane Aksarapijarn (2008)

​Thailand Involvement in Schwinn Lightweight Data Book.
Name:​ The Daily News 
Vietnam War. (n.d.).  (n.d.).
Location:​ Bangkok, Thailand 
Author:​ Associate Professor 
It is certain that if North Dr. Nakarin Mektrairat  What happened on the 7th of
Vietnam succeeded in ------------------------------------------
September 1965 was
It could be said that ​had
reunifying Vietnam, the
considered one of the most
whole situation would lead
important incidents in Thai
to the exit of American there not been the withdrawal
history. Until then, no
troops. This might of the participants in the
Communist party has ever
encourage North Vietnam Communist Party for the
come up against police
to expand its influence and mass of farmers, such turmoil officers from the government
range of military activities never would have happened this fatally. The incident took
in the region to increase its in the first place. This says place in the province of
power and strengths. for itself that the party didn’t Nakhon Phanom when a
Nevertheless, Thai originally come up with the group of communist party
insurgents are assumed to idea of violence. The party started to violently clash with
police officers after trying to
avoid directly facing with unanimously approved by the of the sides is abolished. In
Thai government military for historians with claim that the addition, the controversy of
years. However, the reference event, in fact, took place on the day on which the incident
to call such day “the attack of the day after— 8 September, did take place would continue
the communist party” was not 1965.
until sufficient evidence is
Since the day of Communist
attack, a sign is formed that
the feud between the party
and the government would
linger on for years until either

H. (2017, September 15). Back to

“The attack of the communists
incident at Khao Koh, Thailand”.
The Daily World News
VOL.7 Editor: Nathapat Jaihow​ December 15, 1965 ​ PRICE $3 

150,000 US Troops
Sent to Vietnam

Name:​ The Daily World News ​Location:​ United States ​Author:​ HISTORY

After  Congress  passed  the  members  of  the  Congress 
Gulf  of  Tonkin  resolution,  r esident   Lyndon   B.   were  reported  to  favour  his 
the  Vietcong  began  to  Johnson  announces  that  he  decision  with  most  of  the 
attack  bases  where  has  ordered  an  increase  in  U.S.  governors  meeting  up 
American  advisors  were  U.S.  military  forces  to  in  the  annual  conference, 
stationed.  The  Vietcong  Vietnam,  from  the  present  providing  a  resolution 
attacked  a  base  at  Pleiku  in  of  75,000  to  125,000,  and  backing  Johnson,  according 
February  of  1965  leaving  7  would  order  additional  to  ​Johnson announces more
Americans  dead  and  more  increases  if  necessary.  troops to Vietnam. (n.d.)​. 
than  a hundred wounded so  Jason  also  made  a  request 
president  Johnson  knew  he  to  the  member  states  of  the 
had  to  do  something.  Soon  United  Nations  to  help 
after  the  American  aircraft  further  his  goal  to  seek  an 
assaulted  north  Vietnam.  end  to  the  war.  Shortly 
The  people liked the actions  after,  a  reaction that caused 
Johnson  took  but  some  an  escalation  to  the  war 
This Day in History: 1965 US
warned  him  about  getting  took  place—  the  attack  of  orders 50,000 troops to
too  involved  with  Vietnam  communist  leaders  for  his  Vietnam. (2014, July 27).
because  it  would  be  hard  to  decision  to  send  more 
get out.  troops  to  Vietnam.  Most  “You  could  tell  something 
unusual  was  going  on  out  “Kashmir,” joined the
there.  There  was  all  this  Republic of India, but the
fussing all over the place   Pakistani Government
and  we  later  found  out  that  continued to believe that
it  was  the  issue  about  the  the majority of Muslim state
rightfully belonged to
military  manpower.  They 
were American soldiers that 
were  sent  here  for  a 
particular reason relating to  India Pakistan Map - Global History.
the  current  war.  After  all,  I  (n.d.).
hoped  for  nothing  but  my  Name:​ The Daily World News   
family to   Location:​ United States   
Author:​ Office of the Historian 
be  carefree  of whatever was  ----------------------------------------------
going on out there.”  The war between India and
  Pakistan was the second
Top Most Important Things About
Somehow,  the  President’s  conflict between the two
The Indo-Pak War 1965. (2017,
decision  to  send  more  countries over the state of
December 06).
troops  were  regarded  as  a  Jammu and Kashmir.
major turning point as it   Although the clash did not
resolve the dispute, it did The Pakistani and Indian
guaranteed  the U.S. military 
engage the United States forces clashed over
leaders  unlimited  freedom 
and the Soviet Union in disputed territory along the
of  actions  to  pursue  the  ways that would have border between the two
war.  important implications for
nations on the 28th of
subsequent superpower
August, 1965. Hostilities
involvement in the region.
The dispute over this region intensified when the
originated in the process of Pakistani Army attempted

decolonisation in South to take Kashmir by force.
Asia. It was later divided The attempt to seize the
into two separate entities
state by the Pakistan was

n of 
when the British colony of
India gained its unsuccessful, and the
independence in 1947: the second India-Pakistan War
reached a stalemate. This
secular nation of India and
the predominantly Muslim time, the
nation of Pakistan. Pakistan international politics of the
was composed of two
kistan  non-adjacent regions, East
Pakistan and West Pakistan,
Cold War affected the
nature of the conflict. After
separated by Indian Pakistani troops invaded

Conflict  territory. The argument

over which country would
Kashmir, India quickly
made the regional dispute
incorporate (take) the state known by all. It asked the
led to the first
United Nations to restate its
India-Pakistan War in
1947-48 and ended with the role in the First
intervention of UN. Jammu India-Pakistan War and end
and Kashmir, also known as the current conflict. The
“Indian Kashmir” or just
Security Council passed chance that India would
Resolution 211 on have a war with Pakistan
September 20th calling for gain is nearly impossible.
an end to the fighting and India would have no gain
negotiations on the from acquiring Pakistan. In
settlement of the Kashmir fact, it was more of a
problem, and the United burden that would bring
States and the United about more burden when
Kingdom supported the UN
the country itself is
decision by cutting off arms
struggling. For if Pakistan
supplies to both nations.
tries to take over the land
This ban affected both B. (2012, November 09). 18 great
of Kashmir, the country MAD spoof advertisements.
belligerents, but Pakistan
felt more effects since it had
would fail like it did 67  
years ago. A border impact
much weaker military  
between India and
system in comparison to
Pakistan however has less  
India. The UN resolution
and the unsteadiness of impacts on Indian  
arms sales had an economy when it would  
immediate impact. India work in another way  
around with Pakistan as
accepted the ceasefire on  
September 21st and the country has always
Pakistan on September been in doubt of the less
22nd. dominant country.  
“I was an Army officer’s  
wife. After the armistice
was imposed after twenty
one days after the conflict,
it is widely believed that  
India had lost what it
gained during the war  
after Tashkent.”  
Vintage Car Advertisements of the
1960s (Page 5). (n.d.).
Top Most Important Things About  
The Indo-Pak War 1965. (2017,
December 06).  
After the war ended, the  
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